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Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Suzanne La Follette
#1. If experience teaches anything, it is that what the community undertakes to do is usually done badly. This is due in part to the temptation to corruption that such enterprises involve, but even more, perhaps, to the lack of personal interest on the part of those engaged in them. #Quote by Suzanne La Follette
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Abraham Lincoln
#2. By adoption of these principles, the long-felt want for a uniform medium will be satisfied. The taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest, discounts, and exchanges. The financing of all public enterprises, the maintenance of stable government and ordered progress, and the conduct of the Treasury will become matters of practical administration. The people can and will be furnished with a currency as safe as their own government. #Quote by Abraham Lincoln
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Andy Stanley
#3. individual does. Here's the difference: Eventually a leader's lust for progress overwhelms his reluctance to take risks. In other words, failure to move things forward is the type of failure most feared by the leader. For the leader, failure is defined in terms of missed opportunities rather than failed enterprises. #Quote by Andy Stanley
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Boutros Boutros-Ghali
#4. Co-operative enterprises provide the organisational means whereby a significant proportion of humanity is able to take into its own hands the tasks of creating productive employment, overcoming poverty and achieving social integration. #Quote by Boutros Boutros-Ghali
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Reinhold Niebuhr
#5. This insinuation of the interests of the self into even the most ideal enterprises and most universal objectives, envisaged in moments of highest rationality, makes hypocrisy an inevitable by product of all virtuous endeavor. #Quote by Reinhold Niebuhr
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Alexander Dubcek
#6. In the economic sphere, the program demanded thorough decentralization and managerial independence of enterprises, as well as legalization of small-scale private enterprise, especially in the service sector. #Quote by Alexander Dubcek
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Albert J. Nock
#7. Like all predatory or parasitic institutions, the state's first instinct is that of self-preservati on. All its enterprises are directed first towards preserving its own life, and, second, towards increasing its own power and enlarging the scope of its own activity. For the sake of this it will, and regularly does, commit any crime which circumstances make expedient. #Quote by Albert J. Nock
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Demosthenes
#8. Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. #Quote by Demosthenes
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Ronald Reagan
#9. Entrepreneurs and their small enterprises are responsible for almost all the economic growth in the United States. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Robert A. Dahl
#10. If democracy is justified in governing the state,then it must also be justified in governing economic enterprises, and to say that it is not justified in governing economic enterprises is to imply that it is not justified in governing the state. #Quote by Robert A. Dahl
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Mukta Mahajani
#11. Let's Talk is a practical guide that will greatly help young
adults at the workplace to navigate through unforeseen and
vulnerable social situations. Harsh Goenka #Quote by Mukta Mahajani
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Geraldo Rivera
#12. I've never quite been a peer of Donald [Trump]. When I knew him it was more in a social way. We were single at kind of the same time. You know having fun in that sense, but I've watched his career with great admiration, and now to really see him as an employee sees him as an aspirant within the corporate structure of the Trump enterprises is really fascinating. #Quote by Geraldo Rivera
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by George Washington
#13. Liberty is indeed little less than a name, where the Government is too feeble to withstand the enterprises of faction, to confine each member of society within the limits prescribed by the law, and to maintain all in the secure and tranquil enjoyme #Quote by George Washington
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Marge Piercy
#14. Was part of owning the world never to think ... Did they laugh at the fools they robbed, who were fool enough to admire them and vote them into office so they could arrange things more conveniently for their enterprises? #Quote by Marge Piercy
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Tim Cook
#15. People are running huge enterprises off of hacking and stealing data. #Quote by Tim Cook
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Samora Machel
#16. It is essential to link enterprises on the basis of objective laws of a socialist economy and legal system. #Quote by Samora Machel
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Samuel Johnson
#17. Diligence in employments of less consequence is the most successful introduction to greater enterprises. #Quote by Samuel Johnson
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Jennifer Granholm
#18. Mitt Romney privatizes the gains from his enterprises, but spreads the costs to the rest of us. Seems that 'free stuff' is in the eye of the beholder. #Quote by Jennifer Granholm
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Jeff Jarvis
#19. The most successful enterprises today are networks - which extract as little value as possible so they can grow as big as possible - and the platforms on which those networks are built. #Quote by Jeff Jarvis
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Lee Kun-hee
#20. An enterprise's most vital assets lie in its design and other creative capabilities. #Quote by Lee Kun-hee
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Randall Balmer
#21. Building on exhaustive research and probing into such diverse enterprises as textbook production and marketing, public education, and state-level politics, Adam R. Shapiro has situated the Scopes trial within a much broader context than any scholar before him. Trying Biology also demonstrates how ideologues have used differing interpretations of the Scopes trial to advance their agendas. By situating the trial within this much broader framework, the author has significantly enlarged our understanding of the conversations between religion and science in twentieth-century America. #Quote by Randall Balmer
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Blake J. Harris
#22. which was named after the English translation of Nihon Goraku Bussan, "Service Games" - hence SEGA Enterprises. #Quote by Blake J. Harris
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Diogo Vasconcelos
#23. In the eighties and nineties, the innovation agenda was exclusively focused on enterprises. There was a time in which economic and social issues were seen as separate. Economy was producing wealth, society was spending. In the 21st century economy, this is not true anymore. Sectors like health, social services and education have a tendency to grow, in GDP percentage as well as in creating employment, whereas other industries are decreasing. In the long term, an innovation in social services or education will be as important as an innovation in the pharmaceutical or aerospatial industry. #Quote by Diogo Vasconcelos
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Meg Whitman
#24. We also need to reduce corporate tax rates. This applies to small, medium and large businesses. At 35 percent, we have the second highest corporate rates in the world. It restricts the growth of small enterprises that need to plow capital back into their businesses and forces companies and jobs to move overseas. #Quote by Meg Whitman
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Jim Stengel
#25. Warren Berger's book is a cure for a disease in large enterprises. A More Beautiful Question provides a framework to help leaders ask the most important questions - which is one of the most fundamental characteristics of a great leader - while sharing inspiring stories to show the incredible power of this concept. #Quote by Jim Stengel
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Larry Brilliant
#26. If there's a big problem and you've got the right people with you, usually the answer emerges and you do what's the obvious thing to do. I don't think of myself as some great manager or great leader. I've been very lucky to be in the positions that I've been in. I meet a lot of people and I've grown a lot of companies, and I meet a lot of CEOs at big enterprises. I'm always so surprised at how much they seem to know. It doesn't always seem to be correlated to how well they actually do. #Quote by Larry Brilliant
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Winston Churchill
#27. In my experience of large enterprises, I have found it is often a mistake to try to settle everything at once. #Quote by Winston Churchill
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Marie De France
#28. Desire can blind us to the hazards of our enterprises. #Quote by Marie De France
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Joseph Conrad
#29. To slay, to love - the greatest enterprises of life upon a man! And I have no experience of either. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Bayerlein Enterprises quotes by Amor Towles
#30. So before responding, he signaled the Bishop for another glass of champagne. For centuries champagne has been used to launch marriages and ships. Most assume this is because the drink is so intrinsically celebratory; but, in fact, it is used at the onset of these dangerous enterprises because it so capably boosts one's resolve. When #Quote by Amor Towles

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