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Baseball Games quotes by Ernest Kurtz
#1. Baseball teaches that errors are part of the game. #Quote by Ernest Kurtz
Baseball Games quotes by Joaquin Andujar
#2. You can sum up the game of baseball in one word: 'You never know.' #Quote by Joaquin Andujar
Baseball Games quotes by Red Ruffing
#3. You saw him standing out there, and you knew you had a pretty damn good chance to win the baseball game. #Quote by Red Ruffing
Baseball Games quotes by Paul Gallico
#4. No game in the world is as tidy and dramatically neat as baseball, with cause and effect, crime and punishment, motive and result, so cleanly defined. #Quote by Paul Gallico
Baseball Games quotes by Joe Morgan
#5. A good base stealer should make the whole infield jumpy. Whether you steal or not, you're changing the rhythm of the game. If the pitcher is concerned about you, he isn't concentrating enough on the batter. #Quote by Joe Morgan
Baseball Games quotes by Thomas A. Edison
#6. Baseball is the greatest of American games. Some say football, but it is my firm belief, and it shall always be, that baseball has no superior. #Quote by Thomas A. Edison
Baseball Games quotes by Donald Hall
#7. Joe DiMaggio batting sometimes gave the impression, the suggestion that the old rules and dimensions of baseball no longer applied to him, and that the game had at last grown unfairly easy. #Quote by Donald Hall
Baseball Games quotes by Roger Clemens
#8. I had to will my way through that game. Sometimes, it takes more than talent or more than a 95-mile-an-hour fastball. You have to will it. #Quote by Roger Clemens
Baseball Games quotes by John Lee Hooker
#9. I want to play music when I want, write a song if I want or watch a baseball game if I want. #Quote by John Lee Hooker
Baseball Games quotes by W.P. Kinsella
#10. Someone once described the pitching of a no-hit game as like catching lighting in a bottle. #Quote by W.P. Kinsella
Baseball Games quotes by John F. Kennedy
#11. Last year, more Americans went to symphonies than went to baseball games. This may be viewed as an alarming statistic, but I think that both baseball and the country will endure. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Baseball Games quotes by Jennifer Brown
#12. I couldn't make my pencil scratch out the lines of Britni/Brenna's face. Couldn't make it curve into the contours of Dad's guilty eyes
his big secret blown up. Would he marry her? Would they have children together? I couldn't make myself imagine Dad holding some creamy-faced baby, cooing down at it, telling it he loved it. Taking it to baseball games. Living some life he'd probably consider his "real life," the one he deserved rather than the one he got. #Quote by Jennifer Brown
Baseball Games quotes by Babe Ruth
#13. I don't give a damn about any actors. What good will John Barrymore do you with the bases loaded and two down in a tight ball game. Either I get the money (more than Barrymore), or I don't play! #Quote by Babe Ruth
Baseball Games quotes by Roger Kahn
#14. Basketball, hockey and track meets are action heaped upon action, climax upon climax, until the onlooker's responses become deadened. Baseball is for the leisurely afternoons of summer and for the unchanging dreams. #Quote by Roger Kahn
Baseball Games quotes by Lisa Unger
#15. My uncle Max was a mountain, a shooting star, a big bear of a man, a piggyback ride waiting to happen, his pockets full of candy and, later money, or whatever the particular currency of our ages happened to be. He was rock concerts, baseball games, he was yes when my parents were no, he was a consolation for every disappointment. #Quote by Lisa Unger
Baseball Games quotes by Red Smith
#16. Baseball is a dull game only for those with dull minds. #Quote by Red Smith
Baseball Games quotes by John F. Kennedy
#17. We are inclined to think that if we watch a football game or a baseball game, we have taken part in it. #Quote by John F. Kennedy
Baseball Games quotes by David Wright
#18. Baseball is the reason I have my apartment, baseball is the reason I'm on the cover of video game. Baseball is what I do. #Quote by David Wright
Baseball Games quotes by Young Jeezy
#19. Honestly, I'm on the road so much that I never really get a chance to go to baseball games. #Quote by Young Jeezy
Baseball Games quotes by Alice Duer Miller
#20. Men are too emotional to vote. Their conduct at baseball games and political conventions shows this ... #Quote by Alice Duer Miller
Baseball Games quotes by Dan Rather
#21. Now, I know you expected me to say that, well, I just kick back in the rocking chair, fished a little bit, listened to Willie Nelson tapes and watched old baseball games on the Classic Sports network. And, tell you the truth, I have done that for maybe about five total minutes. #Quote by Dan Rather
Baseball Games quotes by Charles Bukowski
#22. To ask them to legalize pot is something like asking them to put butter on the handcuffs before they place them on you, something else is hurting you - that's why you need pot or whiskey, or whips and rubber suits, or screaming music turned so fucking loud you can't think, or madhouses or mechanical cunts or 162 baseball games in a season. or vietnam or israel or the fear of spiders. your love washing her yellow false teeth in the sink before you screw. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Baseball Games quotes by Michael Chabon
