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Beautiful Things quotes by Antony Gormley
#1. Making beautiful things for everyday use is a wonderful thing to do - making life flow more easily - but art confronts life, allowing it to stop and perhaps change direction - they are completely different. #Quote by Antony Gormley
Beautiful Things quotes by Kate Inglis
#2. Beautiful publishers say beautiful things and then We're sorry, but no... and then more beautiful things. It's a shit sandwich with branston pickle and melted gouda.

I read it out loud to the kids. I stick it to the fridge with the others. Some writers do that because it turns their crank to have a Wall of Publishers Who Passed And Will Someday Regret It. I don't. Each one is, really and truly, a gift. We look at them and the boys and I talk about rejection, all kinds of it. Creative, karmic, romantic. Nothing works out until something does. #Quote by Kate Inglis
Beautiful Things quotes by Robert Jackson Bennett
#3. Forgetting ... is a beautiful thing. When you forget, you remake yourself ... For a caterpillar to become a butterfly, it must forget it was a caterpillar at all. Then it will be as if the caterpillar never was & there was only ever a butterfly. #Quote by Robert Jackson Bennett
Beautiful Things quotes by Tom Petty
#4. It's very easy to be cynical about the hall of fame. But on the other hand, it's really a beautiful thing for someone like me. I dedicated my entire life to this music. #Quote by Tom Petty
Beautiful Things quotes by John Geddes
#5. The most beautiful things don't always make you happy - often they make you weep ... #Quote by John Geddes
Beautiful Things quotes by Hannah Richell
#6. Who was it who said, 'the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless: peacocks and lilies, for instance'?"
"I think that was Ruskin," says Jack.
"Ha!" laughs Charles. "There's truth in that. Could have included women, too." Charles laughs loudly at his own joke.
"Only if you're to assume a woman's sole purpose in life is to look good," counters Lillian.
"Well of course... there's looking good... and there's child-bearing," adds Charles, still looking ahead at the bird.
Lillian grips the bag in her lap a little more tightly.
If the artist seated behind them is aware of the tension, he deflects artfully. "I think Ruskin misses the point," he says. "Beauty is never useless. It has purpose. Look at us, sitting here. We've ceased all other activity just to pause for a moment and wonder at the sight of this bird. The extraordinary jolts us from the mundane and makes us feel something. It reminds us we're alive."
"Rather like art," says Lillian, after a moment.
Jack meets her gaze in the wing-mirror and nods. "Yes. Art. Music. Love."
Lillian drops her gaze, unexpected heat flooding her cheeks. #Quote by Hannah Richell
Beautiful Things quotes by Marian Keyes
#7. Where does love go when it dies? Into flowers and other beautiful things? Back out into the universe to be recycled? #Quote by Marian Keyes
Beautiful Things quotes by John Travolta
#8. Sometimes when something really works well, it becomes a target, forty years for me, I've been a part, and I've loved every minute of it. My family has done so well with it. It's been a beautiful thing for me. I've saved lives with it and saved my own life several times. Through my loss of my son, it helped me every step of the way for two years solid, and here I am. #Quote by John Travolta
Beautiful Things quotes by Cassandra Clare
#9. You could have had anything else in the world, and you asked for me."
She smiled up at him. Filthy as he was, covered in blood and dirt, he was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.
"But I don't want anything else in the world. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Beautiful Things quotes by Henri Nouwen
#10. A sense of solitude is one of the most beautiful things that parents can give a child. It doesn't mean leaving the child alone, but it does mean creating safe spaces where the child can be with other people. It does mean directing their attention to God. #Quote by Henri Nouwen
Beautiful Things quotes by Ciro Correia
#11. I want to create beautiful things, beautiful stories,with my art and my words. It is about the story telling aspect, no matter what the theme or genre. Whether, the stories and art are modern, grotesque, real, fantastical or cute, I want my stories to speak and to have their own voices. To speak to us about our desires and the human condition, but also to inspire. To ultimately draw us towards a positive and connect us with a higher note. #Quote by Ciro Correia
Beautiful Things quotes by Joan Didion
#12. On the flight to LaGuardia I remember thinking that the most beautiful things I had ever seen had all been seen from airplanes. The way the American west opens up. The way in which, on a polar flight across the Arctic, the islands in the sea give way imperceptibly to lakes on the land. The sea between Greece and Cyprus in the morning. The Alps on the way to Milan. I saw all those things with John. How could I go back to Paris without him, how could I go back to Milan, Honolulu, Bogotá? I couldn't even go to Boston. #Quote by Joan Didion
Beautiful Things quotes by Elizabeth Tambascio
#13. You can sit with us.
You can live beside us.
You can play your music.
You can listen to mine.
We can dance together.
We can share our food.
We can keep an eye on each other's kids.
We can teach each other new languages.
We can respect traditions.
We can build new ones.
You can ask for a cup of sugar.
You can ask for directions.
You can tell me when things are hard.
You can tell me when beautiful things happen.
We can listen to stories.
We can disagree.
We can agree.
We can come to understandings.
You can wear what you want.
You can pray as you feel compelled to.
You can love who you want.
You can sit with us. #Quote by Elizabeth Tambascio
Beautiful Things quotes by Rob Bell
#14. Creating and sharing beautiful things has provided me with the inspiration that we can do things we never thought we could do and that we will get to see wonderful things we never thought we would see. #Quote by Rob Bell
Beautiful Things quotes by James Krenov
#15. Fine things in wood are important, not only aesthetically, as oddities or rarities, but because we are becoming aware of the fact that much of our life is spent buying and discarding, and buying again, things that are not good. Some of us long to have at least something, somewhere, which will give us harmony and a sense of durability - I won't say permanence, but durability - things that, through the years, become more and more beautiful, things we can leave to our children. #Quote by James Krenov
Beautiful Things quotes by June Singer
#16. Awareness of approach to death can be a beautiful thing, a frame into which we can put the work of art that is our life, our personal masterpiece. #Quote by June Singer
Beautiful Things quotes by Dante Alighieri
#17. To get back up to the shining world from there
My guide and I went into that hidden tunnel,
And Following its path, we took no care
To rest, but climbed: he first, then I-so far,
through a round aperture I saw appear
Some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears,
Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars. #Quote by Dante Alighieri
Beautiful Things quotes by Michael Leunig
#18. The 'economy' became a god such as never before, and a happy, successful society was one that could please this god - sometimes by sacrificing beautiful things - to keep the deity from getting angry and harming the people by withdrawing favours. #Quote by Michael Leunig
Beautiful Things quotes by A.A. Milne
#19. Where am I going? I don't quite know.
Down to the stream where the king-cups grow-
Up on a hill where the pine-trees blow-
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know.

Where am I going? The clouds sail by,
Little ones, baby ones, over the sky.
Where am I going? The shadows pass,
Little ones, baby ones, over the grass.

If you were a cloud, and sailed up there,
You'd sail on the water as blue as air.
And you'd see me here in the fields and say:
"Doesn't the sky look green today?"

Where am I going? The high rooks call:
"It's awful fun to be born at all.
Where am I going? The ring-doves coo:
"We do have beautiful things to do."

If you were a bird, and lived on high,
You'd lean on the wind when the wind
came by,
You'd say to the wind when it took you away:
"That's where I wanted to go today!"

