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Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#1. Wikipedia is so dangerous. #Quote by Lois McMaster Bujold
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Tiffany Reisz
#2. Wikipedia…" Jamison began, his voice dripping with disgust, "is not a resource for researching one's moral quandaries. It is pornography for pseudo-intellectuals." ~Gauze #Quote by Tiffany Reisz
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Chris Riddell
#3. There are loads of fan sites for the 'Edge,' including deviant art, song lyrics using 'Edge' language, multiple entries on Wikipedia, there are even some 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?' games all about the 'Edge.' #Quote by Chris Riddell
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Vir Das
#4. I've been reading a lot of books on history, and watching a lot of educational TV. Wikipedia too, even though it is not reliable. #Quote by Vir Das
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by David Hontiveros
#5. To Vic and other kids his age, the past didn't exist except as a quick, oversimplified Wikipedia snippets, that ultimately didn't matter because they weren't now.

Dolores wonders if that is all she really is, a little piece of now, relentlessly pushed forward by time, trying desperately to look back over her shoulder to see what the past could possibly tell her, but caught in a rush that refused to stand still long enough for her to hear what it had to say. #Quote by David Hontiveros
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#6. Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky (November 11 [O.S. October 30] 1821 – February 9 [O.S. January 28] 1881) is considered one of two greatest prose writers of Russian literature, alongside close contemporary Leo Tolstoy. Dostoevsky's works have had a profound and lasting effect on twentieth-century thought and world literature. Dostoevsky's chief ouevre, mainly novels, explore the human psychology in the disturbing political, social and spiritual context of his 19th-century Russian society. Considered by many as a founder or precursor of 20th-century existentialism, his Notes from Underground (1864), written in the anonymous, embittered voice of the Underground Man, is considered by Walter Kaufmann as the "best overture for existentialism ever written." Source: Wikipedia #Quote by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Jose Antonio Vargas
#7. The more successful I got, the more scared I got. My name was all over Google. I had a Wikipedia page I was terrified to look at. And so I just snapped. I thought, 'If I'm going to come out with this, I'm going to do it in a big way. And not just for myself. This can't just be my story.' #Quote by Jose Antonio Vargas
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Gina Bellman
#8. Many American TV actors employ agents, managers, business managers, publicists and stylists, and are now adding digital media manager to the list. Their job is to reach out to the fans, managing websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook and Wikipedia. #Quote by Gina Bellman
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Ezra Klein
#9. I think it's weird that the news cedes so much ground to Wikipedia. That isn't true in other informational sectors. #Quote by Ezra Klein
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Clay Shirky
#10. Wikipedia is forcing people to accept the stone-cold bummer that knowledge is produced and constructed by argument rather than by divine inspiration. #Quote by Clay Shirky
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Lauren Beukes
#11. you're deluding yourself that you have some deep spiritual connection, like you didn't just read it on Wikipedia. There's a difference between tradition and culture. #Quote by Lauren Beukes
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Nick Kroll
#12. I guess there should be somewhere on the Internet that feels like a source of sacred truth. But Wikipedia sure isn't it. #Quote by Nick Kroll
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Wolfgang Schauble
#13. History shows us a lot of things. It shows why the Lord's Prayer includes the supplication: "And lead us not into temptation." In my day, dissertations were still written by hand, or drummed out with a typewriter. In the past, you had to round up the literature, find the books and find the passages. Nowadays you click on Wikipedia or Google and you have everything you need. This probably makes it more difficult to resist temptation. #Quote by Wolfgang Schauble
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Clay Shirky
#14. We have lived in this world where little things are done for love and big things for money. Now we have Wikipedia. Suddenly big things can be done for love. #Quote by Clay Shirky
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Kim Dotcom
#15. It's things like Wikipedia that help us to advance as a society and help us to accelerate our evolution. If you're a researcher and you need some answer to something, and in today's world you can find it this quickly, it allows you to develop whatever you are doing much faster. #Quote by Kim Dotcom
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#16. I get so sick and tired of Wikipedia. People write their own crap on there. #Quote by Larry The Cable Guy
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Walter Isaacson
#17. Such a leader knows how to empower groups to self-organize. When it's done right, a governance structure by consensus naturally emerges, as happened both with Linux and Wikipedia. "What astonishes so many people is that the open source model actually works," Torvalds said. "People know who has been active and who they can trust, and it just happens. #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#18. TV ushered in the age of postliteracy. And we have gone so far beyond that. I mean, what with the Internet and Google and Wikipedia. We have entered the age of post-intelligence. #Quote by P. J. O'Rourke
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Mike Barnicle
#19. We have more tools at hand, literally, to make life easier and more productive than ever. We have Google, Wikipedia, iPads, iPhones, iTunes, YouTube, Netflix, and 600 cable channels. We can shop, pay bills, order food, and get nearly everything delivered, all of it with the touch of a finger on a device in the palm of our hand. #Quote by Mike Barnicle
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Jaron Lanier
#20. Individual web pages as they first appeared in the early 1990s had the flavour of person-hood. MySpace preserved some of that flavour, though a process of regularized formatting had begun. Facebook went further, organizing people into multiple-choice identities while Wikipedia seeks to erase point of view entirely. If a church or government were doing these things, it would feel authoritarian, but when technologists are the culprits, we seem hip, fresh, and inventive. People accept ideas presented in technological form that would be abhorrent in any other forms #Quote by Jaron Lanier
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Jimmy Wales
#21. I have always viewed the mission of Wikipedia to be much bigger than just creating a killer website. We're doing that of course, and having a lot of fun doing it, but a big part of what motivates us is our larger mission to affect the world in a positive way. #Quote by Jimmy Wales
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#22. Capitalism did not defeat communism because capitalism was more ethical, because individual liberties are sacred or because God was angry with the heathen communists. Rather, capitalism won the Cold War because distributed data processing works better than centralised data processing, at least in periods of accelerating technological changes. The central committee of the Communist Party just could not deal with the rapidly changing world of the late twentieth century. When all data is accumulated in one secret bunker, and all important decisions are taken by a group of elderly apparatchiks, you can produce nuclear bombs by the cartload, but you won't get an Apple or a Wikipedia. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by R. K. Milholland
#23. I barely trust established sources of information. I have a hard time finding [Wikipedia], an encyclopedia that anyone can alter, to be a safe way to learn about anything except how many idiots think their opinions are a suitable substitute for facts. #Quote by R. K. Milholland
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Evgeny Morozov
#24. For all its shortcomings, Wikipedia does have strong governance and deliberative mechanisms; anyone who has ever followed discussions on Wikipedia's mailing lists will confirm that its moderators and administrators openly discuss controversial issues on a regular basis. #Quote by Evgeny Morozov
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Bonnie Badenoch
#25. Since we began with a felt sense of safety this day, several neural streams are initially supporting the renewal of our connection.