#23. The fundamental truth: a baseball game is nothing but a great slow contraption for getting you to pay attention to the cadence of a summer day. #Quote by Michael Chabon
Baseball Games quotes by Kenneth Turan
#24. Baseball endures at least in part because it is a contemplative sport that delights in nuances. Not a brazen game, eager to sell its thrills cheaply, but rather an understated affair that must be courted if its to be loved. #Quote by Kenneth Turan
Baseball Games quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
#25. One of the things that I noticed in war was how difficult it was for our soldiers, at first, to realize that there are no rules to war. Our men were raised in sports, where a referee runs a football game, or an umpire a baseball game, and so forth. #Quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower
Baseball Games quotes by Tommy John
#26. There are a lot of pitchers in baseball who should celebrate his life and what he did for the game of baseball. #Quote by Tommy John
Baseball Games quotes by Dan Jenkins
#27. Baseball would be a better game if more third basemen got hit in the mouth by line drivers. #Quote by Dan Jenkins
Baseball Games quotes by Juliana Hatfield
#28. I listen to NPR and baseball games when I'm in my car. I mean, exclusively NPR and baseball games, and that's it, as far as the radio. #Quote by Juliana Hatfield
Baseball Games quotes by Earl Weaver
#29. The key to winning baseball games is pitching, fundamentals, and three run homers. #Quote by Earl Weaver
Baseball Games quotes by John Madden
#30. I've got five grandkids. They play baseball, they play football, they play basketball. I go to all the games. You always have that urge to say something when you're watching them. But I've learned to keep it to myself. I've blurted out some things and embarrassed myself. #Quote by John Madden
Baseball Games quotes by Leo Durocher
#31. What are we at the park for except to win? I'd trip my mother. I'd help her up, brusher her off, tell her I'm sorry. But mother don't make it to third. #Quote by Leo Durocher
Baseball Games quotes by Henry A. Kissinger
#32. Baseball is the most intellectual game because most of the action goes on in your head. #Quote by Henry A. Kissinger
Baseball Games quotes by Derek Jeter
#33. Defense usually doesn't make many headlines, but it goes a long way towards winning baseball games. There are a number of ways to make an impact during the course of a game, and playing solid, sound defense is one of them. #Quote by Derek Jeter
Baseball Games quotes by Kate Fagan
#35. And we're not just talking high school students; this practice of hovering often begins before they've learned how to write. Kids used to grow up in a neighborhood-- on the block or in the parks, playing games with other kids. These games had rules, but the kids themselves determined them, flexing their imaginations. Social scientists called these activities -- capture the flag, bike races, pickup baseball games -- "free play, " and it's been steadily decreasing since the 1950s. Scientists have also noted a correlation between the decreasing amount of childhood free play - any play not directed by adults - and the increasing rates of anxiety and depression among kids. As free play decreases, anxiety increases. #Quote by Kate Fagan
Baseball Games quotes by Kevin James
#36. As American as an apple is and as American as baseball is, they don't go together. You can't be chewing an apple at a baseball game. You've got to let go of the diet that day. #Quote by Kevin James
Baseball Games quotes by Bernie Sanders
#37. Politics in a democratic society should not be treated like a baseball game, a game show or a soap opera. The times are too serious for that. #Quote by Bernie Sanders
Baseball Games quotes by Daron Malakian
#38. I don't get it when people complain that baseball games are too long. #Quote by Daron Malakian
Baseball Games quotes by Vida Blue
#39. It's a weird scene. You win a few baseball games and all of a sudden you're surrounded by reporters and TV men with cameras asking you about Vietnam and race relations. #Quote by Vida Blue
Baseball Games quotes by Ernie Harwell
#40. Wheaties was the big sponsor in those days (1940s). They sponsored almost all the baseball games in the majors and the minors. That was a lot of Wheaties. I think there were twenty-four boxes in a case and some of these guys were hitting twenty-five and thirty home runs a season. We had a dog in those days named Blue Grass and the players used to give us their Wheaties for him. Blue Grass loved Wheaties and so did I. #Quote by Ernie Harwell
Baseball Games quotes by Jerry Reinsdorf
#41. Basketball is a game. Baseball is a religion. Baseball is American. #Quote by Jerry Reinsdorf
Baseball Games quotes by Willie Geist
#42. There's a lot to be said for going to baseball games for a living. #Quote by Willie Geist
Baseball Games quotes by Jennifer L. Holm
#43. My idea of Heaven has nothing to do with fluffy clouds or angels. In my Heaven there's butter pecan ice cream and swimming pools and baseball games. The Brooklyn Dodgers always win, and I have the best seat in the house, right behind the Dodger's dugout. That's the only advantage that I can see about being dead: You get the best seat in the house. #Quote by Jennifer L. Holm
