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Beer quotes by Blake Charlton
#1. [Francesca] 'You really are a few biscuits short of breakfast.'
His eyebrows furrowed in confusion.
'You're a few colors shy of a rainbow?' she offered. 'Not pulling a full wagon? Knitting with only one needle? All foam and no beer? Your cheese slid off the cracker? You couldn't pour water out of a boot with instructions on the heel?'
[Nicodemus] 'All right. I get it. #Quote by Blake Charlton
Beer quotes by H.L. Mencken
#2. It is not the drinker, but the man who has just stopped drinking, who thinks the world is going to the dogs. #Quote by H.L. Mencken
Beer quotes by Joe Theismann
#3. Rugby is great. The players don't wear helmets or padding; they just beat the living daylights out of each other and then go for a beer. I love that. #Quote by Joe Theismann
Beer quotes by Carol Vorvain
#4. Next to her he felt both young and old. Old in his habits and fears, young in his curiosity and desires. And he wanted so badly to feel young. He never felt young, not even when the calendar said he was. He never had a one night stand, never went partying all night, never bought a one-way ticket to an island in the middle of the Pacific with no other plans than lazing around and drinking beer, and the list could on. Was he ever in his twenties? Or did he jump right into his mid-forties, a time of introspection and responsibilities? Now, not only was he obsessed by what he still didn't have and concerned for what the future may bring, he also felt he had less time to accomplish everything he ever wanted. And it had to be everything. His forties were as angst-ridden as his twenties, if not even more. #Quote by Carol Vorvain
Beer quotes by Norm MacDonald
#5. Note to self: no matter how bad life gets, there's always beer. #Quote by Norm MacDonald
Beer quotes by Paula Weston
#6. You have no idea, do you? You two lost each other - I lost both of you." He hurls the bottle at the wall. It smashes against the tiles over the sink and the place instantly reeks of beer. "Screw this." He shifts. Two seconds later something hits the wall in his room. #Quote by Paula Weston
Beer quotes by Dennis Morgan
#7. just another empty beer can in the trashpile of life #Quote by Dennis Morgan
Beer quotes by Melissa Jensen
#8. Leo!
Scusi, Nonna." But he still managed to get a good, quiet curse or two out as he backed his way gingerly through the swinging door.
"Here.I got it." Tina took the beer and glass from me. "Ya know them?"
I nodded.
"She looks like butter wouldn't melt.But her kid..." She pursed brilliantly pink lips. "All that and a bag of baked tofu chips?"
I had to smile a little at the image. "No.He's not...He doesn't act like..." I wasn't entirely sure why I was defending him.He hadn't exactly been the Prince Charming of Dinner Orders. Come to think of it, I couldn't completely vouch for Alex Bainbridge being Prince Charming of Anything. Except my own little Villink fantasy. "Maybe."
"Yeah?" I have no idea what is was Tina saw in my face. Something. "Aw, sweetie." She sighed. "Want me to shake up Daddy's beer a little?"
"No," I answered. "but thanks for the offer. #Quote by Melissa Jensen
Beer quotes by Brandon Scott Gorrell
#9. It is 10 PM now, and Godzilla has been sitting at his desk in front of his laptop for six to seven hours. He has accomplished hardly anything today. Godzilla is drinking a lot of beer. He can not stop smoking cigarettes. His room is blue with cigarette smoke, and Godzilla sits on a chair in there, minimizing and maximizing Mozilla Firefox repeatedly. He is not over his girlfriend's house because she said on the cell phone that she needed time, alone, to think about their relationship. Godzilla worries that he will not be able to take care of himself if they break up. #Quote by Brandon Scott Gorrell
Beer quotes by Asher Roth
#10. That party last night was awfully crazy I wish we taped it I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked Drink my beer and smoke my weed But my good friends is all I need Pass out at three, wake up at 10 Go out to eat, then do it again. Man I love college #Quote by Asher Roth
Beer quotes by Mercedes Lacky
#11. Finally- no more ruddy show for the folks back home. No pretending it's all beer and skittles and no one ever gets hurt.- Phoenix and Ashes #Quote by Mercedes Lacky
Beer quotes by Bill Bryson
#12. The people are immensely likable - cheerful, extrovert, quick-witted, and unfailingly obliging. Their cities are safe and clean and nearly always built on water. They have a society that is prosperous, well ordered, and instinctively egalitarian. The food is excellent. The beer is cold. The sun nearly always shines. There is coffee on every corner. Life doesn't get much better than this. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Beer quotes by F. Paul Wilson
#13. Writing is solitary, so I love going out once in a while and meeting my readers. I'll often hang with them after a signing for some beers. They're invariably bright! #Quote by F. Paul Wilson
Beer quotes by Jimmy Fallon
#14. President Obama had beer with four unemployed construction workers. And Obama asked the guys what was it like to lose their jobs, and they were like, 'Oh, you'll see.' #Quote by Jimmy Fallon
Beer quotes by Pamela Clare
#15. You broke the Man Code, dude. 'No man shall knowingly and with malice aforethought kick another man in the nuts.'"
"Okay, so I kicked him in the nuts. The little fucker was fleeing the scene of a crime where he'd pointed a weapon at my buddies."
[from short story "Beer Run" at the end of Skin Deep] #Quote by Pamela Clare
Beer quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#16. One class. No masters. No slaves. No black. No white. No Jew. No Christian. One race
The human race. #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Beer quotes by Anonymous
#17. What was "walking on water," if it wasn't Bible talk for surfing? In Australia once, a local surfer, holding the biggest can of beer Flip had ever seen, had even sold him a fragment of the True Board. #Quote by Anonymous
Beer quotes by Robert Bolt
#18. I wish we could all have good luck, all the time! I wish we had wings! I wish rain water was beer! #Quote by Robert Bolt
Beer quotes by Dave Barry
#19. All other nations are drinking Ray Charles beer and we are drinking Barry Manilow. #Quote by Dave Barry
Beer quotes by Carolyn Brown
#20. God is Great
Beer is Good
and People are Crazy #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Beer quotes by Sophia Bush
#21. People care about my personal life. But really I'm dorky! I drink beer and go to football games. And ya know, sit in my house in a t-shirt on the weekends and play with my dog! #Quote by Sophia Bush
Beer quotes by Julie James
#22. When did all this happen?" Vaughn asked.

"We met for drinks last Friday to discuss a criminal matter related to Sterling. Things progressed from there."

"Is that right?" Vaughn looked at him slyly. "Just how far did they progress?"

"Still not comfortable talking about Brooke this way," Huxley interjected.

Cade held back a smile, grateful for the excuse to change the subject. For whatever reason, he didn't feel like engaging in locker room talk about Brooke. "Huxley's right. Try to keep it classy, Vaughn."

Vaughn studied him for a moment. Seven years they'd been best friends, and they knew each other well. "You like her."

Cade took a nonchalant sip of his beer. "Just watch the game."

"Evading the question," Huxley said under his breath to Vaughn. "I think we got our answer, Agent Roberts."

"We sure did, Agent Huxley," Vaughn said.

Cade shook his head.

