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Awesome Bios quotes by William Greider
#1. If you think about it, Washington's overwhelming power in the world is founded on death, the awesome arsenal for killing people. #Quote by William Greider
Awesome Bios quotes by Rachel Nichols
#2. Fight scenes are like learning a dance. You learn it move by move, and then you put it all together and it looks awesome when you edit it together. It's great! #Quote by Rachel Nichols
Awesome Bios quotes by Gina Linko
#3. I think some things – great things, awesome things- only come around once in a long while, and you gotta snatch 'em up. Hold them close. 'Cause you won't get anything quite that rare and special again anytime soon. #Quote by Gina Linko
Awesome Bios quotes by Alex Rivers
#4. Kane would know. He's smart." I tapped the side of my head with my finger. Magnus wagged his tail. "Smart and sexy. Smexy. Kane is Smexy." I giggled again. I could see why trolls loved this stuff. It was awesome.

Grabbing the box, I slammed the safe shut. Oh, damn. I hadn't put the Yliaster crystal back in the safe. I began to twiddle the safe's dial.

I had no idea what the code was.

"It's on the tongue of my tip," I grumbled, glancing at Magnus. #Quote by Alex Rivers
Awesome Bios quotes by Mark McMorris
#5. Snowboarding allows you to create your own path, and for me it was awesome because no one was telling me what to do. I could go out on the mountain and try new things and learn for myself. #Quote by Mark McMorris
Awesome Bios quotes by Jerry Bridges
#6. This is devotion to God - the fear of God, which is an attitude of reverence and awe, veneration, and honor toward Him, coupled with an apprehension deep within our souls of the love of God for us, demonstrated preeminently in Christ's atoning death. These two attitudes complement and reinforce each other, producing within our souls an intense desire for this One who is so awesome in His glory and majesty, yet so condescending in His love and mercy. #Quote by Jerry Bridges
Awesome Bios quotes by Blake Nelson
#7. Do you ever think about the ocean?" Nick asked me.
"What about it?" I said.
"Like what could live down there? Like how there's as much life down there as up here? Maybe more?"
"God Lives Underwater," said someone. "That's the name of a band. They're awesome."
"But seriously," Nick said, "it's like an alternate universe. Right here on our own planet."
"Right here, a hundred feet from us," said Sheila.
"Right here in my hair," said one of the girls who had swum, pulling some sea gunk out of her wet hair.
Everyone laughed quietly at that. Nick drank his beer. The wood crackled as it burned. We all stared at the black ocean. #Quote by Blake Nelson
Awesome Bios quotes by Barack Obama
#8. Who is Barack Obama? Contrary to the rumors you have heard, I was not born in a manger. I was actually born on Krypton and sent here by my father Jor-El to save the Planet Earth. Many of you know that I got my name, Barack, from my father. What you may not know is Barack is actually Swahili for 'That One.' And I got my middle name from somebody who obviously didn't think I'd ever run for president. If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility. Greatest weakness, it's possible that I'm a little too awesome. #Quote by Barack Obama
Awesome Bios quotes by L.A. Casey
#9. You're crazy."
"No one sane is this awesome," he said as he pointed a finger at himself #Quote by L.A. Casey
Awesome Bios quotes by Charles Trippy
#10. Just do what you love, make yourself happy and then awesome people will gravitate towards you. #Quote by Charles Trippy
Awesome Bios quotes by Lea Thompson
#11. 'Howard the Duck!' That's a really interesting movie. I appreciate my career, because I've had a lot of very interesting ups and downs, and most people ... That movie is such a famous flop. In a land of a lot of flops, it's kind of awesome to be in a really famous flop. I mean, it's kind of a poster child for flops. #Quote by Lea Thompson
Awesome Bios quotes by Jon Stewart
#12. We owe Clint Eastwood a debt of thanks. Not only because it was truly a hilarious twelve minutes of improvised "awesome" in a week of scripted "blah".
But because it advanced our understanding.
