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Being Selfish quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#1. How can one love self without being selfish? How can one love others without losing self? The answer is: By loving both self and neighbor in God. It is His Love that makes us love both self and neighbor rightly. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Being Selfish quotes by Mark Driscoll
#2. But birth control can also be compelled by sinful motivations. These can include putting lesser priorities like career above higher priorities like family or greedily wanting to make as much income as possible to the exclusion of everything else, and not incur the costs of child raising; being selfish and not wanting to have to care for a child; or immaturely not wanting to take on the responsibility that good parenting requires. #Quote by Mark Driscoll
Being Selfish quotes by Natsuki Takaya
#3. Normally I hate people who whine all the time, but in your case, it would be okay to complain. Be selfish, say what you want once in a while. It's okay to let yourself be sad. -Kyo talking to Tohru #Quote by Natsuki Takaya
Being Selfish quotes by Blaise Pascal
#4. Those who do not hate their own selfishness and regard themselves as more important than the rest of the world are blind because the truth lies elsewhere #Quote by Blaise Pascal
Being Selfish quotes by Praveen Chenna
#5. Truly speaking -finding happiness is to do with being selfish, but that doesn't mean true selfish #Quote by Praveen Chenna
Being Selfish quotes by Madame Roland
#6. Selfishness, not love, is the actuating motive of the gallant. #Quote by Madame Roland
Being Selfish quotes by Rick Riordan
#7. Gods tend to be selfish. Even when they're helpful, they always have their own motives. That's why you have to be careful about trusting them. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Being Selfish quotes by C.S. Lewis
#8. I am suffering incessant temptations to uncharitable thoughts at present; one of those black moods in which nearly all one's friends seem to be selfish or even false. And how terrible that there should be even a kind of pleasure in thinking evil. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Being Selfish quotes by Chris Bosh
#9. You can't worry about what people say, but ... People always harp on athletes being selfish individualists. #Quote by Chris Bosh
Being Selfish quotes by Suzanne Wright
#10. Now you're just being selfish," Dominic said to Jaime, shaking his head. "You have that body for the rest of your life. I only want it for one night."
Not in the mood to hear his packmate making moves - no matter how playful - on the female he intended to claim, Dante growled. "Dominic, no. Not to Jaime."
"But - "
Dominic sighed in resignation. "Okay, fine."
Noticing that Trey seemed to find the whole thing extremely amusing, Dante raised a brow at him. "It's funny now that he's not saying this shit to Taryn?"
Trey smiled. "Of course."
"I've always got some stored up for my gorgeous Alpha female," said Dominic with an impish grin.
Instantly Trey's smile fell from his face. "Dom, don't do it."
Dominic held his hands up, pleading innocence. "I was just going to ask her if she went to Boy Scouts ... because she has my heart all tied in knots."
Taryn groaned and chuckled at the same time. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Being Selfish quotes by Michael Shermer
#11. The Realistic Vision recognizes the
need for strict moral education through parents, family, friends, and
community because people have a dual nature of being selfish and selfless,
competitive and cooperative, greedy and generous, and so we need rules
and guidelines and encouragement to do the right thing. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Being Selfish quotes by Caprice Bourret
#12. Men tend to be selfish. #Quote by Caprice Bourret
Being Selfish quotes by Erin O'Riordan
#13. How often in our lives have we withheld the truth from someone we're supposed to love? We justify it by telling ourselves we're doing them some kindness, when in reality, we're just being selfish. We don't want them to know the truth because if they did, well, they might not love us anymore. How many of us have ever felt that no one would love us if they knew the real us? Love bears all things, the Bible tells us. The truth is, everyone who really loves you can bear the real you. #Quote by Erin O'Riordan
Being Selfish quotes by Gene Simmons
#14. The sad thing is most people have to check with someone before they do the things that make them happy. We're all passing through; the least we can do is be happy, and the only way to do that is by being selfish. #Quote by Gene Simmons
Being Selfish quotes by Takehiko Inoue
#15. So you want to die honorably? You are being selfish. Each and every person you killed had his own life. Whether that life was blessed or not ... everyone is born into this world ... they grow up ... some people have family ... some are alone in this world ... some have young children ... some are engaged ... some have pets ... some people have high hopes and great dreams ... other have no ambition at all and you ended everything for them Takezo. #Quote by Takehiko Inoue
Being Selfish quotes by John Fowles
#16. He has that selfishness -- it's not even an honest selfishness, because he puts the blame on life and then enjoys being selfish with a free conscience. #Quote by John Fowles
Being Selfish quotes by Joel Osteen
#17. The main rule to me is to honor God with your life. To life a life of integrity. Not be selfish. You know, help others. But that's really the essence of the Christian faith. #Quote by Joel Osteen
Being Selfish quotes by Michael Irvin
#18. Great leaders have to know when to divide that line from being selfless to being selfish, and he perfectly chose the time to be selfish and made plays. #Quote by Michael Irvin
Being Selfish quotes by Stephen Kendrick
#19. Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive. It is a trait we hate in other people but justify in ourselves. #Quote by Stephen Kendrick
Being Selfish quotes by Mari
#20. I am sorry.

