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Bad Night quotes by Neal Stephenson
#1. Like a horseman who reins in a wild stallion that has borne him, will he, nill he, across several counties; or a ship's captain who, after scudding before a gale through a bad night, hoists sail, and gets underway once more, navigating through unfamiliar seas- thus Dr. Daniel Waterhouse, anno domini 1685, watching King Charles II die at Whitehall Palace. #Quote by Neal Stephenson
Bad Night quotes by Elizabeth Goudge
#2. Meanwhile Canon Leigh in his study did not know what on earth he ought to do; and when he remembered that he had four daughters who each of them might have five love affairs, making twenty all told, before he got them safely steered into the harbor of matrimony
though even then there might be upsets in the harbor
he came out in a cold sweat. He spent a bad night and in the cold light of dawn sat down and penned a note to Mistress Flowerdew, asking that he might wait upon her and receive her inestimable advice upon a matter of overwhelming importance. #Quote by Elizabeth Goudge
Bad Night quotes by Franklyn Ajaye
#3. On a good night, I'm just into the flow and seeing the pictures and words in my mind clearly before I say them. On a bad night, which to be honest are nowhere near as bad as when I was starting out, I just concentrate on performing the routines correctly. I focus on my delivery. #Quote by Franklyn Ajaye
Bad Night quotes by John Hunter
#4. If they didn't have ten fights a night, it was a bad night. #Quote by John Hunter
Bad Night quotes by Al Franken
#5. As the polls began closing in the East, with states like New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia going for Barack Obama, it was quickly becoming clear that this would be an especially bad night for racists all across the country. #Quote by Al Franken
Bad Night quotes by Joe Perry
#6. I guess we all have a bad night now and then and really screw up. I listened to our earlier stuff and we screwed up a lot. But at least now that we are sober, when we screw up it's for real. #Quote by Joe Perry
Bad Night quotes by Linsdey Kelk
#7. So are you, sunshine," Paige replied. "Bad night?"
Even though he didn't take off his sunglasses, I knew he was staring straight at me.
"I've had better," he said with an entirely straight face, while I coloured up from head to toe. "I've had worse."

