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Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Owain Yeoman
#1. I love Wales, and Cardiff is great, but if I could just have the weather we have in California, it would be perfect. #Quote by Owain Yeoman
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Phil Ford
#2. The philosopher Sir James Mackintosh had said that the powers of a man's mind were proportionate to the quantity of coffee he drank, and Voltaire had knocked back fifty cups of it a day, so Ianto reckoned there had to be something in it. And saving Cardiff from the kinds of things that came through the Rift called for quick, inspired thinking, so Ianto took it upon himself to make sure the coffee was good. Ianto Jones, saving the world with a dark roast. #Quote by Phil Ford
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Thelma Schoonmaker
#3. Jack Cardiff - the greatest cameraman who ever worked in colour - was a lab boy to start with so he knew Technicolor from the inside out. #Quote by Thelma Schoonmaker
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Bill Shankly
#4. One day in 1959, when Huddersfield were playing Cardiff City, Tom (T.V.) Williams, who was then chairman of Liverpool, and Harry Latham, a director, came down the slope at Leeds Road to see me.
Mr Williams said, 'How would you like to manage the best club in the country?'
'Why, is Matt Busby packing it up?' I asked. #Quote by Bill Shankly
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Sid Waddell
#5. I want the little lassies who are thinking of going to a nightclub in Cardiff to stop to see what that guy's screaming for, or Grandma to put her knitting down to see why that guy's chatting about Alexander the Great. I'm after pulling in, whether it's in Manila, Beijing or whatever, the biggest possible audience. #Quote by Sid Waddell
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Bryn Terfel
#6. It was in Cardiff, and the cast was 60 per cent Welsh-speaking. It's the first time I've walked into a rehearsal room speaking my mother tongue, which in itself was a breath of fresh clean air from the Welsh mountains. Singing Hans Sachs is always a milestone, but I was happy to be part of such an achievement, not personally but as a company. #Quote by Bryn Terfel
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Karl Wiggins
#7. Unemployed people will use any number of excuses including discrimination for reasons such as disability, race, sexual orientation, religion, sex or age, or maybe there's a shortage of jobs in their area. Well if that's the case then they can travel to wherever the work is and go into digs. I work in construction management and regularly work with steel erectors from Ireland or Newcastle, electricians from Cardiff, fixers from Sheffield or Birmingham, steel fixers from Romania, carpenters from Poland, canteen girls from Romania, scaffolders from Lithuania, and concrete gangs of Indians, and they all travel wherever the work is and they all live in digs. We all do. It's the nature of our industry. #Quote by Karl Wiggins
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Simon Fowler
#8. I lived in Wales back in 1982 and 1983. I studied journalism at South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education just off Newport Road in Cardiff. #Quote by Simon Fowler
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Billy Bob Thornton
#9. All I'm saying is we got plenty of Texans, and people from Montana, and New Jersey, and Wyoming, or Kansas City. We got plenty of actors. So we don't need some cat from Cardiff-upon-Rosemary-upon-Thyme, or whatever the hell it is, playing people from Montana. And in the reverse, they got plenty of people from Cardiff-upon-Rosemary-upon-Thyme that they don't need our asses coming over there trying to do British accents. #Quote by Billy Bob Thornton
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Vincent Tan
#10. I pray Cardiff get back to the Premier League. If I sell Cardiff, I will buy another club in the U.K. I have a club in Sarajevo. The fans are fantastic. The people who run the club are incredible. They really motivate me. I'm looking at another club in Europe and then the MLS. #Quote by Vincent Tan
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Pavol Hochschorner
#11. The water here in Cardiff is much easier than in London, so for us it is more relaxing paddling here. This race is for us a continuation of our training, we will compete in only this World cup. We don't want to travel too much before the Olympic Games and we want to focus on the Games. #Quote by Pavol Hochschorner
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Vincent Tan
#12. We want to do what is good for Cardiff and for the long-term survival, and hopefully Cardiff can be around for a long time and, God willing, be around in the Premier League. #Quote by Vincent Tan
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Peter Kauzer
#13. Behind me are a hard 2 weeks of training, so I feel a little bit tired right now, but my goal for the race in Cardiff and Pau remains the same as in all races. I want to do well and have good runs and enjoy racing. The results come by itself when I do that. #Quote by Peter Kauzer
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Jamie Carragher
#14. I've been to Cardiff a few times but I'd love to get to Wembley. My son is six or seven years old and I'd love to take him to Wembley to watch Liverpool. #Quote by Jamie Carragher
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
#15. One of the biggest misconceptions remains that Neil Gaiman spent his youth lurching from bedsit to library and back again, subsisting on a diet of blood-temperature baked beans and the wild leeks he managed to pull from the side of a disused railway track. It is a misconception that he nurtures, whether consciously or otherwise, through omission. #Quote by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Jonathan Ross
#16. More action packed than a Cardiff pub with Anne Robinson. #Quote by Jonathan Ross
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Luke Evans
#17. I moved to Cardiff when I was 17 and never needed a car. When I came to L.A. for my first job there, I needed a car, so I had to pass my driving test. #Quote by Luke Evans
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Vincent Tan
#18. We can work together to produce better footballers for both FK Sarajevo and maybe Cardiff City and maybe even to play for other clubs. We hope this will be well received by everybody and enhance good relations between Malaysia and Bosnia. #Quote by Vincent Tan
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Matthew Rees
#19. I've been truly overwhelmed by the good luck messages I have received from the rugby world and the fantastic support I've had from my friends, family, my team-mates and staff at Cardiff Blues and the WRU throughout my treatment. It has meant a huge amount to me. #Quote by Matthew Rees
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Vincent Tan
#20. One day we are a hero, another day we are a zero. Without me, Cardiff would have gone bust. Because of my investment, we got promoted. #Quote by Vincent Tan
Bedsits In Cardiff quotes by Roald Dahl
#21. When I was 2, we moved into an imposing country mansion 8 miles west of Cardiff, Wales. #Quote by Roald Dahl

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