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Bangtan Song quotes by Taylor Swift
#1. I can say I'd honestly rather be happy than have 30 to 40 songs that I've written about these thrilling, exciting, horrible, unhappy times. #Quote by Taylor Swift
Bangtan Song quotes by Nacole Stayton
#2. I close my eyes and let the music flow through my body like I was made for dancing to this specific song. When I open them, he is staring at me with an unmistakable yearning burning in his pupils. If there were a bedroom here, I have no doubt he would sling me over his shoulder and have his wicked way with me. #Quote by Nacole Stayton
Bangtan Song quotes by Moon Unit Zappa
#3. I'm totally convinced I can write the perfect pop song. #Quote by Moon Unit Zappa
Bangtan Song quotes by Carrie Underwood
#4. I feel like when I'm on stage, when I'm writing songs, singing songs, I'm in the studio, I'm shooting videos, I kind of get to become this character, and I can make that whatever I want to make that. #Quote by Carrie Underwood
Bangtan Song quotes by Mark Knopfler
#5. I bad a piano long before I bad a guitar, and the practice I got just playing those three chords in a basic 12-bar blues song was very important. #Quote by Mark Knopfler
Bangtan Song quotes by George R R Martin
#6. The singers make much of kings who die valiantly in battle, but your life is worth more than a song. #Quote by George R R Martin
Bangtan Song quotes by Colleen Houck
#7. I finally found him sitting on his balcony. He was leaning back against the wall with his eyes closed. Soft music played, and a cool ocean breeze blew back my hair as I stepped on to the balcony and inhaled the scent of the sea.
"May I join you?" I asked softly.
He didn't bother opening his eyes. "If you like."
The moon in the dark sky looked like a giant white plate dipping its edge into the ocean. We sat quietly for a while. I closed my eyes too and listened to him hum along in harmony with the music.
"You haven't played your guitar in a long time. I miss it," I said when the song was finished.
Ren turned away. "I fear there is no music left in me. #Quote by Colleen Houck
Bangtan Song quotes by Joseph O'Neill
#8. It used to be the case that for an Irishman to come to the U.S. involved a perilous journey on a ship. It involved singing lots of songs before you left saying goodbye, and once you were in the U.S., it involved singing lots of songs about how you were never going to set foot in Ireland again. #Quote by Joseph O'Neill
Bangtan Song quotes by Homer
#9. Lighthearted boys and girls
were harvesting the grapes in woven baskets,
while on a resonant harp a boy among them
played a tune of longing, singing low
with delicate voice a summer dirge. The others,
breaking out in song for the joy of it,
kept time together as they skipped along. #Quote by Homer
Bangtan Song quotes by Bearl Brooks
#10. What happened, man? Gerry and Ginsberg are cold, and dead, in the ground. Kesey's stoned, and out of town. We've come to the end of the brotherhood song. The children brandish knives upon each other's throats, and their loaded 45's sit snug in lunch boxes nestled safely between Oreo cookies and a ham sandwich. Where are you now, oh ancient hipsters? Raggedy Beats beat down and broken wheel raggedy wheelchairs down ghostly geriatric wards. Where are you now, oh day-glow dreamers? Have you gotten off the bus and into your Mercedes? Did you get that second mortgage, and bear your fattened little babies? Where is that girl with flowers in her hair? Where is the man with revolution in his veins? We ask ourselves "where did we go wrong?" But there is no we. There is you, and then there is I. You do what you need to survive, And I do what I must to stay alive. We stand here Bleeding, slicing each other's wrists With the icy ridges of hardened jagged hearts, Cassandra's #Quote by Bearl Brooks
Bangtan Song quotes by Glenn Tipton
#11. In my first bands I was a singing guitar player, but if you heard any of those songs you wouldn't describe me as a singer. But I can make it work. #Quote by Glenn Tipton
Bangtan Song quotes by Drake
#12. Loving you no more,
I just I can't I just can't be loving you no more,
I love you more than I love myself #Quote by Drake
Bangtan Song quotes by Aloe Blacc
#13. When I started out, I wrote the songs, recorded the songs, mastered, mixed, did the artwork, made the packaging and did the distribution, all myself. Now I understand what everyone's jobs are, who is doing them right, and who isn't. #Quote by Aloe Blacc
Bangtan Song quotes by Jayde Scott
#14. It's said people can sense their imminent death. Maybe they hear death's song in the wind. Or the earth stops turning for a second, mourning those who are yet to pass. #Quote by Jayde Scott
Bangtan Song quotes by Nelly
#15. I wasn't a kid when I came out. Soulja Boy was 16. I'm saying that when he came out he was a kid so it was naturally a show for him. It's not about the music right away. It's a show for him. Not that he's not putting enough effort into his music, but how much effort can a 16 year old put into his music because as you mature and get older even the songs he's doing now has evolved and he's looking back. #Quote by Nelly
Bangtan Song quotes by Federico Garcia Lorca
#16. Every song
is the remains
of love.

