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Be Important quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#1. Food, it appeared, could be important. It could be an event. It had secrets. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Be Important quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#2. But there seems to have been an actual decline in rational thinking. The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance. They were idolized and treated as leaders; their opinions were sought on everything and they took themselves just as seriously - after all, if an athlete is paid a million or more a year, he knows he is important … so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be both ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth. (Most of his fans were just as ignorant and unlettered; the disease was spreading.) #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Be Important quotes by Tom Robbins
#3. Outlaws are not members of society. However, they may be important to society. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Be Important quotes by Erling Kagge
#4. When you've invested a lot of time in being accessible and keeping up with what's happening, it's easy to conclude that it all has a certain value, even if what you have done might not be important. This is called rationalization. The New York Review of Books labeled the battle between producers of apps "the new opium wars," and the paper claims that "marketers have adopted addiction as an explicit commercial strategy." The only difference is that the pushers aren't peddling a product that can be smoked in a pipe, but rather is ingested via sugar-coated apps.

In a way, silence is the opposition to all of this. It's about getting inside what you are doing. Experiencing rather than overthinking. Allowing each moment to be big enough. Not living through other people and other things. Shutting out the world and fashioning your own silence whenever you run, cook food, have sex, study, chat, work, think of a new idea, read or dance. #Quote by Erling Kagge
Be Important quotes by Barbara Casey
#5. Carolina removed an old and creased single sheet of paper, yellowed with age, that was now carefully protected in clear, acid-free paper. She handed it to Dara. "This was folded up in a parik-til, in the box with my birth certificate."

"A parik-til?" asked Jennifer.

"It is a small pouch that is filled with things to bring good luck or blessings." She held up the cloth bag and opened it for the girls to see. "Gypsies use them, but so do Native Americans as well as people from Central and South America and other parts of the world. When I got it, I had no idea what it was or what it meant. I knew the folded piece of paper was old and somehow had to be important to me since my birth parents had included it with the other things they wanted me to have." Carolina stood up and walked over to the window. How well she remembered the overwhelming emotions she felt when she first saw those pages of the Voynich Manuscript in the book she was reading, and then realizing that the ancient script was the same as what was on the piece of paper that had been preserved in the parik-til--her parik-til. "Anyway, as soon as I saw the photographs of some of the manuscript pages in the book I was reading, I made the connection immediately. It was the same script as what was on this sheet of paper that I had been given."

