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Banther Lodge quotes by David Lodge
#1. Our friends started life with too many beliefs -- the penalty of a Catholic upbringing. They were weighted down with beliefs, useless answers to non-questions. to work their way back to the fundamental ones -- what can we know? why is there anything at all? why not nothing? what may we hope? why are we here? what is it all about? -- they had to dismantle all that apparatus of superfluous belief and discard it piece by piece. But in matters of is nice question how far you can go in this process without throwing out something vital. #Quote by David Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Henry Cabot Lodge
#2. I can never be anything else but an American, and I must think of the United States first, and when I think of the United States first in an arrangement like this I am thinking of what is best for the world, for if the United States fails the best hopes of mankind fail with it. #Quote by Henry Cabot Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by David Lodge
#3. I never did like working out - it bears the same relationship to real sport as masturbation does to real sex #Quote by David Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by David Lodge
#4. Perhaps it will I said perhaps it will be wonderful perhaps even though it won't be like you think perhaps that won't matter perhaps #Quote by David Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#5. Structural racism amounts collective effects of bias. It's the kind of racism that has the power to drastically impact people's life chances. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Bill Dedman
#6. In early 1864, he became a Mason, joining the ancient fraternal organization's lodge in Virginia City, where the Masonic leader was also the president of the first group of Vigilantes. As the state lodge's longtime secretary, Cornelius Hedges, told it, "We will not say that all the Vigilantes were Masons, but we would not go astray to say that all Masons were Vigilantes. #Quote by Bill Dedman
Banther Lodge quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#7. Racism does not go both ways. There are unique forms of discrimination that are backed up by entitlement, assertion and, most importantly, supported by a structural power strong enough to scare you into complying with the demands of the status quo. We have to recognise this. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by David Lodge
#8. Literature is mostly about having sex and not much about having children; life's the other way round. #Quote by David Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Douglas Adams
#9. Uncomprehending terror settled on the watching people of Earth. The terror moved slowly through the gathered crowds as if they were iron filings on a sheet of board and a magnet was moving beneath them. Panic sprouted again, desperate fleeing panic, but there was nowhere to flee to. Observing this, the Vogons turned on their PA again. It said: "There's no point in acting all surprised about it. All the planning charts and demolition orders have been on display in your local planning department in Alpha Centauri for fifty of your Earth years, so you've had plenty of time to lodge any formal complaint and it's far too late to start making a fuss about it now." The PA fell silent again and its echo drifted off across the land. The #Quote by Douglas Adams
Banther Lodge quotes by Joseph Bruchac
#10. The best teachers have showed me that things have to be done bit by bit. Nothing that means anything happens quickly
we only think it does. The motion of drawing back a bow and sending an arrow straight into a target takes only a split second, but it is a skill many years in the making. So it is with a life, anyone's life. I may list things that might be described as my accomplishments in these few pages, but they are only shadows of the larger truth, fragments separated from the whole cycle of becoming. And if I can tell an old-time story now about a man who is walking about, waudjoset ndatlokugan, a forest lodge man, alesakamigwi udlagwedewugan, it is because I spent many years walking about myself, listening to voices that came not just from the people but from animals and trees and stones. #Quote by Joseph Bruchac
Banther Lodge quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#11. If feminism can understand the patriarchy, it's important to question why so many feminists struggle to understand whiteness as a political structure in the very same way. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by David Lodge
#12. I respect a man who can recognize a quotation. It's a dying art. #Quote by David Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Jessica Day George
#13. He dug his heels into his horse's flanks and sped down the path. He heard the others call out behind him, but he ignored them. He was sure Karl and Johan and the others would have searched the rosebush and that entire are carefully enough; there was nothing to learn there. But he wanted to get to the hunting lodge, to find Prince Grigori and punch him in the nose for losing Petunia, and then make certain that her sisters were alright. And then her would find Petunia, and he would bring her home. #Quote by Jessica Day George
Banther Lodge quotes by Ian Frazier
#14. I don't want to participate in traditional Indian religious ceremonies - dance in a sun dance or pray in a sweat lodge or go on a vision quest with the help of a medicine man. The power of these ceremonies has an appeal, but I'm content with what little religion I already have. #Quote by Ian Frazier
Banther Lodge quotes by Terri Irwin
#15. He skied Mount Bachelor. I wasn't much of a skier, so I went off to track down wildlife while he had a great time on the slopes. Meeting him at the lodge afterward, I had to head off a leggy blonde who was intent on teaching Steve how to use an American pay phone. Not the kind of wildlife I was interested in him experiencing. #Quote by Terri Irwin
Banther Lodge quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#16. The courts would say: if you don't experience racism in a same way as a black man does or sexism in a same way a white woman does then you haven't been discriminated against. I saw that as a problem of sameness and difference. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Ian Gregor
#17. t this point I would like to return to the question of the plot movement and the different narrative levels of the book. David Lodge raises a crucial issue when he asks 'how Charlotte Brontë created a literary structure in which the domestic and the mythical, the realistic world of social behaviour and the romantic world of passionate self-consciousness, could co-exist with only occasional