He really needed to get some non-FBI friends. #Quote by Julie James
Beer quotes by Celia Rivenbark
#23. You can't drink all day if you don't start in the morning. #Quote by Celia Rivenbark
Beer quotes by Matt Chandler
#24. So, relational evangelism? Go for it, as long as it turns into actual evangelism. You hanging out having a beer with your buddy so he can see that Christians are cool is not what we're called to do. You're eventually going to have to open up your mouth and share the gospel. #Quote by Matt Chandler
Beer quotes by Jase Robertson
#25. One night, Kevin and I were at a pool hall where we saw a guy playing pool by himself; this guy looked like a hustler. He asked me if I wanted to play for twenty dollars.
"I'll tell you what," I told him. "You can play my buddy Kevin. If you win two out of three games, I'll give you twenty dollars. If he wins, you have to leave with us and go to a Bible study."
The guy looked at me like I was nuts. He walked around the pool table a few times, pondering my offer. I took a twenty-dollar bill out and placed it on the table.
"Okay," he said. "Let's do it."
What he didn't know was that Kevin is quite the player and that I don't make bets with eternal consequences on the line unless I know we're going to win! Of course, my buddy Kevin beat him. In fact, Kevin broke and ran the table in two straight games. The other guy never even took a shot! To my surprise, the guy followed through on his bet, although he didn't seem too happy about it. As we walked to my truck to leave, he threw a full can of beer across the road and declared he was ready for a change in his life anyway. I thought that was a powerful statement since he didn't even know what we were going to share with him. He knew how we rolled, despite our presence in such a rugged place. We studied the Bible with him for several hours and baptized him the same night. What I didn't know was that the guy was sentenced to prison for an earlier crime the very next day! I wouldn't see him again until he showed up #Quote by Jase Robertson
Beer quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#26. Beer, if drank with moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit, and promotes health. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Beer quotes by Michelle Cuevas
#27. Cloud root beer floats and moon grilled cheeses. But their favorite food is stardust. #Quote by Michelle Cuevas
Beer quotes by Sarah Ockler
#28. I've played a few times, Anna. Remember the parties?"
"Not exactly." I must have been in the bathroom during that part of the nonexistent parties, hiding out from the vomiting hot girl while Frankie completed her beer pong apprenticeship. #Quote by Sarah Ockler
Beer quotes by George Eliot
#29. (beer was a thing only to be drunk on holidays), and #Quote by George Eliot
Beer quotes by Richard Harris
#30. I often sit back and think, I wish I'd done that, and find out later that I already have. #Quote by Richard Harris
Beer quotes by Norman Mailer
#31. I usually need a can of beer to prime me. #Quote by Norman Mailer
Beer quotes by Plato
#32. He was a wise man who invented beer. #Quote by Plato
Beer quotes by Tom Robbins
#33. Beer can lead men to think they're mighty and foul-mouthed women to believe themselves amusing and hip. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Beer quotes by Rebecca Flowers
#34. You know how you're at a party and you pick up the wrong beer, and you know after one sip that it's not yours? But then, when you find the right one, you know it right away? Why? What is it? The temperature, or the taste of your own spit that you somehow recognize? Or the weight and moistness of the can? Or maybe everything, all together. But it's all so subtle and complex you can't explain it. If someone asked, How do you know that's your beer? well, you wouldn't know what to say. You just know. #Quote by Rebecca Flowers
Beer quotes by Vladimir Putin
#35. We discussed this very important issue yesterday over a beer. #Quote by Vladimir Putin
Beer quotes by Don Spencer
#36. Ideally, brewers interpret history, and through science they create art. #Quote by Don Spencer
Beer quotes by Stafford Beer
#37. The purpose of a system is what it does. #Quote by Stafford Beer
Beer quotes by George Eliot
#38. Ingenious philosophers tell you, perhaps, that the great work of the steam-engine is to create leisure for mankind. Do not believe them: it only creates a vacuum for eager thought to rush in. Even idleness is eager now - eager for amusement; prone to excursion-trains, art museums, periodical literature, and exciting novels; prone even to scientific theorizing and cursory peeps through microscopes. Old Leisure was quite a different personage. He only read one newspaper, innocent of leaders, and was free from that periodicity of sensations which we call post-time. He was a contemplative, rather stout gentleman, of excellent digestion; of quiet perceptions, undiseased by hypothesis; happy in his inability to know the causes of things, preferring the things themselves. He lived chiefly in the country, among pleasant seats and homesteads, and was fond of sauntering by the fruit-tree wall and scenting the apricots when they were warmed by the morning sunshine, or of sheltering himself under the orchard boughs at noon, when the summer pears were falling. He knew nothing of weekday services, and thought none the worse of the Sunday sermon if it allowed him to sleep from the text to the blessing; liking the afternoon service best, because the prayers were the shortest, and not ashamed to say so; for he had an easy, jolly conscience, broad-backed like himself, and able to carry a great deal of beer or port-wine, not being made squeamish by doubts and qualms and lofty aspirations. #Quote by George Eliot
Beer quotes by Abby Jimenez
#39. She was like a unicorn. A mythical creature. An honest, no-drama woman who didn't bullshit and drank beer and cussed and didn't care about what people thought of her. She was a unicorn, tucked in the body of an attractive woman with a great ass.
And I couldn't have her. #Quote by Abby Jimenez
Beer quotes by Charles Duhigg
#40. Andreasen wanted to know why these people had deviated from their usual patterns. What he discovered has become a pillar of modern marketing theory: People's buying habits are more likely to change when they go through a major life event. When someone gets married, for example, they're more likely to start buying a new type of coffee. When they move into a new house, they're more apt to purchase a different kind of cereal. When they get divorced, there's a higher chance they'll start buying different brands of beer.7.7 Consumers going through major life events often don't notice, or care, that their shopping patterns have shifted. However, retailers notice, and they care quite a bit. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Beer quotes by Kristen Ashley
#41. Tack studied him before he remarked, "You think I'm whipped."
Joker made no reply. He wouldn't disrespect a brother like that, especially not Tack.
But he did think that.
Tack grinned and took a pull from his beer.
After he dropped it, he said reflectively, still grinning. "Maybe I am. Though, the way I am and the woman holds that whip, it's a good thing to be. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Beer quotes by William  Boyd
#42. The pleasures of my life here are simple – simple, inexpensive and democratic. A warm hill of Marmande tomatoes on a roadside vendor's stall. A cold beer on a pavement table of the Café de France – Marie Thérèse inside making me a sandwich au camembert. Munching the knob of a fresh baguette as I wander back from Sainte-Sabine. The farinaceous smell of the white dust raised by a breeze from the driveway. A cuckoo sounding the perfectly silent woods beyond the meadow. A huge grey, cerise, pink, orange and washed-out blue of a sunset seen from my rear terrace. The drilling of the cicadas at noon – the soft dialing-tone of the crickets at dusk slowly gathers. A good book, a hammock and a cold, beaded bottle of blanc sec. A rough red wine and steak frites. The cool, dark, shuttered silence of my bedroom – and, as I go to sleep, the prospect that all this will be available to me again, unchanged, tomorrow. #Quote by William Boyd
Beer quotes by Maureen Ogle
#43. [N]ow that growing your own (food, dope, hair, younameit) is hip," wrote the author of an essay widely reprinted in alternative newspapers, "it's time to resurrect the Dope of the Depression - Homebrew." Homemade beer inspired "good vibrations" and a "pleasant high." Unlike the rest of "plastic, mass-produced shit" of modern America, homebrew represented "an exercise of craft" and empowered the "politically oriented" to retaliate against "Augustus [sic] Busch and the other fascists pigs who [were] ripping off the Common Man." "If you're looking for a cheap drunk," added the beer adviser, "go back to Gussie Busch. But if you dig the good vibes from using something you make yourself, plus an improvement in quality over the commercial shit," brew on, brothers and sisters, brew on. #Quote by Maureen Ogle
Beer quotes by J.D. Vance
#44. I learned little else about what masculinity required of me other than drinking beer and screaming at a woman when she screamed at you. In the end, the only lesson that took was that you can't depend on people. "I learned that men will disappear at the drop of a hat," Lindsay [his half-sister] once said. "They don't care about their kids; they don't provide; they just disappear, and it's not that hard to make them go. #Quote by J.D. Vance
Beer quotes by R.D. Ronald
#45. That's why Twinkle likes the place so much, Scott thought, looking around at the faded wood veneer tables, and the faded souls drinking at them. Misery was soaked through the place like the old beer soaked through its carpets. #Quote by R.D. Ronald
Beer quotes by Aryn Kyle
#46. I looked back and forth between them, feeling the heat of their anger, the unspoken words swelling in the air like smoke. Jerry took a slow sip from his beer and lit another cigarette. "You don't know anything about that little girl," he told Nona. "You're just jealous because Cap belongs to her now."
I could see Nona's heartbeat flutter beneath her t-shirt, the cords tightening in her neck. "Her mommy and daddy might have paid for him," she whispered. "But he's mine."
I waited for Jerry to cave in to her, to apologize, to make things right between them. But he held her gaze, unwavering. "He's not."
Nona stubbed her cigarette out on the barn floor, then stood. "If you don't believe me," she whispered, "I'll show you."
My sister crossed the barn to Cap's stall and clicked her tongue at him. His gold head appeared in the doorway and Nona swung the stall door open. "Come on out." she told him.
Don't!" I said, but she didn't pause.
Cap took several steps forward until he was standing completely free in the barn. I jumped up, blocking the doorway so that he couldn't bolt. Jerry stood and widened himself beside me, stretching out his arms. "What the hell are you doing?" he asked.
Nona stood beside Cap's head and lifted her arms as though she was holding an invisible lead rope. When she began to walk, Cap moved alongside her, matching his pace to hers.
Whoa," Nona said quietly and Cap stopped. My sister made small noises with her tongue, whisp #Quote by Aryn Kyle
Beer quotes by Harlan Coben
#47. The first sip of beer on a hot day is like that first finger-dip when you open a new jar of peanut butter. #Quote by Harlan Coben
Beer quotes by Ben Goldacre
#48. The detox phenomenon is interesting because it represents one of the most grandiose innovations of marketers, lifestyle gurus, and alternative therapists: the invention of a whole new physiological process. In terms of basic human biochemistry, detox is a meaningless concept. It doesn't cleave nature at the joints. There is nothing on the "detox system" in a medical textbook. That burgers and beer can have negative effects on your body is certainly true, for a number of reasons; but the notion that they leave a specific residue, which can be extruded by a specific process, a physiological system called detox, is a marketing invention. #Quote by Ben Goldacre
Beer quotes by Various
#49. Thomas Edison walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender says, "Okay, I'll serve you a beer. Just don't get any ideas. #Quote by Various
Beer quotes by Joe E. Lewis
#50. If you drink like a fish, don't drive: swim. #Quote by Joe E. Lewis
Beer quotes by Terry Pratchett
#51. It was a stamp. It was a yellowy-green color. It showed - Moist peered - a field of cabbages, with some buildings on the horizon. He sniffed. It smelled of cabbages. Oh, yes. "Printed with cabbage ink and using gum made from broccoli, sir," said Stanley, full of pride. "'A Salute to the Cabbage Industry of the Sto Plains,' sir. I think it might do very well. Cabbages are so popular, sir. You can make so many things out of them!" "Well, I can see that - " "There's cabbage soup, cabbage beer, cabbage fudge, cabbage cake, cream of cabbage - " "Yes, Stanley, I think you - " " - pickled cabbage, cabbage jelly, cabbage salad, boiled cabbage, deep-fried cabbage - " "Yes, but now can - " " - fricassee of cabbage, cabbage chutney, cabbage Surprise, sausages - " "Sausages?" "Filled with cabbage, sir. You can make practically anything with cabbage, sir. Then there's - " "Cabbage stamps," said Moist terminally. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Beer quotes by Walter Brueggemann
#52. On Generosity

