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Away From China quotes by Roberto G. Ferrari
#1. The strongest monsoon in the last twenty years is raging on Beijing. The plane has not received permission to leave. The planes which have already left Taiyuan are coming back and all flights are on hold waiting for their permission to takeoff. We all have to get out.

The monsoon! Not my tube. #Quote by Roberto G. Ferrari
Away From China quotes by Roberto G. Ferrari
#2. If there is something I have not yet written and I must declare about her, is that without her (Laura) will nad her values, today Rebecca and Yong would not be in the individuals I know. Two other different people would now be living somewhere in the world. Not Rebecca and Yong, but someone else. Similarly, without Rebecca and Yong, neither Laura nor myself would be the same. Another two people would be living in Milan, in our apartment. #Quote by Roberto G. Ferrari
Away From China quotes by Chade-Meng Tan
#3. realized during the practice that a lot of what was holding me back originated from my fear of pain and suffering, and once I found myself capable of breathing in the pain and suffering of myself and others, and comfortable radiating kindness, love, and compassion, a lot of the fetters holding me back dissolved away. #Quote by Chade-Meng Tan
Away From China quotes by Jeanine Cummins
#4. This place, our little cloud forest, even though we missed our papi, it was the most beautiful place you've ever seen. We didn't really know that then, because it was the only place we'd ever seen, except in picture in books and magazines, but now that's I've seen other place, I know. I know how beautiful it was. And we loved it anyway even before we knew. Because the trees had these enormous dark green leaves, as a big as a bed, and they would sway in the wind. And when it rain you could hear the big, fat raindrops splatting onto those giant leaves, and you could only see the sky in bright blue patches if you were walking a long way off to a friend's house or to church or something, when you passed through a clearing and all those leaves would back away and open up and the hot sunshine would beat down all yellow and gold and sticky. And there were waterfalls everywhere with big rock pools where you could take a bath and the water was always warm and it smelled like sunlight. And at night there was the sound of the tree frogs and the music of the rushing water from the falls and all the songs of the night birds, and Mami would make the most delicious chilate, and Abuela would sing to us in the old language, and Soledad and I would gather herbs and dry them and bundle them for Papi to sell in the market when he had a day off, and that's how we passed our days.'

Luca can see it. He's there, far away in the misty cloud forest, in a hut with a packed dirt floor and a c #Quote by Jeanine Cummins
Away From China quotes by Lori Foster
#5. Ben narrowed his eyes. "You love that restaurant."

"So does Noah."

He shook his head impatiently. "No, I mean I thought you loved it too much to let it crumble."

Agatha stepped out from behind the desk to pace. "I don't think that will happen. Noah will return before it does. But. . ." She looked up and held Ben's gaze. "It's worth the risk."