Where am I going? I don't quite know.
What does it matter where people go?
Down to the wood where the blue-bells grow-
Anywhere, anywhere. I don't know. #Quote by A.A. Milne
Beautiful Things quotes by Richie Singh
#20. One of the rarest and most beautiful things in this world is to meet someone who has the ability to intoxicate you. Every moment with her was exhilarating, and every moment without her was spent captivated by thoughts about her. She was like the finest of wines. And I was getting drunk. #Quote by Richie Singh
Beautiful Things quotes by William Morris
#21. Apart from the desire to produce beautiful things, the leading passion of my life has been and is hatred of modern civilization. #Quote by William Morris
Beautiful Things quotes by Ruta Sepetys
#22. Mother, why are you breaking your beautiful things?' I asked ...
'Because I love them so much. #Quote by Ruta Sepetys
Beautiful Things quotes by James Gleick
#23. Somehow the wondrous promise of the earth is that there are beautiful things in it, things wondrous and alluring, and by virtue of your trade you want to understand them. He put the cigarette down. Smoke rose from the ashtray, first in a thin column then (with a nod to universality) in broken tendrils that swirled up to the ceiling. #Quote by James Gleick
Beautiful Things quotes by Nutan Bajracharya
#24. Sometimes beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can't always understand them, but we have to trust in them. I know you want to question everything, but sometimes it pays to just have a little faith. #Quote by Nutan Bajracharya
Beautiful Things quotes by Everance Caiser
#25. Just another case of sometimes. Sometimes fates plans are different from your own. Sometimes the beautiful things are right in your reach but you settle for things that are good enough to make you happy. Sometimes people that should be trying harder than ever, give up on you. Sometimes feelings are so strong that you decide its time to give up. Sometimes giving up is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes people think it'll all work out. Sometimes people think it'll get better in time. Sometimes people do what they can do today, tomorrow. Sometimes the most beautiful emotions are the ones that are most neglected. Sometimes people mistaken love for lust. Sometimes people miscommunicate. Sometimes people say things that they don't really mean. Sometimes people say things that they mean and just say them wrong. Sometimes people think they've moved on. Sometimes people think that they will never move on. Sometimes people share they're lives with people that they don't really love. Sometimes people let the people they really love pass through they're lives. Sometimes people chose to stay alive. Sometimes people chose to live. #Quote by Everance Caiser
Beautiful Things quotes by Massimo Vignelli
#26. The computer needs ... even by accident, offers incredible beautiful things that are very seductive. And if you forget about, or if you don't have an idea to begin with, it is very easy to be seduced and that is not a good use of the computer. #Quote by Massimo Vignelli
Beautiful Things quotes by Andre Gide
#27. The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes. #Quote by Andre Gide
Beautiful Things quotes by Desmond Tutu
#28. We were made to enjoy music, to enjoy beautiful sunsets, to enjoy looking at the billows of the sea and to be thrilled with a rose that is bedecked with dew ... Human beings are actually created for the transcendent, for the sublime, for the beautiful, for the truthful ... and all of us are given the task of trying to make this world a little more hospitable to these beautiful things. #Quote by Desmond Tutu
Beautiful Things quotes by Cassandra Clare
#29. Beautiful like all the Shadowhunters were beautiful, like moonlight shearing off the edges of broken glass: lovely and deadly. Beautiful things, cruel things, cruel in that way that only people who absolutely believed in the rightness of their cause could be cruel. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Beautiful Things quotes by Cassandra Clare
#30. He was already turning to raise his sword against a spiny-looking creature with nubbly, stony skin like a starfish.
'He thought of Ty on the beach with the starfish in his hand, smiling. It filled him with rage- he hadn't realized before how much demons seemed like the beautiful things of the world had been warped and sickened and made revolting. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Beautiful Things quotes by Brandon Stanton
#31. I've always felt like an artistic person. I can't draw or paint or sculpt. I never really had technical skills, but I've always felt like I appreciate really beautiful things, and part of taking a good photograph is being able to recognize beauty. #Quote by Brandon Stanton
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#32. The only beautiful things are the things that do not concern us. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Debasish Mridha
#33. Most beautiful things comes to us free of charge. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#34. The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Iris Murdoch
#35. Death is not the consummation of oneself but just the end of oneself. Before the self vanishes nothing really is, and that is how it is most of the time. But as soon as the self vanishes everything is, and becomes automatically the object of love. Love holds the world together, and if we could forget ourselves everything in the world would fly into a perfect harmony, and when we see beautiful things that is what they remind us of. #Quote by Iris Murdoch
Beautiful Things quotes by Vincent Edwards
#36. I have seen a lot of beautiful things in my time. I have seen the sun rise and set. I have seen the moon upon the waters reflecting it's love. I have seen roses that's beauty sat upon heaven's doors. I have seen some of the most beautiful things in my life, and none of them can compare to the thought of you. #Quote by Vincent Edwards
Beautiful Things quotes by Anthony Kiedis
#37. Sometimes, out of really horrible things come really beautiful things. #Quote by Anthony Kiedis
Beautiful Things quotes by Lauren Oliver
#38. Everything passed; that was partly why it was so beautiful. Things would get difficult. But that was okay too. #Quote by Lauren Oliver
Beautiful Things quotes by Kiera Cass
#39. I loved those little bits of luxury in my day. Dresses made to
my exact measurements, exotic desserts flown in simply because it was Thursday, and an endless
supply of beautiful things were all perks; and they were easily my favorite parts of the job. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Beautiful Things quotes by A. Zavarelli
#40. Beautiful things were meant to be broken. #Quote by A. Zavarelli
Beautiful Things quotes by Osho
#41. Untalented people, unintelligent people go into politics. Those who are talented become artists, painters, poets, philosophers, mystics, dancers. They have a thousand and one other beautiful things to do, not politics. Only the third rate, the most unintelligent part of a country, moves into politics. #Quote by Osho
Beautiful Things quotes by Joyce Guo
#42. Everyone is given something that's priceless with it you see the most horrible things and the most beautiful things it bears gifts both good and bad and knowledge you keep forever that is life cherish it well for we are are only given it once #Quote by Joyce Guo
Beautiful Things quotes by William Gaddis
#43. -We live in Rome, he says, turning his face to the room again,
-Caligula's Rome, with a new circus of vulgar bestialized suffering in the newspapers every morning. The masses, the fetid masses, he says, bringing all his weight to his feet.-How can they even suspect a self who can do more, when they live under absolutely no obligation. There are so few beautiful things in the world ... #Quote by William Gaddis
Beautiful Things quotes by Ruth Emmie Lang
#44. I wasn't doing magic, but I was in it, surrounded on all sides by incredible, beautiful things. It made me feel like a wizard even though I wasn't one, even though I never could be one. p. 306 #Quote by Ruth Emmie Lang
Beautiful Things quotes by Michael Ende
#45. He had been through a good deal in the course of the Great Quest - he had seen beautiful things and horrible things - but up until now he had not known that one and the same creature can be both, that beauty can be terrifying. #Quote by Michael Ende
Beautiful Things quotes by Tucker Viemeister
#46. A man-made thing that produces pleasure (and criticism) by somehow taping into the order of the universe is beautiful. Making beautiful things makes our lives worthwhile. My teacher, and one of the founders of the Pratt industrial design program, Rowena Reed Kostellow, said, "Pure, unadulterated beauty should be the goal of civilization." From a pragmatic point of view, for something to be beautiful, it has to work. In order to make this idea clearer I have combined the ideas of beauty and function into one word: Beautility. #Quote by Tucker Viemeister
Beautiful Things quotes by Rachel Held Evans
#47. It's just death and resurrection, over and over again, day after day, as God reaches down into our deepest graves and with the same power that raised Jesus from the dead wrests us from our pride, our apathy, our fear, our prejudice, our anger, our hurt, and our despair. Most days I don't know which is harder for me to believe: that God reanimated the brain functions of a man three days dead, or that God can bring back to life all the beautiful things we have killed. Both seem pretty unlikely to me. #Quote by Rachel Held Evans
Beautiful Things quotes by Muriel Barbery
#48. Beautiful things should belong to beautiful souls. #Quote by Muriel Barbery
Beautiful Things quotes by Sue Monk Kidd
#49. Words are the most beautiful things existed in the world, but they die as fast as they were born, unless you convert them to act!
The Secret Life of Bees #Quote by Sue Monk Kidd
Beautiful Things quotes by Hanya Yanagihara
#50. But it wasn't for him to judge whether the artists were good or not - other people, plenty of other people, did that already. He was there only to offer the sort of practical help that so few of them had, as so many of them lived in a world that was deaf to practicalities. He knew it was romantic, but he admired them: he admired anyone who could live for year after year on only their fastburning hopes, even as they grew older and more obscure with every day. And, just as romantically, he thought of his time with the organization as his salute to his friends, all of whom were living the sorts of lives he marveled at: he considered them such successes, and he was proud of them. Unlike him, they had had no clear path to follow, and yet they had plowed stubbornly ahead. They spent their days making beautiful things. #Quote by Hanya Yanagihara
Beautiful Things quotes by James S.A. Corey
#51. All beautiful things should have just a little sorrow about them. Made them seem real. #Quote by James S.A. Corey
Beautiful Things quotes by Krystal Sutherland
#52. Sometimes it was better to not get what you wanted. Sometimes it was better to leave beautiful things alone for fear of breaking them. #Quote by Krystal Sutherland
Beautiful Things quotes by Jon Connor
#53. I think hiphop is a beautiful thing and I embody it and I'm going to live it and I'm going to represent it until the day I leave this earth, because I represent everything positive about hiphop. #Quote by Jon Connor
Beautiful Things quotes by Michael Wright
#54. The beautiful thing about serialized drama is that the further you go, the deeper you go. #Quote by Michael Wright
Beautiful Things quotes by Epiphana Lewis
#55. In the face of adversity, beautiful things emerge #Quote by Epiphana Lewis
Beautiful Things quotes by Hiromi
#56. The beautiful thing about music is that even so-called negative emotions like anger, sadness, frustration, when they come through the filter of music, they all become beautiful. #Quote by Hiromi
Beautiful Things quotes by Teller
#57. Doing beautiful things is its own reward. #Quote by Teller
Beautiful Things quotes by John Ruskin
#58. Like other beautiful things in this world, its end (that of a shaft) is to be beautiful; and, in proportion to its beauty, it receives permission to be otherwise useless. We do not blame emeralds and rubies because we cannot make them into heads of hammers. #Quote by John Ruskin
Beautiful Things quotes by Christine Feehan
#59. He whispered her name as he pressed his forehead against hers. "So this is what love feels like." His fingers tightened possessively around the back of her neck, the pad of his thumb of his thumb caressing her soft skin.
Her lashes fluttered, eyes going a vibrant green. Her mouth curved into a soft smile. "You say the most beautiful things, Gavriil. You should have been a poet."
He brushed a kiss over each eye and slipped his gun into the waistband at the small of his back before straightening. "I'm a poet with a knife or gun."
-Gavriil & Lexi #Quote by Christine Feehan
Beautiful Things quotes by Dennis Eckersley
#60. When I started finishing games and coming off the field shaking hands, it was a beautiful thing. I mean, you start seeing that you're an important part of the team. #Quote by Dennis Eckersley
Beautiful Things quotes by Nas
#61. I think marriage is a beautiful thing. I'm still a supporter of it. #Quote by Nas
Beautiful Things quotes by Sergei Prokofiev
#62. There are still so many beautiful things to be said in C major. #Quote by Sergei Prokofiev
Beautiful Things quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#63. I'm a big believer than a great bit is a great bit - if I go and see someone I love, like Robert Klein. I want to hear some classics and some new stuff. But a great stand-up bit takes a long time to really polish and perfect, and they're beautiful things when they're done. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#64. The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography. Those who find ugly meanings in beautiful things are corrupt without being charming. This is a fault. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Lewis Buzbee
#65. A bran' new book is a beautiful thing, all promise and fresh pages, the neatly squared spine, the brisk sense of a journey beginning. But a well-worn book also has its pleasures, the soft caress and give of the paper's edges, the comfort, like an old shawl, of an oft-read story. #Quote by Lewis Buzbee
Beautiful Things quotes by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
#66. Some beautiful things are more dazzling when they are still imperfect than when they have been too perfectly crafted. #Quote by Francois De La Rochefoucauld
Beautiful Things quotes by Gilbert K. Chesterton
#67. Life exists for the love of music or beautiful things. #Quote by Gilbert K. Chesterton
Beautiful Things quotes by Emily Lloyd-Jones
#68. She was not one to be befuddled by a beautiful boy and a few well-spoken words. Beautiful things were often poisonous or useless - a handful of glossy berries that could kill with a taste, or a carved wooden spoon with no other purpose than to be admired. #Quote by Emily Lloyd-Jones
Beautiful Things quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#69. But I loved his books, or at least that first one. And I felt that somewhere down deep inside him the person who wrote it must still be there. That you couldn't write such beautiful things and have such an ugly heart. But that is the truth. He was a beautiful writer and a terrible person. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Beautiful Things quotes by Tom Ford
#70. We live in a material world. I'm not saying that beautiful things don't enhance our lives. But, in our culture, we're never happy. #Quote by Tom Ford
Beautiful Things quotes by Maggie Nelson
#71. That this blue exists makes my life a remarkable one, just to have seen it. To have seen such beautiful things. To find oneself placed in their midst. Choiceless. #Quote by Maggie Nelson
Beautiful Things quotes by Kristin Cashore
#72. Your brothers are the foolish ones for not seeing the strength in beautiful things. #Quote by Kristin Cashore
Beautiful Things quotes by Karen Payne
#73. My dear little big Marianne,
... I hope that you will grow up to be a healthy, happy and strong human being. I hope you will experience the most beautiful things the world has to give... And then you must have children... And think of our evenings of discussion in bed, about all the important things of life... And think of our beautiful three weeks at the seashore - of the sunrise, and when we walked barefoot along the beach from Bansin to Uckeritz, and when I pushed you before me on the rubber float, and when we read books together. We had so many beautiful things together, my child, and you must experience them all over again, and much more besides... And be happy as often as you can - every day is precious.
My love for you shall accompany you your whole life long.

