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Be About It quotes by Obiora Embry
#1. Quit talkin' about it and be about it! #Quote by Obiora Embry
Be About It quotes by Judith McNaught
#2. What the-" he began, already heading toward the house, with Elizabeth walking quickly behind him.
Ian opened the front door just as Jake came hurrying in from the back of the cottage.
"I got some milk-" Jake began, then he stopped abruptly as the stench hit him. His gaze snapped from Ian and Elizabeth, who were just rushing inside, to Lucinda, who was sitting exactly where she had been, serenely indifferent to the smell of burning bacon and incinerated eggs as she fanned herself with a black silk fan. "I took the liberty of removing the utensil from the stove," she informed them. "However, I was not in time to save its contents, which I sincerely doubt were worth saving in any case."
"Couldn't you have moved 'em before they burned?" Jake burst out.
"I cannot cook, sir."
"Can you smell?" Ian demanded.
"Ian, there's nothing for it-I'll have to ride to the village and hire a pair o' wenches to come up here and get this place in order for us or we'll starve."
"My thoughts exactly!" Lucinda seconded promptly, already standing up. "I shall accompany you."
"Whaat?" Elizabeth burst out.
"What? Why?" Jake echoed, looking balky.
"Because selecting good female servants is best done by a woman. How far must we go?"
If Elizabeth weren't so appalled, she'd have laughed at Jake Wiley's expression. "We can be back late this afternoon, assumin' there's anyone in the village to do the work. But I-"
"Then we'd best be about it." Lucind #Quote by Judith McNaught
Be About It quotes by Julian Clary
#3. However light-hearted you try to be about it, the loss of youth, and everything that goes with it, is quite a trauma. #Quote by Julian Clary
Be About It quotes by Stella Payton
#4. Value all relationships for the lessons they teach. Make sure you learn the lessons well. If not you will repeat those mistakes over and over.
Focus on the kind of relationship you do want! Surround yourself with people who manifest those characteristics. Avoid and eliminate negativity at all cost.
Become a producer of that which is positive.
Look for the good in every situation and praise it. talk about it & be about it. Be about only good things.Create and manifest around you joy and peace and happiness. Let the presence of God be your model. Gods' kingdom consists of 3 things, righteousness, peace and joy in Gods words. When you become a positive producer, you will begin to attract what you produced
positives! #Quote by Stella Payton
Be About It quotes by David Weber
#5. Let's be about it, people. #Quote by David Weber
Be About It quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
#6. But an inferior talent can only be graceful when it's carrying inferior ideas. And the more narrowly you can look at a thing the more entertaining you can be about it. #Quote by F Scott Fitzgerald
Be About It quotes by Stephen Greenblatt
#7. I think the writing of literature should give pleasure. What else should it be about? It is not nuclear physics. It actually has to give pleasure or it is worth nothing. #Quote by Stephen Greenblatt
Be About It quotes by William Somerset Maugham
#8. Oh, don't talk to me about your socialists, I've got no patience with them," she cried. "It only means that another lot of lazy loafers will make a good thing out of the working classes. My motto is, leave me alone; I don't want anyone interfering with me; I'll make the best of a bad job, and the devil take the hindmost. #Quote by William Somerset Maugham
Be About It quotes by Katie J. Davis
#9. One of the questions that surprised me most was this: "Mommy, if Jesus comes to live inside my heart, will I explode?"
"No!" I proclaimed as the children and I headed to the Nile River for a few of them to be baptized that day.
Then I thought about the question a bit more.
