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Barnabas Center quotes by Jodi Picoult
#1. Wheather it is conscious or not, you eventually make the decision to divide your life in half - before and after - with loss being that tight bubble in the middle. You can move around in spite of it; you can laugh and smile and carry on with your life, but all it takes is one slow range of motion, a doubling over, to be fully aware of the empty space at your center. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Barnabas Center quotes by Craig Johnson
#2. For sixty-one days." I began questioning the makeup of the negotiation team I'd brought with me to convince the chief of the Northern Cheyenne tribe that he should allow my daughter to be married at Crazy Head Springs. "Don't call the White Buffalo a joint; it's the nerve center of the reservation." My undersheriff, Victoria Moretti, #Quote by Craig Johnson
Barnabas Center quotes by Khaled Hosseini
#3. I am indebted to the following colleagues for their advice, assistance, or support: Dr. Alfred Lerner, Dori Vakis, Robin Heck, Dr. Todd Dray, Dr. Robert Tull, and Dr. Sandy Chun. Thanks also to Lynette Parker of East San Jose Community Law Center for her advice about adoption procedures, and to Mr. Daoud Wahab for sharing his experiences in Afghanistan with me. I am grateful to my dear friend Tamim Ansary for his guidance and support and to the gang at the San Francisco Writers Workshop for their feedback and encouragement. I want to thank my father, my oldest friend and the inspiration for all that is noble in Baba; my mother who prayed for me and did nazr at every stage of this book's writing; my aunt for buying me books when I was young. Thanks go out to Ali, Sandy, Daoud #Quote by Khaled Hosseini
Barnabas Center quotes by Martin Filler
#4. The truth be told, the World Trade Center was neither a very good work of architecture nor a very successful piece of urbanism. Its shortcomings were somewhat mitigated by the westward and southward expansion of the World Financial Center and Battery Park City during the 1980s. #Quote by Martin Filler
Barnabas Center quotes by Jackson Pearce
#5. So, did you see that community center I was talking about?"
"What? Where?"
"We walked right past it, just before that grocery store. I mentioned it on the way to the city? You just drop in and take classes. They've got all sorts of stuff. I bet you can get a student rate, even."
"But I'm not a student - "
"You're young enough that they'll assume - "
" - and how am I supposed to find the time to take dance classes, now that I'm the dessert?"
"I'm starting to really regret using that metaphor," Silas says, grinning. "And let me explain something, Rosie." He takes a swig of the coffee and presses his lips together, searching for words. "I'm from a long, long, long, long line of woodsmen. My brothers are all supertalented. They all built their own rooms. For god's sake, Lucas built a freaking wooden hot tub in his bedroom with wooden monkeys pouring water into it."
"Don't ask. Anyway, I can do some woodworking. I know my way around the forest, I can handle an ax better than most, I can make a tree grow where nothing else will, I can live off berries and hunt for my food, and I've known about the Fenris since I could crawl. I'm a woodsman, for all intents and purposes. But that doesn't mean I live for it any more than the fact that you're good at hunting means you have to live for that. So maybe breaking out of the hunting lifestyle for a few hours here and there will help you figure out if it's really for you or not."
