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Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Octavio Paz
#1. persistent, flowing through fallen shadows,
excavating tunnels, drilling silences,
insisting, running under my pillow,
brushing past my temples, covering my eyelids
with another, intangible skin made of air,
its wandering nations, its drowsy tribes
migrate through the provinces of my body,
it crosses, re-crosses under the bridges of my bones,
slips into my left ear, spills out from my right,
climbs the nape of my neck,
turns and turns in my skull,
wanders across the terrace of my forehead,
conjures visions, scatters them,
erases my thoughts one by one
with hands of unwetting water,
it evaporates them,
black surge, tide of pulse-beats,
murmur of water groping forward
repeating the same meaningless syllable,
I hear its sleepwalking delirium
losing itself in serpentine galleries of echoes,
it comes back, drifts off, comes back,
endlessly flings itself
off the edges of my cliffs,
and I don't stop falling
and I fall #Quote by Octavio Paz
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Nicholas Sparks
#2. Whatever you decide to do, remember that you have to be able to go forward in life without looking back. #Quote by Nicholas Sparks
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Mortimer J. Adler
#3. Reading is like skiing. When done well, when done by an expert, both reading and skiing are graceful, harmonious, activities. When done by a beginner, both are awkward, frustrating, and slow.
Learning to ski is one of the most humiliating experiences an adult can undergo (that is one reason to start young). After all, an adult has been walking for a long time; he knows where his feet are; he knows how to put one foot in front of the other in order to get somewhere. But as soon as he puts skis on his feet, it is as though he had to learn to walk all over again. He slips and slides, falls down, has trouble getting up, gets his skis crossed, tumbles again, and generally looks- and feels- like a fool.
Even the best instructor seems at first to be of no help. The ease with which the instructor performs actions that he says are simple but that the student secretly believes are impossible is almost insulting. How can you remember everything the instructors says you have to remember? Bend your knees. Look down the hill Keep your weight on the downhill ski. Keep your back straight, but nevertheless lean forward. The admonitions seem endless-how can you think about all that and still ski?
The point about skiing, of course, is that you should not be thinking about the separate acts that, together, make a smooth turn or series of linked turns- instead, you should merely be looking ahead of you down the hill, anticipating bumps and other skiers, enjoying the feel of th #Quote by Mortimer J. Adler
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Alexandra Bracken
#4. THERE IS A CURE. The insanity of that thought made me feel like the hand on Jude's compass spinning, and spinning, and spinning, searching for its true north.
He deserved this. I blinked back the prick of tears and let my anger rise to swallow the anguish for now. I let it propel me forward. Because Jude deserved to live to see this moment- he should of been here, now, next to me, suddenly seeing that everything was alive with the possibility of change. #Quote by Alexandra Bracken
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Robin McKinley
#5. One has various things in the back of one's mind. Occasionally an opportunity presents itself to bring one forward. Most of these opportunities come to nothing. Once in a very great while one
or two
do come to something. #Quote by Robin McKinley
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by K.D. Wood
#6. Neely McIntire," I said, clamping a sweaty hand behind her neck. "Friendship be damned!"
Hayden yanked me forward. I had time to make a very girly sound before his lips began to move furiously over mine. His touch left behind the tingle of cinnamon gum. One of his hands slowly slid down and pressed into the small of my back. For a second, I thought the sun had washed over me. But this heat cuddled around me, pushing its way through my clothes.
"Stmmmmp," I tried to say around his lips.
My knees wobbled as he wound his fingers into the curls at my neck, holding my face firmly against his.
"No." The hot pressure of his hand increased. A rumbling protest came from his throat when I dug my nails into his collarbones.
"Lemme go," I managed to gasp when he kissed the corner of my mouth.
"No," he whispered. His voice became a yielding puff of smoke. It slipped into my ears and coaxed something familiar from the broken depths.
The urge to fight drained away. This wisp of memory warmed me, relaxed tensed muscles, but tightened other places.
My fists uncurled and gripped his shoulders. "Why are you doing this?"
