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Bastardized Child quotes by Gloria Allred
#1. I could have had someone else take care of my child but I did it because that was my moral obligation and also it was a joy and I felt it was in the best interests of the child. #Quote by Gloria Allred
Bastardized Child quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#2. You say that you lost your child. You know how I feel then. You know that, don't you? It's a sadness that never goes away. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Bastardized Child quotes by Boyd K. Packer
#3. You are a child of God. He is father of your spirit. Spiritually you are of noble birth, the offspring of the King of Heaven. Fix that truth in your mind and hold to it. However many generations in your mortal ancestry, no matter what race or people you represent, the pedigree of your spirit can be written on a single line. You are a child of God! #Quote by Boyd K. Packer
Bastardized Child quotes by Meg Wolitzer
#4. My being a writer and playing Scrabble are connected. If I have a good writing day, I'll take a break and play online Scrabble. My favorite word as a child was 'carrion,' before I knew what it meant. I later created crossword puzzles, which was a lot about puns, and how words would create these strange, strange things. #Quote by Meg Wolitzer
Bastardized Child quotes by Rick Riordan
#5. Every child is different. I think it's important that we don't have maybe just one or two books that we're recommending to all children - but rather we cater the books to fit each individual child. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Bastardized Child quotes by Edward Snowden
#6. A child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all. #Quote by Edward Snowden
Bastardized Child quotes by Alexandre Dumas
#7. We have said that Athos loved d'Artagnan like a child, and this somber and inflexible personage felt the anxiety of a parent for the young man. #Quote by Alexandre Dumas
Bastardized Child quotes by Weike Wang
#8. As a child, I get new clothes so rarely that when I do, I put off wearing them. It then happens that when the big day comes, the clothes no longer fit. #Quote by Weike Wang
Bastardized Child quotes by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
#9. Christmas Eve I saw a stable, low and very bare, A little child in a manger. The oxen knew Him, had Him in their care, To men He was a stranger, The safety of the world was lying there, And the world's danger. #Quote by Mary Elizabeth Coleridge
Bastardized Child quotes by Woody Allen
#10. I am an only child. I have one sister. #Quote by Woody Allen
Bastardized Child quotes by Sophia Loren
#11. A mother always thinks twice: for herself and for the child #Quote by Sophia Loren
Bastardized Child quotes by Franz Liszt
#12. You cannot imagine how it spoils one to have been a child prodigy. #Quote by Franz Liszt
Bastardized Child quotes by Jean Ping
#13. The welfare and the future of our societies depend on our capacity to remain mobilized so as to improve the health of every mother and child. #Quote by Jean Ping
Bastardized Child quotes by Leon Chaitow
#14. Publications by the World Health Organization show that diphtheria is steadily declining in most European countries, including those in which there has been no immunization. The decline began long before vaccination was developed. There is certainly no guarantee that vaccination will protect a child against the disease; in fact, over 30,000 cases of diphtheria have been recorded in the United Kingdom in fully immunized children. #Quote by Leon Chaitow
Bastardized Child quotes by Helen Hodgman
#15. He was dazed, the soft thoughts sinking slowly in. A son. Even a daughter. His child. Immortality. A chance to make good. Pass on the hard lessons learned. #Quote by Helen Hodgman
Bastardized Child quotes by Walter Lippmann
#16. We are unsettled to the very roots of our being. There isn't a human relation, whether of parent and child, husband and wife, worker and employer, that doesn't move in a strange direction. We don't know how to behave when personal contact and eternal authority have disappeared. There are no precedents to guide us, no wisdom that wasn't made for a simpler age. We have changed our environment faster than we can change ourselves. #Quote by Walter Lippmann
Bastardized Child quotes by Barbara Lynn-Vannoy
