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Been Going Barefoot quotes by Mark Billingham
#1. Crime fiction has always been what I wanted to read, so when I sat down to write my first book, it was naturally the way that I was going to go. #Quote by Mark Billingham
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Liu Cixin
#2. Look at them, the bugs. Humans have used everything in their power to extinguish them: every kind of poison, aerial sprays, introducing and cultivating their natural predators, searching for and destroying their eggs, using genetic modification to sterilize them, burning with fire, drowning with water. Every family has bug spray, every desk has a fly-swatter under it... this long war has been going on for the entire history of human civilization. But the outcome is still in doubt. The bugs have not been eliminated. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Louis Agassiz
#3. In Europe I have been accused of taking my scientific ideas from the Church. In America I have been called a heretic, because I will not let my church-going friends pat me on the head. #Quote by Louis Agassiz
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Jim Bouton
#4. Jim Pagliaroni joined the club tonight and is going to be a welcome addition. He was describing a girl that one of the ballplayers had been out with and said, "It's hard to say exactly what she looked like. She was kind of Joe Torre with tits." This joke can only be explained with a picture of Joe Torre. But I'm not sure any exist. He dissolves camera lenses. #Quote by Jim Bouton
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Lexi Blake
#5. Riley was certain his wife would argue about that. He wasn't going to give her the chance to. "I want to know everything he said to you, and I damn straight want to know why I'm only hearing about it now."
She sat back. "Because I was fairly certain you would throw a hissy fit and then all of it would have been for nothing. We were supposed to look like star-crossed lovers, not like you were about to change into the Hulk. Should your eyebrow be twitching like that?"
Mia leaned over. "It does that when he throws a hissy fit. #Quote by Lexi Blake
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Alistair Darling
#6. The economic times we are facing ... are arguably the worst they've been in 60 years. And I think it's going to be more profound and long-lasting than people thought. #Quote by Alistair Darling
Been Going Barefoot quotes by John Green
#7. Well, three reasons. First, because I've been thinking about our Theorem and I have a question. How does it work if you're gay?"
"Well it's all graph-going up means boy dumps girls and graph going-down means girl dumps boy, right? But what if they're both boys?"
"It doesn't matter. You just assign a position to each person. Instead of being 'b' and 'g', it could just as easily be 'b1' and 'g', it could just as easily be 'bi' and 'b2.'
That's how algebra works. #Quote by John Green
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Elizabeth Von Arnim
#8. It might have been the entrance to some holy place, so strange and solemn was the quiet; and looking from out of its shadows to the brightness shining at the upper end where the sun was flooding the bracken with happy morning radiance, I felt suddenly that my walk had ceased to be a common thing, and that I was going up into the temple of God to pray. #Quote by Elizabeth Von Arnim
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Bill Bryson
#9. To my surprise, I felt a certain springy keenness. I was ready to hike. I had waited months for this day, after all, even if it had been mostly with foreboding. I wanted to see what was out there. All over America today people would be dragging themselves to work, stuck in traffic jams, wreathed in exhaust smoke. I was going for a walk in the woods. I was more than ready for this. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Liya Kebede
#10. It's not just Ethiopia, but Africa in general - most of the media concentrates on what's not going well. But there is so much beauty there. When you go, it changes everything. It changes you, your life, and the way you see things. The challenge is changing the image of Africa that's been anchored in people for years now. #Quote by Liya Kebede
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Mari Mancusi
#11. I'm going insane. That's the only explanation for any of this. I'm going insane and the men in white coats will be showing up at any moment to tell me this has all been a psychotic delusion. They'll take me away and lock me up, and I'll be free to drool in the corner of my padded cell for the rest of my life without a care in the world. "
"But then you'd never see me again," Caleb reminded her with a wink.