Baseball Games quotes by Will Rogers
#44. Baseball is a skilled game. It's America's game - it, and high taxes. #Quote by Will Rogers
Baseball Games quotes by Roger Angell
#45. What really makes baseball so hard is it's retributive capacity for disaster if the smallest thing is done wrong, and the invisible presence of defeat that attends every game. #Quote by Roger Angell
Baseball Games quotes by Thomas Sowell
#46. Like a baseball game, wars are not over till they are over. Wars don't run on a clock like football. No previous generation was so hopelessly unrealistic that this had to be explained to them. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Baseball Games quotes by Chris Rock
#47. You'd got a baseball game, or a football game, basketball game, "USA! USA! USA!" Hey, calm down! Got a little German on it, don't you think? #Quote by Chris Rock
Baseball Games quotes by Orel Hershiser
#48. The game shouldn't be called baseball. It should be called adjustments. #Quote by Orel Hershiser
Baseball Games quotes by John Madden
#50. Baseball has better opening days and All-Star Games than the N.F.L. does. Ours stink. #Quote by John Madden
Baseball Games quotes by Thomas Boswell
#51. More than any other American sport, baseball creates the magnetic, addictive illusion that it can almost be understood. #Quote by Thomas Boswell
Baseball Games quotes by Don Mattingly
#52. Baseball's still a game. I don't want it to be work. I want it to be a game. #Quote by Don Mattingly
Baseball Games quotes by R.C. Sproul
#53. It certainly takes grace to able to find joy in our hearts when people are experiencing joy over a gain that is, in some way, our loss. This involves more than just baseball games. It involves countless things that touch our daily lives. But God enables us as Christians to look at things not just from our own selfish perspectives but from the perspectives of others. #Quote by R.C. Sproul
Baseball Games quotes by Herbert Hoover
#54. Somebody has inquired as to whether I will be going to the opening baseball game. I hope to have that pleasure. #Quote by Herbert Hoover
Baseball Games quotes by Johnny Damon
#55. People need to look at baseball like it has been sent from the heavens, and respect the game. #Quote by Johnny Damon
Baseball Games quotes by Bengie Molina
#56. We [ me and brother] wanted to win at things like basketball games or baseball games, but off the field we never felt like we had to compete with each other. #Quote by Bengie Molina
Baseball Games quotes by Judith Viorst
#57. READ! Books can be as delicious as hot-fudge sundaes, as funny as clowns, as exciting as a baseball game that's tied in the 9th inning, and as beautiful as the best sunset you ever saw. #Quote by Judith Viorst
Baseball Games quotes by Ann Patchett
#58. It would be incorrect in every sense to say that so near the end of his life he had lost his faith, when in fact
God seemed more abundant to him in the Regina Cleri home than any place he had been before. God was in the folds of his bathrobe, the ache of his knees. God saturated the hallways in the form of a pale electrical light. But now that his heart had become so shiftless and unreliable, now that he should be sensing the afterlife like a sweet scent drifting in from the garden, he had started to wonder if there was in fact no afterlife at all. Look at all these true believers who wanted only to live, look at himself, cling onto this life like a squirrel scrambling up the icy pitch of a roof. In suggesting that there may be nothing ahead of them, he in no way meant to diminish the future; instead, Father Sullivan hoped to elevate the present to a state of the divine. It seemed from this moment of repose that God may well have been life itself. God may have been the baseball games, the beautiful cigarette he smoked alone after checking to see that all the bats had been put back behind the closet door. God could have been the masses in which he had told people how best to prepare for the glorious life everlasting, the one they couldn't see as opposed to the one they were living at that exact moment in the pews of the church hall, washed over in stained glass light. How wrongheaded it seemed now to think that the thrill of heartbeat and breath were just a stepping ston #Quote by Ann Patchett
Baseball Games quotes by Mardy Grothe
#59. Turning seventy is like beginning the eighth inning of a baseball game. The contest is nearing completion, but there's likely to be some action, and even a few exciting plays, before the game draws to an end. #Quote by Mardy Grothe
Baseball Games quotes by Carl Crawford
#60. My friends like to play as me in the baseball games, and they call to tell me about every bag I steal. And you know, every time a new game comes out, I check to make sure my speed is up to par. But to me, when you talk video games, you're talking 'Madden.' #Quote by Carl Crawford
Baseball Games quotes by Bill Veeck
#61. This is a game to be savored, not gulped. There's time to discuss everything between pitches or between innings. #Quote by Bill Veeck
Baseball Games quotes by Cal Ripken, Sr.