I'm sorry that I feel as if you don't trust me enough to confide me.
This is me being selfish even though this isn't about me, it's about you.
I'm sorry that it makes me upset that in those times you thought about ending your life, I feel like I didn't cross your mind.
I hate myself for thinking you didn't care enough to talk to me about those toxic thoughts that's trying to push you to end everything, because I know myself that's it is hard to share.
I hate myself for thinking you didn't care enough to think about how horrible it is going to be for me once I learn what you've done.

I'm sorry for feeling like this, it is selfish, I am selfish.
I'm sorry for feeling like I'm not a good friend, I know that's now how you think, I'm sorry.

I just love you and I'm hurt. #Quote by Mari
Being Selfish quotes by Raekwon
#21. I want to show the world that you do have some artists that are ready to go to the next level, and instead of being selfish with their career they'll open up the door to other people. I'm in a position to open up the door to help other people do what I do. #Quote by Raekwon
Being Selfish quotes by Anthony De Mello
#22. The butterfly in a caterpillar: the eagle in an egg; the saint in a selfish human being. #Quote by Anthony De Mello
Being Selfish quotes by Sue Thoele
#23. Fear-of not being loved, of abandonment, of being thought to be selfish-is the main thing that keeps us vulnerable and bound in the chains of emotional dependence. Therefore, our two most difficult challenges are to truly believe it is okay for us to be ourselves and to learn to live with, move through, and heal our fears. #Quote by Sue Thoele
Being Selfish quotes by Subodh Gupta
#24. There is nothing wrong in being selfish provided you know where your self interest are. Once you start meditating regularly you will come to a stage where you will realize that selfish action are those which brings peace and welfare to all and not only for yourself. #Quote by Subodh Gupta
Being Selfish quotes by Lexi Blake
#25. Punishment? You don't have any right to punish me. And I can curse. I choose not to most of the time, but don't think it doesn't go through my head, asshole. I was trying to give you something. I was trying to give you my body."
"That's where you fucked up, little girl. I don't want your body. I want your soul. I want your everything. And I definitely want your orgasms. I want them all. I'll be a greedy bastard, savoring them and hoarding them all for myself. You wanted to give me your body? I can buy that on a street corner, sweetheart. You're the one who's being selfish now."
"How is it selfish to offer to have sex? I don't understand what you want."
"First off, I want you to stop hiding yourself from me. You're the one making this tawdry by pretending it's dirty and not worthy of the light of day."
"I didn't mean it that way."
"We're going to do this my way. We tried yours and it didn't work, so I'm taking control. I should have done it in the first place. #Quote by Lexi Blake
Being Selfish quotes by Tarthang Tulku
#26. Some might say that looking inside of ourselves for spiritual truths is egocentric and selfish, and that egolessness and selflessness lie in working for others in the world. But until we find our inner truth, our work in the world will always revolve around our 'selves'. As long as we think about the world in terms of 'self' and 'others', our actions will be selfish. Our 'self' follows us wherever we go, so positive results will be limited. #Quote by Tarthang Tulku
Being Selfish quotes by Aisha Tyler
#27. Marriage is a mystery and part of it is just being kind to each other, not being selfish. #Quote by Aisha Tyler
Being Selfish quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#28. It is not because the truth is too difficult to see that we make mistakes ... we make mistakes because the easiest and most comfortable course for us is to seek insight where it accords with our emotions - especially selfish ones. - Alexander Solzhenitsyn #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Being Selfish quotes by Nisargadatta Maharaj
#29. Question: You seem to advise me to be self-centered to the point of
egoism. Must I not yield even to my interest in other people?

Maharaj: Your interest in others is egoistic, self-concerned, self-
oriented. You are not interested in others as persons, but only
as far as they enrich, or enoble your own image of yourself.
And the ultimate in selfishness is to care only for the protection,
preservation and multiplication of one's own body. By body I
mean all that is related to your name and shape--- your family,
tribe, country, race, etc. To be attached to one's name and
shape is selfishness. A man who knows that he is neither body
nor mind cannot be selfish, for he has nothing to be selfish for.
Or, you may say, he is equally 'selfish' on behalf of everybody
he meets; everybody's welfare is his own. The feeling 'I am the
world, the world is myself' becomes quite natural; once it is es-
tablished, there is just no way of being selfish. To be selfish
means to covet, to acquire, accumulate on behalf of the part
against the whole.