Because she loved Noah. Oh, Ben doubted she'd ever admit it, she was such a crusty old witch, but it was there in her faded blue eyes, in the strain on her aristocratic face. Ben turned away from her to run a hand through his hair. Everything was suddenly more complicated. #Quote by Lori Foster
Away From China quotes by Veronica Roth
#6. I kiss him as the train slides into unlit, uncertain land. I kiss him for as long as I want, for longer than I should, given that my brother sits three feet away from me. #Quote by Veronica Roth
Away From China quotes by Simon Pegg
#7. This idea of popular culture became something that belonged to us rather than something that we looked at from far away. We realized we could be part of it and create it, instead of just being consumers only. #Quote by Simon Pegg
Away From China quotes by Lafcadio Hearn
#8. Also in the boom of the big bell there is a quaintness of tone which wakens feelings, so strangely far-away from all the nineteenth-century part of me, that the faint blind stirrings of them make me afraid, - deliciously afraid. never do I hear that billowing peal but I become aware of a striving and a fluttering in the abyssal part of my ghost, - a sensation as of memories struggling to reach the light beyond the obscurations of a million million deaths and births. I hope to remain within hearing of that bell ... and, considering the possibility of being doomed to the state of a jiki-ketsu-geki, I want to have my chance of being reborn in some bamboo flower-cup, or mizutame, whence I might issue softly, singing my thin and pungent song, to bite some people that I know. #Quote by Lafcadio Hearn
Away From China quotes by Charles Henry Fowler
#9. The selfish man cuts away the sand from under his own feet, he digs his own grave; and every time, from the beginning of the world until now, God Almighty pushes him into the grave and covers him up. #Quote by Charles Henry Fowler
Away From China quotes by Katie McGarry
#10. What's going on between us?"
I don't know. I rubbed my hand over my face before glancing at Echo. A hint of her cleavage peeked from her shirt. Damn, she was sexy as hell. I wanted her, badly. Would one night be enough, even if she gave it to me? Echo already felt like a heavy drug. The kind I avoided on purpose - crack, heroin, meth. The ones that screwed with your mind, crept into your blood and left you powerless, helpless. If she gave her body to me, would i be able to let go or would i be sucked into that black veil, hooks embedded into my skin, sentenced to death by the emotion i reserved for my brothers-love? "I want you."
"Do you? Really? Because these scars are sexy."
How did she see her self? "I don't give a fuck about your scars."
She stalked toward me, hips swaying side to side, eyes hardened with anger. Echo pushed her body agaist mine, parts of her fitting perfectly into parts of me. I swore under my breath, fighting for control over my body.
"How are you going to react when we 're this close and you take off my shirt? Are you still going to want me when you see red and white lines? Are you going to flinch each time you accidentally touch my arms and feel the raised skin? How about when i touch you?"
She pulled away from me, leaving my body cold after experiencing her warmth. "Or will you forbid that? Will you tell me how to dress or what i'm allowed to take off?"
Her anger only fed mine. "For the last time I don't give #Quote by Katie McGarry
Away From China quotes by Sheena Iyengar
#11. Your choices of which clothes to wear or which soda to drink, where you live, which school to attend and what to study, and of course your profession all say something about you, and it's your job to make sure that they are an accurate reflection of who you really are.
But who are you, really? The imperative "Just be yourself!" seems straightforward enough. (What could be easier than being who you already are?) Yet we often end up blinking in its headlights, perhaps frozen in place by the concomitant notion that we might, if we are not careful, turn into someone else. It's difficult to move forward when each step could move us further away from the "authentic" self, and so we dither. #Quote by Sheena Iyengar
Away From China quotes by Junot Diaz
#12. Blur trying to shy away from the camera. I listen to her advice and on my way to and from work I concentrate on the other #Quote by Junot Diaz
Away From China quotes by J.M. Darhower
#13. Can I keep you? he whispered, laughing and pulling away from her as soon as the words came out. Whats wrong with me? I'm quoting Casper. #Quote by J.M. Darhower
Away From China quotes by Christina Lauren
#14. This flirting is all well and good, but I mean it when I tell you, I cant have you leaving me again. It almost broke me."
My ribs seemed to squeeze all of the air out of my lungs at the thought. "I don't think I could. I don't want to be away from you again either."
"But you need to give me a chance to fix things when I screw up. You know I'm an ass sometimes."