This president has issues, and there are very legitimate debates about his policies and actions, and successes and or failures as president - I mean, tune in next week. But I could never wrap my head around why the world, and the president republicans describe, bears so little resemblance to the world and the president that I experience. And now I know why :
There is a president Obama that only republicans can see #Quote by Jon Stewart
Awesome Bios quotes by Kathy Sierra
#13. It does not matter how awesome your product is or your presentation or your post. Your awesome thing matters ONLY to the extent that it serves the user's ability to be a little more awesome. #Quote by Kathy Sierra
Awesome Bios quotes by Meghan Trainor
#14. In high school, I didn't date awesome dudes. #Quote by Meghan Trainor
Awesome Bios quotes by Astro Teller
#15. Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a jetpack that wasn't a death trap? The problem is that it is going to be so power inefficient. I just couldn't live with that ... it would be as loud as a motorcycle. #Quote by Astro Teller
Awesome Bios quotes by Kim Fields
#16. While I'm a New Yorker at heart, and 'Harlem Honey' runs through my veins, Atlanta - its awesome residents and glorious landscapes - has a special place in the hearts of my family and I. #Quote by Kim Fields
Awesome Bios quotes by Jessica Lowndes
#17. I'd love to collaborate with Drake. I think he's awesome. #Quote by Jessica Lowndes
Awesome Bios quotes by Garth Nix
#18. In the expectant quiet, there were only the usual sounds of the night. Wind in the big trees out past the school wall, starting to rise as the sky darkened, Crickets beginning to chirp. Then Sabriel heard it
the massed grinding of Dead joints, no longer joined by gristle; the padding of Dead feet, bones like hobnails clicking through necrotic flesh. #Quote by Garth Nix
Awesome Bios quotes by Rutina Wesley
#19. The theatre at my school was awesome. It was a 1,400-seat auditorium, so, being in that auditorium at 17, and having, like, 1,400 people cheer for you was, like, one of the most amazing feelings that I've ever felt, energy-wise. It just felt right. #Quote by Rutina Wesley
Awesome Bios quotes by Gwen Hayes
#20. Plus my boots were made of awesome. #Quote by Gwen Hayes
Awesome Bios quotes by Kristen Callihan
#21. Excellent," says Gray, rubbing his hands together, a gleam in his eye. "The last
person to sing gets to buy the drinks."
Ivy grins wide. "You're on, Cupcake. I'm going to sing the house down."
We all pause, our gazes darting back and forth as a certain sense of terror falls
over the table.
Ivy sees us and slaps her palm onto the table. "Oh, for fuck's sake. I know what
you twats are thinking! If I suck at dancing, I'll suck at singing? Well, I don't. I'm
Awkward silence ensues, and she snorts.
"What? You think I don't know I suck at dancing? I just don't give a shit." She
glares at Gray, though there really isn't any anger in the look. "So you can stop
dancing like an ass now."
A strangled sound leaves him. "You knew?"
"Of course." She tosses a lock of her hair over her shoulder. "You're too
coordinated on the field, and you kind of forget to suck when you do those victory
He gapes at her for a long second, then gives a bark of laughter. "I fucking love
you, Special Sauce." With that, he hauls Ivy into his lap and kisses her.
Fi, however, finally snaps out of the trance she's been in since Ivy confessed.
"You sneaky shithead," she shouts over the music. "All these years I've been
covering for your craptacular dancing, and you knew!" She shakes a fist. "I swear to
God, Ivy Weed…"
"Oh, please," Ivy counters. "You pretend you suck at baking so you don' #Quote by Kristen Callihan
Awesome Bios quotes by Deyth Banger
#22. If everything has happen in one day and there isn't sun rise and sun arise,... so logicaly everything happens in one day but in long distances!? #Quote by Deyth Banger
Awesome Bios quotes by Richard Madden
#23. I'm dying to do something sci-fi! I would love to be on a spaceship and firing a laser gun! Something like that would be really awesome. Or something with dinosaurs. Or preferably both at once. #Quote by Richard Madden
Awesome Bios quotes by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
#24. Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they. #Quote by Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Awesome Bios quotes by Hoodie Allen
#25. I'll say this: Google is the best 9-5 anyone could ever get. Awesome environment, I loved my time there, but I grew up with my dream to pursue music full time. #Quote by Hoodie Allen
Awesome Bios quotes by LeBron James
#26. Cleveland fans are awesome. #Quote by LeBron James
Awesome Bios quotes by Deyth Banger
#27. Energy should be used to check out stuff and think on them... So far I used it to criticize victims and killers... So far it's awesome job. #Quote by Deyth Banger
Awesome Bios quotes by John Oates
#28. If anyone looks back to the '70s, '80s with nostalgic rosy colored glasses and goes, 'Well, everything was awesome.' No, everything was not awesome! #Quote by John Oates
Awesome Bios quotes by George Ayittey
#29. To be sure, dictators are crafty, evil geniuses with awesome firepower at their disposal. They are also brutally efficient at intimidation, terrorism, and mass slaughter. However, a force is able to dominate because the counterforce is either nonexistent or weak. #Quote by George Ayittey
Awesome Bios quotes by Deborah Willis
#30. She was cruel and lovely and totally awesome. #Quote by Deborah Willis
Awesome Bios quotes by Chelsea Fine
#31. Okay." Nate took a deep breath. "Now that we're all caught up on the new no-no's of the house, what do you say we find a tarp and some duct tape and MacGyver ourselves a new window in the living room? Just, you know, to keep out the wind ... and the leaves ... and any sharp-toothed woodland creatures prone to attacking people in their sleep."
