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Before Its Too Late quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#1. That's exactly what I'm talking about. That's the evil that's seducing you. The malevolent power that is crawling through your blood tempting you onto a treacherous path that will cost you everything you love and hold dear. You have to let that anger go before it's too late. Vengeance always turns inward and it will consume you until nothing's left but an empty hole that nothing can fill. (Ambrose) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jessica Hawkins
#2. If you ever think he's falling out of love with you, stop him. Before it's too late. #Quote by Jessica Hawkins
Before Its Too Late quotes by John Dear
#3. In Yosemite, we see how everyone can inherit the earth. But that gift requires a change of heart, a new intention, a deliberate turning. From now on, we must go forward, back into the world of violence and war, to do our part to end the killing, the suffering, and the ongoing destruction of Mother Earth. Yosemite, along with all of creation, calls us to wake up, stand up, and stop the insane destruction of the earth before it's too late. #Quote by John Dear
Before Its Too Late quotes by Terry Pratchett
#4. There's that lovely thing for the first month or two of writing a new book: OK, I don't know what that character's going to do, but we'll find out later. After about three or four months you come to that bit where you've got to put some plot in before it's too late, and you have to go back and start inserting plot, and, ooh, I've left out the literature, OK, lets put some in. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Before Its Too Late quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#5. Cooking without remuneration" and "slaving over a hot stove" are activities separated mostly by a frame of mind. The distinction is crucial. Career women in many countries still routinely apply passion to their cooking, heading straight from work to the market to search out the freshest ingredients, feeding their loved ones with aplomb. [...] Full-time homemaking may not be an option for those of us delivered without trust funds into the modern era. But approaching mealtimes as a creative opportunity, rather than a chore, is an option. Required participation from spouse and kids is an element of the equation. An obsession with spotless collars, ironing, and kitchen floors you can eat off of---not so much. We've earned the right to forget about stupefying household busywork. But kitchens where food is cooked and eaten, those were really a good idea. We threw that baby out with the bathwater. It may be advisable to grab her by her slippery foot and haul her back in here before it's too late. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Before Its Too Late quotes by Orson Scott Card
#6. I came because I've spent my whole life in the company of the brother that I hated. Now I want a chance to know the brother that I love, before it's too late, before we're not children anymore. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jarod Kintz
#7. A record number of Americans need jobs. Hey, let's start WWIII and create full employment for all. I should start selling coffins. Buy yours today before it's too late. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Before Its Too Late quotes by Charles Busch
#8. The story of Judith. But one of the reasons I'm doing it is because the roles I've been writing for myself over the past few years have gotten older and older. And I thought, You know, before it's too late, I want to play a sexy, tough young gal again. And I always wanted to do a Biblical epic. So, I'll play a beautiful young widow who saves her people from the Assyrians. #Quote by Charles Busch
Before Its Too Late quotes by Mia Love
#9. I believe this country is in real trouble, and it's up to us, to fix it before its too late. #Quote by Mia Love
Before Its Too Late quotes by Heshan Udunuwara
#10. Flowers were blooming, withered soon.. Rains kept falling, wasn't forever.. Dogs were barking, just for sometime.. Sun, moon & stars were invisible at times, but they kept watching you.. Let them shine for you, before it's too late.. #Quote by Heshan Udunuwara
Before Its Too Late quotes by J.L. Carr
#11. That was the missed moment. I should have put out a hand and taken her arm and said, "Here I am. Ask me. Now. The real question! Tell me. While I'm here. Ask me before it's too late. #Quote by J.L. Carr
Before Its Too Late quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
#12. Before it's too late, we need to make courageous choices that will recreate a strong alliance between man and Earth. We need a decisive 'yes' to care for creation and a strong commitment to reverse those trends that risk making the situation of decay irreversible. #Quote by Pope Benedict XVI
Before Its Too Late quotes by Kool Moe Dee
#13. You better wake up before it's too late, or they'll be doing your makeup down at the coroner's place. #Quote by Kool Moe Dee
Before Its Too Late quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#14. I wish I could run away," Rudger told Jersey as they both rushed in and out of various patients' rooms, darting around like little ants. "I can't leave and be on my own though, not right now, anyway."
"Why?" asked Jersey, waving her flashlight in mid-air.
Rudger froze for a second, a regretful haze emanating from his eyes. "It'd break her heart if I left."
"Ain't that normal? For parents to have mixed feelings about their kids growin' up?"
"Not for me, it isn't."
Jersey made a pitying face in his direction. "So, you wanna keep bein' towed around with your mom, livin' in a gross town like Danvers?"
"Is there a choice?"
"Yeah, there sure is. You can run away and try to be a whole person before it's too late, or you can live with mommy dearest forever and turn into Norman Bates. #Quote by Rebecca McNutt
Before Its Too Late quotes by Hannah
#15. I have been dating someone that treats my heart like it's monkey meat. I feel like a delusional, invisible person half the time so I need to learn what it's like to be treated well before it's too late for me. #Quote by Hannah
Before Its Too Late quotes by Milan Kundera
#16. Everyone has trouble accepting the fact he will disappear unheard of and unnoticed in an indifferent universe, and everyone wants to make himself into a universe of words before it's too late ... #Quote by Milan Kundera
Before Its Too Late quotes by Ellie Williams
#17. I think I'm probably going to be one of those unnoticed Authors that get discovered well after I have passed on. I better drill into my daughter now on how I want my books to be abstracted into Television or Film before it's too late lol #Quote by Ellie Williams
Before Its Too Late quotes by Billy Long
#18. No one could reach Amy Winehouse before it was too late. Can anyone reach Washington before it's too late? Both addicted - same fate? #Quote by Billy Long
Before Its Too Late quotes by Heidi McLaughlin
#19. I should tell her before it's too late that I'll follow her anywhere if she just asks. #Quote by Heidi McLaughlin
Before Its Too Late quotes by Kami Garcia
#20. There were Casts for every conceivable purpose: Blinding the Unfaithful, Bringing Forth Water from the Sea, Binding the Runes. But nothing that said Cast to Uncurse Your Family from a Dark Binding, or Cast to Undo the Act of Trying to Bring Great-Great-Great-Great-Grandmother Genevieve's War Hero Back to Life, or Cast to Avoid Going Dark at Your Claiming. Or the one I was really looking for - Cast to Save Your Girlfriend (Now That You Finally Have One) Before It's Too Late. #Quote by Kami Garcia
Before Its Too Late quotes by David Foster Wallace
#21. He dreams he's with a very sad kid and they're in a graveyard digging some dead guy's head up and it's really important, like Continental-Emergency important, and Gately's the best digger but he's wicked hungry, like irresistibly hungry, and he's eating with both hands out of huge economy-size bags of corporate snacks so he can't really dig, while it gets later and later and the sad kid is trying to scream at Gately that the important thing was buried in the guy's head and to divert the Continental Emergency to start digging the guy's head up before it's too late, but the kid moves his mouth but nothing comes out and Joelle van D. appears with wings and no underwear and asks if they knew him, the dead guy with the head, and Gately starts talking about knowing him even though deep down he feels panic because he's got no idea who they're talking about, while the sad kid holds something terrible up by the hair and makes the face of somebody shouting in panic: TOO LATE. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Before Its Too Late quotes by Daniel Quinn
