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Bad Family Reunion quotes by J.K. Rowling
#1. The Death Eaters can't all be pure-blood, there aren't enough pure-blood wizards left," said Hermione stubbornly. "I expect most of them are half-bloods pretending to be pure. It's only Muggle-borns they hate, they'd be quite happy to let you and Ron join up"
"There is no way they'd let me be a Death Eater!" said Ron indignantly ... "My whole family are blood traitors! That's as bad as Muggle-borns to Death Eaters!"
"And they'd love to have me," said Harry sarcastically. "We'd be best pals if they didn't keep trying to do me in. #Quote by J.K. Rowling
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Marie Brennan
#2. Be warned, then: the collected volumes of this series will contain frozen mountains, foetid swamps, hostile foreigners, hostile fellow countrymen, the occasional hostile family member, bad decisions, misadventures in orienteering, diseases of an unromantic sort, and a plenitude of mud. #Quote by Marie Brennan
Bad Family Reunion quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#3. The modern writers who have suggested, in a more or less open manner, that the family is a bad institution, have generally confined themselves to suggesting, with much sharpness, bitterness, or pathos, that perhaps the family is not always very congenial. Of course the family is a good institution because it is uncongenial. It is wholesome precisely because it contains so many divergencies and varieties. It is, as the sentimentalists say, like a little kingdom, and, like most other little kingdoms, is generally in a state of something resembling anarchy. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Evelyn Waugh
#4. Dearest Charles
I found a box of this paper at the back of a bureau so I must write to you as I am mourning for my lost innocence. It never looked like living. The doctors despaired of it from the start ... I am never quite alone. Members of my family keep turning up and collecting luggage and going away again, but the white raspberries are ripe. I have a good mind not to take Aloysius to Venice. I don't want him to meet a lot of horrid Italian bears and pick up bad habits. Love or what you will. S. #Quote by Evelyn Waugh
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Diana Athill
#5. What brought us to heel morally far more effectively than talk of Right and Wrong was the word that had such remarkable potency in our family: silly. It was the word most often used by grown-ups when they were scolding, and it worked so well because while "naughty" or "bad" added drama to a situation, and even hinted at forces which might be beyond your control, "silly" was something you could easily be (very likely had been, in whatever was the case in point); and silliness was, or you felt it ought to be, within your control. It was a maddening, snubbing little word, and you often raged against it, but in the end it contributed a great deal to giving us the idea that people are responsible for their own actions, and ought to be prepared to accept their consequences. Far more than God, up there in His marvellous world of all-embracing love, and of magic, it belonged to the world we understood. #Quote by Diana Athill
Bad Family Reunion quotes by M. Russell Ballard
#6. So the bad news is that family breakdown is causing a host of societal and economic ills. But the good news is that, like any cause and effect, those ills can be reversed if what is causing them is changed. Inequities are resolved by living correct principles and values. Brothers and sisters, the most important cause of our lifetime is our families. If we will devote ourselves to this cause, we will improve every other aspect of our lives and will become, as a people and as a church, an example and a beacon for all the peoples of the earth. #Quote by M. Russell Ballard
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Darius Cikanavicius
#7. ...the child cries because they need something. If the child had the ability to take care of the problem themselves, they wouldn't cry. And if their crying is ignored, they start to feel helpless and frustrated because they can't get what they need. They may even fear abandonment - or feel that their life is in danger because no one is coming to help them. Failing to meet a crying child's needs also teaches the child that their needs and feelings are unimportant and even dangerous, and that they are bad and unworthy of love. #Quote by Darius Cikanavicius
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Gillian Flynn
#8. If you don't have money, gossip isn't bad leverage. Even inside one's own family. #Quote by Gillian Flynn
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Lin Yutang
#9. Once Confucius was walking on the mountains and he came across a woman weeping by a grave. He asked the woman what here sorrow was, and she replied, We are a family of hunters. My father was eaten by a tiger. My husband was bitten by a tiger and died. And now my only son! Why don't you move down and live in the valley? Why do you continue to live up here? asked Confucius. And the woman replied, But sir, there are no tax collectors here! Confucius added to his disciples, You see, a bad government is more to be feared than tigers. #Quote by Lin Yutang
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Sharon Osbourne
#10. We are a very colorful family. Everybody knows our mistakes. But I think that people can relate to all of our mistakes and all or good and bad points. #Quote by Sharon Osbourne
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Shane Claiborne
#11. Biological family is too small of a vision. Patriotism is far too myopic. A love for our own relatives and a love for the people of our own country are not bad things, but our love does not stop at the border. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Stephanie Hudson
#12. Anyway, I heard you and your Mother-in-Law kicked ass! Shame his daddy'o wasn't around for the family reunion, although I doubted a battle is the right way to say 'hi,my name's Kiera and I am sexing up your son's man stick. #Quote by Stephanie Hudson
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Ray Bradbury
#13. A stranger is shot in the street, you hardly move to help. But if, half an hour before, you spent just ten minutes with the fellow and knew a little about him and his family, you might just jump in front of his killer and try to stop it. Really knowing is good. Not knowing, or refusing to know is bad, or amoral, at least. You can't act if you don't know. #Quote by Ray Bradbury
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Kimberly Derting
#14. Never mind, Mrs. Hertzog, don't worry about it. You don't have the information I need." Chelsea smirked at the woman and then pretended to salute her, a dismissal if Violet had ever seen one.