Every light
the remains
of time.
A knot
of time.

And every sigh
the remains
of a cry.

- Every Song #Quote by Federico Garcia Lorca
Bangtan Song quotes by Russell Simmons
#17. There are songs and melody that make you really happy. And there are spiritual gifts that you have - giving these gifts away sometimes gives you that feeling of inspiration. These seconds of awareness make you realize that any second can be your favorite one, and it really is up to you. #Quote by Russell Simmons
Bangtan Song quotes by Melanie Gideon
#18. Me: I can have the weather delivered every morning to my phone by What could be better?

101: Getting caught in the rain?

"I can't beleive it. The nerve of him. The Pina Colada song?" I shriek.
"My God, that's clever," says Bunny. "I guess he was tired of his lady; they'd been together too long." She winks at me and I scowl back at her. #Quote by Melanie Gideon
Bangtan Song quotes by Matt Smith
#19. We didn't start Theocracy because we wanted to be cool like so-and-so and make money. Our songs aren't trendy, and our lyrics hopefully make people think about certain concepts in a new way. #Quote by Matt Smith
Bangtan Song quotes by Paul Simon
#20. Just slip out the back, Jack, make a new plan, Stan, you don't need to be coy, Roy, just get yourself free. Hop on the bus, Gus, you don't need to discuss much, just drop off the key, Lee, and get yourself free. #Quote by Paul Simon
Bangtan Song quotes by Richard Thompson
#21. I think it's absolutely possible to write a song and go somewhere where no one's been before, uncharted territory. In terms of content, I see limitations where there should be none. I know there are things I wouldn't write about, but that shouldn't be the case. You should be able to make a song out of anything, out of any situation. #Quote by Richard Thompson
Bangtan Song quotes by Quintilian
#22. Men, even when alone, lighten their labors by song, however rude it may be. #Quote by Quintilian
Bangtan Song quotes by Sarah Dessen
#23. Whether it was a song, a person, or a story, there was a lot you couldn't know from just an excerpt, a glance, or part of a chorus. #Quote by Sarah Dessen
Bangtan Song quotes by Alan Jackson
#24. 'After 17' is a song I wrote when my first daughter went to college, so that's kind of where I'm at in that part of my life. If you listen to that song and knew anything about me, you'd say, 'Oh yeah, he wrote that about his daughter,' but I try not to write them that they are so specific that they wouldn't apply to anybody that has a child. #Quote by Alan Jackson
Bangtan Song quotes by Jon Bon Jovi
#25. I try to explain that to my kids - the experience of going to a record store, flipping through racks and finding that album cover that intrigues you - but my kids don't want to know about it. They download the one song on the album they like, and pay their 99 cents. #Quote by Jon Bon Jovi
Bangtan Song quotes by Ruth Brown
#26. There was a time we decided that it was songs that were done especially from my background because of the things we were dealing with, but nowadays, anybody who has a need, and can find the need, they can sing the blues. #Quote by Ruth Brown
Bangtan Song quotes by Brom
#27. Peter stood, cleared his throat, and began to hum softly, then sing, slowly building up the song as his voice cleared. He found the old tune, the song of the Sunbird. And as he sung, as his rich voice echoed off the tall cliffs, the birds and the faeries lent him their voice and soon the tune drifted throughtout the garden. #Quote by Brom
Bangtan Song quotes by John Mayer
#28. I love you more than songs can say, but I can't keep running after yesterday ... #Quote by John Mayer
Bangtan Song quotes by Michael Collier
#29. The poems in Helena Mesa's virtuosic first book, Horse Dance Underwater, run with such speed, verve, and alacrity they leave you breathless, exhilarated, and transformed as if the purest kind of song had lifted you into the air. By this quickness of language finding lyric speech, Mesa's poems remind us of art's joyous and ecstatic effects. #Quote by Michael Collier
Bangtan Song quotes by Sting
#30. The alley is a pitch for about twenty women leaning in doorways, chain-smoking. In their shiny open raincoats, short skirts, cheap boots, and high-heeled shoes they watch the street with hooded eyes, like spies in a B movie. Some are young and pretty, and some are older, and some of them are very old, with facial expressions ranging from sullen to wry. Most of the commerce is centred on the slightly older women, as if the majority of the clients prefer experience and worldliness. The younger, prettier girls seem to do the least business, apparent innocence being only a minority preference, much as it is for the aging crones in the alley who seem as if they've been standing there for a thousand years.