lapses into incongruity.' As far as the plot and setting go, however, this states the question rather misleadingly, for in fact at Thornfield there begins a progressive plot movement from realism to fantasy. By 'realism' I do not mean the predominance of the every day and commonplace, or an authorial objectivity of treatment,
but simply the use of material that the reader can accept
as existing in the ordinary world as well, or of events of a kind that might happen in it without being viewed as extraordinary. That is, things that have a face-value currency of meaning prior to any concealed meaning they may hold or suggest. Thus while Gateshead and Lowood School fit neatly into, and contribute importantly to,
the symbolic pattern of the book, they are perfectly believable places in their own right. Even the heavy-handed and obvious satire of Mr Brocklehurst and his family does not invalidate him as a credible conception. But with the beginning of the mystery of the Thornfield attic the plot starts moving away from this facevalue
actuality. #Quote by Ian Gregor
Banther Lodge quotes by Louis D. Brandeis
#18. A man is a better citizen of the United States for being also a loyal citizen of his state and of his city; for being loyal to his family and to his profession or trade; for being loyal to his college or his lodge. #Quote by Louis D. Brandeis
Banther Lodge quotes by Henry Cabot Lodge
#19. She has great problems of her own to solve, very grim and perilous problems, and a right solution, if we can attain to it, would largely benefit mankind. #Quote by Henry Cabot Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Carew Papritz
#20. These Moments Cascade Upon One Another
Here at shepherd's dusk, in a valley without echo, I listen for you. With a frayed longing, I hear your shadow voice whispering within me from far away. I grasp at what is left of this husky sun lying golden upon the upper meadows of lodge pole and bear grass. I gather the last remnants of the evening's breeze, so cool and lazy within my arms, feeling it curl up like a small and innocent kitten. And I see that behind a cloak of clouds, dalliance suits the canting moon. Suddenly I do not wish to lose another moment, And I covet all pristine light. #Quote by Carew Papritz
Banther Lodge quotes by Mark Barrowcliffe
#21. In a way, the road between Huaraz and the lodge is a metaphor for Peruvian politics. It used to be in good repair, and in some places still is. #Quote by Mark Barrowcliffe
Banther Lodge quotes by David Lodge
#22. I'm a bit of a deconstructionist myself. It's kind of exciting - the last intellectual thrill left. Like sawing through the branch you're sitting on. #Quote by David Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Suzanne Wright
#23. Long after the celebrations were over, as she was fixing him a late-night snack in her lodge - their lodge, she asked without looking at him, "Are you sure you're okay with being a member of both packs? I mean, you don't feel like you've betrayed Trey?" It would be stupid, but she could understand it.
From his seat at the kitchen table, he replied, "Hmm." He had no idea what she'd asked. Come on, did she really expect him to understand a word she said when she was strolling around in nothing but a tank top and a pair of boy shorts? It was one of the hottest things ever and gave him little peaks of that ass he loved. It didn't matter that he'd been inside her only twenty minutes ago. He could never get enough of her.
Confused by his response, she looked over her shoulder . . . and rolled her eyes. "Could you stop ogling my ass for just one second?"
"Hmm. #Quote by Suzanne Wright
Banther Lodge quotes by R.A. Lafferty
#24. Strangers may not lodge complaints till they have been in residence here for ninety days," the Cacique said, "and no stranger has ever remained with us that long." "My complaint won't hold for ninety days. I accuse you people of eating men. #Quote by R.A. Lafferty
Banther Lodge quotes by Rossiter Johnson
#25. O for a lodge in a garden of cucumbers!
O for an iceberg or two at control!
O for a vale that at midday the dew cumbers!
O for a pleasure trip up to the pole! #Quote by Rossiter Johnson
Banther Lodge quotes by Steven Rinella
#26. The remainder of the lion... was still in my freezer that spring when I happened to turn up at the Rock Creek Lodge. This bar... is regionally famous for its annual Testicle Festival, a liquor-filled carnival where ranchers, hippies, loggers, bikers, and college kids get together in September in order to get drunk, shed clothes, dance, and occasionally fight... But on this day the Testicle Festival was still a half year away, and the bar was mostly empty except for a plastic bag of hamburger buns and an electric roasting pan that was filled with chipped meat and a tangy barbecue sauce. I was well into my third sandwich... when the owner of the place came out and asked how I liked the cougar meat. ...When I left the bar, the man called after me to announce a slogan that he'd just thought of: "Rock Creek Lodge: Balls in the fall, pussy in the spring! #Quote by Steven Rinella
Banther Lodge quotes by Henry Cabot Lodge
#27. Whatever may be said as to our relations to some other countries, I think the relations of this country to Spain offer no ties of gratitude or of blood. #Quote by Henry Cabot Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#28. We don't live in a meritocracy, and to pretend that simple hard work will elevate all to success is an exercise in willful ignorance. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Reni Eddo-Lodge
#29. It [feminism] needs to recognise that disabled people aren't inherently defective, but rather that non-disabled people have failed at creating a physical world that serves all. #Quote by Reni Eddo-Lodge
Banther Lodge quotes by Holling Clancy Holling
#30. In the canoe, the Indian smiled. Once he paused in a stroke, and rested his blade. For that instant he looked like his own Paddle. There was a song in his heart. It crept to his lips, but only the water and the wind could hear.

You, Little Traveler! You made the journey, the Long Journey. You now know the things I have yet to know. You, Little Traveler! You were given a name, a true name in my father's lodge. Good Medicine, Little Traveler! You are truly a Paddle Person, a Paddle-to-the-Sea! #Quote by Holling Clancy Holling
Banther Lodge quotes by Allison Winn Scotch
#31. I press my eyes shut and will the thoughts away. But they refuse to comply, and instead, they lodge themselves in the crevasses of my brain, poking out just enough that I know they're still with me, like a tiny splinter in your baby toe that gnaws away at you with every step you take. #Quote by Allison Winn Scotch

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