"Really? Can I get that in writing? #Quote by Mari Mancusi
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Raymond Chandler
#12. I had been stalking the bluebottle fly for five minutes, waiting for him to sit down. He didn't want to sit down. He just wanted to do wing-overs and sing the prologue to Pagliacci. I had the fly swatter poised in midair and I was all set. There was a patch of bright sunlight on the corner of the desk and I knew that sooner or later that was where he was going to light. But when he did, I didn't even see him at first. The buzzing stopped and there he was. And then the phone rang. #Quote by Raymond Chandler
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Matthew Weiner
#13. I keep going to a lot of places and ending up somewhere I've already been #Quote by Matthew Weiner
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Nora Ephron
#14. I loathed being sixty-four, and I will hate being sixty-five. I don't let on about such things in person; in person, I am cheerful and Pollyannaish. But the honest truth is that it's sad to be over sixty. The long shadows are everywhere - friends dying and battling illness. A miasma of melancholy hangs there, forcing you to deal with the fact that your life, however happy and successful, has been full of disappointments and mistakes, little ones and big ones. There are dreams that are never quite going to come true, ambitions that will never quite be realized. There are, in short, regrets. Edith Piaf was famous for singing a song called "Non, je ne regrette rien." It's a good song. I know what she meant. I can get into it; I can make a case that I regret nothing. After all, most of my mistakes turned out to be things I survived, or turned into funny stories, or, on occasion, even made money from. But #Quote by Nora Ephron
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Joe Dubuque
#15. I know he's going to be fired up. He's going to try to get some revenge for the NCAA finals. He's probably been looking forward to this match since last March. #Quote by Joe Dubuque
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Rick Joyner
#16. In the near future we will not be looking back at the early church with envy because of the great exploits of those days, but all will be saying that He certainly did save His best wine for last. The most glorious times in all of history have not come upon us. You, who have dreamed of one day being able to talk with Peter, John and Paul, are going to be surprised to find that they have all been waiting to talk to you. #Quote by Rick Joyner
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Zhuangzi
#17. Zhuangzi's wife died. When Huizu went to convey his condolences, he found Zhuangzi sitting with his legs sprawled out, pounding on a tub and singing. "You lived with her, she brought up your children and grew old," said Huizu. "It should be enough simply not to weep at her death. But pounding on a tub and singing - this is going too far, isn't it?"

Zhuangzi said, "You're wrong. When she first died, do you think I didn't grieve like anyone else? But I looked back to her beginning and the time before she was born. Not only the time before she was born, but the time before she had a body. Not only the time before she had a body, but the time before she had a spirit. In the midst of the jumble of wonder and mystery a change took place and she had a spirit. Another change and she had a body. Another change and she was born. Now there's been another change and she's dead. It's just like the progression of the four seasons, spring, summer, fall, winter.

"Now she's going to lie down peacefully in a vast room. If I were to follow after her bawling and sobbing, it would show that I don't understand anything about fate. So I stopped. #Quote by Zhuangzi
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Jack McBrayer
#18. I was under the assumption that the first job you get out of college is the job you have for the rest of your life. That's how my parents were; my parents have been teachers for as long as I've known 'em. I was worried that I'd gotten into something that I was going to hate. #Quote by Jack McBrayer
Been Going Barefoot quotes by David Prowse
#19. Training has been such a huge part of my life and career I hope to keep going with it. #Quote by David Prowse
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Leo Tolstoy
#20. The study was slowly lit up as the candle was brought in. The familiar details came out: the stag's horns, the bookshelves, the looking-glass, the stove with its ventilator, which had long wanted mending, his father's sofa, a large table, on the table an open book, a broken ash-tray, a manuscript-book with his handwriting. As he saw all this, there came over him for an instant a doubt of the possibility of arranging this new life, of which he had been dreaming on the road. All these traces of his life seemed to clutch him, and to say to him: 'No, you're not going to get away from us, and you're not going to be different, but you're going to be the same as you've always been; with doubts, everlasting dissatisfaction with yourself, vain efforts to amend, and falls, and everlasting expectations, of a happiness which you won't get, and which isn't possible for you. #Quote by Leo Tolstoy
Been Going Barefoot quotes by George Stephanopoulos
#21. Democrats had a secret meeting in Reid's office on Halloween night at 6:15 and they hatched this plot, ... They said the only way they could get this investigation going was to do it in secret. They say they've been frustrated for a year and a half in getting this investigation into whether the administration twisted the intelligence and they're making no apologies whatsoever for it. #Quote by George Stephanopoulos
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#22. What is the matter with her?" Lillian asked Daisy, bewildered by her mother's docile manner. It was nice not to have to scrap and spar with Mercedes, but at the same time, now was when Lillian would have expected Mercedes to mow her over like a charging horse brigade.
