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Belief In Belief quotes by F.D.  Lee
#1. I'm not… What's wrong with them believing?" Bea asked, a note of pleading creeping, uninvited, into her voice.
"You do not sell belief, you sell belief-in. Belief in true love, as if everyone were entitled to it. Belief in a simple solution to a complex problem. Belief in one type of person, one type of future."
"No I don't. I offer people dreams, and hope, and, and, something to organise their lives with," Bea said, not sure why she was trying to convince him. "I don't make them into 'one person'."
"Oh no? Let me recall your doctrine: Kings, Princes and their ilk must marry girls whose only asset is their beauty. Not clever girls, not worthy girls, not girls who could rule. Powerful women, older women – like one day you will become – are nought but wicked creatures, consumed with jealousy and unfit to hold position. No," he said as Bea began to speak, "I am not finished. Let us turn our attention to the men. As long as the woman is something to be won, it follows only the worthy will prevail. It matters not if they truly love the girl, nor if the man is cruel or arrogant or unfit to tie his own doublet. As long as he has wealth and completes whatever trials are decided fit, he is suitable. For what is stupidity or arrogance when compared against a crown? The good will win, and the wicked perish, and you and your stories decide what makes a person good or wicked. Not life. Not choice. Not even common sense. You. #Quote by F.D. Lee
Belief In Belief quotes by Kevin Young
#2. Deep Song
Belief is what
buries us - that
& the belief in belief
No longer
do I trust liltlessness
- leeward
is the world's
way - Go on
plunge in
- the lungs will
let us float.
Joy is the mile-
high ledge
the leap - a breath
above the lip of the abandoned
quarry - belief
the dark the deep. #Quote by Kevin Young
Belief In Belief quotes by Louis Ck
#3. Some people try to do something noble with their bodies: they try to have their bodies have some use after they're dead, which I think is a good thought. You're only borrowing your body. You're only borrowing everything. If your body's worth anything when you're done with it you should pass it on, that's something I really believe.

I mean, ok I'm not gonna do it, because I don't want - ewww! No! It's mine!

: I have a lot of beliefs, and I live by none of em. That's just the way I am. They're just my beliefs; I just like believing them. I like that part! They're my little believies, they make me feel good about who I am! But if they get in the way of a thing I want, or I want to jack off or something... #Quote by Louis Ck
Belief In Belief quotes by Alfred Korzybski
#4. Second order effects, such as belief in belief, makes fanaticism. #Quote by Alfred Korzybski

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