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Baumgartners Furniture quotes by John Steinbeck
#1. In the evening a strange thing happened: the twenty families became one family, the Children were the children of all. The loss of home became one loss, and the golden time in the West was one dream. And it might be that a sick child threw despair into the hearts of twenty families, of a hundred people; that a birth there in a tent kept a hundred people quiet and awestruck trough the night and filled a hundred people with the birth-joy in the morning ... Every night a world created, complete with furniture- friends made and enemies established; a world complete with braggarts and with cowards, with quiet men, with humble men, with kindly men. Every night relationships that make a world, established; and every morning the world torn down like a circus. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by John Pfahl
#2. Strangers with puzzled looks were amazingly cooperative in letting me into their rooms with my photographic gear. They let me take down the curtains, wash the windows, and rearrange the furniture. Often, too, they expressed their desire to share their view with others, as if it were a non-depletable treasure. I liked the idea that my photographic vantage points were not solely determined by myself. They were predetermined by others, sometimes years earlier, and patiently waited for me to discover them. #Quote by John Pfahl
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Dave Grohl
#3. Give me something to assemble, I won't look at the directions, I'll try to figure it out by myself. It's why I love Ikea furniture. #Quote by Dave Grohl
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by E.W. Howe
#4. A loafer never works except when there is a fire; then he will carry out more furniture than anybody. #Quote by E.W. Howe
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Mary McCarthy
#5. The furniture and trappings in the apartment are all in a state of flux - here today, gone tomorrow. Nothing is anchored to its place, not even the coffee-pot, which floats off and returns, on the tide of the signora's marine nature. #Quote by Mary McCarthy
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Henry Miller
#6. He looks about the room at the few sticks of furniture, at the dirty bed sheets and the wash basin with the dirty water still in it, and he says: "I am a slave!" Every day he says it, not once, but a dozen times. And then he takes his guitar from the wall and sings. #Quote by Henry Miller
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Tom Ford
#7. Fashion is everything. Art, music, furniture design, graphic design, hair, makeup, architecture, the way cars look - all those things go together to make a moment in time, and that's what excites me. #Quote by Tom Ford
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Carrie Fisher
#8. I've got to stop getting obsessed with human beings and fall in love with a chair. Chairs have everything human beings have to offer, and less, which is obviously what I need. Less emotional feedback, less warmth, less approval, less patience and less response. The less the merrier. Chairs it is. I must furnish my heart with feelings for furniture. #Quote by Carrie Fisher
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Michael Graves
#9. I grew up in a time when Eames and Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects were putting their furniture and objects on the market. You could buy some of those objects on the open market. Eames was a huge influence on all of us in school. #Quote by Michael Graves
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Ross Macdonald
#10. It was a small room, and it was as crowded with coffee- and end-tables, chairs and hassocks and bookcases, as a second-hand furniture store. The horizontal surfaces were littered with gewgaws, shells and framed photographs, vases and pincushions and doilies. If the lady had come down in the world, she'd brought a lot down with her. My sensation of stepping into the past was getting too strong for comfort. The half-armed chair closed on me like a hand. #Quote by Ross Macdonald
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Claudia Hammond
#11. I see the last two millennia as laid out in columns, like a reverse ledger sheet. It's as if I'm standing at the top of the twenty-first century looking downwards to 2000. Future centuries float as a gauzy sheet stretching over to the left. I also see people, architecture and events laid out chronologically in the columns. When I think of the year 1805, I see Trafalgar, women in the clothes of that era, famous people who lived then, the building, etc. The sixth to tenth centuries are very green, the Middle Ages are dark with vibrant splashes of red and blue and the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries are brown with rich, lush colours in the furniture and clothing. #Quote by Claudia Hammond
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Gretel Ehrlich
#12. I designed furniture that pulled apart, folded, and broke down into neat stacks. Since arriving in California, I had moved four times and it looked as if I would move again. Was it the land running under my feet or my feet running over the land? #Quote by Gretel Ehrlich
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Simon Van Booy
#13. I was living in a large apartment with no furniture, just a typewriter, and because I had nothing else to do with my time, it made me take my writing seriously. #Quote by Simon Van Booy
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Anne Stuart
#14. Ben scooped her up in his arms, holding her high against his chest as he carried her back into the cottage, past the shrouded, familiar shapes of the furniture into the night-dark bedroom. They were alone now for the first time. There was no Emmett, no Harris, no lies or masquerade or motives or revenge. There was just Ben and Rachel, together in the darkness. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#15. The other two groaned. "Over my dead body," Lillian said grimly. "You realize we'll have to resort to creative measures if we're to pry Evie out of her family's clutches and find a good match for her."