On our own, we conclude:
there is not enough to go around

we are going to run short
of money
of love
of grades
of publications
of sex
of beer
of members
of years
of life

we should seize the day
seize our goods
seize our neighbours goods
because there is not enough to go around

and in the midst of our perceived deficit
you come
you come giving bread in the wilderness
you come giving children at the 11th hour
you come giving homes to exiles
you come giving futures to the shut down
you come giving easter joy to the dead
you come – fleshed in Jesus.

and we watch while
the blind receive their sight
the lame walk
the lepers are cleansed
the deaf hear
the dead are raised
the poor dance and sing

we watch
and we take food we did not grow and
life we did not invent and
future that is gift and gift and gift and
families and neighbours who sustain us
when we did not deserve it.

It dawns on us – late rather than soon-
that you "give food in due season
you open your hand
and satisfy the desire of every living thing."

By your giving, break our cycles of imagined scarcity
override our presumed deficits
quiet our anxieties of lack
transform our perceptual field to see
the abundance………mercy upon mercy
#Quote by Walter Brueggemann
Beer quotes by Errol Flynn
#53. I like the Whisky old an the women young #Quote by Errol Flynn
Beer quotes by Christa Faust
#54. Hell's a dry heat too. It still sucks. Let me know if you pull anything. I'm gonna go get a cold beer and pour it down my pants. #Quote by Christa Faust
Beer quotes by George Thorogood
#55. I drink alone. Yeah, with nobody else. You know when I drink alone, I prefer to be by myself. #Quote by George Thorogood
Beer quotes by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
#56. It was worth it," Faye says after school while she walks me to my car. "It's not fair that you take all the shit for this while the guys get to walk around like nothing happened. They're just as much to blame."
"I'm the one who started it," I say, kicking a beer cap across the parking lot with my shoe. "If I hadn't started it, nothing would have happened.
"Don't let them off the hook so easily," Faye snaps. "They were coming to you. It takes two to have sex. So don't defend them. #Quote by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn
Beer quotes by Art Donovan
#57. The best way to die is sit under a tree, eat lots of bologna and salami, drink a case of beer, then blow up. #Quote by Art Donovan
Beer quotes by Martin Luther
#58. Whoever drinks beer, he is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven! Thus, let us drink beer! #Quote by Martin Luther
Beer quotes by Jutta Profijt
#59. Marlene's praise went down like a cold beer after a greasy burger.

She could sense this. "You're not at all as bad as you pretend," she said.

