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Famous Quotes About Baseball Love

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Baseball Love quotes by Cal Ripken, Jr.
#1. Whether your name is (Lou) Gehrig or (Cal) Ripken, (Joe) DiMaggio or (Jackie) Robinson, or that of some youngster who picks up his bat or puts on his glove, you are challenged by the game of baseball to do your very best day in and day out. That's all I've ever tried to do. #Quote by Cal Ripken, Jr.
Baseball Love quotes by Donald Hall
#2. For most baseball fans, maybe oldest is always best. We love baseball because it seizes and retains the past, like the snowy village inside a glass paperweight. #Quote by Donald Hall
Baseball Love quotes by Penny Marshall
#3. I live in L.A., so I go to basketball games. But I love baseball. #Quote by Penny Marshall
Baseball Love quotes by Carlos Slim
#4. I love baseball. And American Football, too. But not rugby. #Quote by Carlos Slim
Baseball Love quotes by Johan Santana
#5. We're proud of Venezuela and Venezuelan baseball. People in America don't realize it, but we've got 25, 30 million people here, and so many of us love baseball. This is a great place to look for talent. #Quote by Johan Santana
Baseball Love quotes by Joe Torre
#6. If all of us who love baseball and are doing our jobs, then those who get the game from us will be as proud to be a part of it as we were. And we are. This game is a gift, and I am humbled, very humbled, to accept its greatest honor. #Quote by Joe Torre
Baseball Love quotes by Bill Bryson
#7. I always wanted to do a baseball book; I love baseball. The problem is that a very large part of my following is in non-baseball playing countries. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Baseball Love quotes by Roger Clemens
#8. Even though I play a professional sport now, I love college baseball. #Quote by Roger Clemens
Baseball Love quotes by Babe Ruth
#9. Love the game of baseball and baseball will love you. #Quote by Babe Ruth
Baseball Love quotes by William Alexander
#10. Things could be worse. Suppose your errors were counted and published everyday, like those of a baseball player. #Quote by William Alexander
Baseball Love quotes by Vin Scully
#11. I love baseball and I don't want to be part of anything that would cheapen it or vulgarize it. #Quote by Vin Scully
Baseball Love quotes by Ray Kinsella
#12. I'm 36 years old, I love my family, I love baseball, and I'm about to become a farmer. But until I heard the voice, I'd never done a crazy thing in my whole life. #Quote by Ray Kinsella
Baseball Love quotes by Steve Earle
#13. I love baseball. I'll probably end up one of those old farts who go to spring training in Florida every year and drive from game to game all day. #Quote by Steve Earle
Baseball Love quotes by Pete Rose
#14. I love the fans, I love the game of baseball, and I love Cincinnati baseball. #Quote by Pete Rose
Baseball Love quotes by Bert Blyleven
#15. I love baseball. I love watching baseball. As a broadcaster, I get to watch the best 700 players put on the uniform year after year. That, to me, is exciting. #Quote by Bert Blyleven
Baseball Love quotes by Nomar Garciaparra
#16. I love the game of baseball. #Quote by Nomar Garciaparra
Baseball Love quotes by Woody Allen
#17. You can be distracted by your love life, by the baseball game, movies, by the nonsense. "Can I get my kid into this private school? Can I get this girl to go out with me Saturday night? Am I going to get the promotion in my office?" All this stuff, but in the end the universe burns out. So I think it's completely meaningless. #Quote by Woody Allen
Baseball Love quotes by Robert Redford
#18. God, I just love baseball. #Quote by Robert Redford
Baseball Love quotes by Jacques Barzun
#19. Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game and do it by watching first some high-school or small-town teams #Quote by Jacques Barzun
Baseball Love quotes by Bryce Harper
#20. I don't wish that I was playing football. I love baseball, and the way I play is like it's my last day ever playing it. I do like football, but you've got to respect that it's not like baseball. #Quote by Bryce Harper
Baseball Love quotes by Amy Tan
#21. They know where happiness lies, not in a cave or a country, but in love and the freedom to give and take what has been there all along. #Quote by Amy Tan
Baseball Love quotes by Jacqueline E. Smith
#22. For some reason, the smell brings tears to my eyes. I almost feel like I'm saying goodbye to him, which is ridiculous because I'm seeing him again in just a few hours. It's like saying goodbye to a dream that was never mine in the first place. Love is the worst. #Quote by Jacqueline E. Smith
Baseball Love quotes by Karina Halle
#23. Obsession is not love. #Quote by Karina Halle
Baseball Love quotes by Kristina Rienzi
#24. There's no right or wrong when it comes to love. #Quote by Kristina Rienzi
Baseball Love quotes by Pierre Abelard
#25. I had wished to find in philosophy and religion a remedy for my disgrace; I searched out an asylum to secure me from love ... duty, reason and decency, which upon other occasions have some power over me, are here useless. The Gospel is a language I do not understand when it opposes my passion ... but when love has once been sincere how difficult it is to determine to love no more! 'Tis a thousand times more easy to renounce the world than love. I hate this deceitful, faithless world; I think no more of it ... #Quote by Pierre Abelard
Baseball Love quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#26. He had a come-and-get-me-baby-I'm-pure-trouble-and-you're-gonna-love-it kind of attitude. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Baseball Love quotes by Kandi Steiner
#27. You really are a pain in the ass," he laughs. I swat him playfully, laughing too as a single tear rolls down my cheek. He wipes it away and tucks my hair behind my ear, "But you're my pain in the ass. #Quote by Kandi Steiner
Baseball Love quotes by Douglas Coupland
#28. Now: I am an affectionate man but I have much trouble showing it.

