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Bar Rail quotes by Ray Davies
#1. Drinking helps us to forget what we are, we leave the office and walk straight to the bar. #Quote by Ray Davies
Bar Rail quotes by Barbara Bretton
#2. personality to match. He had an opinion about everything that went on in her house, from where she kept the tea bags to Billy's spelling tests to why she didn't buy out Aidan and run the bar herself. And to make matters worse, he had a better social life #Quote by Barbara Bretton
Bar Rail quotes by O. Henry
#3. I wanted to paint a picture some day that people would stand before and forget that it was made of paint. I wanted it to creep into them like a bar of music and mushroom there like a soft bullet. #Quote by O. Henry
Bar Rail quotes by Steve Matchett
#4. I remember standing against the bar in Budapest's airport with a couple of workmates, some chaps from McLaren too, waiting for our homeward flight to be called after the '92 race weekend. The chap behind the counter was doing the exact same thing: halving and squeezing oranges. Funny how these things spark memories. It was an exceedingly hot afternoon that day, and I remember seeing James Hunt walk through the door with Murray Walker. We were waiting for the same flight, a charter to London; I think pretty much the whole of the paddock's British contingent was on it. Murray looked perfectly normal . . . like Murray really . . . open-necked shirt, briefcase, what have you; but James was wearing nothing but a pair of red shorts. He carried a ticket, a passport and a packet of cigarettes. That was it. There wasn't even a pair of flip-flops to spoil the perfect minimalist look.
The thing that really made the event stick in my mind, though, was that James was absolutely at ease with himself, perfectly comfortable. This was real for him, no stunt or affectation designed to impress or shock, this was genuine: James Hunt, former world champion driver, current commentator for the BBC; work done for the day . . . going home. Take me, leave me; do what you bloody well want, just don't give me a hard time about your own petty hang-ups. He became a hero of mine that day. Sadly, his heart gave out the following summer and that was that. He was only forty-five. Mind you, he'd certainly #Quote by Steve Matchett
Bar Rail quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
#5. Personal connections lead to assignments and promotions, so it needs to be okay for men and women to spend informal time together the same way men can. A senior man and a junior man at a bar is seen as mentoring. A senior man and a junior woman at a bar can also be mentoring ... but is looks like dating. #Quote by Sheryl Sandberg
Bar Rail quotes by Chelsea Handler
#6. My mother is European and expresses her love through food and cuddling. She wasn't the type of mother who would make it to school plays or soccer games, but if you wanted to stay at home sick, she was your girl. Whenever you'd go up to her room to cuddle with her, she'd pull out a Kit Kat or Snickers bar from her night table and look at you with dancing eyes. #Quote by Chelsea Handler
Bar Rail quotes by Darien Cox
#7. He even allowed his eye to wander through the crowd, admiring the ass of a sinfully well-built guy leaning on the bar while he ordered a drink. Corey's eyes scanned him, from his boots up to his perfectly fitting jeans to his muscular arms in a tight black tee shirt to - Oh, fuck me. That's Angelo! Angelo #Quote by Darien Cox
Bar Rail quotes by Andre Aciman
#8. There is a spot on via Santa Maria dell' Anima that I revisit every time I'm in Rome. I'll stare at it for a second, and suddenly it'll all come back to me. I had just thrown up that night and on the way back to the bar you kissed me. People kept walking by but I didn't care, nor did you. That kiss is still imprinted there, thank goodness. It's all I have from you. This and your shirt. #Quote by Andre Aciman
Bar Rail quotes by Joe Haldeman
#9. Sitting here in a bar with an asexual cyborg who is probably the only other normal person on the whole goddamned planet. #Quote by Joe Haldeman
Bar Rail quotes by Jenji Kohan
#10. When I got out of college in 1991, I had four jobs in four different parts of L.A. There was I Love Juicy, a smoothie bar in Venice, and the Videotheque on Sunset Boulevard, across from the old Tower Records. I was also an intern at the 'Los Angeles Reader' in the Miracle Mile and at 'High Performance' magazine downtown. #Quote by Jenji Kohan
Bar Rail quotes by Kresley Cole
#11. Apparently unaffected, she rose. "Yeah, you're probably right. I should be going." She feigned a yawn. "You've gotta head back to work and I've gotta head to jail. Big night for me. I'm planning to shiv someone for a bar of soap.
