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Balido In English quotes by Ken Follett
#1. A German attack on Russia's ally France would, in reality, be defensive - but the English talked as if Germany was trying to dominate Europe. #Quote by Ken Follett
Balido In English quotes by Tod Machover
#2. The English learned, in my view, how to use harmony much earlier than the French or the Italians, or the Germans. #Quote by Tod Machover
Balido In English quotes by Javier Marias
#3. They had to pretend because our high-ranking politician knew not a word of English (well, when he said goodbye he did risk a "Good luck") and the high-ranking British politician knew not a word of Spanish (although she did say "Buen dίa" to me as she gave me an iron handshake). So while the former was mumbling gibberish in Spanish, inaudible to cameras and photographers, all the time keeping a broad smile trained on his guest, as if he were regaling her with interesting banter (what he said was not, however, inaudible to me: I seem to remember that he kept repeating "One, two, three, four, five, what a lovely time we're going to have"). The latter was muttering nonsense in her own language, and smiling even more broadly than him ("Cheese," she kept saying, which is what all English people being photographed are told to say, and then various untranslatable onomatopoeic words such as "Tweedle tweedle, biddle diddle, twit and fiddle, tweedle twang"). #Quote by Javier Marias
Balido In English quotes by George Orwell
#4. In a lending library you see people's real tastes, not their pretended ones, and one thing that strikes you is how completely the 'classical' English novelists have dropped out of favour. It is simply useless to put Dickens, Thackeray, Jane Austen, Trollope, etc. into the ordinary lending library; nobody takes them out. At the mere sight of a nineteenth-century novel people say, 'Oh, but that's OLD!' and shy away immediately. Yet it is always fairly easy to SELL Dickens, just as it is always easy to sell Shakespeare. Dickens is one of those authors whom people are 'always meaning to' read, #Quote by George Orwell
Balido In English quotes by Tessa Dare
#5. He put his hand on a waist-high bit of wall, and a chunk of stone immediately shook loose. It landed on his boot, crushing his great toe. Logan kicked it aside and ground out a curse.
He turned in time to see Rabbie extending an open palm in Callum's direction. "I'll take my payment now."
Callum resentfully dug a coin from his sporran and placed it in Rabbie's hand.
Logan had had enough of their mysterious chatter. "Explain yourselves."
"I'm just settling a wager with Callum," Rabbie said.
"What kind of bet?" he demanded.
"As to whether you bedded your wee little English bride on the wedding night." Rabbie grinned. "I said no. I won."
Damn. Was his frustration that obvious?
Logan thought of the way he'd just cursed at a rock.
Yes, it probably was.
-Rabbie, Callum, & Logan #Quote by Tessa Dare
Balido In English quotes by Alex Cox
#6. Shakespeare, who is probably the greatest writer and poet of the English language, lived in a time that was politically very conservative and it's reflected in his writings. #Quote by Alex Cox
Balido In English quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
#7. He was a noisy robust little man with a gleam of real talent concealed in the messy obscurity of his verse. But because he did his best to shock people with his monstrous mass of otiose words (he was the inventor of the "submental grunt" as he called it), his main output seems now so nugatory, so false, so old-fashioned (super-modern things have a queer knack of dating much faster than others) that his true value is only remembered by a few scholars who admire the magnificent translations of English poems made by him at the very outset of his literary career, - #Quote by Vladimir Nabokov
Balido In English quotes by E.L. Doctorow
#8. So the Trustees of Ohio State were right in 1956 when they canned the English instructor for assigning Catcher in the Rye to his freshman class. They knew there is no qualitative difference between the kid who thinks it's funny to fart in chapel, and Che Guevara. They knew then Holden Caulfield would found SDS. #Quote by E.L. Doctorow
