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Famous Quotes About Baumgartner Baseball

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Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Jerry Coleman
#1. Renko has just about had it. Pretty soon somebody will come out of the dugout with a fork and get him. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Barry Lyga
#2. Here's the thing about baseball-it's not the individual sport I thought it was. Turns out I was wrong about that.
Yeah, the batter is a lone man against the world. He stands in the batter's box like a soldier and it's up to him-and him alone-what happens next.
But here's the thing I didn't understand until I was forced to, until recently: In order to hit a home run ...
Someone else has to pitch the ball. #Quote by Barry Lyga
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Marc Bulger
#3. For a long time, I was more involved in basketball, baseball and golf. My parents didn't push me into football when I was a little kid, but they coaxed me into trying it as a 10th grader. #Quote by Marc Bulger
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Dontrelle Willis
#4. I love what I do. I'm appreciative and I'm still competitive. I still love baseball, but it doesn't consume me. If I can't do it anymore, then I go home and do something else. It's not the end of the world. It's just the end of your career. #Quote by Dontrelle Willis
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Robert Kirkman
#5. I hope you're at peace. I hope you... I hope you're in heaven, and you fell in love with someone who treats you better than I ever did, and that they're fucking your brains out and then fucking your brains back in after that on a daily basis. I'll always miss you, Lucille. I'm sorry I named a fucking baseball bat after you. #Quote by Robert Kirkman
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Heywood Broun
#6. When the ball was last seen crossing the roof of the stand in deep right field at 315 feet, we wonder whether new baseballs conversing together in the original package ever remark: "Join Ruth and see the world." #Quote by Heywood Broun
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Jerry Coleman
#7. There's a shot up the alley. Oh, it's just foul. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Tucker Elliot
#8. After being maligned for his lack of offense for much of his career, [César] Gerónimo batted .280 with two home runs, a triple, three runs, and three RBIs vs. Boston during the 1975 World Series, and then he batted .308 with two doubles, two steals, and three runs vs. New York during the 1976 World Series. The man who's defense Sparky Anderson called 'ungodly' became an offensive star on baseball's biggest stage. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Dave Winfield
#9. But I'll tell you this, it started with my mother. I have to give her. God bless her and rest her soul. I had a good foundation at home, so when I was able to go off and do these things in baseball there was always support. #Quote by Dave Winfield
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Zack Greinke
#10. Baseball is a sport where being stupid and keeping things really simple a lot of times is the right way to do things. There are very few guys that are capable of processing a lot of information and applying it and still being good at it. ... I don't want to name names, but there were guys I played with that were so stupid that they're really good, because their mind never gets in the way. #Quote by Zack Greinke
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Tom Glavine
#11. I love both sports, but the deciding factor was, being a left-handed pitcher, I had a huge advantage in baseball because of that, and I didn't have that type of advantage in hockey. #Quote by Tom Glavine
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Torii Hunter
#12. I just didn't have no edge for baseball. Once special coach Tony Oliva and former Twins coach Al Newman told me what happened, I couldn't function. #Quote by Torii Hunter
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Felix Baumgartner
#13. One of the most exciting moments was standing out on top of the world, 30 seconds before stepping off. #Quote by Felix Baumgartner
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Willie Stargell
#14. I found myself in a race with Mother Nature to play as much baseball as I could before she forced me to stop. #Quote by Willie Stargell
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Curt Flood
#15. Everybody thinks of baseball as a sacred cow. When you have the nerve to challenge it, people look down their noses at you. There are a lot of things wrong with a lot of industries ... baseball is one of them. #Quote by Curt Flood
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Bill Cosby
#16. A baseball manager has learned a lot about his job from having played the game, but a parent has not learned a thing from having once been a child. #Quote by Bill Cosby
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Casey Stengel
#17. They examined all my organs. Some of them are quite remarkable and others are not so good. A lot of museums are bidding for them. #Quote by Casey Stengel
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Branch Rickey
#18. He's the best prospect I've ever seen. #Quote by Branch Rickey
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Doug Harvey
#19. I'll say it again: you've got to put the argument back in the game. They're trying to make baseball mechanized, a machine. They're ruining baseball. #Quote by Doug Harvey