#Quote by Kresley Cole
Bar Rail quotes by Lucy Stone
#12. In Massachusetts, where properly qualified 'persons' were allowed to practice law, the Supreme Court decided that a woman was not a 'person,' and a special act of the legislature had to be passed before Miss Lelia Robinson could be admitted to the bar. But today women are lawyers. #Quote by Lucy Stone
Bar Rail quotes by Russell D. Moore
#13. If we belong to Christ, then this is our assigned mission field. To rail against the culture is to say to God that we are entitled to a better mission field than the one he has given us. At the same time, if we simply dissolve into the culture around us, or refuse to leave untroubled the questions the culture deems too sensitive to ask, we are not on mission at all. #Quote by Russell D. Moore
Bar Rail quotes by Stella Young
#14. From my first days in Washington D.C., where I rolled a whole four downtown blocks without seeing a single shop, cafe, bar or restaurant I could not access, to the beautifully accessible buses in New York City, I was in heaven. #Quote by Stella Young
Bar Rail quotes by J.R. Ward
#15. The door opened a crack, and then Lassiter, in his game gear, stepped inside the room. As he held something out, Mary couldn't see what it was - Wait a minute, was that a Snickers bar? "What are you doing?" she blurted as he cautiously approached. The beast snapped to attention, its jowls curling up in a snarl at the angel. But Lassiter was undaunted - so not a shocker. "Here," he said. "Have a Snickers. You're not yourself when you're hangry." There was a heartbeat of a pause. And then she couldn't help it. She had to start laughing. "Really. Really? #Quote by J.R. Ward
Bar Rail quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#16. If, for instance, they have heard something from the postman, they attribute it to a semi-official statement; if they have fallen into conversation with a stranger at a bar, they can conscientiously describe him as a source that has hitherto proved unimpeachable. It is only when the journalist is reporting a whim of his own, and one to which he attaches minor importance, that he defines it as the opinion of well-informed circles. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Bar Rail quotes by Greg Gutfeld
#17. The best thing about Ikea - I'm going to do a quiz here - the names. Do you know what a Floria Fin (ph) is? It's a candle. A Pogestra (ph) - table. A Bar Grick (ph) is a plate, an Eterleeg (ph) is a wine glass and a Scuggle (ph) is the name of my third nipple. #Quote by Greg Gutfeld
Bar Rail quotes by Leigh Brackett
#18. No city, no town, no community of more than one thousand people or two
hundred buildings to the square mile, shall be built or permitted to exist
anywhere in the United States of America. #Quote by Leigh Brackett
Bar Rail quotes by Alexander McCall Smith
#19. The Morning After Coffee Bar was different from the mass-produced coffee bars that had mushroomed on every street almost everywhere, a development which presaged the flattening effects of globalisation; the spreading, under a cheerful banner, of a sameness that threatened to weaken and destroy all sense of place. #Quote by Alexander McCall Smith
Bar Rail quotes by A.E. Via
#20. Goodbye Syn.

That man at the end of the bar; that was the kind of man that lured you to his bed at night and fucked you senseless, but then beat the shit out of you the next morning, because in the harsh light of day, he wasn't gay. Furi knew that type of man all too well. As he walked the half-block to the bus stop, his blood cooled at the horrific memories of the last year as he lit a Marlboro and waited for the next bus. He didn't need to dredge up old horror stories, he had to get his mind right ... he had an early shoot in the morning. #Quote by A.E. Via
Bar Rail quotes by Charles Bukowski
#21. poetry readings have to be some of the saddest
damned things ever,
the gathering of the clansmen and clanladies,
week after week, month after month, year
after year,
getting old together,
reading on to tiny gatherings,
still hoping their genius will be
making tapes together, discs together,
sweating for applause
they read basically to and for
each other,
they can't find a New York publisher
or one
within miles,
but they read on and on
in the poetry holes of America,
never daunted,
never considering the possibility that
their talent might be
thin, almost invisible,
they read on and on
before their mothers, their sisters, their husbands,
their wives, their friends, the other poets
and the handful of idiots who have wandered
from nowhere.