Balido In English quotes by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
#9. Let our voices be heard in all of our languages. Not just English. I am an American and I speak Spanish and English. #Quote by Dahlma Llanos-Figueroa
Balido In English quotes by Anonymous
#10. They have been taught to labor," the Chicago Tribune editorialized in 1891. "They have been taught Christian civilization, and to speak the noble English language instead of some African gibberish. The account is square with the ex-slaves. #Quote by Anonymous
Balido In English quotes by Stephen E. Flowers
#11. For the history of left-hand-path ideas, the all-important figure of Odin underwent a radical, yet predictable, splitting of image. He was - like all the other gods - portrayed as the epitome of evil. In parts of Germany, the speaking of his name was forbidden. It is for this reason that the modern German name for the day of the week usually called after him was renamed Mittwoch, "Mid-Week," while Thor (German Donar) keeps his weekday name, Donnerstag. The original name survives in some German dialects as Wodenestag or Godensdach.28 However, even after Christian conversion he still retained his patronage over the ruling elite. All the Anglo-Saxon kings continued to claim descent from Woden,29 and in the English language he retains his weekday name, Wednesday (Woden's day). #Quote by Stephen E. Flowers
Balido In English quotes by Russell D. Moore
#12. The child with Down syndrome on the fifth row from the back in your church, he's not a "ministry project." He's a future king of the universe. The immigrant woman who scrubs toilets every day on hands and knees, and can barely speak enough English to sing along with your praise choruses, she's not a problem to be solved. She's a future queen of the cosmos, a joint-heir with Christ. #Quote by Russell D. Moore
Balido In English quotes by Bill Bryson
#13. The English team's revisions showed that the Cambrian had been a time of unparalleled innovation and experimentation in body designs. For almost four billion years life had dawdled along without any detectable ambitions in the direction of complexity, and then suddenly, in the space of just five or ten million years, it had created all the basic body designs still in use today. Name a creature, from a nematode worm to Cameron Diaz, and they all use architecture first created in the Cambrian party. #Quote by Bill Bryson
Balido In English quotes by Letty Cottin Pogrebin
#14. In the supposedly enlightened eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, parental indifference, child neglect, and raw cruelty appearedamong Europeans of all classes ... In mid-nineteenth- century France, families abandoned their children at the rate of thirty-three thousand a year ... It took sixty years after the criminalization of cruelty to animals for cruelty to children to be made punishable under English law ... Industrialized America added brutalizing child labor to the oppressions of the young. #Quote by Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Balido In English quotes by N.D. Wilson
#15. Frank sniffed. 'You know me well, wife. I thought those were in the
'They were. You should have been an English teacher, Frank.'
'What are we going to do?' Henry asked.
'We're going to build a wooden horse, stick you inside it, and offer
it up as a gift,' Frank answered.
'Burn your bridges when you come to them,' Dotty said. She smiled at
Frank, picked up the empty plates, and walked back into the kitchen.
'Can we watch?' Henrietta asked.
'You,' Frank said, 'can go play in the barn, the yard, the fields, or
the ditches, so long as you are nowhere near the action. C'mon, Henry.'
The girls moaned and complained while Henry followed his uncle up the
stairs. At the top, they walked all the way around the landing until
they faced the very old, very wooden door to Grandfather's bedroom.
Uncle Frank set down his tools.