(From Rose Schlosinger to her daughter, 1943) #Quote by Karen Payne
Beautiful Things quotes by Noam Chomsky
#74. How, then, does one become an activist?

The easy answer would be to say that we do not become activists; we simply forget that we are. We are all born with compassion, generosity, and love for others inside us. We are all moved by injustice and discrimination. We are all, inside, concerned human beings. We all want to give more than to receive. We all want to live in a world where solidarity and companionship are more important values than individualism and selfishness. We all want to share beautiful things; experience joy, laughter, love; and experiment, together. #Quote by Noam Chomsky
Beautiful Things quotes by Frederic Chopin
#75. Concerts are never real music, you have to give up the idea of hearing in them all the most beautiful things of art. #Quote by Frederic Chopin
Beautiful Things quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#76. You can do beautiful things with your friends; you can do beautiful things when you are all alone! In togetherness, listen to the music of the crowds; in solitude, listen to the music of the silence! Be neither afraid of the crowds, nor of the loneliness, because both are blessings! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#77. Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by James Laughlin
#78. Concrete poets continue to turn out beautiful things, but to me they're more visual than oral, and they almost really belong on the wall rather than in a book. I haven't the least idea of where poetry is going. #Quote by James Laughlin
Beautiful Things quotes by Dallas Willard
#79. We should, to begin with, think that God leads a very interesting life, and that he is full of joy. Undoubtedly he is the most joyous being in the universe. The abundance of his love and generosity is inseparable from his infinite joy. All of the good and beautiful things from which we occasionally drink tiny droplets of soul-exhilarating joy, God continuously experiences in all their breadth and depth and richness. #Quote by Dallas Willard
Beautiful Things quotes by Romano Guardini
#80. It is impossible to consider God as a Christian should with heart and head full of earthly business, society, worries or pleasures. At first it is a question of choice between good thinking and evil, right doing and wrong; soon, however, we realize that this is not enough; that we must also limit the good and beautiful things to make room for God. We cannot practice love in Christ's sense and at the same time accept the natural standards of honor and dishonor, self-respect and bourgeois estimation. On the contrary, we must realize how egocentric, fallen and profoundly untrue those standards are. What #Quote by Romano Guardini
Beautiful Things quotes by Plato
#81. And I understood then that I was a fool when I told you I would take my turn in singing the honours of Love, and admitted I was terribly clever in love affairs, whereas it seems I really had no idea how a eulogy ought to be made. For I was stupid enough to think that we ought to speak the truth about each person eulogised, and to make this the foundation, and from these truths to choose the most beautiful things and arrange them in the most elegant way; and I was quite proud to think how well I should speak, because I believed that I knew the truth. #Quote by Plato
Beautiful Things quotes by John Lurie
#82. It seems like there are always gatekeepers. People between you and the people who are moved by your work. They often make a beautiful thing creepy. #Quote by John Lurie
Beautiful Things quotes by Claire Contreras
#83. The hearts I make are shattered, but whole. They're kaleidoscopes that beam under the sun. They signify hope in love when you've lost it because, like love, you can look at a kaleidoscope a thousand different ways and find something new every time. Shattered or not, if you look carefully enough, you'll find something beautiful in them, and all beautiful things are a little broken. #Quote by Claire Contreras
Beautiful Things quotes by Jaden Wilkes
#84. She was a cutter. Only saying she was a cutter might be an understatement. She was a destroyer of beautiful things. #Quote by Jaden Wilkes
Beautiful Things quotes by BinYamin Gulzar
#85. He murmured ,

"Hope" is a dangerous thing,
Its makes you see things that aren't there.
The " pain" makes you hallucinate ,
It's like dragging your torn and tired soul through the haunted woods,
And the light that you see at the end must be my calling!

And she said ,
'You are broken ...
All beautiful things are broken !'

