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Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Cate Blanchett
#1. I don't think about being beautiful or not being beautiful. It's more about feeling confident inside your own skin really and thinking about yourself as little as possible. #Quote by Cate Blanchett
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Kresley Cole
#2. And whatever you do, do not break the mirror."
Without looking away from Mari, Bowe asked, "Why no'?" This seemed an ideal solution to him.
Jillian murmured, "The shock could . . . it could kill her."
No' ideal.
"I want to be alone with her," Bowe said.
She nodded. "We're going to the binding ceremony. Good luck, Bowen."
After they closed the door, Bowe could still hear Mari's father say, "Jill, why are you so confident in MacRieve?"
"Because he won't ever rest until he has her back with him," she replied before they descended the stairs.
Alone with Mari, Bowe said, "Lass, we're about to take a break from the mirror for a bit. How am I to marry you in front of all those witches in an eerie, embarrassing ceremony if you will no' look away?"
No reaction.
He put his arms around her waist and leaned down to kiss her neck, closing his eyes with pleasure just to be close to her once more.
"Doona wish to turn from your glass? Verra well. Then ask it some questions while you're here. Ask it how much your Lykae's missed you."
Had she blinked?
At her other ear, he murmured, "Ask it who Bowe loves."
Her lips parted. Her body seemed to begin thrumming, as if she was struggling with everything she had in her to be free.
"Aye, that's right. Ask it who's the only one Bowe's ever been in love with." He brushed the back of his fingers down her cheek, willing her to meet his gaze in the mirror. "And the last question w #Quote by Kresley Cole
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Tsoknyi Rinpoche
#3. Every time you connect, a little bit more clarity stays around the love, a little bit more space opens up around it. your mind becomes clearer. you experience expanded possibilities. You become a little more confident, a little more willing to connect with others, a little more willing to open up to other people, whether that means talking about your own stuff or listen to theirs. And as that happens a little miracle occurs: You're giving, without expectation in return. Your very being becomes, consciously or not, an inspiration to others #Quote by Tsoknyi Rinpoche
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by David Nicholls
#4. Independence is the luxury of all those people who are too confident, and busy, and popular, and attractive to be just plain old lonely. And make no mistake, lonely is absolutely the worst thing to be. Tell someone that you've got a drink problem, or an eating disorder, or your dad died when you were a kid even, and you can almost see their eyes light up with the sheer fascinating drama and pathos of it all, because you've got an issue, something for them to get involved in, to talk about and analyse and discuss and maybe even cure. But tell someone you're lonely and of course they'll seem sympathetic, but look very carefully and you'll see one hand snaking behind their back, groping for the door handle, ready to make a run for it, as if loneliness itself were contagious. Because being lonely is just so banal, so shaming, so plain and dull and ugly. #Quote by David Nicholls
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Isabel Quintero
#5. …by Tracie Morris, "Project Princess." It's about a girl from the projects who doesn't care what people think about her - she just does what makes her feel confident. Then I looked myself straight in the eyes and said, "Gabi, get over it. You look spectacular. You look amazing, so stop your bitching or do something that makes you feel better." I took a deep breath and took off my shorts and shirt and stepped out on the beach like I owned that shit and didn't give a fuck about all the skinny girls around me. After a while, I didn't feel like an outsider and nobody made comments or even cared about what I looked like. The other think about being fat is that you spend too much damn time worrying about being fat and that takes time away from having fun. But I decided today would be different. And it was." Gabi, p 273 #Quote by Isabel Quintero
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Felicia Day
#6. For a girl who was lonely and desperate for friends, that group of people was the most important social thing to happen to me growing up. I can't imagine being as confident about my passion for geeky things today without that opportunity to connect with OTHER people who were saying, "Wow, I love those geeky things, too!" That early community taught me how wonderful it is to connect with like-minded people. No matter how lonely and isolated and starved for connection you are, there's always the possibility in the online world that you can find a place to be accepted, or discover a friendship that's started with the smallest of interests but could last a lifetime. Your qualification for finding a place to belong is enthusiasm and passion, and I think that's a beautiful thing. #Quote by Felicia Day
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Alice Boyes
#7. Notice When You Don't React to Situations in an Anxious Way

