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Awakening quotes by Charles Bukowski
#1. I remember awakening one morning and finding everything smeared with the color of forgotten love. #Quote by Charles Bukowski
Awakening quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#2. I was going crazy. My brain had just shit the bed on me. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Awakening quotes by Julie Anne Peters
#3. My pulse quickened. Was I? Gay, I mean? If so, what was I doing with Seth? Maybe I was bi. That would explain it. An open heart, willing to give and accept love wherever it came from. The feelings, the stirring, the awakening senses with Cece, though, I'd never experienced those with Seth. With any guy. (Chapter.12) #Quote by Julie Anne Peters
Awakening quotes by T.F. Hodge
#4. On a surface level, all one finds is repeated forms of shallow whispers. Having the courage to explore deeply, a wealth of buried infinite lifetimes emerge - an undeniable force. #Quote by T.F. Hodge
Awakening quotes by Erin Fall Haskell
#5. Deep inside of you is a 'Guru' with the wisdom of the entire Universe! #Quote by Erin Fall Haskell
Awakening quotes by Marilynne Robinson
#6. So, we have an element newly prominent in American religious and political life, a new form of entitlement, a self-declared elect. What some have seen as a resurgence of Christianity, or at least a bold defense of American cultural tradition - even as another great awakening! - has brought a harshness, a bitterness, a crudeness, and a high-handedness into the public sphere that are only to be compared to the politics, or the collapse of politics, in the period before the Civil War. Its self-righteousness fuels the damnedest things - I use the word advisedly - notably the acquisition of homicidal weapons. I wonder what these supposed biblicists find in the Gospels or the Epistles that could begin to excuse any of it. #Quote by Marilynne Robinson
Awakening quotes by Thomas Harris
#7. Occasionally, on purpose, Dr. Lecter drops a teacup to shatter on the floor. He is satisfied when it does not gather itself together. For many months now, he has not seen Mischa in his dreams.
Someday perhaps a cup will come together. Or somewhere Starling may hear a crossbow string and come to some unwilled awakening, if indeed she even sleeps. #Quote by Thomas Harris
Awakening quotes by Gary Gach
#8. Mindfulness isn't necessarily about awakening within. Awakening wisdom teaches me how my exterior and interior life are not separate. What happens in the world is happening within me, and vice versa. #Quote by Gary Gach
Awakening quotes by C.C. Wyatt
#9. Yearns creep upon the mandarin glow dipping into the horizon, bound to incarnate all the sleepy heads awakening around the globe. #Quote by C.C. Wyatt
Awakening quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#10. Awakening is not a state but a process: an ethical way of life and commitment that enables human flourishing. As such, it is no longer the exclusive preserve of enlightened teachers or accomplished yogis. Likewise, nirvana-the stopping of craving-is not the goal of the path but its very source. For human flourishing first stirs in that clear, bright, empty space where neurotic self-centredness realizes that it has no ground at all to stand on. One is then freed to pour forth like sunlight. #Quote by Stephen Batchelor
Awakening quotes by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
#11. To reclaim our dignity and role as guardians of the planet will not be easy. But we can pray for the intercession of His mercy, knowing, according to an ancient promise, that "His mercy is greater than His justice." There is a real reason that the ancients understood that He is a wrathful God, and made penance and sacrifice to placate Him. We may think that our science and civilization can protect us from this primal power, but the symbol of the dragon as the power of the earth is not without meaning. We have little understanding of the archetypal forces that underlie our surface lives, and of how they are all interconnected and can manifest the will of God. We can no longer afford to be ignorant or think that we can abuse the world as long as we want. #Quote by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Awakening quotes by Yash Thakur
#12. Awakening is the greatest acceptance of nature. #Quote by Yash Thakur
Awakening quotes by Anna Bennett
#13. There was no denying it; his wicked words thrilled her. Like a feather slowly brushing over her bare skin, they teased and tantalized, awakening every inch of her body. #Quote by Anna Bennett
Awakening quotes by M.R. Neer
#14. In every time, in every culture, ordinary people have done extraordinary things. #Quote by M.R. Neer
Awakening quotes by D.T. Suzuki
#15. In Zen there must be satori; there must be a general mental upheaval which destroys the old accumulations of intellection and lays down the foundation for a new life; there must be the awakening of a new sense which will review the old things from a hitherto undreamed-of angle of observation. #Quote by D.T. Suzuki
Awakening quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#16. For some people, it's the beginning of an awakening when they hear or read, "You have a voice in your head that never stops talking. Have you noticed that?" And suddenly they become aware that the thoughts go through their heads, whereas before they were so identified with them that they were those thoughts. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Awakening quotes by Jacob Needleman
#17. What is [the role of money] in the search for meaning? Is our relationship to it one of the chief factors that keeps us in our prison, or could it also be a tool for breaking out, for awakening to a life filled with intensity of purpose? #Quote by Jacob Needleman
Awakening quotes by Barry L. Duncan
#18. Great doubt: great awakening. Little doubt: little awakening. No doubt: no awakening. - Zen mantra #Quote by Barry L. Duncan
Awakening quotes by Pooja Ruprell
#19. Awakening others is an impossible endeavor until I myself am awakened. #Quote by Pooja Ruprell
Awakening quotes by Nikki Rowe
#20. Don't suffocate your spirit for the lessons that were only passing through spring. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Awakening quotes by Liu Cixin
#21. And now we know that this is the journey that must be made by every civilization: awakening inside a cramped cradle, toddling out of it, taking flight, flying faster and farther, and, finally, merging with the fate of the universe as one. The ultimate fate of all intelligent beings has always been to become as grand as their thoughts. #Quote by Liu Cixin
Awakening quotes by Robert Breault
#22. Each day, awakening, are we asked to paint the sky blue? Need we coax the sun to rise or flowers to bloom? Need we teach birds to sing, or children to laugh, or lovers to kiss? No, though we think the world imperfect, it surrounds us each day with its perfections. We are asked only to appreciate them, and to show appreciation by living in peaceful harmony amidst them. The Creator does not ask that we create a perfect world; He asks that we celebrate it. #Quote by Robert Breault
Awakening quotes by Robert Walpole
#23. If they are really persuaded that the army is annually established by me, that I have the sole disposal of posts and honours, that I employ this power in the destruction of liberty and the diminution of commerce, let me awaken them from their delusion. #Quote by Robert Walpole
Awakening quotes by Adi Shankara
#24. You never identify yourself with the shadows cast by your body, or with its reflection, or with the body you see in a dream or in your imagination. Therefore you should not identify yourself with this living body either. #Quote by Adi Shankara
Awakening quotes by Tishani Doshi
#25. Six months of waiting. Six months of understanding the inner workings of faith and the outer spheres of the world. Six months of time: hundreds and millions of awakening seconds and sleeping minutes. Six months of aching stretched out like the Sahara: lickety-split, snippety-snip, jiggity-jig Six months of fading and blooming, stopping and starting. Six months of love: a breath, a deluge, an eternity; a single flake of snow. #Quote by Tishani Doshi
Awakening quotes by Raphael Zernoff
#26. Awakening is a different name for raising one's frequency. It is about becoming more aware of different perspectives, from which you may choose whatever you resonate with. #Quote by Raphael Zernoff
Awakening quotes by Diana Butler Bass
#27. Although churches seem the most natural space to perform spiritual awakening, the disconcerting reality is that many people in Western society see churches more as museums of religion than sacred stages that dramatize the movement of God's spirit. #Quote by Diana Butler Bass
Awakening quotes by George Richards Minot
#28. The stopping of the Judicial courts, had been blended, in the minds of some people, with the redress of grievances considered only as a mode of awakening the attention of the legislature. #Quote by George Richards Minot
Awakening quotes by Michio Kaku
#29. Instead of being overwhelmed by the universe, I think that perhaps one of the deepest experiences a scientist can have, almost approaching a religious awakening, is to realize that we are children of the stars, and that our minds are capable of understanding the universal laws that they obey. The atoms within our bodies were forged on the anvil of nucleo-synthesis within an exploding star aeons before the birth of the solar system. Our atoms are older than the mountains. We are literally made of star dust. Now these atoms, in turn, have coalesced into intelligent beings capable of understanding the universal laws governing that event. #Quote by Michio Kaku
Awakening quotes by Amit Ray
#30. Divinity is recognizing that you're already successful, and you are on the way to achieve your highest potential. Divinity is keeping the objectives of the soul clear, beyond the guilt, shame and embarrassment of life. #Quote by Amit Ray
Awakening quotes by Enza Vita
#31. Realization is the direct seeing that this entity you have believed yourself to be has its roots in something infinitely vast and that this entity is not separate from that vastness, the source, the absolute. #Quote by Enza Vita
Awakening quotes by Kate Chopin
#32. The morning was full of sunlight and hope. #Quote by Kate Chopin
Awakening quotes by Erin Fall Haskell
#33. If you're searching for something out in the world to bring you happiness, wealth or love, then you are in for a tough journey. The key to success is never out there, but rather within. It is merely a side effect of awakening the divine within! #Quote by Erin Fall Haskell
Awakening quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#34. The ground under the Bilva tree is very holy. Meditating here quickly brings about an awakening of the religious instinct. Shri Ramakrishna used to say so. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Awakening quotes by Nancy Pearcey
#35. Author conveys contemporary respect for Methodist preachers who rode the circuit of frontier settlements to put themselves at risk for the Gospel near the Second Great Awakening. They were dubbed 'God's light artillery'. #Quote by Nancy Pearcey
Awakening quotes by Tanya Benoit
#36. Without the dream, there can be no awakening. #Quote by Tanya Benoit
Awakening quotes by Jeff Mach
#37. Surety is a narcotic which masks the fact that you're dying. Losing it is a gift. #Quote by Jeff Mach
Awakening quotes by M.M. Van Der Reijden
#38. deity moments
are monumental
but not for a mortal
so my devoted
ask of you
to never beg for any man
you are your own wildflower
wild and free
in your devotion to
finally, only you
and you forevermore #Quote by M.M. Van Der Reijden
Awakening quotes by Andrew Cohen
#39. You are the only one who can do this. That's the ultimately challenging and profoundly liberating truth you discover in Evolutionary Enlightenment. Any individual who is committed to this path has to know, at the deepest level, that he or she is the only one who could possibly do this. And that is because there is no other. You have discovered that fact, directly, for yourself. From the absolute or nondual perspective that emerges in spiritual revelation, there is only ONE. There literally is no other; there is only One without a second. To truly understand conscious evolution, you must grapple with the profound implications of that fact. I believe we can only consciously evolve to the degree that we have realized at the deepest level of our being that we are that One without a second.