All three FIGS crowded closely together to look at Carolina's treasure. #Quote by Barbara Casey
Be Important quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#6. These small things - nutrition, place, climate, recreation, the whole casuistry of selfishness - are inconceivably more important than everything one has taken to be important so far. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Be Important quotes by Paulo Coelho
#7. Fatima went back to her tent, and, when daylight came, she went out to do the chores she had done for years. But everything had changed. The boy was no longer at the oasis, and the oasis would never again have the same meaning it had had only yesterday. It would no longer be a place with fifty thousand palm trees and three hundred wells, where the pilgrims arrived, relieved at the end of their long journeys. From that day on, the oasis would be an empty place for her.
From that day on, it was the desert that would be important. She would look to it everyday, and would try to guess which star the boy was following in search of his treasure. She would have to send her kisses on the wind, hoping that the wind would touch the boy's face, and would tell him that she was alive. That she was waiting for him, a woman awaiting a courageous man in search of his treasure. From that day on, the desert would represent only one thing to her: the hope for his return. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Be Important quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#8. You're not required to save the world with your creativity. Your art not only doesn't have to be original, in other words, it also doesn't have to be important. For example, whenever anyone tells me that they want to write a book in order to help other people I always think 'Oh, please don't. Please don't try to help me.' I mean it's very kind of you to help people, but please don't make it your sole creative motive because we will feel the weight of your heavy intention, and it will put a strain upon our souls. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Be Important quotes by Ned Vizzini
#9. It's funny how people ask that as soon as they get you on the phone. I think it's a byproduct of cell phones: people - girls and moms especially - want to nail you down in physical space. The fact is that you could be anywhere on a cell phone and it shouldn't be important where you are. But it becomes the first thing people ask. #Quote by Ned Vizzini
Be Important quotes by Frank  Smith
#10. First, relax. ... And my second helpful hint is that you should not try to memorize anything you read in this book. ... My two words of advice are exemplified in what I call the Russian Novel Phenomenon. Every reader must have experienced that depressing moment about fifty pages into a Russian novel when we realize that we have lost track of all the characters, the variety of names by which they are known, their family relationships and relative ranks in the civil service. At this point we can give in to our anxiety, and start again to read more carefully, trying to memorize all the details on the offchance that some may prove to be important. If such a course is followed, the second reading is almost certain to be more incomprehensible than the first. The probable result: one Russian novel lost forever. But there is another alternative: to read faster, to push ahead, to make sense of what we can and to enjoy whatever we make sense of. And suddenly the book becomes readable, the story makes sense, and we find that we can remember all the important characters and events simply because we know what is important. Any re-reading we then have to do is bound to make sense, because at least we comprehend what is going on and what we are looking for. #Quote by Frank Smith
Be Important quotes by Erich Fromm
#11. Perhaps most trivial talk is a need to talk about oneself; hence, the never-ending subject of health and sickness, children, travel, successes, what one did, and the innumerable daily things that seem to be important. Since one cannot talk about oneself all the time without being thought a bore, one must exchange the privilege by a readiness to listen to others talking about themselves. Private social meetings between individuals (and often, also, meetings of all kinds of associations and groups) are little markets where one exchanges one's need to talk about oneself and one's desire to be listened to for the need of others who seek the same opportunity. Most people respect this arrangement of exchange; those who don't, and want to talk more about themselves than they are willing to listen, are "cheaters," and they are resented and have to choose inferior company in order to be tolerated. #Quote by Erich Fromm
Be Important quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#12. My work is incredibly important to me personally. It brings me joy and it brings me life and it brings me meaning. It doesn't necessarily have to be important to the people who read it. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Be Important quotes by Ufuoma Apoki
#13. It's true that no one is indispensable, but things aren't just right when some people are not around. #Quote by Ufuoma Apoki
Be Important quotes by Philip K. Howard
#14. We should stop looking to law to provide the final answer ... Law cannot save us from ourselves ... We have to go out and try to accomplish our goals and resolve disagreements by doing what we think is right. That energy and resourcefulness, not millions of legal cubicles, is what was great about America. Let judgment and personal conviction be important again. #Quote by Philip K. Howard
Be Important quotes by Phil Plait
#15. Just like people, stars can be important without being terribly bright. #Quote by Phil Plait
Be Important quotes by James Corden
#16. It's enough now of being unhealthy. I have a family, and I owe it to them to be as healthy as I can. A great sense of clarity comes when you have a child. It shows the important stuff to be important. #Quote by James Corden
Be Important quotes by Peter    Cameron
#17. I think that's what scares me: the randomness of everything. That the people who could be important to you might just pass you by. Or you pass them by. How do you know? #Quote by Peter Cameron
Be Important quotes by Carl Sagan
#18. If we long for our planet to be important, there is something we can do about it. We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Be Important quotes by Hugo Chavez
#19. Knowing English is important, but for us Venezuelans I think it would also be important to know Portuguese . For that reason, we should evaluate the possibility of it being taught in our schools. #Quote by Hugo Chavez
Be Important quotes by Michael Tianias
#20. It's all a matter of perception.
What one person deems to be important may be just as equally unimportant to another.
What one deems to be right may seem very wrong to someone else.
Your moral compass and values may not always be totally in sync with others you meet.
In the end it's all just your perception of how you choose to live your life and this may not always win you friends. In fact it may gain you some enemies.
Live your life how you choose to and if people don't like the way you do things then disagree if you must, but be nice & be respectful and then if you must, move on and leave it all behind you.
It's your life after all and only you can live it. Choose your path and set your compass then start walking. #Quote by Michael Tianias
Be Important quotes by Aretha Franklin
#21. My faith always has been and always will be important to me. #Quote by Aretha Franklin
Be Important quotes by George Polya
#22. To teach effectively a teacher must develop a feeling for his subject; he cannot make his students sense its vitality if he does not sense it himself. He cannot share his enthusiasm when he has no enthusiasm to share. How he makes his point may be as important as the point he makes; he must personally feel it to be important. #Quote by George Polya
Be Important quotes by George W. Bush
#23. Over time it's going to be important for nations to know they will be held accountable for inactivity. You're either with us or against us in the fight against terror. #Quote by George W. Bush
Be Important quotes by Someone
#24. It's nice to be important, but more important to be nice. #Quote by Someone
Be Important quotes by Keith Miller
#25. If God is in a life, it doesn't have to be big to be happy and to be important in His kingdom. #Quote by Keith Miller
Be Important quotes by Michael A. Singer
#26. Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you're willing to close your heart over it. #Quote by Michael A. Singer
Be Important quotes by James Baldwin
#27. Art has to be a kind of confession. I don't mean a true confession in the sense of that dreary magazine. The effort it seems to me, is: if you can examine and face your life, you can discover the terms with which you are connected to other lives, and they can discover them, too - the terms with which they are connected to other people. This has happened to every one of us, I'm sure. You read something which you thought only happened to you, and you discovered it happened 100 years ago to Dostoyevsky. This is a very great liberation for the suffering, struggling person, who always thinks that they are alone. This is why art is important. Art would not be important if life were not important, and life is important. Most of us, no matter what we say, are walking in the dark, whistling in the dark. Nobody knows what is going to happen to them from one moment to the next, or how one will bear it. This is irreducible. And it's true for everybody. Now, it is true that the nature of society is to create, among its citizens, an illusion of safety; but it is also absolutely true that the safety is always necessarily an illusion. Artists are here to disturb the peace. They have to disturb the peace. Otherwise, chaos. #Quote by James Baldwin
Be Important quotes by Brendon Burchard
#28. To inspire a singularity of focus, a challenge must be important to you and it must be something you feel you should do now in this moment. If it's trivial or not time-bound, you won't engage. So in selecting your next challenge in life, choose one that is meaningful and will demand your complete concentration. #Quote by Brendon Burchard
Be Important quotes by John Templeton
#29. It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. #Quote by John Templeton
Be Important quotes by Gaile Parkin
#30. There were people who knew about stars, who could tell you the name of every star in the sky. ... But she did not understand how it could be important to learn the name of every single star in the sky; surely it was better to know the name of every person in your street? #Quote by Gaile Parkin
Be Important quotes by Adriana Trigiani
#31. He's a good-looking sap, and he knows it. He's just exactly smart enough to know that he can only be important in a place where he has no competition. #Quote by Adriana Trigiani
Be Important quotes by Bob Mondello
#32. That it might turn into music that would heighten emotion, but not be important in itself. #Quote by Bob Mondello
Be Important quotes by Bertrand Russell
#33. Like Spinoza, he has a certain kind of moral purity and loftiness, which is very impressive. He is always sincere, never shrill or censorious, invariably concerned to tell the reader, as simply as he can, what he believes to be important. Whatever one may think of him as a theoretical philosopher, it is impossible not to love him as a man. The life of Plotinus is known, #Quote by Bertrand Russell
Be Important quotes by Tadao Ando
#34. I think everyone needs a goal. And what kind of goal will be important. And for that we have to study and we have to be intelligent. #Quote by Tadao Ando
Be Important quotes by Iris Johansen
#35. Would be important to ascertain whether a man's son was his own through a wife's purity, but where marriage was not involved it was #Quote by Iris Johansen
Be Important quotes by Watchman Nee
#36. Several days after Mary broke the alabaster box and poured the ointment on Jesus' head, there were some women who went early in the morning to anoint the body of the Lord. Did they do it? Did they succeed in their purpose on that first day of the week? No, there was only one soul who succeeded in anointing the Lord, and it was Mary, who anointed Him beforehand. The others never did it, for He had risen. Now I suggest that in just such a way the matter of time may be important to us also, and that the whole question for us is: what am I doing to the Lord today? #Quote by Watchman Nee
Be Important quotes by Lemony Snicket
#37. And a refrigerator may hold a basket of strawberries, which would be important if a maniac said to you, "If you don't give me a basket of strawberries right now, I'm going to poke you with this large stick." But when the two elder Baudelaires and Quigley Quagmire opened the refrigerator, they found nothing that would help someone who was wounded, dying of thirst, or being threatened by a strawberry-crazed, stick-carrying maniac. #Quote by Lemony Snicket
Be Important quotes by Kate Bornstein
#38. I see fashion as a proclamation or manifestation of identity, so, as long as identities are important, fashion will continue to be important. The link between fashion and identity begins to get real interesting, however, in the case of people who don't fall clearly into a culturally-recognized identity. #Quote by Kate Bornstein
Be Important quotes by Amie Kaufman
#39. You work your whole life for a Thing, it's only natural the Thing be important to you #Quote by Amie Kaufman
Be Important quotes by Marcus Brigstocke
#40. Political correctness is as exploitable as any other progressive ideal, but its aim is to stifle the incessant noise of those who flap their careless lips without a thought about those they might offend and why that might be important. #Quote by Marcus Brigstocke
Be Important quotes by Robert Ferrigno
#41. It's just that sometimes things that you don't think are important turn out to be. #Quote by Robert Ferrigno
Be Important quotes by Uta Barth
#42. When I was sixteen and knew nothing about art, I sat through almost six hours of Andy Warhol's Empire. I did not understand it but thought: this is in a major museum, it must be important, what is going on here? I stayed until the museum closed. His Screen Test films are some of my favorite works made this century, but you need to give them back the time they took to be made. #Quote by Uta Barth
Be Important quotes by Marilyn Johnson
#43. We are all living history, and it's hard to say now what will be important in the future. One thing's certain, though: if we throw it away, it's gone. #Quote by Marilyn Johnson
Be Important quotes by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
#44. A first kiss, I think, should be important, special. It should be with the person you want to kiss more than anybody in the world. #Quote by Lauren Baratz-Logsted
Be Important quotes by Fiona Apple
#45. When I was a kid
10, 11, 12, 13
the thing I wanted most in the world was a best friend. I wanted to be important to people; to have people that understood me. I wanted to just be close to somebody. And back then, a thought would go through my head almost constantly: "There's never gonna be a room someplace where there's a group of people sitting around, having fun, hanging out, where one of them goes, 'You know what would be great? We should call Fiona. Yeah, that would be good.' That'll never happen. There's nothing interesting about me." I just felt like I was a sad little boring thing. #Quote by Fiona Apple
Be Important quotes by Philippa Perry
#46. As we get older it is our short term memory that fades rather than our long term memory. Perhaps we have evolved like this so that we are able to tell the younger generation about the stories and experiences that have formed us which may be important to subsequent generations if they are to thrive.
I worry though, about what might happen to our minds if most of the stories we hear are about greed, war, and atrocity #Quote by Philippa Perry
Be Important quotes by Eric Maisel
#47. The result may be important but it's not the actual measure. The measure is the feeling you have made contact with something. #Quote by Eric Maisel
Be Important quotes by Paulo Coelho
#48. From that day on, it was the desert that would be important. She would look to it everyday, and would try to guess which star the boy was following in search of his treasure. She would have to send her kisses on the wind hoping that the wind would touch the boy's face, and would tell him that she was alive. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Be Important quotes by Steve Jobs
#49. Things don't have to change the world to be important. #Quote by Steve Jobs
Be Important quotes by Sarra Manning
#50. Then what he said and how he said it won't be important any more. What will be important are all the things you never got to say. #Quote by Sarra Manning
Be Important quotes by Jaron Lanier
#51. A file on a hard disk does indeed contain information of the kind that objectively exists. The fact that the bits are discernible instead of being scrambled into mush - the way heat scrambles things - is what makes them bits.

But if the bits can potentially mean something to someone, they can only do so if they are experienced. When that happens, a commonality of culture is enacted between the storer and the retriever of the bits. Experience is the only process that can de-alienate information.

Information of the kind that purportedly wants to be free is nothing but a shadow of our own minds, and wants nothing on its own. It will not suffer if it doesn't get what it wants.