I shak #Quote by Jackson Pearce
Barnabas Center quotes by Rachel Braunscheidel
#6. I love the idea of a home in our hearts. A sanctuary of love and peace right in the center of our being. A place of inner beauty, inner peace, inner healing, inner rest, and so much more. A simple and quiet life can be a beautiful one when it's paired with an abundant and cavernous inner world. And when Jesus is dwelling there in spirit, it's certainly a place worth coming home to. #Quote by Rachel Braunscheidel
Barnabas Center quotes by Christopher Hitchens
#7. If you care about the points of agreement and civility, then, you had better be well-equipped with points of argument and combativity, because if you are not then the "center" will be occupied and defined without your having helped to decide it, or determine what and where it is. #Quote by Christopher Hitchens
Barnabas Center quotes by Ginn Hale
#8. No doubt, the flakes of snow falling over him carried ashen nuclei. John tried to concentrate on those tiny flecks of carbon at the center of each snowflake. He tried to think of their elemental futures. Perhaps a hundred thousand years from now they would become tiny diamonds. #Quote by Ginn Hale
Barnabas Center quotes by Carlo Rovelli
#9. An idea was needed, a great idea, a grand vision, to grasp the hidden order of the world. Leucippus and Democritus came up with this idea. The idea of Democritus's system is extremely simple: the entire universe is made up of a boundless space in which innumerable atoms run. Space is without limits; has neither an above nor a below; is without a center or a boundary. Atoms have no qualities at all, apart from their shape. They #Quote by Carlo Rovelli
Barnabas Center quotes by Joel Fuhrman
#10. Most weight loss diets center around portion control, which is just trying to eat smaller amounts of the same addictive foods. This approach inevitably fails. #Quote by Joel Fuhrman
Barnabas Center quotes by Algernon Blackwood
#11. [S]he realized quite abruptly that this thing which took him off, which kept him out so many hours day after day, this thing that was against her own little will and instincts - was enormous as the sea. It was no mere prettiness of single Trees, but something massed and mountainous. About her rose the wall of its huge opposition to the sky, its scale gigantic, its power utterly prodigious. What she knew of it hitherto as green and delicate forms waving and rustling in the winds was but, as it were the spray of foam that broke into sight upon the nearer edge of viewless depths far, far away. The trees, indeed, were sentinels set visibly about the limits of a camp that itself remained invisible. The awful hum and murmur of the main body in the distance passed into that still room about her with the firelight and hissing kettle. Out yonder - in the Forest further out - the thing that was ever roaring at the center was dreadfully increasing. #Quote by Algernon Blackwood
Barnabas Center quotes by Mike Colter
#12. What I enjoyed about being in the world of Jessica Jones, as Luke Cage, is that I wasn't front and center because it was Jessica Jones' story, but it allowed me to find the character from a different perspective. #Quote by Mike Colter
Barnabas Center quotes by Laura Kasischke
#13. When I built my luminous prison around you, you simply lay down at the center of it and died. #Quote by Laura Kasischke
Barnabas Center quotes by Rivera Sun
#14. Democracy wasn't a set of dry documents nicely laid out on office stationary - it brimmed in the lips of thousands of souls and debated in dozens of accents as it crossed the street from one neighborhood to the next. It was the smell of stale coffee and bodies packed into an old community center. It was the typos in the fliers. It was exasperation, realization, illumination - a knockdown, drag out, sweaty, tearful, impassioned process of people making decisions together. #Quote by Rivera Sun
Barnabas Center quotes by Ray Bradbury
#15. Grandma, he had often wanted to say, Is this where the world began? For surely it had begun in no other than a place like this. The kitchen, without doubt, was the center of creation, all things revolved about it; it was the pediment that sustained the temple. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Barnabas Center quotes by Kimberly Hahn
#16. And because Jesus is the Eucharist, keeping Him in the center allows all the rich doctrines of the Church to emanate from Him, just as the beautiful gold rays stream forth from the Host in the monstrance. #Quote by Kimberly Hahn
Barnabas Center quotes by Ilia Delio O.S.F.
#17. The journey of prayer for Franciscans is the discovery of God at the center of our lives. We pray not to acquire a relationship with God as if acquiring something that did not previously exist. Rather, we pray to disclose the image of God in which we are created, the God within us, that is, the one in whom we are created and in whom lies the seed of our identity. We pray so as to discover what we already have - "the incomparable treasure hidden in the field of the world and of the human heart. (St. Clare) #Quote by Ilia Delio O.S.F.
Barnabas Center quotes by Karen Armstrong
#18. And people have emphasized the importance of compassion, not just because it sounds good, but because it works. People have found that when they have implemented the Golden Rule as Confucius said, "all day and every day," not just a question of doing your good deed for the day and then returning to a life of greed and egotism, but to do it all day and every day, you dethrone yourself from the center of your world, put another there, and you transcend yourself. And it brings you into the presence of what's been called God, Nirvana, Rama, Tao. Something that goes beyond what we know in our ego-bound existence. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Barnabas Center quotes by Atul Gawande
#19. In a fire, the metal can plasticize - lose its stiffness and bend like spaghetti. This was why the World Trade Center buildings collapsed, #Quote by Atul Gawande
Barnabas Center quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#20. You must, in order that it shall speak to you, take a thing during a certain time as the only one that exists, as the only phenomenon which through your diligent and exclusive love finds itself set down in the center of the universe. . . . Don't be frightened at the expression "fate" … I call fate all external events (illnesses, for example, included) which can inevitably step in to interrupt and annihilate a disposition of mind and training that is by nature solitary. . . .

