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Be Me quotes by Denise Grover Swank
#1. Everything just feels so right when I'm with you, Scarlett. I can be me. But it's more than that. You give me something I haven't had in a long time, if ever. You give me peace. It's like the jumbled mess in my head can settle down, and I can be still with you. Like none of the other stuff matters." His voice catches, and he swallows. "I had a bad day and usually I'd get shitfaced drunk, but the only thing I could think of was I had to see you. #Quote by Denise Grover Swank
Be Me quotes by Aleksandar Hemon
#2. I do not know how old I was when I learned to play chess. I could not have been older than eight, because I still have a chessboard on whose side my father inscribed, with a soldering iron, "Saša Hemon 1972." I loved the board more than chess - it was one of the first things I owned. Its materiality was enchanting to me: the smell of burnt wood that lingered long after my father had branded it; the rattle of the thickly varnished pieces inside, the smacking sound they made when I put them down, the board's hollow wooden echo. I can even recall the taste - the queen's tip was pleasantly suckable; the pawns' round heads, not unlike nipples, were sweet. The board is still at our place in Sarajevo, and, even if I haven't played a game on it in decades, it is still my most cherished possession, providing incontrovertible evidence that there once lived a boy who used to be me. #Quote by Aleksandar Hemon
Be Me quotes by Meara O'Hara
#3. I suddenly felt the weight lift off my shoulders as the whole world seemed wild and wonderful. I closed my eyes, holding my breath, trying to hold onto the moment. I wanted to forget that it wouldn't last forever. I wanted to forget that I couldn't be the wind. I wanted to forget that when the car stopped, I would be me and he would be him again. #Quote by Meara O'Hara
Be Me quotes by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
#4. I will be me,
when world aberrantly
will feel, my gravity!
I will turn into my,
when their shrill cry
will stop asking why!
(Poem:Because you so wanna meet me, Book: Ginger and Honey) #Quote by Jasleen Kaur Gumber
Be Me quotes by Ned Vizzini
#5. I know a lot of famous people didn't do well at school, like James Brown; he dropped out in fifth grade to be an entertainer, I respect that ... but that's not going to be me. I'm not going to be able to do anything but work as hard as possible all the time and compete with everyone I know all the time to make it. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Be Me quotes by Italo Calvino
#6. And in this self-expression I put all the thoughts I had about her, I released the anger she made me feel, my amorous way of thinking about her, my determination to exist for her, the desire for me to be me, and for her to be her, and the love for myself that I put in my love for her
all the things that could be said only in that conch shell wound into a spiral. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Be Me quotes by Leila Sales
#7. I didn't need to be the most exciting, beautiful, beloved girl in the world. I just needed not to be me anymore. #Quote by Leila Sales
Be Me quotes by Anita Moorjani
#8. Dying to be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing. #Quote by Anita Moorjani
Be Me quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#9. People can be, like, "you're not really that important for me to stay." And they expect me to say things like, "I can show you how important I am, more than the others", thus expecting this whole dance-of-the-human to ensue. Listen, I don't do dance-of-the-human. I am here in this place where moonlight is the only light and I don't need to be the Sun. The Moon is okay. And some people prefer the Sun, and that's okay too. I have cozy things where I am: quietness and a cat. And big windows and tea. I can let people like other things that are not me. I'm not going to be doing that dance with you. If you want to stay with me, it's going to be because you want to be near me and if you don't want to be near me then that means you want to be near someone or something else. That's okay. I don't have to be everything. I only have to be me. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Be Me quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#10. I'm not a fan of country music, but there's no better music to drive to. Turn the right song up loud enough on the Porsche's sound system and it will swallow you whole. The past is prelude and the future is a black hole, but right now, hurtling north across state lines for no particular reason, I have to say, it feels pretty good to be me. #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Be Me quotes by Jerry Springer
#11. I'm always playing a role, whether it's the role of the mayor, the role of a news anchor, or a role of a crazy talk-show host. But there was a specific function. 'On Dancing With The Stars', I had nothing to do but be me, schlepping around the floor. And when I host 'America's Got Talent', that's really me just talking to regular folks. #Quote by Jerry Springer
Be Me quotes by Alice Jamieson
#12. One weekend it rained for 48 hours without stopping. The rain beat like bony fingers against the window panes. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Fungus was growing on the walls. I polished off a bottle of gin sitting huddled over the two-bar electric fire and wrote a poem, one of the few that has lasted through the moves and the years. It is called 'Where Can I Go?'
If this is not the place where tears are understood where do I go to cry?
If this is not the place where my spirits can take wing where do I go to fly?
If this is not the place where my feelings can be heard where do I go to speak?
If this is not the place where you'll accept me as I am where can I go to be me?
If this is not the place where I can try and learn and grow where can I go to laugh and cry? #Quote by Alice Jamieson
Be Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#13. One of you guys is going to have to feed the vampiric lawyer some blood and it can't be me. (Caleb) Why? You afraid of a little bite? I'm anemic. (Nick) And I'm Catholic. Doesn't that knock me out of the running? (Nick) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Be Me quotes by Miranda July
#14. So this was what it was like not to be me. #Quote by Miranda July
Be Me quotes by Laura Marling
#15. I'm incredibly neurotic and a control freak. I like the thought that if there's going to be anyone to blame it's going to be me. #Quote by Laura Marling
Be Me quotes by Harper Lee
#16. What's bothering you, son?"
Jem came to the point: "Mr. Ewell."
"What has happened?"
"Nothing's happened. We're scared for you, and we think you oughta do something about him."
Atticus smiled wryly. "Do what? Put him under a peace bond?"
"When a man says he's gonna get you, looks like he means it."
"He meant it when he said it," said Atticus. "Jem, see if you can stand in Bob Ewell's shoes a minute. I destroyed his last shred of credibility at that trial, if he had any to begin with. The man had to have some kind of comeback, his kind always does. So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella Ewell one extra beating, that's something I'll gladly take. He had to take it out on somebody and I'd rather it be me than that houseful of children out there. You understand? #Quote by Harper Lee
Be Me quotes by Brian K. Vaughan
#17. I'm not buried in that plot, Karoline. Some woman claiming to be me from the future is."
"Why do they call it a plot, anyway?"
"Because this is how every story ends. #Quote by Brian K. Vaughan
Be Me quotes by Sarah Waters
#18. You're not sure? Look at your own fingers. Are you not sure, if they are yours? Look at any part of you - it might be me that you are looking at! We are the same, you and I. We have been cut, two halves, from the same piece of shinning matter. Oh, I could say, I love you - that is a simple thing to say, the sort of thing your sister might say to her husband. I could say that in a prison letter, four times a year. but my spirit does not love yours - it is entwined with it. Our flesh does not love: our flesh is the same, and longs to leap to itself. It must do that or wither! You are like me. #Quote by Sarah Waters
Be Me quotes by Larissa Ione
#19. I will bear this pain for you," he swore. "If one of us has to bleed, it will be me. It'll always be me. #Quote by Larissa Ione
Be Me quotes by Ilona Andrews
#20. You're right, my problems are the biggest problems ever," George said. "No, honestly, it's horrible to be me. I'm rich, talented, and I make girls cry."
"How do you make girls cry, exactly?"
George turned to her. His blue eyes widened. His lovely face took on a forlorn, deeply troubled expression. He leaned forward, and, in a theatrical whisper, said, "My past is tragic. I wouldn't want to burden you with it. It's a pain I must suffer alone. In the rain. In silence. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Be Me quotes by Jennifer Brown
#21. Sometimes, in my world where parents hated one another and school was a battleground, it sucked to be me. #Quote by Jennifer Brown
Be Me quotes by J.K. Rowling
#22. If you think I'm going to let six people risk their lives - !'
'because it's the first time for all of us,' said Ron.
'This is different, pretending to be me -'
'Well, none of us really fancy it, Harry,' said Fred earnestly. 'Imagine if something went wrong and we were stuck as specky, scrawny gits forever.'
Harry did not smile.
'You can't do it if I don't cooperate, you need me to give you some hair.'
'Well, that's the plan scuppered,' said George. 'Obviously there's no chance at all of us getting a bit of your hair unless you cooperate.'
'Yeah, thirteen of us against one bloke who's not allowed to use magic; we've got no chance,' said Fred. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Be Me quotes by Laura Story
#23. Be my God, so I can just be me. #Quote by Laura Story
Be Me quotes by Ashley Tisdale
#24. I'm a confident person. I just try to be me. I like to make people laugh, I am a comedienne - so if people find me sexy, that's awesome. #Quote by Ashley Tisdale
Be Me quotes by Neil Leckman
#25. Remember children, once I am gone I will be part of it all
Everything will be me and together be free
The songs of the birds will be my voice in joyous refrain
The caress of the soft summer breeze will be my touch from afar
The sunset in glorious golden red hues, my display of love
The soft murmur of the stream as it lulls you to sleep my lullaby
Close your eyes and open your heart that I may touch you.
There shall I dwell ever close, embracing you with every beat of your heart
Smile and feel the joy I share now with you. #Quote by Neil Leckman
Be Me quotes by Malik Yusef
#26. I let them [Kanye and Pharrell] be them; they let me be me. I'm just a little boy that does poetry whose friends got famous, and I like it that way. I like to be found. I don't want to be overexposed. I love when people discover me and discover my music. #Quote by Malik Yusef
Be Me quotes by Charlotte Eriksson
#27. All I wanted was to live a life where I could be me, and be okay with that. I had no need for material possessions, money or even close friends with me on my journey. I never understood people very well anyway, and they never seemed to understand me very well either. All I wanted was my art and the chance to be the creator of my own world, my own reality. I wanted the open road and new beginnings every day. #Quote by Charlotte Eriksson
Be Me quotes by Eugenia Bone
#28. I came to realize that no thing on Earth can properly be considered a single entity, but I am and you are composed of multiple life-forms, from different kingdoms of life, all working in concert to be me or you. And every bird (and the tree it lives in) is an ecosystem that participates in an ecosystem that eventually scales up to the planet. This notion has totally upended my idea of what an individual is, be it plant or animal or fungus, or person or place. In light of the new science, the singular noun "I" is obsolete because in reality, "I" is a community. #Quote by Eugenia Bone
Be Me quotes by Frank Costello
#29. A lot of people had to die for me to be me. #Quote by Frank Costello
Be Me quotes by Jenny Downham
#30. This mad psycho tells everyone to get into a field and says I'm going to pick one of you just one of you
out of all of you to die and everyone's looking around thinking it's so unlikely to be me because there's
thousands of us so statistically it's completely unlikely and the psycho walks up and down looking at
everyone and when he gets near me he hesitates and he smiles and then he points right at me and says
you're the one and the shock that it's me and yet of course it's me why wouldn't it be I knew all along #Quote by Jenny Downham
Be Me quotes by Julie James
#31. You see Matt and Anthony every week. You see everyone every week."