I Am That

Nisargadatta Maharaj #Quote by Nisargadatta Maharaj
Being Selfish quotes by Cassandra Clare
#30. You speak of sacrifice, but it is not my sacrifice I offer. It is yours I ask of you," he went on. "I can offer you my life, but it is a short life; I can offer you my heart, though I have no idea how many more beats it shall sustain. But I love you enough to hope that you wil not care that I am being selfish in trying to make the rest of my life - whatever length - happy, by spending it with you. I want to be married to you, Tessa. I want it more than I have ever wanted anything else in my life." He looked up at her through the veil of silvery hair that fell over his eyes. "That is," he said shyly, "if you love me, too. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Being Selfish quotes by Khalil Gibran
#31. Wisdom ceases to be wisdom when it becomes too proud to weep, too grave to laugh, and too selfish to seek other than itself. #Quote by Khalil Gibran
Being Selfish quotes by Jules Renard
#32. It astounds us to come upon other egoists, as though we alone had the right to be selfish, and to be filled with eagerness to live. #Quote by Jules Renard
Being Selfish quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#33. I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea. #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Being Selfish quotes by Chris Evert
#34. To be a tennis champion, you have to be inflexible. You have to be stubborn. You have to be arrogant. You have to be selfish and self-absorbed. Kind of tunnel vision almost. #Quote by Chris Evert
Being Selfish quotes by Terraine Francois
#35. Being selfish only benefits a few. Considering others benefits all of mankind. #Quote by Terraine Francois
Being Selfish quotes by Nesrine BENAHMED
#36. the echoes and flashbacks have shown up
again and your melancholy grew more
beautifully that you could see roses in your wrists
and wanted to cut them.
But in this bleak, dull, rattled reality that
imprisoned you, there has been a truth that
always dwelt in your heart. That you'll be
illuminated by the aura of healing once you stop
being selfish! #Quote by Nesrine BENAHMED
Being Selfish quotes by Todd G. Gongwer
#37. Your day is full of choices . . . what to eat, where to go, how to talk, all kinds of things like that. Most of those choices involve a kind of choice within the choice: Do I simply choose what I want, or do I consider what's best for others while I consider what I want? When you choose what's best for others first, you're choosing to be selfless. Choose what you want without considering others and, obviously, you're being selfish. #Quote by Todd G. Gongwer
Being Selfish quotes by James Madison
#38. Man is known to be a selfish, as well as a social being. #Quote by James Madison
Being Selfish quotes by Osho
#39. The Virtues of Selfishness

If you are not selfish you will not be altruistic, remember. If you are not selfish you will not be unselfish, remember. Only a very deeply selfish person can be unselfish. But this has to be understood because it looks like a paradox.

What is the meaning of being selfish? The first basic thing is to be self-centered. The second basic thing is always to look for one's blissfulness. If you are self-centered, you will be selfish whatsoever you do. You may go and serve people but you will do it only because you enjoy it, because you love doing it, you feel happy and blissful doing it - you feel yourself doing it. You are not doing any duty; you are not serving humanity. You are not a great martyr; you are not sacrificing. These are all nonsensical terms. You are simply being happy in your own way - it feels good to you. You go to the hospital and serve the ill people there, or you go to the poor and serve them, but you love it. It is how you grow. Deep down you feel blissful and silent, happy about yourself.