In an evolutionary context, facing into the truth of nonduality - that the many is the One and that the One is ultimately who we always are - forces a confrontation with any relationship to the life process that is less than whole, complete, and fully committed. To consciously evolve is to surrender unconditionally to the truth that there is no other and at the same time to accept responsibility for what that means in an evolving universe - a cosmos that is slowly but surely becoming aware of itself through you and me. That One without a second is simultaneously awakening to itself as it develops, as it evolves, and it is that One, as you and me, alone, that can now begin to take res #Quote by Andrew Cohen
Awakening quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#40. The man felt that she had not been a very good mother and was not a good person. At one point, Nisargadatta advised him to love his mother. The man replied, "She wouldn't let me." Nisargadatta responded, "She couldn't stop you." No external condition can prevent love; no one and no thing can stop it. The awakening of love is not bound up in things being a certain way. Metta, like the true nature of the mind, is not dependent; it is not conditioned. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Awakening quotes by Leo Lyon Zagami
#41. It is amazing to note, however, that an increasing number if esoteric [New Age] organizations that don't function as a screen for criminal activities related to the New World Order are often reduced to idle intellectual speculations or ridiculous ceremony. Such practices should be intended to perfect the individual and, if possible, take him to the realizations of a higher level, i.e. the awakening of his own conscience, not such rubbish as is witnessed. #Quote by Leo Lyon Zagami
Awakening quotes by Meher Baba
#42. Avataric periods are like the spring-tide of creation. They bring a new release of power, a new awakening of consciousness, a new experience of life - not merely for a few, but for all. Qualities of energy and awareness, which had been used and enjoyed by only a few advanced souls, are made available for all humanity. Life, as a whole is stepped up to a higher level of consciousness, is geared to a new rate of energy. The transition from sensation to reason was one such step; the transition from reason to intuition will be another. #Quote by Meher Baba
Awakening quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
#43. The biggest awakening is the awakening from the childish deceptions and the invented tales of the religion. #Quote by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Awakening quotes by Jennifer L. Armentrout
#44. She's Awakening,' Aiden said, voice tight.
'But the blood ... ' I heard Marcus move closer. 'Why is she bleeding?'
I eased onto my side. 'I'm being tattooed by a giant, mother fu-' Another strangled scream cut of my words as a different type of pain settled in, moving under my skin. It was like lighting racing through my veins, frying every nerve ending.
'This is ... wow,' Deacon said, and I pried my eyes open. There was a whole audience by the door.
'Get them out of here!' I screamed, jackknifing on the floor. 'Gods, this sucks!'
'Whoa,' I heard Deacon murmur. 'This is like watching a chick give birth or something.'
'Oh my gods, I'm going to kill him.' I could feel the beads of blood breaking out under my jeans. 'I'm going to punch him-'
'Everyone leave,' Aiden ground out. 'This isn't a godsdamn show.'
'And I think he's like the father,' Luke said.
Aiden rose to his feet. 'Get. Out. #Quote by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Awakening quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#45. True religion comes not front the teaching of men or the reading of books; it is the awakening of the spirit within us, consequent upon pure and heroic action. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Awakening quotes by Raphael Zernoff
#46. For aeons past, there were many gods who descended to be humans, yet there were not many humans who ascended back to their divinity. #Quote by Raphael Zernoff
Awakening quotes by Johnjwillard
#47. Any belief that silences the love of a woman is not the love of God. #Quote by Johnjwillard
Awakening quotes by Anne Lamott
#48. The movement of grace toward gratitude brings us from the package of self-obsessed madness to a spiritual awakening. Gratitude is peace. #Quote by Anne Lamott
Awakening quotes by Gino Severini
#49. In the early days the Cubists' method of grasping an object was to go round and round it; the futurists declared that one had to get inside it. In my opinion the two views can be reconciled in a poetic cognition of the world. But to the very fact that they appealed to the creative depths in the painter by awakening in him hidden forces which were intuitive and vitalizing, the Futurist theories did more than the Cubist principles to open up unexplored and boundless horizons. #Quote by Gino Severini
Awakening quotes by Rachel Caine
#50. Meditate?" I took my head out from under the pillow, shook dark hair back from my face, and rolled over on my side to look at him. "Excuse me, but the closest I ever got to having a spiritual awakening was dating a yoga instructor. Once. #Quote by Rachel Caine
Awakening quotes by Bert McCoy
#51. The ego is the ultimate conspirator. #Quote by Bert McCoy
Awakening quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#52. A person who is asleep is either lost in deep unconsciousness or absorbed in a dream. Metaphorically, this was how the Buddha must have seen both his previous self as well as everyone else he had known: they either were blind to the questions of existence or sought consolation from them in metaphysical or religious fantasies. #Quote by Stephen Batchelor
Awakening quotes by Bryant McGill
#53. Seek goodness and be goodness. Seek beauty and be beauty. Seek love and be love. #Quote by Bryant McGill
Awakening quotes by Jon Kabat-Zinn
#54. The importance of the development of the emotional body is hardly recognized today. We are pretty much left to our own devices to come to full adulthood, whether man or woman. Our elders may have become so denatured themselves from a lack of such nurturance that there is no longer a collective knowledge of how to guide the awakening emotional vitality and authenticity of our young people, our children. Mindfulness may contribute to a reawakening of this ancient wisdom in ourselves and in others. #Quote by Jon Kabat-Zinn
Awakening quotes by Anushka Bhartiya
#55. Just when she was about to reemerge from the depths of her sorrows, someone shook her again. This wasn't the jolt that usually awakens the senses. This was what it takes to finally rise over all that is petty about this world. Jealousy, insecurity and of course, betrayal. Awakening the senses was meant for another day, another time. #Quote by Anushka Bhartiya
Awakening quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#56. Meditation has nothing to do with achieving a result. It is not a matter of breathing in a particular way, or looking at your nose, or awakening the power to perform certain tricks, or any of the rest of that immature nonsense…. Meditation is not something apart from life. When you are driving a car or sitting in a bus, when you are chatting aimlessly, when you are walking by yourself in a wood or watching a butterfly being carried along by the wind - to be choicelessly aware of all that is part of meditation. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Awakening quotes by Piper Davenport
#57. What I do know, is that Alex is my protector, my lover, my soul mate, and my one true love, but most importantly, he is my awakening. #Quote by Piper Davenport
Awakening quotes by Theodore J. Nottingham