#22. I pray about teeth-doesn't everyone? I don't have time to floss. You know. Hang in there, I tell them; I'll get around to it before it's too late. #Quote by Daniel Quinn
Before Its Too Late quotes by Lena Dunham
#23. Is what's manifesting as a fear actually some instinct to resist being young? Youth, with all its accompanying risks, humiliations, and uncertainties, the pressure to do it all before it's too late. Is the sense of imminent death bound up in the desire to leave some kind of a legacy? #Quote by Lena Dunham
Before Its Too Late quotes by John Green
#24. So maybe we won't ever win the lottery, or marry royalty, or make that last second shot. That doesn't mean we won't have amazing adventures, meet exceptional people, and make indelible memories. The trick is to notice before it's too late. #Quote by John Green
Before Its Too Late quotes by Matthieu Ricard
#25. I think what everyone should be doing, before it's too late, is committing themselves to what they really want to do with their lives. #Quote by Matthieu Ricard
Before Its Too Late quotes by Lee Child
#26. Thurman asked, "Are you born again?"
Reacher said, "Once was enough for me."
"I'm serious."
"So am I."
"You should think about it."
"My father used to say, 'Why be born again when you can just grow up?'"
"Is he no longer with us?"
"He died a long time ago."
"He's in the other place then, with an attitude like that."
"He's in a hole in the ground in Arlington Cemetery."
"Another veteran?"
"Thank you for his service."
"Don't thank me, I had nothing to do with it."
Thurman said, "You should think about getting your life in order, you know, before it's too late. Something might happen. The Book of Revelations says 'The time is at hand.'"
"As it has every day since it was written nearly 2000 years ago. Why would it be true now, when it wasn't before?"
"There are signs," Thurman said, "And the possibility of precipitating events."
He said it primly and smugly, and with a degree of certainty, as if he had regular access to privilieged, insider information. Reacher said nothing in reply.
They drove on past a small group of tired men, wrestling with a mountain of tangled steel. Their backs were bent and their shoulders were slumped. Not yet 8 o'clock in the morning, Reacher thought. More than 10 hours still to go.
"God watches over them."
"You sure?"
"He tells me so."
"Does he watch over you, too?"
"He knows what I do."
"Does he approve?"
"He tells me #Quote by Lee Child
Before Its Too Late quotes by Kurt Cobain
#27. Hope I die before I turn into Pete Townshend. It would look ridiculous to do what we're doing now when I'm 40. That's why I want to destroy my career before it's too late. #Quote by Kurt Cobain
Before Its Too Late quotes by Wallace Shawn
#28. Escape before it's too late. #Quote by Wallace Shawn
Before Its Too Late quotes by Brian Goldman
#29. The redefined M.D. is able to access the still, small voice that says I'm about to make a mistake - or I've just made one and I need to undo it before it's too late. #Quote by Brian Goldman
Before Its Too Late quotes by Wallace Shawn
#30. ANDRÉ: . . . And when I was at Findhorn I met this extraordinary English tree expert who had devoted himself to saving trees, and he'd just got back from Washington lobbying to save the Redwoods. And he was eighty-four years old, and he always travels with a backpack because he never knows where he's going to be tomorrow. And when I met him at Findhorn he said to me, "Where are you from?" And I said, "New York." And he said, "Ah, New York, yes, that's a very interesting place. Do you know a lot of New Yorkers who keep talking about the fact that they want to leave, but never do?" And I said, "Oh, yes." And he said, "Why do you think they don't leave?" And I gave him different banal theories. And he said, "Oh, I don't think it's that way at all." He said, "I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing that they've built - they've built their own prison - and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners. And as a result they no longer have - having been lobotomized - the capacity to leave the prison they've made or even to see it as a prison." And then he went into his pocket, and he took out a seed for a tree, and he said, "This is a pine tree." And he put it in my hand. And he said, "Escape before it's too late. #Quote by Wallace Shawn
Before Its Too Late quotes by Alison G. Bailey
#31. We're led to believe love is complicated. It's not the love that's complicated. It's all the crap that we attach to it and put in front of it that makes it difficult. If you're smart, you'll realize this before it's too late and simplify. #Quote by Alison G. Bailey
Before Its Too Late quotes by Rose
#32. Say It Before It's Too Late... #Quote by Rose
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jane Fonda
#33. I don't think there's anything more important than making peace before it's too late. And it almost always falls to the child to try to move toward the parent. #Quote by Jane Fonda
Before Its Too Late quotes by Paul Auster
#34. I've been trying to fit everything in, trying to get to the end before it's too late, but I see now how badly I've deceived myself. Words do not allow such things. The closer you come to the end, the more there is to say. The end is only imaginary, a destination you invent to keep yourself going, but a point comes when you realize you will never get there. You might have to stop, but that is only because you have run out of time. You stop, but that does not mean you have come to an end. #Quote by Paul Auster
Before Its Too Late quotes by Loretta Chase
#35. Get off," she said. "Get off now."
Before its too late, and I decide to celebrate a narrow escape from death in the traditional manner of our species. #Quote by Loretta Chase
Before Its Too Late quotes by Greg Rucka
#36. I can whitewash your little trip out to OR-Kappa-2722 for you. I can sweep it under the rug if you like. You can go back to leading Rapier Squadron and having your hands tied by Command, by Major Deso, by politicians who don't recognize what's happening right before their eyes. I can make it all go away, Poe." She leaned forward. "Or you can join the Resistance and help us stop the First Order before it's too late." "Where do I sign up?" Poe asked. #Quote by Greg Rucka
Before Its Too Late quotes by Country Joe McDonald
#37. Come on fathers, don't hesitate, send them off before it's too late. Be the first one on the block to have your boy come home in a box. #Quote by Country Joe McDonald
Before Its Too Late quotes by Emma  Hart
#38. Despite having no definitive path, we all have places to go, people to meet, feelings to feel. Love, friendship and happiness are the luck you get given to you. What you do with them is the luck you make for yourself. We all have a meant to be, whether we believe in fate, destiny, or nothing at all. Do we decide our meant to be, or do we get it chosen for us? Do we get more than one option? If we do, what if we go through them all then decide the first one was the best option, do we get a second chance? No. There are no second chances in life, no rewind button. You don't get a do-over, so if you want something you have to run, smash into it and grab it with everything you have. You have to take it and hold onto it tightly before it's too late. One life. One chance. One love. #Quote by Emma Hart
Before Its Too Late quotes by Stefan Edberg
#39. I've been on the tour for many, many years. It's time for me to go now, before it's too late. #Quote by Stefan Edberg
Before Its Too Late quotes by Morgan Freeman
#40. I'm also very fond of a light business jet, so I'd like to get it before it's too late. #Quote by Morgan Freeman
Before Its Too Late quotes by Bellatuscana
#41. I love you Henry" whispered Queen Susan