Excerpt from Love, Freedom, Aloneness #Quote by Osho
Being Selfish quotes by T.F. Hodge
#40. Selfish Dreamscapes
If you have a dream, as you should, relish in being selfish about building every passionate aspect of it. The crowd of spectators and consumers will still be exactly where you left them ... gossiping about everybody else's dream but their own. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Being Selfish quotes by Herbie Mann
#41. Being selfish to me means that you have to look out for yourself and you don't have to sacrifice. #Quote by Herbie Mann
Being Selfish quotes by Joseph Sobran
#42. When your child is a little older, you can teach him about our tax system in a way that is easy to grasp. Offer him, say, $10 to mow the lawn. When he has mowed it and asks to be paid, withhold $5 and explain that this is income tax. Give $1 to his younger brother, and tell him that this is "fair". Also, explain that you need the other $4 yourself to cover the administrative costs of dividing the money. When he cries, tell him he is being "selfish" and "greedy". Later in life he will thank you. #Quote by Joseph Sobran
Being Selfish quotes by James Jones
#43. He could not believe that any of them might actually hit somebody. If one did, what a nowhere way to go: killed by accident; slain not as an individual but by sheer statistical probability, by the calculated chance of searching fire, even as he himself might be at any moment. Mathematics! Mathematics! Algebra! Geometry! When 1st and 3d Squads came diving and tumbling back over the tiny crest, Bell was content to throw himself prone, press his cheek to the earth, shut his eyes, and lie there. God, oh, God! Why am I here? Why am I here? After a moment's thought, he decided he better change it to: why are we here. That way, no agency of retribution could exact payment from him for being selfish. #Quote by James Jones
Being Selfish quotes by Michael Strahan
#44. I love solving problems. It makes me happy to juggle all the jobs I do-figuring out which team is supposed to win on Fox NFL Sunday; reacting off the cuff to Kelly [Ripa, on Live]; and now Good Morning America, trying to fit into that group. The great thing coming from sports is you understand the concept of a team. It leaves no room for being selfish. #Quote by Michael Strahan
Being Selfish quotes by Anthony T. Hincks
#45. Selfies are just being selfish in a j-peg. #Quote by Anthony T. Hincks
Being Selfish quotes by Michael Strahan
#46. The great thing coming from sports is you understand the concept of a team. It leaves no room for being selfish, and that's something I picked up from home. #Quote by Michael Strahan
Being Selfish quotes by Adrian Grenier
#47. It's enough to indulge and to be selfish but true happiness is really when you start giving back. #Quote by Adrian Grenier
Being Selfish quotes by Cherie M. Hudson
#48. The whole point of being in love with someone is to make sure their life is the best life it can be. It's not about being selfish. It's not about how great that person makes you life, It's about making their life wonderful. #Quote by Cherie M. Hudson
Being Selfish quotes by Jasz Gill
#49. Self Love is a romance of its own kind. Remember self love does not imply being selfish and just thinking about your own happiness. I believe it is an idea which revolves around acceptance of yourself as you are so that you can accept others as they are. It is a principle of loving your own being so that you are full of love and positivity. It is about coming to peace with your own self and letting go of your past wounds, it is about healing. Self Love is about becoming a butterfly from a caterpillar. It is about personal development, it is about an evolution. Self Love is about seeing yourself through your own eyes. #Quote by Jasz Gill
Being Selfish quotes by Clementine Ford
#50. I was too selfish to have a child before I was ready for one, and there's no shame in admitting that. Women should be selfish about our choices, for as long as we have the privilege of being selfish. Selfishness in women isn't the great crime that people like to pretend it is. We are as entitled as men to prioritise ourselves and our desires, and we are as capable as men of knowing what's best for us. Why is everyone so pathologically terrified of selfish women? The word is thrown around like an insult, as if the worst thing a woman could possibly do (aside from being fat, having sex with whomever she pleases and whenever, swearing, having an abortion, drinking alcohol, standing up for herself and being a working mother) is to decide that her life matters.
But women are allowed to be selfish. It shouldn't be considered a 'privilege' to be able to control our own bodies nor should it be treated like a favour done to us by the state. It's a right that, by and large, has been stolen from us and used to keep us in thrall to a paternalistic body that pretends to know what's best for us but is really only interested in maintaining the order that has proved best for them. #Quote by Clementine Ford
Being Selfish quotes by Eric L. Haney
#51. War has taught me that each one of us contains every ingredient of the human recipe. By varying measure we are all cowards and brave men, thieves and honest men, selfish and selfless men, malingerers and champions, weasels and lions. The only question is how much of each attribute we allow- or force - to dominate our being. #Quote by Eric L. Haney
Being Selfish quotes by Herbie Mann
#52. Being stubborn has helped, being selfish is not a bad thing. #Quote by Herbie Mann
Being Selfish quotes by Yukiru Sugisaki
#53. Even if I'm being selfish, but I want you to only look at me. #Quote by Yukiru Sugisaki
Being Selfish quotes by Ryan Kwanten
#54. In order to be able to give a girlfriend the amount of time she deserves, you would need time, and I just can't give her that. So, rather than being selfish or stupid enough to go into a relationship, it's just been easier to be single. #Quote by Ryan Kwanten
Being Selfish quotes by Philip Larkin
#55. The difficult part of love
Is being selfish enough ... #Quote by Philip Larkin
Being Selfish quotes by Harry Browne
#56. And when someone accuses you of being selfish, just remember that he's upset only because you aren't doing what he selfishly wants you to do. #Quote by Harry Browne
Being Selfish quotes by Russell Lynes
#57. Shouldn't you have a license for being that ugly? #Quote by Russell Lynes
Being Selfish quotes by Abbi Glines
#58. That's okay. You an be selfish with me all you want. I'm yours. #Quote by Abbi Glines
Being Selfish quotes by Kobe Bryant
#59. Everybody wants to talk about NBA players being selfish and arrogant and individuals. But what you saw today was a team bonding and facing adversity and coming out with a big win. #Quote by Kobe Bryant
Being Selfish quotes by Jet Mykles
#60. I should have kept you away."
"What stopped you?"
"Oh, fuck you!" Seth exploded. "Maybe because I fucking love you? Maybe because I didn't want this time together to end? I was being selfish, all right?" He didn't face Kyle, despite the bombshell he'd just dropped. "I wanted you here. I wanted time with you. I wanted to fuck you and love you and... shit! I fucked everything up. #Quote by Jet Mykles
Being Selfish quotes by Andrea Lochen
#61. Ah, selfish. There's that word again." Sherry smirked. "It's been hurled at me many a time, because being a mother and wife is all about selflessness, see?" She imitated a perky, syrupy-sweet voice. "Giving up every molecule of your soul. If you want anything for yourself, you're accused of being selfish. Marriage and especially motherhood mean being condemned to play second fiddle your entire life. #Quote by Andrea Lochen