Careful... Now she was talking crap, that much was clear. I needed to change the topic. #Quote by Jutta Profijt
Beer quotes by Patrick Dawson
#60. It is an indisputable fact that the more expensive something is, the better it is. #Quote by Patrick Dawson
Beer quotes by Tom DeLonge
#61. I used to drink a lot of beer, but I was just getting fat as can be. Now that we've had a little success, I can afford to drink wine. #Quote by Tom DeLonge
Beer quotes by Shelby Lynne
#62. I am very picky about my people and my beer. #Quote by Shelby Lynne
Beer quotes by Richard Dawkins
#63. Different sorts of survival machine appear very varied on the outside and in their internal organs. An octopus is nothing like a mouse, and both are quite different from an oak tree. Yet in their fundamental chemistry they are rather uniform, and, in particular, the replicators that they bear, the genes, are basically the same kind of molecule in all of us - from bacteria to elephants. We are all survival machines for the same kind of replicator - molecules called DNA - but there are many different ways of making a living in the world, and the replicators have built a vast range of machines to exploit them. A monkey is a machine that preserves genes up trees, a fish is a machine that preserves genes in the water; there is even a small worm that preserves genes in German beer mats. DNA works in mysterious ways. #Quote by Richard Dawkins
Beer quotes by Lou Reed
#64. The baby sits in front of MTV watching violent fantasies, while Dad guzzles beer with his favorite sport only to find his heroes all coked up. #Quote by Lou Reed
Beer quotes by Jeremy Shockey
#65. After the game, I'm a completely different person. I drink some beers with friends and try to get my mind completely off football. #Quote by Jeremy Shockey
Beer quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#66. I'm not letting you go after this." He raised his head. "Marry me, Phoebe, please. Damn the courtship. Damn your brother. Damn the waiting. I can't ... I can't breathe when you're not with me. I love you with all my cynical heart. Be my wife and teach me to laugh and let me buy you beer and ride with me on the beaches of Cornwall. Be my love and my wife forevermore." (Captain James Trevellion) #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Beer quotes by Bruce Lansky
#67. I'll always remember the day I broke ninety. I had a few beers in the clubhouse and was so excited I forgot to play the back nine. #Quote by Bruce Lansky
Beer quotes by Benjamin Franklin
#68. He that drinks fast, pays slow. #Quote by Benjamin Franklin
Beer quotes by Terry Pratchett
#69. It's like that in the Watch, too." said Angua. "You can be any sex you like provided you act male. There's no men and women in the Watch, just a bunch of lads. You'll soon learn the language. Basically it's how much beer you supped last night, how strong the curry was you had afterwards, and where you were sick. Just think egotesticle. You'll soon get the hang of it. And you'll have to be prepared for sexually explicit jokes in the Watch House. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Beer quotes by David B. Lentz
#70. The Housefly
I'm just a little pesky thing,
Flying to eke out a living.
So round and round and round I hiss,
And fill the air with busy bliss.
Of hand and swatter steering clear,
I venture to light on crumbs and beer.
In salad days I was a Grecian king.
War and famine make me sing.
How much they'd like to whack me flat,
With a newspaper or even a baseball bat.
Splat! #Quote by David B. Lentz
Beer quotes by James S.A. Corey
#71. And ... and what is civilisation if it isn't people talking to each other over a goddamned beer? #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Beer quotes by Sarah Hepola
#72. He nursed one beer each night. Sometimes two. He poured the beer into a glass, and I could smell the hops dancing in the air as I passed. Few scents crackle my nerve endings like beer. As gorgeous as campfire, as unmistakable as gasoline. I sidled up to him. Can I have a sip? Just one. I placed my nose in the glass, and I could feel stardust on my face. I don't know if parents still let their kids taste beer, but it wasn't uncommon at the time. The bitterness was supposed to turn us off the stuff, but that one sip lit a fuse in me that burned for decades. #Quote by Sarah Hepola
Beer quotes by Molly McAdams
#73. Whoa, got it bad for your cousin's girl already, huh? You gonna try to get with that?"
I eyed Cassi in Ty's arms and shook my head as I brought my beer up to take another long drink. "Nope." Yes, yes, I am. #Quote by Molly McAdams
Beer quotes by George Orwell
#74. Life goes on much the same. In the face of terrifying dangers and golden political opportunities, people just keep-on keeping-on in a sort of twilight sleep in which they're conscious of nothing but the daily-round of work, family life, darts at the pub, exercising the dog, bringing home the supper, beer, etc, etc #Quote by George Orwell
Beer quotes by Diana Palmer
#75. I hate beer," she moaned.
"If you drink enough of it, you won't care about the taste," he assured her.
She gave the can a dubious stare, shrugged, closed her eyes, held her breath and drank heavily. "Yuck!" she said.
"Keep going. #Quote by Diana Palmer
Beer quotes by Ely Callaway Jr.
#76. There is no back label with a story on a beer can. #Quote by Ely Callaway Jr.
Beer quotes by Gary Gaetti
#77. The beer tastes better when you win #Quote by Gary Gaetti
Beer quotes by Sandra Day O'Connor
#78. So how as a nation can we sit around and eat Mexican food, and drink beer and make friends? That's the question. If we can do that on a broader scale, I think we'll come out of it all right. #Quote by Sandra Day O'Connor
Beer quotes by Rudyard Kipling
#79. Payday came and with it beer #Quote by Rudyard Kipling
Beer quotes by Henry VIII Of England
#80. Hops are a wicked and pernicious weed. #Quote by Henry VIII Of England
Beer quotes by William MacAskill
#81. One additional unit of income can do a hundred times as much to the benefit the extreme poor as it can to benefit you or I [earning the typical US wage of $28,000 or £18,000 per year]. [I]t's not often you have two options, one of which is a hundred times better than the other. Imagine a happy hour where you could either buy yourself a beet for $5 or buy someone else a beer for 5¢. If that were the case, we'd probably be pretty generous – next round's on me! But that's effectively the situation we're in all the time. It's like a 99% off sale, or buy one, get ninety-nine free. It might be the most amazing deal you'll see in your life. #Quote by William MacAskill
Beer quotes by Katie Allen
#82. Come on, buddy
she's pretty cute. After another beer, she'll go up to really cute. #Quote by Katie Allen
Beer quotes by Meat Loaf
#83. Who am I, why am I here? Forget the question, someone give me another beer. #Quote by Meat Loaf
Beer quotes by Justine Bateman
#84. I like to go dancing, have a few beers. I like being alone, too. I have days where it's 'God, get me a shot of tequila.' #Quote by Justine Bateman
Beer quotes by Marko Phiri
#85. Yet Nathan appreciated being alone as he sipped his cold glass of beer. It gave him time to think. In the next thirty minutes or so, the flight he was waiting for would land and his day would begin. It was autumn in the capital, and the clear skies created an illusion of a city that was at peace with itself. #Quote by Marko Phiri
Beer quotes by Charlie Papazian
#86. Remember, the best beer in the world is the one you brewed. #Quote by Charlie Papazian
Beer quotes by Tylerfucklin
#87. Derek turned to face Stiles, his expression falling into a very familiar stare of utter disgruntled bitchiness. "Would you like more water?"

Stiles squinted, resisting the urge to mutter, ' not sure if angry, or just emotionally constipated,' under his breath. Instead, he pursed his lips and attempted to lay on the old Stilinski charm by blurting out, "I could do with something a little... harder."

It was almost disturbing how Derek was able to stare back at Stiles without blinking once. "I have beer," he said slowly, cautiously.

Stiles narrowed his eyes, echoing the tone of Derek's voice, "...harder."

".... pudding?" Derek ventured, as if pudding was actually a viable option when Stiles was demanding something harder than beer. #Quote by Tylerfucklin
Beer quotes by Stewart Lee Allen
#88. The guinea pig took another sip of his beer and rolled his eyes in exasperation - was this never going to end? 'He works better when he's drunk,' Señor Villanova explained. #Quote by Stewart Lee Allen
Beer quotes by Elizabeth Taylor
#89. Look, sweetheart, I can drink you under any goddamn table you want, so don't worry about me. #Quote by Elizabeth Taylor
Beer quotes by David Foster Wallace
#90. These kids should be out drinking beer and seeing films and having panty raids and losing virginities and writhing to suggestive music, not making up long, sad, convoluted stories. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Beer quotes by Shelly Laurenston
#91. I have iced tea, dear. Or beer?"

"Maybe a saucer of milk?"