To her credit, Mrs. Hertzog didn't react to Chelsea's lack of respect. Instead she issued a veiled warning: "All right, but if you change your mind, I'll be right over there."
Chelsea's eyes narrowed as she watched the librarian walk away. "Thanks a lot, Violet. Aren't you supposed to have my back or something?"
"For what? The big throw down? Were you planning to fight her? Besides, she likes me. Why should I get on her bad side just because you are?"
"As long as you guys are still tight, right, Vi?" Chelsea drawled. "Seriously, though, I need to figure out a way to get Mike Russo to notice me."
"I'm pretty sure he's noticed you."
"You know what I mean." Chelsea huffed. "By the way, what's up with the uptight lady and the hot dude at your car yesterday? And by 'hot,' I mean dark and dangerous, of course. Please tell me they're some distant relatives come to tell you you've inherited a family fortune or something. I could use some good news. #Quote by Kimberly Derting
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Matthew Alan
#15. It's sad really, trying to appreciate all of the great events in our lives and all the amazingly good days. Sometimes it seems like we take them for granted, until something bad comes along to put us back into perspective. Are these bad events catalysts for change, which bring out the resiliency and best in us? A cosmic wakeup call that reminds us to enjoy the good times, because they can be taken away so easily.
How messed up and ironic would that be?
Is it even possible for us to remember what goodness we're truly capable of on a daily basis, not just when things cause us to react out of necessity. A base line of beautiful acts and thoughts that are not brought out only by holiday music or someone else's misfortune, but remain at the surface of who we really are. Wouldn't that be amazing? Wouldn't that be something to strive for? #Quote by Matthew Alan
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Maxim Gorky
#16. Family life always diminishes the energy of a revolutionist. Children must be maintained in security ,and there's the need to work a great deal for one's break. The revolutionist ought without cease to develop every iota of his energy; he must deepen and broaden it; but this demands time. He must always be at the head, because we--the workingmen--are called by the logic of history to destroy the old world, to create the new life; and if we stop, if we yield to exhaustion, or are attracted by the possibility of a little immediate conquest, it's bad--it's almost treachery to the cause. No revolutionist can adhere closely to an individual--walk thorough life side by side with another individual--without distorting his faith; and we must never forget that our aim is not little conquests, but only complete victory! #Quote by Maxim Gorky
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Stacy London
#17. Product Warning
If this book were a medication with a label, it would read something like this:
Side Effects Include but Are Not Limited to
renewed sense of self-esteem
increased motivation in all areas of life
You may also lose weight, fall in love, leave a bad marriage, create a better one, have closer relationships with your family, or find the job of your dreams.