"Not everyone, Nick," his mother said pointedly. Then her voice changed and turned warmer. "Well, except for this upcoming weekend."

Nick paused at this. It could've been a trap. Perhaps his mother suspected something was up with her birthday and was fishing for information. Although it was surprising that she'd come to him - she usually went after Anthony, who had the secret-keeping skills of a four-year-old.

"Why? What's happening this weekend?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Oh, nothing much. I just heard something about a sixtieth birthday party your father and you boys are planning for me."

Fucking Anthony.

"And don't go blaming Anthony," his mother said, quick to protect her youngest. "I'd already heard about it from your aunt Donna before he slipped."

Nick knew what her next question would be before the words left her mouth.

"So? Are you bringing a date?" she asked.

"Sorry, Ma. It'll just be me."

"There's a surprise."

He pulled into the driveway that led to the parking garage of his condo building. "Just a warning, I'm about to pull into the garage - I might lose you."

"How convenient," his mother said. "Because I had a really nice lecture planned for you."

"Let me guess the highlights: it involved me needing to focus on something other than work, and you dying heartbro #Quote by Julie James
Be Me quotes by Wallace Shawn
#32. I'm not proud to be me, I'm not excited to be me, but I find that I am me, and like most other individuals, I send out little signals; I tell everyone else how everything looks from where I am. #Quote by Wallace Shawn
Be Me quotes by Anne Lamott
#33. I'm here to be me, which is taking a great deal longer than I had hoped. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Be Me quotes by Julie Kagawa
#34. But at least try to look a little more raider-ish, okay? We don't want to attract attention."
Zeke's snort sounded suspiciously like laughter. "Allie, you're a beautiful, exotic-looking vampire girl with a katana. Trust me, if anyone is going to attract attention, it's not going to be me. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Be Me quotes by Marie F. Martin
#35. I was alone, chose to be and demanded it, for this building would complete my cycle of life. The years to this moment stretched long, yet seemed short, sometimes cruel or kind, but never the way I wanted. This house would be me. #Quote by Marie F. Martin
Be Me quotes by Vironika Tugaleva
#36. I believe that the best leadership is loud authenticity. That is what the world needs now. We don't need more plastic, Photoshopped perfection. I don't want people to look at me and wish they could be me. I want people to be more accepting of their own failures, imperfections, and struggles because they are inspired by how I accept my own. #Quote by Vironika Tugaleva
Be Me quotes by Magic Johnson
#37. I wouldn't do the 'Magic Hour' again, but I would do TV again. The 'Magic Hour' is not me. Anything I would do, I would have to be me. That is how it would work. #Quote by Magic Johnson
Be Me quotes by Kristin Hannah
#38. Any more motherly attention and I could end up strapped to a table in Ward B singing 'I Gotta Be Me. #Quote by Kristin Hannah
Be Me quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#39. I was pissed-off walking. Or rather pissed-off sitting, tangled in crimson silk sheets that smelled like somebody'd been having a sexathon.
That would be me.
And that made me even madder. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Be Me quotes by Jenny Lawson
#40. Because it was the first time in my life that I gave myself permission to be me. I was still shy and self-conscious and terrified of people, but Jenkins had essentially freed me of the bonds of having to try to fit in. #Quote by Jenny Lawson
Be Me quotes by Steven Moffat
#41. The Doctor: Amy, what are you doing?
Amy: That gravestone, Rory's, there's room for one more name isn't there?
The Doctor: What are you talking about? Back away from the Angel. Come back to the TARDIS, we'll figure something out.
Amy: The Angel, would it send me back to the same time, to him?
The Doctor: I don't know. Nobody knows.
Amy: But it's my best shot, yeah?
The Doctor: No!
River: Doctor, shut up! Yes, yes, it is!
The Doctor: Amy -
Amy: Well then. I just have to blink, right?
The Doctor: No!
Amy: It'll be fine. I know it will. I'll be with him like I should be. Me and Rory together. {calling River over} Melody.
The Doctor: Stop it! Just, just, stop it!

Amy: You look after him. And you be a good girl and you look after him.
The Doctor: You are creating fixed time. I will never be able to see you again.
Amy: I'll be fine. I'll be with him.
The Doctor: Amy. Please. Just come back into the TARDIS, Come along, Pond. Please.
Amy: Raggedy Man, goodbye.