"We will," came Daisy's confident reply. "Believe me, dear, if we can find a husband for you, we can do anything."
"That does it," Lillian said, and sprang from the settee to advance menacingly toward her with an upraised cushion.
Giggling, Daisy scrambled behind the nearest piece of furniture and cried, "Remember, you're a countess! Where's your dignity?"
"I've misplaced it," Lillian informed her, and chased after her with glee. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Charlotte McPherren
#16. When she finally opened them and took in the sight of the two men, a burble of silvery laughter spilled from her dusty lips. "You-you look like bandito snowmen from hell," she choked mirthfully. "And very old ones at that!"
Rider yanked his bandanna from his face, and she laughed even harder at his two-toned complexion.
Winking at Juan, Rider commented, "This is the thanks we get for coming to her rescue."
Juan chuckled. "Si, I think she deserves to have to gaze at herself in the mirror. She looks the bruja pequena, hey, compadre?"
"Little witch!" Willow blustered.
"Well,none of you are sitting on the furniture until you've cleaned up," Miriam interjected sternly.
Willow hurried to the sitting-room window, gasping at the sight of swirling, brownish-gray dirt and debris. "We might as well break out a deck of cards and take a seat on the floor because I think it's going to be awhile before we can get to the water pump and wash ourselves."
As if to confirm her words, a loud boom of thunder reverberated above the house. Seconds later, rain pelted the windowpane, and a jagged spear of lightning knifed through the riotus gloom. Willow automatically jumped back from the window, surprised when she stumbled over Rider's toes. He steadied her and she gave an embarrassed smile. "Sorry. I know darn well that lightning can't get to me in here, but it never fails to make me blink and jump."
Rider grinned down at her. "It's a natural reaction.If I'd b #Quote by Charlotte McPherren
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Dr. Seuss
#17. I love my job. I love the pay!
~I love it more and more each day.
~I love my boss, he is the best!
~I love his boss and all the rest.

~I love my office and its location. I hate to have to go on vacation.
~I love my furniture, drab and grey, and piles of paper that grow each day!
~I think my job is swell, there's nothing else I love so well.
~I love to work among my peers, I love their leers, and jeers, and sneers.
~I love my computer and its software; I hug it often though it won't care.
~I love each program and every file, I'd love them more if they worked a while.

~I'm happy to be here. I am. I am.
~I'm the happiest slave of the Firm, I am.
~I love this work. I love these chores.
~I love the meetings with deadly bores.
~I love my job - I'll say it again - I even love those friendly men.
~Those friendly men who've come today, in clean white coats to take me away!!!!! #Quote by Dr. Seuss
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Margo Kaufman
#18. In my experience, Cupid's arrows rarely strike two people with the same definition of cleanliness. One partner usually feels like he or she is being asked to live in a furniture exhibit in the British Museum. The other partner remains convinced that he or she is forced to contend with the human version of Hurricane Gilbert. #Quote by Margo Kaufman
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#19. It's ridiculous. Here I sit in my little room, I, Brigge, who have got to be twenty-eight years old and about whom no one knows. I sit here and am nothing. And yet this nothing begins to think and thinks, up five flights of stairs, these thoughts on a gray Paris afternoon:

Is it possible, this nothing thinks, that one has not yet seen, recognized, and said anything real and important? Is it possible that one has had thousands of years of time to look, reflect, and write down, and that one has let the millennia pass away like a school recess in which one eats one's sandwich and an apple?
Yes, it is possible.

...Is it possible that in spite of inventions and progress, in spite of culture, religion, and worldly wisdom, that one has remained on the surface of life? Is it possible that one has even covered this surface, which would at least have been something, with an incredibly dull slipcover, so that it looks like living-room furniture during the summer vacation?
Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible that the whole history of the world has been misunderstood? Is it possible that the past is false because one has always spoken of its masses, as if one was telling about a coming together of many people, instead of telling about the one person they were standing around, because he was alien and died?
Yes, it is possible.

Is it possible that one believed one has to make up for everything that happened before one was born? Is #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Karen Hawkins
#20. Sophia had been hard pressed not to laugh when MacLean had tripped over one of the floorboards she and Angus had pried loose. Better yet, MacLean had ripped his lace-edged sleeve on a broken nail in the doorframe of his bedchamber. She knew because she'd heard his loud curse from the hallway.
Sophia had expected him to roar at the servants and demand things be repaired, but all he did was ask Angus for a hammer to protect himself from the loose boards and stray nails that seemed to plague MacFarlane House.