"Yes, if Jesus comes to live in your heart, you will explode." That is exactly what we should do if Jesus comes to live inside our hearts. We will explode with love, with compassion, with hurt for those who are hurting, and with joy for those who rejoice. We will explode with a desire to be more, to be better, to be close to the One who made us. #Quote by Katie J. Davis
Be About It quotes by C.T. Phipps
#10. What IS it about this town? I never thought I'd long for the good old days of Nazi robots and dragons. #Quote by C.T. Phipps
Be About It quotes by Donald Trump
#11. We should be using our brilliant people, our most brilliant minds to figure a way that ISIS cannot use the Internet. And then on second, we should be able to penetrate the Internet and find out exactly where ISIS is and everything about ISIS. And we can do that if we use our good people. #Quote by Donald Trump
Be About It quotes by Mira Sorvino
#12. That's the thing about acting - it does have the feeling of downhill skiing. When it's really all going right, you know your lines, you know what's important to your character, you pick the strongest reactions possible to elements in the story. But then you let it all go and you're in the moment and stuff happens. It surprises you and it's super strong; it's like you're living life in a slightly heightened way in the time between "action" and "cut." #Quote by Mira Sorvino
Be About It quotes by Jennifer Coburn
#13. Not to make sweeping generalizations about men, but I can pretty well guess how this conversation would go down. Jack: Everything okay? You seem down in the mouth lately. Maxime: It is fine. Jack: Okay, just checking. See ya. #Quote by Jennifer Coburn
Be About It quotes by Meg Cabot
#14. It was around then that the phone rang. It was my friend Cee Cee, wanting to know if I cared to join her and Adam McTavish at the Coffee Clutch to drink iced tea and talk bad about everyone we know. #Quote by Meg Cabot
Be About It quotes by Erin Watt
#15. I missed you every second you were gone. I thought about you every goddamn second. You want to hate me for what I did? Don't bother – I was hating myself for it long before you showed up. #Quote by Erin Watt
Be About It quotes by J.R. Ward
#16. With a deliberate shrug, he stepped free of the hold on his shoulder. "Tell me something, boys," he drawled. "Do you wear that leather to turn each other on? I mean, is it a dick thing with you all?" Butch got slammed so hard against the door that his back teeth rattled.
The model shoved his perfect face into Butch's. "I'd watch your mouth, if I were you."
"Why bother, when you're keeping an eye on it for me? You gonna kiss me now?"
A growl like none Butch had ever heard came out of the guy.
"Okay, okay." The one who seemed the most normal came forward. "Back off, Rhage. Hey, come on. Let's relax."
It took a minute before the model let go.
"That's right. We're cool," Mr. Normal muttered, clapping his buddy on the back before looking at Butch. "Do yourself a favor and shut the hell up."
Butch shrugged. "Blondie's dying to get his hands on me. I can't help it."
The guy launched back at Butch, and Mr. Normal rolled his eyes, letting his friend go this time. The fist that came sailing at jaw level snapped Butch's head to one side. As the pain hit, Butch let his own rage fly. The fear for Beth, the pent-up hatred of these lowlifes, the frustration about his job, all of it came out of him. He tackled the bigger man, taking him down onto the floor. The guy was momentarily surprised, as if he hadn't expected Butch's speed or strength, and Butch took advantage of the hesitation. He clocked Blondie in the mouth as payback and then grabbed #Quote by J.R. Ward
Be About It quotes by E. P.
#17. They've kept the truth
about Persephone a secret,
burying it deep below
Hercules's murdered wife
and all of Zeus's affairs.
It's dangerous, you see,
a spark threatening to
ignite a long dead flame.