-Doctor Who #Quote by Steven Moffat
Be Me quotes by Gwenda Bond
#42. I know you don't want to be me. But I'd hate for you to ever feel like you're in my shadow. You're not and you never will be. You are awesome, and there is some kind of amazing future waiting for you. #Quote by Gwenda Bond
Be Me quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#43. There was nowhere to go that wouldn't be me. #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Be Me quotes by Rick Ferreira
#44. In your eyes,
there is sunshine
In your arms,
there is warmth
In your words,
there is Love
In your Love,
there is life
In your life,
let there be me #Quote by Rick Ferreira
Be Me quotes by Eda Yuuri
#45. No matter how much I love you, I can't become you and you can't be me. Until death, we will remain as two separate entities, but it's precisely because of that that we choose to join as one. Melding into each other and becoming one with you. What words cannot express we use our bodies to convey. Deep in our hearts, where lies don't exist. I want to feel you to flame this passion to its heights. I love you. I love you. #Quote by Eda Yuuri
Be Me quotes by Romare Bearden
#46. The artist has to be exactly the opposite [of people singing the song, I've gotta be Me,] and transcend himself as he makes judgements. #Quote by Romare Bearden
Be Me quotes by Daniel Bruce Brown
#47. Hello Everyone! My name is Dan Brown and in the course of writing my first novel, some other guy, claiming to be me, had the chutzpah to steal my name and publish a book about some code that apparently became quite popular, so much so in fact that copies of it, as well as subsequent novels by the same guy, now accost me every time I visit a brick & mortar or online bookstore these days. Long story short, when I published my first novel (Roll Over, Hitler!) this past month, I decided to use my full name – Daniel Bruce Brown – which would have pleased my parents to no end had they still been alive, but basically makes me unknown to anyone who knows me by Dan Brown, which has to be, I don't know, at least ten or fifteen people. So, anyway, here I am, hoping to be "discovered" and, in the meantime, hoping to make some new friends among folks who love the written word as much as I do. #Quote by Daniel Bruce Brown
Be Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#48. All you need to know is that I have an old enemy pretending to be me. (Acheron)
Why? (Talon)
Well, it obviously isn't to be nice to me and win over my friends, now is it? (Acheron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Be Me quotes by Katie McGarry
#49. I don't know who I am anymore, but I do know I don't want to be this girl. I just want to be me. But according to Sean, I don't get what I want unless I compromise, and I don't want to compromise. #Quote by Katie McGarry
Be Me quotes by Ruth Rendell
#50. I'm concerned with the lost, the lonely, the shy. I think shyness is in some ways more widespread now than formerly. I used to be shy myself. Of course, you can't be me now and remain shy, but I remember very well what it felt like. #Quote by Ruth Rendell
Be Me quotes by Kanye West
#51. Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else? #Quote by Kanye West
Be Me quotes by Tammy Falkner
#52. We can make little cupcakes together. You can be my plus-one. Or it can just be me and you. But you and me is not negotiable. I kind of need you, cupcake. Have ever since I met you." I #Quote by Tammy Falkner
Be Me quotes by Greg Egan
#53. That's all I am, now. That's all that defines me. So when they're happy, they'll be me. #Quote by Greg Egan
Be Me quotes by Brittney Griner
#54. Reading what people say makes me want to be me even more. #Quote by Brittney Griner
Be Me quotes by Penelope Douglas
#55. People hide in the dark. They quench their thirsts in the dark. They build their secrets in the dark. We're more ourselves here than anywhere else. I get to be me..." he swallowed, staring at me, "when nightfall is coming. #Quote by Penelope Douglas
Be Me quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#56. The key to a happy life is to have accomplishments to be proud of and purpose to look forward to, and at the moment I had both. How wonderful it was to be me. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Be Me quotes by Brandon Sanderson
#57. I want control," she said, opening her eyes. "Not like a king or anything. I just want to be able to control it, a little. My life. I don't want to get shoved around, by people or by fate or whatever. I just ... I want it to be me who chooses. #Quote by Brandon Sanderson
Be Me quotes by Helena Hunting
#58. It's always going to be me and you, Charlene. Whatever you need, I'll be that for you. #Quote by Helena Hunting
Be Me quotes by Michael Palin
#59. I can be me, and people seem quite happy with that. #Quote by Michael Palin
Be Me quotes by Miley Cyrus
#60. As soon as I read the script for Hannah Montana, I knew it kinda related to me. I wanted to disguise myself as not some celebrity's daughter, just be me and find people that like me for me. #Quote by Miley Cyrus
Be Me quotes by Aprilynne Pike
#61. Someday , Tamani told himself. Someday it'll be me. #Quote by Aprilynne Pike
Be Me quotes by Taylor Jenkins Reid
#62. I love you."
"I know you do," he says. "But I'm not the only one you love. And you can only have one. And it might not be me. #Quote by Taylor Jenkins Reid
Be Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#63. So, I'm not takin' you to the hotel. We're sittin' out on the deck and havin' coffee. Then I'll make you breakfast. Then we'll fuck in bed, then fuck again in the shower, then we'll go to work. I'll take you for your swim. We'll fuck in the shower at the hotel. Then I'll feed you and we'll probably fuck in my bed again." "That's a lot of, um ... " "Maybe I should rephrase, some of it'll be fuckin', some of it'll be me makin' you come. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Be Me quotes by Melissa Etheridge
#64. I wanted to be out so I could relax and be me. #Quote by Melissa Etheridge
Be Me quotes by Dean Koontz
#65. Billy Pilgrim had a theory about diaries.
Women were more likely than men to think that their lives had sufficient meaning to require recording on a daily basis. It was not for the most part a God-is-leading-me-on-a-wondrous-journey kind of meaning, but more an I've-gotta-be-me-but-nobody-cares sentimentalism that passed for meaning, and they usually stopped keeping a diary by the time they hit thirty, because by then they didn't want to ponder the meaning of life anymore because it scared the crap out of them. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Be Me quotes by Waylon Jennings
#66. I say, Lord, do right be me, I'm tired of being lonesome, on'ry, and mean. #Quote by Waylon Jennings
Be Me quotes by Jandy Nelson
#67. I'd been making desicions for days.
I picked out the dress Bailey would wear forever-
a black slinky one- innapropriate- that she loved.
I chose a sweater to go over it, earrings, bracelet, necklace,
her most beloved strappy sandals.
I collected her makeup to give to the funeral director with a recent photo-
I thought it would be me that would dress her;
I didn't think a strange man should see her naked
touch her body
shave her legs
apply her lipstick
but that's what happened all the same.
I helped Gram pick out the casket,
the plot at the cemetery.
I changed a few lines
in the obituary that Big composed.
I wrote on a piece of paper what I thought
should go on the headstone.
I did all this without uttering a word.
Not one word, for days,
until I saw Bailey before the funeral
and lost my mind.
I hadn't realized that when people say so-and-so
that's what actually happens-
I started shaking her-
I thought I could wake her up
and get her the hell out of that box.
When she didn't wake,
I screamed: Talk to me.
Big swooped me up in his arms,
carried me out of the room, the church,
into the slamming rain,
and down to the creek
where we sobbed together
under the black coat he held over our heads
to protect us from the weather. #Quote by Jandy Nelson
Be Me quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#68. Whatever." I grinned. His costume consisted of a black shirt that read in white lettering I DON't NEED A COSTUME. PEOPLE WANT TO BE ME.
God, that was such a Luc shirt. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Be Me quotes by Action Bronson
#69. My main influence is Kool G Rap and Cam'ron, pretty much. If you were to mix those two people up, I wish that would be me ... This is my voice. I sound like nobody; I sound like me. #Quote by Action Bronson
Be Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#70. Caillen slowed his steps as he neared the holding cell where they'd locked up Desideria. Hauk, Fain and Chayden sat in front of the monitors, watching as she paced back and forth in her room like a caged predator. Chayden laughed nervously. "You know, one of you is going to have to let her out of there eventually." Fain scoffed. "For the record, it ain't going to be me. My parents killed the dumb ones." "Yeah, #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Be Me quotes by Aimee Mullins
#71. I want to be a Bond girl. Think about it - I have metal components in my legs, so when I go through airport security, I set off the alarms. But when they realize why I'm beeping, they let me through. What if I had weapons in my legs? I could take one off and pull out an Uzi! Legs Galore - that would be me! #Quote by Aimee Mullins
Be Me quotes by Esteban Jesus Bordallo
#72. You ever wondered what it's like to be me?
I always wondered what it's like to be you.
Quick, lets change clothes
before someone else knows.
So what's your name? "