Being Selfish quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#62. Among the real heroines in the world who will come into the Church are women who are more concerned with being righteous than with being selfish. These real heroines have true humility, which places a higher value on integrity than on visibility. Remember, it is as wrong to do things just to be seen of women as it is to do things to be seen of men. Great women and men are always more anxious to serve than to have dominion. #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Being Selfish quotes by John Walter Bratton
#63. As it's your 50th birthday
The very best of cheers to you
Truthfully, I'm just being selfish
Coz now I am so cheerful, too
Happy, Cheerful Birthday #Quote by John Walter Bratton
Being Selfish quotes by Alexandra Katehakis
#64. Nowhere is moral shortcoming more prevalent than in the intersection between our espoused morality and the way we engage romantic and sexual partners. In truth, how we function sexually is a microcosm of the way that we are in the world. We might ask ourselves, "Are we being selfish, considerate, or dismissive? Are we minimizing, compliant or controlling?" Sex is the ultimate laboratory where we can actually try out new ways of relating to ourselves and our lover, being conscious and mindful of how we impact another person. It takes great humility to open a genuine exploration of our lived
not just stated
morality. But to live by the dictates of our own internal compass brings equally great joy, serenity, and self-respect. #Quote by Alexandra Katehakis
Being Selfish quotes by Phil Jones
#65. If anything, I would like to see the climate change happen, so the science could be proved right, regardless of the consequences. This isn't being political, it is being selfish. #Quote by Phil Jones
Being Selfish quotes by Laurence J. Peter
#66. You shouldn't punish others for your own choices. #Quote by Laurence J. Peter
Being Selfish quotes by Rick Riordan
#67. You see, in times of trouble, even gods can lose faith. They start putting their trust in the wrong things. They stop looking at the big picture and start being selfish. But [. . .] I'm used to perseverance. You have to rise above the squabbling and chaos, and keep believing. You have to always keep your goals in mind. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Being Selfish quotes by Mia Asher
#68. The thing about being selfish is that you don't care if someone is at your feet begging you to stay with him, offering you the world, his heart and soul. It doesn't matter. You'll do whatever you want to do. What you need to do for yourself. Nothing matters but what you want. What you think you need. #Quote by Mia Asher
Being Selfish quotes by Dawn O'Porter
#69. I have two choices in life: I either try to do the right thing and get accused of being selfish, or I just do what is right for me and get called selfish anyway. This time, it's all about me. #Quote by Dawn O'Porter
Being Selfish quotes by Jane Austen
#70. I have been a selfish being all my life, in practice, though not in principle. #Quote by Jane Austen
Being Selfish quotes by Paul J. Zak
#71. [We] administered testosterone to men; instead of sharing money, they become selfish. Interestingly, high testosterone males are also more likely to use their own money to punish others for being selfish. #Quote by Paul J. Zak
Being Selfish quotes by Nikki Reed
#72. My mom can't defend herself to the world. She is such an amazing woman, with such an open heart. It's a real hard line, and I crossed it. I took everyone's life story and assumed it would be a great thing to put on screen. I was being selfish and I feel so horrible about it. I feel so guilty. #Quote by Nikki Reed
Being Selfish quotes by Seth
#73. Ideas that spread win. Ideas don't have to be selfish to win, in fact, it turns out that the more generous the interactions an idea produces, the more likely it is to spread. #Quote by Seth
Being Selfish quotes by Holly Bourne
#74. You don't have to stop looking after yourself just to help the world. In fact, sometimes it's better for the world if you put yourself first. That's not being selfish, in fact looking after yourself is the greatest act of kindness you can give the world. Loving yourself first is the best way to spread love. #Quote by Holly Bourne
Being Selfish quotes by Alan Lightman
#75. Unconditional love. That's what he wants to give her and what he wants from her. People should give without wanting anything in return. All other giving is selfish. But he is being selfish a little, isn't he, by wanting her to love him in return? He hopes that she loves him in return. Is it possible for a person to love without wanting love back? Is anything so pure? Or is love, by its nature, a reciprocity, like oceans and clouds, an evaporating of seawater and a replenishing of rain? #Quote by Alan Lightman
Being Selfish quotes by Robin Sacredfire
#76. Those who claim that they can't change because people don't change, are being selfish, ignorant and abusive. They deserve no friends and no love. They deserve to be ignored. #Quote by Robin Sacredfire
Being Selfish quotes by Annette Vaillancourt
#77. I am startled by how resistant people are to doing anything nice or nurturing for themselves, especially women. They fear being selfish. This intense clinging to a martyr role doesn't serve anyone. It makes you brittle, not resilient. #Quote by Annette Vaillancourt
Being Selfish quotes by Shawn Weeks
#78. It took me a while to realize--but thankfully realized before it was too late--that a fancy house, car, and cable television don't bring much happiness if you're dead. If you're at the weight that I was--or close to it--and you put your love of food and laziness ahead of the love of your family, you're being selfish. Nothing else you've ever done will matter if your family is left alone with that fancy house, car, and cable television when you're gone. It's one thing to leave this world unexpectedly in some tragic accident, but it's stupid and selfish when you're packing your bags every time you sit at the dinner table. #Quote by Shawn Weeks
Being Selfish quotes by Lydia Davis
#79. It is not easy to live with another person, at least it is not easy for me. It makes me realize how selfish I am. It has not been easy for me to love another person either, though I am getting better at it. I can be gentle for as long as a month at a time now, before I become selfish again. I used to try to study what it meant to love someone. I would write down quotations from the works of famous writers, writers who did not interest me otherwise, like Hippolyte Taine or Alfred de Musset. For instance, Taine said that to love is to make one's goal the happiness of another person. I would try to apply this to my own situation. But if loving a person meant putting him before myself, how could I do that? There seemed to be three choices: to give up trying to love anyone, to stop being selfish, or to learn how to love a person while continuing to be selfish. I did not think I could manage the first two, but I thought I could learn how to be just unselfish enough to love someone at least part of the time. #Quote by Lydia Davis
Being Selfish quotes by Jack Campbell
#80. Let's get going. I don't like being alone out here. The sooner we can blend in with the Imperial population the safer we'll be. It's not hard to cross here," Mari added as they waded through the stream.
"We are fortunate," Alain told her. "It is more difficult downstream."
She felt a shadow cross her mind. "Where that bridge was? Where you almost died?"
"I'm really proud of you for that, but don't do it again. I'm being selfish. I need you." Mari waved one finger at Alain. "Don't be a hero?"
He regarded her impassively. "Even if you need a hero? #Quote by Jack Campbell
Being Selfish quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
#81. Ma!" she cried. "There is a Santa Claus, isn't there?"

