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Belenos Plaque quotes by Jarod Kintz
#1. A great gift would be a cheap pen, mounted on a wooden plaque, with the accompanying label that reads, "This is the pen that was first used to write down these words. This is history. This happened. Now, go write your own history. But use another pen, because this one's not only super glued to the wood, but it's out of ink. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Belenos Plaque quotes by Chanel Miller
#2. I encourage you to sit in that garden, but when you do, close your eyes and I'll tell you about the real garden, the sacred place. Ninety feet away from where you sit there is a spot, where Brock's knees hit the dirt, where the Swedes tackled him to the ground, yelling 'What the fuck are you doing? Do you think this is okay?'. Put their words on a plaque. Mark that spot, because in my mind I've erected a monument. The place to be remembered is not where I was assaulted, but where he fell, where I was saved, where two men declared stop, no more, not here, not now, not ever. #Quote by Chanel Miller
Belenos Plaque quotes by Rip Esselstyn
#3. It's not the plant-based foods that will make you ill, it's the meat and the liquid meat (i.e.: dairy) that can lead to sickness and death. Consider this: If your food had a face or a mother (or comes from something that did), then it also has varying amounts of artery-clogging, plaque-plugging, and cholesterol-hiking animal protein, animal cholesterol, and animal fat. These substances are the building blocks of the chronic diseases that plague Western society. #Quote by Rip Esselstyn
Belenos Plaque quotes by Ben Sherwood
#4. Charlie still smiled at the urn above the cash register with a gold plaque that said: ASHES OF PROBLEM CUSTOMERS. #Quote by Ben Sherwood
Belenos Plaque quotes by Terry Pratchett
#5. Often there is no more than a little plaque to reveal that, against all gynaecological probability, someone very famous was born halfway up a wall. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Belenos Plaque quotes by David Foenkinos
#6. There are now little brass plaques on the ground outside this address.
These are Stolpersteine.
Tributes to the victims of the Holocaust.
There are many of them in Berlin, especially in Charlottenburg.
They are not easy to spot.
You must walk with your head down, seeking memories between the cobblestones.
In front of 15 Wielandstrasse, three names can be read.
Paula, Albert, and Charlotte.
But on the wall, there is only one commemorative plaque.
The one for Charlotte Salomon. #Quote by David Foenkinos
Belenos Plaque quotes by Jennifer Ott
#7. What is the future of men who have
lost sight of the past?

Earl Hollsopple lived on the edge of civilization in a deserted shack for nearly forty years. His life was one beautiful night of stargazing after another, until a helicopter flies overhead, and exposing his meager world. It is a sign; it is time for him to return to civilization.

Unknowingly, Earl's journey parallels another he had deeply repressed, and that is his return from the Vietnam War. The lone survivor of a plane crash, Earl waits for rescue that never came. He is left to find his way home alone.

On both his quests, old Earl and young Earl learn lessons of survival, overcoming isolation and handling conflicts; his travels teach him not just about himself, but humankind. Reaching pivotal points in both journeys, Earl meets fateful loves, leading to destinies that are ultimately intertwined.