"I want you to come back to me, Neely," he said, wrapping his arms around my waist to press our hips together. Fiery lips caressed my face and neck. "I know you're in there somewhere. Come back, come back, come back," he whispered between kisses. #Quote by K.D. Wood
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by William K. Sessions
#7. Looking back on my life, I wish I'd stepped forward and made a fool of myself more often when I was younger - because when you do, you find out you can do it. #Quote by William K. Sessions
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Amy Giles
#8. Life is either about moving forward or looking back. We're moving forward again, but we'll never forget what's back there behind us. #Quote by Amy Giles
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by George Orwell
#9. Never mind the milk, comrades!" cried Napoleon, placing himself in front of the buckets. "That will be attended to. The harvest is more important. Comrade Snowball will lead the way. I shall follow in a few minutes. Forward, comrades! The hay is waiting."
So the animals trooped down to the hayfield to begin the harvest, and when they came back in the evening it was noticed that the milk had disappeared. #Quote by George Orwell
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Susan Forward
#10. Repressed rage can be one of the major sources of stress to the body. In fact, it can actually begin to wear the body out. Rather than deal with their unacceptable rage at their partners, many women unconsciously redirect their anger inward, back onto themselves. The more a woman does this, the more internal damage she is likely to do to herself. #Quote by Susan Forward
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Kiera Cass
#11. All I could do was move forward and hope that whenever we drifted, we would somehow find a way back to each other. #Quote by Kiera Cass
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Gucci Mane
#12. If you keep lookin' back, you gon' trip going forward. #Quote by Gucci Mane
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by K. Ancrum
#13. Please look at them and know that you too can seize your failure by the neck and look it in the eyes. Know that you can gaze at the you that was and say, "I love you. You can be more than this."

Know that you can step forward, even when everything in you is screaming to keep looking back.

You are evolving and growing.

You deserve to. #Quote by K. Ancrum
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Cassandra Clare
#14. We should go back inside," she said, in a half whisper. She did not want to go back inside. She wanted to stay here, with Will achingly close, almost leaning into her. She could feel the heat that radiated from his body. His dark hair fell around the mask, into his eyes, tangling with his long eyelashes. "We have only a little time-"
She took a step forward-and stumbled into Will, who caught her. She froze-and then her arms crept around him, her fingers lacing themselves behind his neck. Her face was pressed against his throat, his soft hair under her fingers. She closed her eyes, shutting out the dizzying world, the light beyond the French windows, the glow of the sky. She wanted to be here with Will, cocooned in this moment, inhaling the clean sharp scent of him., feeling the beat of his heart against hers, as steady and strong as the pulse of the ocean.

She felt him inhale. "Tess," he said. "Tess, look at me."

She raised her eyes to his, slow and unwilling, braced for anger or coldness-but his gaze was fixed on hers, his dark blue eyes somber beneath their thick black lashes, and they were stripped of all their usual cool, aloof distance. They were as clear as glass and full of desire. And more than desire-a tenderness she had never seen in them before, had never even associated with Will Herondale. That, more than anything else, stopped her protest as he raised his hands and methodically began to take the pins from her hair, one by one.
#Quote by Cassandra Clare
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Nikki Rowe
#15. I learnt my best lessons from some of the worst people & I look back now and think thank fuck I let you go, I deserved to grow. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Julia Cameron
#16. Growth is an erratic forward movement: two steps forward, one step back. Remember that and be very gentle with yourself. #Quote by Julia Cameron
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#17. For the time being, all you need to do is become acquainted with St. Vincent. And if you decide you don't wish to marry him, for any reason, you won't have to."
They both stood. Impulsively, Pandora stepped forward and dove her face against Devon's chest and hugged him, undoubtedly surprising I'm as much as herself. She rarely sought out physical contact with anyone. "Thank you," she said in a muffled voice. "It means a great deal that my feelings matter to you."
"Of course they do, sweetheart." Devon gave her a comforting squeeze before drawing back to look down at her. "Do you know the motto on the Ravenel coat of arms?"
"Loyalté nous lie."
Do you know what that means?"
"'Never make us angry?'" Pandora guessed, and was rewarded by his deep laugh. "Actually, I do know," she said. "It means 'loyalty binds us.'"