Even the most anxiety-prone person doesn't always react to situations in an anxious way. Start paying attention to situations in which you:

--Naturally make positive predictions
--Feel confident in your ability to complete challenging tasks
--Receive feedback without personalizing it or catastrophizing
--Ask for what you want without being excessively hesitant
--Feel accepting and relaxed

Start to notice how you are sometimes anxiety-prone and sometimes confident, rather than thinking about anxiety-proneness and confidence as being mutually exclusive traits. #Quote by Alice Boyes
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Bobbi Brown
#8. How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your skin - that's what really makes you beautiful. #Quote by Bobbi Brown
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Beth Ditto
#9. I have no control over what people think of me but I have 100% control of what I think of myself, and that is so important. And not just about your body, but so many ways of confidence. You're constantly learning how to be confident, aren't you? #Quote by Beth Ditto
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Sonakshi Sinha
#10. In this perfect world, there are certain imperfections that catch your eye. That's what works for me. I don't concentrate on being perfect, but instead put that effort behind my craft and being true to myself. I don't conform to pressures outside of me. I am confident about myself. #Quote by Sonakshi Sinha
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Cordelia Fine
#11. With a particular person in mind, or in anticipation of interacting with them, self-conception adjusts to create a shared reality. This means that when their perception of you is stereotypical, your own mind follows suit. For example, [Princeton University psychologist Stacey] Sinclair manipulated one group of women into thinking that they were about to spend some time with a charmingly sexist man. (Not a woman-hater, but the kind of man who thinks that women deserve to be cherished and protected by men, while being rather less enthusiastic about them being too confident and assertive.)
Obligingly, the women socially tuned their view of themselves to better match these traditional opinions. They regarded themselves as more stereotypically feminine, compared with another group of women who were expecting instead to interact with a man with a more modern view of their sex. Interestingly, this social tuning only seems to happen when there is some sort of motivation for a good relationship. This suggests that close or powerful others in your life may be especially likely to act as a mirror in which you perceive your own qualities. (...)
No doubt the female self and the male self can be as useful as any other social identity in the right circumstances. But flexible, context-sensitive, and useful is not the same as "hardwired". #Quote by Cordelia Fine
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Alain De Botton
#12. Most of the time, we have to be strong, we must not show our fragility. We've known that since the schoolyard. There is always a fragile bit of us, but we keep it very hidden. Yet Venetian glass doesn't apologise for its weakness. It admits its delicacy; it is confident enough to demand careful treatment; it makes the world understand it could easily be damaged. It's not fragile because of a deficiency, or by mistake. It's not as if its maker was trying to make it tough and hardy and then - stupidly - ended up with something a child could snap, or that would be shattered by clumsy mishandling. It is fragile and easily harmed as the consequence of its search for transparency and refinement and its desire to welcome sunlight and candle light into its depths. Glass can achieve wonderful effects but the necessary price is fragility. Some good things things have to be delicate - the dish says: 'I am delightful, but if you knock me about I'll break, and that's not my fault.' It is the duty of civilisation to allow the more delicate forms of human activity to thrive; to create environments where it is OK to be fragile. And we know, really, that it is not glass which most needs this care, it is ourselves. It's obvious the glass could easily be smashed, so it makes you use your fingers tenderly; you have to be careful how you grasp the stem. It teaches us that moderation is admirable, and elegant, not just a tedious demand. It tells us that being careful is glamorous and exciting - ev #Quote by Alain De Botton
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Josh Hanagarne
#13. Do you ever get tired of being so funny? It's a nice little smoke screen, but I know you. Confident people do stuff. They get stuff done. They make things, even if it's just making money. You know what you're making?"