But if you want to make the transition from the old religion, where you hope God will give you an afterlife, to the new religion, where you hope to become immortal by getting uploaded into a computer, then you have to believe information is real and alive. So for you, it will be important to redesign human institutions like art, the economy, and the law to reinforce the perception that information is alive. You demand that the rest of us live in your new conception of a state religion. You need us to deify information to reinforce your faith. #Quote by Jaron Lanier
Be Important quotes by David Foster Wallace
#52. It always seems to be important to have at least one person in the vicinity to hate. #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Be Important quotes by Bill Bradley
#53. Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes, in times of difficulty, can be important role models. #Quote by Bill Bradley
Be Important quotes by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
#54. Some people choose you to be important in their lives. Don't take them for granted. Look down on them or think they are fools. The same way , they chose you to be important in their lives. They can choose you not to be. #Quote by De Philosopher DJ Kyos
Be Important quotes by Juno Temple
#55. It's important to not be naive about this world and know that it's not necessarily a good place to be. #Quote by Juno Temple
Be Important quotes by Yōko Tawada
#56. I think hunting used to be important for human survival. Thats no longer the case, but they can't stop. A human being, perhaps, is made up of many nonsensical movements. But they've forgotten the movements necessary for life. These humans are manipulated by what remains of their memories. #Quote by Yōko Tawada
Be Important quotes by Caroline George
#57. The apocalypse was supposed to be cliché drama, Godzilla roaming the streets and zombies crawling from graves to devour the living. I guess all of humankind wanted to believe they'd end with a bang instead of unnoticed silence. We all, deep down, want to believe in a future where our historical monuments and literature hold significance. We want our deaths to be important. We want to matter. #Quote by Caroline George
Be Important quotes by Eric Klinenberg
#58. What counts as social infrastructure? I define it capaciously. Public institutions such as libraries, schools, playgrounds, parks, athletic fields, and swimming pools are vital parts of the social infrastructure. So too are sidewalks, courtyards, community gardens, and other green spaces that invite people into the public realm. Community organizations, including churches and civic associations, act as social infrastructures when they have an established physical space where people can assemble, as do regularly scheduled markets for food, furniture, clothing, art, and other consumer goods. Commercial establishments can also be important parts of the social infrastructure, particularly when they operate as what the sociologist Ray Oldenburg called "third spaces," places (like cafes, diners, barbershops, and bookstores) where people are welcome to congregate and linger regardless of what they've purchased. #Quote by Eric Klinenberg
Be Important quotes by William A. Dembski
#59. I think the opportunity to deal with students and getting them properly oriented on science and theology and the relation between those is going to be important because science has been such an instrument used by the materialists to undermine the Christian faith and religious belief generally. #Quote by William A. Dembski
Be Important quotes by Peter Cameron
#60. What if she was meant to be, or could have been, someone important in my life? I think that's what scares me: the randomness of everything. That the people who could be important to you might just pass you by. Or you pass them by. How do you know ... I felt that by walking away I was abandoning [them], that I spent my entire life, day after day, abandoning people. #Quote by Peter Cameron
Be Important quotes by Anatoli Boukreev
#61. I want this book to be facts, to be important, to be history. #Quote by Anatoli Boukreev
Be Important quotes by Erin McCarthy
#62. I want to be IMPORTANT to you. Special. He shook his head and gave a soft laugh. Do You know how stupid I feel saying that? I think my balls just dropped to the floor. #Quote by Erin McCarthy
Be Important quotes by John F. Kennedy
#63. By calling attention to 'a well regulated militia,' 'the security of the nation,' and the right of each citizen 'to keep and bear arms,' our founding fathers recognized the essentially civilian nature of our economy ... The Second Amendment still remains an important declaration of our basic civilian-military relationships in which every citizen must be ready to participate in the defense of his country. For that reason I believe the Second Amendment will always be important. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Be Important quotes by Steve Winwood
#64. The living together is very important in a way. It's important for writing. It wouldn't be important if we were like just getting other people's numbers together, we'd just have to meet at rehearsals, but writing is something almost completely different. #Quote by Steve Winwood
Be Important quotes by John Foster Dulles
#65. Local defense will always be important. But there is no local defense which alone will contain the mighty land power of the Communist world. Local defense must be reinforced by the further deterrent of massive retaliatory power. #Quote by John Foster Dulles
Be Important quotes by Thornton Wilder
#66. Choose the least important day in your life. It will be important enough. #Quote by Thornton Wilder
Be Important quotes by Mesa Selimovic
#67. But there could be no new beginning, nor would one be important. We are not aware when new beginnings arrive; we only discover them later when they have already engulfed us, when everything merely continues. Then we believe that everything could have been different, but it could not have, and so we rush into springtime, so as not to think about nonexistent beginnings or unpleasant continuations. #Quote by Mesa Selimovic
Be Important quotes by Debasish Mridha
#68. It may not be important how much you have, but it is important who you are in your heart. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Be Important quotes by Willa Valentine
#69. Look," she said, and just that. That was the only time she opened her mouth, because she wanted to say something unnecessary, something that wouldn't be important or memorable, so I wouldn't have to remember her voice.
We looked at the veil then, the thing that had turned her this way, and we smiled. #Quote by Willa Valentine
Be Important quotes by Happy Rhodes
#70. Everybody sees me as a solitary entity but I long to be important to somebody It's a love of fairy tales that drives this guilty wish To walk serenely in front of family to collect my kiss and though this notion is as flawed as any I have learned I'd like to think that like the others, it's something I deserve #Quote by Happy Rhodes
Be Important quotes by John F. Kennedy
#71. But because I am a Catholic, and no Catholic has ever been elected president, the real issues in this campaign have been obscured - perhaps deliberately, in some quarters less responsible than this. So it is apparently necessary for me to state once again not what kind of church I believe in - for that should be important only to me - but what kind of America I believe in. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Be Important quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#72. You don't have to be educated to be intelligent,
eloquent to be wise, rich to be powerful,
famous to be important, shameful to be popular,
prominent to be superior, wealthy to be generous,
influential to be fortunate, celebrated to be kind,
famous to be hopeful, shameful to be happy,
celebrated to be blessed, heartless to be strong,
militant to be firm, loud to be assertive,
cocky to be ambitious, overbearing to be dominant,
nor aggressive to be determined.