'Today is the day, Henry. I can feel it. I never told your aunt this,
but my favorite book's in there. I was reading it to your Grandfather
near the end. It's been due back at the library for awhile now, and
it'd be nice to be able to check something else out. #Quote by N.D. Wilson
Balido In English quotes by Fred Savage
#16. I am an English major in school with an emphasis in creative writing. I think hearing Maya Angelou speak at school last year was one of the best moments Stanford, at least, intellectually, had to offer. #Quote by Fred Savage
Balido In English quotes by Edmund White
#17. When I was living in Paris in the '80s, I used to go out with an American model who couldn't speak French. But suddenly everyone could speak English because he was so cute. #Quote by Edmund White
Balido In English quotes by Farley Granger
#18. Barbara and I had arrived early, so I got to admire everyone's entrance. We were seated at tables around a dance floor that had been set up on the lawn behind the house. Barbara and I shared a table with Deborah Kerr and her husband. Deborah, a lovely English redhead, had been brought to Hollywood to play opposite Clark Gable in The Hucksters. Louis B. Mayer needed a cool, refined beauty to replace the enormously popular redhead, Greer Garson, who had married a wealthy oil magnate and retired from the screen in the mid-fifties. Deborah, like her predecessor, had an ultra-ladylike air about her that was misleading. In fact, she was quick, sharp, and very funny. She and Barbara got along like old school chums. Jimmy Stewart was also there with his wife. It was the first time I'd seen him since we'd worked for Hitchcock. It was a treat talking to him, and I felt closer to him than I ever did on the set of Rope. He was so genuinely happy for my success in Strangers on a Train that I was quite moved. Clark Gable arrived late, and it was a star entrance to remember. He stopped for a moment at the top of the steps that led down to the garden. He was alone, tanned, and wearing a white suit. He radiated charisma. He really was the King. The party was elegant. Hot Polynesian hors d'oeuvres were passed around during drinks. Dinner was very French, with consommé madrilène as a first course followed by cold poached salmon and asparagus hollandaise. During dessert, a lemon soufflé, and cof #Quote by Farley Granger
Balido In English quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#19. My brother, being an English gentleman, possesses a library in all his houses, though he never opens a book. This is called fidelity to ancient tradition. #Quote by Dorothy L. Sayers
Balido In English quotes by George Carlin
#20. All messages from Satan are played forward and are in standard American English. #Quote by George Carlin
Balido In English quotes by Maria Semple
#21. When I graduated high school, I was one of many English-majors-to-be traveling through Europe with a copy of 'Let's Go Europe' in one hand, 'Anna Karenina' in the other, a Eurail pass for a bookmark. #Quote by Maria Semple
Balido In English quotes by Alan Turing
#22. We may hope that machines will eventually compete with men in all purely intellectual fields. #Quote by Alan Turing
Balido In English quotes by John McGahern
#23. Everything that we inherit, the rain, the skies, the speech, and anybody who works in the English language in Ireland knows that there's the dead ghost of Gaelic in the language we use and listen to and that those things will reflect our Irish identity. #Quote by John McGahern
Balido In English quotes by Simone Elkeles
#24. Don't think, muñeca. Everything will work itself out."
"No buts. Trust me." My mouth closes over hers. The smell of rain and cookies eases my nerves.
My hand braces the small of her back. Her hands grip my soaked shoulders, urging me on. My hands slide under her shirt, and my fingers trace her belly button.
"Come to me," I say, then lift her until she's straddling me over my bike.
I can't stop kissing her. I whisper how good she feels to me, mixing Spanish and English with every sentence. I move my lips down her neck and linger there until she leans back and lets me take her shirt off. I can make her forget about the bad stuff. When we're together like this, hell, I can't think of anything else but her.
"I'm losing control," she admits, biting her lower lip. I love those lips.
"Mamacita, I've already lost it," I say, grinding against her so she knows exactly how much control I've lost.
She moves her hips in a slow rhythm against me, an invitation I don't deserve. My fingertips graze her mouth. She kisses them before I slowly slide my hand down her chin to her neck and in between her breasts.
She catches my hand. "I don't want to stop, Alex."
I cover her body with mine.
I can easily take her. Hell, she's asking for it. But God help me if I don't grow a conscience.
It's that loco bet I made with Lucky. And what my mom said about how easy it is to get a girl pregnant.