In the dingy foyer of the hotel is an old poster from La Comédie Française, sadly peeling from the all behind the desk. Cyrano de Bergerac, it proclaims, a play by Edmond Rostand. I will stand for a few moments to take in its fading gaiety. It is a laughing portrait of a man with an enormous nose and a plumed hat. He is a tragic clown whose misfortune is his honour. He is a man entrusted with a secret; an eloquent and dazzling wit who, having successfully wooed a beautiful woman on behalf of a friend cannot reveal himself as the true author when his friend dies. He is a man who loves but is not loved, and the woman he loves but cannot reach is called Roxanne.

That night I will go to my room and write a song about a girl. I will call her Roxanne. I will conju #Quote by Sting
Bangtan Song quotes by Brian Fallon
#31. I don't want to tell what the songs are about for me, because then people can't decide for themselves, which is why I write; it's for you to find your own meaning in. For me it's my story, for someone else it's theirs; if I tell exactly what it means, then it's only my story. #Quote by Brian Fallon
Bangtan Song quotes by Ralph P. Martin
#32. The Christian church was born in song. #Quote by Ralph P. Martin
Bangtan Song quotes by Mike Ericksen
#33. It seemed so simple in a lot of ways, to use a basic melody to pull away from myself. To ease the pain and hide my feelings deep within a metaphor that only I understood. I couldn't have foreseen that my quiet and dark night of the soul would start me down a path of expression through song. #Quote by Mike Ericksen
Bangtan Song quotes by Tara Sivec
#34. This was never supposed to happen. Sleeping with Tyler was supposed to be a one-time thing – a means of scratching an itch and quelling the boredom that has consumed my life lately. The first time we had sex and he sang the theme song from My Little Pony while he went down on me should have sent me running for the hills like my ass was on fire. He's immature, he constantly pisses me off and he's twenty-five years old and can't hold a job to save his life. But dammit, sex with Tyler was the biggest high I've ever had in my life. It's Official: I am clinically insane. #Quote by Tara Sivec
Bangtan Song quotes by Jessica Hopper
#35. Us girls deserve more than one song. We deserve more than one pledge of solidarity. We deserve better songs than any boy will ever write about us. #Quote by Jessica Hopper
Bangtan Song quotes by Oliver Wendell Holmes
#36. The sea drowns out humanity and time. It has no sympathy with either, for it belongs to eternity; and of that it sings its monotonous song forever and ever. #Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes
Bangtan Song quotes by Colbie Caillat
#37. A great song should lift your heart, warm the soul and make you feel good. #Quote by Colbie Caillat
Bangtan Song quotes by Shel Silverstein
#38. It was missing a piece.
And it was not happy.
So it set off in search
of its missing piece.
And as it rolled
it sang this song - Oh I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
I'm lookin' for my missin' piece
Hi-dee-ho, here I go,
Lookin' for my missin' piece. #Quote by Shel Silverstein

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