#58. Intentionality is actually the first step toward authentic spiritual awakening and the discovery of new horizons of understanding and wisdom. Intentionality is that baby step that opens the doors of perception. It requires an effort of sustained attention and commitment which is rare in our time, as our minds are distracted and reshaped by the rapid-fire stimulus of media through every possible venue. We are each responsible for reining in our attention, taking command of this power of focused awareness, and purposefully choosing how we will live the moments of our lives. We can waste and dissipate them, like leaking cisterns that can hold no water as the prophet Jeremiah said in ancient times, or we can center ourselves intentionally and live fully in the present moment which then opens a meaningful path into the future, even when our plans are not entirely clear. Intentionality calls forth the best of our human nature and all its potential. It all begins with a decision to live in such a way, a decision that we refuse to betray. We then become useful to the Universe and to our fellow human beings. That is how bliss enters our lives. #Quote by Theodore J. Nottingham
Awakening quotes by Adyashanti
#59. My speaking is meant to shake you awake, not to tell you how to dream better. #Quote by Adyashanti
Awakening quotes by Scott Adams
#60. The most important thing when you study hypnosis is that you learn that humans are irrational. Until you understand that, hypnosis is hard to do ... For me, it was this great awakening to understand that humans are deeply irrational, and it's probably the greatest influence on me in terms of my writing. #Quote by Scott Adams
Awakening quotes by Kate Chopin
#61. I leave such ventures ti you younger men with the fever of life still in your blood. #Quote by Kate Chopin
Awakening quotes by Slavoj Zizek
#62. No wonder that tantra is so popular today in the West: it offers the ultimate "spiritual logic of late capitalism" uniting spirituality and earthly pleasures, transcendence and material benefits, divine experience and unlimited shopping. It propagates the permanent transgression of all rules, the violation of all taboos, instant gratification as the path to enlightenment; it overcomes old-fashioned "binary" thought, the dualism of mind and body, in claiming that the body at its most material (the site of sex and lust) is the royal path to spiritual awakening. Bliss comes from "saying yes" to all bodily needs, not from denying them: spiritual perfection comes from the insight that we already are divine and perfect, not that we have to achieve this through effort and discipline. The body is not something to be cultivated or crafted into an expression of spiritual truths, rather it is immediately the "temple for expressing divinity. #Quote by Slavoj Zizek
Awakening quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
#63. Liberalism and capitalism address themselves to the cool, well-balanced mind. They proceed by strict logic, eliminating any appeal to the emotions. Socialism, on the contrary, works on the emotions, tries to violate logical considerations by rousing a sense of personal interest and to stifle the voice of reason by awakening primitive instincts. #Quote by Ludwig Von Mises
Awakening quotes by William Axtell
#64. You don't like me, do you?" she asked suddenly and pathetically, just like a small child.
Sergei did not look at her but merely said, "What makes you think that?"
"It is normal to try to make conversation while in the car with someone, isn't it?"
"Oh, well, my English is only average," he lied.
"Maybe, but I speak Russian," she persisted
Sergei grunted.
"What, your Russian is only average too?" she said, raising an eyebrow. #Quote by William Axtell
Awakening quotes by Sarah Ban Breathnach
#65. The more naps you take, the more awakenings you experience. #Quote by Sarah Ban Breathnach
Awakening quotes by Anne Frank
#66. I think spring is inside me. I feel spring awakening, I feel it in my entire body and soul. I have to force myself to act normally. I'm in a state of utter confusion, don't know what to read, what to write, what to do. I only know that I'm longing for something ... #Quote by Anne Frank
Awakening quotes by Chameli Ardagh
#67. Let the world kiss you, sister. Let the moment kiss the most raw and tender spot in your heart until you cannot help but surrender, open. #Quote by Chameli Ardagh
Awakening quotes by Andrew Cohen
#68. The authentic self is the best part of a human being. It's the part of you that already cares, that is already passionate about evolution. When your authentic self miraculously awakens and becomes stronger than your ego, then you will truly begin to make a difference in this world. You will literally enter into a partnership with the creative principle. #Quote by Andrew Cohen
Awakening quotes by Paul Lowe
#69. If you wake up one morning realising that you do not know anything, then you are awake. If you still think you know something, then you are still asleep. If you are still trying to know, you are still trying to control. If you are still trying to control then you still think something can 'go wrong'. If you still think something can go wrong then you are not in touch with the source. If you are not in touch with the source then you live in fear. You are living in the fear that you have created, and that you are trying to get away from. #Quote by Paul Lowe
Awakening quotes by Diana Butler Bass
#70. Spiritual awakening is not ultimately the work of invisible cultural forces. Instead, it is the work of learning to see differently, of prayer, and of conversion. It is something people do. #Quote by Diana Butler Bass
Awakening quotes by Rajneesh
#72. How much longer will you go on letting your energy sleep? How much longer are you going to stay oblivious of the immensity of yourself? #Quote by Rajneesh
Awakening quotes by Antoine De Saint Exupery
#73. A single event can awaken within us a stranger totally unknown to us. To live is to be slowly born. #Quote by Antoine De Saint Exupery
Awakening quotes by Clive Davis
#74. This was work (music industry) but it was the awakening to what was to become a life's passion. #Quote by Clive Davis
Awakening quotes by Nicola Sturgeon
#75. My political awakening, if I can be as grand as to call it that, was all about what was happening around me. It wasn't some romantic, patriotic vision of Scotland going back to what it had been 300 years previously. #Quote by Nicola Sturgeon
Awakening quotes by Raphael Zernoff
#76. There is no membership required for shining the light. #Quote by Raphael Zernoff
Awakening quotes by Charlotte Kasl
#77. On the spiritual path we must become a gentle warrior--curious, kind, and alert to our own con games--whispering to ourselves, wake up. #Quote by Charlotte Kasl
Awakening quotes by Elie Wiesel
#78. And what is a friend? More than a father, more than a brother: a traveling companion, with him, you can conquer the impossible, even if you must lose it later. Friendship marks a life even more deeply than love. Love risks degenerating into obsession, friendship is never anything but sharing. It is a friend that you communicate the awakening of a desire, the birth of a vision or a terror, the anguish of seeing the sun disappear or of finding that order and justice are no more. That's what you can talk about with a friend. Is the soul immortal, and if so why are we afraid to die? If God exists, how can we lay claim to freedom, since He is its beginning and its end? What is death, when you come down to it? The closing of a parenthesis, and nothing more? And what about life? In the mouth of a philosopher, these questions may have a false ring, but asked during adolescence or friendship, they have the power to change being: a look burns and ordinary gestures tend to transcend themselves. What is a friend? Someone who for the first time makes you aware of your loneliness and his, and helps you to escape so you in turn can help him. Thanks to him who you can hold your tongue without shame and talk freely without risk. That's it. #Quote by Elie Wiesel
Awakening quotes by Nikki Rowe
#79. People underestimate the stars and the connectedness they bring between spirit and matter. More often than not, when lost, we seek solitude in staring into the darkness hoping something speaks back to us, usually through a feeling, a thought or a rare occurrence of a shooting star. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Awakening quotes by Li-Young Lee
#80. Where is his father?
When will his mother be home?