When I was younger I used to worry so much about being alone - of being unlovable or incapable of love. As the years went on, my worries changed. I worried that I had become incapable of having a relationship, of offering intimacy. I felt as though the world lived inside a warm house at night and I was outside, and I couldn't be seen - because I was out there in the night. But now I am inside that house and it feels just the same.

Being alone here now, all of my old fears are erupting - the fears I thought I had buried forever by getting married: fear of loneliness; fear that being in and out of love too many times itself makes you harder to love; fear that I would never experience real love; fear that someone would fall in love with me, get extremely close, learn everything about me and then pull the plug; fear that love is only important up until a certain point after which everything is negotiable.

For so many years I lived a life of solitude and I thought life was fine. But I knew that unless I explored intimacy and shared intimacy with someone else then life would never progress beyond a certain point. I remember thinking that unless I knew what was going on inside of someone else's head other than my own I was going to explode. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Baseball Love quotes by Kiersten White
#29. This was not a love he had heard of, this was not a love sung by poets, celebrated in stories. #Quote by Kiersten White
Baseball Love quotes by Cormac McCarthy
#30. Black: I see a different truth. Settin right across the table from me.
White: Which is?
Black: That you must love your brother or die. #Quote by Cormac McCarthy
Baseball Love quotes by Frederick Lenz
#31. If you are unhappy - be that way in your bedroom - but whenever you come out into the world, in real selfless giving we push all of that aside and we smile, love and give to others. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Baseball Love quotes by B.N. Toler
#32. DESPERATELY SEEKING EPIC You're my father. I don't know much about you. I know your name is Paul James, you're a thrill seeker, and once upon a time you did stunts and people called you 'Epic.' I've been told you don't know about me. That it's complicated. But for me it's simple. Here's the thing: I'm twelve years old . . . and I'm dying. And as much as this could crush my mother, I have to meet you before I go. In time, I'm sure she'll understand. She's still in love with you. So, Epic, if you read this, please come back. You don't have to be my dad. You don't even have to tell me you love me or you're sorry. Just come see me. #Quote by B.N. Toler
Baseball Love quotes by Tom Stoppard
#33. GUIL: It [Hamlet's madness] really boils down to symptoms. Pregnant replies, mystic allusions, mistaken identities, arguing his father is his mother, that sort of thing; intimations of suicide, forgoing of exercise, loss of mirth, hints of claustrophobia not to say delusions of imprisonment; invocations of camels, chameleons, capons, whales, weasels, hawks, handsaws
riddles, quibbles and evasions; amnesia, paranoia, myopia; day-dreaming, hallucinations; stabbing his elders, abusing his parents, insulting his lover, and appearing hatless in public
knock-kneed, droop-stockinged and sighing like a love-sick schoolboy, which at his age is coming on a bit strong.
ROS: And talking to himself.
GUIL: And talking to himself. #Quote by Tom Stoppard
Baseball Love quotes by Eric Jerome Dickey
#34. Physical attraction was about aesthetics, not sexual performance, not mental stimulation. Without a mental connection, a remarkable sexual performance yielded no lifelong guarantees. It was only lust. And lust was not love. #Quote by Eric Jerome Dickey
