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Beardless quotes by John Milton
#1. A beardless cynic is the shame of nature. #Quote by John Milton
Beardless quotes by Dean Koontz
#2. I am twenty years old. To a world-wise adult, I am little more than a child. To any child, however, I am old enough to be distrusted, to be excluded forever from the magical community of the short and beardless. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Beardless quotes by Ian Caldwell
#3. The Bible never tells us what Jesus looked like, and in the earliest surviving paintings of him, he is sometimes depicted as short-haired, sometimes as beardless, with no authoritative version winning out over the others. Yet around 400 A.D., all of the other competing images were replaced by the long-haired, bearded Jesus we know today. #Quote by Ian Caldwell
Beardless quotes by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#4. Surrender one hair, and you'll end up beardless. #Quote by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Beardless quotes by K.M. Shea
#5. We," King Lot said, his eyes cold and piercing. "Will refuse any gifts this beardless boy offers us."

"Is there a reason why he is so obsessed with my lack of a beard?" Britt sighed. #Quote by K.M. Shea
Beardless quotes by Edmond Francois Valentin About
#6. At about six in the morning of July 3, 1860, while I was watering my petunias, and thinking of nothing in particular, I perceived coming towards me, a tall, beardless, fair-haired young fellow, wearing a German cap and gold-rimmed spectacles. #Quote by Edmond Francois Valentin About
Beardless quotes by C.S. Lewis
#7. And what about you? You must be some kind of beardless dwarf?"
"I'm not a dwarf! I'm a girl. And actually I'm tallest in my class."
"You mean to say, that you're a daughter of Eve?"
"Well my mum's name is Helen ... "
"Y-yes, but, you are in fact ... human? #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Beardless quotes by John Banville
#8. Years ago, he shaved off his beard, without telling her, just appeared at the breakfast table one morning with half his face missing, or so it seemed to her in the first, shocked moment of seeing him. If she had met him in the street she would not have recognised him, except for his eyes. How strange he looked, grotesque, almost, with those indecently naked cheeks and the chin flat and square like the blunt edge of a stone axe. It was as if the top part of his head had been taken off and carved and trimmed and jammed down into the scooped-out jaws of a stranger. She almost wept, but he went on eating his toast as if nothing had happened. He had bought a cut-throat razor with an ivory handle, an antique thing from the last century; he showed it to her in its black velvet box lined with scarlet satin. She could not look at it without a shiver. He liked to show off his skill with it, and would leave the bathroom door open so she could admire the deft way he wielded the dangerous, gleaming thing, holding it at an elegant angle between fingertips and thumb, his little finger fastidiously crooked, and sweeping the blade raspingly through the snow-like foam. Harsh light above the bath and the steely shine of the mirror and one dark, humorously cocked eye glancing at her sideways from the glass. Where is it now, she wonders, that razor? In a week or two he got tired of using it and let his beard grow back. #Quote by John Banville
Beardless quotes by Neil Gaiman
#9. Mr. Charles Dickens was serializing his novel Oliver Twist; Mr. Draper had just taken the first photograph of the moon, freezing her pale face on cold paper; Mr. Morse had recently announced a way of transmitting messages down metal wires. Had you mentioned magic or Faerie to any of them, they would have smiled at you disdainfully, except, perhaps for Mr. Dickens, at the time a young man, and beardless. He would have looked at you wistfully. #Quote by Neil Gaiman

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