Everything in life circles until we are able to answer the riddles that plaque man and humanity. Only until we take the journey, solve the problems of our own existence, do we find our way home. #Quote by Jennifer Ott
Belenos Plaque quotes by Joe Dunthorne
#8. Old people only say that life happens quickly to make themselves feel better. The truth is that it all happens in tiny increments like now now now now now now and it only takes twenty to thirty consecutive nows to realize that you're aimed straight at a bench in Singleton Park. Fair play though, if I was old and had forgotten to do something worthwhile with my life, I would spend those final few years on a bench in the botanical gardens, convincing myself that time is so quick that even plants – who have no responsibilities whatsoever – hardly get a chance to do anything decent with their lives except, perhaps, produce one or two red or yellow flowers and, with a bit of luck and insects, reproduce. If the old man manages to get the words father and husband on his bench plaque then he thinks he can be reasonably proud of himself. #Quote by Joe Dunthorne
Belenos Plaque quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#9. The main objects of all science, the freedom and happiness of man ... [are] the sole objects of all legitimate government.
(A plaque with this quotation, with the first phrase omitted, is in the stairwell of the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty.) #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Belenos Plaque quotes by Lee Sandlin
#10. What had happened, for instance, at one of the war's biggest battles, the Battle of Midway? It was in the Pacific, there was something about aircraft carriers. Wasn't there a movie about it, one of those Hollywood all-star behemoths in which a lot of admirals look worried while pushing toy ships around a map? (Midway, released in 1976 and starring Glenn Ford, Charlton Heston, and -- inevitably -- Henry Fonda.) A couple of people were even surprised to hear that Midway Airport was named after the battle, though they'd walked past the ugly commemorative sculpture in the concourse so many times. All in all, this was a dispiriting exercise. The astonishing events of that morning, the "fatal five minutes" on which the war and the fate of the world hung, had been reduced to a plaque nobody reads, at an airport with a vaguely puzzling name, midway between Chicago and nowhere at all. #Quote by Lee Sandlin
Belenos Plaque quotes by Sarah Vowell
#11. The names of the compact's signers, including Anne Hutchinson's husband, Will, are listed below the text. Here lies the deepest reason why the Woman's Healing Garden strikes me as so forlorn - that Hutchinson is remembered here by pink echinacea in bloom instead of on the Portsmouth Compact plaque, where she belongs. All of the signers were there because of her, because she stood up to Massachusetts and they stood with her. But all the signers were men. Anne Hutchinson wasn't allowed to sign the founding document of the colony she founded. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Belenos Plaque quotes by Mary-Lou Weisman
#12. I have been in Paris for almost a week and I have not heard anyone say calories, or cholesterol, or even arterial plaque. The French do not season their food with regret. #Quote by Mary-Lou Weisman
Belenos Plaque quotes by Elizabeth Kolbert
#13. The center of the American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Biodiversity, there's an exhibit embedded in the floor. The exhibit is arranged around a central plaque that notes there have been five major extinction events since complex animals evolved, over five hundred million years ago. According to the plaque, "Global climate change and other causes, probably including collisions between earth and extraterrestrial objects," were responsible for these events. It goes on to observe: "Right now we are in the midst of the Sixth Extinction, this time caused solely by humanity's transformation of the ecological landscape. #Quote by Elizabeth Kolbert
Belenos Plaque quotes by Simon Palmer
#14. THE PLAQUE read HARVEY GOULD, P I. It was the middle of the day, but the blinds were closed. Inside a desktop sat flanked by three non-matching chairs, a creased, leather sofa and a bookcase full of fiction.
A middle-aged man lay back with a pair of briefs hanging around his ankles. A gorgeous, young lady was bent over him in a pair of pink panties that stretched over her pert buttocks. Her head was bobbing up and down and her long, thick black hair swished around her neck with each bob. Harvey lay motionless, moaning. #Quote by Simon Palmer
Belenos Plaque quotes by Emma Chase
#15. Ellie screwed a plaque into the back of one of the chairs: "His Royal Ass Was Here." Beside it, Marty scratched into the wood: "And it was fiiine." I #Quote by Emma Chase
Belenos Plaque quotes by Eminem
#16. A plaque and platinum status is whack if I'm not the baddest. #Quote by Eminem
Belenos Plaque quotes by Marina Fiorato
#17. It took Feyra some time to realise that she was not delirious: the citizens were wearing painted masks.From childhood she had heard the legend that the Venetians were half human, half beast.She knew that this could not be true, but in the swirling fog of this hellish city she almost believed it. The creatures seemed to stare at her down their warped noses from their blank and hollow eyes. And overlord of all was the winged lion - he was everywhere, watching from every plaque or pennant, ubiquitous and threatening. #Quote by Marina Fiorato
Belenos Plaque quotes by Robert A. Caro
#18. No southerner had been elected President for more than a century, and it was a bitter article of faith among southern politicians that no southerner would be elected President in any foreseeable future; when members of the House of Representatives gave their Speaker, Sam Rayburn, ruler of the House for more than two decades, a limousine as a present, attached to the back of the front seat was a plaque that read 'To Our Beloved Sam Rayburn - Who Would Have Been President If He Had Come From Any Place but the South. #Quote by Robert A. Caro
Belenos Plaque quotes by Julie Kagawa
#19. There was a soft chuckle beside me, and my heart stopped.
"So this is Oberon's famous half-blood," Ash mused as I whirled around. His eyes, cold and inhuman, glimmered with amusement. Up close, he was even more beautiful, with high cheekbones and dark tousled hair falling into his eyes. My traitor hands itched, longing to run my fingers through those bangs. Horrified, I clenched them in my lap, trying to concentrate on what Ash was saying. "And to think," the prince continued, smiling, "I lost you that day in the forest and didn't even know what I was chasing."
I shrank back, eyeing Oberon and Queen Mab. They were deep in conversation and did not notice me. I didn't want to interrupt them simply because a prince of the Unseelie Court was talking to me.
Besides, I was a faery princess now. Even if I didn't quite believe it, Ash certainly did. I took a deep breath, raised my chin, and looked him straight in the eye.
"I warn you," I said, pleased that my voice didn't tremble, "that if you try anything, my father will remove your head and stick it to a plaque on his wall."
He shrugged one lean shoulder. "There are worse things." At my horrified look, he offered a faint, self-derogatory smile. "Don't worry, princess, I won't break the rules of Elysium. I have no intention of facing Mab's wrath should I embarrass her. That's not why I'm here."
"Then what do you want?"
He bowed. "A dance."
"What!" I stared at him in disbelief. "You tried to #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Belenos Plaque quotes by Laini Taylor
#20. Oh, good, Pestilence is free, said Karou, heading towards the sculpture. Massive emperor and horse both wore gas masks, like every other statue in the place, and it had always put Karou in mind of the first horseman of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, sowing plaque with one outstretched arm. #Quote by Laini Taylor
Belenos Plaque quotes by Libba Bray
#21. Every city is a ghost.
New buildings rise upon the bones of the old so that each shiny steel bean, each tower of brick carries within it the memories of what has gone before, an architectural haunting. Sometimes you can catch a glimpse of these former incarnations in the awkward angle of a street or filigreed gate, an old oak door peeking out from a new facade, the plaque commemorating the spot that was once a battleground, which became a saloon and is now a park. #Quote by Libba Bray
Belenos Plaque quotes by Toni McGee Causey
#22. Let me guess: you were one of those kids who had a chair dedicated to you in detention in school."