"Now, now children," Paige intervened, entirely oblivious to the extreme level of bitchy subtext flying across the table. "Let's not have fisticuffs … Can we kiss and make up?"
Nick turned up one corner of his mouth and nodded. "I'm game if you are, Vanessa."
"I think she means figuratively," I said, adding cream to my coffee. "I'm a professional."
"Really?" He rested his elbows on the table and pushed his glasses up over his eyebrows. "I probably owe you some money then. #Quote by Linsdey Kelk
Bad Night quotes by Charlotte Riddell
#8. It was a bad night to be about with such a feeling in one's heart. The rain was cold, pitiless and increasing. A damp, keen wind blew down the cross streets leading from the river. The fumes of the gas works seemed to fall with the rain. The roadway was muddy; the pavement greasy; the lamps burned dimly; and that dreary district of London looked its very gloomiest and worst.
("The Old House In Vauxhall Road") #Quote by Charlotte Riddell
Bad Night quotes by Wayne Newton
#9. When I come offstage, if I've done a bad show or had a bad night, the fact that everybody was standing at the end or three or four times during the show means nothing to me. I know I could have done a better show. #Quote by Wayne Newton
Bad Night quotes by Albert Camus
#10. Thoughts of suicide have got me through many a bad night. #Quote by Albert Camus
Bad Night quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#11. Thinking about suicide is a potent consolation: it helps us to get through many a bad night. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Bad Night quotes by John Waters
#12. I'm trying to do of a certain attitude in life. I'm against separatism. I'm for everyone to gather. I'm for everyone lunatic to hang out together. I want to hear somebody else's bad night, not just mine. #Quote by John Waters
Bad Night quotes by Florence Nightingale
#13. Everything you do in a patient's room, after he is 'put up' for the night, increases tenfold the risk of his having a bad night. But, if you rouse him up after he has fallen asleep, you do not risk - you secure him a bad night. #Quote by Florence Nightingale
Bad Night quotes by J.K. Rowling
#14. Ron, you're making it snow," said Hermione patiently, grabbing his wrist and redirecting his wand away from the ceiling from which, sure enough, large white flakes had started to fall. Lavender Brown, Harry noticed, glared at Hermione from a neighboring table through very red eyes, and Hermione immediately let go of Ron's arm.
"Oh yeah," said Ron, looking down at his shoulders in vague surprise." Sorry...looks like we've all got horrible dandruff now...."
He brushed some of the fake snow off Hermione's shoulder. Lavender burst into tears. Ron looked immensely guilty and turned his back on her.
"We split up," he told Harry out of the corner of his mouth. "Last night. When she saw me coming out of the dormitory with Hermione. Obviously she couldn't see you, so she thought it had just been the two of us."
"ah," said Harry. "Well - you don't mind it's over, do you?" "No," Ron admitted. "It was pretty bad while she was yelling, but at least I didn't have to finish it."
"Coward," said Hermione, though she looked amused. "Well, it was a bad night for romance all around. Ginny and Dean split up too, Harry."
Harry thought there was a rather knowing look in her eye as she told him that, but she could no possibly know that his insides were suddenly dancing the conga. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Bad Night quotes by Tara Reid
#15. Why is partying and having a good time bad? #Quote by Tara Reid
Bad Night quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#16. Toby, watch Jaden. I heard he had a bad night and is in the mood for annihilation. End of the world's not on me today, bud. Hey, Takeshi, get your fat butt off me. You're squishing the fox. There is no honor in sacrificing the fox, you ugly hedgehog. (Acheron) #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Bad Night quotes by J.D. Salinger
#17. You know Sven? The man who takes care of the gym?' he asked. He waited till he got a nod from Nicholson. 'Well, if Sven dreamed tonight that his dog died, he'd have a very, very bad night's sleep, because he's very fond of that dog. But when he woke up in the morning, everything would be all right. He'd know it was only a dream.'
Nicholson nodded. 'What's the point exactly?'
The point is if his dog really died, it would be exactly the same thing. Only he wouldn't know it. I mean he wouldn't wake up till he died himself. #Quote by J.D. Salinger
Bad Night quotes by Ricardo Mayorga
#18. I think every great champion has a bad night. #Quote by Ricardo Mayorga
Bad Night quotes by Teresa Of Avila
#19. From heaven even the most miserable life will look like one bad night at an inconvenient hotel. #Quote by Teresa Of Avila
Bad Night quotes by Bobby Baldwin
#20. You cannot survive without that intangible quality we call heart. The mark of a top player is not how much he wins when he is winning but how he handles his losses. If you win for thirty days in a row, that makes no difference if on the thirty-first you have a bad night, go crazy, and throw it all away. #Quote by Bobby Baldwin
Bad Night quotes by Joan Didion
#21. I think we are well advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind's door at 4 a.m. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends. #Quote by Joan Didion
Bad Night quotes by Nathanael West
#22. But whether he was happy or not it is hard to say. Probably he was neither, just as a plant is neither. He had memories to disturb him and a plant hasn't, but after the first bad night his memories were quiet. #Quote by Nathanael West
Bad Night quotes by Gillian Flynn
#23. It is always consoling to think of suicide;
it's what gets one through many a bad night. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Bad Night quotes by Kiersten White
#24. Are you kidding me?You come here and use your stupid faerie mojo and then you back away from me? Is there anything in your golden head that makes sense? What,you thought, hey, Evie's probably having a bad night, why don't I go mess with her? While you're at it, there are probably some puppies you could kick!
I whipped around, stalking back to the diner.I should have known-had known-this was a bad idea.Idiot Evie. #Quote by Kiersten White
Bad Night quotes by Colleen Hoover
#25. Morning."
"What do you think you're doing?"
"Hey, you aren't the only one who had a bad night. Fourth grade is rough. I had two hours of homework. #Quote by Colleen Hoover
Bad Night quotes by Marc Blucas