A broken soul allows the "light to scatter like a Diamond #Quote by BinYamin Gulzar
Beautiful Things quotes by Steve Harvey
#86. Hip-hop is a beautiful thing. I think that the music genre itself has created more millionaires than any other music genre before it, especially in our community. #Quote by Steve Harvey
Beautiful Things quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#87. I am not interested in having the world revolve around me; that's too boring of an idea. I would rather revolve around the world and try to leave my fingerprints, everywhere. My fingerprints mingled in with all the other fingerprints and all the laughter and all the beautiful things like gratitude, grace, faithfulness and flowers. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Beautiful Things quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#88. For the world is not painted, or adorned, but is from the beginning beautiful; and God has not made some beautiful things, but Beauty is the creator of the universe. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Beautiful Things quotes by Michael Jackson
#89. Unconditional love is all you have. You can't overdose on love, you never can. It's a beautiful thing. #Quote by Michael Jackson
Beautiful Things quotes by Unknown
#90. When I was younger, I lived in this really nice neighborhood. It had these big beautiful houses that I thought were simply the best. But now that I've seen the world, seen more beautiful things, I drive back through that neighborhood and realize, my childhood silver looks more like stainless steel now that I've seen gold. #Quote by Unknown
Beautiful Things quotes by Yohji Yamamoto
#91. Beautiful things are disappearing every day. #Quote by Yohji Yamamoto
Beautiful Things quotes by Pope Francis
#92. All of us must care for life, cherish life, with tenderness, warmth ... to give life is to open (our) heart, and to care for life is to (give oneself) in tenderness and warmth for others, to have concern in my heart for others. Caring for life from the beginning to the end. What a simple thing, what a beautiful thing..So, go forth and don't be discouraged. Care for life. It's worth it. #Quote by Pope Francis
Beautiful Things quotes by Sawyer Hartman
#93. I believe that the most beautiful things in life are the small things, the things we tend to overlook. #Quote by Sawyer Hartman
Beautiful Things quotes by Alberto Caeiro
#94. Let's be simple and calm,
Like brooks and trees,
And God will love us by making
Beautiful things like the trees and brooks for us,
And give us greenness in his spring,
And a river for us to go to when we end... #Quote by Alberto Caeiro
Beautiful Things quotes by Vanessa Winter
#95. Roses …the perfect examples of nature, that even the most beautiful things in life were able to inflict pain. #Quote by Vanessa Winter
Beautiful Things quotes by Bryan Callen
#96. One of the beautiful things about podcasting is that I'm not beholding to some public entity. #Quote by Bryan Callen
Beautiful Things quotes by Antonio Gaudi
#97. Tomorrow we will do beautiful things. #Quote by Antonio Gaudi
Beautiful Things quotes by Dianna Agron
#98. Year by year I learn more about myself, and I think that confidence and honesty and just really being true to yourself is probably the most beautiful thing that you can do for yourself and the people around you. #Quote by Dianna Agron
Beautiful Things quotes by Chris Cleave
#99. Your whole life, you had to fit it onto one sheet of paper. There was a black line around the edge of the sheet, a border, and if you wrote outside the line then your application would not be valid. They only gave you enough space to write down the very saddest things that had happened to you. That was the worst part. Because if you cannot read the beautiful things that have happened in someone's life, why should you care about their sadness? #Quote by Chris Cleave
Beautiful Things quotes by Anne Rice
#100. Be wanderers through time, I said. Be witnesses of all splendid and beautiful things human. Be true immortals. #Quote by Anne Rice
Beautiful Things quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#101. The kindest and most meaningful thing anyone ever said to me is: Your mother would be proud of you ... The strange and painful truth is that I'm a better person because I lost my mom young. When you say you excperienced my writing as sacred, what you are touching is the divine place within me that is my mother. Sugar is the temple I build in my obliterated place. I'd give it all back in a snap, but the fact is, my grief taught me things ... It required me to suffer. It compelled me to reach. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Beautiful Things quotes by Ann Patchett
#102. I could have had one life but insteads I had another because of this book my grandmother protected. What a miracle is that? I was taught to love beautiful things. I had a language in which to consider beauty. Later that extended to the opera, to the ballet, to architecture I saw, and even later still I came to realize that what I had seen in the paintings I could see in the fields or a river. I could see it in people. All of that I attribute to this book. #Quote by Ann Patchett
Beautiful Things quotes by Shunryu Suzuki
#103. We should not attach to some fancy ideas or to some beautiful things. We should not seek for something good. The truth is always near at hand, within your reach. #Quote by Shunryu Suzuki
Beautiful Things quotes by Margaret Atwood
#104. We should think only beautiful things, as much as we can. There is so much beautiful in the world if you look around. You are only looking at the dirt under your feet, Jimmy. It's not good for you. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Beautiful Things quotes by Jefferson Bethke
#105. Even beautiful things such as forgiveness, clear conscience, joy in life, and adoption into the family of God are all benefits of being a Christian, but not the ultimate goal. #Quote by Jefferson Bethke
Beautiful Things quotes by Nick Cannon
#106. The beautiful thing about acting is that you can just dive into the character, strip yourself of everything, and just get in there and perfect your craft. #Quote by Nick Cannon
Beautiful Things quotes by Bertrand Russell
#107. To say shortly why one values love is not easy; nevertheless, I will make the attempt. Love is to be valued in the first instance - and this, though not its greatest value, is essential to all the rest - as in itself a source of delight.

Oh Love! they wrong thee much
That say thy sweet is bitter,
When thy rich fruit is such
As nothing can be sweeter.