In our midbrain, the energies of the SEEKING system are animating the CARE system, which can both foster the good feelings between us and support offers of repair should we have a rupture (Panksepp & Biven, 2012).

Once in connection, our ventral vagal parasympathetic system is affecting the prosody of our voices, our facial mobility, and the attentiveness of our listening, maintaining social engagement (Porges, 2011). Since ventral lateralizes to the right hemisphere, we more easily stay rooted in the right-centric way of attending that keeps us in connection with this moment and with each other (McGilchrist, 2009).

In this intimacy, our brains are coupling in many regions, so there is an experience of social emotional engagement and embodied communication as we become a single system in two bodies (Hasson, 2010).

Because we are trustworthy partners in this healing process, social baseline theory tells us that our amygdalae are calming just because we are together (Beckes & Coan, 2011).

All of this is happening without doing anything, even without saying anything, in microseconds below conscious awareness because of the safe space we have cultivated over time.

We can more clearly understand why Porges says, "Safety IS the treatment". #Quote by Bonnie Badenoch
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Zachary Crosby
#26. Lennon had a good point when he said that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus, the Beatles have a longer Wikipedia page. #Quote by Zachary Crosby
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Umberto Eco
#27. The cultivated person's first duty is to be always prepared to rewrite the encyclopedia. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by James Gleick
#28. It is seldom right to say that anything is true 'according to Google.' Google is the oracle of redirection. Go there for 'hamadryad,' and it points you to Wikipedia. Or the Free Online Dictionary. Or the Official Hamadryad Web Site (it's a rock band, too, wouldn't you know). #Quote by James Gleick
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Bonnie Badenoch
#29. Through mirror neurons and resonance circuitry, we are taking in each other's bodily state, feelings and intention in each emerging moment (Iacoboni, 2009).

This gives us an approximate empathic sense of what is happening in the other person, but it is important to be aware that the information is also being filtered through our implicit lens.