How is he going to explain
the moon taken hostage, the sea
risen to fill up all the mirrors?

How is he going to explain the branches
beginning to grow from his ribs and throat,
the cries and trills starting in his own mouth?

And now that ancient sorrow between his hips,
his body's ripe listening;
the planet
knowing itself at last. #Quote by Li-Young Lee
Awakening quotes by Lamin Sanneh
#81. Africans sensed in their hearts that Jesus did not mock their respect for the sacred or their clamor for an invincible Savior, so they beat their sacred drums for him until the stars skipped and danced in the skies. After that dance the stars weren't little anymore. Christianity helped Africans to become renewed Africans, not remade Europeans. #Quote by Lamin Sanneh
Awakening quotes by Criss Jami
#82. Disasters work like alarm clocks to the world, hence God allows them. They are shouting, 'Wake up! Love! Pray! #Quote by Criss Jami
Awakening quotes by Emmanuel Diogu
#83. Death is not like going to sleep, it's more like waking up from a dream and realizing the person you were in the dream wasn't you, the problems you had in the dream weren't your problems and waking up from the dream to this world is like going back to sleep again and waking up in a dream world, forgetting who we are again and getting lost in the dream character, the character who we think we are and who has problems. Waking up in a dream and realizing we are not the dream character but the dreamer is enlightenment. #Quote by Emmanuel Diogu
Awakening quotes by Neale Donald Walsch
#84. The twenty-first century will be a time of awakening, of meeting the creator within. Many beings will experience oneness with God and with all life. This will be the beginning of the golden age of the new human, of which it has been written; the time of the universal human, which has been eloquently described by those with deep insight among you. #Quote by Neale Donald Walsch
Awakening quotes by David Hilbert
#85. If I were to awaken after having slept for a thousand years, my first question would be: Has the Riemann hypothesis been proven? #Quote by David Hilbert
Awakening quotes by Robert Musil
#86. It is reality that awakens possibilities, and nothing would be more perverse than to deny it. #Quote by Robert Musil
Awakening quotes by Tracy L. Higley
#87. The fear of the unknown was eclipsed by the gladness that came of taking action, of doing something rather than waiting, of following what seemed to be the call of my life. #Quote by Tracy L. Higley
Awakening quotes by Nataša Pantović

Dark and cold and wet were Her hands
I felt Her chilly breath inside my throat
Her claws deep inside trying to find traces of
Fear within me

I stayed still Accepting Opening Receiving

Within a moment She was inside
Two fingers below My belly button

In there She found no traces of shivers
no traces of resistance, no traces of weakness
just clear pure Passage-Way

Then She grew into Her most powerful Self
She stood undisturbed, unmoved, unchanged
Totally free and She screamed

From the centre of the earth, Through the tunnels of the caves, To the surface of the volcanoes

To open: Mountain tops untouched by clouds and rain
Cherry fields in their full blossom
A dog running after a train filled with the excitement
A witch laughing at passers-by mirroring their paranoia
Death looking us in the eyes searching for the chosen Few Capable to see the Key behind Her magic veil #Quote by Nataša Pantović
Awakening quotes by Nikki Rowe
#89. Your gift to the world is your purpose, you must find it, not for them, but for you.
They will live on regardless of who you are, but you will remember who you felt short of, trying to please them. The only gift that the world needs is more, awakened beings, ready to be themselves, to unite a community to do the same; everywhere & that is the gift, to rise to your greatness & help others do the same. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Awakening quotes by Lawrence Blair
#90. Totally isolated from our own culture for long periods, we became vulnerable to forgotten times and tribes re-awakening within us. Our journeys, we found, were to take us simultaneously to some of the least-charted regions of the planet and to the least-charted regions of our own minds. What began for us as the effort to capture a purely objective record of what we saw gradually dissolved into a quest, an odyssey of self-discovery which actually took place amongst the last of the lands of real living kings and queens, dragons and pirates, cannibals and headhunters, mystics and magicians. #Quote by Lawrence Blair
Awakening quotes by Franz Kafka
#91. If the book we are reading does not wake us, as with a fist hammering on our skull, why then do we read it? #Quote by Franz Kafka
Awakening quotes by Barbara Marx Hubbard
#92. My mission is to tell the story of the birth of ourselves as a universal humanity, awakening all of us to our unique opportunity to participate through our own conscious evolution. #Quote by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Awakening quotes by Banani Ray
#93. Each one of you carries the potential to blossom like flowers. When you blossom, petals of your mind open and the fragrance spread far and near. #Quote by Banani Ray
Awakening quotes by Maura O'Halloran
#94. Once renunciation and the awakened mind have been fully realized, the way to Buddhahood is clear. Liberation is complete and such liberated beings are then Bodhisattvas and Buddhas: "enlightened ones," or "empty dwellers." Their usefulness to others both before and after their physical death, is impossible to conceive. They are nothing but useful energy leading to liberation for all beings still caught in conditioned existence. #Quote by Maura O'Halloran
Awakening quotes by Stephen Batchelor
#95. Awakening is no longer seen as something to attain in the distant future, for it is not a thing but a process - and this process is the path itself. But neither does this render us in any way perfect or infallible. We are quite capable of subverting this process to the interests of our far-from-extinct desires, ambitions, hatreds, jealousies, and fears. We have not been elevated to the lofty heights of awakening; awakening has been knocked off its pedestal into the turmoil and ambiguity of everyday life. There is nothing particularly religious or spiritual about this path. It encompasses everything we do. It is an authentic way of being in the world. It begins with how we understand the kind of reality we inhabit and the kind of beings we are that inhabit such a reality. Such a vision underpins the values that inform our ideas, the choices we make, the words we utter, the deeds we perform, the work we do. It provides the ethical ground for mindful and focused awareness, which in turn further deepens our understanding of the kind of reality we inhabit and the kind of beings we are that inhabit such a reality. And so on. #Quote by Stephen Batchelor
Awakening quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#96. Inner state. You need to be extremely alert and absolutely present to be able to detect them. Whenever you do, it is a moment of awakening, of disidentification from the mind. Here is one of the most common negative states that is easily overlooked, precisely because #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Awakening quotes by Debasish Mridha
#97. Start your day by awakening early to welcome the morning sun with a smile, love, and gratitude. #Quote by Debasish Mridha
Awakening quotes by Saroj Aryal
#98. Lose everything, but not soul. Gain anything, but first soul. #Quote by Saroj Aryal
Awakening quotes by Nenia Campbell
#99. It was as though he had awakened something inside her. All those desires she had felt in passing had culminated, growing deeper, hungrier, darker. #Quote by Nenia Campbell
Awakening quotes by Marty Rubin
#100. Waking up from a deep sleep, I always seem to be discovering life for the first time. #Quote by Marty Rubin
Awakening quotes by Thomas Hooker
#101. I confess it is beyond our power to awaken the heart, but ordinarily this way does good. #Quote by Thomas Hooker