The anonymous author of these lines was not seeking a solution for atheism, or a key to the universe; he was merely enjoying himself. And not only is love a source of delight, but its absence is a source of pain. In the second place, love is to be valued because it enhances all the best pleasures, such as music, and sunrise in mountains, and the sea under the full moon. A man who has never enjoyed beautiful things in the company of a woman whom he loved has not experienced to the full the magic of power of which such things are capable. Again, love is able to break down the hard shell of the ego, since it is a form of biological cooperation in which the emotions of each are necessary to the fulfilment of the other's instinctive purposes. #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Beautiful Things quotes by Tove Jansson
#108. It's nice to have beautiful things that really belong to you. #Quote by Tove Jansson
Beautiful Things quotes by Harry Seidler
#109. Architecture is not an inspirational business, it's a rational procedure to do sensible and hopefully beautiful things; that's all. #Quote by Harry Seidler
Beautiful Things quotes by Albert Einstein
#110. I believe in mystery and, frankly, I sometimes face this mystery with great fear. In other words, I think that there are many things in the universe that we cannot perceive or penetrate, and that also we experience some of the most beautiful things in life only in a very primitive form. Only in relation to these mysteries do I consider myself to be a religious man ... #Quote by Albert Einstein
Beautiful Things quotes by Kholood
#111. ,,, Do not get to the clouds!
But we can enjoy looking at them
As well as (beautiful things ♥), and that is the conviction #Quote by Kholood
Beautiful Things quotes by Erica Jong
#112. She was mine and not-mine all at once. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and the most terrifying. #Quote by Erica Jong
Beautiful Things quotes by Hal Borland
#113. A snowdrift is a beautiful thing-if it doesn't lie across the path you have to shovel or block the road that leads to your destination. #Quote by Hal Borland
Beautiful Things quotes by Taylor Swift
#114. There are beautiful things about both being in love and being out of love. I just think you have to find those things. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Beautiful Things quotes by Jules Renard
#115. Those moments when you feel you want to read something truly beautiful. The eyes make a tour of the library, and there is nothing. Then you decide to take no matter what, and it is full of beautiful things. #Quote by Jules Renard
Beautiful Things quotes by Dick Vitale
#116. I learned from my mom and dad, who didn't have a formal education but had doctorates of love. They told me that if you gave 110 percent all the time, a lot of beautiful things will happen. I may not always be right, but no one can ever accuse me of not having a genuine love and passion for whatever I do. #Quote by Dick Vitale
Beautiful Things quotes by James A. Newman
#117. One day, The road came. The road brought with it beer and cigarettes. The road brought Coca-Cola and disposable razors. The road brought all the wonderful things that we westerners know and hold close. But where did the road go? A few of the younger men decided to find out. They rode a buffalo cart along the road until they came to a town and then a train station. They hid in a bunch of rice sacks and took the train to the city, to the lights, to the jobs. There was this thing called money, with it you could buy stuff. You could gamble, drink, and be merry. After a period of two years, one of the young men returned to the village driving a new car. He showed the villagers all the beautiful things that he had bought. He said that there was work for everyone in the cities. He took another young man and two young women with him. They were pretty in a rural way and very hungry for money. Money was good. They liked it. It was a great adventure. #Quote by James A. Newman
Beautiful Things quotes by S.R. Crawford
#118. Beautiful things have been broken before… #Quote by S.R. Crawford
Beautiful Things quotes by Boonaa Mohammed
#119. Positive things happen when you distance yourself from negative people #Quote by Boonaa Mohammed
Beautiful Things quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#120. To save a life is a real and beautiful thing. To make a home for the homeless, yes, it is a thing that must be good; whatever the world may say, it cannot be wrong. #Quote by Vincent Van Gogh
Beautiful Things quotes by Alanis Morissette
#121. Some of the most beautiful things that have happened to me in my life have been things that I couldn't explain. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
Beautiful Things quotes by Voltairine De Cleyre
#122. We dabble in many things; but the one great real idea of our age, not copied from any other, not pretended, not raised to life by any conjuration, is the Much Making of Things – not the making of beautiful things, not the joy of spending living energy in creative work; rather the shameless, merciless driving and over-driving, wasting and draining of the last bit of energy, only to produce heaps and heaps of things – things ugly, things harmful, things useless, and at the best largely unnecessary. #Quote by Voltairine De Cleyre
Beautiful Things quotes by Alex Ebert
#123. Physical pain is problematic because it's very difficult to transcend that. Sometimes you're just in physical pain, and that's a bummer. Even then, there are beautiful things involved in the healing of that. I've experienced some. #Quote by Alex Ebert
Beautiful Things quotes by Fletcher Flora
#124. it is a pleasure, a kind of mild masochism, to have all the beautiful things belong to someone you love and none to yourself. #Quote by Fletcher Flora
Beautiful Things quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#125. Of course you want someone special to love you. A majority of the people who write to me inquire about how they can get the same thing ... Unique as every letter is, the point each writer reaches is the same: I want love and I'm afraid I'll never get it.
It's hard to answer those letters because I'm an advice columnist, not a fortune-teller. I have words instead of a crystal ball. I can't say when you'll get love or how you'll find it or even promise that you will. I can only say you are worthy of it and that it's never too much to ask for it. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Beautiful Things quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#126. The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart. #Quote by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Beautiful Things quotes by Nicole Jacquelyn
#127. They were the most beautiful things I'd ever seen in my entire goddamn life, and they were worth every fuckin' bruise I had. #Quote by Nicole Jacquelyn
Beautiful Things quotes by Sara Niles
#128. I find it a privilege and an honor to be human, for to me, one of the most wondrous and beautiful things in the universe, is found in human form.
Because to be human, is to be able to dream dreams of pyramids and skyscrapers, and majestic works of art that spring from the human mind. #Quote by Sara Niles
Beautiful Things quotes by Norman Ollestad
#129. Beautiful things were sometimes mixed up with treacherous things, they could even happen at the same time, or one could lead to the other, I thought. #Quote by Norman Ollestad
Beautiful Things quotes by Kate Douglas Wiggin
#130. Most of all the other beautiful things in life come by twos and threes, by dozens and hundreds. Plenty of roses, stars, sunsets, rainbows, brothers, and sisters, aunts and cousins, but only one mother in the whole world. #Quote by Kate Douglas Wiggin
Beautiful Things quotes by Gloria Estefan
#131. There are so many beautiful things that are a part of the world, and I've always looked at life that way; I've always tried to put on a smile and a brave front, not just for my kids but in my own life and all the difficulties that I've gone through. #Quote by Gloria Estefan
Beautiful Things quotes by Wallace D. Wattles
#132. You want to get rich in order that you may surround yourself with beautiful things, see distant lands, feed your mind, and develop your intellect; in order that you may love others and do kind things, and be able to play a good part in helping the world to find truth. #Quote by Wallace D. Wattles
Beautiful Things quotes by Robert J. Braathe
#133. The three most beautiful things you can share with people are a beautiful smile, the ability to have a dialogue with anyone, and comfort in your own skin. #Quote by Robert J. Braathe
Beautiful Things quotes by Nora Roberts
#134. Some beautiful things are meant to be sad so we can appreciate the beautiful things that aren't. #Quote by Nora Roberts
Beautiful Things quotes by Cara Rosalie Olsen
#135. The most beautiful things aren't ever things, are they? #Quote by Cara Rosalie Olsen
Beautiful Things quotes by Cara Delevingne
#136. They're like lips, they're like noses, they're like eyeballs, you should be able to have them out all the time if you want. Nipples are beautiful things, don't hide them. #Quote by Cara Delevingne
Beautiful Things quotes by Shelby Eileen
#137. words
have always buried themselves in me so deep
like knives
I have always twisted them
making beautiful things ugly
changing hello to goodbye
creating wounds our of nothing #Quote by Shelby Eileen
Beautiful Things quotes by Johnny Depp
#138. One of the most beautiful things in the world is seeing a mommy with her kids. There's nothing more beautiful, nothing more sublime. #Quote by Johnny Depp
Beautiful Things quotes by Jean Cocteau
#139. Art produces ugly things which frequently become more beautiful with time. Fashion, on the other hand, produces beautiful things which always become ugly with time. #Quote by Jean Cocteau
Beautiful Things quotes by Lord Acton
#140. I'm not a driven businessman, but a driven artist. I never think about money. Beautiful things make money. #Quote by Lord Acton
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#141. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Justina Chen
#142. What swells inside me is a love so boundless, I am the sunrise and sunset. I am Liberty Bell in the Cascades. I am Beihai Lake. I am every beautiful, truly beautiful, thing I've ever seen, captured in my personal Geographia, the atlas of myself. #Quote by Justina Chen
Beautiful Things quotes by Dalton Trumbo
#143. An animal can learn to fight, but to sing beautiful things and make people believe them ... #Quote by Dalton Trumbo
Beautiful Things quotes by Travis Thrasher
#144. There are a thousand beautiful things behind that look. A marvelous sort of ache that only a few people know about. Some miraculous sort of sorrow she's managed to walk away from. #Quote by Travis Thrasher
Beautiful Things quotes by Seth King
#145. You're beautiful, and beautiful things don't demand attention. It just gravitates to them. #Quote by Seth King
Beautiful Things quotes by Victor Lodato
#146. There are beautiful things in the world and there are sad things and when they come together they make a star. The light is far away and the strangest part is that the light is inside you. #Quote by Victor Lodato
Beautiful Things quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#147. Please know that there are much better things in life than being lonely or liked or bitter or mean or self conscious. We are all full of shit. Go love someone just because, I know your heart may be badly bruised, or even the victim of numerous knifings but it will always heal even if you don't want it to, it keeps going. There are the most fantastic, beautiful things and people out there, I promise. It's up to you to find them. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#148. Poets are not so scrupulous as you are. They know how useful passion is for publication. Nowadays a broken heart will run to many editions."
"I hate them for it," cried Hallward. "An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them. We live in an age when men treat art as if it were meant to be a form of autobiography. We have lost the abstract sense of beauty. Some day I will show the world what is it; and for that the world shall never see my portrait of Dorian Gray. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Iggy Azalea
#149. No one can break me down. I know my worth and its a beautiful thing. #Quote by Iggy Azalea
Beautiful Things quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
#150. You can see the most beautiful things from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. I read somewhere that people on the street are supposed to look like ants, but that's not true. They look like little people. And the cars look like little cars. And even the buildings look little. It's like New York is a miniature replica of New York, which is nice, because you can see what it's really like, instead of how it feels when you're in the middle of it. #Quote by Jonathan Safran Foer
Beautiful Things quotes by Hayao Miyazaki
#151. Yet, even amidst the hatred and carnage, life is still worth living. It is possible for wonderful encounters and beautiful things to exist. #Quote by Hayao Miyazaki