"Of course there's a Santa Claus," said Ma.

"The older you are, the more you know about Santa Claus," she said. "You are so big now, you know he can't be just one man, don't you? You know he is everywhere on Christmas Eve. He is in the Big Woods, and in Indian Territory, and far away in York State, and here. He comes down all the chimneys at the same time. You know that, don't you?"

"Yes, Ma," said Mary and Laura.

"Well," said Ma. "Then you see--"

"I guess he is like angels," Mary said, slowly. And Laura could see that, just as well as Mary could.

Then Ma told them something else about Santa Claus. He was everywhere, and besides that, he was all the time.

Whenever anyone was unselfish, that was Santa Claus.

Christmas Eve was the time when everybody was unselfish. On that one night, Santa Claus was everywhere, because everybody, all together, stopped being selfish and wanted other people to be happy. And in the morning you saw what that had done.

"If everybody wanted everybody else to be happy all the time, then would it be Christmas all the time?" Laura asked, and Ma said, "Yes, Laura. #Quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Being Selfish quotes by Stephen L. Carter
#82. True love is not the helpless desire to possess the cherished object of one's fervent affection; true love is the disciplined generosity we require of ourselves for the sake of another when we would rather be selfish; that, at least, is how I have taught myself to love my wife. #Quote by Stephen L. Carter
Being Selfish quotes by Carl Sagan
#83. Compared to a star, we are like mayflies, fleeting ephemeral creatures who live out their whole lives in the course of a single day. From the point of view of a mayfly, human beings are stolid, boring, almost entirely immovable, offering hardly a hint that they ever do anything. From the point of view of a star, a human being is a tiny flash, one of billions of brief lives flickering tenuously on the surface of a strangely cold, anomalously solid, exotically remote sphere of silicate and iron. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Being Selfish quotes by Caroline Knapp
#84. Sometimes I look back and think my whole adult life has been underlined with a feeling of waiting – waiting for something to happen, waiting for circumstances to change, waiting for the right man or the right job or the right shoes-and-clothes-and-haircut to swoop down from above and change me, to infuse me from the outside in with a feeling of well-being and validation and peace of mind. #Quote by Caroline Knapp
Being Selfish quotes by Gordon Gee
#85. Being president of a major public university is the most political nonpolitical office around. #Quote by Gordon Gee
Being Selfish quotes by Lisa Crystal Carver
#86. But then I grew up, experienced some life, and I understood that when you merely switch from being a prisoner to being a guard, no one is freed, not even yourself. #Quote by Lisa Crystal Carver
Being Selfish quotes by Howard Gordon
#87. What is absolutely true is that any good [Television] series has a specific voice. And I think that voice is almost exclusively the domain of the executive producer ... As a staff writer you're not being called upon to be the great creative person. You're sort of called upon to understand the characters and their voices and put them through certain paces. #Quote by Howard Gordon
Being Selfish quotes by Swami Dhyan Giten
#88. I was tired in the evening yesterday. I felt drained by the last days outer conflicts. I felt separated from life. Suddenly I heard the wind blowing through the trees outside my open window, whispering a silent and playful invitation: "Do you want to play? Do you want to join the dance?" This playful invitation again joined my heart and being with the Existential dance. I was again in a silent prayer and oneness with life. #Quote by Swami Dhyan Giten
Being Selfish quotes by Francis George
#89. God's is the causality at the level of our being, and therefore the roots of our freedom. Ours in causality is determinative of what kind of being we're going to be through our free choices, what kind of action we are going to do through our decisions. #Quote by Francis George
Being Selfish quotes by Lee Goldberg
#90. All Julie has to do is explain to her friends that she's using it to individually seal each item that she throws out."
"Then they'd think she was a geek," I said.
"She will thank me later," Monk said.
"Why would she thank you for being considered a geek?"
"Don't you know anything about teenage life?" Monk said. "It's a badge of respect."
"It is?"
"I was one," he said.
"You don't say."
"A very special one. I was crowned King of the Geeks, not once, but every single year of high school," Monk said. "It's a record that remains unbroken in my school to this day."
"Were there a lot of students who wanted to be King of the Geeks?"
"It's like being homecoming king, only better. You don't have to go to any dances," Monk said. "You aren't even invited. #Quote by Lee Goldberg
Being Selfish quotes by Octavia E. Butler
#91. When I was between 2 and 3 years old, I got to know my first non-human being. The non-human was a cocker spaniel named Baba. We weren't friends, Baba and I, nor enemies. He wasn't my dog. He belonged to the people my mother worked for, and he lived in the house with them and us. #Quote by Octavia E. Butler
Being Selfish quotes by Sienna Wilder
#92. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."