And you also don't have to be connected to be successful,
gifted to be great, talented to be exceptional,
connected to be brilliant, gifted to be extraordinary,
talented to be successful, weak to be humble,
frail to be meek, timid to be gentle,
delicate to be humane, tame to be peaceful,
vulnerable to be moderate, schooled to be cultured,
literate to be civilized, conceited to be sophisticated,
refined to be accomplished, well-bred to be polished,
nor learned to be enlightened. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Be Important quotes by Val Kilmer
#73. Youth is seen as everything. You don't know anything when you're young. It's great being older, just having a more balanced perspective. I wake up and realise that what seemed to be important last year no longer is. I'm increasingly grateful for every day. #Quote by Val Kilmer
Be Important quotes by John Green
#74. I always felt like you had to be important to have enemies. #Quote by John Green
Be Important quotes by Cyndi Lauper
#75. People can save the world by the way they think and by the way they behave and what they hold to be important. #Quote by Cyndi Lauper
Be Important quotes by Thomas R. Insel
#76. Most of our brain cells are glial cells, once thought to be mere support cells, but now understood as having a critical role in brain function. Glial cells in the human brain are markedly different from glial cells in other brains, suggesting that they may be important in the evolution of brain function. #Quote by Thomas R. Insel
Be Important quotes by Mariah Fredericks
#77. Danny smiles. Really smiles
like it means a lot that I'm not mad at him anymore. And then I figure out something weird: that you can be important to someone who doesn't mean much to you. But that once you find that out
that you mean something to them
it's hard not to feel that they mean something to you. #Quote by Mariah Fredericks
Be Important quotes by Joe Carnahan
#78. I always look for ... hopefully look for a challenge. And you're always looking for the next summit to hit. Even if it's a personal one. It needn't be some great sense of monumental ... It just has to be important to you and big enough and special enough and individual enough that you get up for it. And that can be anything. #Quote by Joe Carnahan
Be Important quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#79. The goal has its importance. But the doing is what is truly fulfilling. Every enthusiastic person has a goal that may be important, but the doing is intensely fulfilling, and it is the essence of enthusiasm. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Be Important quotes by Alan Hirsch
#80. Heroes are important not only because they symbolize what we believe to be important, but because they also convey universal truths about personal self-discovery and self-transcendence, one's role in society, and the relation between the two. #Quote by Alan Hirsch
Be Important quotes by Gene Wolfe
#81. [T]he very existence of such powers argues a counterforce. We call powers of the first kind dark, though they may use a species of deadly light... and we call those of the second kind bright, though I think that they may at times employ darkness, as a good man nevertheless draws the curtains of his bed to sleep. Yet there is truth to the talk of darkness and light, because it shows plainly that one implies the other. The tale I read to little Severian said that the universe was but a long word of the Increate's. We, then, are syllables of that word. But the speaking of any word is futile unless there are other words, words that are not spoken. If a beast has but one cry, the cry tells nothing; and even the wind has a multitude of voices, so that those who sit indoors may hear it and know if the weather is tumultuous or mild. The powers we call dark seem to me to be the words the Increate did not speak... and these words must be maintained in a quasi-existence, if the other word, the word spoken is to be distinguished. What is not said can be important - but what is said is more important... And if the seekers after dark things find them, may not the seekers after bright find them as well? And are they not more apt to hand their wisdom on? #Quote by Gene Wolfe
Be Important quotes by Sylvia Plath
#82. I want to be important. By being different. And these girls are all the same. #Quote by Sylvia Plath
Be Important quotes by Marcus Buckingham
#83. What do we know to be important but are unable to measure? #Quote by Marcus Buckingham
Be Important quotes by Don Simpson
#84. To make money, it may be important to win the Academy Award, for it might mean another ten million dollars at the box office. #Quote by Don Simpson
Be Important quotes by Peter Thiel
#85. A conventional truth can be important - it's essential to learn elementary mathematics, for example - but it won't give you an edge. It's not a secret. #Quote by Peter Thiel
Be Important quotes by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono
#86. In carrying out a peacekeeping mission where the grand strategy is to maintain peace and order by persuading armed parties or other hostile elements to back away from aggressive activities, military strength is not a definite measure of success; neither could material contribution alone guarantees the "winning of the hearts and minds" of the people. What appears to be important is the day-to-day conduct of the peacekeepers on the ground; those who uphold the principles of neutrality and impartiality, as well as those who are able to carry all aspects of its operational duties exceptionally. #Quote by Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono
Be Important quotes by Giada De Laurentiis
#87. Yoga has trimmed my body in a way that the gym never could. I used to be a gym rat, but I switched to yoga and am now almost 10 pounds lighter. One important thing I've gotten from yoga is breathing. When I'm cooking, the top part of my body collapses down. It cuts off my diaphragm. #Quote by Giada De Laurentiis
Be Important quotes by Richard R. Valencia
#88. Presently, many behavioral and social scientists hold the deficit thinking model in disrepute - arguing that it is unduly simplistic, lacks empirical verification, more ideological than scientific, grounded in classism and racism, and offers counterproductive educational prescriptions for school success. However, because deficit thinking is so protean, taking different forms to conform to what is politically acceptable at the moment, and while the popularity of different revisions may change, it never ceases to be important in determining school policy and practice. Given #Quote by Richard R. Valencia
Be Important quotes by Phil Jourdan
#89. Because I am thought to be important I am left alone. They call me doctor but I am not the kind of doctor they believe I am. I cannot mend a broken leg and am useless to everyone onboard. By virtue of my professorship I am granted peace. #Quote by Phil Jourdan
Be Important quotes by Norton Juster
#90. Do you think it will rain?
Milo: But I thought you were the Weather Man?
No, I'm the Whether man, for it is more important to know whether there will be weather, whether than what the weather will be. #Quote by Norton Juster
Be Important quotes by David Corn
#91. As the heated debate continues, it will be important that nonproliferation experts play a critical role in the discourse. Science-based statements, not snarky sound bites, should be the weapons of choice. #Quote by David Corn
Be Important quotes by Murad S. Shah
#92. If it is not important for you, how can it be important for others? #Quote by Murad S. Shah
Be Important quotes by Jeff Daniels
#93. And regardless of the fact that in this country, certainly in the arts, we treat comedy as a second-class citizen, I've never thought of it that way. I've always thought it to be important. The last time I looked, the Greeks were holding up two masks. I've always thought of it not only as having equal value, but as the craft of it, being funny. #Quote by Jeff Daniels
Be Important quotes by Sheri S. Tepper
#94. It may be important to write a book that doesn't come up to what I would like to have rather than to write no book at all. #Quote by Sheri S. Tepper
Be Important quotes by Saidi Mdala
#95. If you want the world to take you seriously, be important. If you want to be important, solve problems. #Quote by Saidi Mdala
Be Important quotes by Daniel Kahneman
#96. One emphasis of my research has been on the question of how people spend their time. Time is the ultimate finite resource, or course, so the question of how people spend it would seem to be important. #Quote by Daniel Kahneman
Be Important quotes by Robert Fritz
#97. One of the most important results you can bring into the world is the you that you really want to be. #Quote by Robert Fritz
Be Important quotes by Hermann Hesse
#98. It may be important to great thinkers to examine the world, to explain and despise it. But I think it is only important to love the world, not to despise it, not for us to hate each other, but to be able to regard the world and ourselves and all beings with love, admiration and respect. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Be Important quotes by Ernesto Sabato
#99. And years later too, when Martín would return to Buenos Aires from that remote region in the South and come to see him, out of that eager desire (Bruno thought) that causes men to cling to the last remaining traces of a person whom they have loved a great deal, those last traces of body and soul that the beloved has left behind in the world: in the vague, fragmentary immortality of photographs, of words spoken to others at one time or another, of a certain expression that someone remembers, or says he remembers, and even of those small objects that take on an inordinate symbolic value (a little box of matches, a ticket to a movie theater); objects or words that then bring about the miracle of giving that spirit a fleeting, intangible, though despairingly real presence, just as a fond memory is brought back by a breath of perfume or a snatch of music, a fragment that need not be important or profound and may indeed even be an unpretentious and even banal melody that made us laugh in those magic days because it was so vulgar, but that now, ennobled by death and eternal separation, seems moving and profound to us. #Quote by Ernesto Sabato
Be Important quotes by Tibor Fischer
#100. Almost all of us have the hankering to be famous, to be important, to be admired, to stand out, but the assumption is you have to be different or better to get that. No. The best thing is to be famous, to be cuddled by the public, but to be like everyone else. #Quote by Tibor Fischer
Be Important quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#101. You don't need money to be generous.
You don't need education to be wise.
You don't need fame to be important.
You don't need charisma to be influential.
You don't need titles to be honorable.
You don't need awards to be special.
You don't need medals to be extraordinary.

You don't need consent to be yourself.
You don't need approval to be unique.
You don't need a license to be creative.
You don't need authorization to dream.
You don't need acceptance to be gifted.
You don't need youth to be a champion.
You don't need old age to be a hero.

You need skill, not temper, to be a warrior.
You need love, not rage, to be an activist.
You need compassion, not robes, to be a priest.
You need confidence, not ego, to be a politician.
You need integrity, not charm, to be a leader.
You need wisdom, not theories, to be a master.
You need character, not size, to be a champion. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Be Important quotes by Dwayne Johnson
#102. It's nice to be important but it's even more important to be nice. I grew up in a world where there were a lot of big physical guys and woman so it's always important to be nice to me. #Quote by Dwayne Johnson
Be Important quotes by Elizabeth McCracken
#103. Despite popular theories, I believe people fall in love based not on good looks or fate but on knowledge. Either they are amazed by something a beloved knows that they themselves do not know; or they discover a common rare knowledge; or they can supply knowledge to someone who's lacking. Hasn't everyone found a strange ignorance in someone beguiling? ... Nowadays, trendy librarians, wanting to be important, say, Knowledge is power. I know better. Knowledge is love. #Quote by Elizabeth McCracken
Be Important quotes by David Levithan
#104. There are some days you know ahead of time are going to be important, but most of the important ones end up catching you by surprise. the best thing to do is to treat all your days well. Then see what happens. #Quote by David Levithan
Be Important quotes by Chad Harbach
#105. Getting your foot in the door with some publishing people can be important when you're starting out as a writer, but it's also not enough to get you where you need to be. #Quote by Chad Harbach
Be Important quotes by L.M. Browning
#106. Take all those things that would propose to be important, and weigh them upon the scale of your soul. Asking how much each thing actually impacts, not just the moment, but the years ahead. Discard all that is trivial masquerading as significant, and reserve your days for those things that truly matter. #Quote by L.M. Browning
Be Important quotes by Richard Russo
#107. Slow, tick decides. Thinks happen slow. she isn't quite sure why this understanding of the world's movement should be important, but she thinks it is ... Take her parents- At the time, their separation had seemed a bolt from the blue, though she now realizes it had been a slow process, rooted in dissatisfaction and need ... Mybe #Quote by Richard Russo
Be Important quotes by Fela Durotoye
#108. It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice #Quote by Fela Durotoye
Be Important quotes by Ruth Downie
#109. One of the many difficult things about women was that they tended to pick the most unsuitable times to tell you something they considered to be important, and then became irrationally upset when you failed to remember it. #Quote by Ruth Downie
Be Important quotes by Christian De Duve
#110. What would help us preserve our natural resources are genetic traits that let us sacrifice the present for the sake of the future. You need wisdom to sacrifice something that is immediately useful or advantageous for the sake of something that will be important in the future. #Quote by Christian De Duve
Be Important quotes by Dean Kamen
#111. In some cases, inventions prohibit innovation because we're so caught up in playing with the technology, we forget about the fact that it was supposed to be important. #Quote by Dean Kamen
Be Important quotes by Jane Austen
#112. I can never be important to any one.'
'What is to prevent you?'
'Every thing - my situation - my foolishness and awkwardness. #Quote by Jane Austen
Be Important quotes by Don Berry
#113. Now it occurred to him the changes of mental state that might be important were just such minor things as this abnormal irritability. Not so dramatic as visions and fevers, maybe. But important. An attitude of carelessness, or annoyance, clouded your judgment, and that was not a good thing in the woods. #Quote by Don Berry
Be Important quotes by Clint Eastwood
#114. I was always respectful of people who were deeply religious because I always felt that if they gave themselves to it, then it had to be important to them. But if you can go through life without it, that's OK, too. It's whatever suits you. #Quote by Clint Eastwood
Be Important quotes by Guillermo Del Toro
#115. And this, I believe, is where my third grade teacher had it wrong: Answers can only aspire to be important. Questions remain forever relevant, forever eloquent. Answers are science, questions are poetry. #Quote by Guillermo Del Toro
Be Important quotes by Katherine Ewell
#116. In a way, losing hope and losing importance are the same thing. It is that youthful vibrance, that eternal longing and believing, that makes youth so important--if you grow old and lose that without finding another way to be important, you will slip away, fall into insignificance, like one sheet of paper. You may be useful, but you will never stand out from the crowd. You cannot look at a piece of paper and say, "I remember you." You never can. #Quote by Katherine Ewell
Be Important quotes by Marc Maron
#117. Why am I holding on to this stuff? Some of this junk is losing its punch. Pictures. Pieces of paper with writing on them - I can no longer connect with the thoughts or feelings that birthed them, that drove me in that panicky desperate moment to scribble in a barely legible scrawl as if on a cave wall. All say the same thing in some form or another: "I am here. This is me in this moment." Do I have some fantasy that this stuff will be important after I die? Do I think that scholars will be thrilled that I left such a disorganized treasure trove of creative evidence of me? Will the archives be fought over by college libraries? What will probably happen is my brother will come out with my mother and look in the boxes. My mother will hold up a VHS or a cassette and say to my brother, "Do I have a machine that plays these?" My brother will shake his head no and they will throw it all away. #Quote by Marc Maron
Be Important quotes by Harry Browne
#118. Harry's letter to his daughter:

If I could give you just one thing, I'd want it to be a simple truth that took me many years to learn. If you learn it now, it may enrich your life in hundreds of ways. And it may prevent you from facing many problems that have hurt people who have never learned it.

The truth is simply this: No one owes you anything.


How could such a simple statement be important? It may not seem so, but understanding it can bless your entire life.

No one owes you anything.

It means that no one else is living for you, my child. Because no one is you. Each person is living for himself; his own happiness is all he can ever personally feel.

When you realize that no one owes you happiness or anything else, you'll be freed from expecting what isn't likely to be.

It means no one has to love you. If someone loves you, it's because there's something special about you that gives him happiness. Find out what that something special is and try to make it stronger in you, so that you'll be loved even more.

When people do things for you, it's because they want to - because you, in some way, give them something meaningful that makes them want to please you, not because anyone owes you anything.

No one has to like you. If your friends want to be with you, it's not out of duty. Find out what makes others happy so they'll want to be near you.
#Quote by Harry Browne
Be Important quotes by Tom Perrotta
#119. Sharon had moved to Springdale in November of our senior year. She just appeared out of nowhere in four of my classes ... I couldn't stop staring at her. I had this weird feeling she was going to be important. #Quote by Tom Perrotta
Be Important quotes by Spike Lee
#120. I think it would be very boring dramatically to have a film where everybody was a lawyer or doctor and had no faults. To me, the most important thing is to be truthful. #Quote by Spike Lee
Be Important quotes by John Henry Newman
#121. And this is the sense of the word "grammar" which our inaccurate student detests, and this is the sense of the word which every sensible tutor will maintain. His maxim is "a little, but well"; that is, really know what you say you know: know what you know and what you do not know; get one thing well before you go on to a second; try to ascertain what your words mean; when you read a sentence, picture it before your mind as a whole, take in the truth or information contained in it, express it in your own words, and, if it be important, commit it to the faithful memory. Again, compare one idea with another; adjust truths and facts; form them into one whole, or notice the obstacles which occur in doing so. This is the way to make progress; this is the way to arrive at results; not to swallow knowledge, but (according to the figure sometimes used) to masticate and digest it. #Quote by John Henry Newman
Be Important quotes by David Sarnoff
#122. Television is likely to do more to revolutionize politics than sound broadcasting did. Political candidates may have to adopt new techniques to benefit from visual radio: their dress, their smiles and gestures, all will be important. How they look, as well as what they say, may determine to an appreciable extent their popularity. The eyes of the public will be upon them. #Quote by David Sarnoff
Be Important quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#123. There are moments of silence and smiles and breaths taken away from the chest, wherein you truly feel a deep understanding for your position in your life, in this world, and within the walls of yourself that you call bones and tissue. You madly understand yourself (your thoughts, your desires, what you want to be living for, really) and it's amazing because it is within those moments where you will come to see how very few people should actually be important to your heart and to your path: because your heart and your path are glorious and different and breathtaking and not everyone belongs there with you. We all often feel pangs of loneliness and we clamour to hold onto other people because it has not yet dawned on us, that not everyone we wish to hold onto will fit on our paths with us. If you could come to an understanding of your own space, and what it means to occupy that space, then you would come to know, and to feel, and to realise, that we are not lonely in our hearts because others do not occupy with us; rather, we are painfully lonely in our hearts because we do not occupy our own skin. We do not occupy our own souls. We do not occupy the space we've been given by our own dreams, desires, longings... what makes you cry? What makes you laugh? It doesn't matter if you're the only one who cries or who laughs! What matters is that you fill up your space so full that your soul rubs up against your bones and pushes up against just below the surface of your skin. You will #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Be Important quotes by Isaac Asimov
#124. To me it seems to be important to believe people to be good even if they tend to be bad, because your own joy and happiness in life is increased that way, and the pleasures of the belief outweigh the occasional disappointments. To be a cynic about people works just the other way around and makes you incapable about enjoying the good things. #Quote by Isaac Asimov
Be Important quotes by Sophie Hannah
#125. No highbrow literary type would ever say 'Moby Dick' is good but it's just about a whale, or a Jane Austen would be important if she wasn't just writing about romantic relationships. #Quote by Sophie Hannah
Be Important quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
#126. Your art not only doesn't have to be original, in other words; it also doesn't have to be important. #Quote by Elizabeth Gilbert
Be Important quotes by Agatha Christie
#127. My friend, in working upon a case, one does not take into account only the things that are "mentioned". There is no reason to mention many things which may be important. Equally, there is often an excellent reason for not mentioning them. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Be Important quotes by Gloria Steinem
#128. You never know which thing you do is going to turn out to be important. I'm sure we've all done very small things that had very great impact and very big things that didn't make any difference. So, create the means that best reflect the ends we want. Try to make each moment authentic, and you'll get to an authentic end. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Be Important quotes by Paul Thomas Anderson
#129. I remember being taught in school that you would underline things that you liked. I remember just underlining everything as a kid, thinking, 'This has all gotta be important!' I would just underline the whole thing! #Quote by Paul Thomas Anderson
Be Important quotes by Eric Kandel
#130. It may act as an ancillary factor, but by itself, the mutation in tau doesn't give you Alzheimer's disease. This is not to say the tau is not very important. It may be important in propagating the disorder from one cell to another. But as a causal mechanism, the evidence is strongest for beta amyloid abnormalities. #Quote by Eric Kandel
Be Important quotes by John Templeton
#131. From the standpoint of our spiritual development, it might be important for us to realize that we came from an unknown somewhere; we brought with us an attained state of consciousness; and while we are here, we are expanding that consciousness. From some perspectives, it may seem that we are making giant strides, but from the greater overview, our quantity of spiritual knowledge is smaller than Ptolemy's knowledge of astronomy! #Quote by John Templeton
Be Important quotes by Cory Bernardi
#132. In a hyper materialist environment where everything is reduced to mere economic considerations, what we deem to be important is often trivial, a temporary fix for deeper and more profound yearnings.
This has given rise to what some may describe as a unique pathology common to modern wealthy societies: moral and spiritual emptiness among opulence and material luxury. #Quote by Cory Bernardi
Be Important quotes by Peter Drucker
#133. The only skill that will be important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills.Everythi ng else will become obsolete over time. #Quote by Peter Drucker
Be Important quotes by Bernie Glassman
#134. Our work may be important, but we don't take it too seriously. Otherwise, we get attached to one relatively small thing and ignore the rest of life. #Quote by Bernie Glassman
Be Important quotes by Jack Kilby
#135. I think I thought it would be important for electronics as we knew it then, but that was a much simpler business and electronics was mostly radio and television and the first computers. #Quote by Jack Kilby
Be Important quotes by Chinua Achebe
#136. The reality of today, different as it is from the reality of my society one hundred years ago, is and can be important if we have the energy and the inclination to challenge it, to go out and engage with its peculiarities, with the things that we do not understand. The real danger is the tendency to retreat into the obvious, the tendency to be frightened by the richness of the world and to clutch what we always have understood. #Quote by Chinua Achebe
Be Important quotes by George Lucas
#137. Someday you're going to have to learn to separate what seems to be important from what really is important. #Quote by George Lucas
Be Important quotes by Rollo May
#138. Condemning ourselves is the quickest way to get a substitute sense of worth. People who have almost, but not quite, lost their feeling of worth generally have very strong needs to condemn themselves, for that is the most ready way of drowning the bitter ache of feelings of worthlessness and humiliation. It is as though the person were saying to himself, "I must be important that I am so worth condemning," or "Look how noble I am: I have such high ideals and I am so ashamed of myself that I fall short." A psychoanalyst once pointedly remarked that when someone in psychoanalysis berates himself at great length for picayune sins, he feels like asking, "Who do you think you are?" The self-condemning person is very often trying to show how important he is that God is so concerned with punishing him. #Quote by Rollo May
Be Important quotes by Christopher Abbott
#139. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world, to go off and make a film. At the heart of it, making a film - it's pretend. It's a silly thing to do. But it can be important, and to have that experience with people you love is one of the best things you can do. #Quote by Christopher Abbott
Be Important quotes by James Rosenquist
#140. I think of my actions every day: what seems to be important and what isn't. #Quote by James Rosenquist
Be Important quotes by Jose N Harris
#141. As Christians, we celebrate many holidays and memorials throughout the year. Some we decide to celebrate by referencing events in the Bible. Others are related to events in our personal lives. Still more are pushed upon by this World.
There's nothing necessarily wrong with celebrating events that bring us joy or keep important parts of our lives in focus.
As a Christian, it is important for me to follow Christ's words and teachings. I do not obey man's intepretations of God's word. I read it and follow it. Its that simple. I dont need an interpreter. Christ is my intermediary. Ive been blessed to have been given the gift of language and... in the Bible, when you read it in Aramaic, there is only ONE event, one memorial that Jesus asks us to remember and thus honor our Savior. And its not His birthday. We are upon that annual event this weekend. For Jesus "blessed and he broke and he said, "Take eat; this is my body, which is broken for your persons; thus you shall do for my Memorial."
[1 Cor 11:24]