Beautiful Things quotes by William T. Vollmann
#152. Rising up, rising down! History shambles on! What are we left with? A few half-shattered Greek stelae; Trotsky's eyeglasses; Gandhi's native-spun cloth, Cortes' pieces of solid gold (extorted from their original owner, Montezuma); a little heap of orange peels left on the table by the late Robespierre; John Brown's lengthily underlined letters; Lenin's bottles of invisible ink; one of Di Giovanni's suitcases, with an iron cylinder of gelignite and two glass tubes of acid inside; the Constitution of the Ku Klux Klan; a bruised ear (Napoleon pinched it with loving condescension)... And dead bodies, of course. (They sing about John Brown's body.) Memoirs, manifestoes, civil codes, trial proceedings, photographs, statues, weapons now aestheticized by that selfsame history - the sword of Frederick the Great, and God knows what else. Then dust blows out of fresh graves, and the orange peels go grey, sink, wither, rot away. Sooner or later, every murder becomes quaint. Charlemagne hanged four and a half thousand "rebels" in a single day, but he has achieved a storybook benevolence. And that's only natural: historiography begins after the orange has been sucked,; the peeler believes in the "great and beautiful things," or wants to believe; easy for us to believe likewise, since dust reduced truth and counterfeit to the same greyness - caveat emptor. But ends remain fresh, and means remain inexplicable. Rising up and rising down! And whom shall I save, and who is my enemy, and who is #Quote by William T. Vollmann
Beautiful Things quotes by Robert Grudin
#153. The recalling of beautiful things, whether they are your own experiences or the acheivements of others, is a creative act. Simple ideas can be restated by rote; but profound ideas must be recreated by will and imagination. #Quote by Robert Grudin
Beautiful Things quotes by Alexis Arguello
#154. I believe more in precision, when you have the capability, like when you see a mosquito fly and you're able to hit it, you're able to hit it with a couple of short sharp shots ... it's a beautiful thing. #Quote by Alexis Arguello
Beautiful Things quotes by Clara Schumann
#155. Why hurry over beautiful things? Why not linger and enjoy them? #Quote by Clara Schumann
Beautiful Things quotes by Elaine Scarry
#156. How one walks through the world, the endless small adjustments of balance, is affected by the shifting weights of beautiful things. #Quote by Elaine Scarry
Beautiful Things quotes by Daniel Handler
#157. I couldn't wait to see then again, beautiful things. Extraordinary. #Quote by Daniel Handler
Beautiful Things quotes by Patti Smith
#158. I have great respect for my parents. I got such beautiful things from both of them. It doesn't mean that we didn't have our rough times, but they were remarkable people who were open-minded, creative and hard-working, and had great senses of humor. #Quote by Patti Smith
Beautiful Things quotes by Theresa Lewis
#159. It's time for you to move on and realize that there is so much more to your life than what you see. Let go of your past and never re-live it again. You must take a leap of faith and take hold of all the Amazing and Beautiful things you deserve in life! #Quote by Theresa Lewis
Beautiful Things quotes by Saul Bass
#160. I want everything we do to be beautiful. I don't give a damn whether the client understands that that's worth anything, or that the client thinks it's worth anything, or whether it is worth anything. It's worth it to me. It's the way I want to live my life. I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares. #Quote by Saul Bass
Beautiful Things quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#161. There are so many stars shining in the sky, so many beautiful things winking at you, but when Venus comes out, all the others are waned, they are pushed to the background. #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Beautiful Things quotes by Joshua Hartzell
#162. Loneliness is something that finds us all when we think about it and when we're by ourselves when we don't want to be. It creeps up when we desperately feel like we need someone special but can't seem to find anything more than a friend that wishes they could help. Sometimes a friend cannot be found when your willing to settle for one. Sometimes it passes quickly, and sometimes it sticks around to try to drive us to insanity. Its like a creature lying in wait to take us at our weakest moment, but only toying with us when we give up to it. In the end it always passes. There is always something to appreciate and someone to cheer us up. We adapt and overcome. Life is a gift with much more to it than a passing emotion. All around us are beautiful things to console us. Life is much more than one feeling. It is as great as we let it be. #Quote by Joshua Hartzell
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#163. An artist should create beautiful things, but should put nothing of his own life into them. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Dee Henderson
#164. (Why flowers are so important to the main character)
I need the reminder that God loves to make detailed and beautiful things, and that act of creation is itself a sufficient reason to make them. These flowers will live and die here, the majority of them never seen, even though a busy road is less than a mile away. #Quote by Dee Henderson
Beautiful Things quotes by Cassandra Clare
#165. That Jem makes beautiful things and I destroy them. That it really ought to be me dying and not him. I mean, what's the point of living if you can't even enjoy it? Yet Jem enjoys all the life he's got. It's not fair. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Beautiful Things quotes by Nicki Salcedo
#166. He appreciated all beautiful things. As she stood before him poised, scrutinizing every inch of his face, liable to strike him, he thought she was the most incredible thing he had seen in his life. She didn't step away from fear, she walked up to it. #Quote by Nicki Salcedo
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#167. The only beautiful things, as somebody once said, are the things that do not concern us. As long as a thing is useful or necessary to us, or affects us in any way, either for pain or for pleasure, or appeals strongly to our sympathies, or is a vital part of the environment in which we live, it is outside the proper sphere of art. To art's subjectmatter we should be more or less indifferent. We should, at any rate, have no preferences, no prejudices, no partisan feeling of any kind. It is exactly because Hecuba is nothing to us that her sorrows are such an admirable motive for a tragedy. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
#168. Whenever i find myself losing faith in humanity, i come back to the classical music. They are a great reminder that we are also able to produce beautiful things made out of strong and barely controllable emotions. #Quote by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Beautiful Things quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#169. The most beautiful things can only be created by the most free minds! #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Beautiful Things quotes by Gaston Leroux
#170. Erik: Are you very tired?
Christine: Oh, tonight I gave you my soul, and I am dead.
Erik: Your soul is a beautiful thing, child. No emperor received so fair a gift. The angels wept to-night. #Quote by Gaston Leroux
Beautiful Things quotes by Gerald Durrell
#171. The most wonderful, beautiful things in life are the simple things which we have all forgotten. #Quote by Gerald Durrell
Beautiful Things quotes by Booth Tarkington
#172. Is this life?'Alice wondered, not doubting that the question was original and all her own. 'Is it life to spend your time imagining things that aren't so, and never will be? Beautiful things happen to other people; why should I be the only one they never can happen to? #Quote by Booth Tarkington
Beautiful Things quotes by Robert M. Drake
#173. We are beautiful things, wild things, searching for the brilliance within us. #Quote by Robert M. Drake
Beautiful Things quotes by Raheem Devaughn
#174. I am inspired by so much. I am inspired by women, of course - beautiful women. I am also inspired by not so beautiful things in the world. #Quote by Raheem Devaughn
Beautiful Things quotes by R.J. Palacio
#175. I forgot that I might see So many beautiful things I forgot that I might need To find out what life could bring #Quote by R.J. Palacio
Beautiful Things quotes by Ikechukwu Joseph
#176. Where there is knowledge, the rooms are
furnished with valuable, beautiful things.(GNB) #Quote by Ikechukwu Joseph
Beautiful Things quotes by Elaine Scarry
#177. When we come upon beautiful things they act like small tears in the surface of the world that pull us through to some vaster space. #Quote by Elaine Scarry
Beautiful Things quotes by Socrates
#178. By means of beauty, all beautiful things become beautiful. #Quote by Socrates
Beautiful Things quotes by Oscar Wilde
#179. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. The critic is he who can translate into another manner or a new material his impression of beautiful things. The highest, as the lowest, form of criticism is a mode of autobiography. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Beautiful Things quotes by Nadia Aguiar
#180. One day people will come back. they won't be able to help themselves. People need music and dance and beautiful things. They forget sometimes, but not forever. You'll see. One day, this will be a magical place again. With music and dance and good times and people celebrating. #Quote by Nadia Aguiar
Beautiful Things quotes by Margareta Magnusson
#181. Beautiful things such as an African wooden bird, strange things like a singing magnetic pig, and funny things like a solar-powered waving bear are all things that I adore. My vice is really things. It took me a while to understand this, but you can enjoy all these things without owning them. Even though this may sometimes seem quite hard to do, training yourself to enjoy only looking at things, instead of buying them, is very nice and also a good practice. You really can't take everything with you, so maybe it is better to not try to own it all. #Quote by Margareta Magnusson
Beautiful Things quotes by Lisa Cach
#182. Beautiful things should not be kept behind glass, they should be used. Just as beautiful women should live fully and not let herself turn into a hothouse flower, pampered and useless. #Quote by Lisa Cach
Beautiful Things quotes by Manolo Blahnik
#183. Some people just use beautiful things to just shop or to have a tribal feeling - 'Oh, blah, blah, blah, I'm wearing Hermes; blah, blah, blah, I'm wearing Saint Laurent; blah-blah blah' - because it's like a need, a tribe, recognition: 'Ahh, my Rolex.' But I run away from anything which is too recognizable - it's my nature. #Quote by Manolo Blahnik
Beautiful Things quotes by Cornell Woolrich
#184. It was as simple as that - they met. As simple as only beautiful things can be beautiful, as only life-changing things, turning-point things, can be simple.
("For The Rest Of Her Life") #Quote by Cornell Woolrich
Beautiful Things quotes by Benjamin Alire Saenz
#185. I have this idea stuck in my head that you have to be born beautiful in order to dream beautiful things. God didn't write beautiful on my heart. I'm stuck with all my bad dreams. Bad dreams for bad boys. I guess that's the way it is for me. Look, there's nothing I can do about it. #Quote by Benjamin Alire Saenz
Beautiful Things quotes by Miguel Indurain
#186. To be free and to live a free life - that is the most beautiful thing there is. #Quote by Miguel Indurain
Beautiful Things quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#187. In life, some good and beautiful things can always come to you from almost nowhere, from almost nothingness without giving any notice and unfortunately some bad things too ... #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Beautiful Things quotes by Tim Minchin
#188. Please don't make the mistake of thinking the arts and sciences are at odds with one another. That is a recent, stupid, and damaging idea. You don't have to be unscientific to make beautiful art, to write beautiful things.
If you need proof: Twain, Adams, Vonnegut, McEwen, Sagan, Shakespeare, Dickens. For a start.
You don't need to be superstitious to be a poet. You don't need to hate GM technology to care about the beauty of the planet. You don't have to claim a soul to promote compassion.
Science is not a body of knowledge nor a system of belief; it is just a term which describes humankind's incremental acquisition of understanding through observation. Science is awesome. #Quote by Tim Minchin
Beautiful Things quotes by Steven Morrissey
#189. I think flowers are very beautiful things. Very nice and innocent things. They don't harm anybody. #Quote by Steven Morrissey
Beautiful Things quotes by Annie F. Downs
#190. And to say gracious words is brave. To speak life into someone else takes courage. Whether you are correcting in love, standing up for the voiceless, praying for the sick, or praising and loving others, your words are changing the atmosphere.