She turned to the awed and frozen battle field.

"I love this man! I've always loved him! Help me before it's too late!"

"I'm sorry my pride got in the way of us. I should have told you the moment I saw you that I loved you" he said quietly.

"Henry? Do you remember who I am?"

His face grew silent and after the longest moment, he nodded and Queen Susan leaned in and gave him a kiss.

She started to cry and then everything went black. #Quote by Bellatuscana
Before Its Too Late quotes by Reem Aquil
#42. It was like I was talking to a man with a gun to his head.
It was like he was already dead. Like his fate was set in stone. Like the trigger was already pulled. And he was the pause that came right before 'it's too late'. The pause that takes a small infinity, looked down upon dead stars, floating around in the dead unforgiving sky. The pause that was written in stars a million years ago. Could the shot echo in space? Did this moment find it's way into a vortex? Were the stars looking down on a field of the dead? A graveyard? Are we not significant? Did anything we do matter? #Quote by Reem Aquil
Before Its Too Late quotes by Judi Dench
#43. I would like to work with Jack Nicholson, before it's too late. #Quote by Judi Dench
Before Its Too Late quotes by Michael Eisner
#44. A decision will be made before it's too late or soon thereafter. #Quote by Michael Eisner
Before Its Too Late quotes by Barack Obama
#45. We were still able to see the phone records of a potential terrorist cause, we held them, now you have to hope the phone company still has them, you have to argue with their chief counsel by the time you get access to it, and try to find out who they've been talking to before it's too late. #Quote by Barack Obama
Before Its Too Late quotes by Eazy-E
#46. I'm not saying this because I'm looking for a soft cushion wherever I'm heading, I just feel that I've got thousands and thousands of young fans that have to learn about what's real when it comes to AIDS. Like the others before me, I would like to turn my own problem into something good that will reach out to all my homeboys and their kin. Because I want to save their asses before it's too late. #Quote by Eazy-E
Before Its Too Late quotes by Bobby Jindal
#47. I've got the courage to apply our conservative principles. I can't do it alone. With your help, with God's grace, we can save the idea of America before it's too late. #Quote by Bobby Jindal
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jennifer Gooch Hummer
#48. Sometimes things get broken and people make mistakes. It's just what happens. And then, if you're lucky, they get fixed again, before it's too late. #Quote by Jennifer Gooch Hummer
Before Its Too Late quotes by Ken Liu
#49. Seeing that no more Xana champions took to the air, Kuni and Mata's men jeered at Namen's camp from atop the walls: "Who's the girlie now?" "Tanno Namen is an old lady more skilled with the embroidery needle than the sword!" "Namen, what's for dinner?" "Maybe the girls from Xana should go back to Pan before it's too late." Some #Quote by Ken Liu
Before Its Too Late quotes by Brian Yorkey & Tom Kitt
#50. Catch me I'm falling. Please hear me calling. Catch me before it's too late! #Quote by Brian Yorkey & Tom Kitt
Before Its Too Late quotes by Tangga.merah
#51. read before it's too late ! #Quote by Tangga.merah
Before Its Too Late quotes by A.A. Aguirre
#52. Bronze gods, Mikani. You've seen death before. Bloody hells, we've buried friends together, you and I."
"She's different, Hu."
"Then tell her that before it's too late, you sodding imbecile. #Quote by A.A. Aguirre
Before Its Too Late quotes by Ali Smith
#53. Happy is what you realize you are a fraction of a second before it's too late. #Quote by Ali Smith
Before Its Too Late quotes by Tom Magliozzi
#54. Kids: get away from the cell phones, get away from the computers, and mail someone a fish before it's too late. #Quote by Tom Magliozzi
Before Its Too Late quotes by Haruki Murakami
#55. Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it's too late. Say what you're feeling. Waiting is a mistake. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Before Its Too Late quotes by Regina Jennings
#56. The only difference between your average man and a hero is that the hero figures out what to do before it's too late,' He nudged her aside and, with a few pulls, filled her bucket. 'Then he has the nerve to go on and do it.'
Betsy leaned back as if she was trying to get a complete view of him from head to toe. 'Is that all it takes to make a good hero?'
'One more thing. A hero always comes back for his lady. #Quote by Regina Jennings
Before Its Too Late quotes by Moutasem Algharati
#57. Step ahead immediately and do what you have to do before it's too late. #Quote by Moutasem Algharati
Before Its Too Late quotes by Vandana Shiva
#58. I believe that we will see a lot of destruction, but I believe that if we can see the right patterns and draw the right lessons from that destruction, we might be able to rebuild before it's too late. And then I have that ultimate optimism that even if we can't, life will rebuild itself. In a way, the global economy might collapse, but Gaia won't, and people's ingenuity won't. We will rebuild society, we will rebuild local economies, we will rebuild human aspirations. #Quote by Vandana Shiva
Before Its Too Late quotes by Richard Cushing
#59. Before it's too late, and time is running out, let us turn from trust in the chain reactions of exploding atoms to faith of the chain reaction of God's love. Love - love of God and fellow men. That is God's formula for peace. #Quote by Richard Cushing
Before Its Too Late quotes by Fennel Hudson
#60. As travellers through time, we are burdened with the stone in our shoe that tells us to stop running, to pause and take stock before we stumble and fall. We should make time to savour the quality of our lives before it's too late. #Quote by Fennel Hudson
Before Its Too Late quotes by Edward Abbey
#61. Be a half-assed crusader, a part-time fanatic. Don't worry to much about the fate of the world. Saving the world is only a hobby. Get out there and enjoy the world, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, husbands wives; climb mountains, run rivers, get drunk, do whatever you want to do while you can, before it's too late. #Quote by Edward Abbey
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
#62. You are still young, free.. Do yourself a favor. Before it's too late, without thinking too much about it first, pack a pillow and a blanket and see as much of the world as you can. You will not regret it. One day it will be too late. #Quote by Jhumpa Lahiri
Before Its Too Late quotes by Sylvia Earle
#63. There is this sweet spot in time when we have an opportunity to stop killing sharks and tunas and swordfish and other wildlife in the sea before it's too late. #Quote by Sylvia Earle
Before Its Too Late quotes by Rick Riordan
#64. Let us find the dam snack bar before it's too late said Zoe. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Before Its Too Late quotes by Abbi Glines