E.J.B. #Quote by Esteban Jesus Bordallo
Be Me quotes by Ray Bradbury
#73. I want to see everything now. And while none of it will be me when it goes in, after a while it'll all gather together inside and it'll be me. Look at the world out there, my God, my God, look at it out there, outside me, out there beyond my face and the only way to really touch it is to put it where it's finally me, where it's in the blood, where it pumps around a thousand times ten thousand a day. I'll get hold of it so it'll never run off. I'll hold onto the world so tight some day. I've got a finger on it now; that's a beginning. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Be Me quotes by Peter Watts
#74. If there's one thing I'm the world's greatest expert on, it's how it feels to be me. And #Quote by Peter Watts
Be Me quotes by W. H. Auden
#75. How should we like it were stars to burn With a passion for us we could not return? If equal affection cannot be, Let the more loving one be me. #Quote by W. H. Auden
Be Me quotes by Amy Lunderman
#76. Right. The dance. I reply with all the whit of a pencil. Now who's rocking the eye avoidance? That would be me. #Quote by Amy Lunderman
Be Me quotes by Leona Keyoko Pink
#77. Growing up my mother used to tell me I could be anyone I wanted to be. Funny how I always wanted to be me. #Quote by Leona Keyoko Pink
Be Me quotes by Sarah MacLean
#78. Alex has never been very keen on events of the season. I wouldn't worry about her. As I said, Nicola is a friend. She'll want to go. One of us has to chaperone her. And, since I'm older and of a higher rank, I get to decide who that will be. Care to hazard a guess, Kit?" His green eyes twinkled with laughter. "Bollocks!" This from Kit, who was not about to accept this particular decision without a fight. "It can't be me!" "Why not?" Kit paused, clearly searching for a viable excuse to avoid the ball in question. His eyes lit up with excitement when he'd hit on the right thing. "The hunting party I've an invitation to is just as viable a location to meet an eligible young lady as any, I daresay. I shall simply tell Mother that." He looked veritably triumphant. Will #Quote by Sarah MacLean
Be Me quotes by Hugh Douglas
#79. I have some flamboyant outfits. It wouldn't be me if I didn't. But I'm married now. I'm not allowed to wear those outfits. #Quote by Hugh Douglas
Be Me quotes by Jeff Lindsay
#80. But of course, very few people are Dexter. This is generally a good thing, but in this case it came in handy to be me. Four months after reading a story in the paper about a missing boy, I read a similar story. The boys were around the same age; details like that always ring a small bell and send a Mister Rogers whisper trickling through my brain: Hello, neighbor. #Quote by Jeff Lindsay
Be Me quotes by Rick Riordan
#81. So can I ask…?" I waved my hands vaguely. I didn't have the words.
"How it does work?" She smirked. "As long as you don't ask me to represent every gender-fluid person for you, okay? I'm not an ambassador. I'm not a teacher or a poster child. I'm just" - she mimicked my hand-waving - "me. Trying to be me as best I can. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Be Me quotes by Veronica Roth
#82. It's s'posed to be me saving you," Eijeh whispered at one point. Or the closest to a whisper as he could get; he'd always been terrible at sneaking.
"Who says? Some kind of manual on brotherly conduct?"
Eijeh had laughed. "You didn't read yours? Typical. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Be Me quotes by Kelly Rowland
#83. I went to a predominantly white school, and I was the only black girl. I can remember thinking, 'I don't want to be as dark as I am - I want to be a little fairer.' I didn't want to be me. #Quote by Kelly Rowland
Be Me quotes by Josh Groban
#84. Musically, between me and my fans and also me and my team, who between management and record label have always just let me be me, it's fun to pave a path. It's fun to feel like you're doing things your own way. So in that regard I haven't had to worry about any bar but my own. #Quote by Josh Groban
Be Me quotes by Robert Bruce Stewart
#85. Well, I mean, if someone is going to kill my husband, I think it should be me. Don't you agree?"
I do indeed," Emmie said. "I made the same argument myself just a week ago. #Quote by Robert Bruce Stewart
Be Me quotes by Charles Sheehan-Miles
#86. Alex, I don't want to date you. I don't want you to be my girlfriend. I don't want us to be together for just a little while. I want you forever. I want us to look at each other, and say we love each other, and decide to be together forever. Alex ... I want to spend our lives together. If we ever decided we want to have kids, I want it to be me and you. #Quote by Charles Sheehan-Miles
Be Me quotes by Jennifer Aniston
#87. If somebody ever wished to be me for a day, they'd be the most pissed-off person once they got here. They would be, like, in hell. #Quote by Jennifer Aniston
Be Me quotes by Kierra C.T. Banks
#88. I live for moments when I dare to be ME in spite of all that I "should" be. #Quote by Kierra C.T. Banks
Be Me quotes by Jane Fonda
#89. So I grew up feeling that I wasn't good enough, and that no-one would love me unless I was perfect. But no-one's perfect, we're not meant to be perfect. We're meant to be complete. But it's hard to be complete if you're trying to be perfect, so you kind of become disembodied. And I spent a lot of my life that way.""And if you don't own your strength ... Women like me tend to always look over their shoulder to see who ... "Who's the leader? Who's the smart one?" Never thinking it might be ME. Took a long time for me to get over that. #Quote by Jane Fonda
Be Me quotes by Michael   Reilly
#90. Bah! You are so not the romantic you led me to believe. For that, I'm going to plague you from the next life. Every time it rains, that'll be me, trying to knock some spirituality into that thick head of yours. #Quote by Michael Reilly
Be Me quotes by Rita Rudner
#91. Never play peek-a-boo with a child on a long plane trip. There's no end to the game. Finally I grabbed him by the bib and said, "Look, it's always gonna be me!" #Quote by Rita Rudner
Be Me quotes by Veronica Roth
#92. She can't possibly be me, though she moves when I move #Quote by Veronica Roth
Be Me quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#93. He knows she's his daughter, twit. (Artemis)
Twit? Moi? The Simi? Why, I do believe the bitch-goddess has done gone and gotten herself confused. She thinks she's me, not that I blame her. All women want to be me because of my beautoneousness and the fact that I have such stylish clothing and sparklies. But believe me, I ain't no heifer-goddess. (Simi) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Be Me quotes by Sarah Vowell
#94. But the Grateful Dead, as the fanatic fans point out, are a way of life: someone else's. Twentieth-century teenagers, especially American ones, have been brilliant at creating their own culture, their own music, clothes, and point(s) of view. It's sad and fraudulent that the kind of wholesale worship of some historical way of life has settled over so many young people, infecting them like a noxious gas ... I love the dead
grew up in the thrall of Shakespeare and Hank Williams and James Dean. And I adore the Rolling Stones. But there's a difference between cherishing "Satisfaction" and wearing Keith Richards' hair while doing Keith Richards' drugs. I don't want to be Keith Richards. I wanna be me. Not
like the neo-Deadheads
just another extra in an overblown costume drama about something that wasn't that interesting the first time around. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Be Me quotes by Jessica Shirvington
#95. My Sabine,
I just left your room. You were so beautiful lying there sound asleep that I couldn't bear to wake you. But I'm not feeling so great and there are things I promised to tell you that I fear I may not get the chance to.
I know you had once hoped that I would be the one to pass on your letters to Maddie once you were gone. But, as it turns out, I think it is going to be me who ends up leaving the letters behind.
Be mad at me. You should. But after that try to understand that I did what I thought was best. I wanted to tell you. So many times I snuck down to your room planning on telling you everything, but I just couldn't.
Partly it was for you – yes. You needed time and I didn't want to influence your choices, even once I realised what was happening between us, even more so then. Falling in love with you only made those choices more complicated and I feared that you might choose to stay for me and then, after I was gone, change your mind. I couldn't let that happen.
Partly the choice was selfish, and for that I am sorry. For so long now people have been trying to fix me, but where they failed, you succeeded. You've given me more life in the last couple of weeks that I've had in years. Being with you, loving you, making memories with you, fearing for you, wanting to show you the beauty of life instead of the terror – it was bittersweet, but more importantly Sabine, it was real.
I know this is the part when I beg you to go on, live your lif #Quote by Jessica Shirvington
Be Me quotes by Shane Bunting
#96. I'm not trying to make any radio hits, or throw any curve ball or any bullshit. I've learned my lesson in life to just do what I love and if people accept it that's great. It's going to be, if you are a Madchild fan, it is going to be me at my purest rawest form. But I have come up with some things that I think are me thinking outside of the box and going to the next level. #Quote by Shane Bunting
Be Me quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
#97. I am somebody. I used to think I was invisible because nobody noticed me, but I set fire to my fear. I am free. I am here, and if it's going to be me against the world, then I am ready. After all the shit I've been through, I can handle anything that comes my way. I am not going to ever let anyone make me feel less than a human being - because I matter. #Quote by Charlena E. Jackson
Be Me quotes by Bubba Watson
#98. I just want to be me and play golf. #Quote by Bubba Watson
Be Me quotes by Jane Davitt