Don't be afraid. Be brave. Say the things that will speak truth and heal. Hold your tongue in anger or fear - those are the times when a coward speaks. But when the moment comes to say the gracious thing that will mark a heart forever?

Say it.

Speak love, and watch as beautiful things come to life. #Quote by Annie F. Downs
Beautiful Things quotes by Good Charlotte
#191. I've seen enough now, to know that beautiful things don't always stay that way. #Quote by Good Charlotte
Beautiful Things quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#192. It [being very rich] used to worry me, and I thought it wrong to have so many beautiful things when others had nothing. Now I realize that it is possible for the rich to sin by coveting the privileges of the poor. The poor have always been the favourites of God and his saints, but I believe that is is one of the special achievements of Grace to sanctify the whole of life, riches included. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Beautiful Things quotes by Jo Walton
#193. Anyway, while most people can't see fairies anyway because they don't believe in them, seeing them isn't a bad thing. Some of the most beautiful things I've ever seen have been fairies. #Quote by Jo Walton
Beautiful Things quotes by Mary Oliver
#194. At Blackwater Pond
At Blackwater Pond the tossed waters have settled
after a night of rain.
I dip my cupped hands. I drink
a long time. It tastes
like stone, leaves, fire. It falls cold
into my body, waking the bones. I hear them
deep inside me, whispering
oh what is that beautiful thing
that just happened? #Quote by Mary Oliver
Beautiful Things quotes by Talib Kweli
#195. The beautiful thing about hip-hop is it's like an audio collage. You can take any form of music and do it in a hip-hop way and it'll be a hip-hop song. That's the only music you can do that with. #Quote by Talib Kweli
Beautiful Things quotes by Max Azria
#196. The beautiful thing about L.A. is that you have 50 countries in one county. Diversity brings power and muscle. #Quote by Max Azria
Beautiful Things quotes by Daniel Simon
#197. Also one of my heroes is Syd Mead, who designed the vehicles for the first Tron, So, there are so many beautiful things happening here. And working with Joe was great. He's an architect, so I worked with other directors in between who were just about the action #Quote by Daniel Simon
Beautiful Things quotes by Chingiz Aitmatov
#198. The only thing I'll never have is what I have lost for ever and ever ... As long as I live, until I draw my last breath, I shall remember Asel and all those beautiful things that were ours. The day I was to leave I went to the lake and stood on the rise above it. I was saying good-bye to the Tien Shan mountains, to Issyk-Kul. Good-bye, Issyk-Kul, my unfinished song! How I wish I could take you with me, your blue waters and your yellow shores, but I can't, just as I can't take the woman I love with me. Goodbye, Asel. Good-bye, my pretty poplar in a red kerchief! Good-bye, my love, I want you to be happy ... #Quote by Chingiz Aitmatov
Beautiful Things quotes by Alexander Grothendieck
#199. In fact, most of these comrades who I gauged to be more brilliant than I have gone on to become distinguished mathematicians. Still, from the perspective of thirty or thirty-five years, I can state that their imprint upon the mathematics of our time has not been very profound. They've all done things, often beautiful things, in a context that was already set out before them, which they had no inclination to disturb. Without being aware of it, they've remained prisoners of those invisible and despotic circles which delimit the universe of a certain milieu in a given era. To have broken these bounds they would have had to rediscover in themselves that capability which was their birthright, as it was mine: the capacity to be alone. #Quote by Alexander Grothendieck
Beautiful Things quotes by Franz Cizek
#200. The most beautiful things in the creating of the child are his "mistakes." The more a child's work is full of these individual mistakes the more wonderful it is. And the more a teacher removes them from the child's work the duller, more desolate and impersonal it becomes. #Quote by Franz Cizek
Beautiful Things quotes by Roland Merullo
#201. The real work was the identification of those aspects of yourself that led to what he called "the negative emotions" - anger, envy, bitterness, greed, cynicism, hatred and the like - things that poured hurt into an already overfull world. #Quote by Roland Merullo
Beautiful Things quotes by Amy Harmon
#202. But maybe you see beauty in me because you are beautiful, not because I am. #Quote by Amy Harmon
Beautiful Things quotes by Mavis Leno
#203. Tenacity isn't just the most important thing, it's the only thing. #Quote by Mavis Leno
Beautiful Things quotes by John Henry Newman
#204. It is seldom we have the heart to throw ourselves, if I may so speak, on the Divine Arm; we dare not trust ourselves on the waters, though Christ bids us. We have not St. Peter's love to ask leave to come to him upon the sea. When we once are filled with that heavenly charity, we can do all things, because we attempt all things - for to attempt is to do. #Quote by John Henry Newman
Beautiful Things quotes by Nien Cheng
#205. Since the very beginning of the Communist regime, I had carefully studied books on Marxism and pronouncements by Chinese Communist Party leaders. It seemed to me that socialism in China was still very much an experiment nad had no fixed course of development for the country had yet been decided upon. This, I thought, was why the government's policy was always changing, like a pendulum swinging from left to right and back again. When things went to extremes and problems emerged. Beijing would take corrective measures. Then these very corrective measures went too far and had to be corrected. The real difficulty was, of course, that a state-controlled economy only stifled productivity, and economic planning from Beijing ignored local conditions and killed incentive.

When a policy changed from above, the standards of values changed with it. What was right yesterday became wrong today, and visa versa. Thus the words and actions of a Communist Party official at the lower level were valid for a limited time only... The Cultural Revolution seemed to me to be a swing to the left. Sooner or later, when it had gone too far, corrective measures would be taken. The people would have a few months or a few years of respite until the next political campaign. Mao Zedong believed that political campaigns were the motivating force for progress. So I thought the Proletarian Cultural Revolution was just one of an endless series of upheavals the Chinese people must learn to put up with #Quote by Nien Cheng
Beautiful Things quotes by Elizabeth Eiler
#206. Diversity is one of humanity's greatest strengths – so be yourself. Find out what makes you look and feel beautiful in your own eyes. Vigorous womanhood can look any way you want it to and can encompass whatever elevates your life and allows you to live your unique spiritual purpose. #Quote by Elizabeth Eiler
Beautiful Things quotes by Philip Roth
#207. Whoever looks for the writer's thinking in the words and thoughts of his characters is looking in the wrong direction. Seeking out a writer's "thoughts" violates the richness of the mixture that is the very hallmark of the novel. The thought of the novelist that matters most is the thought that makes him a novelist.

The thought of the novelist lies not in the remarks of his characters or even in their introspection but in the plight he has invented for his characters, in the juxtaposition of those characters and in the lifelike ramifications of the ensemble they make - their density, their substantiality, their lived existence actualized in all its nuanced particulars, is in fact his thought metabolized.

The thought of the writer lies in his choice of an aspect of reality previously unexamined in the way that he conducts an examination. The thought of the writer is embedded everywhere in the course of the novel's action. The thought of the writer is figured invisibly in the elaborate pattern - in the newly emerging constellation of imagined things - that is the architecture of the book: what Aristotle called simply "the arrangement of the parts," the "matter of size and order." The thought of the novel is embodied in the moral focus of the novel. The tool with which the novelist thinks is the scrupulosity of his style. Here, in all this, lies whatever magnitude his thought may have.