"It doesn't matter."

"You're making our couch sag. That's about it. You're making your mom sad because you're not trying. You're making your siblings miserable because you're acting like you're miserable."

"I am. I'm depressed and on a bunch of drugs. I want to take more of them every day just to feel different."

"This isn't depression and that's not their fault. But I don't want to fight. I think what we're about to do is going to give you a way to make some progress."

"There's nothing important about lifting weights."

"There's nothing insignificant about progress. Let's just give it a try. #Quote by Josh Hanagarne
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Lindsey Stirling
#14. If you're public speaking, imagine yourself feeling confident; if you're nervous about a date and thinking, 'I'm gonna be a dork,' picture yourself being funny. Then it will be familiar to your brain. #Quote by Lindsey Stirling
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Jerusha Hess
#15. I never think that being a woman is so hard. Maybe don't think about your gender and be confident as you go forward rather than try to single yourself out as some underserved part of filmmaking. #Quote by Jerusha Hess
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by J.D. Robb
#16. Something we've been working on in R and D for a while." He crossed to her, ran his fingers over the lining himself. "It's body armor."
"Get out." Her forehead creased as she examined it more closely. "It's too thin and light. Plus it moves."
"Trust me, it's been thoroughly tested. Leonardo was able to take the material and fashion it into the coat. It will block a stun on full, though you'll feel the impact. It'll protect from a blaster, though the leather would suffer. And it will block a blade - though again, pity about the leather."
"Seriously?" She pulled her weapon again, offered it. "Try it."
He had to laugh even as he thought: Typical. Just typical. "I will not."
"Not very confident in your research and development."
"I'm not firing a stunner at my wife in our bedroom. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Robert Adams
#17. You must want to be free. It must become first with you before anything else. Everything that you've done all your life, is only a game, a game you're playing with your self, only it seems to be real. The only reality is the Self and you are That. Why look for anything else? Everything else will take care of itself. You've got to abide in the Self, just in the Self. Everything else will take care of itself in a beautiful way. You are boundless space, like the ocean, like the sky, all-pervasive. This is your real nature. But for some reason you believe you are a body, confined to a small space. This is not you. It's illusion. You are all-pervading absolute reality. This is your true nature. This is who you really are.
Just by thinking about these things all the time, something begins to happen to you, something wonderful. Do not think about the weather, or about the day's work or your problems. For all the thinkers, who thinks? Find out who has the problems? Find out who you really are, who am I? It's up to you to awaken from this mortal dream. You can keep on going like you are right now, with the good things and the bad things. Yet you live in a universe of dualities, which means for every good there is a bad. For every bad there is a good. It's a false world in which you live. You need to awaken to this truth.
Be aware of yourself, always. The world goes through its own karma. It has absolutely nothing to do with you. You belong to God. Everything you see is God. #Quote by Robert Adams
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Phil Knight
#18. Business is no more about making money than the human body is about making blood. Yes you need to make the stuff, but only to serve your higher aims. #Quote by Phil Knight
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#19. They say, you know, about evolution, it surely happened because their fossil record shows that. Look, my body and your body are miracles of design. Scientists are pretending they have the answer as how we got this way when natural selection couldn't possibly have produced such machines. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Susan Barbara Apollon
#20. Healing is about wholeness and harmony. I define healing as anything that contributes to you feeling greater balance, harmony, wholeness, and well-being. In other words, you experience healing when you feel good; and healing is what you need any time you feel that you are out of balance - be it tired, stressed, fearful, or worried - or when you sense a disconnection between your mind, body, and spirit. #Quote by Susan Barbara Apollon
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by B.G. Bowers
#21. When the door to suicide opens it becomes a viable option that you never considered before, but, once ajar, it initiates an invasion strategy. Day by day thoughts blacken under the occupation of the new inhabitant. It becomes an all-consuming addiction that makes its home in your head and heart and, before you know it, the whole neighbourhood is talking and thinking about suicide. Eventually, the mind is overwhelmed by the conspiracy of its own darkness and begins to wage war against the body. At this point, the body is powerless. #Quote by B.G. Bowers
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Steven Seagal
#22. Aikido is not merely about fighting and the development of the physical self but the perfection of the spiritual man at the same time. It has very harmonious movements, very beautiful to watch and beautiful for your body to feel. #Quote by Steven Seagal
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by E. Lockhart
#23. I sound like an idiot. But what else am I supposed to say? My parents are getting a divorce?
I'm practically flunking drawing and literature?
My best friend's barely speaking to me and changes the subject when I ask where she was on Saturday night?
I think about you all the time and I want your body? #Quote by E. Lockhart
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Louis Ck
#24. Some people try to do something noble with their bodies: they try to have their bodies have some use after they're dead, which I think is a good thought. You're only borrowing your body. You're only borrowing everything. If your body's worth anything when you're done with it you should pass it on, that's something I really believe.