I am ashamed for them,
I am ashamed that they have to bolster each other,
I am ashamed for their lisping egos,
their lack of guts.
if these are our creators,
please, please give me something else:
a drunken plumber at a bowling alley,
a prelim boy in a four rounder,
a jock guiding his horse through along the
a bartender on last call,
a waitress pouring me a coffee,
a drunk sleeping in a deserted doorway,
a dog munching a dry bone,
an elephant's fart in a circus tent,
a 6 p.m. freeway crush,
the mailman te #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Bar Rail quotes by Gregory David Roberts
#22. At the moment, most of our ways of defining the unit of morality are similar in their intentions, but they differ in their details. So the priests of one nation bless their soldiers as they march to war, and the imams of another country bless their soldiers as they march out to meet them. And everybody who is involved in the killing, says that he has God on his side. There is no objective and universally acceptable definition of good and evil. And until we have one, we will go on justifying our own actions, while condemning the actions of the others.' 'And you're putting the physics of the universe up as a kind of platinum-iridium bar? #Quote by Gregory David Roberts
Bar Rail quotes by Aries Spears
#23. I think Chappelle set the bar when he came out with his show. To be as great as him or greater you have to push it a little further - as long as there's substance in terms of the material. #Quote by Aries Spears
Bar Rail quotes by Aaron Lewis
#24. I was a grill cook at McDonalds for a little bit. I did landscape for a little bit. I played a lot in the bar scene, I played countless sets of acoustic songs in that arena. #Quote by Aaron Lewis
Bar Rail quotes by Yaneer Bar-Yam
#25. Although Darwin's theory of evolution discusses how the fitter offspring tend to survive, the reality is that whether or not an offspring will survive is mostly a function of chance due to the many possible wrong choices that exist for each right choice. Higher complexity organisms have more behavioral options, which in turn enables them to make more right choices. #Quote by Yaneer Bar-Yam
Bar Rail quotes by Terry Teachout
#26. No cowboy songs, no hoedowns. It's a more serious piece. Yet every bar of 'Appalachian Spring' is clear, clean, tonal, intelligible - great music that anyone can grasp at first hearing. #Quote by Terry Teachout
Bar Rail quotes by Ian Bar
#27. All the great braggarts, victimizing the world, but the end is waiting for them also. Morality and immorality, love, hate, terror, and all that talk of courage and honor--all rhetorical skirts we hide behind to deny our own mortality . It all ends. The greatest gift of all is that it ends. If you realize and accept that, nothing has power over you, good or evil. #Quote by Ian Bar
Bar Rail quotes by Kim Thuy
#28. That American dream had given me confidence to my voice, determination to my actions, precision to my desires, speed to my gait and strength to my gaze. That American dream made me believe I could have everything, that I could go around in a chauffeur-driven car while estimating the weight of the squash being carried on a rusty bicycle by a woman with eyes blurred by sweat; that I could dance to the same rhythm as the girls who swayed their hips at the bar to dazzle men whose thick billfolds were swollen with American dollars; that I could live in the grand villa of an expatriate and accompany barefoot children to their school that sat right on the sidewalk where two streets intersected. #Quote by Kim Thuy
Bar Rail quotes by John Boehner
#29. My dad and my uncles owned a bar outside of Cincinnati. I worked there growing up, mopping floors, waiting tables. #Quote by John Boehner
Bar Rail quotes by Jaci Burton
#30. You need to relax. Maybe we should stop at a bar for alcohol first."
"For me or for them?"