The novel, then, is in itself his mental world. A novel #Quote by Philip Roth
Beautiful Things quotes by Kristen Ashley
#208. Then he said quietly in my ear, For a long time, a long fuckin' time, Faye, nearly six years, I thought it was certain I'd never have anything as beautiful as the last three minutes. Thank you, honey, for giving that to me. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Beautiful Things quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#209. Of real sensational journalism, as it exists in France, in Ireland, and in America, we have no trace in this country. When a journalist in Ireland wishes to create a thrill, he creates a thrill worth talking about. He denounces a leading Irish member for corruption, or he charges the whole police system with a wicked and definite conspiracy. When a French journalist desires a frisson there is a frisson; he discovers, let us say, that the President of the Republic has murdered three wives. Our yellow journalists invent quite as unscrupulously as this; their moral condition is, as regards careful veracity, about the same. But it is their mental calibre which happens to be such that they can only invent calm and even reassuring things. The fictitious version of the massacre of the envoys of Pekin was mendacious, but it was not interesting, except to those who had private reasons for terror or sorrow. It was not connected with any bold and suggestive view of the Chinese situation. It revealed only a vague idea that nothing could be impressive except a great deal of blood. Real sensationalism, of which
I happen to be very fond, may be either moral or immoral. But even when it is most immoral, it requires moral courage. For it is one of the most dangerous things on earth genuinely to surprise anybody. If you make any sentient creature jump, you render it by no means improbable that it will jump on you. But the leaders of this movement have no moral courage or immoral courage; #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Beautiful Things quotes by Samuel Johnson
#210. It is true that of far the greater part of things, we must content ourselves with such knowledge as description may exhibit, or analogy supply; but it is true likewise, that these ideas are always incomplete, and that at least, till we have compared them with realities, we do not know them to be just. As we see more, we become possessed of more certainties, and consequently gain more principles of reasoning, and found a wider base of analogy. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Beautiful Things quotes by Jaachynma N.E. Agu
#211. Gratitude is a Beautiful Virtue but don't get offended when ingratitude is shown or your good deeds. #Quote by Jaachynma N.E. Agu
Beautiful Things quotes by Frederic Bastiat
#212. Imagine a state of affairs in which, for each man killed in action, two spring from the ground full of strength and energy. If there is a planet where such things happen, war, it must be admitted, is conducted there under conditions so different from those we see down here that it no longer deserves even to be called by the same name. #Quote by Frederic Bastiat
Beautiful Things quotes by Marcus Tullius Cicero
#213. All things tend to corrupt perverted minds. #Quote by Marcus Tullius Cicero
Beautiful Things quotes by Avijeet Das
#214. You are beautiful. Yes, you are beautiful. You are beautiful in all your inimitable ways. You are beautiful in all your charming ways. You are beautiful in all your unique ways. Yes you are beautiful! You are beautiful! You are beautiful in all your inimitable ways. You are beautiful in spite of what they call as your flaws, quirks, and weirdness. You are beautiful in all your unique ways. Don't believe them who say you are not beautiful. They are insecure people who say you are not beautiful! Yes you are beautiful! You are magical because of all your flaws, quirks, and weirdness! Yes you are beautiful in your own unique way. Your imperfections make you unique and beautiful! Yes you are beautiful! You are uniquely beautiful! You are beautiful in your magical way! #Quote by Avijeet Das
Beautiful Things quotes by Eva Ibbotson
#215. Adventures, once they were over, were things that had to stay inside one
that no one else could quite understand. #Quote by Eva Ibbotson
Beautiful Things quotes by Alfred De Musset
#216. The most despairing songs are the most beautiful, and I know some immortal ones that are pure tears. #Quote by Alfred De Musset
Beautiful Things quotes by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
#217. Most of the time we are trying to make the good things last, or we are thinking about replacing them with something even better in the future, or we are sunk in the past, reminiscing about happier times. Ironically, we never truly appreciated the experience for which we are nostalgic because we were too busy clinging to our hopes and fears at the time. #Quote by Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse
Beautiful Things quotes by Hector Ruiz
#218. In this new world, with smartphones and tablets and cloud computing, things are moving around fast. #Quote by Hector Ruiz
Beautiful Things quotes by Akhil   Sharma
#219. After four or five months of reading Hemingway, I decided to write a story. I had in the past written stories for English classes. These had all been about white people, because white people's stories seemed to matter more. Also, I hadn't known how to write about Indians. How would I translate the various family relations, the difference between an uncle who is a father's brother and an uncle who is a mother's brother? Having read Hemingway, I knew that I should just push all the exotic things to the side as if they didn't matter, that this was how one used exoticism - by not bothering to explain.

The first story I wrote was about my brother coughing. I woke one night to the sound of Birju coughing downstairs and then could not go back to sleep. To be woken this way and not be able to return to sleep struck me as sad enough to merit a reader's attention. Also, Hemingway had written a story about a man being woken because somebody is dying nearby, and the man is forced to witness the death.

I got up from my bed and turned on the light. I then returned to bed with a spiral-bound notebook and placed it against my knees. I began my story in the middle of the action the way Hemingway did. I wrote:

The coughing wakes me. My wife coughs and coughs, and then when her throat is clear, she moans. The nurse's aide moves back and forth downstairs. The hospital bed jingles.

I wrote that it was a spouse coughing because that seemed something a re #Quote by Akhil Sharma
Beautiful Things quotes by Brandon Steiner
#220. Occasionally when you're in that zone, striving to operate at your highest levels, you get consumed. You forget to eat and shower. But that can be a good thing. No one makes money eating or showering. #Quote by Brandon Steiner
Beautiful Things quotes by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
#221. I have a beautiful collection of knifes but not mine.these are deposit belongs to those who forgot in my back #Quote by Mohammed Zaki Ansari
Beautiful Things quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#222. You're constantly changing man. But the film's not changing. The film stays the same. That's the beautiful aspect of it. #Quote by Stanley Kubrick
Beautiful Things quotes by Holly Black
#223. Everything was strange and beautiful and swollen with possibilities. #Quote by Holly Black
Beautiful Things quotes by Jason Sheehan
#224. And that's the way of time fucking with you. Making a lie out of every thought you think. Deforming truth with the certainty of retrospect. Ain't none of us can be sure of anything anymore. Of the private histories we spin, least of all. But I am trying. And if I don't get the actualities of things down proper, I am at least trying to fix the notion of them. To be true to my recollections of them. That's the best I can manage. #Quote by Jason Sheehan
Beautiful Things quotes by Sarah Dessen
#225. When faced with the scariest of things, all you want to do is turn away, hide in your own invisible place. But you can't. That's why it's not only important for us to be seen, but to have someone to look for us, as well. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Beautiful Things quotes by Angelina Jolie
#226. I've often felt unattractive or different looking. As I've grown up, I've felt more comfortable in my own skin. It may sound cliche, but when you feel beautiful and strong on the inside, it shows on the outside. #Quote by Angelina Jolie
Beautiful Things quotes by N. T. Wright
#227. In the same way many Christians
whole generations of them, sometimes entire denominations
have in their possession a book which will do a thousand things not only in and for them but through them in the world. And they use it to sustain only three or four things they already do. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Beautiful Things quotes by Iyanla Vanzant
#228. My grandma always said, "Trouble is what God uses to prepare you for better things!" If you have trouble in your life, you are in a valley. If you are in a valley, you are being prepared for something bigger, better, greater; something you probably could not handle now. #Quote by Iyanla Vanzant
Beautiful Things quotes by Dallin H. Oaks
#229. The principles stated in the proclamation on the family are a beautiful expression of this gospel culture. #Quote by Dallin H. Oaks
Beautiful Things quotes by Lauren Bowles
#230. I don't really ever think in terms of what type of person I'd love to play. I usually just read stuff and can tell. It's always fun to get to do things that stretch you and that you don't get to do a lot, but you never know until you see it. #Quote by Lauren Bowles
Beautiful Things quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#231. Be careful how you suggest things to me. For there is in me a madness which goes beyond martyrdom, the madness of an utterly idle man. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Beautiful Things quotes by Tom Ford
#232. Part of fashion is newness. It's got to be a new combination of elements that's shocking-stunning-beautiful all at the same time. But it doesn't have any emotion. #Quote by Tom Ford
Beautiful Things quotes by Chris Dietzel
#233. Maybe that's why I get frustrated sometimes, because there's no one to blame for how our lives have turned out. I wouldn't change any of the things I've done, but at the same time I wish things were different than they are. I have no regrets, but there's also no satisfaction in where I am. #Quote by Chris Dietzel
Beautiful Things quotes by Nathan Oliveira
#234. For me, painting is that magical material, that beautiful stuff that was invented, the ground-up pigments in oil which makes it very malleable. It can be manipulated and changed, darkened, lightened, given different hues and colors, so that by manipulating this material somehow I can find that figure I'm looking for, that figure that represents all the issues I'm bringing up and addressing. #Quote by Nathan Oliveira
Beautiful Things quotes by George Eliot
#235. They are always wanting reasons, yet they are too ignorant to understand the merits of any question, and usually fall back on their moral sense to settle things after their own taste." Evidently #Quote by George Eliot
Beautiful Things quotes by Lactantius
#236. The prophets, who were very many, proclaim and declare the one God; for, being filled with the inspiration of the one God, they predicted things to come, with agreeing and harmonious voice. #Quote by Lactantius
Beautiful Things quotes by Nick Youngquest
#237. Manipulate your diet until you find something that works for you. I think people get bogged down with trying to go to the gym and doing too much cardio and lifting too much weight. Really, if you're eating well and eating at the right times, and consuming the right things, it's really helpful. #Quote by Nick Youngquest
Beautiful Things quotes by Deborah Ellis
#238. We have to remember this," Parvana said. "When things get better and we grow up, we have to remember that there was a day when we were kids when we stood in a graveyard and dug up bones to sell so that our families could eat. #Quote by Deborah Ellis
Beautiful Things quotes by Thomas Sowell
#239. What all these lofty and vague phrases boil down to is that the court can impose things that the voters don't want and the Constitution does not require, but which are in vogue in circles to which the court responds. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Beautiful Things quotes by Usain Bolt
#240. I don't have a clue. These things don't bother me. I think about the technical stuff but not how many steps or what my heart rate is. #Quote by Usain Bolt
Beautiful Things quotes by Nicholson Baker
#241. The neurons that do expire are the ones that made imitation possible. When you are capable of skillful imitation, the sweep of choices before you is too large; but when your brain loses its spare capacity, and along with it some agility, some joy in winging it, and the ambition to do things that don't suit it, then you finally have to settle down to do well the few things that your brain really can do well
the rest no longer seems pressing and distracting, because it is now permanently out of reach. The feeling that you are stupider than you were is what finally interests you in the really complex subjects of life: in change, in experience, in the ways other people have adjusted to disappointment and narrowed ability. You realize that you are no prodigy, your shoulders relax, and you begin to look around you, seeing local color unrivaled by blue glows of algebra and abstraction. #Quote by Nicholson Baker

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