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Famous Quotes About Barcelona Football Club

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Barcelona Football Club quotes by Jock Stein
#1. No Scot ever made a bigger impact on a club than Bill Shankly. Others may claim an equal share of trophies and Matt Busby comes to mind with his wonderful record crowned by the European Cup, but not even Matt would claim the kinship with the fans that Bill enjoyed. He was what football was all about. I can't praise him higher than that. #Quote by Jock Stein
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Fernando Torres
#2. You have to know what club you are playing for, or you just play for yourself. Every time I put on a Liverpool shirt, I know it is more than just a football game. #Quote by Fernando Torres
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Eamon
#3. I was hoping in the last fifteen minutes that Barcelona would beat them. I've made my mind up on Benitez tonight. He's a nice man but he's got a huge negative streak running through him. Liverpool was terrible in the second half. They didn't play football. If that was a concert, you'd boo. Gerrard: found out. A nothing player. They were terrible. Terrible. #Quote by Eamon
Barcelona Football Club quotes by A.C. Grayling
#4. Everybody is entitled to believe. Churches have exactly the same right to exist as a football club, a trade union or a political party. But if you and I set up the Church of the Fairies of the Garden, then I don't think we should automatically be meeting the queen, be entitled to seats in the House of Lords or get public money for our fairy schools. #Quote by A.C. Grayling
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Trevor Brooking
#5. I come from a generation where I couldn't even contemplate such a thing. I find it amazing. You can become a multi-millionaire as a club player without playing international football. But international football is about individual pride and wanting to perform at the highest level. If I got picked at 41, I would have played, even if I thought I would make a fool of myself. I just wanted to play for my country. #Quote by Trevor Brooking
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Nick Hornby
#6. Dialogue in the works of autobiography is quite naturally viewed with some suspicion. How on earth can the writer remember verbatim conversations that happened fifteen, twenty, fifty years ago? But 'Are you playing, Bob?' is one of only four sentences I have ever uttered to any Arsenal player (for the record the others are 'How's the leg, Bob?' to Bob Wilson, recovering from injury the following season; 'Can I have your autograph, please?' to Charlie George, Pat Rice, Alan Ball and Bertie Mee; and, well, 'How's the leg, Brian?' to Brian Marwood outside the Arsenal club shop when I was old enough to know better) and I can therefore vouch for its absolute authenticity. #Quote by Nick Hornby
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Kevin Kilbane
#7. Every club if I am not playing, I leave because I want to play football. All I wanted to do since I was a kid is play football and if I wasn't at a club I'd be playing with my mates on a Sunday. I still come home and play five-a-side with my mates. #Quote by Kevin Kilbane
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Johan Cruijff
#8. Why couldn't you beat a richer club? I've never seen a bag of money score a goal. #Quote by Johan Cruijff
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Johnny Giles
#9. Now let me say that Matt Busby was a great manager and Manchester United wouldn't be where they are without him. He was a god at the club, but he wasn't a god to me. Football is like that sometimes. #Quote by Johnny Giles
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Brendan Rodgers
#10. Liverpool Football Club is the heartland of football folklore #Quote by Brendan Rodgers
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Fergus McCann
#11. It's not just a football club. Celtic means so much to so many people. #Quote by Fergus McCann
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Thierry Henry
#12. I am a believer in passing the ball on the ground, I was lucky to be part of teams like that at Arsenal, with the French national team and with Monaco and at Barcelona. I know you can win in other ways, but I believe that is the way football should be played. #Quote by Thierry Henry
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Chris Jericho
#13. Talking of first times Stephanie, I bet your first time was really memorable for you and the captain ot the football team .. and the basketball team .. and the softball team, the track team, the chess club and the pool boy! #Quote by Chris Jericho
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Steven Gerrard
#14. We are Liverpool Football Club and the expectations are so high. #Quote by Steven Gerrard
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Mohamed Al-Fayed
#15. If you own a football club, you have to be really involved and committed. #Quote by Mohamed Al-Fayed
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Bill Shankly
#16. Liverpool was made for me and I was made for Liverpool. #Quote by Bill Shankly
