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Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#1. The venn diagram of boys who don't like smart girls and boys you don't wanna date is a circle. #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by James A. Owen
#2. All the various time travel devices used by Verne and Bert were stored in the repository, Poe explained, including the ones that had never quite worked as they were meant to. There was one that resembled a blue police box from London - "Stolen by a doctor with delusions of grandeur," said Poe - one that was simply a large, transparent sphere - "Created by a scientist with green skin and too much ego," said Verne - and one that was rather ordinary by comparison.
"This one looks like an automobile," John said admiringly, "with wings."
"The doors open that way for a reason," Verne explained, "we just never figured out what it was. The inventor of this particular model tried integrating his designs into a car, an airplane, and even a steam engine train. He was running a crackpot laboratory in the Arizona desert, and he never realized that it was not his inventions themselves, but his proximity to some sort of temporal fluctuation in the local topography, that allowed them to work."
"What happened to him?" asked Jack.
"He'd get the machines up to one hundred and six miles per hour," said Bert, "and then he'd run out of fuel and promptly get arrested by whatever constabulary had been chasing him. The sad part was that Jules figured out if he'd just gone two miles an hour faster, he'd likely have been successful in his attempt. #Quote by James A. Owen
Barnards Green quotes by Vincent Van Gogh
#3. The Mediterranean has the color of mackerel, changeable I mean. You don't always know if it is green or violet, you can't even say it's blue, because the next moment the changing reflection has taken on a tint of rose or gray. #Quote by Vincent Van Gogh
Barnards Green quotes by Jane Green
#4. What he didn't do was control me, or try to mold me into a little wife, some old-fashioned, muted version of who I was. I saw many men do that to many women I knew. They would choose these vibrant, talented, beautiful women, and suck the life and passion and beauty out of them by bullying them into submission. #Quote by Jane Green
Barnards Green quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#5. Every flower about a house certifies to the refinement of somebody. Every vine climbing and blossoming tells of love and joy #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Barnards Green quotes by Julia Fine
#6. Imagine all your life the earth is green and brown and quiet. Your days pass slowly. You celebrate the sun. All magic is of trees and dappled shadows, all mountains peaked eruptions from an old ancestral earth, a ground so sacred there has been no cause to name it. #Quote by Julia Fine
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#7. They looked for all the world like miniaturized rose petals drained of their color. These pale petals were gathering in the wind like flocking birds - thousands of them, like a spring snowstorm. #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by Catherynne M Valente
#8. I think I look a little like a pumpkin," whispered September, secretly delighted. "I'm all green and orange. #Quote by Catherynne M Valente
Barnards Green quotes by Suzanne Brockmann
#9. [describing Aaron, hero's brother] His hair was shorter and lighter, and his eyes were more green than blue. And even though he was tall, he wasn't quite super-sized. He was more sculpted, more ... elegant. more slender and beautiful and less raw-boned. Less Stone Age and more Bronze Age - but till the kind of man who enjoyed living in a cave. #Quote by Suzanne Brockmann
Barnards Green quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#10. It was an innocent enough activity, after all; like looking at the sky, perhaps, when the sun was going down and had made the clouds copper-red, or looking at a herd of fine cattle moving slowly over the land when rains had brought on the sweet green grass. These were pleasures which the soul needed from time to time, and she would wait for Mma Makutsi until she had examined the shoes from all angles. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Barnards Green quotes by Walt Disney Company
#11. On the green lawn, Ben led a choir of students in singing "Be Our Guest" as a way to kick off the event. A student banner read FAMILY DAY! GOODNESS DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER. Some students and their families danced, while others enjoyed plates of every type of delicious food imaginable from various tables and tents. #Quote by Walt Disney Company
Barnards Green quotes by Tom DeLonge
#12. So many artists today will talk about green this or organic that, but you know what? What we are eating, I think, is really doing a lot of bad to us. I'm not sure if I'm the guy to do it right now, because I have to clean up my house too, so to speak, but we've got to start addressing this. Too many people are getting sick today. #Quote by Tom DeLonge
Barnards Green quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#13. While I am opposed to all orthodox creeds, I have a creed myself; and my creed is this. Happiness is the only good. The time to be happy is now. The place to be happy is here. The way to be happy is to make others so. This creed is somewhat short, but it is long enough for this life, strong enough for this world. If there is another world, when we get there we can make another creed. #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Barnards Green quotes by Robert Green Ingersoll