#99. One life, one death. For all of us. Those are the numbers. I'm going to die and there's no avoiding it. I can go looking for it early by driving smashed out of my skull or swimming with sharks, sure, but staying with you isn't like that. It wouldn't be stupid and reckless and dumb, it wouldn't be me missing out on part of my life and skipping to the middle of the book. It'd just be me finding the guy I love early. It'd me hitting the jackpot. I'm not walking away from a piece of luck like that. I'm not walking away from you. #Quote by Jane Davitt
Be Me quotes by Cherise Sinclair
#100. If the goddess - and that would be me, by the way - is displeased, you'll get bats in your hair and mice in your boots. #Quote by Cherise Sinclair
Be Me quotes by Emmanuel Lewis
#101. I like projects in which I can really act and not be me all the time. #Quote by Emmanuel Lewis
Be Me quotes by Leslie Feinberg
#102. My right to be me is tied with a thousand threads to your right to be you. #Quote by Leslie Feinberg
Be Me quotes by Mick Ralphs
#103. That's me. I can be me a bit at home, but I'm kind of like a square peg in a round hole. #Quote by Mick Ralphs
Be Me quotes by Robert Fanney
#104. To be me is to be different... #Quote by Robert Fanney
Be Me quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#105. Why should he be spared?'
'Someone ought to be.' And it will not be me. I have survived, but I have not been spared. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Be Me quotes by Terry Pratchett
#106. But the banging of the door as punctuation caused Tiffany to think and she thought suddenly, I want to do it my way. Not how the other witches think it should be done. I can't be Granny Weatherwax for them. I can only be me, Tiffany Aching. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Be Me quotes by Moolesh.k.dindoyal
#107. I was not born with a gold or silver spoon in my mouth. If i'm here today looking all successful and standing proudly, its because of the recipe i concocted throughout my life. The ingredient?
No big secret; hard-work, dedication,sacrifices, knowledge of my teachers and blessing of my parents. Yes, my friend i'm a self made man. #Quote by Moolesh.k.dindoyal
Be Me quotes by Mimi Strong
#108. You're the only girl I want. Even though you burst into my room and beat me up. I'm sorry I didn't give you the answers you wanted, but you looked like you were going to murder someone and I thought it might be me. #Quote by Mimi Strong
Be Me quotes by Brian O'Hare
#109. I'm the kind of writer that people think other people are reading. (Naipaul...but it could be me if the thousands of tweets are anything to go by.) #Quote by Brian O'Hare
Be Me quotes by Shivangi Lavaniya
#110. instead of becoming a doctor or an engineer... i chose to be me... a writer :) #Quote by Shivangi Lavaniya
Be Me quotes by Pharoahe Monch
#111. I have a dream:
One day we will get to the promised land.
Then the president will be me,
The government will be Shabaam, Mos and Kweli ... that's it!
All wackness is now banned. #Quote by Pharoahe Monch
Be Me quotes by Tom Hardy
#112. I like to be other people, not me. And when you're on the red carpet, it's like, 'Here's Tom Hardy.' I don't want to be me. That's why I play other people. #Quote by Tom Hardy
Be Me quotes by Emily Henry
#113. Dance used to do that for me too: a place where there was nothing to do but be me and let everything else fall away. For a lot of the girls on the team, it was all about the performance, but for me, I think it was always about communication. #Quote by Emily Henry
Be Me quotes by Carolyn Mackler
#114. It's all a lie. I said to myself. Romance. This notion that some guy is going to swoop and fall madly in love with me and change my life and make everything perfect. It's one big, horrible lie and I bought it. Hook, line, and a ten thousand-pound sinker. Or I guess I should say it's a lie for a girl like me. For Skye, that's another story. The first time Dakota kissed me, down at the hot tub, I remember thinking, this is too good to be true. But if something feels too good to be true, maybe it's not true. Maybe the truth is that Skye deserves him. She'll always be the winner. And I, pathetically, will always be me. #Quote by Carolyn Mackler
Be Me quotes by Veronica Rossi
#115. I've been watching you and Roar. Wanting it to be me training with you." His shoulders came up. "I don't want to do it now."
"Why?" Aria's voice was high and thin.
He smiled, a flash of shyness, before he leaned close. "There are other things I'd rather do when I'm alone with you. #Quote by Veronica Rossi
Be Me quotes by James Patterson
#116. Please, I begged silently, please do not let my last moments on earth be me crammed into a tiny boat in the dark, surrounded by mechanical singing pirates. #Quote by James Patterson
Be Me quotes by Simone Elkeles
#117. I let it all out
my mom's date,my dad's conversation,my confusion about it all.Caleb doesn't laugh,he doesn't pull away,he doesn't talk .. He just lets me be me.
When I settle down,I lean back and witness the mess I've made on his shirt."I made ur shirt all gross," I say between sniffles.
"Forget the shirt.What's going on? I could.nt understand a word you mumbled into my chest." Now I'm half laughing and half crying. #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Be Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#118. Pretty soon the only people left without a girlfriend will be me and Wendell the school janitor, and he smells like windex."
"At least you know he's still available. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Be Me quotes by Sophie Oak
#119. Look, when I'm here, I don't have to think. I don't have to worry. I don't even have to be me if I don't want to. That came out wrong. I don't have to be the me I have to be all day. #Quote by Sophie Oak
Be Me quotes by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
#120. Every now and then when I feel the doubt, I look inside myself and I see the way. The whole world full of possibilities. So you could be you and I could be me. #Quote by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
Be Me quotes by Luis Suarez
#121. I'd have to say I enjoy myself a lot more, really. I don't feel so much responsibility as I did in other teams. It felt sometimes at Ajax and Liverpool that it had to be me. Now, every time I go out on to the pitch, I enjoy myself and laugh. I have gone through too many difficult times in my career and I don't want to keep thinking about them. #Quote by Luis Suarez
Be Me quotes by Aaron Johnson
#122. I don't like to be me. I'm not so comfortable being me on screen because then I'd be a presenter. I'm not Jimmy Fallon. #Quote by Aaron Johnson
Be Me quotes by Valerie Martin
#123. Because it requires the total surrender of my will and finally, ultimately, the wholesale destruction of my ego. That is hard. It I'm going to another world, I cry out, I want to be ME in it. #Quote by Valerie Martin
Be Me quotes by Alan Parker
#124. If you'd been where I'd been ... if you'd seen the things I'd seen! ... you ... you'd be me ... Or someone following me around ... #Quote by Alan Parker
Be Me quotes by Sara Raasch
#125. No matter what happens, no matter who turns on me, no matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me, I am still me. I will always be me. #Quote by Sara Raasch
Be Me quotes by John Green
#126. When I've thought about him dying - which admittedly isn't that much - I always thought of it like you said, that all strings inside him broke. But there are a thousand ways to look at it: maybe the strings break, or maybe our ships think, or maybe we're grass - our roots are so interdependent that no one is dead as long as soneone is still alive. We don't suffer from a shortage of metaphors, is what I mean. But you have to be careful which metaphor you choose, because it matters. If you choose the strings, then you're imagining a world in which you can become irreparably broken. If you choose grass, you're saying that we are all infinitely interconnected, that we can use these root systems not only to understand one another but to become one another. The metaphors have implications...
I like the strings, I always have. Because that's how it feels. But the strings make pain seem more fatal than it is...We are not as frail as the strings would make us believe. And I like the grass, too. The grass got me to you, helped me imagine you as an actual person. But we're not different sprouts from the same plant. I can't be you. You can't be me. You can imagine another well- but not quite perfectly, you know?
"Maybe, it's more like you said before, all of us being cracked open. Like each of us starts out as a watertight vessel. And these things happen-these people leave us, or don't love us, or don't get us, or we don't get them, and we lose and fail and hurt one another. An #Quote by John Green
Be Me quotes by Barack Obama
#127. The other thing is going to be me being able to show not just the American people or the Israeli people but the world that, in fact, we have mechanisms in place that will prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon. #Quote by Barack Obama
Be Me quotes by Lisa Loeb
#128. With all the things that you could be, you never could learn how to be me. #Quote by Lisa Loeb
Be Me quotes by Wm. Paul Young
#129. Mackenzie, this world is full of tears, but if you remember I proimsed that it would be Me who would wipe them from your eyes. #Quote by Wm. Paul Young
Be Me quotes by Jill Scott
#130. All I have to do is be me on stage. But acting, I have to be someone else, and walk how they would walk and blink how they would blink. I used to talk about it bad like, 'Aw man, that person made $10 million a movie?' But now I understand why they do. I get it now. #Quote by Jill Scott
Be Me quotes by Alm Hlgh
#131. All I can do is be me, whatever that is. Bob Dylan #Quote by Alm Hlgh
Be Me quotes by Penelope Ward
#132. Someday, he'll realize he made a big mistake. He'll show up here, you'll be long gone, and the only bitch greeting him will be me. #Quote by Penelope Ward
Be Me quotes by David Rakoff
#133. Unfortunately, there's no greater rhyme or reason as to why it would be me. And since there is no answer as to why me, it's not a question I feel really entitled to ask. #Quote by David Rakoff
Be Me quotes by Kelly Oram
#134. Aghhh! You don't get it! I have to resist! No kiss, no matter how good it is, is worth killing you for. I've already lost one boyfriend. I am not going to