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Andrea Della Valle
#17. Unfortunately, sometimes the fans forget who puts the money and passion into the club. It's funny, but when you win, it's the coach and the players who are responsible, but when you lose, it's the owner's fault; but that's football. #Quote by Andrea Della Valle
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Ian Holloway
#18. This club needs an impetus of energy - but I just feel tired to be honest. I'm worn out. #Quote by Ian Holloway
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Rob Hawthorne
#19. No score in the other game betwen top club and bottom club, Switzerland and Georgia. #Quote by Rob Hawthorne
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Bill Shankly
#20. At a football club, there's a holy trinity - the players, the manager and the supporters. Directors don't come into it. They are only there to sign the checks. #Quote by Bill Shankly
Barcelona Football Club quotes by David Moyes
#21. I found the support inside Old Trafford has been terrific and, if there was ever a show of support for the football club and team, it was in this game. Inside Old Trafford it was terrific, it really was. #Quote by David Moyes
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Timothy F. Cahill
#22. No money in this world could convince me to play for Liverpool. That's not a lack of respect for Liverpool supporters or the football club. It's respect for the Everton supporters. You just can't do that. It goes against everything that I stand for. No chance. #Quote by Timothy F. Cahill
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Dennis Bergkamp
#23. It's fantastic for Arsenal, and for English football as well. You've got an English club with a lot of young English talent committing themselves to a club. #Quote by Dennis Bergkamp
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Timothy F. Cahill
#24. Every time I score the passion comes out and I try to relay that back to the fans and to the players and the staff how grateful I am to be playing for such a good football club. The fans have taken well to me. I am part of the furniture at Everton, but I don't take it for granted. #Quote by Timothy F. Cahill
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Gerard Houllier
#25. There are those who say maybe I should forget about football. Maybe I should forget about breathing. #Quote by Gerard Houllier
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#26. In the workshop where I started to write fiction, you had to read your work in public. Most times, you read in a bar or coffeehouse where you'd be competing with the roar of the espresso machine. Or the football game on television. Music and drunk people talking. Against all this noise and distraction, only the most shocking, most physical, dark and funny stories got heard. Our test audience would never sit still for Barn-Raising Club. #Quote by Chuck Palahniuk
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Patrick Vieira
#27. Thierry is the best striker in the world. By far he's the best in the world. Thierry doesn't just score goals. Even when he's not having a good day he can make an important pass. He is a strong character. If things go wrong, he bounces straight back. His effect on the club is very big. #Quote by Patrick Vieira
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Vincent Tan
#28. I love football now. I have a club in Sarajevo, and I love that. The fans are fantastic. The people who run the club are incredible, honest people, and they really motivate me. #Quote by Vincent Tan
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Bill Shankly
#29. Above all, I would like to be remembered as a man who was selfless, who strove and worried so that others could share the glory, and who built up a family of people who could hold their heads up high and say 'We're Liverpool'. #Quote by Bill Shankly
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Matt Busby
#30. Football hooligans? Well, there are 92 club chairmen for a start. #Quote by Matt Busby
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Héctor Abad Faciolince
#31. So to avoid the twin dangers of nostalgia and despairing bitterness, I'll just say that in Cartagena we'd spend a whole month of happiness, and sometimes even a month and a half, or even longer, going out in Uncle Rafa's motorboat, La Fiorella, to Bocachica to collect seashells and eat fried fish with plantain chips and cassava, and to the Rosary Islands, where I tried lobster, or to the beach at Bocagrande, or walking to the pool at the Caribe Hotel, until we were mildly burned on our shoulders, which after a few days started peeling and turned freckly forever, or playing football with my cousins, in the little park opposite Bocagrande Church, or tennis in the Cartagena Club or ping-pong in their house, or going for bike rides, or swimming under the little nameless waterfalls along the coast, or making the most of the rain and the drowsiness of siesta time to read the complete works of Agatha Christie or the fascinating novels of Ayn Rand (I remember confusing the antics of the architect protagonist of The Fountainhead with those of my uncle Rafael), or Pearl S. Buck's interminable sagas, in cool hammocks strung up in the shade on the terrace of the house, with a view of the sea, drinking Kola Roman, eating Chinese empanadas on Sundays, coconut rice with red snapper on Mondays, Syrian-Lebanese kibbeh on Wednesdays, sirloin steak on Fridays and, my favourite, egg arepas on Saturday mornings, piping hot and brought fresh from a nearby village, Luruaco, where they had the best #Quote by Héctor Abad Faciolince