This filtering colors our perceptions and pretty much guarantees there will be ruptures that invite repairs, as our offers of empathy will sometimes not reflect what the other person is experiencing. #Quote by Bonnie Badenoch
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Matt Mullenweg
#30. If you think of the ideas of open source applied to information in an encyclopedia, you get to Wikipedia - lots and lots of small contributions that bubble up to something that's meaningful. #Quote by Matt Mullenweg
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Simon Rich
#31. Most of my work is, I get an idea, and, with the help of Wikipedia, I can write. I don't have to leave my apartment. #Quote by Simon Rich
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by H.G.Wells
#32. Herbert George Wells, better known as H. G. Wells, was an English writer best known for such science fiction novels as The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds, The Invisible Man and The Island of Doctor Moreau. He was a prolific writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and produced works in many different genres, including contemporary novels, history, and social commentary. He was also an outspoken socialist. His later works become increasingly political and didactic, and only his early science fiction novels are widely read today. Wells, along with Hugo Gernsback and Jules Verne, is sometimes referred to as "The Father of Science Fiction". Source: Wikipedia #Quote by H.G.Wells
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Megan Smith
#33. I think open source is an evolutionary idea for humanity, this idea of transparency. It played out for us in the technology world, but it also played out with the idea of a truth and reconciliation commission and Wikipedia. #Quote by Megan Smith
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Wael Ghonim
#34. Our revolution is like Wikipedia, okay? Everyone is contributing content, [but] you don't know the names of the people contributing the content. This is exactly what happened. Revolution 2.0 in Egypt was exactly the same. Everyone is contributing small pieces, bits and pieces. We drew this whole picture of a revolution. And no one is the hero in that picture. #Quote by Wael Ghonim
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Stephen Colbert
#35. In the media age, everybody was famous for 15 minutes. In the Wikipedia age, everybody can be an expert in five minutes. Special bonus: You can edit your own entry to make yourself seem even smarter. #Quote by Stephen Colbert
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Edgar Wright
#36. There are things that are about the entire genre, so it's weird when you look on Wikipedia and people say, "The scene where Angel grabs his fist is from Superman II," and you're thinking, "Ummm, no it's not." Or, "There's a shot from Matrix Revolutions." I'm thinking, "I've only seen Matrix Revolutions once, and will never watch it ever again." #Quote by Edgar Wright
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Zoe Sugg
#37. I gave him the name Wiki, because his brain seems to contain as much knowledge as Wikipedia, whereas my revision notes disappear from my memory as fast as a Snapchat. #Quote by Zoe Sugg
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Ben Brooks
#38. Following the emergence of leaked information regarding Alice Calloway, Etgar Allison has suffered considerable loss motivation, energy and interest in his usual pursuits (Wikipedia, YouTube, Kurt Vonnegut). He has been seen to spend long periods of time staring at inanimate objects and will occasionally stop whatever he is doing to lie face down on the floor and sing "One Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton (a song he has described as "all that's left"). In an official statement given earlier today, he described bed as "better that sex" and Alice Calloway as "the horriblest bitch I know". #Quote by Ben Brooks
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by George Ritzer
#39. What defines Web 2.0 is the fact that the material on it is generated by the users (consumers) rather than the producers of the system. Thus, those who operate on Web 2.0 can be called prosumers because they simultaneously produce what they consume such as the interaction on Facebook and the entries on Wikipedia. #Quote by George Ritzer
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Tom Black
#40. Osborne paused. "There is... something else."

Clegg sighed.


"Your Wikipedia page."

"What? My-"

"It says you're Prime Minister now."

"Well, it was news to me that I'm not, I can't-"

"Was it one of your staff?"

Silence fell heavily on the room. Clegg tilted his head to one side.

"Are you... what are you..." he began.

"I'm asking because if it was, it could be... serious."

Another pause. This time, Clegg couldn't help but smile in disbelief.

"Are you going to accuse my staff of a constitutional coup for editing Wikipedia? #Quote by Tom Black
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by James Gleick
#41. Alphabetical order had to be invented to help people organize the first dictionaries. On the other hand, we may have reached a point where alphabetical order has gone obsolete. Wikipedia is ostensibly in alphabetical order, but, when you think about it, it's not in any order at all. You use a search engine to get into it. #Quote by James Gleick
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by John Scalzi
#42. For all we know, this" - he scrolled up on the phone screen to find a label - "this Wikipedia information database here is compiled by complete idiots. #Quote by John Scalzi
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Viswanathan Anand
#43. The Internet gives you access to a lot of material, and it's fun to sit and read. I go to something like Wikipedia and look at different topics ... I find the subject fascinating. I like to read about concepts and mathematicians. #Quote by Viswanathan Anand
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Christy Leigh Stewart
#44. This semester has born in me the flame of hope to one day become a leader in the modern feminist movement. I can and will be the force that blows new life into it, giving a face and name to associate with instead of those women now who's names I don't know because they weren't listed on Wikipedia. #Quote by Christy Leigh Stewart
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Graham Moore
#45. A lot of biopics to me feel very much like someone is standing in front of the camera and is reading a Wikipedia page to you, like someone is reciting event. Did you know this happened? Did you know that happened? But Alan Turing's life deserved a sort of passionate film, and an exciting film. #Quote by Graham Moore
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Alan Alda
#46. I still don't like the word agnostic. It's too fancy. I'm simply not a believer. But, as simple as this notion is, it confuses some people. Someone wrote a Wikipedia entry about me, identifying me as an atheist because I'd said in a book I wrote that I wasn't a believer. I guess in a world uncomfortable with uncertainty, an unbeliever must be an atheist, and possibly an infidel. This gets us back to that most pressing of human questions: why do people worry so much about other people's holding beliefs other than their own? #Quote by Alan Alda
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Tim O'Reilly
#47. Collective intelligence. Think of how Wikipedia works, how Amazon harnesses user annotation on its site, the way photo-sharing sites like Flickr are bleeding out into other applications ... We're entering an era in which software learns from its users and all of the users are connected. #Quote by Tim O'Reilly
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Larry Sanger
#48. Wikipedia will be small, disreputable, and unimportant compared to CZ in a few more years. Uh, ;-) #Quote by Larry Sanger
Badenoch Wikipedia quotes by Jarod Kintz
#49. I'm like Mary Annette, but I'm not a marionette. Who's Mary Annette? The first woman of color to be elected to Phi Beta Kappa. What color was she? Wikipedia didn't have a picture, so probably either blue or green - let's just call it turquoise. #Quote by Jarod Kintz

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