Gwen and Alla looked over at Lock and he immediately pointed at his father. "It was him," he lied. #Quote by Shelly Laurenston
Beer quotes by John Walter Bratton
#92. We've shared good (times)
We've shared good fries
We've shared good (beers)
But never goodbyes ...
Till now
Mind how you go, good buddy #Quote by John Walter Bratton
Beer quotes by Dave Mustaine
#93. If you guys are going to be throwing beer bottles at us, at least make sure they're full. #Quote by Dave Mustaine
Beer quotes by Michael Jackson
#94. Drinking really cold beer is like slapping yourself in the face with an ice pick. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Beer quotes by Mike Nichols
#95. No doubt you are as alarmed as I by the tragic decline in America's language skills. If 10 people read the following sentence: Two tanker trucks has just overturned in Alaska, spilling a totel of 10,000 gallons of beer onto a highway. two would find an error in subject-verb agreement, two would find an error in spelling, and six would find a sponge and drive north. #Quote by Mike Nichols
Beer quotes by Stephen Cole
#96. You need to cool it some, geek." said Motti. "Why not go to the fridge, open the door, and stand there for a minute? Then grab a beer from inside and bring it to me." Jonah smiled despite himself. "Good of you to think of my welfare like that. #Quote by Stephen Cole
Beer quotes by Zach Braff
#97. I like hot dogs. I like eggplant. I like pizza and creamed corn and beer. But I don't like Arabs. #Quote by Zach Braff
Beer quotes by Phil Anselmo
#98. Drink beer, smoke dope, and eat pussy until your jaw breaks #Quote by Phil Anselmo
Beer quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley
#99. Watch what you choose to do. For instance, someone might want you to smoke. Never forget that I told you - don't do it. Say no.That can of beer that somebody wants you to try, don't do it. Don't you ever do it.That drug that someone might want you to use, don't touch it.Stay away from it. It can destroy you. #Quote by Gordon B. Hinckley
Beer quotes by Katie McGarry
#100. A new beer with sweat running down the sides slides into view and Pigpen sidles up beside me grinning like a crazy man. "Everyone's dying to know who you're texting with. It's like you're a twelve-year-old girl chained to that damn cell. Have you started your period yet? #Quote by Katie McGarry
Beer quotes by Adam Rogers
#101. I suspect states are going to realize there's money to be made, and they'll start to change laws so people can distil to sell. It happened with wine, it happened with beer. #Quote by Adam Rogers
Beer quotes by Brian O'Rourke
#102. When we drink, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. Sooooo, let's all get drunk and go to heaven! #Quote by Brian O'Rourke
Beer quotes by Jack Kerouac
#103. The bartenders are the regular band of Jack, and the heavenly drummer who looks up to the sky with blue eyes, with a beard, is wailing beer-caps of bottles and jamming on the cash register and everything is going to the beat - It's the beat generation, its béat, it's the beat to keep, it's the beat of the heart, it's being beat and down in the world and like oldtime lowdown. #Quote by Jack Kerouac
Beer quotes by Ayn Rand
#104. The Council of American Builders met once a month and engaged in no tangible activity beyond listening to speeches and sipping an inferior brand of root beer. Its membership did not grow fast in quantity or quality. There were no concrete results achieved. #Quote by Ayn Rand
Beer quotes by Mark Tufo
#105. That person fearing for his life went to the beer section, which again is admirable, beer is the nectar of the gods. Then grabs Keystone Light? Are you kidding me? I'd rather eat the can than drink those contents. #Quote by Mark Tufo
Beer quotes by Nikki Gemmell
#106. You feel something you haven't for years: it's to do with university parties with bathtubs of alcohol and the smell of hamburgers on fingers and beer in a kiss. You should have been disgusted by all that but you weren't. You'd be wet so quick; to get their clothes off, to have their weight upon you, to be rammed against a wall with your leg curled up. #Quote by Nikki Gemmell
Beer quotes by Anne Tyler
#107. wine. Three cans of beer #Quote by Anne Tyler
Beer quotes by Winston Churchill
#108. Most people hate the taste of beer - to begin with. It is, however, a prejudice that many people have been able to overcome. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Beer quotes by Ilona Andrews
#109. A pale, sweaty Corona bottle invaded my field of vision. It was clamped in a hand attached to a muscular arm with pale blond hair.
"Peace offering," Curran said.
Did I hear him come in? No.
I took the beer. He paused on the other side of the tub. He was wearing a white gym towel. "I'm about to take the towel off and hop in," he said. "Fair warning."
There are times in life when shrugging takes nearly all of your will. "I've seen you naked."
"Didn't want you to run away screaming or anything."
"You flatter yourself."
He took the towel off.
I hadn't exactly forgotten what he looked like without clothes. I just didn't remember it being quite so tempting. He was built with survival in mind: strong but flexible, defined but hardly slender. You could bounce a quarter from his abs.
Curran stepped into the tub. He was obviously in no hurry.
It was like walking on a high bridge: don't look down. Definitely not below his waist . . . Oh my.
He sank into the hot water near me. I remembered to breathe. "How's your back?"
"It's fine," he said. "Thanks."
"Don't mention it." It had to be sore.
"Does your side hurt?"
His smile told me he knew we were both full of it. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Beer quotes by Walter Huston
#110. I've got to make a new life for myself, I'm out to learn how to enjoy my leisure now that I'm retired. I've been doing things people expected of me always. I want to feel free. I want to sit under a linden tree with nothing more important to worry about than the temperature of the beer, if there is anything more important. #Quote by Walter Huston
Beer quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#111. No fair-minded girl objects to a certain tinge of jealousy. Kept within proper bounds, it is a compliment; it makes for piquancy; it is the gin in the ginger-beer of devotion. But it should be a condiment, not a fluid. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Beer quotes by John Green
#112. Hey, guys, do you remember that time I was double-seat-belted in the wayback and the door flew open and the beer fell out but I survived completely uninjured? How is that even possible? #Quote by John Green
Beer quotes by Neil MacGregor
#113. Brandenburg Beer War," fought out in the courts, lasted for ten years - all over a black beer brewed in the former GDR that contained sugar, something forbidden by the Purity Law. #Quote by Neil MacGregor
Beer quotes by Jonathan Franzen
#114. I hate the concept of likeability - it gave us two terms of George Bush, whom a plurality of voters wanted to have a beer with, and Facebook. You'd unfriend a lot of people if you knew them as intimately and unsparingly as a good novel would. But not the ones you actually love. #Quote by Jonathan Franzen
Beer quotes by Angelo Dundee
#115. The match would have to be made at 165 pounds. Sean can't make 160 any more, even though he's drinking lite beer these days #Quote by Angelo Dundee
Beer quotes by Dave Barry
#116. When I heated my home with oil, I used an average of 800 gallons a year. I have found that I can keep comfortably warm for an entire winter with slightly over half that quantity of beer. #Quote by Dave Barry
Beer quotes by Jez Morrow
#117. When expression returned, it was outrage. "Oh, that - " Wells couldn't think of anything bad enough to call
"Rat bastard is the word you're looking for," Tom filled in for him.
Wells turned and stalked back up the dock.
A gull alighted on the boards at Tom's feet. It cocked a beady eye up at him. Tom gestured with his beer
bottle as he commented to the bird, "You're right. Rat bastard is two words, isn't it. #Quote by Jez Morrow
Beer quotes by Terry Pratchett
#118. I don't think I've drunk enough beer to understand that. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Beer quotes by Amy Hempel
#119. When the beer is gone, so are they
flexing their cars on up the boulevard. #Quote by Amy Hempel
Beer quotes by David Wong
#120. Welcome to Undisclosed. Dreams
Interpreted for Beer. #Quote by David Wong
Beer quotes by Christopher Atkins
#121. I sat backstage and had a beer with Richard Chamberlain, Paul Newman, and Princess Grace. #Quote by Christopher Atkins
Beer quotes by Christopher  Ryan
#122. You Are What You Eat

Take food for example. We all assume that our craving or disgust is due to something about the food itself - as opposed to being an often arbitrary response preprogrammed by our culture. We understand that Australians prefer cricket to baseball, or that the French somehow find Gerard Depardieu sexy, but how hungry would you have to be before you would consider plucking a moth from the night air and popping it, frantic and dusty, into your mouth? Flap, crunch, ooze. You could wash it down with some saliva beer.How does a plate of sheep brain's sound? Broiled puppy with gravy? May we interest you in pig ears or shrimp heads? Perhaps a deep-fried songbird that you chew up, bones, beak, and all? A game of cricket on a field of grass is one thing, but pan-fried crickets over lemongrass? That's revolting.

