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Beardless Man quotes by Walter Isaacson
#1. I used to be an angry man myself. I'm a recovering assaholic so I could recognize that in Steve. (quoting Jean-Louis Gassée) #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Beardless Man quotes by Stephen L. Richards
#2. Debt robs a man of much of the energy and support which he is otherwise able to give to the church and to other good causes. #Quote by Stephen L. Richards
Beardless Man quotes by Ella Dominguez
#3. She did, after all, like a bit of menace in her men. She also liked it rough when it came right down to it. Or at least the idea of rough. No man had ever actually given her what she really wanted, or needed for that matter. #Quote by Ella Dominguez
Beardless Man quotes by Cheryl Strayed
#4. When you meet a man in the doorway of a Mexican restaurant who later kisses you while explaining that this kiss doesn't "mean anything" because, much as he likes you, he is not interested in having a relationship with you or anyone right now, just laugh and kiss him back. Your daughter will have his sense of humor. Your son will have his eyes. #Quote by Cheryl Strayed
Beardless Man quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#5. There is no such thing as a natural death: nothing that happens to a man is ever natural, since his presence calls the world into question. All men must die: but for every man his death is an accident and, even if he knows it and consents to it, an unjustifiable violation. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Beardless Man quotes by Mario Puzo
#6. I have always believed helping your fellow man is profitable in every sense, personally and bottom line. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Beardless Man quotes by Felix J. Palma
#7. There is little more I can add short of dissecting the man, or going into intimate details such as the modest proportions and slight southeasterly curvature of his manhood. #Quote by Felix J. Palma
Beardless Man quotes by C.S. Lewis
#8. Tu-whoo! Ahem! Lord Regent," said the Owl, stooping down a little and holding its beak near the Dwarf's ear.
"Heh? What's that?" said the Dwarf.
"Two strangers, my Lord," said the Owl.
"Rangers! What d'ye mean?" said the Dwarf. "I see two uncommonly grubby man-cubs. What do they want?"
"My name's Jill," said Jill, pressing forward. She was very eager to explain the important business on which they had come.
"The girl's called Jill," said the Owl, as loud as it could.
"What's that?" said the Dwarf. "The girls are all killed! I don't believe a word of it. What girls? Who killed 'em?"
"Only one girl, my Lord," said the Owl. "Her name is Jill."
"Speak up, speak up," said the Dwarf. "Don't stand there buzzing and twittering in my ear. Who's been killed?"
"Nobody's been killed," hooted the Owl.
"All right, all right. You needn't shout. I'm not so deaf as all that. What do you mean by coming here to tell me that nobody's been killed? Why should anyone have been killed?"
"Better tell him I'm Eustace," said Scrubb.
"The boy's Eustace, my Lord," hooted the Owl as loud as it could.
"Useless?" said the Dwarf irritably. "I dare say he is. Is that any reason for bringing him to court? Hey?"
"Not useless," said the Owl. "EUSTACE."
"Used to it, is he? I don't know what you're talking about, I'm sure. I'll tell you what it is, Master Glimfeather; when I was a young Dwarf the #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Beardless Man quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#9. Every man having been born free and master of himself, no one else may under any pretext whatever subject him without his consent. To assert that the son of a slave is born a slave is to assert that he is not born a man. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Beardless Man quotes by Robin Williams
#10. I always wanted to play a big, black man, but that would cost too much make-up. #Quote by Robin Williams
Beardless Man quotes by Frankie Knuckles
#11. I think women's ears are a lot more sensitive. Men are going to follow whatever appeals to women. #Quote by Frankie Knuckles
Beardless Man quotes by Miguel Cabrera
#12. I made a mistake and I'll work in the season to be better. It's part of life to be a man and don't try to hide something if it's broken. #Quote by Miguel Cabrera
Beardless Man quotes by Leife Shallcross
#13. He is not a CREATURE.
He is a GOOD MAN! #Quote by Leife Shallcross
Beardless Man quotes by Camillus De Lellis
#14. Think well. Speak well. Do well. These three things, through the mercy of God, will make a man go to Heaven. #Quote by Camillus De Lellis
Beardless Man quotes by Virginia Woolf
#15. The chief glory of a woman is not to be talked of, said Pericles, himself a much-talked-of-man. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Beardless Man quotes by Robert Bolt
#16. When a man takes an oath, Meg, he's holding his own self in his own hands. Like water (he cups his hands) and if he opens his fingers then, he needn't hope to find himself again. Some men aren't capable of this, but I'd be loathe to think your father one of them. #Quote by Robert Bolt
Beardless Man quotes by Christopher Morley
#17. Happiness is surely the best teacher of good manners: only the unhappy are churlish in deportment. #Quote by Christopher Morley
Beardless Man quotes by Agatha Christie
#18. He was a man of between sixty and seventy. From a little distance he had the bland aspect of a philanthropist. His slightly bald head, his domed forehead, the smiling mouth that displayed a very white set of false teeth, all seemed to speak of a benevolent personality. Only the eyes belied this assumption. They were small, deep set and crafty. Not only that. As the man, making some remark to his young companion, glanced across the room, his gaze stopped on Poirot for a moment, and just for that second there was a strange malevolence, and unnatural tensity in the glance. Then #Quote by Agatha Christie
Beardless Man quotes by Diana Peterfreund
#19. He hesitated. "Nothing, man. What are you doing right now?"