Holidays can be fun times for families to get together and to celebrate life. This weekend lets not lose focus. For this is the one and ONLY holiday that our Christ commands us to memorialize. Its in his words. Its in the Bible. It was important enough for Him to spell it out. It should be important enough for us to listen. Above all other events in our lives, isn't Christ Jesus's sacrifice truly the most magnificent one? Lets remember our Savior and not a #Quote by Jose N Harris
Be Important quotes by John Dewey
#142. The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important. #Quote by John Dewey
Be Important quotes by Harold Prince
#143. I suppose a certain degree of adulthood has entered my life. Aiming for Broadway, I can't think that way any more. Of course, Broadway will always be important. But it's not the focus of everything that you do. You know, I'm very happy I was born when I was, so I got there in time. When it was time to get there. #Quote by Harold Prince
Be Important quotes by Nicole Brossard
#144. More and more I love darkness for itself, it soothes me, makes me feel good, though I don't quite understand why. I also love it because I am trying to imagine language without light, as though I wanted to understand how things were before language, when, deep in the throat, syllables and vowels were not yet organized and it was necessary to tilt one's head back to allow sounds to fly through the open air, terrifying, guttural or strident. In the beginning, I thought the other language would enlighten me, clarify the mysteries of my inner life. I wanted to learn to read inside myself. Reading inside oneself may not be important. #Quote by Nicole Brossard
Be Important quotes by Larry King
#145. Don't you think it would be better to legalize victimless crimes like drugs & prostitution & divert the resources to more important things like the rapes & assaults & things like that? #Quote by Larry King
Be Important quotes by T. S. Eliot
#146. Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important. #Quote by T. S. Eliot
Be Important quotes by Martin Heidegger
#147. Body', 'soul', and 'spirit' may designate phenomenal domains which can be detached as themes for definite investigations; within certain limits their ontological indefiniteness may not be important. When, however, we come to the question of man's Being, this is not something we can simply compute by adding together those kinds of Being which body, soul, and spirit respectively possess
kinds of being whose nature has not as yet been determined. And even if we should attempt such an ontological procedure, some idea of the Being of the whole must be presupposed. #Quote by Martin Heidegger
Be Important quotes by Steve Krug
#148. Your guess [about the future of technology] is as good as mine. The only thing I'm sure of is (a) most of the predictions I hear are almost certainly wrong, and (b) the things that will turn out to be important will come as a surprise, even though in hindsight they'll seem perfectly obvious. #Quote by Steve Krug
Be Important quotes by Sophia Loren
#149. If you are a professional actor who has pride in his work, then the judgment of your peers should be important to you. I treasure each and every award I have ever received - and my Oscar is in a place of honor. #Quote by Sophia Loren
Be Important quotes by James Baldwin
#150. [Art is] very great liberation for the suffering, struggling person, who always thinks that he is alone. This is why art is important. Art would not be important if life were not important, and life is important. #Quote by James Baldwin
Be Important quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#151. Rather, it is simply the tale of how two people can be important to each other their whole lives, and then, one morning, quite without meaning to, one of them wakes up to find that importance has been magnified into a sudden and intense desire to put his tongue in the other's mouth. #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Be Important quotes by Marie Of Romania
#152. To be entirely happy in marriage, the same thing must be important to both. #Quote by Marie Of Romania
Be Important quotes by Isaac Hanson
#153. It would be important for someone to understand how much our music means to us. Our music comes first right now and hopefully for ever. #Quote by Isaac Hanson
Be Important quotes by Irving Azoff
#154. I don't want to not be important. #Quote by Irving Azoff
Be Important quotes by Cricket Australia
#155. than those who are less skilled. The most critical information comes from the bowling hand and its relationship to the bowling arm after front foot contact has occurred. Abernethy is of the view that anticipatory skill develops slowly and requires extensive exposure to adult movement patterns.
Retrospective studies of successful batsmen frequently reveal that these players have experienced large amounts of unstructured practice during their developing years (especially informal activities such as backyard cricket) and have had early exposure to playing against adults. The latter may be important not only in providing early opportunities to start learning the features #Quote by Cricket Australia
Be Important quotes by Haskell Wexler
#156. I was shooting all this time. And there was only one guy who helped to pull him. And I had to think whether I was going to keep shooting or help the guy. And so I kept shooting and then they put him in this little clinic, and I photographed through the window while they had to amputate his leg. And I felt very strange because I didn't - I felt I could have helped, but I didn't help. But then I also felt elated that I was getting a shot that would be important to the film. #Quote by Haskell Wexler
Be Important quotes by Ann Voskamp
#157. Who knows why God allows heartbreak, but the answer must be important enough because God allows His heart to break too. #Quote by Ann Voskamp
Be Important quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#158. There may be few instances in which the superstition that only measurable magnitudes can be important has done positive harm in the economic field: but the present inflation and employment problems are a very serious one. #Quote by Friedrich August Von Hayek
Be Important quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#159. Small things may be important to us; to be a sometime anything is sometimes something. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Be Important quotes by Jim Valvano
#160. Time is very precious to me. I don't know how much I have left and I have some things that I would like to say. Hopefully, at the end, I will have said something that will be important to other people too. #Quote by Jim Valvano
Be Important quotes by Deb Caletti
#161. I thought about him everyday until then. I started having these conversations with him in my head that you have when you meet someone you sense is going to be important in your life. #Quote by Deb Caletti
Be Important quotes by John Green
#162. And I don't really have anyone upon whom I want to rain down my wrath, I said, because in truth I didn't. I always felt like you had to be important to have enemies. Example: Historically, Germany has had more enemies than Luxembourg, Margo Roth Spiegelman was Germany. And Great Britain. And the United States. And czarist Russia. Me, I'm Luxembourg. Just sitting around, tending sheep, and yodeling. #Quote by John Green
Be Important quotes by Sigmund Freud
#163. By exposing the hidden dream-thoughts, we have confirmed in general that the dream does continue the motivation and interests of waking life, for dream-thoughts are engaged only with what seems to be important and of great interest to us. #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Be Important quotes by Elizabeth Hoyt
#164. And what was more, he'd had to let Silence's brothers bear her away because the palace wasn't safe for her or the babe now. Conceding to anyone was not something Mick was used to doing. If any man had told him a month ago that he'd let four men walk out of the palace with something - someone - he considered his, Mick would've laughed in his face. But that was before Silence and the babe had come to be important to him. More important than even his self-esteem and his reputation. If that made him a weaker man, well, then so be it. #Quote by Elizabeth Hoyt
Be Important quotes by Sacha Baron Cohen
#165. It's nice to be important, but it's also important to be nice. Never forget that. #Quote by Sacha Baron Cohen
Be Important quotes by Joe Namath
#166. I was lucky enough when it came to sports and work ethic to be taught some basics that continue to be important. #Quote by Joe Namath
Be Important quotes by Katie Henry
#167. I should have known, before I even knew your name, that you were going to be important. #Quote by Katie Henry
Be Important quotes by Joseph Campbell
#168. I don't believe in being interested in a subject just because it's said to be important. I believe in being caught by it somehow or other. #Quote by Joseph Campbell
Be Important quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#169. I had not known before that love is obedience. You want to love, and you can't, and you hate yourself because you can't, and all the time love is not some marvelous thing that you feel but some hard thing that you do. And this in a way is easier because with God's help you can command your will when you can't command your feelings. With us, feelings seem to be important, but He doesn't appear to agree with us. #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Be Important quotes by Samuel R. Delany
