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Bellenden Primary quotes by Dennis Gabor
#1. The most important and urgent problems of the technology of today are no longer the satisfactions of the primary needs or of archetypal wishes, but the reparation of the evils and damages by the technology of yesterday. #Quote by Dennis Gabor
Bellenden Primary quotes by Adolf Hitler
#2. When the war came to this tragic end for Germany, I had to first say goodbye to my only great passion in this life and I decided, based on my living experience, to undertake the reorganisation of a new German racial corpus. I say "body of the people", already something different from what many other German politicians had in mind. The bourgeois politicians only saw the State before their eyes, I saw the people, the substance. For me, the State was nothing more than a purely exterior, even a compulsory form. I had then already come to see that that which we call the State is, in reality, the overcoming of the inborn individualistic self-drive in people - that one can't start anything with the State, especially in reorganising, rather that the "body of the people" was the primary and decisive thing, that the body of the people must therefore be reorganised. #Quote by Adolf Hitler
Bellenden Primary quotes by Stefan Zweig
#3. In their overestimation of the role of civilization, the humanists misunderstand the primary forces of the world of primitive human drives with their untamable violence. With their optimistic view of the role of culture, they (the humanists) trivialize the terrifying, hardly solvable problems of mass hatred and of the great passionate psychoses of the human race. #Quote by Stefan Zweig
Bellenden Primary quotes by Kyle Idleman
#4. These religious types were the fans that Jesus seems to have the most trouble with. Fans who will walk into a restaurant and bow their heads to pray before a meal just in case someone is watching. Fans who won't go to R-rated movies at the theater, but have a number of them saved on their DVR at home. Fans who may feed the hungry and help the needy, and then they make sure they work it into every conversation for the next two weeks. Fans who make sure people see them put in their offering at church, but they haven't considered reaching out to their neighbor who lost a job and can't pay the bills. Fans who like seeing other people fail because in their minds it makes them look better. Fans whose primary concern in raising their children is what other people think. Fans who are reading this and assuming I'm describing someone else. Fans who have worn the mask for so long they have fooled even themselves. #Quote by Kyle Idleman
Bellenden Primary quotes by Alexander Hamilton
#5. The only constitutional exception to the power of making treaties is, that it shall not change the Constitution. ... On natural principles, a treaty, which should manifestly betray or sacrifice primary interests of the state, would be null. #Quote by Alexander Hamilton
Bellenden Primary quotes by Helen Mirren
#6. When I'm choosing projects to be a part of it's always a combination of so many different things. The primary thing is the director. But a very important element is, is it different enough from anything else I've ever done, or what I've last done. #Quote by Helen Mirren
Bellenden Primary quotes by Aron Ra
#7. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor anything that is thy neighbour's." This is a thought crime. Not only is it in violation of the most basic of all American principles, it could also be argued that coveting thy neighbor's goods is the primary motivation behind our capitalist economy. There #Quote by Aron Ra
Bellenden Primary quotes by Jim Keith
#8. The relation of eugenics to British psychiatry bears examination. The primary controlling body for psychiatry in England is the British National Association for Mental Health (NAMH), formed in 1944, and initially run by the mentally unstable Montagu Norman, previously of the Bank of England. The group originally met at Norman's London home, where he and Nazi Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht had met in the 1930s to arrange financing for Hitler. #Quote by Jim Keith
Bellenden Primary quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#9. The town was made of cubical buildings with steep roofs, each one painted a bright primary color that through the long winters was said to be cheering. #Quote by Kim Stanley Robinson
Bellenden Primary quotes by David Bohm
#10. One may speculate that perhaps in ancient times, the men who were wise enough to see that the immeasurable is the primary reality were also wise enough to see that measure is insight into a secondary and dependent but nonetheless necessary aspect of reality. #Quote by David Bohm
Bellenden Primary quotes by Lisa Unger
#11. When you hate women, you hate all the female elements of your own psychology. Jung believed that there were two primary anthropomorphic archetypes of the unconscious mind. The animus is the unconscious male, and the anima is the unconscious female. Because a man's anima, his more sensitive, feeling side, must so often be repressed, it forms the ultimate shadow self - a dark side that is hated and buried. Jung was a big believer in accepting the shadow, embracing it . . . or suffering the consequences in psychic pain. #Quote by Lisa Unger
Bellenden Primary quotes by Gerry McGovern
#12. What's the number-one thing people do on the Web? They read. Words and numbers are the raw material from which the vast majority of webpages are built. If reading is the primary activity on the Web, then readability is a primary function of Web design. #Quote by Gerry McGovern
