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Batista Movies quotes by Christina Dodd
#1. Archaeologist, adventurer - I saw the Indiana Jones movies. They are the same. #Quote by Christina Dodd
Batista Movies quotes by Mitch Glazer
#2. In writing for movies, you obviously want to resolve things and have a sense of completion at the end - in an ideal way. #Quote by Mitch Glazer
Batista Movies quotes by Vanessa Hudgens
#3. I think it's really healing to see movies that are based on true stories. It builds so much more compassion and empathy. #Quote by Vanessa Hudgens
Batista Movies quotes by John Eldredge
#4. What is this enemy that scripture calls "the world?" Is it drinking and dancing and smoking? Is it going to the movies or playing cards? That is a shallow and ridiculous approach to holiness. It numbs us to the fact that good and evil are much more serious. No, the world is not a place or a set of behaviors. It is any system built by our collective sin. It is all our false selves coming together to reward and destroy each other. Take all the posers out there, put them together in an office, or a club, or a church and what you get is what the scriptures mean by "the world." The world is a carnival of counterfeits - counterfeit battles, counterfeit adventures, counterfeit beauties. Men should think of it as a corruption of their strength. "Battle your way to the top," says the World, "and you are a man." Why is it then that the men that get there are often the emptiest, most frightened, prideful posers around? #Quote by John Eldredge
Batista Movies quotes by Dan Fogler
#5. I grew up in the '80s. I was a kid, but all my favorite movies came out of that period. #Quote by Dan Fogler
Batista Movies quotes by Henry Ian Cusick
#6. I'd imagine if there were more Scottish people making Scottish movies about Scotland, it would not only be educational, but it would instill a sense of pride. #Quote by Henry Ian Cusick
Batista Movies quotes by Stanley Kubrick
#7. Sanitised violence in movies has been accepted for years. What seems to upset everybody now is the showing of the consequences of violence. #Quote by Stanley Kubrick
Batista Movies quotes by Eike Batista
#8. To be powerful in South America, you have to be transparent and you have to have a very clean reputation. Transparency for me today is a magic word in South America. Power comes from transparency and a track record of execution. #Quote by Eike Batista
Batista Movies quotes by Mamie Van Doren
#9. Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield and I were so different from each other. I was doing very young movies, and Marilyn, who was ahead of me, was doing a lot of homogenized movies that weren't quite as wild as the ones I was doing. Jayne was more of a character of herself. #Quote by Mamie Van Doren
Batista Movies quotes by Paul Bettany
#10. Doing the big budget films really makes you appreciate doing movies like Shelter. It's because this is like doing theater, you just have to hit the ground running #Quote by Paul Bettany
Batista Movies quotes by Dakota Johnson
#11. I think I spent my entire childhood on film sets, surrounded by film-makers and actors and people with magnetic energies who make movies. #Quote by Dakota Johnson
Batista Movies quotes by Denis Leary
#12. I spent a long time working in the movies to figure out that kind of acting and also how to write and produce for the screen. #Quote by Denis Leary
Batista Movies quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#13. My movies are painfully personal, but I'm never trying to let you know how personal they are. It's my job to make it be personal, and also to disguise that so only I or the people who know me know how personal it is. 'Kill Bill' is a very personal movie. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Batista Movies quotes by Queen Latifah
#14. I believe that the kids, young people should have an opportunity to have Oscar nominated actors in their movies too. #Quote by Queen Latifah
Batista Movies quotes by Alfred Gough
#15. They [movies] don't really have the cultural impact - other than "Star Wars," of course - that they used to because television is something that week to week people invite into their homes. It's a relationship that in success can go on six, seven, eight years. I think certainly in the early days, you definitely want that engagement. #Quote by Alfred Gough
Batista Movies quotes by James Gunn
#16. I don't really like movies that are all one or the other. It's really about the play between both of them. Now that I've said that, there's actually lots of movies that I like that are one or the other but it's just not for me as a filmmaker. #Quote by James Gunn
Batista Movies quotes by Kevin Bacon
#17. I've been in silly movies and romantic movies and historic movies. #Quote by Kevin Bacon
Batista Movies quotes by Imelda May
#18. I'd watch old movies with Judy Garland, Shirley Temple and Bette Davis and long to be part of that glamorous world. A lot of that glamour is gone now. In my own small way, I hope I'm bringing some of it back. But it would be great if I could inspire women to dress up. #Quote by Imelda May
Batista Movies quotes by Albert Brooks
#19. My mom was a professional. My dad and mom met each other in a movie called 'New Faces of 1937.' My mom went under the name Thelma Leeds, and she did a few movies, and she was really a great singer, and when she married my dad and started to have a family, she sang at parties. #Quote by Albert Brooks
Batista Movies quotes by Seth Godin
#20. Life is actually far better than it is in the movies. And it takes longer. #Quote by Seth Godin
Batista Movies quotes by Luis Bunuel
#21. Sometimes, watching a movie is a bit like being raped. #Quote by Luis Bunuel
Batista Movies quotes by Adam Rapp
#22. I don't see a lot of movies that portray the East Village as well as I think they can. #Quote by Adam Rapp
Batista Movies quotes by Josh Ryan Evans
#23. I always knew I wanted to be a character in the movies. When I was growing up, I had to have a lot of surgery, and I spent a lot of time recovering at home and in the hospital. Watching movies took me away from my own problems and gave me a total escape. #Quote by Josh Ryan Evans
Batista Movies quotes by Gordon Willis
#24. Grips and electricians have done more to help me shoot good movies than any other craft. #Quote by Gordon Willis
Batista Movies quotes by Rob Zombie
#25. When I came off the Halloween movies, they were very stressful movies to make. That had been four very stressful years. I'm happy with how they turned out, but getting the end results took so much fighting with people and so much craziness, that at the end of it I was so burnt out. #Quote by Rob Zombie
Batista Movies quotes by Andrew Sarris
#26. Movies are as old as psychoanalysis. So if I were to put you or anyone else on a couch and say, 'Tell me your favorite movies,' it would be a way of psychoanalyzing you. #Quote by Andrew Sarris
Batista Movies quotes by Tina Turner
#27. I was always attracted to science fiction movies. #Quote by Tina Turner
Batista Movies quotes by Osayi Emokpae Lasisi
#28. Don't think you can watch all the romantic movies, soap operas, TV shows and read all the romantic books out there and not be affected. Ninety-nine percent of the romantic stuff out there is garbage ... and what you put in always comes out ... UGLIER! #Quote by Osayi Emokpae Lasisi
Batista Movies quotes by Frank O'Hara
#29. Ave Maria
Mothers of America
let your kids go to the movies!