#14. How any human being ever has had the impudence to speak against the right to speak, is beyond the power of my imagination. Here is a man who speaks-who exercises a right that he, by his speech, denies. Can liberty go further than that? Is there any toleration possible beyond the liberty to speak against liberty-the real believer in free speech allowing others to speak against the right to speak? #Quote by Robert Green Ingersoll
Barnards Green quotes by Tre Cool
#15. You gotta stick your neck out and put out a record that isn't safe ... that's the Green Day way! #Quote by Tre Cool
Barnards Green quotes by Bobby Jones
#16. Bad putting is due more to the effect the green has upon the player than it has upon the action of the ball. #Quote by Bobby Jones
Barnards Green quotes by Green Day
#17. Punk is not just the sound, the music, punk is a lifestyle. #Quote by Green Day
Barnards Green quotes by Anthony Doerr
#18. He never cried, not even when his alarm went off. Swaddled in his Moses basket, wires trailing out the bottom, his monitor flashing green, green, green, his entire four-pound body motionless except his eyelids, it seemed he understood everything I was working so hard to understand: his mother's love, his brother's ceasless crying: he was alreday forgiving me my shortcomings as a father; he was a distillation of a dozen generations, all stripped into a single flame and stowed still-burning inside the this slip of his ribs. I'd hold him to the window and he's stare out into the night, blue tributaries of veins pulsing his neck, his big eyelids slipping down now and then, and it would feel as if tethers were falling away, and the two of us were gently rising, through the glass, through the trees, through the interweaving layers of atmosphere, into whatever was beyond the sky. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Barnards Green quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
#19. Jealousy's eyes are green. #Quote by Percy Bysshe Shelley
Barnards Green quotes by Christine Zolendz
#20. Those green irises were like gentle pools of brilliant meadows of sage and green-envy coneflowers swaying in a warm breeze.
HOLY fuck. What the hell sort of poetry was that dribbling out of my twisted brain? #Quote by Christine Zolendz
Barnards Green quotes by Kenzaburo Oe
#21. It takes a person of great care and insight to watch for any abnormality in the green grass even while it grows abundantly and healthily. #Quote by Kenzaburo Oe
Barnards Green quotes by Victoria Peace Green
#22. Don't get hung up about the problems today- Jesus is already there. #Quote by Victoria Peace Green
Barnards Green quotes by Sally Green
#23. It's easier to stay positive with your eyes open. #Quote by Sally Green
Barnards Green quotes by CeeLo Green
#24. I believe that the plight of life and all existence is to master one's self, you know, one day at a time. #Quote by CeeLo Green
Barnards Green quotes by Julia Hill
#25. I wake up in the morning asking myself what can I do today, how can I help the world today. I believe in what I do beyond a shadow of a doubt. I gave my word to this tree and to all the people that my feet would not touch the ground until I had done everything in my power to make the world aware of this problem and to stop the destruction. #Quote by Julia Hill
Barnards Green quotes by Carolee Dean
#26. The Girl With Sea Green Eyes

Happiness is
in the ocean of her eyes #Quote by Carolee Dean
Barnards Green quotes by Wallace Stevens
#27. The heavy trees,
The grunting, shuffling branches, the robust,
The nocturnal, the antique, the blue-green pines
Deepen the feelings to inhuman depths. #Quote by Wallace Stevens
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#28. The book was turned to the page with Anne Frank's name, but what got me about it was the fact that right beneath her name there were four Aron Franks. FOUR. Four Aron Franks without museums, without historical markers, without anyone to mourn them. I silently resolved to remember and pray for the four Aron Franks as long as I was around. #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by John Mark Green
#29. Sometimes it feels like you've set off a spectacular lightning show in my heart, and I wonder if other people can see the flashes through my skin. #Quote by John Mark Green
Barnards Green quotes by Philip Green
#30. I think we'll say flat is the new growth in the short term. #Quote by Philip Green
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#31. It was nice to spend time with someone so interesting. #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#32. Some infinities are simply bigger than other infinities. #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by Larry Brown
#33. The road lay long and black ahead of them and the heat was coming now through the thin soles of their shoes. There were young beans pushing up from the dry brown fields, tiny rows of green sprigs that stretched away in the distance. #Quote by Larry Brown
Barnards Green quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#34. Sara flinched as his hands slid around her waist, pulling her to his naked body. The heat of his skin sank through the insubstantial layer of her shift. He was aroused, throbbing hard and forcefully erect against her. "Open your eyes," he said. "There's nothing to be afraid of."