I mean, ok I'm not gonna do it, because I don't want - ewww! No! It's mine!

: I have a lot of beliefs, and I live by none of em. That's just the way I am. They're just my beliefs; I just like believing them. I like that part! They're my little believies, they make me feel good about who I am! But if they get in the way of a thing I want, or I want to jack off or something... #Quote by Louis Ck
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Ron Koertge
#25. The air of a deposed prince. falsehood as restorative-if they wouldnt do that if they wouldnt do all that they do. the body as traitor the body as foe. she's thinking about mythology,about reluctant daphne/ relentless apollo. if she could, as daphne did, cry out to mother earth for protection. and have every suitors find a laurel tree in his arms. people would still look up to her. misjudge her. misunderstand her. worship her evn[damn druids]. or carve someone elses name into her. 'oh sweetie dont take things so seriously: the world is your oister' just as she thot, the world is something slimy in a shell. he's so proud of his knavery. okay, she's been vainglorious about her sins too but shes tired of that. 'if you love someone you accept him as he is, but if you accept him as he is than you dont really love him because if you did youd want whats best for him and that usually means he should be better than he is. a meadowy susuration that she used to pretend to like. but not anymore. shes sick of 'huh?' too, that interjection of ignorance. 'love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared to love in dreams.'-Feodor Dostoyevsky. she wants to kiss him. but just in some neutral way. some agape-not-eros way. like disciples kiss. or brave french freedom fighters. 'for i the Lord thy God am a jealous God, visisting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children'-Exodus 20:5 'its just stuff that i thot was interesting. its not, you know, a rorshach. its not like somebody could r #Quote by Ron Koertge
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by J.R. Ward
#26. I sometimes wonder . . ." She shrugged. "I mean, what if everyone's lied about death? What if there is no Fade, but instead you're just stuck in your body forever, conscious but unable to move?" Great. She'd wanted to try to lighten the mood. Nice. Try. "Well, bodies do . . ." He cleared his throat. "You know, rot. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Margaret Cho
#27. I love tattooed women, maybe because they are uncontrollable, they are themselves to the point of drawing symbols of their power on their skin. Talk about owning your own body, being in your body, claiming yourself. I love it. When the world is in an uproar over whether women should have a choice or not when it comes to their own bodies, being tattooed is one of the most visible choices of all. #Quote by Margaret Cho
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Nenia Campbell
#28. The old wives' tale about cold showers is false: blasting your body with a couple gallons of ice water doesn't make you any less horny. It just makes you horny and cold. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Anna Banks
#29. Pick," Emma tells her.
Tira's lip trembles. She tries to back out of sight, but someone pushes her forward. "Pick…Pick what?"
Emma motions to the halo of predators above them, around them, everywhere. "Pick two. Any two you want, and I will have them divide Jagen's body evenly."
"No!" Jagen screams, his face contorted in terror.
Emma cocks her head at him. "Jagen, make up your mind. Didn't you just say you don't believe I have the Gift? So then why should you care if she points to some harmless sharks?"
He clamps his mouth shut, but the look of panic stays.
Tira says, "I couldn't do that, Highness."
Highness! Someone called Emma "Highness!" It's one of the many names she calls Galen when she's mad at him. The irony is not lost on Emma. Her death glare cuts off his snickers.
She turns back to Tira. "Of course you can. There's nothing to worry about because Paca has the Gift, remember? Isn't that what you all believe? She would never let any harm come to her own father, would she? I know I wouldn't. So go ahead and pick. Paca will save Jagen."
Clever little angelfish. Galen smirks at Jagen, who won't meet his eyes. Nalia and Grom make their way to the edge of the center. Grom grins at Emma like she's his own daughter. Which is very weird for Galen. #Quote by Anna Banks
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Umberto Eco
#30. I stood back up and looked down at my feces. A lovely snail-shell architecture, still steaming. Borromini. My bowels must be in good shape, because everyone knows you have nothing to worry about unless your feces are to soft or downright liquid.