To Sophia's delight, Angus had gloomily replied that there weren't enough hammers in the whole of Scotland to do that.
Since Angus had left MacLean in his bedchamber, they hadn't heard a word from him. Perhaps the man was sleeping, although how could anyone sleep in such a damp room and with such a lumpy mattress and smoky chimney?
More likely, he was awake and seething at being forced to endure such horrid conditions. She wished she had been there to witness his reaction to the threadbare furniture with broken springs and flat cushions, the inadequate bed coverings for the chilly chamber (it faced north, where the wind was fiercest), a window that was nailed slightly open, and more. #Quote by Karen Hawkins
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Carroll Bryant
#21. You know," Kavita begins, "I think I can pick out my own furniture. I am an artist after all. I do have some taste."
"No you don't." Nick plainly states. "No man has taste. Besides, I didn't pick it out, she did. Wives are good for things like that. #Quote by Carroll Bryant
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Donna Tartt
#22. Nitric acid. Lampblack. Furniture, like all living things, acquired marks and scars over the course of time. The effects of time, visible and invisible. #Quote by Donna Tartt
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Ernst Junger
#23. In the space of a single year, a crumbling rural village had sprouted an army town, like a great parasitical growth. The former peacetime aspect of the place was barely discernible. The village pond was where the dragoons watered their horses, infantry exercised in the orchards, soldiers lay in the meadows sunning themselves. All the peacetime institutions collapsed, only what was needed for war remained. Hedges and fences were broken or simply torn down for easier access, and everywhere there were large signs giving directions to military traffic. While roofs caved in, and furniture was gradually used up as firewood, telephone lines and electricity cables were installed. Cellars were extended outwards and downwards to make bomb shelters for the residents; the removed earth was dumped in the gardens. The village no longer knew any demarcations or distinctions between thine and mine.
pp. 36-37 #Quote by Ernst Junger
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#24. No one with a living room radio that was a piece of furniture at the time would say, gee. I want to carry that around on my hip pocket. That was not a thought until NASA initiated this whole exercise. So there's an influence that's not just spinoff. #Quote by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Margaret O'Brien
#25. I was always fascinated, even as a child, by antiques and ancient times. I always felt I should have been born in the 17th or 18th century. They really had a big stone castle with authentic furniture. #Quote by Margaret O'Brien
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Sarah Vowell
#26. Having studied art history, as opposed to political history, I tend to incorporate found objects into my books. Just as Pablo Picasso glued a fragment of furniture onto the canvas of Still Life with Chair Caning, I like to use whatever's lying around to paint pictures of the past--traditional pigment like archival documents but also the added texture of whatever bits and bobs I learn from looking out bus windows or chatting up people I bump into on the road. #Quote by Sarah Vowell
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Lisa McMann
#27. She opens her eyes slowly. It takes her a moment to adjust to the bright kitchen light, shining in her eyes. "Can we rearrange the furniture this weekend?" she asks sleepily. "So when I sleep out here, you don't shine all of Satan's fiery hell lights in my eyes first thing in the morning? #Quote by Lisa McMann
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Margaret  Rogerson
#28. My twin sisters weren't precisely human. They'd begun life as a pair of goat kids before a fair one had had too much wine and enchanted them on a lark. It was slow going, but I reminded myself that at least it was going. This time last year they hadn't been house-trained. And it worked in their favor that their transformative enchantment had rendered them more or less indestructible: I'd seen March survive eating a broken pot, poison oak, deadly nightshade, and several unfortunate salamanders without any ill effects. For all my concern, March jumping off cabinets posed more danger to the kitchen furniture. #Quote by Margaret Rogerson
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
#29. A man should keep his little brain attic stocked with all the furniture that he is likely to use, and the rest he can put away in the lumber-room of his library, where he can get it if he wants it. #Quote by Arthur Conan Doyle
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Audrey Sutherland
#30. The only real security is not insurance or money or a job, not a house and furniture paid for, or a retirement fund, and never is it another person. It is the skill and humor and courage within, the ability to build your own fires and find your own peace. #Quote by Audrey Sutherland
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Jarod Kintz
#31. The four legs of the chair never move, but what if the chair could run as fast as a cheetah? That would be one piece of leopard print furniture I'd love to sit on. #Quote by Jarod Kintz
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Marcel Proust
#32. precisely the same way the pastoral novels of George Sand, which she was giving me for my birthday, were regular lumber-rooms of antique furniture, full of expressions that have fallen out of use and returned as imagery, such as one finds now only in country dialects. #Quote by Marcel Proust
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Martha Beck