#170. And what have I invested in interpreting disfocus for chaos? This threat: the only lesson is to wait. I crouch in the smoggy terminus. The streets lose edges, the rims of thought flake. What have I set myself to fix in this dirty notebook that is not mine? Does the revelation that, though it cannot be done with words, it might be accomplished in some lingual gap, give me the right, in injury, walking with a woman and her dog in pain? Rather the long doubts: that this labor tears up the mind's moorings; that, though life may be important in the scheme, awareness is an imperfect tool with which to face it. To reflect is to fight away the sheets of silver, the carbonated distractions, the feeling that, somehow, a thumb is pressed on the right eye. This exhaustion melts what binds, releases what flows. #Quote by Samuel R. Delany
Be Important quotes by Julia Quinn
#171. It was just a book. An inanimate object. The only power it held was what she chose to give it. It could only be important in her life if she made it such.
Of course, that didn't explain why she half expected it to glow in the dark every time she peered into her satchel. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Be Important quotes by Jenny Downham
#172. Maybe you should say goodbye, Cal.'
'It might be important.'
'It might make her die. #Quote by Jenny Downham
Be Important quotes by Maurice Blanchot
#173. Literature professes to be important while at the same time considering itself an object of doubt. It confirms itself as it disparages itself. It seeks itself: this is more than it has a right to do, because literature may be one of those things which deserve to be found but not to be sought. #Quote by Maurice Blanchot
Be Important quotes by Venus Williams
#174. I think every single point will be important, .. I think more than anything, I'll just have to be able to compete better. When you're playing Serena Williams, you have to compete better than her. I got a lot of tricks from Serena just watching her. She inspired me so many times. I also got motivated by her in the early part of my career, and even now. I just have to compete better, bottom line. #Quote by Venus Williams
Be Important quotes by Mackenzi Lee
#175. The great tragic love story of Percy and me is neither great nor truly a love story, and is tragic only for its single-sidedness. It is also not an epic monolith that has plagued me since boyhood, as might be expected. Rather, it is simply the tale of how two people can be important to each other their whole lives, and then, one morning, quite without meaning to, one of them wakes to find that importance has been magnified into a sudden and intense desire to put his tongue in the other's mouth.
A long, slow slide, then a sudden impact. #Quote by Mackenzi Lee
Be Important quotes by Steve Jones
#176. Sex must be important as it is so expensive. #Quote by Steve Jones
Be Important quotes by Ted Gup
#177. It will be important to restore those provisions, those disclose provisions, those release provisions so that presidents are indeed held accountable and their information and papers are made public. #Quote by Ted Gup
Be Important quotes by Pat McBride
#178. How little the color of a life jacket matters when we fall overboard. If something is important, it will be important under all circumstances. Otherwise, it's not important. #Quote by Pat McBride
Be Important quotes by Carl Sagan
#179. There is a well-intentioned pious belief that they are all fundamentally identical. In terms of an underlying psychological resonance, there may indeed be important similarities at the cores of many religions, but in the details of ritual and doctrine, and the apologias considered to be authenticating, the diversity of organized religions is striking. Human religions are mutually exclusive on such fundamental issues as one god versus many; the origin of evil; reincarnation; idolatry; magic and witchcraft; the role of women; dietary proscriptions; rites of passage; ritual sacrifice; direct or mediated access to deities; slavery; intolerance of other religions; and the community of beings to whom special ethical considerations are due. We #Quote by Carl Sagan
Be Important quotes by John Kenneth Galbraith
#180. None of this excuses anyone from mastering the basic ideas and terminology of economics. The intelligent layman must expect also to encounter good economists who are difficult writers even though some of the best have been very good writers. He should know, moreover, that at least for a few great men ambiguity of expression has been a positive asset. But with these exceptions he may safely conclude that what is wholly mysterious in economics is not likely to be important. #Quote by John Kenneth Galbraith
Be Important quotes by Katherine Min
#181. Eyes that looked out into the world, that took in so cleverly light, shape, and movement--why should it be important what they themselves looked like? The thing is that it was. Not what we see, but how we are seen. #Quote by Katherine Min
Be Important quotes by Andre Gide
#182. The important thing is being capable of emotions, but to experience only one's own would be a sorry limitation. #Quote by Andre Gide
Be Important quotes by Monica McCarty
#183. She deserved someone who could see what she had to give and would lover her for it. Who wouldn't turn away from her every time she made a mistake. She wanted to be important to someone. Perhaps, it was unrealistic, but the alternative was far worse. She could live with a broken heart, but not at the expense of her soul. #Quote by Monica McCarty
Be Important quotes by Sheryl Lee
#184. Every actress has a line she'll draw, where she'll say, 'This I will do and this I won't.' For me, everything has to be important to the story and the director has to be able to tell me why. #Quote by Sheryl Lee
Be Important quotes by Regena Thomashauer
#185. Your feelings are the utmost priority, your desires are more important than anyone else's deadline or mandate. #Quote by Regena Thomashauer
Be Important quotes by Peter Saville
#186. Creative people have to believe in the value of their work. If you don't have any belief then you can't give anything - designing is an act of giving, and a belief in the value of the work fuels the desire to express something. It's important to know what your values are and to take care of them. #Quote by Peter Saville
Be Important quotes by William James
#187. Positive images of the future are a powerful and magnetic force ... They draw us on and energize us, give us courage and will to take on important initiatives. Negative images of the future also have a magnetism. They pull the spirit downward in the path of despair.. #Quote by William James
Be Important quotes by Jason Graae
#188. I also think the reason I like to do a one-man show is you're not limited into the confines of a role. There's so many facets to actors and I think it's important to push those limits, as far as what a person can do. #Quote by Jason Graae
Be Important quotes by George W. Bush
#189. I will always stand firm to protect the sanctity of marriage. I believe it is important to work with people to find common ground on difficult issues. #Quote by George W. Bush
Be Important quotes by S. Kelley Harrell
#190. It's important to talk about fringe-of-the-fringe experiences, not just to show the humanity of intuitives, but to show humanity the commonness of intuition. #Quote by S. Kelley Harrell
Be Important quotes by Arthur Compton
#191. Typical of the fundamental scientific problems whose solution should lead to important industrial consequences are, for example, the release of atomic energy, which experiment has shown to exist in quantities millions of times greater than is liberated by combustion. #Quote by Arthur Compton
Be Important quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#192. In terms of men being feminist allies, it's just important to speak from your own place. I'd love to hear men singing about masculinity and the damage it does to them. #Quote by Kathleen Hanna
Be Important quotes by Brian Spellman
#193. My son, I don't believe in God, prayer, afterlife or miracles. You may disagree with me on all of these. I'd prefer that you agree and reserve rebellion and independence over important issues instead. #Quote by Brian Spellman
Be Important quotes by Victoria Dahl
#194. And judging by what she'd been saying when he walked in, she was also fond of penises. He really couldn't overlook such an important aspect of her personality. #Quote by Victoria Dahl
Be Important quotes by Michael Haneke
#195. Awards are important for all directors because they improve your working conditions. You're only as good as your last film, so if you get prizes or large audiences, then you get more money for your next film. #Quote by Michael Haneke
Be Important quotes by Dan Jenkins
#196. If you're a friend or a relative of George Herbert Walker Bush, Prez 41, or George W. Bush, Prez 43, or any other Bushes, then you know an 18-hole round of golf shouldn't take more than three hours out of your day - there are other important things to do. #Quote by Dan Jenkins
Be Important quotes by Clare B. Dunkle
#197. Em, I am trying to have an important conversation!" shouted Seylin. "I will not change into a cat! #Quote by Clare B. Dunkle
Be Important quotes by Mark Kirk
#198. The decision to go to war is the most important decision that I can make as a representative in Congress. As a veteran, I see any potential military action first through the eyes of the young men and women who volunteered to wear the uniform and would carry out such a mission. #Quote by Mark Kirk
Be Important quotes by Alain De Botton
#199. What we call a home is merely any place that succeeds in making more consistenly available to us the important truths which the wider world ignores, or which our distracted and irresolute selves have trouble holding onto. (p123) Architecture of Happiness #Quote by Alain De Botton
Be Important quotes by Jack Welch
#200. The most important job you have is growing your people, giving them a chance to reach their dreams. #Quote by Jack Welch