I was seeing my shit for the first time (in the city you sit on the bowl, then flush right away, without looking). I was now calling it shit, which I think is what people call it. Shit is the most personal and private thing we have. Anyone can get to know the rest - your facial expression, your gaze, your gestures. Even your naked body: at the beach, at the doctor's, making love. Even your thoughts, since usually you express them, or else others guess them from the way you look at them or appear embarrassed. Of course, there are such things as secret thoughts... but in general thoughts too are revealed.

Shit, however, is not. Except for an extremely brief period of your life, when your mother is still changing your diapers, it is all yours. And since my shit at that moment must not have been all that different from what I had produced over the course of my past life, I was in that instant reuniting with my old, forgotten self, undergoing the first experience capable of merging with countless previous experiences, even those from when I did my business in the vineyards as a boy.

Perhaps if I took a god look around, I would find the remains of those shits past, and then, triangulating properly, Clarabell #Quote by Umberto Eco
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by J.M. Madden
#31. He turned her chin until she looked him in the face. "I'm going to tell you a couple things, and I want you to remember this. Number one, I'm a Navy SEAL. You can't even compare me to most men, so don't lump me in with them." He waited for her laughter to subside. "Number two, I don't care what you've been told or by whom. Your body fucking rocks. Men don't want to make love to twigs. Way more than will admit it want a lush, cushioning body to welcome them home." Reaching out, he cupped her hips in his hands, tugging her into him. "I would not change anything about you. Not one single thing. #Quote by J.M. Madden
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Lisa Suzanne
#32. I need you. I need to be inside of your perfect body. I need to fuck you fast and hard and then take you slowly. I need to taste every part of you. I need to bury my hard cock in you. It's all I've thought about for two months. Fuck, it's all I've thought about for fve
goddamn years. #Quote by Lisa Suzanne
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Edward Hirsch
#33. To Poetry"

Don't desert me
just because I stayed up last night
watching The Lost Weekend.

I know I've spent too much time
praising your naked body to strangers
and gossiping about lovers you betrayed.

I've stalked you in foreign cities
and followed your far-flung movements,
pretending I could describe you.

Forgive me for getting jacked on coffee
and obsessing over your features
year after jittery year.

I'm sorry for handing you a line
and typing you on a screen,
but don't let me suffer in silence.

Does anyone still invoke the Muse,
string a wooden lyre for Apollo,
or try to saddle up Pegasus?