#62. The game of baseball is made up of many little things. If we do all the little things right, then we'll never have a big thing to worry about #Quote by Cal Ripken, Sr.
Baseball Games quotes by Yogi Berra
#63. The game isn't over till it's over. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Baseball Games quotes by Pete Hamill
#64. More than anything, it's a game of innocence. Politicians may come and go, but they always get booed at the ballpark. #Quote by Pete Hamill
Baseball Games quotes by Calvin Coolidge
#65. Baseball is our national game. #Quote by Calvin Coolidge
Baseball Games quotes by Pedro Martinez
#66. Baseball is a game of the soul. #Quote by Pedro Martinez
Baseball Games quotes by Michael Lewis
#67. Some coaches believed they could judge a player's performance simply by watching it. In this they were deeply mistaken. The naked eye was an inadequate tool for learning what you needed to know to evaluate baseball players and baseball games. Think about it. One absolutely cannot tell, by watching, the difference between a .300 hitter and a .275 hitter. The difference is one hit every two weeks. The difference between a good hitter and an average hitter is simply not visible-it is a matter of record #Quote by Michael Lewis
Baseball Games quotes by Joe Torre
#68. Baseball is a game of life. It's not perfect, but it feels like it is, #Quote by Joe Torre
Baseball Games quotes by Rod Kanehl
#69. Baseball is a lot like life. The line drives are caught, the squibbles go for base hits. It's an unfair game. #Quote by Rod Kanehl
Baseball Games quotes by Charles Krauthammer
#70. Baseball is a slow, boring, complex, cerebral game that doesn't lend itself to histrionics. You 'take in' a baseball game, something odd to say about a football or basketball game, with the clock running and the bodies flying. #Quote by Charles Krauthammer
Baseball Games quotes by Eric Byrnes
#71. When I get on the field, it's just going to be another game, You get out there and it's just baseball. #Quote by Eric Byrnes
Baseball Games quotes by Yogi Berra
#72. I can see how he (Sandy Koufax) won twenty-five games. What I don't understand is how he lost five. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Baseball Games quotes by Johnny Vander Meer
#73. I have always been a firm believer that the game has never belonged to the owners. It has never belonged to the ballplayers. It belongs to the guy who puts his money up on the window and says, 'How much does it cost to sit in the bleachers?' That is who owns baseball. And it has got to be kept that way. #Quote by Johnny Vander Meer
Baseball Games quotes by Joe Queenan
#74. Purists maintain that if you go to a baseball game you will almost always see something you have never seen before. Unfortunately, it usually takes place in the stands. #Quote by Joe Queenan
Baseball Games quotes by Robert Benchley
#75. England and America should scrap cricket and baseball and come up with a new game that they both can play. Like baseball, for example. #Quote by Robert Benchley
Baseball Games quotes by Anthony Bourdain
#76. It's as if Japanese men, all to aware that deep inside they'd like to stomp Tokyo flat, breathe fire, and do truly terrible and disgusting things to women, have built themselves the most beautiful of prisons for their rampaging ids. Instead of indulging their fantasies, they focus on food, or landscaping, or the perfect cup of tea
or a single slab of o-toro tuna
letting themselves go only at baseball games and office parties. #Quote by Anthony Bourdain
Baseball Games quotes by Chase Utley
#77. I've always been taught to play the game hard. Baseball is such a tough game, it really humbles you at times, you just have to try not to get too high or too low. #Quote by Chase Utley
Baseball Games quotes by Cleo Moore
#78. Tell me the truth - do you think I've lost my Southern accent? I feel it comes back to me only when I'm shouting at fights or at baseball games. #Quote by Cleo Moore
Baseball Games quotes by Yogi Berra
#79. Ninety percent of the game (baseball) is half mental. #Quote by Yogi Berra
Baseball Games quotes by Satchel Paige