Bellenden Primary quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#13. I was in my mid 20s when email finally took off. Until then, the phone was my primary way of connecting with the people in my life. #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Bellenden Primary quotes by Joyce Carol Oates
#14. The surreal is as integral a part of our lives as the 'real,' although one might argue that, since the unconscious underlies consciousness, and we are continuously bombarded by images, moods, and memories from that uncharitable terrain, it is in fact more primary than the 'real. #Quote by Joyce Carol Oates
Bellenden Primary quotes by Tony Tan
#15. Families represent the basic building blocks of our society, and primary care a foundational piece of any healthcare system. #Quote by Tony Tan
Bellenden Primary quotes by Bill Gates
#16. The fight against AIDS in China is already well underway. The Chinese government and other funders are providing major support, and they'll continue to bear primary responsibility for delivering prevention and treatment. #Quote by Bill Gates
Bellenden Primary quotes by Bruce Babbitt
#17. City parks serve, day in and day out, as the primary green spaces for the majority of Americans. #Quote by Bruce Babbitt
Bellenden Primary quotes by Warren Farrell
#18. Almost every woman had a primary role in the "female-dominated" family structure; only a small percentage of men had a primary role in the "male-dominated" governmental and religious structures. Many mothers were, in a sense, the chair of the board of a small company - their family. Even in Japan, women are in charge of the family finances - a fact that was revealed to the average American only after the Japanese stock market crashed in 1992 and thousands of women lost billions of dollars that their husbands never knew they had invested.23 Conversely, most men were on their company's assembly line - either its physical assembly line or its psychological assembly line. #Quote by Warren Farrell
Bellenden Primary quotes by Reza Aslan
#19. The task of defining Jesus's message fell instead to a new crop of educated, urbanized, Greek-speaking Diaspora Jews who would become the primary vehicles for the expansion of the new faith. As these extraordinary men and women, many of them immersed in Greek philosophy and Hellenistic thought, began to reinterpret Jesus's message so as to make it more palatable both to their fellow Greek-speaking Jews and to their gentile neighbors in the Diaspora, they gradually transformed Jesus from a revolutionary zealot to a Romanized demigod, from a man who tried and failed to free the Jews from Roman oppression to a celestial being wholly uninterested in any earthly matter. #Quote by Reza Aslan
Bellenden Primary quotes by Frederick Lenz
#20. Sexuality is the primary focus of our culture, and almost no one has come to resolve it. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Bellenden Primary quotes by Ernest Gellner
#21. The strong belief that the interests of a particular nation-state are of primary importance. Also, the belief that a people who share a common language, history, and culture should constitute an independent nation, free of foreign domination. #Quote by Ernest Gellner
Bellenden Primary quotes by Paul Twitchell
#22. Self-recognition, the self-contemplation of spirit is the primary movement out of which all creativeness proceeds. #Quote by Paul Twitchell
Bellenden Primary quotes by Wendell Berry
#23. The primary motive for good care and good use of the land-community is always going to be affection, which is too often lacking. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Bellenden Primary quotes by Baruj Benacerraf
#24. My primary and secondary education was in French, which had a lasting influence on my life. #Quote by Baruj Benacerraf
Bellenden Primary quotes by Sean Parker
#25. I definitely wanted to earn my freedom. But the primary motivation wasn't making money, but making an impact. #Quote by Sean Parker
Bellenden Primary quotes by Mark C. Miller
#26. the American system of checks and balances disperses federal lawmaking authority among multiple, overlapping political forums. As a result, federal policymaking power is shared: Congress is given the primary power to draft laws, subject to the president's veto and judicial review; the executive branch is given the primary power to implement laws, subject to congressional oversight and judicial review; and the courts have the primary power to interpret laws, subject to a variety of legislative and executive checks, including the appointment process, budgetary powers, and the passage of "overrides"-laws that explicitly reverse or materially modify existing judicial interpretations of statutes. #Quote by Mark C. Miller
Bellenden Primary quotes by David Bohm
#27. If one considers this question carefully, one can see that in a certain sense the East was right to see the immeasurable as the primary reality. For, as has already been indicated, measure is an insight created by man. A reality that is beyond man and prior to him cannot depend on such insight. #Quote by David Bohm
Bellenden Primary quotes by Oswald Spengler
#28. Man makes history; woman is history. The reproduction of the species is feminine: it runs steadily and quietly through all species, animal or human, through all short-lived cultures. It is primary, unchanging, everlasting, maternal, plantlike, and cultureless. If we look back we find that it is synonymous with life itself. #Quote by Oswald Spengler
Bellenden Primary quotes by Ben Goldacre