lose another one! Do you understand me?" Ryan didn't answer my question, but he was positively glowing. "You just called me your boyfriend!" he
"I - " My mouth dropped all the way to my lap. "I did not!"
"Yes you did! You said you weren't going to lose another boyfriend, and that would be me - the other boyfriend you don't want to lose."
"Ha! You said it, and you can't take it back! You are so my girlfriend now!"
"I am not!"
"Are too!
"Am not!"
"So are too!"
"Aghhh!" I screamed again. "You are so impossible!"
When I screamed, I lost control for a second and let out a burst of energy that stalled the truck.
Ryan just grinned at me. He was lucky the car stopped right then, because I was contemplating knocking the stupid cocky smirk right off his face.
Instead, I flung the door open.
"Bye, honey!" Ryan called playfully as I jumped out of the truck. "I'll see you at school tomorrow! #Quote by Kelly Oram
Be Me quotes by Laurel Corona
#135. My prayers and dreams are wrapped up together, vague and contradictory. "Let me leave my mark in the world," I say to the air around me. I don't want to feel so invisible, yet I'm torn between wishing to move away from this place and wanting it to be me and I it. #Quote by Laurel Corona
Be Me quotes by Anonymous
#136. She will always be a white girl who acted black. And try as she might - and she is trying, mightily - to have us forget the athletic exploits and superstardom of Bruce, Caitlyn isn't ever going to be just Caitlyn. She'll always be Formerly Bruce. That's the price she pays for Bruce's fame. There isn't, in the end, much you can really do about your true self. That fleeting glimpse we get in the mirror or in a candid shot on Facebook, the one that looks too fat or old or white or male, the one that makes us say, "That isn't me! That can't be me!" - well, it is. It's you. It's me. It's us. And though we wish it were not so, there is no app for that. Adventures in National Socialism Notes from a weekend with Bernie ANDREW HARRER/BLOOMBERG VIA GETTY IMAGES BY KEVIN D. #Quote by Anonymous
Be Me quotes by Nikki Grimes
#137. Ready or not, I peer into your soul and dive deep... Your eyes don't like what I see. You don't want to be me. So you curse and smash the mirror which gets you what? A bit of blood , a handful of glass splinters, another source of pain. #Quote by Nikki Grimes
Be Me quotes by Mehcad Brooks
#138. There are so many of us that just do things to pay bills, but I never wanted that to be me. #Quote by Mehcad Brooks
Be Me quotes by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
#139. One Life is about realizing there's no second chances in this one life that we were given to live. So we need to be thankful for all we have. Work hard for what we want and love one another no matter the difference. #Quote by Jonathan Anthony Burkett
Be Me quotes by Joan Crawford
#140. If I can't be me, I don't want to be anybody #Quote by Joan Crawford
Be Me quotes by Assata Shakur
#141. I am a Black revolutionary woman, and because of this i have been charged with and accused of every alleged crime in which a woman was believed to have participated. The alleged crimes in which only men were supposedly involved, i have been accused of planning. They have plastered pictures alleged to be me in post offices, airports, hotels, police cars, subways, banks, television, and newspapers. They have offered . rewards for my capture and they have issued orders to shoot on sight and shoot to kill. #Quote by Assata Shakur
Be Me quotes by Sheila Heti
#142. One good thing about being a woman is we haven't too many examples yet of what a genius looks like. It could be me. #Quote by Sheila Heti
Be Me quotes by William Stafford
#143. I'll be me, but I don't like it. #Quote by William Stafford
Be Me quotes by David Cameron
#144. The next Prime Minister walking through that door will be me or (Labour Party leader) Ed Miliband, you can choose an economy that grows, that creates jobs, that generates the money to ensure a properly funded and improving NHS (National Health Service) ... and a government that will cut taxes for 30 million hard-working people ... or you can choose the economic chaos of Ed Miliband's Britain. #Quote by David Cameron
Be Me quotes by Sarah Rees Brennan
#145. I'm not sorry," Kami told him. "I wouldn't go back to a time before we were born, make it right, and lose you. I wouldn't be me without you. I wouldn't, I never want to... Lose you. #Quote by Sarah Rees Brennan
Be Me quotes by Ned Vizzini
#146. I just want to not be me. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Be Me quotes by Belle Aurora
#147. Remember? In the car. You told me that you planned to marry one man, and that one man would be me. I agree with you. I think you should marry me. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Be Me quotes by Maria Sharapova
#148. When I need to push myself, I think of all those nicely polished trophies waiting to be lifted up by the winner - and how that winner might be me. #Quote by Maria Sharapova
Be Me quotes by Anne Mallory
#149. Most people would not trust a drunken prostitute like Daise. Would you have two weeks ago?'
She blinked at him. 'I don't know.' She hadn't even thought about prostitutes, drunken or not, two weeks ago. 'That could be me on the corner were things different.' She swallowed. 'Or if they go differently, it still could. I would want someone to believe me. #Quote by Anne Mallory
Be Me quotes by Hunter Hayes
#150. I'm very shy and awkward. I think the best thing is to embrace it. It's about accepting who you are and what you want to become and knowing all that you've got to work with, whether it's good or bad. My music was the only place I could be me for the longest time. #Quote by Hunter Hayes
Be Me quotes by Dax Shepard
#151. I've learnt that I've had the best results from just trying to be me, trying to make a movie or TV show I want to see or write a script I want to read, and that's really all I can offer - being authentic. #Quote by Dax Shepard
Be Me quotes by Avina Celeste
#152. I choose to be me, for now, and forever. I will live my life for me and by me. This is my life and I will live it how I please. #Quote by Avina Celeste
Be Me quotes by Cassandra Clare
#153. That Jem makes beautiful things and I destroy them. That it really ought to be me dying and not him. I mean, what's the point of living if you can't even enjoy it? Yet Jem enjoys all the life he's got. It's not fair. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Be Me quotes by Rebecca Ferguson
#154. The first time I had money, I was extravagant, but then you realise it's not just about that. If I lost it all tomorrow, it wouldn't be me that's hurt, it would be my babies. It would be more about people's opinion of me that would concern me. #Quote by Rebecca Ferguson
Be Me quotes by Elizabeth E. Castillo
#155. I chose the light amidst the lurking darkness. I chose calmness and stillness among a crowd bathing in chaos. I chose happiness over screaming negativity around and I chose to be ME over the temptation of being like somebody else. #Quote by Elizabeth E. Castillo
Be Me quotes by Sara Raasch
#156. cup my hands over my face and exhale, inhale, exhale again. Just keep breathing. No matter what happens, no matter who turns on me, no matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me, I am still me. I will always be me. Who #Quote by Sara Raasch
Be Me quotes by Lil' Wayne
#157. I don't set out to be different, I set out to be me, people think it's different. #Quote by Lil' Wayne
Be Me quotes by Nicole Williams
#158. If I ever mess things up again, whether it's a misunderstanding, or shit luck, or I just do what I was created to do and screw everything up," he paused, exhaling, "I want you to promise me you'll leave. Drop me like a bad habit and don't look back because god knows, it can't be me that walks away since I'm incapable of it. #Quote by Nicole Williams
Be Me quotes by Miles Davis
#159. If you understood everything I said, you'd be me #Quote by Miles Davis
Be Me quotes by Rachel Stevens
#160. In S Club I played a role in a band, but now I can go off and be me - My horizon's wide open now. It's scary and it's daunting, but it's an absolute thrill. I feel brand new! #Quote by Rachel Stevens
Be Me quotes by J.K. Rowling
#161. That's your ghoul, isn't it?" asked Harry, who had never actually met the creature that sometimes disrupted the nightly silence.
"Yeah, it is," said Ron, climbing the ladder. "Come and have a look at him."
Harry followed Ron up the few short steps into the tiny attic space. His head and shoulders were in the room before he caught sight of the creature curled up a few feet from him, fast asleep in the gloom with its large mouth wide open.
"But it . . . it looks . . . do ghouls normally wear pajamas?"
"No," said Ron. "Nor have they usually got red hair or that number of pustules."
Harry contemplated the thing, slightly revolted. It was human in shape and size, and was wearing what, now that Harry's eyes became used to the darkness, was clearly an old pair of Ron's pajamas. He was also sure that ghouls were generally rather slimy and bald, rather than distinctly hairy and covered in angry purple blisters.
"He's me, see?" said Ron.
"No," said Harry. "I don't."
"I'll explain it back in my room, the smell's getting to me," said Ron. They climbed back down the ladder, which Ron returned to the ceiling, and rejoined Hermione, who was still sorting books.
"Once we've left, the ghoul's going to come and live down here in my room," said Ron. "I think he's really looking forward to it - well, it's hard to tell, because all he can do is moan and drool - but he nods a lot when you mention it. Anyway, he's going to be me with spattergroit. Good, #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Be Me quotes by Me
#162. I'm not really who i seem to be #Quote by Me
Be Me quotes by Brent Crawford
#163. Lynn looks up at him to see if he's serious. "What?" he asks her. "If anybody is gonna put Carter's head through the wall, it should be me."
EJ's eyes snap open, and he scoots away from me slowly. I'll remember this, Wingman! #Quote by Brent Crawford
Be Me quotes by Meredith Wild
#164. Do you feel me? It's me, baby. It'll always be me. #Quote by Meredith Wild
Be Me quotes by Nkolika Peace Ifeanaesese Smoke Okoye Art
#165. iPerfection