#80. The Crawfords played everywhere, in every ballpark. And we won, won like we invented the game. #Quote by Satchel Paige
Baseball Games quotes by Joe Torre
#81. The game itself is an autonomous game, but everybody is a part of it. No contribution is too small. #Quote by Joe Torre
Baseball Games quotes by James Siegel
#82. Are there rules about betting on baseball games? Yeah
you have to stay away from the Padres. #Quote by James Siegel
Baseball Games quotes by Daniel Hudson
#83. To get the adrenaline going before the game for a big league baseball game was pretty special. #Quote by Daniel Hudson
Baseball Games quotes by Richard M. Nixon
#84. I've never left a game before it ended. You never know when there could be a big turnaround in the game. #Quote by Richard M. Nixon
Baseball Games quotes by Mark Teixeira
#85. Baseball can be a game of peaks and valleys. Mentally, I want to stay away from the ups and downs and just maintain a level approach. #Quote by Mark Teixeira
Baseball Games quotes by Alex Gibney
#86. When I was a kid, I played sports a lot. My mom and dad were divorced, but I hung out in the neighborhood a lot, and it was all about sports. I would be out all day on the sand lot or on the hockey rink. My dad would take me to baseball games, but he worked so hard, and he would always fall asleep. #Quote by Alex Gibney
Baseball Games quotes by Ryan Reynolds
#87. Even if my father wasn't speaking to me, he would never, ever miss a baseball game. #Quote by Ryan Reynolds
Baseball Games quotes by Don Larsen
#88. I'll never forget the catch he made to save the game. #Quote by Don Larsen
Baseball Games quotes by Alfonso Ribeiro
#89. One of my fun road trips was [when] a group of guys and I rented a tour bus and we started in Orlando and drove all the way around the country going to baseball games. That was an awesome trip because each night we would go to a new baseball stadium, watch a baseball game, get in the bus, wake up [in] the next city, go to another baseball game. We did this for a little while and it was great. We called that trip the Rats on the Bus and it was a fun trip. #Quote by Alfonso Ribeiro
Baseball Games quotes by Mike Pesca
#90. The great appeal of baseball, among the great appeals, it's a game without time. It is a pastoral game that is separated from time. #Quote by Mike Pesca
Baseball Games quotes by Yogi Berra
#91. As a general comment on baseball:"90% of the game is half mental." #Quote by Yogi Berra
Baseball Games quotes by Jerry Seinfeld
#92. Taking in a baseball game on TV is also a big treat. #Quote by Jerry Seinfeld
Baseball Games quotes by George Brett
#93. Every time I sit with our general manager at a baseball game, and there's number-cruncher and statistician guy - I'm sitting around - they start talking about stuff, and I say, 'What's that? I've never heard of that one before.' #Quote by George Brett
Baseball Games quotes by Nolan Ryan
#94. I can honestly say it took two full years for me to get over the fact that I was no longer a baseball player. #Quote by Nolan Ryan
Baseball Games quotes by Yoseob
#95. I'm probably the worst at games. I don't really like computer games either. And when I lose, I won't go again but just say I don't want to play anymore. #Quote by Yoseob
Baseball Games quotes by Harold Monro
#96. Cupid has offered his arrows for Jesus to try;He has offered his bow for the game.But Jesus went weeping away, and left him there wondering why. #Quote by Harold Monro
Baseball Games quotes by Allen Covert
#97. As a parent with young children, I would always find little things that bothered me when I was reading bedtime stories or watching shows or listening to children's music. I couldn't find any stories, games or television shows that were fun and exciting while also being morally instructive and patriotic. #Quote by Allen Covert
Baseball Games quotes by Noelle Stevenson
#98. Well, what is there to do around here, anyway?"

"Well, here we have World Domination; it builds strategy skills - you can play as a dog, a boot, or a trebuchet."
Bewilder builds language and observation skills..."

"I said I wanted to play VIDEO games."