Awakening quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#102. Pain is a crucial part of our reality; it awakens a person from a mental stupor. A person must never be afraid to discover where their pain originates, follow pain to where it emanates from, learn from its messages, and reject the mindless business and busyness of contemporary culture in order to fuel an artistic vision of the self. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Awakening quotes by T. Scott McLeod
#103. Life gives you exactly what you need to awaken. #Quote by T. Scott McLeod
Awakening quotes by Rene Guenon
#104. The saying signifies first and foremost that no exoteric teaching is capable of providing true knowledge, which man must find only within himself, for in fact no knowledge can be acquired except through a personal comprehension. Without this comprehension, no teaching can lead to an
effective result, and the teaching that awakens no personal resonance in the one who receives it cannot give any kind of knowledge. This is why Plato says that 'everything that a man learns is already within him'. All the experiences, all the external things that surround him, are only an occasion to help him become aware of what is within himself. This awakening he calls
, which signifies 'recollection'. #Quote by Rene Guenon
Awakening quotes by Nikki Rowe
#105. I remember sitting back, on a local beach I called home; thinking about the wild storms I had already faced, the chaotic thunder I somehow learnt to dance through. This time, remembering it, was different. I had no emotional attachment, I felt free of the past and could quietly seperate who I was with who I am now and this moment was empowering , because had I not faced the greatest disasters with courage, I wouldn't have learnt the mastery of life. My self awakening. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Awakening quotes by Wayne Dyer
#106. Upon awakening, let the words Thank You flow from your lips, for this will remind you to begin your day with gratitude and compassion. #Quote by Wayne Dyer
Awakening quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#107. Spiritual awakening - is becoming awake to the aliveness of this moment. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Awakening quotes by Jo Nesbo
#108. The second sort was waking up alone. That was characterised by an awareness that he was alone in bed, alone in life, alone in the world, and it could sometimes fill him with a sweet sensation of freedom, and at other times with a melancholy that could perhaps be called loneliness, but which was perhaps just a glimpse of what anyone's life really is: a journey from the attachment of the umbilical cord to a death where we are finally separated from everything and everyone. A brief glimpse at the moment of awakening before all our defence mechanisms and comforting illusions slot into place again and we can face life in all its unreal glory. Then #Quote by Jo Nesbo
Awakening quotes by Danny Castillones Sillada
#109. Like a caterpillar that excruciatingly turns upside down inside a dark cocoon to transform into a beautiful butterfly, human consciousness must also undergo a similar process, evolving and becoming a rational and sensible being. It is a painful human awakening from ignorance to wisdom, from bigotry to tolerance, from indifference to empathy. ( - Danny Castillones Sillada, The Sensation of Not Being Dead) #Quote by Danny Castillones Sillada
Awakening quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#110. Self-questioning and a desire to gain self-understanding is the fêted act of humankind. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Awakening quotes by Lois Lowry
#111. Always in the dream, it seemed as if there were a destination: a something
he could not grasp what-that lay beyond the place where the thickness of snow brought the sled to a stop. He was left, upon awakening, with the feeling that he wanted, even somehow needed, to reach the something that waited in the distance. The feeling that it was good. That it was welcoming. That it was significant. But he did not know how to get there. #Quote by Lois Lowry
Awakening quotes by Wald Wassermann
#112. The evolutionary algorithm of all life on earth is written in this universal language we call love. #Quote by Wald Wassermann
Awakening quotes by Rajneesh
#113. There are many kinds of richness, and the man who is rich because of money is the lowest as far as the categories of richness are concerned. Let me say it in this way: the man of wealth is the poorest rich man. Looked at from the side of the poor, he is the richest poor man. Looked at from the side of a creative artist, of a dancer, of a musician, of a scientist, he is the poorest rich man. And as far as the world of ultimate awakening is concerned he cannot even be called rich. #Quote by Rajneesh
Awakening quotes by Will Durant
#114. Nearly all ancient peoples worshiped sex in some form and ritual, and not the lowest people but the highest expressed their worship most completely [ ... ]. The sexual character and functions of primitive deities were held in high regard, not through any obscenity of mind, but through a passion for fertility in women and in the earth. Certain animals, like the bull and the snake, were worshiped as apparently possessing or symbolizing in a high degree the divine power of reproduction.
The snake in the story of Eden is doubtless a phallic symbol, representing sex as the origin of evil, suggesting sexual awakening as the beginning of the knowledge of good and evil, and perhaps insinuating a certain proverbial connection between mental innocence and bliss. #Quote by Will Durant
Awakening quotes by Ken Livingstone
#115. What defines someone's music taste is their teens and early 20s. It's that combination of your sexual awakening and the music of the time, it fixes you forever. #Quote by Ken Livingstone
Awakening quotes by Sharon Salzberg
#116. The cultivation of generosity is the beginning of spiritual awakening. Generosity has tremendous force because it arises from an inner quality of letting go. Being able to let go, to give up, to renounce, and to give generously all spring from the same source, and when we practice generosity ... we open up these qualities within ourselves. #Quote by Sharon Salzberg
Awakening quotes by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
#117. Nothing is excluded and the unique nature of every aspect of creation is celebrated. This is how oneness works when it is not just a concept but a living presence. Many patterns and attachments that we think are essential to life will fall away, just as our present structures of power will become redundant. And the wonder of this change is that it need not be gradual, because it belongs to the now. Any real change is always a miracle - it happens through the grace of God. #Quote by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Awakening quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#118. Free yourself from the psychological structure of society, which is to free yourself from the essence of conflict. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Awakening quotes by Pema Chodron
#119. Awakening is not a process of building ourselves up but a process of letting go. It's a process of relaxing in the middle - the paradoxical, ambiguous middle, full of potential, full of new ways of thinking and seeing - with absolutely no money-back guarantee of what will happen next. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Awakening quotes by Maria Popova
#120. Elegant and lucid ... a pitch-perfect clarion call, issued not with preachy hubris but from a deep place of humility, for awakening to the greatest rewards of living ... The Road to Character is an essential read in its entirety-Anne Lamott with a harder edge of moral philosophy, Seneca with a softer edge of spiritual sensitivity, E. F. Schumacher for perplexed moderns. #Quote by Maria Popova
Awakening quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#121. So we saunter toward the Holy Land, till one day the sun shall shine more brightly than ever he has done, shall perchance shine into our minds and hearts, and light up our whole lives with a great awakening light, as warm and serene and golden as on a bankside in autumn. #Quote by Henry David Thoreau
Awakening quotes by Patsie Smith
#122. I am Life
Your pure essence, spirit and seed of existence itself,
That lies within you, longing to awaken and flourish.
I am long before you and after you, never born, never die,
timeless, without boundaries.