Some Users Have experienced
a kick in their step
a swing in their hips
a twinkle in their eye
Hair-tossing (commercial-style) is common, but seek medical attention if you pinch a nerve or can't stop doing it. #Quote by Stacy London
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Lisa Anderson
#18. Finally, we need the church to help move single adults toward marriage and family. In other words, we need you to get into the business of godly matchmaking. The church has really dropped the ball on this one. But it's not entirely its fault. Singles and the church at large are in a catch-22 here. On one hand, the church doesn't talk to singles much about marriage. In an effort not to make us feel bad (a good thing), the church has chosen to remain silent with singles on relationships and marriage (not a good thing). The problem is, most singles want to be married. But the other problem is, we're embarrassed to admit it. Why? Because when we do, we get shamed and preached at. You can see why this all gets crazy. #Quote by Lisa Anderson
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Dmitri Shostakovich
#19. Our family discussed the Revolution of 1905 constantly. I was born after that, but the stories deeply affected my imagination. When I was older, I read much about how it all had happened. It think that it was a turning point -- the people stopped believing in the tsar. The Russian people are always like that -- they believe and they believe and then suddenly it comes to an end. And the ones the people no longer believe in come to a bad end. #Quote by Dmitri Shostakovich
Bad Family Reunion quotes by David Berreby
#20. I'll probably regret saying this, but...for me kin have always been bad news. Warmth and hope came from strangers as they became friends, mentors, allies, etc., while family is the shared trait of those who diminish my happiness and augment my griefs. I know in my bones that blood is not thicker than water. #Quote by David Berreby
Bad Family Reunion quotes by John Okada
#21. This is the way it ought to be, he thought to himself, to be able to dance with a girl you like and really get a kick out of it because everything' on an even keel and one's worries are of the usual ones of unpaid bills and sickness in the family and being late to work too often. Wh can't it be that way for me? Nobody's looking twice at us. Nobody's asking me where I was during the war or what the hell I am doing back on the coast. There's no trouble to be had without looking for it. Everything's the same, just as it used to be. No bad feelings except for those that have always been and probably always will. It's a matter of attitude. Mine needs changing. I've got to love the world the way I used to. I've got to love it and the people so I'll feel good, and feeling good will make life worthwhile. There's no point in crying about what's done. There's a place for me and Emi and Freddie here on the dance floor and out there in the hustle of things if we'll let it be that way. I've been fighting it and hating it and letting my bitterness against myself and Ma and Pa and even Taro throw the whole universe out of perspective. I want only to go on living and be happy. I've only to let myself do so. #Quote by John Okada
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Jesmyn Ward
#22. Once, my grandmama told me a story about her great-grandmama. She'd come across the ocean, been kidnapped and sold. Said her great-grandmama told her that in her village, they ate fear. Said it turned the food to sand in they mouth. Said everyone knew about the death march to the cost, that word had come down about the ships, about how they packed men and women into them. Some heard it was even worse for those who sailed off, sunk into the far. Because that's what it looked like when the ship crossed the horizon: like the ship sailed off and sunk, bit by bit, into the water. Her grandmama said they never went out at night, and even in the day, they stayed in the shadows of they houses. But still, they came for her. Kidnapped her here, and she learned the boats didn't sink to some watery place, sailed by white ghosts. She learned that bad things happened on that ship, all the way until it docked. That her skin grew around the chains. That her mouth shaped to the muzzle. That she was made into an animal under the hot, bright sky, the same sky the rest of her family was under, somewhere far aways, in another world. I knew what that was, to be made a animal. #Quote by Jesmyn Ward
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Ransom Riggs
#23. I couldn't stop myself, so I thought about all the bad things and I fed it and fed it until I was crying so hard I had to gasp for breath between sobs. I thought about how my great-grandparents had starved to death. I thought about their wasted bodies being fed to incinerators because people they didn't know hated them. I thought about how the children who lived in this house had been burned up and blown apart because a pilot who didn't care pushed a button. I thought about how my grandfather's family had been taken from him, and how because of that my dad grew up feeling like he didn't have a dad, and now I had acute stress and nightmares and was sitting alone in a falling-down house and crying hot, stupid tears all over my shirt. All because of a seventy-year-old hurt that had somehow been passed down to me like some poisonous heirloom, and monsters I couldn't fight because they were all dead, beyond killing or punishing or any kind of reckoning. At least my grandfather had been able to join the army and go fight them. What could I do? #Quote by Ransom Riggs
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Shane Claiborne