She loved her power,
the Queen of the Dead,
to forever reign
in the fires of hell.
She wore her crown
like a beacon;
a beautiful queen,
plotting against her king.
They never wanted you
to know the hunger of Persephone,
how she starved for something
other than pomegranates.


The primal thirst
that burns all women's throats,
denied by eons of men.
Listen closely to the voice from hell, sweetheart.
"You are a queen;
don't wait for a king. #Quote by E. P.
Be About It quotes by Richard Ford
#18. It's interesting to leave a place, interesting even to think about it. Leaving reminds us of what we can part with and what we can't, then offers us something new to look forward to, to dream about. #Quote by Richard Ford
Be About It quotes by Karina Longworth
#19. For me, the Dennis Wilson story is a quintessential You Must Remember This story because it's one of these stories that people never talk about, don't really think about, and it's forgotten within this major thing that is thought to be this cataclysmic event of the 20th century. #Quote by Karina Longworth
Be About It quotes by Hugh MacLeod
#20. The old ways are dead. And you need people around you who concur. That means hanging out more with the creative people, the freaks, the real visionaries, than you're already doing. Thinking more about what their needs are, and responding accordingly. Avoid the dullards; avoid the folk who play it safe. They can't help you anymore. Their stability model no longer offers that much stability. They are extinct, they are extinction. #Quote by Hugh MacLeod
Be About It quotes by Epictetus
#21. Suppose I should say to a wrestler, 'Show me your muscle'. And he should answer me, 'See my dumb-bells'. Your dumb-bells are your own affair; I want to see the effect of them.
Take the treatise 'On Choice', and see how thoroughly I have perused it.
I am not asking about this, O slave, but how you act in choosing and refusing, how you manage your desires and aversions, your intentions and purposes, how you meet events
whether you are in harmony with nature's laws or opposed to them. If in harmony, give me evidence of that, and I will say you are progressing; if the contrary, you may go your way, and not only comment on your books, but write some like them yourself; and what good will it do you? #Quote by Epictetus
Be About It quotes by Alan Titchmarsh
#22. At school I was called Fred, which is my middle name. At that time, Fred was considered to be a bit of a horrible name, so that's why. Otherwise, I was called Titchy because I was little. I was still only about 4ft something when I left school. I grew a foot under glass in my first year as a gardener. It's really quite amazing what sun and manure can do. #Quote by Alan Titchmarsh
Be About It quotes by Aline Templeton
#23. With her mother's remarks about his uncle in mind she looked at him with fresh interest and was forced to acknowledge that he too was actually a bit of a hunk. His hair was short, very dark and curly, and he had the sort of craggy face which might no longer be fashionable in the age of the New Man and the sarong but which would certainly appeal to any woman whose favourite fantasy involved caves and clubs and a bit of chest-pounding. #Quote by Aline Templeton
Be About It quotes by Wayne Smith
#24. It's absurd. We would all like to see Cuba move toward civil society and free markets and greater respect for human rights. But the U.S. policy is exactly the wrong way to go about it. #Quote by Wayne Smith
Be About It quotes by Wilton Barnhardt
#25. You really think love messes everything up?
"Sure do. That's what's so compelling about it. #Quote by Wilton Barnhardt
Be About It quotes by Mindy Kaling
#26. I stupidly memorize my credit card and use it about thrice weekly for online shopping. The only reason I don't bankrupt myself is that I return about 75% of what I buy. #Quote by Mindy Kaling
Be About It quotes by Ari Marcopoulos
#27. I'm pretty solitary when I take pictures. Even when I take pictures of people, I just go about my own way of doing it. #Quote by Ari Marcopoulos
Be About It quotes by Dominic Riccitello
#28. People are so worried about being accepted that it causes them to lose themselves and in turn, lose moments. #Quote by Dominic Riccitello
Be About It quotes by Gloria Steinem
#29. It's an incredible con job when you think about it, to believe something now in exchange for something after death. Even corporations with their reward systems don't try to make it posthumous. #Quote by Gloria Steinem
Be About It quotes by N. T. Wright
#30. Think about the way God rules. He doesn't do it by sending in the tanks. He does it by calling servants. #Quote by N. T. Wright
Be About It quotes by Tim Tharp
#31. Besides, I'm not looking to get saved. I'm only going with her because it's what you do when you're in a relationship. You know? You slide into the third pew from the front and sit there thinking about how desperate all these people are to feel like something loves them. They'll believe all kinds of hocus-pocus. But your girlfriend likes it, and you like her, so you do it. It's called compromise. The only way you're going to get something to last in this world is to work at it. #Quote by Tim Tharp
Be About It quotes by Bill Paxton
#32. It's easy to get jaded. It's easy to get lazy. It's easy to get too self-centric, like, 'Why me? What about my needs?' It has nothing to do with that. But you see, you are the thing you are selling whether you are a director or an actor in this business. It's very tough. The town doesn't realize that its greatest resource is its people. #Quote by Bill Paxton
Be About It quotes by Erich Fromm
#33. Women have been so thoroughly oppressed that they have accepted unconsciously the role that the ruling sex, man, gave to them.
They have even believed in male propaganda, which is very much the same as the propaganda in other wars, wars against colonial people, etc. Women have been considered to be naive:

Freud said that they were narcissistic, unrealistic, cowardly, inferior to man anatomically, intellectually, morally.
The fact is that women are less narcissistic than men, for the simple reason that there is almost nothing that man does which has not some purpose of making an impression.

Women do many, many things without this motive and in fact what you might call women's vanity is only the necessity to please the victors.

As far as the lack of realism in women is concerned, what should we say about male realism in an epoch in which all western governments, consisting of men, are spending their money building atomic bombs, instead of taking care of threatening famine, instead of avoiding the catastrophes which threaten the whole world... #Quote by Erich Fromm
Be About It quotes by Noelle Stevenson
#34. Well, what is there to do around here, anyway?"

"Well, here we have World Domination; it builds strategy skills - you can play as a dog, a boot, or a trebuchet."
Bewilder builds language and observation skills..."

"I said I wanted to play VIDEO games."

"Video games are a waste of time."

"And board games AREN'T?
Why do you even have these? No one lives here but you!"

"I used to have some henchmen. Game night was a big hit."

"Henchmen? What happened to them?"