Baseball Love quotes by Shoko Hidaka
#35. I'm just sick of being tossed around. He'll forget every word he said to me once he gets married. Before long, an heir will be born and he'll no longer remember the promise he made to me. Just like the former master forgot. It never worked out with anyone. I became intimate with some people. But they never lasted long ... #Quote by Shoko Hidaka
Baseball Love quotes by Whitney Barbetti
#36. Love, the emotion that should elicit healing, was in fact the most painful emotion of them all. It crept in when you didn't want it. Made itself at home, terrorizing your hormones with confusion. It made you more susceptible to pain, it weakened your resolve while simultaneously making you frantic with need. And it hurt. Not just mentally, but physically. #Quote by Whitney Barbetti
Baseball Love quotes by Anna Olson
#37. Baking may be regarded as a science, but it's the chemistry between the ingredients and the cook that gives desserts life. Baking is done out of love, to share with family and friends, to see them smile. #Quote by Anna Olson
Baseball Love quotes by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
#38. With the lightness of being above the clouds gently wrapped in wings of love. #Quote by Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Baseball Love quotes by Lailah Gifty Akita
#39. Love keeps heart warm. #Quote by Lailah Gifty Akita
Baseball Love quotes by Georgette Heyer
#40. It was strange how the dullest party could be enjoyed because there was one person present whose eyes could be met for the fraction of a second, in wordless appreciation of a joke unshared by others: almost as strange as the insipidity of parties at which that person was not present. #Quote by Georgette Heyer
Baseball Love quotes by Daniel Marques
#41. Fighting a dragon without a shield or a sword. That is what losing the one we love means. #Quote by Daniel Marques
Baseball Love quotes by Richelle Mead
#42. But all I could see was her. No skill of mine, no artist anywhere, could've immortalized how gorgeous she was. It was impossible to believe she'd ever had any doubts about her body. The firelight shone on her skin, golden and perfect, making her look like some radiant goddess of legend. I wanted to kneel before her and offer eternal obedience. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Baseball Love quotes by Amy Winehouse
#43. The jazz I love is sweet and pure with raw elements, which is exactly what the good hip-hop is doing now. #Quote by Amy Winehouse
Baseball Love quotes by Ian McEwan
#44. But what really happened? The answer is simple: the lovers survive and flourish. #Quote by Ian McEwan
Baseball Love quotes by John Tarrant
#45. Attention is the most basic form of love; through it we bless and are blessed #Quote by John Tarrant
Baseball Love quotes by Mark Deklin
#46. That same intense, overpowering, and all-encompassing love that you feel for your family can also be utterly terrifying. #Quote by Mark Deklin
Baseball Love quotes by Daria Werbowy
#47. I am not a big facial person. But I do love a body scrub. #Quote by Daria Werbowy
Baseball Love quotes by Thomas Brooks
#48. The only ground of God's love is his love. #Quote by Thomas Brooks
Baseball Love quotes by Criss Jami
#49. Tell me that the purpose of life is to have fun, and without a care in the world I'll begin wreaking havoc on everything I pass. Now that's what I call pure, honest fun. #Quote by Criss Jami
Baseball Love quotes by Bert McCoy
#50. Stop digging up the past, lay down your shovel, the past is dead. #Quote by Bert McCoy
Baseball Love quotes by Orlando Bloom
#51. I'd love to return to theater. #Quote by Orlando Bloom

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