#65. You want what you can't have. I see it in your eyes. The pain that fills your nights is because of my pack of lies. I've opened up the door for you
to walk away. There's a better path for you even though I want you to stay. I've broken the rules, I've veered from the path but when I met you I
knew to save you was worth the wrath. Let me leave now before it's too late. Let me leave now before you know what I am and your love becomes
Walk away from me before I break down and take you with me. You can't go where I'm going you can't walk through my Hell. Walk away from me
before I break down and take you with me. My path is meant for only me. There is no way to take you too. I've given you life when it was in my
hands to give you death. Walk away from me.
I watch the life I know you will lead without me here. It's what you deserve it is where you belong it is everything I want but everything I fear. Once I
met you I knew I had to save you but you saved me. Now I'm turning away and letting you run free. Not one moment will I forget there is a fire
inside me that you lit with your touch. Hurting you wasn't the plan but it must happen by my hand.
Walk away from me before I break down and take you with me. You can't go where I'm going you can't walk through my Hell. Walk away from me
before I break down and take you with me. My path is meant for only me. There is no way to take you too. I've given yo #Quote by Abbi Glines
Before Its Too Late quotes by Gene Simmons
#66. Before a show, you might have aches or pains, or it's a bad rainy day, or it's too humid. We all complain about stuff. But ... how do I put this poetically? Once it's the roar of the crowd and the smell of the greasepaint, forget it. Once the adrenaline kicks in and your chest expands, you forget about all that. #Quote by Gene Simmons
Before Its Too Late quotes by Matt Haig
#67. This isn't a question of strength. Not the stoic, get-on-with-stuff-without-thinking-too-much kind of strength, anyway. It's more of a zooming-in. That sharpening. ... You know, before the age of twenty-four I hadn't realised how bad things could feel, but I hadn't realised how good they could feel either. That shell might be protecting you, but it's also stopping you feeling the full force of that good stuff. Depression might be a hell of a price to pay for waking up to life, ... But it is actually quite therapeutic to know that pleasure doesn't just help compensate for pain, it can actually grow out of it. #Quote by Matt Haig
Before Its Too Late quotes by J.R. Ward
#68. He got up out of bed, walked across the room, and put his glowing hand to her face with hesitation. On a sigh she leaned into the imprint of his palm and the warmth of his flesh. "Is this you?" he said hoarsely.
She nodded and reached out to his cheeks, which were a little red. "You've been crying."
He captured her hand. "I feel you."
"Me, too."
He touched her neck, her shoulder, her sternum. Brought her arm forward and looked at it…well, through it.
"Um…so I can sit on things," she said for no particular reason. "I mean…while I was waiting out there, I sat on the couch. I also moved a picture on the wall, put a penny back in your change dish, picked up a magazine. It's a little weird, but all I have to do is concentrate." Shit. She had no idea what she was saying. "The, ah…the Scribe Virgin said I could eat but I didn't have to. She said…I could drink, too. I'm not sure how it all works, but she seems to know. Yeah. So. Anyway, I think it's going to take some time to figure out the drill, but…"
He put his hand into her hair and it felt the same as it had before. Her nonexistent body registered the sensations exactly as it had before. He frowned, then looked downright angry. "She said it required a sacrifice. To bring someone back. What did you give her? What did you bargain with?"
"How do you mean?"
"She doesn't give things away without demanding something in return. What did she take from you?"
"Nothing. She never asked m #Quote by J.R. Ward
Before Its Too Late quotes by Karl Ove Knausgaard
#69. We come from far away, from terrifying beauty, for a newborn child who opens its eyes for the first time is like a star, is like a sun, but we live our lives amid pettiness and stupidity, in the world of burned hot dogs and wobbly camping tables. The great and terrifying beauty does not abandon us, it is there all the time, in everything that is always the same, in the sun and the stars, in the bonfire and the darkness, in the blue carpet of flowers beneath the tree. It is of no use to us, it is too big for us, but we can look at it, and we can bow before it. #Quote by Karl Ove Knausgaard
Before Its Too Late quotes by Diana Gabaldon
#70. It's not too late, you know," she said. She smiled, teasing a little tremulously. "You could still back out." "It's been too late for me since the day I saw you," he said gruffly. #Quote by Diana Gabaldon
Before Its Too Late quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#71. There is a certain climax in life, at which, notwithstanding all our freedom, and however much we may have denied all directing reason and goodness in the beautiful chaos of existence, we are once more in great danger of intellectual bondage, and have to face our hardest test. For now the thought of a personal Providence first presents itself before us with its most persuasive force, and has the best of advocates, apparentness, in its favor, now when it is obvious that all and everything that happens to us always turns out for the best. (...) We want to leave the Gods alone and (...) wish to content ourselves with the assumption that our own practical and theoretical skillfulness in explaining and suitably arranging events has now reached its highest point. (...) We do not want either to think too highly of this dexterity of our wisdom, when the wonderful harmony which results from playing on our instrument sometimes surprises us too much: a harmony which sounds too well for us to dare to ascribe it to ourselves. In fact, now and then there is one who plays with us beloved Chance: he leads our hand occasionally, and even the all wisest Providence could not devise any finer music than that of which our foolish hand is then capable. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Before Its Too Late quotes by Nora Roberts
#72. It's not an exaggeration to say that they saved my life. Ray Quinn, then Cam and Ethan and Phil. They turned their world around for me, and because of it, turned mine around with it. Anna and Grace and Sybill, Aubrey too. They made a home for me, and nothing that happened before matters nearly as much as everything that came after. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jo Brand
#73. I never ever take into consideration the consequences of my actions until it's too late. #Quote by Jo Brand
Before Its Too Late quotes by Luis Joaquin M Katigbak
#74. I thought of our time together, of how brief and bittersweet it was. I didn't tell you something important, then. I guess it's too late now, but it's something that occurred to me only after we parted ways. I thought--when I was with you, I was content to just sit back and enjoy the ride, as it were, because the ride was so pleasant. And maybe that was the problem. #Quote by Luis Joaquin M Katigbak