Winged horse, heavenly god or goddess,
indifferent entity, secret code, stored magic,
pleasance and half wonder, hell,

I have loved you my entire life
without even knowing what you are
or how - please help me - to find you. #Quote by Edward Hirsch
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Madeline Sheehan
#34. Hey," I said softly and cupped his cheek.
"What about your dream?"
His face went dimples. "I'm lookin' at it, darlin'."
Oh. Crap. My heart felt near bursting. I was absolutely done for. This man owned me, body and soul, and everything in between. #Quote by Madeline Sheehan
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Jarod Kintz
#35. I want to write a song about one man's level of commitment called, "I'd walk to the edge of the world, just to dump your body. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#36. Reporters insist on portraying me as a curiosity. Rather like a talking horse."
"You're an unusual woman."
"Not really. Many thousands of women have the minds and temperaments to practice medicine. However, no medical school here will admit a female, which is why I had to study and train in France. I was fortunate enough to become certified before the British Medical Association closed the loopholes to prevent other women from doing the same."
"What did your father say about it?"
"At fist he was against the idea. He thought it indecent for a woman to have such an occupation. Viewing unclothed people, and so forth. However, as I pointed out to him, if we're made in God's image, there can be nothing wrong with the study of the human body. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Jenny Han
#37. Do you know why I remembered you?" he asked me suddenly.
It was a question so out of nowhere that it took me a little while to figure out what he was talking about.
"You mean from Latin Convention?"
"Was it my Coliseum model?" I was only half-joking. Steven had helped me build it; it had been pretty impressive.
"No." Cam ran his hand through his hair. He wouldn't look at me. "It's because I thought you were really pretty. Like, maybe the prettiest girl I'd ever seen."
I laughed. In the car, it sounded really loud. "Yeah, right. Nice try, Sextus."
"I mean it," he insisted, his voice rising.
"You're making that up." I didn't believe it could be true. I didn't want to let myself believe it. With the boys any compliment like this would always be the first part of a joke.
He shook his head, lips tight. He was offended that I didn't believe him. I hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. I just didn't see how it could be true. It was almost mean of him to lie about it. I knew what I looked like back then, and I wasn't the prettiest girl anybody had ever seen, not with my thick glasses and chubby cheeks and little-girl body.
Cam looked me in the eyes then. "The first day, you wore a blue dress. It was, like, corduroy or something. It made your eyes look really blue."
"My eyes are gray," I said.
"Yes, but that dress made them look blue."
He looked so sweet, the way he watched me, waiting for my reaction. His cheeks w #Quote by Jenny Han
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by William Deresiewicz
#38. Thinking means concentrating on one thing long enough to develop an idea about it. Not learning other people's ideas, or memorizing a body of information, however much those may sometimes be useful. Developing your own ideas. In short, thinking for yourself. #Quote by William Deresiewicz
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Dragos Bratasanu

Blaise Pascal, the famous mathematician, once said: "To those who wish to see, God gives them sufficient light. To those who doesn't wish to see, God gives them sufficient darkness." Seeing the Truth is a choice. Listening to my words is a choice. Healing is a choice.

If want scientific evidence about the existence of God, there is a wealth of data to support it. Dr. Jeffrey Long, M.D. used the best scientific techniques available today to study more than 4,000 people who had near-death experiences and found themselves face to face with our Heavenly Father. Read the book "God and the Afterlife" and you will find it.

If you want scientific evidence about Jesus being the Son of God, Lee Strobel, an atheist investigative journalist discovered it. Read the book "The Case for Christ" and you will find it.

If you want scientific evidence about Jesus still healing today, study the ministries of Dr. Charles Ndifon, T.L. Osborn, Kathryn Kuhlman among others, and you will find it.

But most importantly, if you want to fill the emptiness within you, and experience the perfect love, mercy and forgiveness, if you want to live in the peace of our Heavenly Father, give your body, your mind and your heart to Christ. Give your life to Jesus. The empty place you feel in your heart is reserved only for the spirit of Christ and nothing from this world will fill it.

Look up to heaven, behold Jesus and Live #Quote by Dragos Bratasanu
Being Confident About Your Body quotes by Adam Rodriguez
#40. Staying healthy is about really listening to your mind and body. They will both let you know when you're doing things the right way for you. And when you're not. You just need to be honest with yourself and listen to what they're saying. #Quote by Adam Rodriguez

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