- Plato #Quote by Sienna Wilder
Being Selfish quotes by Chris Hedges
#93. We are facing another economic meltdown. The ecosystem, on which the human species depends for life, is being destroyed at a rate that has not even been anticipated by climate scientists. We don't have a lot of time left. So either we get out and fight or we're finished. Fear is the only thing the Democratic Party has to offer - fear that the Republican Party is worse. #Quote by Chris Hedges
Being Selfish quotes by Jerry Coleman
#94. It was a death struggle every day being a Yankee you either won or you lost. There was no second place. Half of us were nuts by the end of a season. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Being Selfish quotes by Beth Revis
#95. It's bad, being frozen, but it's better than waking up alone. #Quote by Beth Revis
Being Selfish quotes by Wallace D. Wattles
#96. The really great man is often considered selfish by a large group of people who are connected with him and who feel that he might bestow upon them more benefits than he does. #Quote by Wallace D. Wattles
Being Selfish quotes by Karen Swallow Prior
#97. Acceptance of the nature of God, the world, and others seems integrally connected to an acceptance of the nature of one's self, too. And this, I think, is where freedom, ultimately, is found. Freedom is not an endless sea of choices, but an acceptance, embrace even, of both the nature and the grace at the core of our being and our becoming. #Quote by Karen Swallow Prior
Being Selfish quotes by Cherie Blair
#98. I feel very strongly about contraception even though I know people say that, as a good Catholic girl, I shouldn't. But I disagree because I think one of the keys to women's progression in the 20th century is being able to control their fertility. #Quote by Cherie Blair
Being Selfish quotes by E.F. Benson
#99. Miss Elizabeth Mapp might have been forty, and she had taken advantage of this opportunity by being just a year or two older. Her face was of high vivid colour and was corrugated by chronic rage and curiosity; but these vivifying emotions had preserved to her an astonishing activity of mind and body, which fully accounted for the comparative adolescence with which she would have been credited anywhere except in the charming little town which she had inhabited so long. Anger and the gravest suspicions about everybody had kept her young and on the boil. #Quote by E.F. Benson
Being Selfish quotes by Michael Dell
#100. You just have to change. To be successful, what you have to do is have an acceptance of risk and you have to be pretty explicit about that, because if you don't accept risk, you don't get any innovation. And that means part of risk is you have to accept failure because not everything works. #Quote by Michael Dell
Being Selfish quotes by E.L. Montes
#101. Being with Marcus DeLuca was draining, frustrating, confusing, and extraordinary all at the same time. Mia (Disastrous) #Quote by E.L. Montes
Being Selfish quotes by Julie Powell
#102. The good thing about starting your Thanksgiving feast with Oeufs en Gelée is that everything afterward is going to taste pretty goddamned great by comparison, and by the time we'd gotten through the gorgeously crisp and moist goose, the prunes stuffed with duck liver mousse, the cabbage with chestnuts, the green beans, and the creamed onions, aspic was largely forgotten, and we didn't even mind much that I had begun the Thanksgiving preparations with the absolutely insane idea that I would make chocolate soufflé for dessert once we were finished with dinner. This, of course, being the delusion of a diseased mind. #Quote by Julie Powell
Being Selfish quotes by Robert H. Schuller
#103. Jesus never called a human being a sinner. #Quote by Robert H. Schuller
Being Selfish quotes by Curtis Sittenfeld
#104. Does being forty feel fabulous and foxy? Liz asked. #Quote by Curtis Sittenfeld
Being Selfish quotes by LeCrae
#105. Being humbled is always good for us, even if it doesn't feel good to us. #Quote by LeCrae
Being Selfish quotes by Virginia Woolf
#106. But filled with one of those unreasonable exultations which start generally from an unknown cause, and sweep whole countries and skies into their embrace, she walked without seeing. The night was encroaching upon the day. Her ears hummed with the tunes she had played the night before; she sang, and the singing made her walk faster and faster. She did not see distinctly where she was going, the trees and the landscape appearing only as masses of green and blue, with an occasional space of differently coloured sky. Faces of people she had seen last night came before her; she heard their voices; she stopped singing, and began saying things over again or saying things differently, or inventing things that might have been said. The constraint of being among strangers in a long silk dress made it unusually exciting to stride thus alone. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Being Selfish quotes by Pauly D
#107. I was born and raised a guido. It's just a lifestyle, it's being Italian, it's representing, family, friends, tanning, gel, everything. #Quote by Pauly D
Being Selfish quotes by Samuel Shem
#108. Gomers are human beings who have lost what goes into being human beings. They want to die, and we will not let them. #Quote by Samuel Shem
Being Selfish quotes by Dante Alighieri