Before Its Too Late quotes by Albert Camus
#75. O young girl, throw yourself again into the water so that I might have a second time the chance to save the two of us! A second time, eh, what imprudence! Suppose, dear sir, someone actually took our word for it? It would have to be fulfilled. Brr ... ! the water is so cold! But let's reassure ourselves. It's too late now, it will always be too late. Fortunately! #Quote by Albert Camus
Before Its Too Late quotes by Anne Bishop
#76. Jaenelle tried to smile. "They won't find their way through the maze. Not this maze, anyway." Then she looked sadly at Daemon's gaunt, bruised body and gently brushed the long, dirty, tangled black hair off his forehead. "Ah, Daemon. I had gotten used to thinking of my body as a weapon that was used against me. I'd forgotten that it's also a gift. If it's not too late, I'll do better. I promise." Jaenelle placed her transparent hands on either side of Daemon's head. She closed her eyes. The Black Jewel glowed. Listening to the Hayllian guards thrashing around somewhere in the maze, Surreal sank to the ground and settled down to wait. *Daemon.* The island slowly sank into the sea of blood. He curled up in the center of the pulpy ground while the word sharks circled, waiting for him. *Daemon. #Quote by Anne Bishop
Before Its Too Late quotes by James Frey
#77. [...]that's how it works most of the time; we say the things that matter to people when it's already too late. #Quote by James Frey
Before Its Too Late quotes by Grace Paley
#78. I wanted a sailboat, he said. But you didn't want anything. Don't be bitter, I said. It's never too late. No, he said with a great deal of bitterness. I may get a sailboat. As a matter of fact I have money down on an eighteen-foot two-rigger. I'm doing well this year and can look forward to better. But as for you, it's too late. You'll always want nothing. He had had a habit throughout the twenty-seven years of making a narrow remark which, like a plumber's snake, could work its way through the ear down the throat, halfway to my heart. He would then disappear, leaving me choking with equipment. What I mean is, I sat down on the library steps and he went away. I looked through The House of Mirth, but lost interest. I felt extremely accused. Now, it's true, I'm short of requests and absolute requirements. But I do want something. I want, for instance, to be a different person. #Quote by Grace Paley
Before Its Too Late quotes by Kay Redfield Jamison
#79. Grief said C.S. Lewis is like "a winding valley where any bend may reveal a totally new landscape." This is so. The lessons that come from grief come from its unexpected moves, from its shifting views of what had gone before and what is yet to come. Pain brought so often into one's consciousness cannot maintain the same capacity to wound. Grief, however creates strange sensitivity. The world is too intense to tolerate: a veil, a drink, another anaesthetic is required to blot out the ache of what remains. One sees too much and feels it, as Robert Lowell put it, "with one skin-layer missing."
Grief conspires to ensure that it will in time wear itself out. Unlike depression, it acts to preserve the self. Depression is malignant, indiscriminately destructive. Grief may bear resemblance to depression, but it is a distant kinship. In Grief, death occasions the pain. In depression, death is the solution to the pain. In Grief, one feels the absence of a life, not life itself. In depression, it is otherwise one cannot access the beat of life! #Quote by Kay Redfield Jamison
Before Its Too Late quotes by Kristi Cook
#80. Ryder turns off the radio and reaches for my camera, pointing it at me in the dark. It beeps, and a red light indicates that he's filming. "Are you scared, Jemma?"
I prop my head up on one elbow. "Yeah, I'm scared," I say, carefully weighing my words. "But…we'll be okay. This house has weathered plenty of storms through the years. It'll keep us safe."
"I hope you're right."
"Yeah, me too."
I hear him swallow hard. "I'm glad I'm here with you."
"I'm glad you are too," I say automatically. But then…I realize with a start that it's true. I am glad he's here. I feel safe with him. More relaxed than I would be otherwise. He thinks I'm distracting him, making him forget his fears. But the truth is, he's helping me just as much. Maybe more. I'm pretty sure I'd be a blubbering mess right about now if I were alone.
"Thanks, Ryder," I say, my voice thick.
"For what?"
"Everything." I squeeze my eyes shut. "Turn off the camera, okay?"
He does, setting it aside before stretching out on the far side of the bed, facing me. Our gazes meet, and my stomach flutters nervously. There's something there in his dark eyes, something I've never seen before. Vulnerability…mixed with a kind of dark, melty chocolate expression that I don't recognize.
Our hands are lying there on the bed between us, nearly touching. I lift my pinkie, brushing it against his. Chills race down my spine at the contact, my heart pounding against my ribs.
I hear his breat #Quote by Kristi Cook
Before Its Too Late quotes by Deyth Banger
#81. Better to get off the train at this station. Than to do it later, when it's too late. Remember Time doesn't wait! #Quote by Deyth Banger
Before Its Too Late quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#82. Writing is not like dancing or modeling; it's not something where-if you missed it by age 19-you're finished. It's never too late. Your writing will only get better as you get older and wiser. If you write something beautiful and important, and the right person somehow discovers it, they will clear room for you on the bookshelves of the world-at any age. At least try. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Before Its Too Late quotes by Cat Clarke
#83. I can just close my eyes and let myself fall into oblivion. Maybe I'll hit the exact same rocks and my blood will mingle with his and maybe there's some kind of life after death and he's waiting for me there with his hand outstretched just like mine.
But ...
I don't want to die.
I try to twist my body backwards and pain shoots up my neck.
It's too late.
I chose life too late. #Quote by Cat Clarke
Before Its Too Late quotes by Seamus Heaney
#84. Late August, given heavy rain and sun
For a full week, the blackberries would ripen.
At first, just one, a glossy purple clot
Among others, red, green, hard as a knot.
You ate that first one and its flesh was sweet
Like thickened wine: summer's blood was in it
Leaving stains upon the tongue and lust for
Picking. Then red ones inked up and that hunger
Sent us out with milk cans, pea tins, jam-pots
Where briars scratched and wet grass bleached our boots.
Round hayfields, cornfields and potato-drills
We trekked and picked until the cans were full,
Until the tinkling bottom had been covered
With green ones, and on top big dark blobs burned
Like a plate of eyes. Our hands were peppered
With thorn pricks, our palms sticky as Bluebeard's.