#26. Team sports, there's always some kind of sacrifice happening ... A team, if we lose, if Michael Jordan has a bad night, you hang it on him a little bit ... but if you lose as a tennis player, you have no one to blame but yourself, and that's a different beast. #Quote by Marc Blucas
Bad Night quotes by Connie Willis
#27. Good. Drink your tea," he ordered. "It will make you feel better."
Nothing will make me feel better, she thought, but she drank it down. It was hot and sweet. Mr. Humphreys must have put his entire month's sugar ration into it.
She drained the cup, feeling ashamed of herself. She wasn't the only one who'd had a bad night. #Quote by Connie Willis
Bad Night quotes by Janet Clarkson
#28. In the fishing village of Mousehole in Cornwall it is traditional to eat 'stargazy pie' on the evening of 23 December. It is an intriguing pie, made with pilchards placed so that their heads poke through the crust at the centre of the pie, gazing at the stars, as it were. It is made in honour of a local mythical hero, Tom Bawcock ('bawcock' is an old word meaning 'a fine fellow'), whom legend says sent out on a bad night during a bad season, returning with sufficient fish to save the locals from starvation. #Quote by Janet Clarkson
Bad Night quotes by Suzanne Collins
#29. Peeta, how come I never know when you're having a nightmare?" I say.
"I don't know. I don't think I cry out or thrash around or anything. I just come to, paralyzed with terror," he says.
"You should wake me," I say, thinking about how I can interrupt his sleep two or three times on a bad night. About how long it can take to calm me down.
"It's not necessary. My nightmares are usually about losing you," he says. "I'm okay once I realize you're here. #Quote by Suzanne Collins
Bad Night quotes by Carl Froch
#30. He was fortunate to fight me on a bad night because if he fights me when I'm firing on all cylinders, he's getting battered as well. #Quote by Carl Froch
Bad Night quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
#31. The thought of suicide is a great source of comfort: with it a calm passage is to be made across many a bad night. #Quote by Friedrich Nietzsche
Bad Night quotes by Cassandra Clare
#32. Jace whistled. "Raphael is really having an exceptionally bad night."
-Jace, pg.283- #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Bad Night quotes by Terry Pratchett
#33. Occasionally a few bubbles would eructate to the surface like the ghosts of beans on bath night. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Bad Night quotes by Sara Maitland
#34. Solitude is escapist. People who like being alone are running away from 'reality', refusing to make the effort to 'commit' to real life and live instead in a half-dream fantasy world. They should 'man up', get real, get a grip. But if social life is so natural, healthy and joyous as contemporary society insists, why would anyone be 'escaping' from it?
Solitude is antisocial. Well of course it is - that's the point. This argument is tautological. But 'antisocial' is a term that carries implicit rather than explicit moral condemnation; it is clearly a 'bad thing' without it being at all clear what it might mean. All this actually says is 'solitude is preferring to be alone rather than with others/me [the speaker] and I am hurt.' It is true, but is based on the assumption that being alone is self-evidently a bad thing, and being social is equally self-evidently a good thing. #Quote by Sara Maitland
Bad Night quotes by Martin Luther
#35. Night and day I pondered until I saw the connection between the justice of God and the statement that 'the just shall live by his faith.' Then I grasped that the justice of God is that righteousness by which through grace and sheer mercy God justifies us through faith. Thereupon I felt myself to be reborn and to have gone through open doors into paradise. #Quote by Martin Luther
Bad Night quotes by Sam Keen
#36. You don't go through a deep personal transformation without some kind of dark night of the soul. #Quote by Sam Keen
Bad Night quotes by Kristin Walker
#37. We were in such good moods, we even decided to hit Todd's house for candy. Sam rang the doorbell, and when it opened, this hideous, rubber monster face roared at us. Sam screamed. Todd started laughing and took off the mask. I yelled, "Put it back on! Put it back on! Your hideousness is terrifying!"
Todd did a fake yuk-yuk-yuk at my joke. "What are you guys supposed to be? Is it Prom Night Massacre or something?"
Sam sighed at Todd's obvious stupidity. "We're zombie princesses, Todd. Can't you tell?" She stuck her arms straight out in front of her and said, "BRAINS! BRAINS!"
I patted Sam on the head and said, "Sorry, Sam. You're wasting your time with this one. #Quote by Kristin Walker
Bad Night quotes by Joe Dilley
#38. We live during a time in which some shoppers shiver all Thanksgiving night only to trample one another to death in a sunrise race through the electronics store to buy gaming consoles that allow them to create avatars of themselves. #Quote by Joe Dilley
Bad Night quotes by Lisa Jewell
#39. All books are good,' he said...
'They weren't bad books,' Phin countered patiently. 'They were books that you didn't enjoy. It's not the same thing at all. The only bad books are books that are so badly written that no one will publish them. Any book that has been published is going to be a 'good book' for someone.'
I nodded. I couldn't fault his logic. #Quote by Lisa Jewell
Bad Night quotes by Edgar Allan Poe
#40. It was night in the lonesome October
Of my most immemorial year ... #Quote by Edgar Allan Poe
Bad Night quotes by Ellen DeGeneres
#41. If anybody could put themselves in that situation of feeling a giant loud voice saying you don't deserve the same rights, you are different and you are not equal, it feels really bad. #Quote by Ellen DeGeneres
Bad Night quotes by Joseph Morgan
#42. It feels good to be awake, knowing others are asleep. Makes you feel like the night is not for everyone, just a chosen few. #Quote by Joseph Morgan
Bad Night quotes by M. Shadows
#43. I just want to say we support the troops and we love every one of them. Even if they ... I know a lot of my friends that are in the military that they don't agree with ... Some of them are total, total liberals or this or that, whatever they are and I just want to say that we love all the troops. We don't care what they believe in, they're defending our country and we love them for that. And they're the biggest bad assses ... in the world and we just want to thank you. We hope they enjoy the music and we'll keep pumping it out and just keep staying bad asses! #Quote by M. Shadows
Bad Night quotes by Steven Erikson
#44. Silence!" Korbolo snapped. He eyed Duiker. "You are the historian who rode with Coltaine."