#109. Could I have everything for which I long, You would not still endure this banishment way from human nature," I replied. "Your image - dear, fatherly, benevolent - Being fixed inside my memory, has imbued My heart: when in the fair world, hour by hour You taught me, patiently, it was you who showed The way man makes himself eternal; therefore, The gratitude I feel toward you makes fit That while I live, I should declare it here. And what you tell me of my future, I write #Quote by Dante Alighieri
Being Selfish quotes by Oswald Chambers
#110. Never water down the Word of God, but preach it in its undiluted sternness. There must be unflinching faithfulness to the Word of God, but when you come to personal dealings with others, remember who you are - you are not some special being created in heaven, but a sinner saved by grace. #Quote by Oswald Chambers
Being Selfish quotes by Bernhard Schlink
#111. As a citizen and someone who was a judge on the constitutional law court for 18 years, I feel whenever I can raise my voice with the hope of being heard I need to do it, but I wouldn't assign a special wisdom and responsibility to writers. #Quote by Bernhard Schlink
Being Selfish quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
#112. The feel of her own pillow, and of her own blankets reassured her. Both were familiar. And being tired was familiar too, it was a solid bodily ache, like the tiredness after too much jumping or cricket. #Quote by Daphne Du Maurier
Being Selfish quotes by Robin Hobb
#113. Not being able to think of a reply is not the same thing as accepting another's words. #Quote by Robin Hobb
Being Selfish quotes by Larkin Grimm
#114. You've got to deal with the world with all of its troubles, while you've still got this alternate image. It's not about being in a different place or being in heaven, it's about seeing the world through magical eyes for a moment, and then being back in that same world, and everything is dull and gray. Having to remember the color. #Quote by Larkin Grimm
Being Selfish quotes by Iris Murdoch
#115. Amo amas amat amamus amatis amant amavi amavisti amavit amavimus amavistis amaverunt amavero amaveris amaverit… Everything was love. Everything will be love. Everything has been love. Everything would be love. Everything would have been love. Ah, that was it, the truth at last. Everything would have been love. The huge eye, which had become an immense sphere, was gently breathing, only it was not an eye nor a sphere but a great wonderful animal covered in little waving legs like hairs, waving oh so gently as if they were under water. All shall be well and all shall be well said the ocean. So the place of reconciliation existed after all, not like a little knot hole in a cupboard but flowing everywhere and being everything. I had only to will it and it would be, for spirit is omnipotent only I never knew it, like being able to walk on the air. I could forgive. I could be forgiven. I could forgive. Perhaps that was the whole of it after all. Perhaps being forgiven was just forgiving only no one had ever told me. There was nothing else needful. Just to forgive. Forgiving equals being forgiven, the secret of the universe, do not whatever you do forget it. The past was folded up and in the twinkling of an eye everything had been changed and made beautiful and good. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Being Selfish quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#116. Some guns were fired to give notice that the departure of the balloon was near. ... Means were used, I am told, to prevent the great balloon's rising so high as might endanger its bursting. Several bags of sand were taken on board before the cord that held it down was cut, and the whole weight being then too much to be lifted, such a quantity was discharged as would permit its rising slowly. Thus it would sooner arrive at that region where it would be in equilibrio with the surrounding air, and by discharging more sand afterwards, it might go higher if desired. Between one and two o'clock, all eyes were gratified with seeing it rise majestically from above the trees, and ascend gradually above the buildings, a most beautiful spectacle. When it was about two hundred feet high, the brave adventurers held out and waved a little white pennant, on both sides of their car, to salute the spectators, who returned loud claps of applause. The wind was very little, so that the object though moving to the northward, continued long in view; and it was a great while before the admiring people began to disperse. The persons embarked were Mr. Charles, professor of experimental philosophy, and a zealous promoter of that science; and one of the Messrs Robert, the very ingenious constructors of the machine.

{While U.S. ambassador to France, writing about witnessing, from his carriage outside the garden of Tuileries, Paris, the first manned balloon ascent using hydrogen gas by Jacques #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Being Selfish quotes by Suzanne Segal
#117. I moved down the street like a cloud of awareness following a body that seemed simultaneously familiar and foreign. There was an incomprehensible attachment to that body, although it no longer felt like "mine". It continued to send out signals of its sensory perception, yet how or where those signals wwere being received was beyond comprehension. #Quote by Suzanne Segal

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