Or is it? If lamb chops are fine, what makes lamb brains horrible? A pig's shoulder, haunch, and belly are damn fine eatin', but the ears, snout, and feet are gross? How is lobster so different from grasshopper? Who distinguishes delectable from disgusting, and what's their rationale? And what about all the expectations? Grind up those leftover pig parts, stuff 'em in an intestine, and you've got yourself respectable sausage or hot dogs. You may think bacon and eggs just go together, like French fries and ketchup or salt and pepper. But the combination of bacon and eggs for breakfast was dreamed up about a hundred years aqo by an advertis #Quote by Christopher Ryan
Beer quotes by John Silber
#123. The gospel preached during every television show is 'You only go around once in life, so get all the gusto you can.' It is a statement about theology; it is a statement about beer. It's lousy beer and even worse theology. #Quote by John Silber
Beer quotes by Robert B. Parker
#124. Few places are more charming than a quiet cocktail lounge in the middle of the day with the ice tinkling in the glasses and the starched look of a bartender's white shirt and the clarity of the beer in the glass with the bubbles drifting up. #Quote by Robert B. Parker
Beer quotes by David Wong
#125. One more victim sucked in by John. You get into the room with him and you just fall into a warm pool of beer and video games and penis jokes, staring at the universe with him and saying, Do you believe this shit? #Quote by David Wong
Beer quotes by Raymond Chandler
#126. And the commercials would have sickened a goat raised on barbed wire and broken beer bottles. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Beer quotes by Mark Burnett
#127. How many times have you been out for a beer or dinner and people are coming up with business ideas? Everybody wants to think they've got that great business idea. #Quote by Mark Burnett
Beer quotes by John Daly
#128. I was never able to have three of four beers. One's too many, and ten just ain't enough. Basically it's the way I've been since high school. #Quote by John Daly
Beer quotes by Moi
#129. Beer is my coffee. #Quote by Moi
Beer quotes by Andy Van Slyke
#130. If someone from Germany or somewhere, who had no idea what baseball was, saw Kruk play, he'd wonder what the beer truck driver was doing playing first base. #Quote by Andy Van Slyke
Beer quotes by Ian Astbury
#131. Usually when I see Matthew [McConaughey] at a show, he'll be down in front with his shirt off with two beers just going mental, lit up and having an amazing time. #Quote by Ian Astbury
Beer quotes by Joanne McClean
#132. I find him cracking open a beer in the kitchen.
Jeez, doesn't the guy know the dangers of alcohol poisoning? #Quote by Joanne McClean
Beer quotes by Martin Luther
#133. In short, I will preach it [the Word], teach it, write it, but I will constrain no man by force, for faith must come freely without compulsion. Take myself as an example. I opposed indulgences and all the papists, but never with force. I simply taught, preached, and wrote God's Word; otherwise I did nothing. And while I slept, or drank Wittenberg beer with my friends Philip and Amsdorf, the Word so greatly weakened the papacy that no prince or emperor ever inflicted such losses upon it. I did nothing; the Word did everything. #Quote by Martin Luther
Beer quotes by Gordon Willis
#134. Good films are not made by accident, nor is good photography. You can have good things happen, on occasion, by accident that can be applied at that moment in a film, but your craft isn't structured around such things, except in beer commercials. #Quote by Gordon Willis
Beer quotes by Bukowski, Charles
#135. I like dogs better than men and cats better than dogs and myself best of all, drunk in my underwear looking out the window. #Quote by Bukowski, Charles
Beer quotes by Plamen Chetelyazov
#136. I am going to add a cold beer. Why not a bottle of whiskey? Because my story is cheap and cannot afford such props. Goddamn, even my imagination is not wealthy enough to order a bottle of Jack! #Quote by Plamen Chetelyazov
Beer quotes by Meg  Maguire
#137. Women can't resist a man with strong squeezing hands. Tells us you must be great at, oh, I don't know…making juice. Opening jars. Crushing beer cans. #Quote by Meg Maguire
Beer quotes by Adam Rogers
#138. William Faulkner is supposed to have said, "Civilization begins with distillation," but I'd push even further -- beyond just distilled spirits to wine, beer, mead, sake ... all of it. Booze is civilization in a glass. #Quote by Adam Rogers
Beer quotes by Charles Dickens
#139. It was darkly rumoured that the butler, regarding him with favour such as that stern man had never shown before to mortal boy, had sometimes mingled porter with his table beer to make him strong. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Beer quotes by John Le Carre
#140. Ashe was typical of that strata of mankind which conducts its human relationships according to a principle of challenge and response. Where there was softness, he would advance; where he found resistance, retreat. Having himself no particular opinions or tastes he relied upon whatever conformed with those of his companion. He was as ready to drink tea at Fortnum's as beer at the Prospect of Whitby; he would listen to military music in St. James's Park or jazz in Compton Street cellar; his voice would tremble with sympathy when he spoke of Sharpeville, or with indignation at the growth of Britain's colored population. To Leamas this observably passive role was repellent; it brought out the bully in him, so that he would lead the other gently into a position where he was committed, and then himself withdraw, so that Ashe was constantly scampering back from some cul-de-sac into which Leamas had enticed him. #Quote by John Le Carre
Beer quotes by Richard Stallman
#141. Free software' is a matter of liberty, not price. To understand the concept, you should think of 'free' as in 'free speech,' not as in 'free beer'. #Quote by Richard Stallman
Beer quotes by Hugh Hefner
#142. Playboy isn't like the downscale, male bonding, beer-swilling phenomena that is being promoted now by (some men's magazines). My whole notion was the romantic connection between male and female. #Quote by Hugh Hefner
Beer quotes by Ron White
#143. There were years when I was a beer and tequila guy, then I got real fat. And then I found that you could actually go on a diet and drink scotch. Then I got hooked on scotch, and if you get hooked on scotch, then everything else just tastes wrong. #Quote by Ron White
Beer quotes by Various
#144. a beer. The bartender says, "You'll #Quote by Various
Beer quotes by Richard Kadrey
#145. Let me finish my beer." (Stark)
"Of course. The end of the world can wait.(Kasabian) #Quote by Richard Kadrey
Beer quotes by Tom Petty
#146. There was no use pretending, no magic left to hear, all the music gave me was a craving for lite beer. #Quote by Tom Petty
Beer quotes by Hildegard Of Bingen
#147. If one intends to make beer from oats, it is prepared with hops. #Quote by Hildegard Of Bingen
Beer quotes by Neil Gaiman
#148. Laura made a great chili. She used lean meat, dark kidney beans, carrots cut small, a bottle or so of dark beer, and freshly sliced hot peppers. She would let the chili cook for a while, then add red wine, lemon juice and a pitch of fresh dill, and, finally, measure out and add her chili powders. On more than one occasion Shadow had tried to get her to show him how she made it: he would watch everything she did, from slicing the onions and dropping them into the olive oil at the bottom of the pot. He had even written down the recipe, ingredient by ingredient, and he had once made Laura's chili for himself on a weekend when she had been out of town. It had tasted okay-it was certainly edible, but it had not been Laura's chili. #Quote by Neil Gaiman
Beer quotes by Ed O'Neill
#149. In the summer we graduated we flipped out completely, drinking beer, cruising in our cars and beating up each other. It was a crazy summer. That's when I started to be interested in girls. #Quote by Ed O'Neill
Beer quotes by John Grogan
#150. I had never thought of Marley as any kind of model, but sitting there sipping my beer, I was aware that maybe he held the secret for a good life. Never slow down, never look back, live each day w/ adolescent verve and spunk and curiosity and playfulness. #Quote by John Grogan
Beer quotes by Michael Specter
#151. Any group that intends to sell laboratory meat will need to build bioreactors - factories that can grow cells under pristine conditions. Bioreactors aren't new; beer and yeast are made using similar methods. #Quote by Michael Specter
Beer quotes by Washington Irving
#152. He that drinks beer, thinks beer. #Quote by Washington Irving
Beer quotes by Kim Karr
#153. River looks at me for a beat, dragging his tongue over his lower lip before continuing. "This is how I remember it. I was singing a gig at the USC Campus Bar. During a break I went to grab a beer. I met the most incredible girl whom I don't think even knew that I sang in the band, but loved music. We seemed to hit it off. We did a couple of shots, drank a few drinks, and talked without any pretense. I asked her to wait for me after the show. She didn't say anything about having a boyfriend or not sticking around and then when I finished she was gone. #Quote by Kim Karr
Beer quotes by Clive James
#154. In recent years, perhaps encouraged by competition from McDonald's, the British hamburger has become a credit to the nation. At the time of which I speak, it looked like a scorched beer-coaster or a tenderized disc brake. #Quote by Clive James
Beer quotes by Homer
#155. From now on walking is my beer and feeling good is my hangover. #Quote by Homer
Beer quotes by Lou Reed
#156. I don't know what goes on in the crowd. I've had them show up and throw beer cans at me. I caused riots in most of the major cities. #Quote by Lou Reed
Beer quotes by David Justice
#157. I mulled over what he had told me as I savored the Scotch. Not bad, really - like a beer that's been in a brawl. #Quote by David Justice
Beer quotes by William S. Burroughs
#158. I was lying there trying to control the fear. I did not know much about this uremic poisoning. A woman I'd known slightly in Texas had died of it after drinking a bottle of beer ever hour, night and day, for two weeks. #Quote by William S. Burroughs
Beer quotes by Wren Michaels
#159. If we survive all this we'll have some beer and a Firefly-a-thon. #Quote by Wren Michaels
Beer quotes by Rachel Caine
#160. Yeah, and by the way? How much does it suck that I'm an adult if I kill somebody, and not if I want a beer? #Quote by Rachel Caine
Beer quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#161. My father, who had dropped dead while working, had not really worked for our pleasant flat - the #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Beer quotes by Philip Kerr
#162. I made an appointment to see him and then ordered another beer. While I was drinking it I did some doodling on a piece of paper, the algebraic kind that you hope will help you think more clearly. When I finished doing that, I was more confused than ever. Algebra was never my strong subject. #Quote by Philip Kerr
Beer quotes by Blake Crouch
#163. I pass a construction site, abandoned for the night, and a few blocks later, the playground of the elementary school my son attended, the metal sliding board gleaming under a streetlamp and the swings stirring in the breeze.
There's an energy to these autumn nights that touches something primal inside of me. Something from long ago. From my childhood in western Iowa. I think of high school football games and the stadium lights blazing down on the players. I smell ripening apples, and the sour reek of beer from keg parties in the cornfields. I feel the wind in my face as I ride in the bed of an old pickup truck down a country road at night, dust swirling in the taillights and the entire span of my life yawning out ahead o me.
It's the beautiful thing about youth.
There's a weightlessness that permeates everything because no damning choices have been made, no paths committed to, and the road forking out ahead is pure, unlimited potential.
I love my life, but I haven't felt that lightness of being in ages. Autumn nights like this are as close as I get. #Quote by Blake Crouch
Beer quotes by Billy Joel
#164. The piano sounds like a carnival and the microphone smells like a beer. And they sit at the bar and put bread in my jar and say, man, what are you doing here? #Quote by Billy Joel
Beer quotes by Sabrina Paige
#165. You're the tattooed, chain-smoking, beer-guzzling, train wreck, son of the movie star who's marrying my family-values, ex Marine Senator father. You're a tabloid headline, standing right here in front of me!

