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Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Melissa Jensen
#1. She had a point,you know," Edward commented a few hours later. "Unnecessarily crude, perhaps, but apt. Our public personas frequently do not match our private ones. You, of all people, should know that."
"This isn't about me," I said grumpily. "This is about needing to find more information about the private you.Something I don't already know."
"I have terribly ugly feet."
"Not what I had in mind.And probably untrue anyway."
Edward glanced down at the empty space below his rib cage. "Probably. So, what did you have in mind?"
"A letter,maybe.From Diana.Something that connected your love to your work."
"I rather thought I did that through my paintings."
"You did.I mean, that's what attracted me to you in the first place.Well, o, that was your smile, probably,but the paintings helped. It's just that I need to know more about your muse."
"Ah, darling Ella, the artist's muse is Ego.Nothing more."
"You don't mean that.You married Diana because she made you feel like no one else in the universe ever did or could."
He nodded. "She was extraordinary."
"But not everyone saw that.Your family went nuts.Half of your friends stopped inviting you over, at least for a while."
"Their loss. She was a woman who comes along once in a lifetime. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Ali Marsman
#2. Week 34:
Write a love letter to yourself, and then give yourself to someone as special. #Quote by Ali Marsman
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by David Nicholls
#3. Every week seems to bring another luxuriantly creamy envelope, the thickness of a letter-bomb, containing a complex invitation – a triumph of paper engineering – and a comprehensive dossier of phone numbers, email addresses, websites, how to get there, what to wear, where to buy the gifts. Country house hotels are being block-booked, great schools of salmon are being poached, vast marquees are appearing overnight like Bedouin tent cities. Silky grey morning suits and top hats are being hired and worn with an absolutely straight face, and the times are heady and golden for florists and caterers, string quartets and Ceilidh callers, ice sculptors and the makers of disposable cameras. Decent Motown cover-bands are limp with exhaustion. Churches are back in fashion, and these days the happy couple are travelling the short distance from the place of worship to the reception on open-topped London buses, in hot-air balloons, on the backs of matching white stallions, in micro-lite planes. A wedding requires immense reserves of love and commitment and time off work, not least from the guests. Confetti costs eight pounds a box. A bag of rice from the corner shop just won't cut it anymore. #Quote by David Nicholls
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Paul D. Miller
#4. The times do not call for grassroots political activism, as if the next election might be enough to reverse a massive cultural earthquake. They do not call for working just a little bit harder: a few more speeches, another letter to the editor, another fundraiser, the next vote, the next committee meeting. These noble efforts aren't even rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic; they are tending the seaweed on its watery grave.
The times call for a new generation of book hunters. Like the book hunters of the Middle Ages, the new book hunters take it as their mission to uncover and salvage the best of what came before: to cherish it; hold it up for praise and emulation; study it; above all, to love it and pass it on. #Quote by Paul D. Miller
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Jane Austen
#5. I must go, uncertain of my fate; but I shall return hither, or follow your party, as soon as possible. A word, a look will be enough to decide whether I enter your father's house tonight or never. #Quote by Jane Austen
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#6. Destroy! destroy! destroy! hums the under-consciousness. Love and produce! Love and produce! cackles the upper consciousness. And the world hears only the Love-and- produce cackle. Refuses to hear the hum of destruction under- neath. Until such time as it will have to hear. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Gary Oldman
#7. I drank for about 25 years getting over the loss of my father and I took the anger out on myself. I did a good job at beating myself up at sometimes. I don't drink anymore but my alcoholic head occasionally says different. 'Nil By Mouth' was a love letter to my father because I needed to resolve some issues in order to be able to forgive him. #Quote by Gary Oldman
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Rachel Van Dyken
#8. When I wake up in the morning ... I don't think, wow, how can I make her love me more? How can I have my way with her? I, I, I? Not in my vocabulary. In fact, I'm a big fan of the letter u. I eat, I think of you. I drink, I drink to you. I cry, so you don't have to. I'd die, for you to live. And I'd survive with a broken heart only if it meant mending yours. - Nixon #Quote by Rachel Van Dyken
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Oksana Rus
#9. Meet me there, where the sea meets the sky... #Quote by Oksana Rus
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#10. May I ask why you're passing notes to Aiden?" He eyed the letter like it was a bomb.
"It's a love note. I'm asking him to circle 'yes' or 'no' if he likes me. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Suzan Tisdale
#11. Love letters? He supposed that was an apt description, though they certainly hadn't started out that way. In the beginning, he looked at the letters as more of a fact-finding endeavor. By the seventh letter, he knew he was well on his way to being smitten. By the last, he knew he had fallen hopelessly in love with her. #Quote by Suzan Tisdale
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Shane Koyczan
#12. Beethoven
his thoughts moving at
the speed of sound
transforming emotion into music
and for a moment
it was like joy
was a tangible thing
like you could touch it
like for the first time
we could watch love and
hate dance together
in a waltz of such precision and beauty
that we finally understood
the history wasn't important
to know the man
all we ever had to do was
listen. #Quote by Shane Koyczan
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Mark Jenkins
#13. Maps encourage boldness. They're like cryptic love letters. They make anything seem possible. #Quote by Mark Jenkins
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Carrie Alexander
#14. I read an article in a women's magazine about "writing purple prose for love and money." They made it sound easy, so I started writing on an old electronic typewriter that alternated between stuck keys and high throttle. I had no clue my first letter to Harlequin came back marked "Return to Sender." Luckily, I made my first sale before I understood how long the odds were. #Quote by Carrie Alexander
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Mary Anne Radmacher
#15. This day I see that pretty much all my correspondences are love letters. #Quote by Mary Anne Radmacher
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by R. Kelly
#16. To make an album like 'Love Letter,' everything's got to be about love. Everything has to have a great feeling when you listen to it. #Quote by R. Kelly
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Mie Hansson
#17. Had I only known my letters
Would be of such importance
I'd empty myself on paper
Every single morning'