I am pure unconditional love, wholeness,connectedness, freedom, bliss,joy, peace, stillness.
I am That beyond the gross and limited,
yet you are blinded.
You choose the illusion
that you have control
through grasping and being caught
by all that is unreal and comes and goes.
You think you are alive but you barely know Life.
You choose separation.

It is time to wake up!
Have strength, courage and trust to let go.
Surrender the fear and all that imprisons you.

I am beyond mind, thoughts, emotions, ego, conditioning, desires, needs, attachments, memories, dreams, goals, forms, identities, ideas.
Beyond all that arises.
When all that I am not is released and let go, I AM....

Total, whole, eternal,infinite.
And such also is all that arises.
No more questions.Home.
No more you, I, us.
No more words. #Quote by Patsie Smith
Awakening quotes by Jack Kornfield
#123. Attachment is conditional, offers love only to certain people in certain ways; it is exclusive. Love, in the sense of metta, used by Buddha, is a universal, nondiscriminating feeling of caring and connectedness. #Quote by Jack Kornfield
Awakening quotes by Mircea Eliade
#124. The crises of modern man are to a large extent religious ones, insofar as they are an awakening of his awareness to an absence of meaning. #Quote by Mircea Eliade
Awakening quotes by Nhat Hanh
#126. In Buddhism, mindfulness is the key. Mindfulness is the energy that sheds light on all things and all activities, producing the power of concentration, bringing forth deep insight and awakening. Mindfulness is the base of Buddhist practice #Quote by Nhat Hanh
Awakening quotes by Michael Polanyi
#127. So far as we know, the tiny fragments of the universe embodied in man are the only centers of thought and responsibility in the visible world. If that be so, the appearance of the human mind has been so far the ultimate stage in the awakening of the world; and all that has gone before, the striving of myriad centers that have taken the risks of living and believing, seem to have all been pursuing, along rival lines, the aim now achieved by us up to this point. They are all akin to us, for all these centers - those which led up to our own existence and the far more numerous others which produced different lines of which many are extinct - may be seen engaged in the same endeavor towards ultimate liberation. We may envisage then a cosmic field which called forth all these centers by offering them a short-lived, limited, hazardous opportunity for making some progress of their own towards an unthinkable consummation. And that is also, I believe, how a Christian is placed when worshiping God. #Quote by Michael Polanyi
Awakening quotes by Lyudmila Ulitskaya
#128. for some reason this metamorphosis didn't occur in all of his pupils, or even most of them, but rather in the minority. What was the essence of this process? The awakening of a moral sensibility? Yes, of course. But why did it happen in some, and not in others? Is there some kind of mysterious module of transition: a ritual, or rite? Or perhaps Homo sapiens, rational man, also undergoes a phenomenon similar to neoteny, which is observed in worms, insects, and amphibians - when the ability to reproduce appears not in mature specimens, but already in the larval stages? And then the immature organism spawns analogous larvae, which will in their turn never mature. #Quote by Lyudmila Ulitskaya
Awakening quotes by Hajime Isayama
#129. Levi: "Somebody please shut up these god-damned brats."
Hanji: "Good thing those wide-eyed kids don't know what a cleanliness freak you are ... they'd be in for a rude awakening. #Quote by Hajime Isayama
Awakening quotes by John Steinbeck
#130. Coming out of sleep, I had the advantage of two worlds, the layered firmament of dream and the temporal fixtures of the mind awake. I stretched luxuriously - a good and tingling sensation. It's as though the skin has shrunk in the night and one must push it out to daytime size by bulging the muscles, and there's an a itching pleasure in it. #Quote by John Steinbeck
Awakening quotes by John Maxwell Taylor
#131. Love makes temporary saints and poets of us all. We feel the source of life welling up inside us and long to express the joy it brings and share it with the partner of our heart's awakening. #Quote by John Maxwell Taylor
Awakening quotes by Huangbo Xiyun
#132. Our original nature is ... void, omnipresent, silent, pure; it is glorious and mysterious peaceful joy - and that is all. Enter deeply into it by awakening yourself. #Quote by Huangbo Xiyun
Awakening quotes by Pema Chodron
#133. It is a commitment to respect whatever life brings that we develop wholehearted determination to use discomfort as an opportunity for awakening, rather than trying to make it disappear. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Awakening quotes by Alan Dean Foster
#134. There has been an awakening in the Force. Have you felt it? #Quote by Alan Dean Foster
Awakening quotes by Kathleen Winter
#135. When the child separates from its parents to explore the new world, the parents can do one of two things. They can fight it with rules, pleading, tears and anger: 'Why do you want to go out in minus-fifteen-degree temperatures in that T-shirt when you could wear the wool I've warmed for you over the woodstove? It's so cosy.' Or they can admit the new world exists, dangerous and irresistible. Cosy is not what awakening youth wants Safety is not what it wants. #Quote by Kathleen Winter
Awakening quotes by Cristen Rodgers
#136. Oh, of course I stumble. There are times when I'm confidently skipping along and then I trip over my own poorly-placed steps and fall face first into the thickets. But I think there's a sort of beauty in falling. Each time I fall, I'm reminded that I'm still human, that I'm still learning, that there will always be more lessons, growth, and discovery up ahead. So, although I have times when I'm weak, when I'm critical of myself, or I lose hope, I wouldn't give them up for the world. I cherish them – because it's the risk of falling that makes life a grand adventure rather than just a guided tour. #Quote by Cristen Rodgers
Awakening quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson
#137. Scholarship is to be created not by compulsion, but by awakening a pure interest in knowledge. #Quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson
Awakening quotes by Dogen
#138. That you carry yourself forward and experience the myriad things is delusion. That the myriad things come forward and experience themselves is awakening #Quote by Dogen
Awakening quotes by Elle Kennedy
#139. Maybe I'm naive, but I thought college would be different. I thought all the gossiping and backstabbing and bullshit ceased to exist once you left high school, but I guess mean girls can be found at any level of the education system. It's like visiting a farm - if you go there not expecting to see piles of cow shit everywhere, then you're in for a rude awakening. And there's a good SAT question for you. SCHOOL is to MEAN GIRLS as FARMS are to _______.

Shit. The answer to that is shit. #Quote by Elle Kennedy
Awakening quotes by Thomas Merton
#140. What is serious to men is often very trivial in the sight of God. What in God might appear to us as "play" is perhaps what he Himself takes most seriously. At any rate, the Lord plays and diverts Himself in the garden of His creation, and if we could let go of our own obsession with what we think is the meaning of it all, we might be able to hear His call and follow Him in His mysterious, cosmic dance. We do not have to go very far to catch echoes of that game, and of that dancing. When we are alone on a starlit night; when by chance we see the migrating birds in autumn descending on a grove of junipers to rest and eat; when we see children in a moment when they are really children; when we know love in our own hearts; or when, like the Japanese poet Bashō we hear an old frog land in a quiet pond with a solitary splash--at such times the awakening, the turning inside out of all values, the "newness," the emptiness and the purity of vision that make themselves evident, provide a glimpse of the cosmic dance.

For the world and time are the dance of the Lord in emptiness. The silence of the spheres is the music of a wedding feast. The more we persist in misunderstanding the phenomena of life, the more we analyze them out into strange finalities and complex purposes of our own, the more we involve ourselves in sadness, absurdity and despair. But it does not matter much, because no despair of ours can alter the reality of things; or stain the joy of the cosmic dance whi #Quote by Thomas Merton
Awakening quotes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
#141. To the ancients, bears symbolized resurrection. The creature goes to sleep for a long time, its heartbeat decreases to almost nothing. The male often impregnates the female right before hibernation, but miraculously, egg and sperm do not unite right away. They float separately in her uterine broth until much later. Near the end of hibernation, the egg and sperm unite and cell division begins, so that the cubs will be born in the spring when the mother is awakening, just in time to care for and teach her new offspring. Not only by reason of awakening from hibernation as though from death, but much more so because the she-bear awakens with new young, this creature is a profound metaphor for our lives, for return and increase coming from something that seemed deadened.

The bear is associated with many huntress Goddesses: Artemis and Diana in Greece and Rome, and Muerte and Hecoteptl, mud women deities in the Latina cultures. These Goddesses bestowed upon women the power of tracking, knowing, 'digging out' the psychic aspects of all things. To the Japanese the bear is the symbol of loyalty, wisdom, and strength. In northern Japan where the Ainu tribe lives, the bear is one who can talk to God directly and bring messages back for humans. The cresent moon bear is considered a sacred being, one who was given the white mark on his throat by the Buddhist Goddess Kwan-Yin, whose emblem is the crescent moon. Kwan-Yin is the Goddess of Deep Compassion and the bear is her emiss #Quote by Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Awakening quotes by Michael Meade
#142. Hearing a story awakens the mythic story living in each of us. It places us in a "mythic condition" that reconnects us to the core imagination and living story at the center of our soul. Being touched by myth carries us to the center where the world is always ending and always beginning again. #Quote by Michael Meade
Awakening quotes by Yunus Emre
#143. To be real on this path you must be humble --
If you look down at others you'll get pushed down the stairs.

If your heart goes around on high, you fly far from this path.
There's no use hiding it --
What's inside always leaks outside.

Even the one with the long white beard, the one who looks so wise --
If he breaks a single heart, why bother going to Mecca?
If he has no compassion, what's the point?

My heart is the throne of the Beloved,
the Beloved the heart's destiny:
Whoever breaks another's heart will find no homecoming
in this world or any other.

The ones who know say very little
while the beasts are always speaking volumes;
One word is enough for one who knows.

If there is any meaning in the holy books, it is this:
Whatever is good for you, grant it to others too --

Whoever comes to this earth migrates back;
Whoever drinks the wine of love
understands what I say --

