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Baseball Coach quotes by Terry Francona
#1. In Boston I got to a point where I thought I was putting out fires more than being a baseball coach. And some of it was my fault. I was getting stubborn. My fuse was a little shorter than it needed to be. And that helps nobody. #Quote by Terry Francona
Baseball Coach quotes by Leo Durocher
#2. What are we at the park for except to win? I'd trip my mother. I'd help her up, brusher her off, tell her I'm sorry. But mother don't make it to third. #Quote by Leo Durocher
Baseball Coach quotes by Brian McDermott
#4. You do have demons throughout the week; every coach does. #Quote by Brian McDermott
Baseball Coach quotes by Jay Mohr
#5. Why are baseball managers the only coaches who dress up like the players? #Quote by Jay Mohr
Baseball Coach quotes by Donald Hall
#6. For most baseball fans, maybe oldest is always best. We love baseball because it seizes and retains the past, like the snowy village inside a glass paperweight. #Quote by Donald Hall
Baseball Coach quotes by Tucker Elliot
#7. Only 12 managers have lasted more than three years with the Indians, and only three of those who did last longer than three years managed to do so without a winning record. The Indians have made strides in many areas the last three years and the shifts and changes amongst the coaching staff resulted in a highly respected group that was anxious and ready to guide the Tribe back to the postseason, but unfortunately it never materialized. Turns out the three-year threshold is a pretty solid limit for how patient an organization is when it comes to managers, and the gains made in 2011 were completely lost and then some in 2012. Acta's tenure with the club came to an end with six games left on the 2012 schedule. He ranks 13th in franchise history for games managed, but any optimisim regarding the Tribe in 2013 will rest squarely with new hire Terry Francona. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Baseball Coach quotes by Tommy John
#8. There are a lot of pitchers in baseball who should celebrate his life and what he did for the game of baseball. #Quote by Tommy John
Baseball Coach quotes by Pedro Martinez
#9. Before, if I wasn't in baseball, I wanted to become a doctor. #Quote by Pedro Martinez
Baseball Coach quotes by Red Auerbach
#10. If I'm going to coach the players, I want some say on who they're going to be. #Quote by Red Auerbach
Baseball Coach quotes by Jane Leavy
#11. In the glory days of Orioles, when I was a newbie baseball writer for the Post, the roster of talkers was as good as the everyday lineup. Singy - Ken Singleton - Flanny, and Cakes - the underwear spokesman Jim Palmer - were my go-to guys, occupying stalls along one wall of the shabby chic clubhouse. #Quote by Jane Leavy
Baseball Coach quotes by Rogers Hornsby
#12. People ask me what I do in winter when there's no baseball. I'll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring. #Quote by Rogers Hornsby
Baseball Coach quotes by Pat Riley
#13. When you're playing against a stacked deck, compete even harder. #Quote by Pat Riley
Baseball Coach quotes by Dave Winfield
#14. There are a lot of people who influenced me, nurtured me, helped me along the way. But I can just recall looking back, the first time I got my baseball glove. Put it on the wrong hand, all those kind of things. #Quote by Dave Winfield
Baseball Coach quotes by Neil Hayes
#15. De La Salle hung on for the 28-21 victory. Afterward, Ladouceur stood before his exhausted team. It was by far the biggest victory in school history at the time, but the coach noticed that several of his players wore masks of disappointment.

"It's OK to feel disappointed if you didn't play your absolute best," he told them. "That's what we're all about. #Quote by Neil Hayes
Baseball Coach quotes by Jerry Coleman
#16. Last night's homer was Stargell's 399th career home run, leaving him one shy of 500. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Baseball Coach quotes by Tim Kurkjian
#17. Infielder Craig Counsell played parts of sixteen years in the major leagues despite looking like a librarian, #Quote by Tim Kurkjian
Baseball Coach quotes by Yogi Berra
#18. How can a you hit and think at the same time? #Quote by Yogi Berra
Baseball Coach quotes by Jim Burson
#19. Love the game. Love the players. Love to be in the gym. Love to coach. Love to teach. #Quote by Jim Burson
Baseball Coach quotes by Calvin Johnson
#20. I was a baseball guy. Mom wouldn't let me play football when I was little because she was scared I'd get hurt. So, I finally convinced her to let me play in 7th grade. #Quote by Calvin Johnson
Baseball Coach quotes by Kerrelyn Sparks
#21. Jean-Luc glanced at the coach. "Who is that man? What is that machine?"