"Video games are a waste of time."

"And board games AREN'T?
Why do you even have these? No one lives here but you!"

"I used to have some henchmen. Game night was a big hit."

"Henchmen? What happened to them?"

"I can't work with mercenaries. It's impossible to build trust when they only care about their paychecks. "

"Oooh. Let me guess. The Institution paid them off?"

"I don't want to talk about it. #Quote by Noelle Stevenson
Baseball Games quotes by Peter Kauzer
#99. This year I spent two months in Australia, and I did all the training camps in London. It was a really hard winter because I want to give the best performance of my career at the Olympic Games! That is the only title I'm missing and I will do my best to take it! #Quote by Peter Kauzer
Baseball Games quotes by Ernest Cline
#100. If I was feeling depressed or frustrated about my lot in life, all I had to do was tap the Player One button, and my worries would instantly slip away as my mind focused itself on the relentless pixelated onslaught on the screen in front of me. There, inside the game's two-dimensional universe, life was simple: It's just you against the machine. Move with your left hand, shoot with your right, and try to stay alive as long as possible. #Quote by Ernest Cline
Baseball Games quotes by Nellie Fox
#101. All small men, all non-power hitters, must learn to bunt well. It's half your game. #Quote by Nellie Fox
Baseball Games quotes by Dylan O'Brien
#102. I love baseball - 'Moneyball' was my favorite book when I was 13. #Quote by Dylan O'Brien
Baseball Games quotes by Kanye West
#103. And wouldn't change by the change, or the game, or the fame, when he came, in the game, he made his own name #Quote by Kanye West
Baseball Games quotes by Richard G. Scott
#104. Don't yield to Satan's lie that you don't have time to study the scriptures. Choose to take time to study them. Feasting on the word of God each day is more important than sleep, school, work, television shows, video games, or social media. You may need to reorganize your priorities to provide time for the study of the word of God. If so, do it! #Quote by Richard G. Scott
Baseball Games quotes by Peter Turchi
#105. The books [and games] that give us the most pleasure combine uncertainty and satisfaction, tension and release. #Quote by Peter Turchi
Baseball Games quotes by Jason Flemyng
#106. When I was 17 me and my friend had mopeds. We used to play a game where we would close our eyes and drive while counting to the highest number we could. Once I got to eight, and that was pretty much the most stupid thing I've ever done in my life. I ended up on the other side of the road. #Quote by Jason Flemyng
Baseball Games quotes by Woody Hayes
#107. I love football. I think it is most wonderful game in world and I despise to lose. #Quote by Woody Hayes
Baseball Games quotes by Albert Speer
#108. He was highly annoyed by the series of triumphs by the marvelous colored American runner, Jesse Owens. People whose antecedents came from the jungle were primitive, Hitler said with a shrug; their physiques were stronger than those of civilized whites and hence should be excluded from future games. #Quote by Albert Speer
Baseball Games quotes by Logan Mankins
#109. You don't have time to dwell on what is going on in the games. #Quote by Logan Mankins
Baseball Games quotes by Richard Corliss
#110. Fess up, 'Hunger Games' fans: Does anyone care about Peeta or find him attractive? He's the Ron Weasley of the series: he gets points for callow valor and sympathy for his run of bad luck, but he remains a pasty, earnest bore. #Quote by Richard Corliss
Baseball Games quotes by Michael Chang
#111. I think the French Open, in many ways, brought out a certain characteristic in me and in my game that was already there. Just the circumstances allowed for it to be able to show. #Quote by Michael Chang
Baseball Games quotes by Adolph Rupp
#112. He who controlleth the backboard, controlleth the game. #Quote by Adolph Rupp
Baseball Games quotes by Naomi Klein
#113. The theory of economic shock therapy relies in part on the roleof expectations on feeding an inflationary process. Reining in inflation requires not only changing monetary policy but also changing the behavior of consumers, employers and workers. The role of a sudden, jarring policy shift is that it quickly alters expectations, signaling to the public that the rules of the game have changed dramatically - prices will not keep rising, nor will wages. #Quote by Naomi Klein
Baseball Games quotes by Douglas Coupland
#114. Las Vegas is a SimCity game gone horribly wrong. #Quote by Douglas Coupland
Baseball Games quotes by Tupac Shakur
#115. To me, I feel that my game is strong. I feel as thought I'm a shining prince, just like Malcolm, and I feel that all of us are shining princes, and if we live like princes, then whatever we want can be ours. Anything. #Quote by Tupac Shakur
Baseball Games quotes by Carl Pohlad
#116. I never get nervous. Baseball consists of two things: hitting and pitching, and we've got both. #Quote by Carl Pohlad
Baseball Games quotes by Darren McFadden
#117. I'd rather miss one or two games than to come back and pop it and miss four or five. #Quote by Darren McFadden
Baseball Games quotes by Timothy Pina
#118. Bullies want to isolate you, so they can torment you & then make you feel bad about yourself when you want to tell someone. Don't listen to their head games. When you're sick you always tell someone. So if bullies make you feel bad and sick, tell somebody too!