That went through me like an arrow, when I learned it, but like a flaming arrow that, while it pierced my heart through, left it in a conflagration of clear sight. There are few artists in our day who grasp this stubbornness, this vehement obstinacy. But I believe that without it one remains always at the periphery of art, which is rich enough as it is to allow us pleasant discoveries, but at which, nevertheless, we halt only as a player at the green table who, while he now and again succeeds with a "coup", remains none the less at the mercy of chance, which is nothing but the docile and dexterous ape of the law. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Barnabas Center quotes by Leslie Haskin
#21. It is the perfect contradiction: It is glamorous and degenerate, cultured and crude, beautiful and detestable, ethical and decadent, exciting and scary all at the same time. #Quote by Leslie Haskin
Barnabas Center quotes by Gina Marinello-Sweeney
#22. They are each a maze," he said thoughtfully. "Each of them - both the rose and the shell - go around and around in their own way, yet each of them has - "

"A center," the old sea captain finished, watching Antonio. #Quote by Gina Marinello-Sweeney
Barnabas Center quotes by Duong Thu Huong
#23. At the center of these stifling landscapes, on a green carpet of weed, those purple flowers always glistened, radiant in the middle of filth: the atrocious ornament of a life snuffed out. #Quote by Duong Thu Huong
Barnabas Center quotes by Kiersten White
#24. Why you are here in the first place," Lend finished saying. His voice had a distinctly menacing tone.
"Why, to make you the best omelet you've ever had, of course." There was a pause that I could only fill with my imagination. It involved Lend making I'm going to kill you motions with his hands. "Hey-oh," Jack continued, "I rescued our girl Evie from the Center and helped her get to the Faerie Realms to save you."
"Our girl is my girl. And that makes everything okay now?"
"It doesn't," I yelled. Would we never be able to have a quiet conversation again? "But it's a start."
"A start I intend to finish with this omelet," Jack said, "because after you've eaten it, all will be forgiven."
"I'm not eating anything you make," Lend answered. I closed my eyes, listening to the sounds of the fridge opening and drawers shutting slightly harder than they needed to. #Quote by Kiersten White
Barnabas Center quotes by Gore Vidal
#25. When the Presidential virus attacks the system there is a tendency for the patient in his fever to move from the Right or the Left to the Center where the curative votes are. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Barnabas Center quotes by Rixa White
#26. Here I am
Looking at the world's mirror
Finding myself
at the center of a maze
Constructing the roots of a dream
for a nationless society
by the power of peace #Quote by Rixa White
Barnabas Center quotes by Rob Bell
#27. As a pastor, you get invited into the most poignant moments of people's lives. Whether it's a wedding or a funeral or a hospital visit, you get invited into the center of the event, whether or not you know the people. #Quote by Rob Bell
Barnabas Center quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
#28. Then I played the song that hides in the center of me. That wordless music that moves through the secret places in my heart. I played it carefully, strumming it slow and low into the dark stillness of the night. I would like to say it is a happy song, that it is sweet and bright, but it is not. #Quote by Patrick Rothfuss
Barnabas Center quotes by Fran Lebowitz
#29. When I was a kid, the people of my generation didn't want to be writers, they wanted to be rock stars. Rock and roll was not just entertainment, it was the center of people's lives. When I was young, it was exciting and interesting. #Quote by Fran Lebowitz
Barnabas Center quotes by James Hillman
#30. The character truest to itself becomes eccentric rather than immovably centered, as Emerson defined the noble character of the hero. At the edge, the certainty of borders gives way. We are more subject to invasions, less able to mobilize defenses, less sure of who we really are, even as we may be perceived by others as a person of character. The dislocation of self from center to indefinite edge merges us more with the world, so that we can feel blest by everything. #Quote by James Hillman
Barnabas Center quotes by Gary Wolf
#31. The self is just our operation center, our consciousness, our moral compass. So, if we want to act more effectively in the world, we have to get to know ourselves better. #Quote by Gary Wolf
Barnabas Center quotes by Alexander Maksik
#32. As I walked home, there was the familiar crush of isolation, that bodily loneliness that swept through me every winter. It was as if I'd been injected with something cold and vicious. I could feel it spreading through me, falling heavy in the center of my chest, pooling there. It was bitter and it was devastating and it frightened me. #Quote by Alexander Maksik
Barnabas Center quotes by Oprah Winfrey
#33. This season don't get lost in making the perfect meal or become overwhelmed with all the folks in your house. Use this time to center yourself. #Quote by Oprah Winfrey

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