#24. In the beloved community of 'Our Father,' the same desperate love that a mother has for her baby or that a child has for his or her daddy is extended to all our human family. Biological love is too small a vision. Nationalism is far too myopic. A love for our own relatives or the people of our own country is not a bad things. But our love does not stop at the border. We now have a family that includes by transcends biology and geography. We have family in Iraq, Peru, Afghanistan and Sudan. We have family members who are starving and homeless, dying of AIDS and living in the midst of war. This is the new family of our Father. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Cassandra Clare
#25. Each family has a history we pass on to each successive generation. We bear the glories and the burdens of our name, the good and the bad our ancestors have done, through all our lives. We try to live up to our names, so that those who come after us will bear lighter burdens. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Tucker Elliot
#26. Indira was surrounded by people who had given up hope, who blamed their own misery on the influence of Christianity and western cultures, and yet, literally in the midst of squalor, her family had created a place of real beauty. It really makes you stop and think. Uncle Google should be spitting out eight hundred million things American schools have done right. The fact things are so screwed up makes no sense. If you believe Uncle Google, then we've done the exact opposite from Indira's family - in the land of hope and plenty we've created a place that's ugly. We have so much. Can things really be so bad? Maybe we can't fix our schools because as individuals we've never truly been broken. Or maybe Chinese lanterns make everyone wax philosophical. #Quote by Tucker Elliot
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Jaycee Dugard
#27. Genes, I have learned, do not make a family. Families are the people that stick around through good and bad times. Sadness is a part of life. Choosing to be happy and see the glass half full is a struggle we all must make. #Quote by Jaycee Dugard
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Elizabeth Gaskell
#28. He never looked at her; and yet, the careful avoidance of his eyes betokened that in some way he knew exactly where, if they fell by chance, they would rest on her. If she spoke, he gave no sign of attention, and yet his next speech to any one else was modified by what she had said; sometimes there was an express answer to what she had remarked, but given to another person as though unsuggested by her. It was not the bad manners of ignorance: it was the willful bad manners arising from deep offense. It was willful at the time; repented of afterwards. But no deep plan, no careful cunning could have stood him in such good stead. Margaret thought about him more than she had ever done before; not with any tinge of what is called love, but with regret that she had wounded him so deeply, - and with a gentle, patient striving to return to their former position of antagonistic friendship; for a friend's position was what she found that he had held in her regard, as well as in that of the rest of the family. #Quote by Elizabeth Gaskell
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Soojung Jo
#29. ...I am about eight years old when I first become aware of being other--foreign, outside, separate. Because this lesson comes from my own family, it resonates deeper and truer than playground taunts ever have. #Quote by Soojung Jo
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Salman Rushdie
#30. Certainly, poverty and economic decline have a lot to do with the so-called rage of Islam. You've got all these young men in countries which are economically in bad shape. The idea that they might be able to make a good living and get married and have a family, a decent life, seems very remote to a lot of people in a lot of the world. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Anna North
#31. Everybody in my family believed in ghosts, and my grandma said it wasn't just bad people who turned into them, it was bad deeds too. #Quote by Anna North
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Aaron Paul
#32. I have had viewers that come up to me, and they're, like, You know, we used to watch ('Breaking Bad') as a family, and once the melted body came falling through the ceiling, my mom was just, like, 'I can't watch this show anymore. This is just way too disturbing for me.' So it's not for everybody. #Quote by Aaron Paul
Bad Family Reunion quotes by David Sedaris
#33. The difference between writing where you know where to draw the line and writing where you're being way too mean is whether you can tell that the writer is not talking to family or friends anymore. Generally, if you say something bad about somebody on stage, you need to say two bad things about yourself. A lot of times, I think I'm the worst person in the room. #Quote by David Sedaris
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Heather Moehn
#34. Modeling

Modeling is the process of watching how others act in certain situations, then copying their behavior. For example, if you are worried about the first impression you make, pay attention to how others present themselves. What traits give a good first impression? What do people say? How do confident people carry themselves? Also examine people who give a bad first impression and try to determine why. Imitate the actions that impressed you. With time, you will feel more comfortable with modeling and begin to own the traits you admire in others.
Modeling works very well when you are in an unfamiliar situation. If you are not sure how to act, watching others will give you clues.

Sam's best friend's father passed away and Sam attended the service. He had never been to a funeral before and felt very uncomfortable. As he stood in the receiving line, he felt anxious about what to say and how to act. He was terrified of saying the wrong thing and hurting his friend's family.