#17. When they hear I teach first grade, they invariably picture my kids like a litter of puppies in a pet store window, cute and nearly brainless. Let me tell you. My kids are brilliant. Never underestimate children. I don't teach to their minds. Or their hearts. I teach to their spirits, and not one child has failed me. Ever. I mind-boggle them by reminding them they are made from the remnants of star-dusted constellations. When I tell them this their eyes sparkle to prove it. #Quote by Barbara Lynn-Vannoy
Bastardized Child quotes by Ann Leckie
#18. From a child I was taught to forgive and forget, but it's difficult to forget these things, the loss of parents, of children and grandchildren. #Quote by Ann Leckie
Bastardized Child quotes by Kathleen Hanna
#19. I think open adoption is a great idea, because it allows a relationship between the birth mother and her child so that the kid isn't like, "Where did I come from?" And to have it be like, "Look, you have a bunch of people who love you." #Quote by Kathleen Hanna
Bastardized Child quotes by Craig D. Lounsbrough
#20. Every parent is an artist, for the bared canvas of a newborn's soul begs for the artist's touch. And because this is so, a parent must prepare the palette with the utmost care, choose the brushes with poised caution, and mindfully attend to every brushstroke regardless of how slight. And such caution is utterly imperative for the emerging rendering will be both a legacy borne of the parent, and a life lived by the child. #Quote by Craig D. Lounsbrough
Bastardized Child quotes by Dorothee Solle
#21. This situation where we are not quite what we do, where we kiss, drink, work, laugh, or meditate only with part of ourselves, is the most normal of situations. We are not wholly present in what we experience; we are still watching ourselves, and we do not attain the self-forgetfulness of being one. We do not play as a child can play; rather, we observe ourselves. #Quote by Dorothee Solle
Bastardized Child quotes by Soren Kierkegaard
#22. My grief is my castle, which like an eagle's nest is built high up on the mountain peaks among the clouds; nothing can storm it. From it I fly down into reality to seize my prey; but i do not remain down there, I bring it home with me, and this prey is a picture I weave into the tapestries of my palace. There I live as one dead. I immerse everything I have experienced in a baptism of forgetfulness unto an eternal remembrance. Everything finite and accidental is forgotten and erased. Then I sit like an old man, grey-haired and thoughtful, and explain the pictures in a voice as soft as a whisper; and at my side a child sits and listens, although he remembers everything before I tell it. #Quote by Soren Kierkegaard
Bastardized Child quotes by Shinichi Suzuki
#23. An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together. #Quote by Shinichi Suzuki
Bastardized Child quotes by Erik Pevernagie
#24. In their quest for the "real moment" some expect to grab hold of the singular instant that feels like a journey between the past and the future, between the land they know and a land they don't know. In their pursuit they hope to encounter that 'genuine' moment, that frail child of the fleeting time that leaves a scar in the memory. #Quote by Erik Pevernagie
Bastardized Child quotes by Lee Child
#25. Thurman asked, "Are you born again?"
Reacher said, "Once was enough for me."
"I'm serious."
"So am I."
"You should think about it."
"My father used to say, 'Why be born again when you can just grow up?'"
"Is he no longer with us?"
"He died a long time ago."
"He's in the other place then, with an attitude like that."
"He's in a hole in the ground in Arlington Cemetery."
"Another veteran?"
"Thank you for his service."
"Don't thank me, I had nothing to do with it."
Thurman said, "You should think about getting your life in order, you know, before it's too late. Something might happen. The Book of Revelations says 'The time is at hand.'"
"As it has every day since it was written nearly 2000 years ago. Why would it be true now, when it wasn't before?"
"There are signs," Thurman said, "And the possibility of precipitating events."
He said it primly and smugly, and with a degree of certainty, as if he had regular access to privilieged, insider information. Reacher said nothing in reply.
They drove on past a small group of tired men, wrestling with a mountain of tangled steel. Their backs were bent and their shoulders were slumped. Not yet 8 o'clock in the morning, Reacher thought. More than 10 hours still to go.
"God watches over them."
"You sure?"
"He tells me so."
"Does he watch over you, too?"
"He knows what I do."
"Does he approve?"