And it was for such reason,
as she read his little stanza,
that she decided to stamp

'Every single morning
I'd empty myself on paper
You were my greater importance
That's why I wrote you letters. #Quote by Mie Hansson
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
#18. Love is just a four letter word! (laughter) Because that's what it is for me! I don't know what it means... I mean, love didn't work, whatever the hell that is, in my life. Alone I am. I'm not particularly into self-love either. I'm quite prepared to die. And all the objects of my love slowly trail off. #Quote by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Mansi Soni
#19. In life there are often moments when the battle is between a relationship that means a lot and a small yet dangerous three letter word 'EGO'. Don't let this devil win and make you a loser. If there are certain things you would rather not loose then you mighty well not loose them. Remember there is always that thin line between ego and self respect. While you are busy nurturing your ego the relations that matter may feel the need for self respect and break away. It's always your decision on who wins. Your Ego or You. #Quote by Mansi Soni
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Trevor Corson
#20. If you've ever wondered what we're missing by sitting at computers in cubicles all day, follow Jessica DuLong when she loses her desk job and embarks on this unlikely but fantastic voyage. Deeply original, riveting to read, and soul-bearingly honest, "My River Chronicles" is a surprisingly infectious romance about a young woman falling in love with a muscle-y old boat. As DuLong learns to navigate her way through a man's world of tools and engines, and across the swirling currents of a temperamental river, her book also becomes a love letter to a nation. In tune with the challenges of our times, DuLong reminds us of the skills and dedication that built America, and inspires us to renew ourselves once again. #Quote by Trevor Corson
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Alan Dapre
#21. Beware the ideas of March... just one little letter changes the whole meaning. I love the way worms can do that. #Quote by Alan Dapre
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Emily Trunko
#22. Dear Mama,
Whenever I would come home, no matter how long it had been, you would react the same way: the second you heard my voice you would smile. You would stand up at my urging and give me a hug, and sometimes, if I asked for it, a kiss on the cheek. You would look at me with such love that I would sometimes feel embarrassed, and you wouldn't stop smiling until I left. #Quote by Emily Trunko
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Erin McKean
#23. A love letter is to be savored; a love email ... is to be forwarded to all your friends, and probably laughed at. #Quote by Erin McKean
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Nikki Rowe
#24. You're now just an unopened loved letter that started off as fate, just another fucking story with no beginning or end date. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Stephen Chbosky
#25. I don't know if I will have the time to write any more letters, because I might be too busy trying to participate. So, if this does end up being the last letter, I just want you to know that I was in a bad place before I started high school, and you helped me. Even if you didn't know what I was talking about, or know someone who's gone through it, you made me not feel alone. Because I know there are people who say all these things don't happen. And there are people who forget what it's like to be sixteen when they turn seventeen. I know these will all be stories some day, and our pictures will become old photographs. We all become somebody's mom or dad. But right now, these moments are not stories. This is happening. I am here, and I am looking at her. And she is so beautiful. I can see it. This one moment when you know you're not a sad story. You are alive. And you stand up and see the lights on the buildings and everything that makes you wonder. And you're listening to that song, and that drive with the people who you love most in this world. And in this moment, I swear, we are infinite. #Quote by Stephen Chbosky
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#26. If your love for […] wants to do something now, then its work and task is this: to catch up with what it has missed. For it has failed to see whither this person has gone, it has failed to accompany her in her broadest development, it has failed to spread itself out over the new distances this person embraces, and it hasn't ceased looking for her at a certain point in her growth, it wants obstinately to hold fast to a definite beauty beyond which she has passed, instead of persevering, confident of new shared beauties to come."