The historian faced him. "I am."

"You are a soldier."

"As you say."

"I do, and so you shall die with these soldiers, in a manner no different-"

"You mean to slaughter ten thousand unarmed men and women, Korbolo Dom?"

"I mean to cripple Tavore before she even sets foot on this continent. I mean to make her too furious to think. I mean to crack that façade so she dreams of vengeance day and night, poisoning her every decision."

"You always fashioned yourself as the Empire's harshest Fist, didn't you, Korbolo Dom? As if cruelty's a virtue… #Quote by Steven Erikson
Bad Night quotes by China Mieville
#45. In time, in time they tell me, I'll not feel so bad. I don't want time to heal me. There's a reason I'm like this.
I want time to set me ugly and knotted with loss of you, marking me. I won't smooth you away.
I can't say goodbye. #Quote by China Mieville
Bad Night quotes by Melissa Kantor
1. Move out
2. You cannot be friends
3. Do not process this break-up together
4. Do not bad mouth your ex to other people
5. Get rid of anything that reminds of him
6. Start and exercise regimen
7. Pursue an interest you could not have pursued while you and your ex were together
8. Take a vacation
9. Embrace Change
10. Go on a date #Quote by Melissa Kantor
Bad Night quotes by Rachel Cohn
#47. She's the reason he will probably become an embittered old fuck before he's even of legal drinking age, distrusting women and writing rude songs about them, and basically from here into eternity thinking all chicks are lying cheating sluts because one of them broke his heart. He's the type of guy that makes girls like me frigid. I'm the girl who knows he's capable of poetry, because, like I said, there are things I just know. I'm the one who could give him that old-fashioned song title of a thing called Devotion and True Love (However Complicated), if he ever gave a girl like me a second glance. I'm the less-than-five-minute girlfriend who for one too-brief kiss fantasized about ditching this joint with him, going all the way punk with him at a fucking jazz club in the Village or something. Maybe I would have treated him to borscht at Veselka at five in the morning, maybe I would have walked along Battery Park with him at sunrise, holding his hand, knowing I would become the one who would believe in him. I would tell him, I heard you play, I've read your poetry, not that crap your band just performed, but those love letters and songs you wrote to Tris. I know what you're capable of and it's certainly more than being a bassist in an average queercore band - you're better than that; and dude, having a drummer, it's like key, you fucking need one. I would be equipment bitch for him every night, no complaints. But, no, he's the type with a complex for the Tris type: the big tits, #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Bad Night quotes by George Orwell
#48. Four young porkers in the front row uttered shrill squeals of disapproval, and all four of them sprang to their feet and began speaking at once. But suddenly the dogs sitting round Napoleon let out deep, menacing growls, and the pigs fell silent and sat down again. Then the sheep broke out into a tremendous bleating of "Four legs good, two legs bad!" which went on for nearly a quarter of an hour and put an end to any chance of discussion. #Quote by George Orwell
Bad Night quotes by Jerry B. Jenkins
#49. Of course, bad marriages are so pervasive that they have invaded the faith community too. #Quote by Jerry B. Jenkins
Bad Night quotes by Ezra Koenig
#50. I don't like to generalize but I've had nothing but bad experiences with Mexican food in Europe. #Quote by Ezra Koenig
Bad Night quotes by Pandora
#51. He was driven with the thought that one day he would achieve his objective; his mind was the only motive force he knew; his will had kept him up throughout the night, the tortuous days, the long years. He was driven by the pleasure of achieving according to his highest ability. #Quote by Pandora
Bad Night quotes by Boonaa Mohammed
#52. Women want a man who can say I love you every night and prove it every day #Quote by Boonaa Mohammed
Bad Night quotes by Victor Hugo