Daisy shrugged and replied puckishly, "One can only assume that since you've done the opposite of everything she has advised, and you seem to have brought Lord Westcliff up to scratch, Mother has decided to leave the matter in your hands. I predict that she will turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to anything you do, so long as you manage to keep the earl's interest."
"Then… if I steal away to Lord Westcliff's room later this evening, she won't object?"
Daisy gave a low laugh. "She would probably help you to sneak up there, if you asked." She gave Lillian an arch glance. "Just what are you going to do with Lord Westcliff, alone in his room?"
Lillian felt herself flush. "Negotiate."
"Oh. Is that what you call it?"
Biting back a smile, Lillian narrowed her eyes. "Don't be saucy, or I won't tell you the lurid details later."
"I don't need to hear them from you," Daisy said airily. "I've been reading the novels that Lady Olivia recommended… and now I daresay I know more than you and Annabelle put together."
Lillian couldn't help laughing. "Dear, I'm not certain that those novels are entirely accurate in their depiction of men, or of… of that."
Daisy frowned. "In what #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Victoria Schwab
#23. He was no longer wondering whether or not he'd made a mistake. He was certain. Certain that in twenty-two years of life, this was the worst plan he had ever come up with. This was the wrong method, the fading, rational part of Victor said, the part that had been studying adrenaline and pain and fear. He shouldn't have washed the amphetamines down with whiskey, shouldn't have done anything to dull the nerves and senses, to ease the process, but he'd been nervous … afraid. Now he was going numb, and that scared him more than pain because it meant he might just … fade.

Fade right into death without noticing.

This was wrong wrong wrong … but that voice was drifting off, replaced by a spreading, sinking -

It could work. #Quote by Victoria Schwab
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Donna Kauffman
#24. She gave Cooper a quick nod, indicating she was going out the back, and didn't wait around to see if he understood her meaning. She pushed through the swinging doors to the small kitchen in the back, snagged the keys to her truck from the hook, and replaced them with her apron. She gave a quick glance to the grill, making sure Sandy hadn't left anything to burn on it when he'd been pulled out front, but everything looked in order. Stop stalling.
She sighed, shook her head, but the rueful smile that accompanied the movement was fleeting. For what might be the first time in her life, she had absolutely no idea how she was going to handle what came next.
"Only one way to find out," she murmured. Tightening her grip on her keys, if not her emotions, she let herself out the back door of the pub and found herself staring straight up into the crystalline blue eyes of Cooper Jax. #Quote by Donna Kauffman
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Meg Cabot
#25. I said, "Jesse, don't flatter yourself that I did this for you. I mean, it has been nothing but one giant pain in the neck, having you for a roommate. Do you think I like having to come home from school or from work or whatever and having to explain stuff like the Bay of Pigs to you? Believe me, life with you is no picnic."
He didn't say anything. He just kept pulling me along.
"Or what about Tad?" I said, bringing up what I knew was a sore subject. "I mean, you think I like having you tag along on my dates? Having you out of my life is going to make things a lot simpler, so don't think, you know, I did this for you. I only did it because that stupid cat of yours has been crying its head off. And also because anything I can do to make your stupid girlfriend mad, I will."
"Nombre de Dios, Susannah," Jesse muttered. "Maria's not my girlfriend."