"He tells me #Quote by Lee Child
Bastardized Child quotes by Melinda Gates
#26. One of the longest-running public health studies dates from the 1970s, when half of the families in a number of villages in Bangladesh were given contraceptives and the other half were not. Twenty years later, the mothers who took contraceptives were healthier. Their children were better nourished. Their families had more wealth. The women had higher wages. Their sons and daughters had more schooling.
The reasons are simple: When the women were able to time and space their pregnancies, they were more likely to advance their education, earn an income, raise healthy children, and have the time and money to give each child the food, care, and education needed to thrive. When children reach their potential, they don't end up poor. This is how families and countries get out of poverty. In fact, no country in the last fifty years has emerged from poverty without expanding access to contraceptives. #Quote by Melinda Gates
Bastardized Child quotes by Clare Balding
#27. Being made to feel like an irrelevant child was probably an asset. Benign negligence is not a bad parental attitude or at least a cross between a benevolent dictator and benign negligence - you should just let kids crack on with it. #Quote by Clare Balding
Bastardized Child quotes by Leigh Bardugo
#28. She could stay this way forever with nothing but sky and sand surrounding her. She laughed, her heart leaping. This was the magic she'd been promised as a child, the dream that all those fairy stories had offered and never delivered. She wished the girl she'd been could have lived this. #Quote by Leigh Bardugo
Bastardized Child quotes by Chris Christie
#29. Since the president's [Barack Obama] lost all of that[majority in Senate], he now has decided he's just going to write laws on his own. He's going to give us edicts, as if he's a king. And that is a petulant child. He's refusing to listen to the will of the American people, which is they reject his policies. #Quote by Chris Christie
Bastardized Child quotes by Howard Nemerov
#30. Till I, high in the tower of my time Among familiar ruins, began to cry For accident, sickness, justice, war and crime, Because all died, because I had to die. The snow fell, the trees stood, the promise kept, And a child I slept. #Quote by Howard Nemerov
Bastardized Child quotes by Bruno Bettelheim
#31. Play permits the child to resolve in symbolic form unsolved problems of the past and to cope directly or symbolically with present concerns. It is also his most significant tool for preparing himself for the future and its tasks. #Quote by Bruno Bettelheim
Bastardized Child quotes by Roxane Gay
#32. Writing has always allowed me to escape. I was a very lonely child. Because I was very socially awkward, I would always have trouble making friends. And so reading and writing allowed me to have friends and to have an active imaginary life that really sort of kept me sane. #Quote by Roxane Gay
Bastardized Child quotes by Carl Honore
#33. We know that no algorithm can solve global poverty; no pill can cure a chronic illness; no box of chocolates can mend a broken relationship; no educational DVD can transform a child into a baby Einstein; no drone strike can end a terrorist conflict. Sadly, there is no such thing as 'One Tip to a Flat Stomach.' #Quote by Carl Honore
Bastardized Child quotes by Judith Ellen Levy
#34. When a child is born, so are grandmothers. #Quote by Judith Ellen Levy
Bastardized Child quotes by E. Jamie
#35. Alessandro shrugged and pushed the blade in, dragging it down the man's skin, making him cry out. He struck him again with his fist, blood spurting onto Alessandro as well. "Did Arturo tell you that the mother of my child was in that limo? She's carrying my baby inside of her, and that her son was in the limo too? I'm sure he did. I'm sure he left explicit instructions as to who exactly you were supposed to dispose of, didn't he?"
"He'll kill me. I swear, he'll kill me," the man cried, tears mixing in with his
"Next, I'll take an eye, you snivelling little shit!" Alessandro growled, raising his bloody blade to the man's left eyeball. The unmistakable scent of urine filled the air.
Alessandro stepped back in disgust and turned to Jason and his other man, Marty, two of the best Dardano soldiers, loyal and efficient. They took his cue and slipped on their brass knuckles.
"Just say the words, ol' boy, and we'll stop this,"
"Fuck you," the man shouted.