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Franz Beckenbauer
#32. If a Middle Eastern sheikh comes to buy Bayern Munich, he could buy 49 per cent. Fifty-one per cent must stay in Germany with the club. That law came about because of the developments of international football. #Quote by Franz Beckenbauer
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Fergus McCann
#33. Over the four years we have made massive progress: winning the League Championship (97/98); building the largest club stadium in the UK (60,000 seats); having the largest support (52,000 season book holders) of any club in Britain. This has been achieved by everyone who cares about Celtic working together towards a shared vision of football success and pride in a club which is part of our culture, open to all and a responsible member of the community working to help others where it can. #Quote by Fergus McCann
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Zoe Kravitz
#34. I went to a school in Miami that seemed like a private country club. The whole cheerleader, football player, clique-y thing there was terrifying. Those people were so scary. They're the scariest kinds of people because they are idolized by their peers. They have everything, they have money, and they're just mean-spirited. It's crazy. #Quote by Zoe Kravitz
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Lilian Thuram
#35. When I came to Barcelona, I really liked in the dressing room that I found balanced, normal people: Valdes, Puyol, Iniesta. They don't think they are the center of the world for being football players. #Quote by Lilian Thuram
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Sean Fallon
#36. I can never hope to find words to express my feelings at becoming a member of the Celtic Football Club. #Quote by Sean Fallon
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Jermain Defoe
#37. It doesn't matter who you are, football's a business. At some stage you're going to have to leave a football club; that's just normal. #Quote by Jermain Defoe
Barcelona Football Club quotes by J.D. Salinger
#38. You ought to go to a boys' school sometime. Try it sometime," I said. "It's full of phonies, and all you do is study so that you can learn enough to be smart enough to be able to buy a goddam Cadillac some day, and you have to keep making believe you give a damn if the football team loses, and all you do is talk about girls and liquor and sex all day, and everybody sticks together in these dirty little goddam cliques. The guys that are on the basketball team stick together, the Catholics stick together, the goddam intellectuals stick together, the guys that play bridge stick together. Even the guys that
belong to the goddam Book-of-the-Month Club stick together. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Alan Curbishley
#39. The club continued to make significant player decisions without involving me. In the end, such a breach of trust and confidence meant that I had no option but to leave. #Quote by Alan Curbishley
Barcelona Football Club quotes by David Moyes
#40. It's a great honour to be asked to be the next manager of Manchester United. I am delighted that Sir Alex saw fit to recommend me for the job. I have great respect for everything he has done and for the football club. #Quote by David Moyes
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Lloyd Dorfman
#41. I have no interest in owning a football club; I don't play golf; I don't like horseracing and I'd rather become a professional bungee jumper than enter politics. #Quote by Lloyd Dorfman
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Alan Green
#42. They care about their club, and that's why they always have something good to say, even when it is negative #Quote by Alan Green
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Ron Noades
#43. The black players at this club lend the side a lot of skill and flair, but you also need white players to balance things up and give the team some brains and common sense. #Quote by Ron Noades
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Xavi
#44. England really is the birthplace, the heart and soul of football. If Barcelona had Liverpool's fans, or Arsenal's, or United's, we'd have won 20 Champions Leagues, hahaha! #Quote by Xavi
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Jermain Defoe
#45. There is always going to be competition. When you play for a top club, you're going to attract top players. It's part and parcel of football. #Quote by Jermain Defoe
Barcelona Football Club quotes by Eamon Dunphy
#46. Every club he's been to has had great injury crises. Every club. And it's always hamstrings. #Quote by Eamon Dunphy

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