"It's a dunking booth."
"Ah, I understand." Jean-Luc nodded. "If he dose not drown, then he is a witch"
"No, he's just a creep. It's a game. #Quote by Kerrelyn Sparks
Baseball Coach quotes by George Foreman
#22. I got a strength coach. My wife. She gets big chains, and at night she puts them around the refrigerator. They are so strong, I can't break them. #Quote by George Foreman
Baseball Coach quotes by W.P. Kinsella
#23. The crack of the bat, the sound of baseballs thumping into gloves, the infield chatter are like birdsong to the baseball starved. #Quote by W.P. Kinsella
Baseball Coach quotes by Suzanne Collins
#24. As miserable as Gregor felt about being dumped with a rat, his heart ached for Vikus. He wanted to scream at Luxa, "Say something! Don't let your granpa fly off like this! Four of us aren't coming back!" But the words caught in his throat. Part of him wasn't ready to forgive Vikus for abandoning them, either.
"Fly you high, Gregor the Overlander," said Vikus.
Gregor struggled with how to respond. Should he ignore Vikus? Let him know that none of them, not even an Overlander, could forgive him? Just as he had steeled himself against replying, Gregor thought of the last two years, seven months, and was it fifteen days now? There were so many things he wished he'd said to his dad when he'd had the chance. Things like how special it was when they went on the roof at night and tried to find the stars. Or how much he loved it when they took the subway out to the stadium to watch a baseball game. Or just that he felt lucky that out of all the people in the world, his dad was his dad.
He didn't have room inside him for any more unspoken words. The bats were rising into the air. He only had a second. "Fly you high, Vikus!" he yelled. "Fly you high!"
Vikus turned back, and Gregor could see tears shining on his cheeks. He lifted up a hand to Gregor in thanks.
And then they were gone. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Baseball Coach quotes by Joan Bauer
#25. You don't understand the power of loss when it first hits you like a baseball coming fast from an out-of-control pitcher....It's the third day after an injury when the pain really starts to throb. #Quote by Joan Bauer
Baseball Coach quotes by Earl Weaver
#26. If you know how to cheat, start now. #Quote by Earl Weaver
Baseball Coach quotes by Magnus Carlsen
#27. One of the things that first attracted me to chess is that it brings you into contact with intelligent, civilized people - men of the stature of Garry Kasparov, the former world champion, who was my part-time coach. #Quote by Magnus Carlsen
Baseball Coach quotes by Dan O'Brien
#28. I was a good decathlete until I got with a coach that really knew how to train specifically for the event ... I'd really describe it as like being a juggler; you have ten balls and you're trying to get them all in the air at the same time. #Quote by Dan O'Brien
Baseball Coach quotes by Jim Carroll
#29. It always puzzled Billy that so many of his most fond and formative memories took place in winter. The fact was that he never liked this season, except as a young child when falling white flakes were magical, and the sun on the snow-covered baseball fields in the park was the color of light through quartz. #Quote by Jim Carroll
Baseball Coach quotes by Dauglas Dauglas
#30. Nobody would be riding a racist Wilhelmina golden coach today in The Hague if the Dutch hadn't swept unpleasant aspects of their history under the rug. #Quote by Dauglas Dauglas
Baseball Coach quotes by Stan Coveleski
#31. Lord, baseball is a worrying thing. #Quote by Stan Coveleski
Baseball Coach quotes by Nolan Ryan
#32. Put the right pitching mechanics together with good health, and there's nothing surprising about lasting a long time. #Quote by Nolan Ryan
Baseball Coach quotes by Jerry Coleman
#33. There's a hard shot to LeMaster, he throws Madlock into the dugout. #Quote by Jerry Coleman
Baseball Coach quotes by Vladimir Guerrero
#34. When we are youths in the Dominican, we pick up bats and balls because baseball is part of what we grow up with. The fun feeling you get playing keeps your head up when you encounter difficult times. #Quote by Vladimir Guerrero
Baseball Coach quotes by Sabrina Jeffries
#35. We have to find a way to push them together," Minerva said. "You know perfectly well that if Oliver marries, Gran will forget this ridiculous idea of hers about the rest of us marrying. She just wants him to produce an heir"
Hetty's eyebrows shot high. Her granddaughter had a big surprise coming down the road.