you ant
you GOD
you ant
you God
you ant
you god
you ant
you Ggod
you ant
you 419
you ant
you pimp
you ant
you GODqueen
you ant
you children of GOD of the Ggods
you ants
that 1 time you ant
you sibblings of GOD
you ant
you nobody
you ant
you traitor
you scammer
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you wish
you ant
you dream
you ant
iDdecinerate your soul your spirit(poisen) your body
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
your village
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you fairy
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you psychiatrist
you ant
you psychologist
you ant
go again
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
gutter your inside
you ant
you ant
you ant
you ant
you wanna be me
you ant
you wanna be like me
you ant
you want my colour
you ant
but you dont wanna sweat for it
you ant
you want it gratis
you ant
you want it through the bloody way
you ant
through the bloodmoney way
you want
wow filth
you ant
i look easy to you
you ant
in your eyes i look weak
yo #Quote by Nkolika Peace Ifeanaesese Smoke Okoye Art
Be Me quotes by Skyla Dawn Cameron
#166. I don't think we've been introduced," I said. "My name's Zara. I'm strong, I'm fast, and I totally kick ass. It's great to be me ... but that means right now it sucks to be you. #Quote by Skyla Dawn Cameron
Be Me quotes by J.D. Robb
#167. I'll tell you that whatever you feel for anyone, however much love's inside you, there's more of it when you have a child. You can't understand it until you've experienced it. And it doesn't change as they grow into men, into women. It just grows with them. It should be me in there, and not my boy. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Be Me quotes by Malachy McCourt
#168. I had the taste of the alcohol since I was 11. It allowed me to be clever, charming and to behave outrageously. Acting also allowed me not to be me. So I could indulge every fantasy in this paradise of America. #Quote by Malachy McCourt
Be Me quotes by Christina Lauren
#169. He'll be very good for someone, and I'm sad it won't be me. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Be Me quotes by Eddie Marsan
#170. I'm used to being in front of camera and knowing what to think. But if you're asking me to be me, I get very self-conscious. My job isn't to be me. Being an actor, people think you can do a eulogy at a funeral, a speech at a wedding. I find all that very nerve-racking. #Quote by Eddie Marsan
Be Me quotes by Kristen Ashley
#171. I am not him, Kia. Your dead husband ... was an asshole. And now he's gone. You're in bed with me ... I'm here because I wanna be here ... and when we're done talkin' about that asshole and he's gone again, I'm gonna get you wet and hot for me and I'm gonna be in you because I wanna be in you ... There are not many men who would not kill [to be here] and that man is now me and and he's gonna be me for a good long time. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Be Me quotes by Ottilie Weber
#172. Black,
The death of an old habit in order for a
new journey to start. The dark clouds
disappeared, chased away by the brilliant shine of your smile. So that I had the courage to be me once again…
~Riley #Quote by Ottilie Weber
Be Me quotes by Daniel Lopatin
#173. If there is any selfish angle, then it would probably be me just knocking myself in the head, thinking "Is there anybody here? Am I still able to communicate with other musicians?" #Quote by Daniel Lopatin
Be Me quotes by Scifigrl47
#174. Does it occur to you that if he set his mind to it, Steve could be a truly excellent supervillain?" Clint said into the comm unit, not bothering with any sort of segue. He knew very well who it was.