We hoarded the fresh berries in the byre.
But when the bath was filled we found a fur,
A rat-grey fungus, glutting on our cache.
The juice was stinking too. Once off the bush
The fruit fermented, the sweet flesh would turn sour.
I always felt like crying. It wasn't fair
That all the lovely canfuls smelt of rot.
Each year I hoped they'd keep, knew they would not. #Quote by Seamus Heaney
Before Its Too Late quotes by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
#85. It's never too late to start all over again. #Quote by Abdulazeez Henry Musa
Before Its Too Late quotes by Charles Tanner
#86. However, as I say, he stood there and watched. Watched the smoke, or vapor, or whatever it was, whirl and whirl, faster and faster, snatching up the vagrant wisps and streamers that had strayed to the far corners of the room, sucking them in, incorporating them into the central column, until at last that column, swirling there, seemed almost solid.

It was solid. It had ceased its whirling and stood there quivering, jelly-like, plastic, but nevertheless, solid. And, as though molded in the hands of an invisible sculptor, that column was changing. Indentations appeared here, protuberances there. The character of the surface altered subtly; presently it was no longer smooth and lustrous, but rough and scaly. It lost most of its luminosity and became an uncertain, lichenous green. Until at last it was a - thing.

That moment, Denning thinks, was the most horrible in all the adventure. Not because of the horror of the thing that stood before him, but because at that very moment an automobile, driven by some belated citizen passed by outside, the light from its headlights casting eerie gleams across the walls and the ceiling; and the thought of the difference between the commonplace world in which that citizen was living, and the frightful things taking place in this room almost overcame the cowering man by the doorway. And, too, the light made just that much plainer the disgusting details of the creature that towered above them.

("Out Of The Jar") #Quote by Charles Tanner
Before Its Too Late quotes by Kwame Nkrumah
#87. Colonialism and its attitudes die hard, like the attitudes of slavery, whose hangover still dominates behaviour in certain parts of the Western hemisphere.

Before slavery was practised in the New World, there was no special denigration of Africans. Travellers to this continent described the inhabitants in their records with natural curiosity and examination to be expected of individuals coming from different environments. It was when slave trade and slavery began to develop ghastly proportions that made them the base of that capital accumulation which assisted the rise of Western industrialism, that a new attitude towards Africans emerged. 'Slavery in the Caribbean has been too narrowly identified with the man of colour. A racial twist has thereby been given to what is basically an economic phenomenon. Slavery was not born of racism, rather racism was the consequence of slavery.' With this racial twist was invented the myth of colour inferiority. This myth supported the the subsequent rape of our continent with its despoliation and continuing exploitation under the advanced forms of colonialism and imperialism. #Quote by Kwame Nkrumah
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jose Saramago
#88. He did all this with great concentration in order to keep his thoughts at bay, in order to let them in only one at a time, having first asked them what they contained, because you can't be too careful with thoughts, some present themselves to us with a cloying air of false innocence and then, when it's too late, reveal their true wicked selves. #Quote by Jose Saramago
Before Its Too Late quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
#89. Fine. I understand," she said with a little shrug, turning her head slightly so he couldn't see her eyes. "If it's really that important to you, I'll go have sex with a human male first. Then I'll know what I'm talking about before I broach the matter with you again."
Jacob felt the statement the same way he had felt the blast of Elijah's intervention the first night he had touched her. It slammed into him with breathtaking brutality, destroying his sense of direction and balance. Rage surged through him, turning his eyes into glistening black voids. The idea of another man touching that precious skin, kissing her sweet, delicious mouth, was more than he could stand. What she was suggesting this time was too much. Beyond too much.
"Over my dead body . . . over my obliterated soul will I ever allow such a thing." The declaration was a cross between a growl and a soft roar. Bella could see him shaking from head to toe, could feel it vibrating through the door behind her. In all of an instant, the cool, sophisticated Jacob disappeared and a possessive beast reared its head in his place.
Now that's more like it, Isabella mused, with a mental smile.
"But" - she blinked her wide eyes up at him in all innocence - "you just said - "
"I said forget it, Isabella!" the Enforcer exploded, the pressure of his hands on the door at her back making the wood pop and creak ominously. "No one is going to touch you, do you understand? #Quote by Jacquelyn Frank
Before Its Too Late quotes by Juliet Marillier