"That's right," Devon said. "Whatever happens, we Ravenels will remain loyal to each other. We'll never sacrifice one for the sake of the rest. #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Clive Barker
#18. In my mind the river flows both ways. Forward, to the explanation of things; to a destination which will justify the agonies of travel. And back, back to a time when the river was real, and those who wandered along its banks had little interest in visions. #Quote by Clive Barker
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Behdad Sami
#19. They say either get right or get left, how about I just go forward and never look back. #Quote by Behdad Sami
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Joanna Walsh
#20. Despite everything, we are good people, who can hardly live in this world that continues almost entirely at our expese. The best thing is to keep on moving arms and legs, and watch the waves, almost as though moving forward. In this way, despair turns quickly over to happiness, and back to despair again. And, if you reach the beach, walk back across it like everything is fine, toward your family who would not like to see the abyss you have just swum over. #Quote by Joanna Walsh
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Rick Riordan
#21. Then she did something that really surprised me. She blinked back tears and put out her arms.
I stepped forward and hugged her. Butterflies started turning my stomach into a mosh pit.
"Hey, it's ... it's okay." I patted her back.
I was aware of everything in the room. I felt like I could read the tiniest print on any book on the shelves. Annabeth's hair smelled like lemon soap. She was shivering. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Cameron Dokey
#22. I'm sorry I never really believed," I said. "Not the way Jack did."
"It doesn't make any difference," my mother replied. Her eyes focused on the beanstalk for a moment, then returned to mine. "You believe now. Be safe and smart up there, my Gen. Be yourself."
Before I could answer, my mother turned away and walked quickly toward the house. I turned to face the beanstalk.
There is no going back now, I thought.
For better or worse, there was only going forward. There was only going up. Seizing the trunk of the beanstalk with both hands, I pushed off from the World Below and began to climb. #Quote by Cameron Dokey
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Nick Bantock
#23. I was frightened to go forward, but I was even more frightened of going back. #Quote by Nick Bantock
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Clare Morrall
#24. Right now, at this moment in time, life was just right. He'd discovered this before. If you don't look forward and you don't look back, you can fix yourself in now and enjoy it. #Quote by Clare Morrall
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Pierce Brown
#25. Sevro." I lean forward. "Your eyes ... "
He leans in close. "Do you like 'em?"
"Bloodydamn. Did you get Carved?"
"By the best in the business. Do you like 'em?"
"They're bloodydamn marvelous. Fit you like a glove."
He punches his hands together. "Glad you said that. Cuz they're yours."
I blanch. "What?"
"They're yours."
"My what?"
"Your eyes!"
"My eyes ... "
"Do you want the eyes back?" Sevro asks, suddenly worried. "I can give them back."
"No!" I say. "It's just I forgot how crazy you are."
"Oh." He laughs and slaps my shoulder. "Good. I thought it might be something serious. So I'm prime keeping them?"
"Finders keepers," I say with a shrug. #Quote by Pierce Brown
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Roy  Bennett
#26. What's done is done. What's gone is gone. One of life's lessons is always moving on. It's okay to look back to see how far you've come but keep moving forward. #Quote by Roy Bennett
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Judith McNaught
#27. With a raw ache in his voice he said, "If you would take one step forward, darling, you could cry in my arms. And while you do, I'll tell you how sorry I am for everything I've done-" Unable to wait, Ian caught her, pulling her tightly against him. "And when I'm finished," he whispered hoarsely as she wrapped her arms around him and wept brokenly, "you can help me find a way to forgive myself."
Tortured by her tears, he clasped her tighter and rubbed his jaw against her temple, his voice a ravaged whisper: "I'm sorry," he told her. He cupped her face between his palms, tipping it up and gazing into her eyes, his thumbs moving over her wet cheeks. "I'm sorry." Slowly, he bent his head, covering her mouth with his. "I'm so damned sorry."
She kissed him back, holding him fiercely to her while shattered sobs racked her slender body and tears poured from her eyes. Tormented by her anguish, Ian dragged his mouth from hers, kissing her wet cheeks, running his hands over her shaking back and shoulders, trying to comfort her. "Please darling, don't cry anymore," he pleaded hoarsely. "Please don't." She held him tighter, weeping, her cheek pressed to his chest, her tears soaking his heavy woolen shirt and tearing at his heart.