Alessandro smirked. "Such defiance for a man who just pissed himself." He crossed his arms as Marty and Jason went to work.
It only took a minute. "All right. Okay! Stop! Stop! Fine, I'll talk! #Quote by E. Jamie
Bastardized Child quotes by Harmony Korine
#36. When I had my first camera - I was a child of the '80s. I remember what it was like reusing the same tapes over and over again, and having really bad quality and images kind of bubbling up from under the surface. #Quote by Harmony Korine
Bastardized Child quotes by Dan Rhodes
#37. Since the moment we met, my wife and I have not stopped kissing. I'm Catholic and she's Islamic, so there were complications. Throughout the delicate negotiations with our families, our lips did not part for a moment. Eventually they accepted our love, so we married. We walked, tongues tangled, down the aisle. Now after six years of marriage, we are still fused. We had our first child without stopping kissing for the conception, pregnancy or birth. Our lips are four broken scabs, and our chins always covered in blood, but we still never stop. We are far too much in love. #Quote by Dan Rhodes
Bastardized Child quotes by Julia Child
#38. The egg can be your best friend if you just give it the right break #Quote by Julia Child
Bastardized Child quotes by William P. Young
#39. It is my desire and intent to trust the multi-layered good purposes of God than in what humans fabricate out of their need and experience. I specifically ask not to know these purposes so that I might remain a child in their unfolding. #Quote by William P. Young
Bastardized Child quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#40. For some reason, I kept seeing it - it trembled and silkily glowed on my damp retina - a radiant child of twelve, sitting on a threshold, "pinging" pebbles at an empty can. #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Bastardized Child quotes by Hannah Storm
#41. If your child is born with a port-wine stain, they should be seen immediately by a pediatric dermatologist. Your pediatrician does not understand these birthmarks as well as a specialist. #Quote by Hannah Storm
Bastardized Child quotes by Robert Winston
#42. Having a child is arguably the most important thing you do in life. #Quote by Robert Winston
Bastardized Child quotes by Lynn Austin
#43. I have met people who truly do not believe in God, and they feel no anger when they see suffering. They are indifferent to it. But you and I are angry. Anger is not indifference. I blamed God because He took my family. But I couldn't get revenge from God, so I turned my rage against other people. I wanted revenge. Someone must pay."

"You're wrong." Helen said, wanting desperately to believe that he was. "I told you, I no longer believe in God."

"Then why are you so angry with Him?" His eyes were so sorrowful that Helen had to look away. She was unable to reply.

"You blame me and my country for your losses Miss Kimball. And I blame you and your country. But you and I are people, not countries. Did you kill my wife? My child? Would you put a gun to their heads and shoot them, or take away all of their food and watch them die? No, of course not. Neither would I kill someone you loved if I met him face to face. Wars come from bitterness and hatred. They are started by nations without face. But wars end when the hatred ends in the hearts of people like you and me. That is why I ask you to please forgive me. #Quote by Lynn Austin
Bastardized Child quotes by James McGreevey
#44. As a child, recognizing my difference from other kids, I went to the local public library to try to better understand my reality. Back then, many library card catalogues didn't even list 'homosexuality' as a topic. #Quote by James McGreevey
Bastardized Child quotes by Sarah Silverman
#45. Since so many people these days don't seem to start their families until around age forty, I predict there will be less child beating, but more slipped disks from lifting babies out of cribs. Even the father of advanced age who's not inclined to spare the rod is likely to suffer more than his victim: The first punch he throws might well be the last straw for his rotator cuff, reducing his disciplinary options to mere verbal abuse and napping. #Quote by Sarah Silverman
Bastardized Child quotes by Sandra Dodd
#46. If your child is more important than your vision of your child, life becomes easier. #Quote by Sandra Dodd
Bastardized Child quotes by Jarod Kintz
#47. In the future, it'll be my child, but it will be my child's life, so I must name it not for me, but for it. I like how that sounds. I think I'll call it "It." Boy or girl, It is perfect. #Quote by Jarod Kintz

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