#90. This was a face such as I had never seen before, even in the most fanciful of dreams, a face that was, in its way, a work of art. For it was light and dark, night and day, this world and the Otherworld. On the left side, the face of a youngish man, the skin weathered but fair, the eye gray and clear, the mouth well formed if unyielding in character. On all the right side, extending from an undrawn mark down the exact center, an etching of line and curve and feathery pattern, like the mask of some fierce bird of prey. An eagle? A goshawk? No, it was, I thought, a raven, even as far as the circles about the eye and the suggestion of predatory beak around the nostril. The mark of the raven. If I had not been so frightened, I might have laughed at the irony of it. The pattern extended down his neck and under the border of his leather jerkin and the linen shirt he wore beneath it. His head was completely shaven, and the skull, too, was colored the same, half-man, half-wild creature; some great artist of the inks and needle had wrought this over many days, and I imagined the pain must have been considerable. #Quote by Juliet Marillier
Before Its Too Late quotes by Colton Haynes
#91. The trick is after a workout you're supposed to have gummy bears or some candy to get your veins to stick out. Of course, it's all about protein, too, but right before you're filming a shirtless scene, you have a little bit of sugar to pop the veins. #Quote by Colton Haynes
Before Its Too Late quotes by Søren Kierkegaard
#92. And so when the generation, which itself desired to level and to be emancipated, to destroy authority and at the same time itself, has, through the scepticism of the principle association, started the hopeless forest fire of abstraction; when as a result of levelling with this scepticism, the generation has rid itself of the individual and of everything organic and concrete, and put in its place 'humanity' and the numerical equality of man and man: when the generation has, for a moment, delighted in this unlimited panorama of abstract infinity, unrelieved by even the smallest eminence, undisturbed by even the slightest interest, a sea of desert; then the time has come for work to begin, for every individual must work for himself, each for himself. No longer can the individual, as in former times, turn to the great for help when he grows confused. That is past; he is either lost in the dizziness of unending abstraction or saved for ever in the reality of religion. Perhaps very many will cry out in despair, but it will not help them--already it is too late...Nor shall any of the unrecognizable presume to help directly or to speak directly or to teach directly at the head of the masses, in order to direct their decisions, instead of giving his negative support and so helping the individual to make the decision which he himself has reached; any other course would be the end of him, because he would be indulging in the short-sighted compassion of man, instead of obeying the order #Quote by Søren Kierkegaard
Before Its Too Late quotes by Fredrik Backman
#93. A young man left Beartown in silence and when he came home again it was too late for words. You can't look a gravestone in the eye and ask its forgiveness. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Before Its Too Late quotes by Geoff Dyer
#94. At some time all cities have this feel: in London it's at five or six on a winer evening. Paris has it too, late, when the cafes are closing up. In New York it can happen anytime: early in the morning as the light climbs over the canyon streets and the avenues stretch so far into the distance that it seems the whole world is city; or now, as the chimes of midnight hang in the rain and all the city's longings acquire the clarity and certainty of sudden understanding. The day coming to an end and people unable to evade any longer the nagging sense of futility that has been growing stronger through the day, knowing that they will feel better when they wake up and it is daylight again but knowing also that each day leads to this sense of quiet isolation. Whether the plates have been stacked neatly away or the sink is cluttered with unwashed dishes makes no difference because all these details--the clothes hanging in the closet, the sheets on the bed--tell the same story--a story in which they walk to the window and look out at the rain-lit streets, wondering how many other people are looking out like this, people who look forward to Monday because the weekdays have a purpose which vanishes at the weekend when there is only the laundry and the papers. And knowing also that these thoughts do not represent any kind of revelation because by now they have themselves become part of the same routine of bearable despair, a summing up that is all the time dissolving into everyday. A time #Quote by Geoff Dyer
Before Its Too Late quotes by Claire-Louise Bennett
#95. He'd solved the problem you see - and that's the way some people are. They are ceaselessly finding ways of getting to grips with the world, of surmounting certain antipathies so as to apply themselves to it that little bit more. It's quite admirable really, how they refuse to let anything come between them and the rest of it - Oh, the rest of it! Sort of there, sort of hovering there all the time. Different ideas come to me now and again - strategies I suppose that might inculcate a little more compatibility. I just don't know if I'll ever get the hang of it if you want to know - as a matter of fact I think I've left it a little too late to cultivate the necessary outlook. #Quote by Claire-Louise Bennett
Before Its Too Late quotes by Garrison Keillor
#96. And then I stand in front of God's Throne squinting up at His blazing glory and He says, 'You had your opportunities, boy. But did you listen? No. You went on heedlesly reading that garbagey magazine with pictures of naked girls in it. How juvenile! I gave geese more sense than that.'