"Don't," Ian whispered, his voice raw with his own unshed tears. "You're tearing me apart." An instant after he said those words, he realized that she'd stop crying to keep from hurting him, and he felt her shudder, trying valiantly to get control. #Quote by Judith McNaught
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Jessiqua Wittman
#28. Look before you leap. Don't take risks lightly. Make sure someone is watching your back. Safety is a shifting illusion, move with it," Grandpa recited in Hadadian before leaning forward and adding his own little ending, "And pray. Trust that God knows best, in every situation. #Quote by Jessiqua Wittman
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#29. But his kind will always lose in the end. I know this, and now I know why. Whether it's wife or nation they occupy, their mistake is the same: they stand still, and their stake moves underneath them ... Chains rattle, rivers roll, animals startle and bolt, forests inspire and expand, babies stretch open-mouthed from the womb, new seedlings arch their necks and creep forward into the light. Even a language won't stand still. A territory is only possessed for a moment in time. They stake everything on that moment, posing for photographs while planting the flag, casting themselves in bronze ... Even before the flagpole begins to peel and splinter, the ground underneath arches and slides forward into its own new destiny. It may bear the marks of boots on its back, but those marks become the possessions of the land. #Quote by Barbara Kingsolver
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#30. I popped the tab off the Coke and took a drink. Tink had filled the sink up with water. I had no idea what he
Tink cocked his arm back and moved the stick - no, it was a pole - forward. My eyes widened.
I shot forward, almost dropping the soda. "What the fuck? Tink! Are youfishing in my sink?"
He looked up. "Yeah," he said, drawing the word out.
Sitting the Coke on the counter, I slowly approached the sink. "If there are fish in my sink, I swear to God, I'm flushing you down a toilet."
Tink shot me a bored look. "As if I'd fit down a toilet."
He sighed. "Relax. They're not real fish." Dropping to his knees, he reached into the water and pulled out a small, red plastic fish. "I tried to order real ones from Amazon, but alas, they do not sell them."
I fell back against the counter, breathing a sigh of relief. Thank God for the small things in life. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Debra Anastasia
#31. Livia came close to kiss the baby's head and then Blake's lips. "Thank you."
"For burping him?" Blake leaned forward to kiss her forehead.
She shook her head. "For fighting for this. For us. Every day."
"It's an honor, Mrs. Hartt." Blake shifted back to his easy sway, keeping the baby locked in his slumber. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Christian D. Larson
#32. The greatest remedy in the world is change; and change implies the passing from the old to the new. It is also the only path that leads from the lesser to the greater, from the dream to the reality, from the wish to the heart's desire fulfilled. It is change that brings us everything we want. It is the opposite of change that holds us back from that which we want. But change is not always external. Real change, or rather the cause of all change, is always internal. It is the change in the within that first produces the change in the without. To go from place to place is not a change unless it produces a change of mind - a renewal of mind. It is the change of mind that is the change desired. It is the renewal of mind that produces better health, more happiness, greater power, the increase of life, and the consequent increase of all that is good in life. And the constant renewal of mind - the daily change of mind - is possible regardless of times, circumstances or places. He who can change his mind every day and think the new about everything every day, will always be well; he will always have happiness; he will always be free; his life will always be interesting; he will constantly move forward into the larger, the richer and the better; and whatever is needed for his welfare today, of that he shall surely have abundance. #Quote by Christian D. Larson
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by John Flanagan
#33. We must wait," she said. "They are involved in important buisness."
Her tone was serious, almost reverntial. The two of them stopped, some five meters from the group of me. They were all leaning forward, staring intently at an upright rock placed in the middle of the circle. Will thought they must be praying, although no words were being said.
Then, as one, they all slumped back with a roar of disappointment.
"It flew away!" said one figure, and Will recognized the voice. It was the man who had rescued him. "Almost to the top and it flew away!"
e lookd questioningly to Cieliema and she rolled her eyes at him. "Grown men gambling on two flies crawling up a stone."
"Gambling?" he said. "I thought they were praying.
She raised an eyebrow. "To them, it's much the same thing. #Quote by John Flanagan
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Judith McNaught
#34. I'm supposed to believe you sold your emeralds out of some freakish start-out of a frivolous desire to go off with a man you claim was your brother?"
"Goodness, I don't know what you are supposed to believe. I only know I did it."
"Madam!" he snapped. "You were on the verge of tears, according to the jeweler to whom you sold them. If you were in a frivolous mood, why were you on the verge of tears?"