Yeah? Well, you're the goody-goody, stuck up, boring-ass virgin who's so uptight she can't find anyone to punch her v-card except the manwhore from her school who will screw literally anyone. And then turns out to be the most boring fucking lay I've ever had. #Quote by Sabrina Paige
Beer quotes by Charles Hazlewood
#166. I want people to hear really exciting music played by the best, but in a context where they can clap when they want to, chase their toddlers, drink beer, take photos, get lost in the music and generally be themselves. And because a field has no rules, it's the perfect place to create unlikely combinations of musical genres. #Quote by Charles Hazlewood
Beer quotes by Michael Shermer
#167. A witch is a causal theory of explanation. And it's fair to say that if your causal theory to explain why bad things happen is that your neighbor flies around on a broom and cavorts with the devil at night, inflicting people, crops, and cattle with disease, preventing cows from giving milk, beer from fermenting, and butter from churning - and that the proper way to cure the problem is to burn her at the stake - then either you are insane or you lived in Europe six centuries ago, and you even had biblical support, specifically Exodus 22:18: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. #Quote by Michael Shermer
Beer quotes by James Crumley
#168. When I finally caught up with Abraham Trahearne, he was drinking beer with an alcoholic bulldog named Fireball Roberts in a ramshackle joint just outside of Sonoma, California, drinking the heart right out of a fine spring afternoon. #Quote by James Crumley
Beer quotes by Derek B. Miller
#169. There's also a possibility that the landlord is in there right now, wearing women's undergarments. Or a drug addict is inside stealing jewelry.Or a boatload of recent Chinese immigrants without a television watching Russia play Finland in hockey and placing bets over beer.
You have no idea what's behind that door. You can't just pick the options within your field of vision. Reality comes from everywhere. At best, you can narrow down the likelihoods. But in the end, it's not a matter of deduction. It's a matter of fact. One bullet will kill you if you're stupid or unlucky. So at least don't be stupid #Quote by Derek B. Miller
Beer quotes by Homer
#170. No TV and no beer makes Homer something something. #Quote by Homer
Beer quotes by Robin McKinley
#171. I didn't want to know that the monster that lived under your bed when you were a kid not only really is there but used to have a few beers with your dad. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Beer quotes by Drew Carey
#172. Things don't make me nearly as happy as talking and having a beer with my friends. And that's something everyone can do. #Quote by Drew Carey
Beer quotes by Sherman Alexie
#173. When a glass sits on a table here, people don't wonder if it's half filled or half empty. They just hope it's good beer. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Beer quotes by Michelle De Kretser
#174. It was one of those golden July afternoons stolen from spring, and they sat outside in T-shirts drinking beer. #Quote by Michelle De Kretser
Beer quotes by Daniel J. Rice
#175. We smoked fat cigars by the campfire and they tasted like wood and ash. The inhale and exhale was exciting. Blowing smoke rings in the calm forest air was followed by a deep swallow of cheap beer, and this too was exciting. There was no judgment in the wild, and so indulgences were plentiful. There were no regulators here and we were free to indulge in the deep intoxications that made our minds free. #Quote by Daniel J. Rice
Beer quotes by Edith Hahn Beer
#176. They never fought. I mean it: they never fought. In the evening, she did her sewing and he read his paper and we did our homework and we had what the Israelis call shalom bait, peace in the home. #Quote by Edith Hahn Beer
Beer quotes by Gary Snyder
#177. Damn me not I make a better fool. And there is nothing vaster, more beautiful, remote, unthinking (eternal rose-red sunrise on the surf - great rectitude of rocks) than man, inhuman man,
At whom I look for a thousand light years from a seat near Scorpio, amazed and touched by his concern and pity for my plight, a simple star,
Then trading shapes again. My wife is gone, my girl is gone, my books are loaned, my clothes are worn, I gave away a car; and all that happened years ago. Mind & matter, love & space are frail as foam on beer. #Quote by Gary Snyder
Beer quotes by Sergei Lukyanenko
#178. Drinking beer in a children's playground is an old Soviet tradition. #Quote by Sergei Lukyanenko
Beer quotes by Gordon S. Wood
#179. In monarchies, each man's desire to do what was right in his own eyes could be restrained by beer, or force, by patronage, or by honor, and by professional standing armies. By contrast, republics had to hold themselves together from the bottom up, ultimately. #Quote by Gordon S. Wood
Beer quotes by Michael Jackson
#180. They didn't trademark everything back then. Now someone farts and they put a TM after it. Even Miller Lite says 'A Fine Pilsner Beer' on the label. It is a crime. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Beer quotes by Joe Bageant
#181. Somewhere in between are the rest of us natives, in whom such change revives long-buried anger at those faraway people who seem to govern the world: city people, educated city people who win and control while the rest of us work and lose. Snort at the proposition if you want, but that was the view I grew up with, and it still is quite prevalent, though not so open as in those days. These are the sentiments the fearful rich and the Republicans capitalize on in order to kick liberal asses in elections.