get them out of the house so they won't know what you're up to
it's true that fresh air is good for the body
but what about the soul
that grows in darkness, embossed by silvery images
and when you grow old as grow old you must
they won't hate you
they won't criticize you they won't know
they'll be in some glamorous country
they first saw on a Saturday afternoon or playing hookey

they may even be grateful to you
for their first sexual experience
which only cost you a quarter
and didn't upset the peaceful home
they will know where candy bars come from
and gratuitous bags of popcorn
as gratuitous as leaving the movie before it's over
with a pleasant stranger whose apartment is in the Heaven on Earth Bldg
near the Williamsburg Bridge
oh mothers you will have made the little tykes
so happy because if nobody does pick them up in the movies
they won't know the difference
and if somebody does it'll be sheer gravy
and they'll have been truly entertained either way
instead of hanging around the yard
or up in their room
hating you
prematurely since you won't have done anything horribly mean yet
except keeping them from the darker joys
it's unforgivable the latter
so don't blame me if you won't take this advice
and #Quote by Frank O'Hara
Batista Movies quotes by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
#30. I grew up in a big movie house, we watched movies all the time, so I had an awareness at a very young age that that was a job that you could have. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Batista Movies quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
#31. It is up to us to produce better-quality movies. #Quote by Lloyd Kaufman
Batista Movies quotes by Jose Ferrer
#32. The truth is I made a few good movies in the '50s, then went into freefall. #Quote by Jose Ferrer
Batista Movies quotes by King Bach
#33. When I start doing movies, that'll be the time to pack Vine in. Quit when you're on top. Be the king. #Quote by King Bach
Batista Movies quotes by Rachel Caine
#34. You can't be serious," Eve said. "Guys. People get eaten in places like this. At the very least, we get locked in a room and terrible, evil things get done to us and put on the Internet. I've seen the movies."
"Eve," Michael said. "Horror movies are not documentaries. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Batista Movies quotes by Shane West
#35. I didn't fill it up with movies every time because I was trying to just film one damn movie, but that's the heartache of independent films. #Quote by Shane West
Batista Movies quotes by Channing Tatum
#36. 'A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints' was the first real actor-actor part I did, and I hope I to do more. Action movies are fun, but I'd be happy not to do them if there are better roles. #Quote by Channing Tatum
Batista Movies quotes by Kola Boof
#37. As for developing a writing style'I would say that I tried to copy the pacing of the old movies I loved as a kid. #Quote by Kola Boof
Batista Movies quotes by Jake Gyllenhaal
#38. In a perfect world, I would love to do one play for every three movies. #Quote by Jake Gyllenhaal
Batista Movies quotes by Oscar Isaac
#39. People resent movies that try to tell them exactly what to feel. #Quote by Oscar Isaac
Batista Movies quotes by Theo James
#40. We're in a world where masculinity, especially with these big spectacle movies, is often pushed by rippling six packs and forcing an image down someone's throat trying to prove masculinity. Whereas I think true masculinity comes from having a strong sense of self. #Quote by Theo James
Batista Movies quotes by Ree Drummond
#41. The sun was just dipping below the western horizon when we pulled up to our little house on the prairie. Despite the obvious turmoil I knew was swarming in the periphery, I couldn't help but instantly smile when I saw our little home. Home, I thought to myself--a strange response, considering I'd never spent a night there. But, being back there, I felt the heartbeat of our love affair that had started on that very ranch, the drives we'd taken, the dinners we'd cooked, the nights we'd spent watching submarine movies on his old leather couch, which Marlboro Man had already moved to our new little house so we'd be able to enjoy it immediately.
Poor couch. It must have been awfully lonely without us. #Quote by Ree Drummond
Batista Movies quotes by Kristen Wiig
#42. For movies to get greenlit solely based on the success of other movies that have a lot of women in them? It's so ridiculous to me. #Quote by Kristen Wiig

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