#53. Darkness makes the brain giddy. Man needs light. Whoever plunges into the opposite of day feels his heart chilled. When the eye sees blackness, the mind sees trouble. In an eclipse, in night, in the sooty darkness, there is an anxiety even to the strongest. Nobody walks alone at night in the forest without trembling. Darkness and trees, two formidable depths - a reality of chimeras appears in the indistinct distance. The Inconceivable outlines itself a few steps from you with a spectral clearness. You see floating in space or in your brain something strangely vague and unseizable as the dreams of sleeping flowers. There are fierce phantoms in the horizon. You breathe in the odours of the great black void. You are afraid, and tempted to look behind you. The hollowness of night, the haggardness of all things, the silent profiles that fade away as you advance, the obscure dishevelments, angry clumps, livid pools, the gloomy reflected in the funeral, the sepulchral immensity of silence, the possible unknown beings, the swaying of mysterious branches, the frightful twistings of the trees, long spires of shivering grass - against all this you have no defence. There is no bravery which does not shudder and feel the nearness of anguish. You feel something hideous as if the soul were amalgamating with the shadow. This penetration of the darkness is inexperessibly dismal for a child.
Forests are apocalypses; and the beating of the wings of a little soul makes an agonising sound u #Quote by Victor Hugo
Bad Night quotes by T.B. LaBerge
#54. A soulmate is not someone who shares your interests and is attractive to you. A soulmate is someone who is willing to grow with you, who chooses to be with you until the end, and will love you through good and bad. It's not about sunshine and laughter, it's about mundane moments filled with unknowns. Love is so much more than a spark you have, or passions shared, it's working for something deeper and lasting. I think that at the end of all things, we'll see what really matters, and I think the things we produced with love and grace will be what we have to show. So love with purpose, love beyond yourself, and love knowing that what you are growing is beautiful and good. #Quote by T.B. LaBerge
Bad Night quotes by Robert Graves
#55. The old lady told me that all the girls in the village of Annezin prayed every night for the War to end, and for the English to go away - as soon as their money was spent. And that the clause about the money was always repeated in case God should miss it. #Quote by Robert Graves
Bad Night quotes by Hilda Yacoubian
#56. Its always hard to find out that a person you once considered a great friend has completely turned their back on you. Life is full of surprises, some good and some bad. From my experience, bumping into bad ones never gets easier, but you learn to expect it, learn from it, and move on. Thats the only thing we can do ... is move on. #Quote by Hilda Yacoubian
Bad Night quotes by Catullus
#57. We should live, my Lesbia, and love
And value all the talk of stricter
Old men at a single penny.
Suns can set and rise again;
For us, once our brief light has set,
There's one unending night for sleeping.
Give me a thousand kisses, then a hundred,
Then another thousand, then a second hundred,
Then still another thousand, then a hundred;
Then, when we've made many thousands,
We'll muddle them so as not to know
Or lest some villain overlook us
Knowing the total of our kisses.
(Translated by Guy Lee) #Quote by Catullus
Bad Night quotes by Rod McKuen
#58. I can't understand people who give up and commit suicide. If I have a bad day, I figure tomorrow will be better. And even if it isn't, at least it isn't any worse. #Quote by Rod McKuen
Bad Night quotes by Abraham Verghese
#59. What a bad idea it had been to give the Bible to anyone but priests, Ghosh thought. It made a preacher out of everybody. #Quote by Abraham Verghese
Bad Night quotes by Gord Sellar
#60. Waking, dreaming. She felt as if a woman torn between two lovers - one of them calm, and sweet, and still and good, and the other magnificent, stone-muscled and taciturn and bold enough to seize her and pull her close to him in the darkness of the night. #Quote by Gord Sellar
Bad Night quotes by Gary Paulsen
#61. And doing what is good for you is always the worst thing. Even if it works out all right in the end, it is the worst thing when it first happens - just the way things that seem good for you can turn out bad, bad as dirt. #Quote by Gary Paulsen
Bad Night quotes by Kaitlin Doubleday
#62. Actors in general have some place in them that can be sensitive and easily damaged: not damaged in a bad way, but insecurity, because that's what it breeds, especially in females and female-lead types. #Quote by Kaitlin Doubleday
Bad Night quotes by Annie Rachel Cole
#63. Son of-Who did this to you" Anger rolled through every word Ethan spoke.
"And what are you going to do? Go bet him up?" Even though she couldn't see him she was in a lot of pain, she gave Ethan a defiant look. "Been there. Done that. If you think I look bad, you should see the other guy. #Quote by Annie Rachel Cole
Bad Night quotes by Dav Pilkey
#64. George and Harold were usually responsible kids. Whenever anything bad happened, George and Harold were usually responsible. #Quote by Dav Pilkey