The Democrats' 2006 midterm gains should not fool anyone into thinking that these feelings are not still out here in this heartland that has so rapidly become suburbanized. It is still politically profitable to cast matters as a battle between the slick people, liberals all, and the regular Joes, people who like white bread and Hamburger Helper and "normal" beer. When you are looking around you in the big cities at all those people, it's hard to understand that there are just as many out here who never will taste sushi or, in all likelihood, fly on an airplane other than when we are flown to boot camp, compliments of Uncle Sam. Only 20 percent of Americans have ever owned a passport. To the working people I grew up with, sophistication of any and all types, and especially urbanity, is suspect. Hell, those city people have never even fired a gun. Then again, who would ever trust Jerry Seinfeld or Dennis Kucinich or Hillary Clinton with a gun? At least Dick Cheney hunts, #Quote by Joe Bageant
Beer quotes by Gil Scott-Heron
#182. You will not be able to stay home, brother./You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out./You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,/Skip out for beer during commercials,/Because the revolution will not be televised. #Quote by Gil Scott-Heron
Beer quotes by Jamie McGuire
#183. Like I would buy a beer for some chick at a bar," he said, shaking his head. I held up my beer, and he pulled up one side of his mouth into a half-smile. "You're different. #Quote by Jamie McGuire
Beer quotes by Drew Carey
#184. Boy, a drive-through liquor store. God bless America! A place where you can drive through and buy whiskey, beer ... just the thing for that drunk driver who's constantly on the go. Cant stop now! I've got places to go, people to hit! #Quote by Drew Carey
Beer quotes by Sadie Grubor
#185. If you didn't already know, we're expecting in about four and a half months." Elliott beamed. The guests raised glasses with congratulations in the air.
"He slipped one past a goalie!" Ryan cheered.
The beer I just sipped came out through my nose. Mia was choking on her water. Serena turned from Ryan to Elliott, smacking him on the chest. Mortification painted her red face.
"Did you teach him that?"
Elliott shrugged with a mischievous grin. #Quote by Sadie Grubor
Beer quotes by Pete Kahle
#186. could smell the gun oil and the beer on his father's breath. #Quote by Pete Kahle
Beer quotes by Francine Prose
#187. A neighbor once told me he had trouble with García Márquez's novel because he likes to drink while he reads, and 'The Autumn of the Patriarch' gave him no space in which to take a sip of his beer. #Quote by Francine Prose
Beer quotes by Richard Conniff
#188. Among environmentalists sharing two or three beers, the notion is quite common that if only some calamity could wipe out the entire human race, other species might once again have a chance. #Quote by Richard Conniff
Beer quotes by Bas Rutten
#189. No beer before 5 p.m., wait ... did I just say that? #Quote by Bas Rutten
Beer quotes by Ruskin Bond
#190. On the spur of the hill stood the ruins of an old brewery. The roof had long since disappeared and the rain had beaten the stone floors smooth and yellow. Some enterprising Englishman had spent a lifetime here making beer for his thirsty compatriots down in the plains. Now, moss and ferns grew from the walls. #Quote by Ruskin Bond
Beer quotes by George Jean Nathan
#191. Marriage is based on the theory that when a man discovers a brand of beer exactly to his taste, he should at once throw up his job and go to work inthe brewery. #Quote by George Jean Nathan
Beer quotes by Ronald Biggs
#192. Banks' beer. There's nothing like it! To Brazil. And to Barbados justice. #Quote by Ronald Biggs
Beer quotes by Nancy Astor
#193. I would rather commit adultery than drink a glass of beer. #Quote by Nancy Astor
Beer quotes by Cate Marvin
#194. Different drinks have different metaphorical weight. Wine's heady, gin is poisonous, vodka's cold, and beer is plain boring. In real life, I'm a big fan of boxed white wine, much to the dismay of my more refined friends. #Quote by Cate Marvin
Beer quotes by John Irving
#195. Garp drank the beer and wondered if everything was an anticlimax.. #Quote by John Irving
Beer quotes by Shannon Stacey
#196. We'll take care of the cooking, Gram, so you can relax." When he and Cat both looked at her, Emma blushed. "Okay, fine. Sean will take care of the grilling so you can relax."
"I was counting on it. And, Sean, why don't you sit down and help us settle on a wedding date."
"I told Emma to tell me when to be there and I'd be there."
"Nonsense. Sit down."
He'd rather be dipped in barbecue sauce and dropped in the desert, but he sat. One more week and it would be over.
Then he wouldn't have to think about Emma anymore. Not think about marrying her or having babies with her or holding her in his arms at night. He'd be gone and she'd be some funny story his brothers brought up sitting around the fire knocking back beer.
"Really, Sean, are you okay?" Cat asked him, putting her hand on his arm.
He realized he'd been rubbing his chest, and he forced himself to lean forward and prop his arms on the table so he wouldn't do it again. "I'm fine. Let's pick a date. #Quote by Shannon Stacey
Beer quotes by Craig Schaefer
#197. Cook yourself some bacon or something." "Pfft. Rather have the beer." "Not while I'm standing here," I said. "You're underage." She puffed air up against her fallen bangs, making them flutter. "Aren't you, like, a thief or something?" "Or something, sometimes." "But you won't let me have a beer," she said. "Nope. A man's got to have standards." Melanie pulled a sealed package of turkey bacon out of the fridge and reached for a frying pan. "Ooh," she said sarcastically, "the code of the criminal underworld, just like in the movies. Like you won't shoot women or kids, right?" I shrugged. "I try not to shoot anybody if I can help it. If I'm put in a position where I have to, though, their gender or their age doesn't have a whole lot to do with it." "And let me guess, you never steal from your boss?" "Depends." "Depends?" she said. "On how much of an asshole he is." "That happen a lot?" "Working for assholes?" I said. "You have no idea." She laughed. #Quote by Craig Schaefer
Beer quotes by Daniel Keyes
#198. Algernon is a pleasant companion. At mealtimes, he takes his place at the small gateleg table. He likes pretzels, and today he took a sip of beer while we watched the ballgame on TV. I think he rooted for the Yankees. #Quote by Daniel Keyes
Beer quotes by Komrade Komura
#199. Losing it in the backseat with a can of beer and a blunt, virginity is of no value. I never celebrated my time before chocolate either. #Quote by Komrade Komura
Beer quotes by M.L. LeGette
#200. He was a dastardly fellow," the beer mug continued happily. "Truly repugnant. And smelled! Oh, lad, the stench could knock over an ox! #Quote by M.L. LeGette

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