"Was not. They retired my chair after it sort of accidentally caught on fire. There's a plaque there now. #Quote by Toni McGee Causey
Belenos Plaque quotes by Roy Blount, Jr.
#23. Pete Rose is too rich a character to fit on a bronze plaque. He requires a good, trenchant, poignant (ah, Petey) book, and this is it. #Quote by Roy Blount, Jr.
Belenos Plaque quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#24. No plaque reminds the passer-by of these glories, although there should be one; for those who invent biscuits bring great pleasure to many. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Belenos Plaque quotes by Ron Paul
#25. Don't steal - the government hates competition!
#Quote by Ron Paul
Belenos Plaque quotes by Bill Shankly
#26. It's to remind our lads who they're playing for, and to remind the opposition who they're playing against.
(on the 'This Anfield' plaque) #Quote by Bill Shankly
Belenos Plaque quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#27. For like a poisonous breath over the fields, like a mass of locusts over Egypt, so the swarm of excuses is a general plaque, a ruinous infection among men, that eats off the sprouts of the Eternal. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Belenos Plaque quotes by Joseph Brodsky
#28. Seventeen years ago, wading aimlessly through one campo after another, a pair of green boots brought me to the threshold of a smallish pink edifice. On its wall I saw a plaque saying that Antonio Vivaldi, prematurely born, was baptized in this church. In those days I was still reasonably red-haired; I felt sentimental about bumping into the place of baptism of that "red cleric" who has given me so much joy on so many occasions and in so many godforsaken parts of the world. And I seemed to recall that it was Olga Rudge who had organized the first-ever Vivaldi settimana in this city - as it happened, just a few days before World War II broke out. It took place, somebody told me, in the palazzo of the Countess Polignac, and Miss Rudge was playing the violin. As she proceeded with the piece, she noticed out of the corner of her eye that a gentleman had entered the salone and stood by the door, since all the seats were taken. The piece was long, and now she felt somewhat worried, because she was approaching a passage where she had to turn the page without interrupting her play. The man in the corner of her eye started to move and soon disappeared from her field of vision. The passage grew closer, and her nervousness grew, too. Then, at exactly the point where she had to turn the page, a hand emerged from the left, stretched to the music stand, and slowly turned the sheet. She kept playing and, when the difficult passage was over, lifted her eyes to the left to acknowledge her grat #Quote by Joseph Brodsky
Belenos Plaque quotes by Emma Chase
#29. Ellie stops walking and turns to the display in front of her. It's a bed - four-poster canopy, ornate and curtained with intricate, gold-trimmed, royal-blue and purple fabric. She reads the description off the plaque on the wall. "The bed of His Majesty King Reginald the Second and Queen Margaret Anastasia of Wessco. That's Queen Lenora's parents, right?"


She gazes back at the bed with a longing sigh. "Wow. I can't imagine living like this every day. Servants and castles and crowns - how perfect would that be?" She points at the opulent bed. "Queen Lenora could have been conceived on this bed, right here!"