"Well, she certainly used to be," I said. "And what about that, anyway? That girl is a full-on skank, Jesse. I can't believe you ever agreed to marry her. I mean, what were you thinking, anyway? Couldn't you see what she was like underneath all that lace? #Quote by Meg Cabot
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Paula Stokes
#26. Faith seems to be something people develop when their lives are going good. It's always been in short supply for me. #Quote by Paula Stokes
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Alexina Benavidez
#27. I told you.. whenever I'm afraid to write, I still do it. It's like going to a place that you've never been. You are not familiar with the streets, establishments, and even the kind of people that you may encounter as you go along your way. But once you get in there, you enjoy anything about that place and you are getting usual to its culture and beautiful places. #Quote by Alexina Benavidez
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Wallace Shawn
#28. ANDRÉ: . . . And when I was at Findhorn I met this extraordinary English tree expert who had devoted himself to saving trees, and he'd just got back from Washington lobbying to save the Redwoods. And he was eighty-four years old, and he always travels with a backpack because he never knows where he's going to be tomorrow. And when I met him at Findhorn he said to me, "Where are you from?" And I said, "New York." And he said, "Ah, New York, yes, that's a very interesting place. Do you know a lot of New Yorkers who keep talking about the fact that they want to leave, but never do?" And I said, "Oh, yes." And he said, "Why do you think they don't leave?" And I gave him different banal theories. And he said, "Oh, I don't think it's that way at all." He said, "I think that New York is the new model for the new concentration camp, where the camp has been built by the inmates themselves, and the inmates are the guards, and they have this pride in this thing that they've built - they've built their own prison - and so they exist in a state of schizophrenia where they are both guards and prisoners. And as a result they no longer have - having been lobotomized - the capacity to leave the prison they've made or even to see it as a prison." And then he went into his pocket, and he took out a seed for a tree, and he said, "This is a pine tree." And he put it in my hand. And he said, "Escape before it's too late. #Quote by Wallace Shawn
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Edward Hoagland
#29. If human nature eventually is going to take the place of nature everywhere, those of us who have been naturalists will have to transpose the faith in nature which is inherent in the profession to a faith in man-if necessary, man alone in the world. #Quote by Edward Hoagland
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Judith McNaught
#30. Well, now, if we'd known we were going to have such…ah…gra…that is, illustrious company, we'd have-"
"Swept off the chairs?" Lucinda suggested acidly. "Shoveled off the floor?"
"Lucinda!" Elizabeth whispered desperately. "They didn't know we were coming."
"No respectable person would dwell in such a place even for a night," she snapped, and Elizabeth watched in mingled distress and admiration as the redoubtable woman turned around and directed her attack on their unwilling host. "The responsibility for our being here is yours, whether it was a mistake or not! I shall expect you to rout your servants from their hiding places and have them bring clean linens up to us at once. I shall also expect them to have this squalor remedied by morning! It is obvious from your behavior that you are no gentleman; however, we are ladies, and we shall expect to be treated as such."
From the corner of her eye Elizabeth had been watching Ian Thornton, who was listening to all of this, his jaw rigid, a muscle beginning to twitch dangerously in the side of his neck.
Lucinda, however, was either unaware of or unconcerned with his reaction, for, as she picked up her skirts and turned toward the stairs, she turned on Jake. "You may show us to our chambers. We wish to retire."
"Retire!" cried Jake, thunderstruck. "But-but what about supper?" he sputtered.
"You may bring it up to us."
Elizabeth saw the blank look on Jake's face, and she endeavored to translate, #Quote by Judith McNaught
Been Going Barefoot quotes by James Frey
#31. Unlike most of the other crayons, Black has hardly been used. People probably avoid Black because it isn't considered a happy color [ ... ] I, however, like Black. It is a color that makes me comfortable and the color with which I have the most experience [ ... ] I like Black, goddamnit, and I am going to give it its due. #Quote by James Frey
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Robert Kirkman
#32. I know there are a lot of readers that think I've got a very crappy marriage just because of the things going on with Rick and Lori but there's really nothing that's been like a mirror. I'm just making this stuff up. #Quote by Robert Kirkman
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Alan Furst
#33. It was dawn by the time the detective showed up; tired and weary. Tired because he'd been called from his bed before dawn, weary because he'd spent his life looking at the bad side of human nature and that wasn't going to change. #Quote by Alan Furst
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Ginnifer Goodwin
#34. I've always been sort of addicted to genre-jumping. I've never been in the mood to do the same thing I did last time. Hence, me going from 'Big Love' to romantic comedy, to period film ... I can't sit still. #Quote by Ginnifer Goodwin
Been Going Barefoot quotes by George A. Sheehan
#35. I will not last forever. But I am damn well going to know I have been here. #Quote by George A. Sheehan
Been Going Barefoot quotes by Lena Dunham
#36. None of my actions have ever sort of been motored by the search for a husband or wondering if I was going to have a family someday or wanting to live in a really great house or thinking it would be really great to have a diamond. #Quote by Lena Dunham

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