I looked down. "Petting my snake."
Malcolm laughed. "With anyone else, that would be a metaphor. Good thing I can always count on you. #Quote by Diana Peterfreund
Beardless Man quotes by Stephen King
#20. The ass of a man is the piston that drives the world, and you have a good one. In my prime, I would have corked it with my thumb and then eaten you alive. Preferably by the pool of Le Meridien in Monte Carlo, with an admiring audience to applaud my frontside and backside efforts. #Quote by Stephen King
Beardless Man quotes by T.R. Fehrenbach
#21. The man who will go where his colors go, without asking, who will fight a phantom foe in the jungle and mountain range, without counting, and who will suffer and die in the midst of incredible hardship, without complaint, is still what he has always been, from Imperial Rome to sceptered Britain to democratic America. He is the stuff of which legions are made. His pride is in his colors and his regiment, his training hard and thorough and coldly realistic, to fit him for what he must face and his obedience is to his orders. He has been called United States Marine. #Quote by T.R. Fehrenbach
Beardless Man quotes by Max Beerbohm
#22. If a man carry his sense of proportion far enough, lo! he is back at the point from which he started. He knows that eternity, as conceived by him, is but an instant in eternity, and infinity but a speck in infinity. #Quote by Max Beerbohm
Beardless Man quotes by Wladimir Klitschko
#23. The man without a chin, no stamina, dead man, broken man, whatever. On your way to the top, you always get some criticism. Criticism is a great motivation. Failure is not an option to me. #Quote by Wladimir Klitschko
Beardless Man quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#24. A man may love you and yet not love Wormtongue or his counsels. #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Beardless Man quotes by John C. Maxwell
#25. A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Beardless Man quotes by Alfred De Musset
#26. Poets represent love as sculptors design beauty, as musicians create melody; that is to say, endowed with an exquisite nervous organization, they gather up with discerning ardor the purest elements of life, the most beautiful lines of matter, and the most harmonious voices of nature. There lived, it is said, at Athens a great number of beautiful girls; Praxiteles drew them all one after another; then from these diverse types of beauty, each one of which had its defects, he formed a single faultless beauty and created Venus. The man who first created a musical instrument, and who gave to harmony its rules and its laws, had for a long time listened to the murmuring of reeds and the singing of birds. Thus the poets, who understand life, after knowing much of love, more or less transitory, after feeling that sublime exaltation which real passion can for the moment inspire, eliminating from human nature all that degrades it, created the mysterious names which through the ages fly from lip to lip: Daphnis and Chloe, Hero and Leander, Pyramus and Thisbe.

To try to find in real life such love as this, eternal and absolute, is but to seek on public squares a woman such as Venus, or to expect nightingales to sing the symphonies of Beethoven. #Quote by Alfred De Musset
Beardless Man quotes by Louis Bayard
#27. I'm a man of a certain age - old enough to have been every kind of fool- and I find to my surprise that the only counsel I have to pass on is this: Never let your name be found in a dead man's trousers. #Quote by Louis Bayard
Beardless Man quotes by Josh Billings
#28. When a man gets talking about himself, he seldom fails to be eloquent and often reaches the sublime. #Quote by Josh Billings
Beardless Man quotes by Rocky Marciano
#29. Roland La Starza was tough, but Ezzard Charles was the toughest man I ever fought. I learned what pain was all about when I fought him. #Quote by Rocky Marciano
Beardless Man quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
#30. Counsel involving right and wrong should never be sought from a man who does not say his prayers. #Quote by Fulton J. Sheen
Beardless Man quotes by H.G.Wells
#31. For three centuries the life of the Hebrews was like the life of a man who insists upon living in the middle of a busy thoroughfare, and is consequently being run over constantly by omnibuses and motor-lorries. Pul #Quote by H.G.Wells
Beardless Man quotes by Mort Sahl
#32. I never met a man I didn't like until I met Will Rogers. #Quote by Mort Sahl
Beardless Man quotes by Victor Hugo
#33. The merciful precepts of Christ will at last suffuse the Code and it will glow with their radiance. Crime will be considered an illness with its own doctors to replace your judges and its hospitals to replace your prisons. Liberty shall be equated with health. Ointments and oil shall be applied to limbs that were once shackled and branded. Infirmities that once were scourged with anger shall now be bathed with love. The cross in place of the gallows: sublime and yet so simple. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Beardless Man quotes by Peter Ackroyd
#34. The air itself is one vast library, on whose pages are for ever written all that man has ever said or woman whispered. #Quote by Peter Ackroyd
Beardless Man quotes by Djuna Barnes
#35. No man really wants his freedom. He gets a habit as quickly as possible
it is a form of immortality #Quote by Djuna Barnes

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