When I made the bet, I had no feelings #Quote by Simone Elkeles
Balido In English quotes by Tessa Dare
#25. Because I'm good at it," he said, sounding agitated now. "I am bloody great at it. And I was never good at anything. Because it's the one place where I know that my success is mine, and my failure, too. In the ring, I might be facing an Irish dock laborer or an English tanner or an American freedman. When the bell rings, none of it matters worth a damn. It's only me. My strength, my heart, my wits, my fists. Nothing I was given, nothing I took. I fight because it tells me who I am. #Quote by Tessa Dare
Balido In English quotes by Susanna Clarke
#26. You must learn to live as I do - in the face of constant criticism, opposition and censure. That, sir, is the English way. #Quote by Susanna Clarke
Balido In English quotes by Chittaranjan Das
#27. In the days of Ram Mohan Roy when English education was introduced in this country, the Mahomedans did not accept it ... They did not accept English education and at the same time they were divorced from the culture which their fathers had advanced. The result was that whereas the Hindus got on in life, got into government employment, got many things which people value in life, the Mahomedans were left without it and gradually there came to be a sort of estrangement between the two nationalities at the time of the Swadeshi movement. #Quote by Chittaranjan Das
Balido In English quotes by Julia Glass
#28. Nothing teaches great writing like the very best books do. Yet, good teachers often help students cross that bridge, and I have to say that I had a few extraordinary English teachers in high school whom I still credit for their guidance. #Quote by Julia Glass
Balido In English quotes by Jack London
#29. Who are you, Martin Eden? he demanded of himself in the looking-
glass, that night when he got back to his room. He gazed at
himself long and curiously. Who are you? What are you? Where do
you belong? You belong by rights to girls like Lizzie Connolly.
You belong with the legions of toil, with all that is low, and
vulgar, and unbeautiful. You belong with the oxen and the drudges,
in dirty surroundings among smells and stenches. There are the
stale vegetables now. Those potatoes are rotting. Smell them,
damn you, smell them. And yet you dare to open the books, to
listen to beautiful music, to learn to love beautiful paintings, to
speak good English, to think thoughts that none of your own kind
thinks, to tear yourself away from the oxen and the Lizzie
Connollys and to love a pale spirit of a woman who is a million
miles beyond you and who lives in the stars! Who are you? and what
are you? damn you! And are you going to make good? #Quote by Jack London
Balido In English quotes by Doctorow
#30. Grandfather's stories proposed to him that the forms of life were volatile and that everything in the world could as easily be something else. The old man's narrative would often drift from English to Latin without his being aware of it, as if he were reading to one of his classes of forty years before, so that it appeared nothing was immune to the principle of volatility, not even language. #Quote by Doctorow
Balido In English quotes by Evan Parker
#31. Actually John, Paul Rutherford, and Trevor Watts, and several other rather well known English jazz musicians had got their training by joining the Air Force, which was a pretty standard way for people to get some kind of musical education in those days. #Quote by Evan Parker
Balido In English quotes by Randy Lerner
#32. I have come to know well that fates are fickle in the business of English football. And I feel that I have pushed mine well past the limit. #Quote by Randy Lerner
Balido In English quotes by Edsger Dijkstra
#33. In passing I draw attention to another English expression which often occurs in Dutch texts: "the real world". In Dutch - and I am afraid not in Dutch alone - its usage is almost always a symptom of a violent anti-intellectualism. #Quote by Edsger Dijkstra
Balido In English quotes by Raymond Arroyo
#34. 'No' is the second shortest word in the English language, but one of the hardest to say. #Quote by Raymond Arroyo
Balido In English quotes by Jessica Mitford
#35. Growing up in the English countryside seemed an interminable process. Freezing winter gave way to frosty spring, which in turn merged into chilly summer-but nothing ever, ever happened. #Quote by Jessica Mitford
Balido In English quotes by Miranda Emmerson
#36. My uncle read me Omar Khayyam. In Arabic. Not Turkish or even English. I tried so hard to understand it. I would ask him what it all meant but he always said the pleasure was in the finding out... the discovery. He said you can keep some poems by you your whole life and they will only reveal parts of themselves to you when you are ready to hear them. (Ottmar) #Quote by Miranda Emmerson
Balido In English quotes by John Vaillant
#37. In the 1970s, after the Damansky Island clashes, a joke began circulating: 'Optimists study English; pessimists study Chinese; and realists learn to use a Kalashnikov. #Quote by John Vaillant
Balido In English quotes by Louis Begley
#38. I think I am less self-assured when I write English than I would be if I were writing in my first language. I have to test each sentence over and over to be sure that it's right, that I haven't introduced some element that isn't English. #Quote by Louis Begley

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