Sam stepped out of line and stood to the side for a moment. He observed what other people did as he breathed deeply and practiced relaxation techniques. After a few minutes, he figured out what to do and returned to the line. When he reached his friend's mother, he gave her a hug and said, "I'm so sorry for your loss." She hugged him back and thanked him for coming. Sam felt confident that he had acted appropriately. #Quote by Heather Moehn
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Deborah King
#35. We have a lot of limiting beliefs that we're not even conscious of. Maybe your family taught you you weren't good enough or you weren't smart enough. Perhaps we're taught that this religion is good and all other religions are bad. It's endless. #Quote by Deborah King
Bad Family Reunion quotes by John Corey Whaley
#36. Dr. Webb says that life is so full of complications and confusion that humans oftentimes find it hard to cope. This leads to people throwing themselves in front of trains and spending all their money and not speaking to their relatives and never going home for Christmas and never eating anything with chocolate in it.
Life, he says, doesn't have to be so bad all the time. We don't have to be so anxious about everything. We can just be. We can get up, anticipate that the day will probably have a few good moments and a few bad ones, and then just deal with it. Take it all in and deal as best as we can. #Quote by John Corey Whaley
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Nicole Trope
#37. There was a man in the garden with the little girl. He was turning over the soil in a garden bed. He had obviously heard the car, because he raised his hand in greeting, but then he had gone back to his work. He had actually turned his back on the car. Tina thought she knew what that meant. The man had not wanted to see Pete the policeman. Maybe he thought Pete was bringing bad news. Tina smiled. Here was good news. Finally, here was good news for this family. The man dug the garden fork into the soil with a little bit of effort. He was deliberately not looking at Pete. The little girl walked down the driveway towards them.
Pete said quietly, 'No real way to prepare them. You go ahead, Lockie.'
Lockie squeezed Tina's hand.
'Go on, Lockie, it's your dad. He's been looking for you for a long time. Go on.'
She pulled her hand slowly out of Lockie's grip. She wanted to save him from his fear, but she had saved him once. Lockie would have to do this by himself. The little girl who was surely Sammy looked back at her father, but he was still concentrating on his work. She smiled in Pete's direction and then she focused on Lockie. She stared at him, as if trying to work out exactly who he was. Lockie pushed his hood back, exposing his short blond hair. He stood, and Tina could sense him holding his breath, waiting for his sister to see him. To really see him. Sammy stared hard at Lockie now, frowning. And then Tina saw recognition light up her face. She looked a #Quote by Nicole Trope
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Brendan Walsh
#38. Fine." Patrick muttered without confidence. "Anything is better than waiting around here." "Time for a little family reunion." Johnny remarked. At the agreement, the four trekked the rest of the way down the empty alley. As he passed the final building Patrick peered #Quote by Brendan Walsh
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Richelle Mead
#39. Too bad. Family members hit you by accident. Psychopathic whores tend to come back for more. #Quote by Richelle Mead
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Julene Bair
#40. And now I am sitting in the graveyard, staring at two headstones, and feeling good and bad at the same time. The way we do when our own lives continue to unfold, but the lives that gave us life and others that gave our lives meaning have ended. #Quote by Julene Bair
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Girdhar Joshi
#41. In the guise of frankness many people ruin their world by saying unpleasant things to friends and family. The bad words make them a bad world. #Quote by Girdhar Joshi
Bad Family Reunion quotes by J.D. Robb
#42. The person I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving is Lieutenant Eve Dallas. She kept me safe when I was scared and I was sad. She took me to her house with Roarke and Summerset and Galahad so nobody could hurt me, not even the bad people who killed my family and my friend.
She told me the truth. She promised me she would find the bad people and make sure they were punished. And Roarke said she would never stop until she did that. He told me the truth too.
She helped me find Richard and Elizabeth and Kevin. They're not my mother, my father, and my brother. But they're my family now, and I know it's okay to love them. It doesn't mean I don't love my mom and dad and my brother.
Dallas didn't treat me like a baby. She told me I was a survivor, and that's important. She worked hard, and she even got hurt, but she found the bad people, and she made sure they got punished.

She told me the truth. She kept her promise. So she is the person I'm most thankful for this Thanksgiving. Nixie Swisher. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Susan Forward
#43. Perfectionist parents seem to operate under the illusion that if they can just get their children to be perfect, they will be a perfect family. They put the burden of stability on the child to avoid facing the fact that they, as parents, cannot provide it. The child fails and becomes the scapegoat for family problems. Once again, the child is saddled with the blame. #Quote by Susan Forward
Bad Family Reunion quotes by Richard Dooling
#44. Criminal court is where bad people are on their best behavior. It's much more dangerous for lawyers and judges in family court, where good people are at their worst. #Quote by Richard Dooling

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