Growling, he whispered, "And I tear lingerie."
I pushed a curl off his forehead, "And hoard it. Don't forget the creepy hoarding. #Quote by Christina Lauren
Away From China quotes by Sienna Miller
#15. I don't lead a particularly exciting life away from work. #Quote by Sienna Miller
Away From China quotes by James Riley
#16. Owen is Owen. No one gets to tell him how to live his life. Not you, not me, and not some author nobody. Owen gets to choose how his life story goes, and no one, let alone his idiot fictional self, gets to take that away from him. #Quote by James Riley
Away From China quotes by Agatha Christie
#17. Funny, just this minute he didn't want much to get away from the island. #Quote by Agatha Christie
Away From China quotes by Courtney Allison Moulton
#18. I darted away from Geir and jmped through the gaping hole in the wall Will's body had made. The settling dust choked me, but I made it through and ran to Will. He was struggling to his feet, leaning heavily on his sword as the point dug into the cold ground. When I reached him, I dropped my swords and wrapped my arms around his chest.
"I've got you," I said, helping him lift his torso the rest of the way up. I heard a sickening snap in his chest as he groaned, and I knew something was broken. He buried his face into my shoulder and growled in pain. #Quote by Courtney Allison Moulton
Away From China quotes by Lyda Morehouse
#19. Almsgiving is a major tenet of Islam. It's also a kick in the pants of the highest order. Nothing is as cool as skimming off a couple of hundred thousand from some multinational corporation and handing it out to random strangers. Or writing a harmless little virus that makes credit counters "forget" to send a surcharge back to the bank after each purchase. Oh, sure, technically I'm supposed to give away my own money, but whatever. I'm sure Allah gets the spirit of what I'm doing here. #Quote by Lyda Morehouse
Away From China quotes by Juansen Dizon
#20. don't work yourself to the point of a mental breakdown. give priority to your mental health. you are only a few steps away from completely losing your balance and breaking your mind. take one step back every time you take two steps forward. breathe. be mindful. see through life as it transpires moment by moment. learn when to rest. sleep is important. eating healthily is important. everything you do for the sake of your sanity is important. being kind to your mind is the best self-care there is. if there's anything that's lovely about you, it is your mind. #Quote by Juansen Dizon
Away From China quotes by Anita Krizzan
#21. Don't close your door
when someone walks away.
Your wounds will heal
and summer wind will dry
your tears.
Don't close your heart,
surrender to the sea
of silky rose petals
and let the sun
tickle you.
Don't lose hope,
life still believes in you.
Darling, raindrops
are nothing but
diamonds tears from heaven
and when your sky is cloudy,
stars are painting
sparkly scenery for you.
Be patient. #Quote by Anita Krizzan
Away From China quotes by Kate Chopin
#22. She missed him the days when some pretext served to take him away from her, just as one misses the sun on a cloudy day without having thought much about the sun when it was shining. #Quote by Kate Chopin
Away From China quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#23. Before coronapocalypse, people were so distracted by items presenting themselves throughout life; items that really do not matter. Noise for the mind. Ways to distract the heart. Escape goats, scapegoats (work, projects, moving targets, parties) for getting away from conditions of the soul and heart that must be fully faced and dealt with. Now there are no more distractions, noise evaporated. Everyone must face their truth now: their Demons and their Angels. #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Away From China quotes by Nathaniel Hawthorne
#24. I had ceased to be a writer of tolerably poor tales and essays, and had become a tolerably good Surveyor of the Customs. That was all. But, nevertheless, it is any thing but agreeable to be haunted by a suspicion that one's intellect is dwindling away; or exhaling, without your consciousness, like ether out of a phial; so that, at every glance, you find a smaller and less volatile residuum. Of the fact, there could be no doubt; and, examining myself and others, I was led to conclusions in reference to the effect of public office on the character, not very favorable to the mode of life in question. In some other form, perhaps, I may hereafter develop these effects. Suffice it here to say, that a Custom-House officer, of long continuance, can hardly be a very praiseworthy or respectable personage, for many reasons; one of them, the tenure by which he holds his situation, and another, the very nature of his business, which - though, I trust, an honest one - is of such a sort that he does not share in the united effort of mankind.