"I can't work with mercenaries. It's impossible to build trust when they only care about their paychecks. "

"Oooh. Let me guess. The Institution paid them off?"

"I don't want to talk about it. #Quote by Noelle Stevenson
Be About It quotes by Jeremy Irvine
#35. The only mistake guys can make is to try too hard with their appearance. There's something very unmanly about it. #Quote by Jeremy Irvine
Be About It quotes by Doc Childre
#36. Physiologically, it simply doesn't matter whether your anger is justified or not. The body doesn't make moral judgements about feelings; it just responds. #Quote by Doc Childre
Be About It quotes by John Flavel
#37. The world is not a theater large enough to display the glory of Christ upon or unfold even half of the unsearchable riches that lie hidden in Him. And such is the deliciousness of this subject, Christ, that were there ten thousand volumes written upon it, they would never become tiring to the heart. We used to say that any one thing can finally tire us and this is true, except about this one eminent thing, Christ, and then one can never tire, for such is the variety of sweetness in Christ. #Quote by John Flavel
Be About It quotes by Sherman Alexie
#38. I'm a method writer. In order to write about the emotion, I have to experience it. I get physically tired and exhausted, devoting hours and hours and hours to it. #Quote by Sherman Alexie
Be About It quotes by Richard Dooling
#39. Making money, it seems, is all about the velocity of moving it around, so that it can exist in Hong Kong one moment and Wall Street a split second later. #Quote by Richard Dooling
Be About It quotes by Arundhati Roy
#40. All my books are accidental books - they come from reacting to things and thinking about things and engaging in a real way. They are not about, 'Oh, did it get a good review in the Guardian?' I don't care. #Quote by Arundhati Roy
Be About It quotes by Muhammad Ali
#41. When I heard the truth about my name was not Cassius Clay, like I knew a black man in America named John Hawkins. Now, you know who John Hawkins was.He was a slave trader from England. But the white people of that time, if one had five slaves and his name was Jones, they would be called Jones' property.Now that I'm free, now that I'm no longer a slave, then I want a name of my ancestors. #Quote by Muhammad Ali
Be About It quotes by R. Kelly
#42. My mother always told me if you write about life, you will always be in the game. Just don't write songs ... write life. I decided to take her up on that. #Quote by R. Kelly
Be About It quotes by Kristen Stewart
#43. It's weird talking about projects as an actor because you're so in them. I would prefer to write a paper and deliver it to everyone via e-mail. #Quote by Kristen Stewart
Be About It quotes by Craig Ferguson
#44. That's the thing about terrorism - it works. Especially for the terrorists - they might not get what they want but it feels damn good trying. #Quote by Craig Ferguson
Be About It quotes by David Halberstam
#45. He had spent the last five years, he [JFK] said ruefully, running for office, and he did not know any real public officials, people to run a government, serious men. The only ones he knew, he admitted, were politicians, and if this seemed a denigration of his own kind, it was not altogether displeasing to the older man. Politicians did need men to serve, to run the government. The implication was obvious. Politicians could run Pennsylvania and Ohio, and if they could not run Chicago they could at least deliver it. But politicians run the world? What did they know about the Germans, the French, the Chinese? He needed experts for that #Quote by David Halberstam
Be About It quotes by Holly Black
#46. You're as cowardly as a g
weasel. You know that? A weasel. That's what you are."
"You don't know me," I say, spitting blood onto the dirt. I can't help it. I start to laugh. "And you obviously don't know much about weasels, either. #Quote by Holly Black
Be About It quotes by Timothy Noah
#47. The Clinton administration cared a lot about the middle class and the poor. But it also cared a lot - too much, in retrospect - about the rich. #Quote by Timothy Noah
Be About It quotes by Anna Deavere Smith
#48. I think we can learn a lot about a person in the very moment that language fails them. In the very moment they they have to be more creative than they would have imagined in order to communicate. It's the very moment that they have to dig deeper than the surface to find words, and at the same time, it's a moment when they want to communicate very badly. They're digging deep and projecting out at the same time. #Quote by Anna Deavere Smith
Be About It quotes by Emma Chase
#49. Sleep now. . . . Go to sleep, my sweet, sweet girl. My father taught me to play the guitar, but I get my voice from my mother. Lying in bed, I close my heavy eyes as she sings. It's a Melissa Etheridge song about angels knowing that everything will be all right. It's the same song she sang to me the night my father died - the night she slept in this bed with me. Because she couldn't bear to sleep in their bed alone. With my mother's voice in my ears, I finally let go. And fall asleep. #Quote by Emma Chase

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