#33. I explain to everyone I deal with-co-workers, children, friends-that I'm transitionally challenged and they should call me on my cell phone if I'm even a few minutes late. Such calls often come in when I'm happily writing or rearranging the furniture. The monochrones in my life are so organized, they have no trouble remembering to remind me to show up. #Quote by Martha Beck
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Franz Kafka
#34. Did he really want this warm room of his, so comfortably fitted with old family furniture, to be transformed into a cave, in which, no doubt, he would be free to crawl about unimpeded in all directions, but only at the price of rapidly and completely forgetting his human past at the same time? #Quote by Franz Kafka
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by William Joyce
#35. So if you're a robot and you're living on this planet, you can do things that you can't do in real life - things that you wished you could do: like fly; like have a car that flies; like have furniture that is alive. #Quote by William Joyce
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Anne Eliot
#36. I'm not going to make a big deal about a few tummy flutters because ... dead people, old people, even furniture would get butterflies if they met this guy. #Quote by Anne Eliot
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Dave Ramsey
#37. Nothing was left to chance; every smell, every piece of furniture, and certainly the design of the floor plans made these model homes world-class. #Quote by Dave Ramsey
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Mollie Panter-Downes
#38. He looked at her amiably, as though she were a nice sofa. That must be the penalty of the grey hairs, the tired shadows under the eyes, that must be the beginning of getting old. She had noticed it. Young men looked at you as though you were a nice sofa, an article of furniture which they would never be desirous of acquiring. #Quote by Mollie Panter-Downes
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by A.E. Via
#39. Syn watched Day look around at his lack of furniture ... or pictures ... or art ... or decorations ... or any other amenities that made a house a home. "Oh good. It looks like we didn't miss the housewarming party. Are you registered? #Quote by A.E. Via
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Beverly Engel
#40. (..) physical behavior that can be considered emotional abuse (..): symbolic violence. This includes intimidating behavior such as slamming doors, kicking a wall, throwing dishes, furniture, or other objects, driving recklessly while the victim is in the car, and destroying or threatening to destroy objects the victim values. Even milder forms of violence such as shaking a fist or finger at the victim, making threatening gestures or faces, or acting like he or she wants to kill the victim carry symbolic threats of violence. #Quote by Beverly Engel
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Charles Dickens
#41. There are many pleasant fictions of the law in constant operation, but there is not one so pleasant or practically humorous as that which supposes every man to be of equal value in its impartial eye, and the benefits of all laws to be equally attainable by all men, without the smallest reference to the furniture of their pockets. #Quote by Charles Dickens
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Chris Rock
#42. A cat, by any other name, is still a sneaky little furball that barfs on the furniture. #Quote by Chris Rock
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Timothy F. Cahill
#43. Every time I score the passion comes out and I try to relay that back to the fans and to the players and the staff how grateful I am to be playing for such a good football club. The fans have taken well to me. I am part of the furniture at Everton, but I don't take it for granted. #Quote by Timothy F. Cahill
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Stephen Bayley
#44. It is sometimes easier to have furniture made than to find things. #Quote by Stephen Bayley
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Prabal Gurung
#45. I'm fascinated by furniture design and interiors, and I want to try designing all that stuff. #Quote by Prabal Gurung
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Ettore Sottsass
#46. My furniture is an exercise in architecture or architectural mood. #Quote by Ettore Sottsass
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by John Robbins
#47. I believe the houses of the future will be...designed to welcome rather than to impress. People...will want homes in which every room is used every day and in which there are no wasted spaces--homes less like furniture stores or warehouses and more like nests. #Quote by John Robbins
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by William Coperthwaite
#48. It is often assumed that the chief reason for making things - furniture, clothing, toys, a garden - is to save money. There are other factors that may be of equal or greater importance: making what we need for life is a way of expressing creativity and of gaining greater confidence. Emotional security comes from providing the necessities of life in personal, meaningful ways, by our own hands or those of friends and loved ones. Another value in studying how things are made is to increase our appreciation for them as we better understand what makes them work. The knowledge that comes from shaping the things around us helps us build relationships with the world that are more intimate. #Quote by William Coperthwaite
Baumgartners Furniture quotes by Derek Landy
#49. Skulduggery stood among the ruins of what had once been a sofa. Valkyrie raised an eyebrow.
'I was trying to make up the sofa bed so you could get some rest,' he explained, and pointed to the second sofa across the room. 'Unfortunately, it would appear that that is the sofa bed, and this, apparently, is just a sofa. #Quote by Derek Landy

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