I flinch at the thought.

"Let's not speak of it. #Quote by Emma Chase
Belenos Plaque quotes by Shaun Micallef
#30. Spilsby in Lincolnshire is proud of its most famous son, Sir John Franklin, and home to an enormous bronze statue of him. It was unveiled in 1875 and according to the legend on its plaque, it was Sir John who discovered the Northwest Passage. This is overstating things a little, given that the discovery was made twenty-five years later and by Roald Amundsen. #Quote by Shaun Micallef
Belenos Plaque quotes by Meg Howrey
#31. But it wasn't Neil or Buzz that had interested her, or even the moon itself. She had been attracted to the missions' most unsung hero: Michael Collins, alone in Columbia, drifting around the moon in exquisite solitary splendor while Buzz and Neil had gone about the terrestrial work of putting down a plaque, erecting a flag, and gathering rocks. Every two hours Michael Collins had gone out of radio contact for forty-eight minutes when the moon stood between himself and Earth, and during those minutes he was the most alone person in the history of people. Helen still liked to think about that. That had always been her dream: space, not a location with it, just space. #Quote by Meg Howrey
Belenos Plaque quotes by Dan Wells
#32. A plaque at the door congratulated her for climbing 1,860 individual stairs, and she nodded as she caught her breath. "Just my luck," she gasped. "I'm going to have the best glutes left in the planet, and there nobody here to see them. #Quote by Dan Wells
Belenos Plaque quotes by Denzel Washington
#33. My mother used to tell me man gives the award, God gives the reward. I don't need another plaque. #Quote by Denzel Washington
Belenos Plaque quotes by James Patterson
#34. Gazzy: "What does that mean?" (points to metal plaque warning to stay off the third rail that said Stay off the third rail!)
Fang: "It means the third rail has seven hundred volts of direct current running through it. Touch it and you're human popcorn. #Quote by James Patterson
Belenos Plaque quotes by Rick Riordan
#35. At the ed of the hall stood a walnut door with a bronze plaque:
There may have been more acronyms in the list, but by that point Leo's brain had exploded. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Belenos Plaque quotes by J.K. Rowling
#36. Who's Kreacher?"
"The house-elf who lives here," said Ron. "Nutter. Never met one like him."
"He is not a nutter," said Hermione.
"His life's ambition is to have his head cut off and stuck up on a plaque like his mother", said Ron. "Is that normal, Hermione? #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Belenos Plaque quotes by Dave Barry
#37. The basic Roman ruin design is a pile of rocks with a little plaque saying "Roman Ruins" and a group of tourists frowning at it and wishing they were back at the hotel bar.. #Quote by Dave Barry
Belenos Plaque quotes by Clare Atkins
#38. I feel like my lies are compounding lately, building up like plaque on teeth. I can almost taste them and they taste bitter. #Quote by Clare Atkins
Belenos Plaque quotes by Robert Michael Pyle
#39. The river has indeed become an inefficient conduit, but the same plaque that plugs this artery used to hold back the flow when it was soil in the hills. Now the land just bleeds when it rains. #Quote by Robert Michael Pyle
Belenos Plaque quotes by Sigmund Freud
#40. Plaque was placed on 6 May 1977 at Bellevue (a house on the slopes of the Wienerwald) where the Freud family spent their summers. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Belenos Plaque quotes by Margaret Lazarus Dean
#41. We visit the Launch Control building, where on one wall of the seventies-style lobby are hung the mission patches of every human spaceflight that has ever been launched from here, 149 to date. Beneath each mission patch is a small plaque showing the launch and landing dates. Two of them - Challenger's STS-51L and Columbia's STS-107 - are missing landing dates, because both of these missions ended in disasters that destroyed the orbiters and killed their crews. The blank spaces on the wall where those landing dates should have been are discolored from the touch of people's hands. This would be unremarkable if this place were a tourist attraction, or regularly open to the public. But with the rare exception of Family Days, this building is open only to people who work here. In other words, it's launch controllers, managers, and engineers who have been touching these empty spaces with their hands, on their way to and from doing their jobs. After #Quote by Margaret Lazarus Dean
Belenos Plaque quotes by Ronald Kessler
#42. In a series of articles beginning on Oct. 2, 1966, I wrote about the long-forgotten history of the Liberty Tree. To call attention to how obscure the site had become, I interviewed waitresses at the Essex Delicatessen below the plaque on Washington Street. None knew what the Liberty Tree was. #Quote by Ronald Kessler

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