Be Important quotes by Jenny Han
#201. Kitty's always saying how origin stories are important.
At college, when people ask us how we met, how will we answer them? The short story is, we grew up together. But that's more Josh's and my story. High school sweet-hearts? That's Peter and Gen's story. So what's ours, then?
I suppose I'll say it all started with a love letter. #Quote by Jenny Han
Be Important quotes by Sergio Chejfec
#202. What I find is that many times when I work with chance, with indeterminacy, I am more open to experience, less prone to a fixed process, and I think it creates a very important challenge. It creates a way of writing that is, in a way, flatter or smooth, a surface conducive to release, to movement. And in this way, the form of writing gets delightfully melded with the process of the writing. #Quote by Sergio Chejfec
Be Important quotes by Kurt Busiek
#203. He was saving innocents and serving truth. And in the final judgement, what is more important? The burdens we bear -- or the way we bear them? #Quote by Kurt Busiek
Be Important quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#204. Our lips met, and if this kiss wasn't as ... thorough as the first one, it felt bigger somehow. More important. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Be Important quotes by Tim O'Reilly
#205. This whole idea of visibility by the public creates a pretty powerful lever. In the new transparency era, you are able to make change you would otherwise have difficulty making. It's no longer possible for somebody just to bury the problem. It's the reason why things like WikiLeaks are important. #Quote by Tim O'Reilly
Be Important quotes by Jason Versey
#206. You are much more than your mistakes, much bigger than your failures and much more beautiful than your ugliest moment. The stumbles we experience in life may shame us or humble us with valuable tough lessons but they will never define who we truly are. No matter your mistake…it's important to remember that You are someone's light in the darkness; a beacon of love and hope and that should ALWAYS supersede the superficial imperfections we erroneously internalize. ~Jason Versey #Quote by Jason Versey
Be Important quotes by W. Edwards Deming
#207. If someone can make a contribution to the company he feels important. #Quote by W. Edwards Deming
Be Important quotes by Timothy Keller
#208. When we look at the whole scope of this story line, we see clearly that Christianity is not only about getting one's individual sins forgiven so we can go to heaven. That is an important means of God's salvation, but not the final end or purpose of it. The purpose of Jesus's coming is to put the whole world right, to renew and restore the creation, not to escape it. It is not just to bring personal forgiveness and peace, but also justice and shalom to the world. God created both the body and soul, and the resurrection of Jesus shows that he is going to redeem both body and soul. The work of the Spirit of God is not only to save souls but also to care and cultivate the face of the earth, the material world. #Quote by Timothy Keller
Be Important quotes by Gasmaskman
#209. It is important to correct bad behavior one toe at a time. #Quote by Gasmaskman
Be Important quotes by Brittany Howard
#211. An important part of being in a band is the rhythm section. #Quote by Brittany Howard
Be Important quotes by Ezra Taft Benson
#212. Fathers, yours is an eternal calling from which you are never released. #Quote by Ezra Taft Benson
Be Important quotes by Bob Kauflin
#213. Worship matters. It matters to God because he is the one ultimately worthy of all worship. It matters to us because worshiping God is the reason for which we were created. And it matters to every worship leader, because we have no greater privilege than leading others to encounter the greatness of God. That's why it's so important to think carefully about what we do and why we do it. #Quote by Bob Kauflin
Be Important quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#214. It's so important for people in political groups to learn the difference between productive criticism and not. When it's about something you can change, it's productive. But if it's just like "You are an evil person", you can't change that. There's no way around that. #Quote by Kathleen Hanna
Be Important quotes by Cristiane Serruya
#215. As a rule, people tend to forget the most important things in life when money, power and lust are involved. #Quote by Cristiane Serruya
Be Important quotes by Sergei Lukyanenko
#216. The only thing that restrains you is fear, Anton Gorodetsky. For yourself, or for people - that's not important. But we are restrained by horror. And that is why we observe the Treaty. #Quote by Sergei Lukyanenko
Be Important quotes by Robin Sharma
#217. To arrive at a place called Mastery, you must commit to daily and rigorous practice. Enjoy practising your craft for its own sake without turning your attention to your ultimate destination. Understand, once and for all, that the journey is as important as the destination. #Quote by Robin Sharma
Be Important quotes by Rachel Grady
#218. Having a brain tumor♥ It grants us the truth & crystallizes the knowledge of what is truly important in life♥ #Quote by Rachel Grady
Be Important quotes by Alex Honnold
#219. I love my climbing shoes. Virtually all of my big solos have been in the TC Pros. They are the most important thing when I'm soloing. #Quote by Alex Honnold
Be Important quotes by Daniel Radcliffe
#220. Richard [Griffiths] was by my side during two of the most important moments of my career. In August 2000, before official production had even begun on Potter, we filmed a shot outside the Dursleys', which was my first ever shot as Harry. I was nervous and he made me feel at ease. Seven years later, we embarked on 'Equus' together. It was my first time doing a play but, terrified as I was, his encouragement, tutelage and humor made it a joy. In fact, any room he walked into was made twice as funny and twice as clever just by his presence. #Quote by Daniel Radcliffe
Be Important quotes by Connie Kerbs
#221. The most empowering, important belief is the belief in yourself, your capabilities, your strength, your choice, and your most infinite, most divine, most beautiful worth. #Quote by Connie Kerbs
Be Important quotes by Max Lucado
#222. 28People did not think it was important to have a true knowledge of God. So God left them and allowed them to have their own worthless thinking and to do things they should not do. 29They are filled with every kind of sin, evil, selfishness, and hatred. They are full of jealousy, murder, fighting, lying, and thinking the worst about each other. They gossip 30and say evil things about each other. They hate God. They are rude and conceited and brag about themselves. They invent ways of doing evil. They do not obey their parents. 31They are foolish, they do not keep their promises, and they show no kindness or mercy to others. 32They know God's law says that those who live like this should die. But they themselves not only continue to do these evil things, they applaud others who do them. #Quote by Max Lucado
Be Important quotes by Oscar Wilde
#223. Lord AUGUSTUS:(looking around) Time to educate yourself, I suppose.
DUMBY: No, time to forget all I have learned. That is much more important. #Quote by Oscar Wilde
Be Important quotes by Tyler Hoechlin
#224. My girlfriend and I never let each other forget how much we love each other. It's all about reminding the other person how important and special she is to you. #Quote by Tyler Hoechlin
Be Important quotes by Thomas Piketty
#225. It's important to realize that innovation and growth in itself are not sufficient to moderate inequality of wealth. #Quote by Thomas Piketty
Be Important quotes by Joshua Schachter
#226. Every decision has a cost. Do I have to make this decision at all or can I move on to the next thing? What we decided to leave out is almost as important as what we put in. #Quote by Joshua Schachter
Be Important quotes by Howard Schultz
#227. My father had a series of blue-collar jobs and never made more than $20,000 a year. When I was seven, he got injured on a job. That was a very important point - because of the injury, he couldn't walk, and the company he was working for did not pay him. There was no compensation. So there was no money and no food. #Quote by Howard Schultz
Be Important quotes by Kyle Idleman
#228. The church must constantly fight the tendency to make rules and policies more important than people, because when that happens we are no longer following Jesus. #Quote by Kyle Idleman
Be Important quotes by Les Brown
#229. Your ability to communicate is an important tool in your pursuit of your goals, whether it is with your family, your co-workers or your clients and customers. #Quote by Les Brown
Be Important quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#230. The shoes themselves were light green, with lowish heels (which were very important for comfort and walking; high heels were always a temptation, but, like all temptations, one paid for them later). #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Be Important quotes by Woody Guthrie
#231. The words are the important thing. Don't worry about tunes. Take a tune, sing high when they sing low, sing fast when they sing slow, and you've got a new tune. #Quote by Woody Guthrie
Be Important quotes by Diana Ross
#232. I'm a parent, and I try to take care of my health and keep my life in order. In the last few years I've really had to decide what's important to me, and it seems to me that my family and my health are top on the list. And those have nothing to do with show business. #Quote by Diana Ross

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