She forced herself to comply, staring straight ahead into his chest. Her heart thumped so violently that it seemed to batter against her ribs.
As if he could read her mind, Derek lowered his mouth to her hair and held her tightly. "Sara... I'm going to take care of you. I'll never hurt you, or force you to do something you don't want." He took a long breath and forced himself to add reluctantly, "If you want this to stop, then tell me. I probably won't be kind. But I'll wait."
She would never know how much the words cost him. It went against his nature to deny himself what he wanted so badly. He had been deprived of too much when he was young- it had made him selfish to the core. But her needs had become too important to him, her affection too precious to risk.
Sara looked up at him, reading the truth in his face. Gradually her body relaxed against his. "You must tell me how to please you," she said softly. "I-I don't know anything... and you know too much."
His black lashes lowered over a flick of green fire. A wry smile pulled at the corners of his mouth. "We'll find some middle ground," he promised, and kissed her. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Barnards Green quotes by Washington Irving
#35. A few amber clouds floated in the sky without a breath of air to move them. The horizon was of a fine golden tint, changing gradually into a pure apple-green, and from that into the deep blue of the mid-heaven. #Quote by Washington Irving
Barnards Green quotes by Stephen King
#36. Because we never got out. We never got out of the green. Our generation died there. #Quote by Stephen King
Barnards Green quotes by Louise Bourgeois
#37. Don't get the green disease of envy. Don't be fooled by success and money. Don't let anything come between you and your work. #Quote by Louise Bourgeois
Barnards Green quotes by Ma Jun
#38. On April 16, 2010, 34 Chinese environmental organizations, including Friends of Nature, the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs, and Green Beagle, questioned heavy metal pollution in a letter sent to CEO Steve Jobs. #Quote by Ma Jun
Barnards Green quotes by Scot D. Ryersson
#39. For a summer of drug abuse on the island of Capri, she packed a wardrobe of black Morticia gowns, dyed her hair green, and paraded through the village streets with a crystal ball, followed by a retainer in gold body paint. #Quote by Scot D. Ryersson
Barnards Green quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
#40. When Summer lies upon the world, and in a noon of gold, Beneath the roof of sleeping leaves the dreams of trees unfold;
When woodland halls are green and cool, and wind is in the West, Come back to me! Come back to me, and say my land is best! #Quote by J.R.R. Tolkien
Barnards Green quotes by Simon R. Green
#41. If you don't trust anyone, they can't let you down. #Quote by Simon R. Green
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#42. I know love is real because I feel it. #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by Keith Green
#43. When church is over and there's no one there to listen except the only One who matters, do you still have that same passionate joy in your spirit, just to be alone with the Living God? #Quote by Keith Green
Barnards Green quotes by Anthony Doerr
#44. And the skies: in one day the sky could travel from green at dawn to a noon-time blue so severe it was almost black to hot silver in the afternoon to roiling burgundy at sunset. Just before night it flowered in yawning, imperial violets. Wedges of mauve, cauldrons of peach - skies more like drugs than colors. #Quote by Anthony Doerr
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#45. The Theorem reste upon the validity of my longstanding argument that the world contains precisely two kinds of people:
Dumpers and Dumpees.
Everyone is predisposed to being either one or the other, but of course not all people are COMPLETE
Dumpers and Dumpees.
Hence the bell curve:
The majority of people fall somewhere close to the vertical dividing line with the occasional statisticaly outliner (e.g., me) representing a tiny percentage of overall individuals. The numerical expression of the graph can be something like 5 being extreme Dumper, and 0 being me. Ergo, if the Great One was a 4 and I am a 0, total size of the Dumper/Dumpee differetial = -4 (Assuming negative numbers if the guy is more of a Dumpee; positive if the girl is.) #Quote by John Green
Barnards Green quotes by Margaret Drabble
#46. Too much of the world was inhospitable, intractable ... Why prove that it had ever once been green? #Quote by Margaret Drabble
Barnards Green quotes by Rachel Harris
#47. Staring into his eyes, she noticed a thin circle of gray around the green.
A SILVER LINING, she thought. #Quote by Rachel Harris
Barnards Green quotes by John Green
#48. Life is not something you wield, you know? #Quote by John Green

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