"And you're willing to throw him under the wheels of the coach to save yourself, is that it?" Jarret quipped.
"No!" Her voice softened. "You and I both know he needs someone to drag him out of himself. Or he's just going to get scarier as he gets older." She paused. "Did you tell him about Miss Butterfield's being an heiress?"
That certainly arrested Hetty's attention. She hadn't dreamed that the girl had money.
"Yes, but I fear that might have been a mistake-when I suggested that he marry her for her fortune, he got angry."
Of course he got angry, you fool, Hetty thought with a roll of her eyes. Honestly, did her grandson know nothing about his brother?
"For goodness sake, Jarret, you weren't supposed to suggest that. You were supposed to get him concerned that she might fall prey to fortune hunters."
At least Minerva had a brain.
"Damn," Jarret said. "Then I probably shouldn't have exaggerated the amount."
"Oh, Lord." Minerva sighed. "By how much?"
"I kind of…tripled it."
Minerva released an unladylike oath. "Why did you do that? Now he won't go near her. Haven't you noticed how much he hates talk of marrying #Quote by Sabrina Jeffries
Baseball Coach quotes by Tara Leigh
#36. I offered my most enticing smile, the one I'd been perfecting for years. Sincere and encouraging, it brimmed with counterfeit confidence. My smile had earned me forgiveness when I deserved none, a seat in first class though I'd only paid for coach. #Quote by Tara Leigh
Baseball Coach quotes by Timi Nadela
#37. Coach your customers in the area of your expertise #Quote by Timi Nadela
Baseball Coach quotes by Usain Bolt
#38. I was playing cricket first and my cricket coach was the one that introduced me to track and field. #Quote by Usain Bolt
Baseball Coach quotes by Dolph Schayes
#39. Once people couldn't trust the college game, some checked out the pro game, but that was in big trouble, too. We had no clock and a lot of faults. People looked at the slow pace and at big guys like George Mikan and said pro basketball was just for overgrown pituitary cases. Baseball and football were numbers one and two and pro basketball wasn't even in the same universe. #Quote by Dolph Schayes
Baseball Coach quotes by Jennie Finch
#40. Dad was the pitching coach, while Mom was the emotional supporter. Her unconditional love was great, and she wanted what was best for me. #Quote by Jennie Finch
Baseball Coach quotes by John Krasinski
#41. There's a large oak tree in the Newton Centre park playground that is legendary because only a few humans have hit it with a baseball from home plate, and B.J. Novak is among them. And I was there that day. #Quote by John Krasinski
Baseball Coach quotes by Charlie Gehringer
#42. Us ballplayers do things backward. First we play, then we retire and go to work. #Quote by Charlie Gehringer
Baseball Coach quotes by Dwight L. Moody
#43. I believe the religion of Christ covers the whole man. Why shouldn't a man play baseball or lawn-tennis? ... Don't imagine that you have got to go into a cave to be consecrated, and stay there all your life. Whatever you take up, take it up with all your heart. #Quote by Dwight L. Moody
Baseball Coach quotes by Merlin Olsen
#44. The basketball coach cut me within two days, so I was back in the pool. I was the first one in the wall after the first 25 yards, but the last one out because I didn't have a flip turn. #Quote by Merlin Olsen
Baseball Coach quotes by Sharon Law Tucker
#45. Don't be limited by your limitations. #Quote by Sharon Law Tucker
Baseball Coach quotes by Samantha Stosur
#46. People think that there is so much money in tennis, but the reality is unless you're ranked in about the top 50 you don't earn much at all. It is hard to support yourself travelling the world, to be away from home most of the year and to pay for a coach to help you become a better player. #Quote by Samantha Stosur
Baseball Coach quotes by Henry Cloud
#47. As a leadership coach, one of the questions I always ask myself is, "Does this leader lead in a way that is compatible with humans?" or some version of that. People are designed to function with energy and use their gifts and talents to work toward fruitful outcomes. They do that from the moment they wake up in the morning until they lie down at night. From making the coffee to making computers, people have what it takes to get it done, if the right ingredients are present and the wrong ones are not. The leader's job is to lead in ways such that people can do what they are best at doing: using their gifts and their brains to get great results. #Quote by Henry Cloud
Baseball Coach quotes by Jeff Garlin
#48. My kids have played soccer and baseball and basketball, and the parents who come to games are always saying and doing things that are just wildly inappropriate. #Quote by Jeff Garlin

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