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by John Feinstein
#20. Fifteen minutes in the majors means you're a great baseball player," said Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland - who never got his fifteen minutes above the Triple-A level. "People just can't understand how good you have to be to get there at all. #Quote by John Feinstein
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Tucker Elliot
#21. It was one at bat during October 1975 that defined his [Joe Morgan's] place in baseball history and secured the legacy of the Big Red Machine, all with one swing. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Robert Benchley
#22. England and America should scrap cricket and baseball and come up with a new game that they both can play. Like baseball, for example. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Jere Longman
#23. Baseball may be called the national pastime, but it survives on the sentimentality of middle-age men who wistfully dream of playing catch with their fathers and sons. Football, with its dull stoppages, lost its military-industrial relevance with the end of the Cold War, and has become as tired and predictable in performance as it is in political metaphor. The professional game floats on an ocean of gambling, the players' steroid-laced bodies having outgrown their muscular and skeletal carriages. Biceps rip from their moorings, ankles break on simple pivots. Achilles' tendons shrivel like slugs doused with salt. Soccer and basketball are the only mainstream sports that truly plug into the modem-pulse of a dot-com society. Soccer is perfectly suited for a country of the hamster-treadmill pace, the remote-control zap and the national attention deficit--two 45-minute halves, the clock never stops, no commercial interruptions, the final whistle blows in less than two hours. It is a fluid game of systemized chaos that, no matter how tightly scripted by coaches, cannot be regulated any more than information can be truly controlled on the Internet. #Quote by Jere Longman
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Lance Berkman
#24. I've always enjoyed baseball, but even when I was a kid I can remember viewing it with a businesslike approach. #Quote by Lance Berkman
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
#25. We knew the pain of winter rushing up your skirt, and the ache of keeping your knees together in class, and how drab and infuriating it was to jump rope while the boys played baseball. We could never understand why the girls cared so much about being mature, or why they felt compelled to compliment each other ... #Quote by Jeffrey Eugenides
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#26. I don't think special attention should be given to an actor or a singer or a baseball player or a soccer player more than anyone else, but they do have an opinion like anyone else. #Quote by Viggo Mortensen
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Roxas James
#27. Wait. Don't we even get a say in this?" James is supposed to be a macho, baseball player. Why is he such a whiny douche? "What? You want us to take a vote?" That #Quote by Roxas James
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Eddie Harris
#28. Vagisil. Any one of them will give you another two to three inches drop on your curve ball. Of course if the umps are watching me real close I'll rub a little jalapeno up my nose, get it runnin', and if I need to load the ball up I just ... (wipes his nose) #Quote by Eddie Harris
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Mark Teixeira
#29. My dad and all my family were into baseball. His brothers, my mom's brothers, my mom's father. Baseball was just always a part of our family. #Quote by Mark Teixeira
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Tom Wolfe
#30. Then he put that one down behind a framed sepia-tone picture of a baseball player named Cecil Travis and picked up another one and tilted it back to his lips. #Quote by Tom Wolfe
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Ron Carlson
#31. I was a good college kid, all-American and baseball-playing, living in the dorms with a million barbarians. I did not expect to be claimed by Fitzgerald hook, line, and sinker. 'This Side of Paradise' - that sweet, sophomoric pastiche of notes, scenes, poetry, and plays - I felt like he'd written the book just for me. #Quote by Ron Carlson
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Nate Silver
#32. I was looking for something like baseball, where there's a lot of data and the competition was pretty low. That's when I discovered politics. #Quote by Nate Silver
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Bob Sheppard
#33. I played baseball as a left-handed first baseman, though never as well as I did quarterbacking. #Quote by Bob Sheppard
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Tucker Elliot
#34. Rose worked and played so hard that kids all across the country - not just in Cincinnati - were emulating him on sandlots everywhere, proud to dirty their jerseys doing a headfirst "Pete Rose" dive into cardboard boxes used for bases ... whether they needed to slide or not. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Baumgartner Baseball quotes by Alan Casden
#35. Dodger Stadium is not an antique. It's not Frank Lloyd Wright. It's a nice place to play baseball, but there are far better. #Quote by Alan Casden

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