Elizabeth gave him a vacuous look. "I liked my emeralds."
Guffaws erupted from the floor to the rafters. Elizabeth waited until they were finished before she leaned forward and said in a proud, confiding tone, "My husband often says that emeralds match my eyes. Isn't that sweet?"
Sutherland was beginning to grind his teeth, Elizabeth noted. Afraid to look at Ian, she cast a quick glance at Peterson Delham and saw him watching her alertly with something that might well have been admiration.
"So!" Sutherland boomed in a voice that was nearly a rant. "We are now supposed to believe that you weren't really afraid of your husband?"
"Of course I was. Didn't I just explain how very cruel he can be?" she asked with another vacuous look. "Naturally, when Bobby showed me his back I couldn't help thinking that a man who would threaten to cut off his wife's allowance would be capable of anything-"
Loud guffaws lasted much longer this time, and even after they died down, Elizabeth noticed derisive grins where before there had been condemnation and disbel #Quote by Judith McNaught
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Roland Byrd
#35. But I can't go back. I can only explore today and enjoy it as I move forward. #Quote by Roland Byrd
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by David Edelstein
#36. I think I can safely call 2012 average. Overall, it was a stronger year for nonfiction than fiction - a situation that would've surprised me back in January, when I was looking forward to big new novels from several authors I really love. #Quote by David Edelstein
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Julia Quinn
#37. I've only an hour," Colin said as he attached the safety tip to his foil. "I have an appointment this afternoon."
"No matter," Benedict replied, lunging forward a few times to loosen up the muscles in his leg. He hadn't fenced in some time; the sword felt good in his hand. He drew back and touched the tip to the floor, letting the blade bend slightly. "It won't take more than an hour to best you."
Colin rolled his eyes before he drew down his mask.
Benedict walked to the center of the room. "Are you ready?"
"Not quite," Colin replied, following him.
Benedict lunged again.
"I said I wasn't ready!" Colin hollered as he jumped out of the way.
"You're too slow," Benedict snapped.
Colin cursed under his breath, then added a louder, "Bloody hell," for good measure. "What's gotten into you?"
"Nothing," Benedict nearly snarled. "Why would you say so?"
Colin took a step backward until they were a suitable distance apart to start the match. "Oh, I don't know," he intoned, sarcasm evident. "I suppose it could be because you nearly took my head off."
"I've a tip on my blade."
"And you were slashing like you were using a sabre," Colin shot back.
Benedict gave a hard smile. "It's more fun that way."
"Not for my neck." Colin passed his sword from hand to hand as he flexed and stretched his fingers. He paused and frowned. "You sure you have a foil there?"
Benedict scowled. "For the love of God, Colin, I #Quote by Julia Quinn
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Sue Detweiler
#38. Learning to be a Life- Giving Mom without regrets requires embracing the season you are in. You have to let go of the past and live in the present as you lay hold of the future. At each transition you will likely shed some tears as you realize that you can't go back and re-live the past. You must move forward, facing the imperfections of your present, hoping for the future. #Quote by Sue Detweiler
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Kevin Powers
#39. You want to fall, that's all. You think it can't go on like that. It's as if your life is a perch on the edge of a cliff and going forward seems impossible, not for a lack of will, but a lack of space. The possibility of another day stands in defiance of the laws of physics. And you can't go back. So you want to fall, let go, give up, but you can't. And every breath you take reminds you of that fact. So it goes. #Quote by Kevin Powers
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Carolyn Jewel
#40. Memories whirled in the back of her head. Not frightening this time. The owner of that voice made her smile. He protected her, and he loved her. When she was with him, the world felt right. As long as she was with him, she was safe.

He entered the room, crossing at an angle to her so that she saw just his shoulders and a glimpse of flat stomach. Not a stitch of clothing covered him. Not one. She could see the backs of his thighs and his bare behind. Round and strong and firm. Dark hair cut short gave his profile greater sternness. She knew beyond certainty she had every right to be here, with him perfectly naked. Her heart swelled with joy, a feeling so intense she wanted to cry out to the world.

He stopped at the window and stood there, one arm resting atop the sash, staring at the hills rising toward Scotland. His arm came forward on the sash, and he shifted so that he faced her. "Well," he said in a soft voice that made her breath catch. His voice was velvet, liquid velvet, and she was drowning in it, filled all the way to her soul. That voice, a woman could love. "Good afternoon."