"For them, of course. It's important to get them loaded early in the day. Makes them easier to control. #Quote by Jaci Burton
Bar Rail quotes by C.M. Stunich
#31. See you around soon?" he asks me. "Because if you're this fun with your back on a metal bar, I'd like to see you in action somewhere a little more private. #Quote by C.M. Stunich
Bar Rail quotes by Thomas Bidegain
#32. The great thing about Europe is that things have not been represented [as much]. If you open the door of a bar in Brooklyn in a film you know exactly who is the mobster, who is the nice guy, who is the drunk, who's the waitress, who's the lonely heart. If you push open the door to a bar in Antwerp or Lisbon or Rotterdam, people will talk five different languages. You don't know who's who. You don't know if that guy is a banker or a mobster. #Quote by Thomas Bidegain
Bar Rail quotes by Disney_World
#33. Life is like a roller coaster
It has some ups and downs
Sometimes you can take it slow or very fast
It maybe hard to breath at times
But you have to push yourself and keep going
Your bar is your safety
It's like your family and friends
You hold on tight and you don't let go
But sometimes you might throw your hands up
Because your friends and family will always be with you
Just like that bar keeping you safe at all times
It maybe too much for you at times: the twists, the turns, the upside downs
But you get back up
You keep chugging along
Eventually it comes to a stop
You won't know when or how
But you will know that'll be time to get off and start anew
Life is like a roller coaster #Quote by Disney_World
Bar Rail quotes by Robert Harris
#34. That young man seeks opportunities to test his principles as readily as a drunk picks fights in a bar. #Quote by Robert Harris
Bar Rail quotes by Quentin Tarantino
#35. When I'm writing in my bedroom, in a bar, at my kitchen table or wherever, I'm conjuring it all up on the page. That's all well and good, but it is going to be a limited perspective at that point and time. Occasionally, what I write might read really well initially, but then you change your mind while hunting for locations when you discover settings which offer even better opportunities for drama or dramatic staging. #Quote by Quentin Tarantino
Bar Rail quotes by Michael W. Smith
#36. I think if Jesus came for the first time, and he was 33 1/2 years old and hung out with these guys, where would he be? They'd probably be at a coffee bar getting a latte or something. #Quote by Michael W. Smith
Bar Rail quotes by Suzanne Wright
#37. The thing is, baby, I've had a taste of you now." Recalling how her mouth had felt beneath mine in the bar, I almost groaned. "There's no going back. As far as I'm concerned, you already belong to me. Every single inch of you. And what's mine stays mine." Reluctantly releasing her, I stepped back. "Accept it, Ava. The sooner you do that, the simpler things will be. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Bar Rail quotes by Ryan Eggold
#38. People really give you a hard time when you wear fake glasses out to a bar. #Quote by Ryan Eggold
Bar Rail quotes by Martin Bunton
#39. In a speech at Bar Ilan university, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first time endorses the establishment of a Palestinian state. #Quote by Martin Bunton
Bar Rail quotes by L.M. Montgomery
#40. I never see a ship sailing out of the channel, or a gull soaring over the sand-bar, without wishing I were on board the ship or had wings, not like a dove 'to fly away and be at rest,' but like a gull, to sweep out into the very heart of the storm. #Quote by L.M. Montgomery
Bar Rail quotes by Melody Grace
#41. My mom always said, there are two kinds of love in this world: the steady breeze, and the hurricane.
The steady breeze is slow and patient. It fills the sails of the boats in the harbor, and lifts laundry on the line. It cools you on a hot summer's day; brings the leaves of fall, like clockwork every year. You can count on a breeze, steady and sure and true.
But there's nothing steady about a hurricane. It rips through town, reckless, sending the ocean foaming up the shore, felling trees and power lines and anyone dumb or fucked-up enough to stand in its path. Sure, it's a thrill like nothing you've ever known: your pulse kicks, your body calls to it, like a spirit possessed. It's wild and breathless and all-consuming.
But what comes next?
"You see a hurricane coming, you run." My mom told me, the summer I turned eighteen. "You shut the doors, and you bar the windows. Because come morning, there'll be nothing but the wreckage left behind."
Emerson Ray was my hurricane.
Looking back, I wonder if mom saw it in my eyes: the storm clouds gathering, the dry crackle of electricity in the air. But it was already too late. No warning sirens were going to save me. I guess you never really know the danger, not until you're the one left, huddled on the ground, surrounded by the pieces of your broken heart.
It's been four years now since that summer. Since Emerson. It took everything I had to pull myself back together, to crawl out of the empty wreckage #Quote by Melody Grace
Bar Rail quotes by Carolyn Brown
#42. Be sure to get her home before midnight. She turns into a rabid coyote when the clock strikes twelve." Sawyer moved on down the bar to fill a pitcher with beer.
"That true, darlin'?" Tyrell asked.
"Got to take the bad with the good," Jill answered. #Quote by Carolyn Brown
Bar Rail quotes by Shannon L. Alder
#43. God has a plan and guess what? The plan is to stop waiting for him to do everything for you. The person you want in your life is not a sign. Not a clue. Not a wish. Not a prayer. Not a tarot card or a matter of timing. It is work. It is devotion, and like any dream if you want it then God will open doors for you to obtain it. You just have to stop setting the bar so low that everything below is a sign from God and everything above is asking too much. #Quote by Shannon L. Alder

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