An effect - which I believe to be observable, more or less, in every individual who has occupied the position - is, that, while he leans on the mighty arm of the Republic, his own proper strength departs from him. He loses, in an extent proportioned to the weakness or force of his original nature, the capability of self-support. If he possess an unusual share of native energy, or the enervating magic of place do not operate too long upon him, #Quote by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Away From China quotes by Michiko Kakutani
#25. Trump often seems like a one-man set of Aesop-like fables - with easy-to-decipher morals like "those who lie down with dogs will get up with fleas" or "when someone tells you who he is, believe him" - but because he is president of the United States, his actions do not simply end in a tagline moral; rather, they ripple outward like a toxic tsunami, creating havoc in the lives of millions. Once he has left office, the damage he has done to American institutions and the country's foreign policy will take years to repair. And to the degree that his election was a reflection of larger dynamics in society - from the growing partisanship in politics, to the profusion of fake stories on social media, to our isolation in filter bubbles - his departure from the scene will not restore truth to health and well-being, at least not right away. #Quote by Michiko Kakutani
Away From China quotes by Wayne Dyer
#26. I do see more and more people who are moving away from traditional religions that exclude others and have hatred as their basis, as part of their ideologies, that conceptualize an angry God that is going to take retribution on all the people who are not a certain way. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Away From China quotes by Markus Zusak
#27. I let the front door slam shut behind me and the fly screen rattle. It was as if each door was kicking me out of the old life I'd lived in that house. I was being thrown out into the world, new. The broken, leaning gate creaked open, let me out, and I gently placed it shut. I was gone, and from down the street, maybe fifty yards away, I looked back for a second at the house where I lived. It wasn't the same any more. It never would be. I kept walking. #Quote by Markus Zusak
Away From China quotes by Fabian Black
#28. The sex was good in itself, but when it was over it was over. It left me feeling abandoned. I'd sooner masturbate, at least when it's over you don't walk away from yourself. #Quote by Fabian Black
Away From China quotes by Chelsea Sedoti
#29. While watching the revelry in the Barn, I'd had an epiphany. Parties weren't just about who was who and being seen. It was about letting go. About celebrating that we all made it through one more boring week. Everyone came together in one place, and for a while, it was as if nothing mattered except the music and the energy and being away from all of the adults in our lives. These parties were about freedom.
And friendship. They were about friendship too. #Quote by Chelsea Sedoti
Away From China quotes by Nicole Krauss
#30. The clarity was startling and Samson wondered whether he was imagining these moments. Not that they hadn't happened at all, but that they had been embellished by details from elsewhere, fragments that survived the obliteration of other memories, vagrant data that gravitated and stuck to what was left to remember. But in the end he rejected this idea. The memories were too perfect: take one detail away and they collapsed into disorder. #Quote by Nicole Krauss
Away From China quotes by Larry Dossey
#31. When our focus is toward a principle of relatedness and oneness, and away from fragmentation and isolation, health ensues #Quote by Larry Dossey
Away From China quotes by T.B. Schmid
#32. What in the sodding Dark happened back there on Aarden? What did you find?"