Please, God. I'm only fourteen years old. A teenager. Have mercy. Be loving.

I was,' says God. 'For eons. And look at what it got me. You.'

God turns in disgust, just the way Daddy does. 'Sorry, but I'm the Creator. I take it personally. There are slugs and bugs and night-crawlers I feel better about having created - I mean, there are sparrows - I've got my eye on one right now. Is that sparrow consumed with lust? No. He mates in the spring and that's the end of it. Consider the lilies. Do they think about lily tits all the time? No. They look not and they lust not, and yet I say unto you that you will never be half as attractive as they. Therefore, I say unto you, think not about peckers and boobs and all that nonsense and your Heavenly Father will see that you meet a good woman and marry her, just as I do for the sparrow and walleye - yea verily, even the night-crawler and the eelpout. But I've told you this over and over for nineteen centuries. And now, verily, it's too late. Time's up, buster. Lights out! Game's over! #Quote by Garrison Keillor
Before Its Too Late quotes by Amanda Hocking
#97. Are you going to hand me over to him?"
"I haven't decided yet," I teased, and he smiled again, erasing his momentary seriousness. "So, where'd you get the suit?"
"Believe it or not, that lovely friend of yours, Willa," Loki said. "She brought me a whole slew of clothes last night. When I asked her why she was being so generous, she said it was out of fear that I would run around naked."
I smiled. "That does sound like something you would do. Why are you wearing all black, though? Didn't you know you were going to a wedding?"
"On the contrary," he said, doing his best to look unhappy. "I'm in mourning over the wedding."
"Oh, because it's too late?" I asked.
"No, Wendy, it's never too late." His voice was light, but his eyes were solemn.
"May I cut in?" the best man asked.
"No, you may not," Loki said. I'd started to move away from him, but he held fast.
"Loki," I said, and my eyes widened.
"I'm still dancing with her," Loki said, turning to look at him. "You can have her when I'm done."
"Loki," I said again, but he was already twirling me away. "You can't do that."
"I just did." He grinned. "Oh, Wendy, don't look so appalled. I'm already the rebel Prince of thine enemy. I can't do much more to tarnish my image."
"You can certainly tarnish mine," I pointed out.
"Never," Loki said, and it was his turn to look appalled. "I'm merely showing them how it's done."
He began spinning me around the dance floor i #Quote by Amanda Hocking

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