Bullying Ben #Quote by Timothy Pina
Baseball Games quotes by Amanda Mosher
#119. Love shouldn't feel like the Hunger Games. There should not be a constant struggle for survival. #Quote by Amanda Mosher
Baseball Games quotes by Garry Kasparov
#120. There are fixed rules in chess, and no one knows how the game will end. #Quote by Garry Kasparov
Baseball Games quotes by Danny Baker
#121. International friendly games are not worth the lives of the silk worms who perish to make the pennants. They do not even have the philanthropic excuse that softens the otherwise unendurable tedium of testimonial matches. Quite simply, they are rotten games staged to pick the public's pocket, tiresome red tape left over from an era when nations and players were still insular and therefore curious about each other's potential. #Quote by Danny Baker
Baseball Games quotes by Jane McGonigal
#122. When you strip away the genre differences and the technological complexities, all games share four defining traits: a goal, rules, a feedback system, and voluntary participation.' page 21 #Quote by Jane McGonigal
Baseball Games quotes by Alfie Kohn
#123. Good tennis players are those who beat other tennis players, and a good shot during play is one the opponent can't return. But that's not a truth about life or excellence -- it's a truth about tennis. We've created an artificial structure in which one person can't succeed without doing so at someone else's expense, and then we accuse anyone who prefers other kinds of activities of being naive because "there can be only one best -- you're it or you're not," as the teacher who delivered that much-admired you're-not-special commencement speech declared. You see the sleight of hand here? The question isn't whether everyone playing a competitive game can win or whether every student can be above average. Of course they can't. The question that we're discouraged from asking is why our games are competitive -- or our students are compulsively ranked against one another -- in the first place. #Quote by Alfie Kohn
Baseball Games quotes by Al Michaels
#124. I did the 1972 Sapporo Games, and I was also the Reds announcer and was folded into the NBC coverage for the 1972 World Series. I also did the 1979 World Series for ABC. #Quote by Al Michaels
Baseball Games quotes by Kimora Lee Simmons
#125. No matter where you are in the game, no matter how successful you might be, there will always be others out there who are more talented or more beautiful or more connected than you. Get used to it! If you start dwelling on everybody else's genius, it'll become a huge wave of doubt. #Quote by Kimora Lee Simmons
Baseball Games quotes by Ricky Ponting
#126. I was disappointed over my dismissal, given that it was at a crucial stage of the game and I had worked very hard to get to that point,. #Quote by Ricky Ponting
Baseball Games quotes by Cory Lidle
#127. You can go up in the air and everything is gone. You know, you don't think about baseball. You don't think about anything. It's just something that takes you away from everyday life. I love being in a plane and looking down to see traffic on the freeway. #Quote by Cory Lidle
Baseball Games quotes by Jill Shalvis
#128. A guy's definition of baseball: you don't have to buy the other team dinner to get game. #Quote by Jill Shalvis
Baseball Games quotes by Robin Hobb
#129. He pleasures his body with drugs and deadens his soul with his savage amusements. Aye, and spreads the disease to those around him, until they take no satisfaction in a contest of skill that draws no blood, until games are only amusing if lives are wagered on the outcome. The very coinage of life becomes debased. Slavery spreads, for if it is accepted to take a man's life for amusement, then how much wiser to take it for profit? #Quote by Robin Hobb
Baseball Games quotes by Bronson Arroyo
#130. Boston fans - and New York fans are the same - it doesn't matter what you do outside of baseball, they don't forgive or forget that you play in pinstripes and they don't care about your interests off the field. #Quote by Bronson Arroyo
Baseball Games quotes by Mickey Mantle
#131. I'll play baseball for the Army or fight for it, whatever they want me to do. #Quote by Mickey Mantle

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