#29. Most bloggers have no institutional credibility, and so they must build it, by linking transparently, and allowing you to easily double check their work. But more than anything, because linking sources is such an easy thing to do, and the motivations for avoiding links are so dubious, I've detected myself using a new rule of thumb: if you don't link to primary sources, I just don't trust you. #Quote by Ben Goldacre
Bellenden Primary quotes by Patrick Cockburn
#30. This sharp increase in the strength and reach of jihadist organizations in Syria and Iraq has generally been unacknowledged until recently by politicians and media in the West. A primary reason for this is that Western governments and their security forces narrowly define the jihadist threat as those forces directly controlled by al-Qaeda central or "core" al-Qaeda. This enables them to present a much more cheerful picture of their successes in the so-called "war on terror" than the situation on the ground warrants. #Quote by Patrick Cockburn
Bellenden Primary quotes by Candice S. Miller
#31. Throughout this primary process the voters have vetted each candidate and after a spirited contest they have made clear who they believe is right person to lead our ticket and that is Governor Mitt Romney. I believe they have come to this conclusion because they know that Governor Romney will begin working on day one to turn around our economy. #Quote by Candice S. Miller
Bellenden Primary quotes by Mitch McConnell
#32. The fact is, if our primary legislative goals are to repeal and replace the health spending bill; to end the bailouts; cut spending; and shrink the size and scope of government, the only way to do all these things it is to put someone in the White House who won't veto any of these things. #Quote by Mitch McConnell
Bellenden Primary quotes by Eliot Schrefer
#33. ... the primary trait of young adult literature is that the author's emphasis is on plot and character and not on his own brilliance. And because few people talk about whether a young adult work is commercial or literary; the two are still in sync, and everyone's benefitting. #Quote by Eliot Schrefer
Bellenden Primary quotes by Melinda Gates
#34. Wisdom isn't about accumulating more facts; it's about understanding big truths in a deeper way. Year by year, with the support and insights of friends and partners and people who have gone before me, I see more clearly that the primary causes of poverty and illness are the cultural, financial, and legal restrictions that block what women can do - and think they can do - for themselves and their children. #Quote by Melinda Gates
Bellenden Primary quotes by Seneca.
#35. The primary indication, to my thinking, of a well-ordered mind is a man's ability to remain in one place and linger in his own company. #Quote by Seneca.
Bellenden Primary quotes by Mike Quigley
#36. Growing up during the Cold War, I remember the seemingly imminent threat of nuclear war. In primary school we were taught to 'duck-and-cover' for protection. But even as children hiding under wooden desks, we recognized the inadequacies of this strategy. #Quote by Mike Quigley
Bellenden Primary quotes by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
#37. Population growth is the primary source of environmental damage. #Quote by Jacques-Yves Cousteau
Bellenden Primary quotes by Rachel Holmes
#38. Eleanor Marx was her father's first biographer. All subsequent biographies of Karl Marx, and most of Engels, draw on her work as their primary sources for the family history, often without knowing it. I think if she'd been a son, she would have been referenced more. #Quote by Rachel Holmes
Bellenden Primary quotes by Mark Rashid
#39. One of the primary ways horses communicate with us is through their behavior. Again, it is my belief horses don't distinguish between how they feel and how they act. So if they act a certain way, their actions are reflecting the way they feel. A horse's body then becomes a mirror for their emotions. So the body informs us of what is truly going on internally. #Quote by Mark Rashid
Bellenden Primary quotes by Dennis Prager
#40. America will nurture a new Muslim - one who can believe in Muhammad and the Quran but who abandons belief in a Shariah-based state and affirms the primary American value of individual liberty, which has not been a normative Islamic value. #Quote by Dennis Prager
Bellenden Primary quotes by Morris Raphael Cohen
#41. The method of exposition which philosophers have adopted leads many to suppose that they are simply inquiries, that they have no interest in the conclusions at which they arrive, and that their primary concern is to follow their premises to their logical conclusions. #Quote by Morris Raphael Cohen
Bellenden Primary quotes by Sean Lysaght
#42. Our primary focus should be on what we do and how we feel, not what others do or think. #Quote by Sean Lysaght
Bellenden Primary quotes by Koichiro Matsuura
#43. As an empowerment right, education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalised adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty, and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities. #Quote by Koichiro Matsuura
Bellenden Primary quotes by Rebecca MacKinnon
#44. Political activists in Hong Kong and Taiwan use Facebook as their primary tool to mobilize support for their causes and activities. #Quote by Rebecca MacKinnon
Bellenden Primary quotes by Eugenie Scott
#45. In my opinion, using creation and evolution as topics for critical-thinking exercises in primary and secondary schools is virtually guaranteed to confuse students about evolution and may lead them to reject one of the major themes in science. #Quote by Eugenie Scott

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