Yunus, don't look down at the world in scorn --

Keep your eyes fixed on your Beloved's face,
then you will not see the bridge
on Judgment Day. #Quote by Yunus Emre
Awakening quotes by Pema Chodron
#144. Times are difficult globally; awakening is no longer a luxury or an ideal. It's becoming critical. We don't need to add more depression, more discouragement, or more anger to what's already here. It's becoming essential that we learn how to relate sanely with difficult times. The earth seems to be beseeching us to connect with joy and discover our innermost essence. This is the best way that we can benefit others. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Awakening quotes by Johnjwillard
#145. Consciousness over Color, Intelligence over Ignorance #Quote by Johnjwillard
Awakening quotes by Eric Hoffer
#146. The contribution of the Western democracies to the awakening of the East has been indirect and certainly unintended. They have kindled an enthusiasm of resentment against the West; and it is this anti-Western fervor which is at present rousing the Orient from its stagnation of centuries.2 #Quote by Eric Hoffer
Awakening quotes by Maggie Lichtenberg
#147. And so I recognized that my sojourn into open-heart territory was ultimately an open heart journey in another sense, a spiritual journey of awakening - to the reality that I am here in this life with a purpose, and have been from the day I was born. #Quote by Maggie Lichtenberg
Awakening quotes by Laurent Angliviel De La Beaumelle
#148. Life is a dream and death an awakening. #Quote by Laurent Angliviel De La Beaumelle
Awakening quotes by Augustus De Morgan
#149. All existing things upon this earth, which have knowledge of their own existence, possess, some in one degree and some in another, the power of thought, accompanied by perception, which is the awakening of thought by the effects of external objects upon the senses. #Quote by Augustus De Morgan
Awakening quotes by Ram Dass
#150. The offering up or cleaning up ego stuff is called purification. Purification is the act of letting go. This is done out of discriminative awareness. That is, you understand that you are an entity passing through a life in which the entire drama is an offering for your awakening. #Quote by Ram Dass
Awakening quotes by Pyotr Kropotkin
#151. Wage-work is serf-work; it cannot, it must not, produce all that it could produce. And it is high time to disbelieve the legend which represents wagedom as the best incentive to productive work. If industry nowadays brings in a hundred times more than it did in the days of our grandfathers, it is due to the sudden awakening of physical and chemical sciences towards the end of last century; not to the capitalist organization of wagedom, but in spite of that organization. #Quote by Pyotr Kropotkin
Awakening quotes by Shohei Ooka
#152. When I felt ill and was on the way to becoming a burden to the other men, I noticed a growing chill in their attitude toward me. For people like us, living day and night on the brink of danger, the normal instinct of survival seems to strike inward, like a disease, distorting the personality and removing all motives other than those of sheer self-interest. That is why this afternoon I did not wait to go and tell my former comrades-in-arms what had happened to me. For one thing, they probably already knew; besides, it seemed unfair to risk awakening their dormant sense of humanity. #Quote by Shohei Ooka
Awakening quotes by Rhiannon Frater
#153. You have better luck than you think you do," Cian said firmly.
Turning back toward him, she said, "Yeah? Prove it?"
You found me."
Yeah, and awakening your inner vampire, scaring the shit out of your
girlfriend, and screwing up your life."
Then that's my bad luck," he corrected her. #Quote by Rhiannon Frater
Awakening quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#154. She was like a forest, like the dark interlacing of the oakwood, humming inaudibly with myriad unfolding buds. Meanwhile the birds of desire were asleep in the vast interlaced intricacy of her body. #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Awakening quotes by Sri Amma Bhagwan.
#155. The Awakened One sees the observer and the observed as one. The unawakened one sees the observer and the observed as different. #Quote by Sri Amma Bhagwan.
Awakening quotes by Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
#156. Our interests are grains of opium to our consciences, but they only put it to sleep for a terrible awakening. #Quote by Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
Awakening quotes by Monica Ali
#157. He still smelled of limes. It made saliva come into her mouth. It made her feel that before she had been sleepy, and now she was awake. #Quote by Monica Ali
Awakening quotes by Julius Evola
#158. When an ascesis is understood as a technique for the conscious creation of a force that can be applied, in the first place, at any level, then the disciplines taught by the doctrine of awakening can be recognized as those that incorporate the highest degree of crystallinity and independence. #Quote by Julius Evola
Awakening quotes by Yasmin Mogahed
#159. The enduring life is the one that begins once we awaken from this world. And it is in that awakening that we realize ... It was only a dream #Quote by Yasmin Mogahed
Awakening quotes by Chris Lynch
#160. They have this majestic, glorious agony that they reawaken every day just by awakening. #Quote by Chris Lynch
Awakening quotes by Bridges McCall
#161. The Talmud states, "Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world's grief. Do justly now, love mercy now, walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it. #Quote by Bridges McCall
Awakening quotes by Robert A. Johnson
#162. When we find ourselves in a midlife depression, suddenly hate our spouse, our jobs, our lives – we can be sure that the unlived life is seeking our attention. When we feel restless, bored, or empty despite an outer life filled with riches, the unlived life is asking for us to engage. To not do this work will leave us depleted and despondent, with a nagging sense of ennui or failure. As you may have already discovered, doing or acquiring more does not quell your unease or dissatisfaction. Neither will "meditating on the light" or attempting to rise above the sufferings of earthly existence. Only awareness of your shadow qualities can help you to find an appropriate place for your unredeemed darkness and thereby create a more satisfying experience. To not do this work is to remain trapped in the loneliness, anxiety, and dualistic limits of the ego instead of awakening to your higher calling. #Quote by Robert A. Johnson
Awakening quotes by Rand Paul
#163. We need a revival in the country," Paul said. "We need another Great Awakening with tent revivals of thousands of people saying, 'reform or see what's going to happen if we don't reform.' #Quote by Rand Paul
Awakening quotes by Swami Ramdas
#164. God is ever busy in freeing you from the tangle of worldly friendship and attachments which are in their very nature unstable and unreliable, and, therefore, bring you nothing but sorrows and anxieties. Let this experience teach you that if there is one whom you can entirely trust and for whom you should offer the love of an undivided heart, it should be the supreme Lord Himself who has His eternal seat in your heart.

God is all merciful. Pray to Him. '0 God, lead me from the unreal to the Real; from darkness to Light; from death to Immortality.' When He makes you pass through many a painful ordeal of life, it is only to awaken you to the ultimate Reality. #Quote by Swami Ramdas
Awakening quotes by John Of The Cross
#165. The divine awakening produces in the soul of the perfect a flame of love which is a participate of that living flame which is the Holy Spirit Himself ... this is the operation of the Holy Spirit in the soul that is transformed in love. #Quote by John Of The Cross
Awakening quotes by Matt Kahn
#166. If your life were any different, you'd feel exactly the same. This is the irony of life's eternal perfection. Once you no longer rely on outside circumstances, in order to feel good, or even require feeling good, in order to be relaxed and open, something far greater than the tracking of ups, downs, gains and losses awakens within you. This is the heart of awakening. #Quote by Matt Kahn
Awakening quotes by Gabrielle Bernstein
#167. Right now we're in a special and powerful position, because the world is having a spiritual awakening. #Quote by Gabrielle Bernstein
Awakening quotes by Robert S. Cosmar
#168. (Whisper)There is no effort needed to become aware, just the attention directed inward towards the feelings and the life force. You only have to pray, beg, obey and follow the commandments of those ideas and thoughts that are worshiped in the mind and imagination. There you can be a prisoner and play the game according to their rules.

It is far better to feel the life within you and observe your reactions to it, than to analyze and compare your life to others and their experiences. One requires the dignity and self-trust within of your own life experience and the other requires that you surrender your dignity and intelligence to others who say they are more qualified then you concerning your life experiences.

The mind makes everything difficult in its search for truth and meaning, while the heart reveals to us the simplicity of the truth within us. Pay attention to your feelings, they reveal how you think and how far out of touch you can be with yourself. They can also reveal a healing wholeness when you let go and allow the god within you to reveal the mystery within the silence of you. #Quote by Robert S. Cosmar
Awakening quotes by Max Gladstone
#169. Teo had once claimed that human history began with a storm: the interval between lightning and thunder, between flash and rumble felt in the body's core, was primitive man's first experiences of time
the awakening of consciousness, the birth of the gods. #Quote by Max Gladstone
Awakening quotes by Tara Brach
#170. The next time you find yourself in some way trying desperately to land safely, your compassion might be what finally gives you the courage you need to let go of the controls. In doing so, you might discover that each time you let go, it becomes easier and easier to re-enter the atmosphere of your own aliveness. Gradually you'll come home to the flow of your own living presence, the warmth and space of your awakening heart. #Quote by Tara Brach
Awakening quotes by Gerald G. May
#171. It is no accident that contemplatives use the language of romance to describe awakening to the great yearning of life. . . The contemplatives say there is a level at which all our hearts are always saying yes to love, regardless of how dulled or preoccupied our conscious minds are and regardless of how unloving our actions may be. . .

I find it immensely reassuring to know that deep within myself, and within all my sisters and brothers, something is always and irrevocably saying yes to love, wanting to grow into fulfilment. It helps me be more compassionate with myself and others when we fail so miserably at loving one another. It also reminds me that the journey toward greater love is not something to be instilled in people; it is already there to be tended, nurtured, and affirmed. Brother Lawrence, in a parenthetical line in The Practice of the Presence of God, said, "People would be very surprised if they knew what their souls said to God sometimes."