He stared at her hand for a long moment. His cheek muscle bunched rhythmically, a tell she had learned meant he was struggling over some internal debate. Sigel's Wives burned down from above; Sherp went on snoring away, and Scow appeared to be giving chase again. Mung, Voth and Rantham hadn't moved from where they lay in some time, either, and Biiko was at his post. This was about as alone as they could ever hope to be.

She reached up with her other hand, feather-soft, touched his cheek, his chin. It was rough with stubble, the same fiery copper-and-chestnut as his hair. His jaw stopped twitching and he closed his eyes, but did not resist as she gently turned his head to face her. She could hear the subtle trembling in his breathing and leaned closer, licked her cracked lips.

"Triistan, please...tell me what terrible secret you are guarding..." she whispered, barely a breath really, but his eyes snapped open as if she'd struck him. He looked so sad.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled. Then he was standing, gently disengaging himself from her, and moving towards Biiko where he stood his watch on the other side of the launch. He paused a moment at the mainmast and she thought he might come back, but he only turned his head, speaking over his shoulder without looking at her. His voice was heavy with sorrow.

"Please don't take my journal again." Without botheri #Quote by T.B. Schmid
Away From China quotes by Aung San Suu Kyi
#33. In societies where men are truly confident of their own worth, women are not merely tolerated but valued.
(From a speech read on video on August 31, 1995 before the NGO Forum on Women, Beijing, China) #Quote by Aung San Suu Kyi
Away From China quotes by Julie Murphy
#34. And why is everyone always trying to take money away from libraries? Aren't books sort of the reason we're even in school at all?" -Callie #Quote by Julie Murphy
Away From China quotes by Alice Sebold
#35. Do you miss Susie?"
Because it was dark, because Ruth was facing away from her,because Ruth was almost a stranger, Lindsey said what she felt.
"More than anyone will ever know. #Quote by Alice Sebold
Away From China quotes by Jay Kristoff
#36. Yukiko steered the subject away from sex as fast as she could. She was still occasionally woken by nightmares about the day her father had tried to sit her down for "the talk". #Quote by Jay Kristoff
Away From China quotes by R.J.  Arkhipov
#37. The calm skies that drifted above us lulled us into thinking this traversée would be smooth, but after several hours, the unsteady sea had taken its toll on me and after a light lunch and a brief swim in the open sea failed to do so, I attempted to remedy my mal de mer with rest. When I awoke, the sun had already set and the cool air and soft light of twilight helped recalibrate my disoriented thoughts. Although my seasickness had subsided, I lay starboard side facing the heavens - that were now a deep shade of purple - so as to not provoke another episode. We set to anchoring behind several large volcanic pillars just a stone's-throw away from where the Tyrrhenian Sea kissed the east of the island. A handful of wishes scattered the skies as we approached the shores of Aci Trezza. As these stars traced their dying song across the void above, part of me felt ashamed for even entertaining the notion of wishing upon a star, but that voice was speedily silenced by words He had once shared with me in Scotland: "There is always some truth to fiction. #Quote by R.J. Arkhipov
Away From China quotes by Jeff Moss
#38. That was the division in the hacking world: There were people who were exploring it and the people who were trying to make money from it. And, generally, you stayed away from anyone who was trying to make money from it. #Quote by Jeff Moss
Away From China quotes by Charles Kingsley
#39. Except a living man there is nothing more wonderful than a book! A message from the dead - from human souls we never saw, who lived, perhaps, thousands of miles away. And yet these, in those little sheets of paper, speak to us, arouse us, terrify us, comfort us, open their hearts to us as brothers. #Quote by Charles Kingsley
Away From China quotes by Matt Damon
#40. As for poker, I've stayed away from that, even though when I was in Vegas for Ocean's Eleven, I would get accosted by these guys begging me to play. They just want to take my money. They see me, think 'actor' and see some easy money. #Quote by Matt Damon
Away From China quotes by Tony Reinke
#41. The sad truth is that many of us are addicted to our phones because we crave immediate approval and affirmation. The fear we feel in our hearts when we are engaged online is the impulse that drives our "highly selective self-representations." We want to be loved and accepted by others, so we wash away our scars and defects. When we put this scrubbed-down representation of ourselves online, we tabulate the human approval in a commodity index of likes and shares. We post an image, then watch the immediate response. We refresh. We watch the stats climb-or stall. We gauge the immediate responses from friends, family members, and strangers. Did what we posted gain the immediate approval of others? We know within minutes. Even the promise of religious approval and the affirmations of other Christians is a gravitational pull that draws us toward our phones. #Quote by Tony Reinke
Away From China quotes by Rachel Cohn
#42. It's the great male fantasy-all it takes is one dance to know that she's the one. All it takes is the sound of her song from the tower, or a look at her sleeping face. And right away you know-this is the girl in your head, sleeping or dancing or singing in front of you. Yes, girls want princes, but boys want their princesses just as much. #Quote by Rachel Cohn
Away From China quotes by Chris Smith
#43. Stephen Colbert: [sitting to Stewart's right at the anchor desk] Actually, Jon, we're not quite done.

Jon Stewart: [rolling away from Colbert on his chair and nearly toppling off the riser] Don't do this.

Stephen Colbert: [rolling after Stewart and grabbing him by the arm] No - you can't stop anyone, because they don't work for you anymore! Huge mistake!

Jon Stewart: Please don't do this.

Stephen Colbert: Here's the thing: You said to me and to many other people here years ago never to thank you, because we owe you nothing.

Jon Stewart: [quietly] That's right.

Stephen Colbert: It's one of the few times I've known you to be dead wrong… We owe you because we learned from you, by example, how to do a show with intention, with clarity. How to treat people with respect. You are infuriatingly good at your job, okay? [Stewart covers his eyes, which appear to be filled with tears] And all of us who were lucky enough to work with you - and you can edit this out later - for sixteen years are better at our jobs because we got to watch you do yours. And we are better people for having known you… Personally, I do not know how this son of a poor, Appalachian turd miner - I do not know what I would do if you hadn't brought me on this show. I'd be back in those hills, mining turds with Pappy!

Jon - and it's almost over - I know you are not asking for this, but on behalf of so many people whose lives you chan #Quote by Chris Smith
Away From China quotes by Aziz Ansari
#44. In recent years behavioral scientists have shed some light on why these waiting techniques can be powerful. Let's first look at the notion that texting back right away makes you less appealing. Psychologists have conducted hundreds of studies in which they reward lab animals in different ways under different conditions. One of the most intriguing findings is that "reward uncertainty" - in which, for instance, animals cannot predict whether pushing a lever will get them food - can dramatically increase their interest in getting a reward, while also enhancing their dopamine levels so that they basically feel coked up.
If a text back from someone is considered a "reward," consider the fact that lab animals who get rewarded for pushing a lever every time will eventually slow down because they know that the next time they want a reward, it will be waiting for them. So basically, if you are the guy or girl who texts back immediately, you are taken for granted and ultimately lower your value as a reward. As a result, the person doesn't feel as much of an urge to text you or, in the case of the lab animal, push the lever. #Quote by Aziz Ansari

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