Bad Night quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#65. Women beg me for it, and not the other way around."
"Then you should go to one of them."
"Oh, I will. When we return to London, I'm going to embark on a spree of orgiastic debauchery that won't end until someone is arrested for it. But in the meanwhile ... do you truly expect that the two of us are going to share a bed tonight-and tomorrow night-as chastely as a pair of nuns on holiday? #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Bad Night quotes by George Seaton
#66. Guys who dress up like Santa Claus, see, and give presents away do it because when they was young they must have did something bad and they feel guilty about it. So now they do something they think is good to make up for it, see? #Quote by George Seaton
Bad Night quotes by Haruki Murakami
#67. Komatsu's view is that there are always two sides to everything," Tengo said. "A good side and a not-so-bad side. #Quote by Haruki Murakami
Bad Night quotes by Molly Harper
#68. You told Zeb before you told us?" Mama shouted.
Oh, crap. "How could you do that?" Mama cried. "We're your family!"
"He found out the night I rose, " I said. "But no one else knows. Except for some of the vampires I've met. And Andrea, a girl who hangs out with a lot of vampires. Oh, and Jolene, Zeb's fiance. "
"Zeb's getting married? Before you?"
Double crap. #Quote by Molly Harper
Bad Night quotes by Osho
#69. Nothing is good. Nothing is bad. When this dawns in your consciousness, suddenly you are together,all fragments have disappeared into one unity. You are crystallized,you are centered. This is one of the greatest contributions of Eastern consciousness to the world #Quote by Osho
Bad Night quotes by Paul Newman
#70. The Alexander Technique helped a long-standing back problem and to get a good night's sleep after many years of tossing and turning. #Quote by Paul Newman
Bad Night quotes by Cate Folsom
#71. There were early mornings–"zero dark thirty," as they were called–when a special operations helicopter would appear, 300 feet from his quarters. These were UH-60 Blackhawks, which staged on the taxiway far from the rest of the camp. The crews waited in the middle of the night, engines and rotors engaged, until they were called in for a raid as part of a task force so secretive that even its designation was classified. #Quote by Cate Folsom
Bad Night quotes by Hermann Hesse
#72. A home isn't just a roof over our heads. A home is a place where we feel loved and where we love others. It's a place we belong. Love is what makes a home, not the contents inside the house or the number on the door. It's the people waiting for us across the threshold, the people who will take us in their arms after a ad day and kiss us good night and good morning everyday for the rest of our lives. #Quote by Hermann Hesse
Bad Night quotes by Steven Spielberg
#73. My dad took me out to see a meteor shower when I was a little kid, and it was scary for me because he woke me up in the middle of the night. My heart was beating; I didn't know what he wanted to do. He wouldn't tell me, and he put me in the car and we went off, and I saw all these people lying on blankets, looking up at the sky. #Quote by Steven Spielberg
Bad Night quotes by Emilie Autumn
#74. She's locked up with a spinning wheel
She can't recall what it was like to feel
She says, "This room's gonna be my grave
And there's no one who can save me,"
She sits down to her colored thread
She knows lovers waking up in their beds
She says, "How long can I live this way
Is there someone I can pay to let me go
'Cause I'm half sick of shadows
I want to see the sky
Everyone else can watch as the sun goes down
So why can't I

And it's raining
And the stars are falling from the sky
And the wind
And the wind I know it's cold
I've been waiting
For the day I will surely die
And it's here
And it's here for I've been told
That I'll die before I'm old
And the wind I know it's cold...

She looks up to the mirrored glass
She sees a horse and rider pass
She says, "This man's gonna be my death
'Cause he's all I ever wanted in my life
And I know he doesn't know my name
And that all the girls are all the same to him
But still I've got to get out of this place
'Cause I don't think I can face another night
Where I'm half sick of shadows
And I can't see the sky
Everyone else can watch as the tide comes in
So why can't I

But there's willow trees
And little breezes, waves, and walls, and flowers
And there's moonlight every single night
As I'm locked in these towers
So I'll meet my death
#Quote by Emilie Autumn

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