"We have a contingency plan in place for that," Coulson said without missing a beat.

In the background, Steve said, "Wait, what?"

"Oh, c'mon." Stark sounded seriously insulted. "If anyone here is going to go the black leather and weather control ray route, it's gonna be me, let's not even kid ourselves."

"Every active SHIELD employee has a wallet card instructing them what to do in the event you go supervillain, Stark. It's standard equipment."

A beat of silence. "What?" Tony asked.

"I got one," Bruce said. "Want to see it?"

"If you show it to him, it'll defeat the purpose of having a plan," Natasha said. "And I like this plan, it's a good plan, I do not want to go through them trying to come up with something else."

"Yes, I want to see it," Tony said. "Thor, did you get a card?"

"Verily. Their plan is most sound. I believe we will be able to subdue you with great swiftness, before you have much chance to hurt yourself or others. The damage to property will, of course, be massive, but such things are to be expected."

"What the hell? You will not be able to subdue me quickly. Screw you, I am wily and brilliant."

"I didn't get one," Steve said, and there was a lou #Quote by Scifigrl47
Be Me quotes by Harper Lee
#175. The man had to have some kind of comeback, his kind always does. So if spitting in my face and threatening me saved Mayella Ewell one extra beating, that's something I'll gladly take. He had to take it out on somebody and I'd rather it be me than that houseful of children out there. #Quote by Harper Lee
Be Me quotes by Melvin Hassan
#176. I will, from today, cease trying to impress others as being someone other than who I am or what I am. I will, from today try to express myself as I really am; no pretensions, no misrepresentations and no real concerns for what I think others expect of me. I'm just going to be me! I am going to forgive myself for all my human foibles and frailties, to date, and accept my many past indiscretions as natural and normal in a personal growth process. Oh what a relief - I'll just be the best me I can be and do the best I can. If I do the best I can - what more can any one want of me. #Quote by Melvin Hassan
Be Me quotes by Avijeet Das
#177. I will not smile at you all the time. Neither will I always try to make you feel happy. I will be who I really am. I will always be me. #Quote by Avijeet Das
Be Me quotes by John Green
#178. I can't be you. You can't be me. You can imagine another well - but never quite perfectly, you know? #Quote by John Green
Be Me quotes by Gerard Way
#179. If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you can find out first hand what it's like to be me. #Quote by Gerard Way
Be Me quotes by Liz Jensen
#180. Everyone said that one day I was going to have a big accident, an accident to end all accidents. One day you might look up and see a kid falling from the sky. That would be me. #Quote by Liz Jensen
Be Me quotes by Jan Jansen
#181. To be fair and straight give us the power to be proud of ourselves in the mirror. #Quote by Jan Jansen
Be Me quotes by Raven Lockwood
#182. Saffy, it is others that have taught me more about myself than I ever have, and it is you who have taught me the most. You have taught me that it is okay for me to be me. You remind me that to change who I am for you would be for me to take a step away from the person you fell in love with.
Not even a mountain of my words will ever come close to expressing what a difference you have made to me in my life, and you know I written a great deal with you as my muse. From a chance meeting in Italy that defies all odds I have found someone I didn't think would exist in my life, not for a long time, maybe not ever. I found someone who loves me, for being me, for my rainy days as well as the sunny ones.
All I have to say other than I love you is.
You are my motivation for life.
Thank you.
For so much.
My Goddess.
My SuperGirl. #Quote by Raven Lockwood
Be Me quotes by Haruki Murakami
#183. I have to somehow get connected to reality again, he thought, or else I won't be me anymore. I'll become a man who doesn't exist. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Be Me quotes by Milena Busquets
#184. A year later, when I turned sixteen, my father died of cancer. And from then on the dead form a sort of chain, a macabre necklace that weighs a ton, and whose last, closing link will be me, I guess. #Quote by Milena Busquets
Be Me quotes by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
#185. Nonetheless, I know where I'm coming from,
I've got an idea on where I'm going,
And with the way things are going,
I'm just glad to be me. #Quote by Innocent Mwatsikesimbe
Be Me quotes by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
#186. I have to admit, like so many women, I always knew there was a chance. But like so many women, I never thought it would be me. I never thought I'd hear those devastating words: 'You have breast cancer.' #Quote by Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Be Me quotes by Sarah J. Maas
#187. So it would be me. Alone.
Rhys kissed my brow. "If someone propositions you, tell them we'll both be free in an hour. #Quote by Sarah J. Maas
Be Me quotes by Bubba Watson
#188. I just wanna be me and play golf. I'm just Bubba. #Quote by Bubba Watson
Be Me quotes by E. Lockhart
#189. There will be all these fifty-year-old women wearing hot pants and squeezing themselves into pretzel shapes and then there will be me. Just reaching for my toes like they're China. 'Hello there! You're so far away, I can't get to you! Can you even hear me? #Quote by E. Lockhart
Be Me quotes by Sara Quin
#190. Take a second look, you might find that I am stronger. Take a second look, you might find that you are stronger. Imagination, inspiration. It's only fair that I tell you, I plan on leaving here tonight with my pride. I'm proud to be I'm proud to be me. #Quote by Sara Quin
Be Me quotes by Malebo Sephodi
#191. It is the very thing I thought I could never be that the real me has settled into like a puzzle. Who would have thought I could be me? #Quote by Malebo Sephodi
Be Me quotes by Giorgio Armani
#192. I know that people who have been closely involved with my work for many years are terrified of having to answer to someone else, someone who is not me, and that it won't be me to help them in their problems. This is my real problem. #Quote by Giorgio Armani
Be Me quotes by C.L.Stone
#193. Sweetie, you better believe if I have to run, it's going to be me chasing after you. #Quote by C.L.Stone
Be Me quotes by Belle Aurora
#194. He let me be me, and I didn't think there was anything more important in the world than being with somebody who didn't fear your demons, but made love to them. #Quote by Belle Aurora
Be Me quotes by Nick Vujicic
#195. What I didn't realize was that I didn't have to be normal--I just had to be me, my father's child, carrying out God's plan. #Quote by Nick Vujicic
Be Me quotes by Ransom Riggs
#196. I'd been dreaming of such adventures since I was small. Back then I'd believed in destiny, and believed in it absolutely, with every strand and fiber of my little kid heart. I'd felt it like an itch in my chest while listening to my grandfather's extraordinary stories. "One day that will be me." What felt like obligation now had been a promise back then - that one day I would escape my little town and live an extraordinary life as he had done; and that one day, like Grandpa Portman, I would do something that mattered. #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Be Me quotes by Cara Delevingne
#197. At school, I was a tomboy, and it would be me and all my guy friends. #Quote by Cara Delevingne
Be Me quotes by Brene Brown
#198. It was scary. But it was so liberating. I thought, This is not predetermined - I get to choose. There are some days where I have to choose five times in a day. I had to make a choice when you called and the phone rang, whether I'm going to show up and be me, or whether I'm going to say what I think I'm supposed to say and get off the phone. #Quote by Brene Brown
Be Me quotes by Ranbir Kapoor
#199. I watch 'Entourage.' I aspire the good life that they live and lead. Honestly, I am just trying to be me by trying to do good films, have fun at it and trying to work with good directors, and, of course, I am a bit of a silent party boy, also. I have my share of fun sometime, too. #Quote by Ranbir Kapoor
Be Me quotes by Laurence Housman
#200. The man who bears my name, and who claims to be me, was born on July 15, 1865, the sixth in a family of seven. He was an ugly child, and remained ugly till his eighteenth year, when his looks gradually improved. #Quote by Laurence Housman

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