- from letter to Paula Modersohn-Becker Bremen (February 12, 1902) #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Jane Campion
#27. When I read Andrew Motion's biography, I wept. It's something about the purity of the story and how fresh it was because of the love letters Keats wrote. #Quote by Jane Campion
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Thomas Jane
#28. I wanted to make a fan film for a character I've always loved and believed in - a love letter to Frank Castle & his fans. It was an incredible experience with everyone on the project throwing in their time just for the fun of it. It's been a blast to be a part of from start to finish - we hope the friends of Frank enjoy watching it as much as we did making it. #Quote by Thomas Jane
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Anthony De Mello
#29. A man who took great pride in his lawn found himself with a large crop of dandelions. He tried every method he knew to get rid of them. Still they plagued him. Finally he wrote the department of agriculture. He enumerated all the things he had tried and closed his letter with the question: "What shall I do now?" In due course the reply came: "We suggest you learn to love them." #Quote by Anthony De Mello
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Emily Trunko
#30. Dear whoever is reading this,
I wish I could find a way to take all of your sadness away and replace it with happiness. I can't. But I can try. You are worth it. You have entire galaxies within you and an entire life ahead of you. You will do so much and meet so many more people. Keep going. Things will get hard. But they will also get better. Keep smiling. It's okay to cry every once in a while. It's okay to spend time alone. But it's important to keep gong. Good luck.
A #Quote by Emily Trunko
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#31. You're a hero and a gentleman, you're kind and honest, but more than that, you're the first man I ever truly loved. And no matter what the future brings, you always will be, and I know that my life is better for it. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by S.C. Stephens
#32. My day isn't complete until I'm deep inside you. Your body wrapped around mine is the only way I feel whole. But don't think it's just sex and a physical response to you that I'm feeling. It's not ... it's so much more. You've opened me in a way that leaves me bleeding, vulnerable. Being with you, making love to you, it only solidifies what I feel for you. I know that I've become one of those spouting, love-sick idiots, but what it all boils down to is three words that don't mean nearly enough ... I love you. Letter from Kellan to Kiera. #Quote by S.C. Stephens
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Alex Z. Moores
#33. I feel as if I'm about to go on an extraordinary journey, Stacey thought. This is a trip into my soul. If I'm going to keep Anneliese in love with me while we're apart, then I need to make her feel that my heart still beats with hers. I have to make our love stronger than the gap that divides us. My written words must become my soul that she holds when she reads the letter. #Quote by Alex Z. Moores
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#34. A few days after we came home from the hospital, I sent a letter to a friend, including a photo of my son and some first impressions of fatherhood. He responded, simply, 'Everything is possible again.' It was the perfect thing to write because that was exactly how it felt. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Marcel Proust
#35. During those periods in which our bitterness of spirit, though steadily diminishing, still persists, a distinction must be drawn between the bitterness which comes to us from our constantly thinking of the person herself and that which is revived by certain memories, some cutting speech, some word in a letter that we have had from her. The various forms which that bitterness can assume we shall examine when we come to deal with another and later love affair; for the present it must suffice to say that, of these two kinds, the former is infinitely the less cruel. That is because our conception of the person, since it dwells always within ourselves, is there adorned with the halo with which we are bound before long to invest her, and bears the marks if not of the frequent solace of hope, at any rate of the tranquillity of a permanent sorrow. (It must also be observed that the image of a person who makes us suffer counts for little if anything in those complications which aggravate the unhappiness of love, prolong it and prevent our recovery, just as in certain maladies the cause is insignificant beyond comparison with the fever which follows it and the time that must elapse before our convalescence.) #Quote by Marcel Proust
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Lydia Michaels
#36. LOVE is much larger than a four letter word. It is an emotion that takes pages and pages to portray."
~Lydia Michaels #Quote by Lydia Michaels
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Anthony Everitt
#37. An incident occurred while Cato was speaking which caused much amusement at his expense. A letter was brought in for Caesar, and Cato immediately accused him of being in touch with the conspirators. He challenged him to read the note out loud. Caesar simply passed it across: it was a love letter from Servilia, Caesar's mistress at the time and Cato's half-sister. Cato threw it back angrily with the words: Take it, you drunken idiot. #Quote by Anthony Everitt
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Christopher Columbus
#38. It is true that after they have been reassured and have lost this fear, they are so artless and so free with all they possess, that no one would believe it without having seen it. Of anything they have, if you ask them for it, they never say no; rather they invite the person to share it, and show as much love as if they were giving their hearts. This letter, the first and rarest of all printed Americana, describes the scenery and the natives of Hispaniola. #Quote by Christopher Columbus
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Michael Donaghy
#39. So this talk, or touch if I were there,
Should work its effortless gadgetry of love,
Like Dante's heaven, and melt into the air.