Moments of contemplation, moments of realizing being in love, are times when the sporadic consciousness of our minds approaches the constant wakefulness of our hearts. #Quote by Gerald G. May
Awakening quotes by Rex Stout
#172. It was delightful; but on awakening this morning I felt so completely water-logged that with only myself to consider I would have remained in bed to await disintegration. Names battered at me: Archie Goodwin, Fritz Brenner, Theodore Horstmann; responsibilities; and I arose to resume my burden. Not that I complain; the responsibilities are mutual; but my share can be done only by me. #Quote by Rex Stout
Awakening quotes by Frank M. Wanderer
#173. We are therefore constantly on the road, straying from one mental image to the next, and identify with these images, and derive our identity from the images. #Quote by Frank M. Wanderer
Awakening quotes by Julie Tallard Johnson
#174. Each of us is always blessed with third options, with choices. If there is one thing the scientific approach to living our life points to is – there is no end to our abilities to discover and make meaning. There are no "absolutes," or end point in our explorations and possibilities. The blessing comes in participating in our surroundings and consciously making meaning through our perceptions and choices. Everything is taken in as filled with blessing because no experience is exempt. We are always making meaning through our choices, but now, we do so consciously, deliberately and creatively while tapping into the universes power to manifest. We are like gardeners (always) in the garden of Eden – with the most basic choices sometimes awakening us to our true nature – do I eat the apple? Every decision as Joseph Campbell says, "is a destiny decision. #Quote by Julie Tallard Johnson
Awakening quotes by Billy Graham
#175. I've been praying that we might have a spiritual awakening. But I think that becomes possible as individuals surrender their lives fresh and anew to Christ. #Quote by Billy Graham
Awakening quotes by Kelley Armstrong
#176. There was no closing my eyes and sliding back into that blissful dream of normal. This was my normal now. #Quote by Kelley Armstrong
Awakening quotes by Peter Kingsley
#177. In our unconsciousness we take credit where no credit is due, oblivious to the real source of everything we pretend is ours - the sacred origin not just of religion but also of everything else, of science and technology, education and law, of medicine, logic, architecture, ordinary daily life, the cry of longing, the excruciating ache of the awakening love for wisdom. #Quote by Peter Kingsley
Awakening quotes by James Redfield
#178. I really believe that an awakening, a greater perspective on our lives and existence is happening. It's really the firing of archetypes that are already built into our brains, we just are able to awaken to a point where we can see a greater beauty in the world, a greater connection and sense of well being. This is what the mystics speak about. The insights fire us up into a greater consciousness on the planet. So it is a greater consciousness at the same time and a greater awareness of our spiritual nature. That is what the 'aha' is. #Quote by James Redfield
Awakening quotes by Gail Sheehy
#179. If every day is an awakening, you will never grow old. You will just keep growing. #Quote by Gail Sheehy
Awakening quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
#180. We have so committed ourselves in different ways that we have hardly any time for self-reflection, to observe, to study. #Quote by Jiddu Krishnamurti
Awakening quotes by Eckhart Tolle
#181. For most people, spiritual awakening is a gradual process. Rarely does it happen all at once. When it does, though, it is usually brought about by intense suffering. #Quote by Eckhart Tolle
Awakening quotes by Pema Chodron
#182. On the journey of the warrior-bodhisattva, the path goes down, not up, as if the mountain pointed toward the earth instead of the sky. Instead of transcending the suffering of all creatures, we move toward turbulence and doubt however we can. We explore the reality and unpredictability of insecurity and pain, and we try not to push it away. If it takes years, if it takes lifetimes, we let it be as it is. At our own pace, without speed or aggression, we move down and down and down. With us move millions of others, companions in awakening from fear. #Quote by Pema Chodron
Awakening quotes by Nadine May
#183. What we can imagine we can make real #Quote by Nadine May
Awakening quotes by Rabb Jyot
#184. As I began painting myself, I
started making connection with
all that was painted around me.

With further immersion into it,
my connection deepened and
I was simply transformed from the
painter to the canvas itself
all observing, all absorbing #Quote by Rabb Jyot
Awakening quotes by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
#185. Having never left the house you are looking for the way home #Quote by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Awakening quotes by Talismanist Giebra
#186. The Theory of the Paradise is always in transition. #Quote by Talismanist Giebra
Awakening quotes by Nikki Rowe
#187. Cease distracting your mind of things with little substance. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Awakening quotes by Oswald Spengler
#188. Scientists are wont to assume that myths and God-ideas are creations of primitive man, and that as spiritual culture "advances", this myth-forming power is shed. In reality it is the exact opposite, … this ability of a soul to fill its world with shapes, traits and symbols - like and consistent amongst themselves - belongs most definitely not to the world-age of the primitives but exclusively to the springtimes of great Cultures. Every myth of the great style stands at the beginning of an awakening spirituality. It is the first formative act of that spirituality. Nowhere else is it to be found. There - it must be. #Quote by Oswald Spengler
Awakening quotes by Alan W. Watts
#189. I obtained not the least thing from unexcelled, complete awakening, and for this very reason it is called unexcelled, complete awakening. #Quote by Alan W. Watts
Awakening quotes by Banani Ray
#190. Bliss is inherent in the Self as fragrance is inherent in a flower. As the flower of the Self-love blossoms, bliss comes spontaneously as the fragrance. #Quote by Banani Ray
Awakening quotes by Bruce Lee
#191. To know oneself is to study oneself in action with another person. #Quote by Bruce Lee
Awakening quotes by Mia Wasikowska
#192. Director Park always talked to me about her in a very innocent way, that the story was of her coming of age and her sexual awakening and her going from girl to woman and that she had the same desires and hopes as other young people in terms of being very infatuated, which comes in the form of her uncle, which is very unconventional. #Quote by Mia Wasikowska
Awakening quotes by Bill W.
#193. Is sobriety all that we are to expect of a spiritual awakening? No, sobriety is only a bare beginning; it is only the first gift of the first awakening. If more gifts are to be received, our awakening has to go on. As it does go on, we find that bit by bit we can discard the old life - the one that did not work - for a new life that can and does work under any conditions whatever. #Quote by Bill W.
Awakening quotes by Adyashanti
#194. Awakening to the truth is a deep realization of what you are as an experience. What is it that is listening? What is it that is feeling? Feel it. Sense it. Welcome it. #Quote by Adyashanti
Awakening quotes by Sarada Devi
#195. As you smell the fragrance of a flower by handing it or the smell of sandalwood by rubbing it against a stone, so you obtain spiritual awakening by constantly thinking of God. #Quote by Sarada Devi
Awakening quotes by Jens Peter Jacobsen
#196. For the first time his mind grasped the fact that when life has sentenced you to suffer, the sentence is neither a fancy nor a threat, but you are dragged to the rack, and you are tortured, and there is no marvelous rescue at the last moment, no awakening as from a bad dream. He felt it as a foreboding which struck him with terror. #Quote by Jens Peter Jacobsen
Awakening quotes by Martha N. Beck
#197. You are consciousness dressed in form, my love. Consciousness is divine. Matter is divine. Creation is divine. Everything is divine. Are you somehow the only exception? #Quote by Martha N. Beck
Awakening quotes by Sigmund Freud
#198. But since the downfall of the mythological hypothesis an interpretation of the dream has been wanting. The conditions of its origin; its relationship to our psychical life when we are awake; its independence of disturbances which, during the state of sleep, seem to compel notice; its many peculiarities repugnant to our waking thought; the incongruence between its images and the feelings they engender; then the dream's evanescence, the way in which, on awakening, our thoughts thrust it aside as something bizarre, and our reminiscences mutilating or rejecting it - all these and many other problems have for many hundred years demanded answers which up till now could never have been satisfactory. Before all there is the question as to the meaning of the dream, a question which is in itself double-sided. There is, firstly, the psychical significance of the dream, its position with regard to the psychical processes, as to a possible biological function; secondly, has the dream a meaning - can sense be made of each single dream as of other mental syntheses? #Quote by Sigmund Freud
Awakening quotes by April Adams
#199. I stared at the stop sign and even though I was only five I thought, I will remember that stop sign for the rest of my life. The dents and the bumps, the colors and the shape, the three-fingered, black scuff and long silver scrape - even the dirty gray sky behind it. Days will go by and I will grow old but from time to time the image of this stop sign will come to my mind and I will think about it and remember what I was thinking at this exact time. I even remember thinking that I was awfully young to have such a profound thought and premonition but there it was. #Quote by April Adams
Awakening quotes by Keith Green
#200. I'm not a prophet of doom, I'm a prophet of love. But love will bid a warning doom to the children who play on the freeway. We need to wake up ... #Quote by Keith Green

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