Tristan raised a brow.
"What?" Nate shrugged. "Death by dragon? Awesome. Death by rabid forest squirrel? Not cool, man. Not cool. #Quote by Chelsea Fine
Awesome Bios quotes by Chelsea Fagan
#32. ... we have to give up that vague notion of getting all our fulfillment from one thing. We have to set our goals in little, manageable steps, and embrace the idea that not all of our emotional eggs can be put in one basket. If we can love our jobs, relatively speaking, that's awesome. But we also need to love our friends and families and significant others and hobbies and time alone as much as possible, and not expect any one thing--even our Big Dreams--to make us suddenly feel whole. #Quote by Chelsea Fagan
Awesome Bios quotes by Kristen Ashley
#33. Been waitin' years for this, baby. Thanks for makin' it worth the wait."
"You're still bein' awesome," I informed him.
"Yeah, and it's cute as fuck that annoys you. #Quote by Kristen Ashley
Awesome Bios quotes by Kristen   Lee
#34. Show up as the
real you. The
airbrushed you
isn't sustainable,
or even half as
awesome. #Quote by Kristen Lee
Awesome Bios quotes by Eric Ludy
#35. The world is always in a hurry, but I teach My children patience. Live, expecting a full and joyous life. And learn to trust My perfect timing so that you may discover that all the pain found in waiting has a magnificent and awesome purpose. #Quote by Eric Ludy
Awesome Bios quotes by Shelly Crane
#36. Bye, sweetheart," he said gently and put the truck in gear, but he stopped me. "Wait." I looked at him and he had a little embarrassed smile on his face. "Uh ... I can't leave." That made me feel ... kinda awesome. It was the first time he needed me to release him and not the other way around. "Really?" He smiled and shook his head. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" "Yep." He laughed, his smile ... pretty sexy. "We'll see each other in just a little bit. I promise," I finished so softly, it sucked all the playfulness out of the truck and turned it into something else entirely. #Quote by Shelly Crane
Awesome Bios quotes by Jackson Pearce
#37. I'm friggin' awesome! So screw the haters! #Quote by Jackson Pearce
Awesome Bios quotes by Jacqueline Wilson
#38. The first part was awesome the second part were gross but still amazing to me #Quote by Jacqueline Wilson
Awesome Bios quotes by Joyce Meyer
#39. There is no power in your name or my name, but there is awesome power in the name of Jesus because of everything he represents. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Awesome Bios quotes by Carl Sagan
#40. We live in a vast and awesome universe in which, daily, suns are made and worlds destroyed, where humanity clings to an obscure clod of rock. The significance of our lives and our fragile realm derives from our own wisdom and courage. We are the custodians of life's meaning. #Quote by Carl Sagan
Awesome Bios quotes by Dakota Johnson
#41. When I did 'The Social Network', David Fincher told me that I managed to make a thankless character pretty awesome. I thought that was really cool because I think he's really cool. #Quote by Dakota Johnson
Awesome Bios quotes by Lisa Brown Roberts
#42. I wondered if this was how it felt to sell your soul to the devil. I bet there were awesome cookies in hell, too. #Quote by Lisa Brown Roberts
Awesome Bios quotes by Hank Green
#43. Don't forget to be awesome #Quote by Hank Green
Awesome Bios quotes by Austin Grossman
#44. Writing a novel was completely awesome because parts of it could suck and I could throw them away. I didn't have to know the ending until I got there. #Quote by Austin Grossman
Awesome Bios quotes by Julie Kagawa
#45. Overall, I'd say I was an awesome bookseller, but probably not the best book shelver. I loved recommending books and helping people find books. #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Awesome Bios quotes by L.R. Knost
#46. Be kind. Be friendly. Be likable.
But don't worry if someone doesn't like you.
You won't be everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay.
You can be someone's cup of coffee instead.
And coffee is AWESOME. #Quote by L.R. Knost
Awesome Bios quotes by Radovan Kavicky
#47. Future is awesome. All we have to do now is to build it. #Quote by Radovan Kavicky
Awesome Bios quotes by Tanya Masse
#48. Really think about what you want your eulogy to say about you, then live THAT. #Quote by Tanya Masse

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