If it doesn't, of course, I've fallen. So much is chance,
So much agility, desire, and feverish care,
As bicyclists and harpsicordists prove

Who only by moving can balance,
Only by balancing move. #Quote by Michael Donaghy
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Charlotte Bronte
#40. He wrote because he liked to write; he did not abridge, because he cared not to abridge. He sat down, he took pen and paper, because he loved Lucy and had much to say to her; because he was faithful and thoughtful, because he was tender and true. #Quote by Charlotte Bronte
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Tor Udall
#41. She can't believe she is going to compose her first love letter. She can hardly bear the exposure as if her body is a photographic film spooling into sunlight and everything is too bright, too vulnerable, the moments in the film now lost for ever. #Quote by Tor Udall
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Lang Leav
#42. Every letter
that she types;
every keystroke
that she strikes-
To spell your name
again and again,
is all she ever
wants to write. #Quote by Lang Leav
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Candy Crowley
#43. I'd love to have William Faulkner, Beethoven and Bach over. I want to find out what makes those guys tick! #Quote by Candy Crowley
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by John Green
#44. Maybe you've been in love. I man real love, the kind my grandmother used to describe by quoting the apostle Paul's First letter to the Corinthians, the love that is kind and patient, that does not envy or boast, that beareth all things and believeth all things and endureth all things. I don't like to throw the L-word around; it's too good and rare a feeling to cheapen with overuse. You can live a good life without ever knowing real love, of the Corinthians variety,.. #Quote by John Green
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Jose Eduardo Agualusa
#45. Don't feel sorry for me, condemned to live in winter - I have brought the memory of the sun with me.

I love you, I must love you always.
Fradique #Quote by Jose Eduardo Agualusa
Beethoven Love Letter quotes by Pamela Aidan
#46. He had been the recipient, he now gratefully acknowledged, of a rare and precious gift. In demanding the hand of a woman he neither understood nor was capable of knowing, he had instead received from her the chance to see himself and the opportunity to become a better man. And he had changed. He knew he had. He knew that he was not that man stalking angrily back to his chambers in Rosings Hall. What had happened to him in those intervening months? He was not sure; he could offer no complete explanation, but the man who had opened Rosings's doors, already prepared to write an angry letter, was a stranger, a man who had been walking through his entire life asleep. But now, he had awoken. #Quote by Pamela Aidan

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