Bluer eyes she'd never seen. Nor more piercing ones. She drowned in eyes of an incredible, piercing blue. The light shimmered as a cloud crossed the sun. But this man, this man with eyes like frost on a window, whose eyes made battle-hardened men quail and who seemed so foreign to tenderness, made her complete... #Quote by Carolyn Jewel
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Arthur Herman
#41. The agitation for a Scottish militia failed to move legislators in London. But it did set a new standard for later debates about the future of free societies, and the place of military virtues and military arms in them. The idea that a free people needed to keep and bear arms in order to defend their liberty was an ancient one, reaching back to the Greeks and forward to Andrew Fletcher. But now Ferguson and his friends had added something new, a social-psychological dimension. By owning weapons and learning to use them, a commercial people can keep alive a collective sense of honor, valor, and physical courage, traditions that no society, no matter how sophisticated and advanced, can afford to do without. #Quote by Arthur Herman
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Caitlin Thomas
#42. One should never go back to a place one has loved; for, however, rough the going forward is, it is better than the snuffing out-of-love return. #Quote by Caitlin Thomas
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Pete Wentz
#43. Someone once told me that digging up the past has two sides: The pro is that you remember things you had forgotten about. Unfortunately, the con is the exact same thing. That may scare some people away, might force them to always be moving forward, never looking back, not for a second. #Quote by Pete Wentz
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Amanda Sun
#44. Which was safer, going forward or going back? I didn't know #Quote by Amanda Sun
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Laura Moriarty
#45. Well," Leigh said, because there was nothing else. She looked back at the picture of herself and Pam in the blue dresses. "We did have it easier than she did. I'm sure we did. And I should thank her for that, I guess."

Pam nodded. She looked calm, untroubled. Leigh, tapped her foot on the ottoman and glanced at her mother's photographs. "But it felt like that was all she saw when she looked at us." She leaned forward to get Pam's attention. She wanted her sister to understand, to see things the way she had. "You know? I always felt like she never saw me, me as a individual. Do you know what I am saying? She gave us everything she ever wanted. But she never thought about what we wanted that it may be different. Or that we might need something that she didn't. She never saw us separate from herself. She never saw us." She paused, nodding in agreement with herself. That was it. She decided. She'd never put words to the feeling before, but that was it. That had been the whole trouble between them.

But when she looked back at Pam, her satisfaction vanished. Her sister's mouth was pulled tight, her eyes wide. She looked away from Leigh, saying nothing, still the loyal confidante. But Leigh already knew. She knew what she couldn't guess before, what Pam thought of the two of them on the porch swing, Kara talking, Pam listening. Leigh didn't have to guess anymore. She could hear the words come out of her daughter's mouth as clearly as they'd just come out of #Quote by Laura Moriarty
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Ann Hood
#46. Grief is not linear. People kept telling me that once this happened or that passed, everything would be better. Some people gave me one year to grieve. They saw grief as a straight line, with a beginning, middle, and end. But it is not linear. It is disjointed. One day you are acting almost like a normal person. You maybe even manage to take a shower. Your clothes match. You think the autumn leaves look pretty, or enjoy the sound of snow crunching under your feet. Then a song, a glimpse of something, or maybe even nothing sends you back into the hole of grief. It is not one step forward, two steps back. It is a jumble. It is hours that are all right, and weeks that aren't. Or it is good days and bad days. Or it is the weight of sadness making you look different to others and nothing helps. #Quote by Ann Hood
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Pema Chodron
#47. At least once a year, I imagine that I am about to die. Looking back as truthfully as I can at my entire life, I give full attention to the things I wish hadn't occurred. Recognizing these mistakes honestly but without self-recrimination, I try to rejoice in the innate wisdom that allows me to see so bravely, and I feel compassion for how I so frequently messed up. Then I can go forward. The future is wide open, and what I do with it is up to me. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Back Forward Forward Fifa quotes by Hayley Hasselhoff
#48. People dwell so much on the little things, but why should they hold you back when you have the big things to look forward to? By exuding positive energy when dealing with your problems, you will exude it in your being in general. Treat yourself with love and you will exude love to others. #Quote by Hayley Hasselhoff