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Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Jacquel Chrissy May
#1. In other news, Aang dominates on "Are You Smarter Than the Fire Nation". Bella Swan becomes engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Edward Cullen, and unceremoniously sends Jacob Black to the "friend zone". Pop star Candy Cane trades her controversial career for being a housewife (which was a move that is very unpopular with many of her young fans), and Jacquel Rassenworth is still the Internet's biggest fame-nut (cue APPLAUSE). #Quote by Jacquel Chrissy May
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by M.J. Chrisman
#2. All life is bound to a simple truth ... that time goes on, that in each person's life begins a tale, a tale that will either end in memory or in legend. #Quote by M.J. Chrisman
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Alan Brennert
#3. Legend holds that seesaws became popular with girls because on the upswing they were able to catch a glimpse of the world beyond their cloistered walls. #Quote by Alan Brennert
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Mira Grant
#4. Humanity has feared the dark since time immemorial, and yet humanity has never experienced the dark, because it wasn't until recently - the age of cunning hands and clever machines - that the dark had been anything more than a whispering legend, a rumor of a nightmare. #Quote by Mira Grant
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Aron Ra
#5. That's what drives science though: trying to find out the way things are, the way they were, and the way it really works. If that is your goal, then you want to make sure that your information is accurate, and if it's not, then it doesn't matter how much you liked that old urban legend or fictional factoid you once bought into. You will discard it, and be embarrassed by it, seeking instead for truth. #Quote by Aron Ra
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Rufus Wainwright
#6. Arguably, the relationship between Liza Minnelli and Judy Garland is one of the great mother-daughter sagas of all time. Certainly, for certain people, and a lot of them, Liza is the bigger star. Liza is the more kind of viable legend, shall we say. Then there's the other camp, where Judy is the one. #Quote by Rufus Wainwright
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by T.H. White
#7. Lancelot and Guenever were sitting at the solar window. An observer of the present day, who knew the Arthurian legend only from Tennyson and people of that sort, would have been startled to see that the famous lovers were past their prime. We, who have learned to base our interpretation of love on the conventional boy-and-girl romance of Romeo and Juliet, would be amazed if we could step back into the Middle Ages - when the poet of chivalry could write about Man that he had 'en ciel un dieu, par terre une deesse'. Lovers were not recruited then among the juveniles and adolescents: they were seasoned people, who knew what they were about. In those days people loved each other for their lives, without the conveniences of the divorce court and the psychiatrist. They had a God in heaven and a goddess on earth - and, since people who devote themselves to godesses must exercise some caution about the ones to whom they are devoted, they neither chose them by the passing standards of the flesh alone, nor abandoned it lightly when the bruckle thing began to fail. #Quote by T.H. White
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Russell Baker
#8. The early commentators who put down the pre-presidential Roosevelt as an empty-headed young lightweight, all ambition and no talent, now seem comically wrong to a modern book-reading, movie-going, television-watching, legend-loving American public conditioned to think of him as one of the presidential giants on the order of Washington and Lincoln. #Quote by Russell Baker
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Gore Vidal
#9. Contrary to vulgar legend the lives of great ballerinas are not entirely given up to a few minutes of graceful movement every night followed by champagne drunk out of their toeshoes till dawn, in the company of financiers ... no, most of their time is spent in filthy rehearsal halls, inhaling dust, or else in class, daily, year in year out, practicing, practicing even after they are already prima ballerinas. #Quote by Gore Vidal
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Sarah K.L. Wilson
#10. You're going to eat yourself alive. Like Draakuna who bit off his own tail, and finding that he tasted very good, quickly devoured the rest of himself.

I really hoped that was some sort of dragon legend and not something true. It sounded awful.

No more awful than what you're doing to yourself. Set it aside. Raise your chin high. You are Amel Leafbrought, rider of Raolcan the Purple. Your value does not lie in your leg. #Quote by Sarah K.L. Wilson
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Joseph Frank
#11. Years later, when Dostoevsky was reading the book of Job once again, he wrote his wife that it put him into such a state of "unhealthy rapture" that he almost cried. "It's a strange thing, Anya, this books is one of the first in my life which made an impression on me; I was then still almost a child." There is an allusion to this revelatory experience of the young boy in The Brothers Karamazov, where Zosima recalls being struck by a reading of the book of Job at the age of eight and feeling that "for the first time in my life I consciously received the seed of God's word in my heart" (9:287). This seed was one day to flower into the magnificent growth of Ivan Karamazov's passionate protest against God's injustice and the Legend of the Grand Inquisitor, but it also grew into Alyosha's submission to the awesomeness of the infinite before which Job too had once bowed his head, and into Zosima's teaching of the necessity for an ultimate faith in the goodness of God's mysterious wisdom. It is Dostoevsky's genius as a writer to have been able to feel (and to express) both these extremes of rejection and acceptance. While the tension of this polarity may have developed out of the ambivalence of Dostoevsky's psychodynamic relationship with his father, what is important is to see how early it was transposed and projected into the religious symbolism of the eternal problem of theodicy. #Quote by Joseph Frank
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by M.J. Chrisman
#12. My greatest fear is time wasted - a life spent. My greatest fear is passing away from this world without leaving a lasting impact. #Quote by M.J. Chrisman
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#13. STOP wasting precious life listening to lies spawning from the darkness ... for the darkness can never tell the truth. Instead,listen inside yourself to the compelling truth of light ... for it can never lie. When darkness tells you that you're a failure ... believe you're not. When its despair urges you to QUIT ... DON'T! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by David Brin
#14. A new legend swept Oregon, from Roseburg all the way north to the Columbia, from the mountains to the sea. It traveled by letter and by word of mouth, growing with each telling.
It was a sadder story than the two that had come before it--those speaking of a wise, benevolent machine and of a reborn nation. It was more disturbing than those. And yet this new fable had one important element its predecessors lacked.
It was true.
The story told of a band of forty women--crazy women, many contended--who had shared among themselves a secret vow; to do anything and everything to end a terrible war, and end it before all the good men died trying to save them.
They acted out of love, some explained. Others said they did it for their country.
There was even a rumor that the women had looked on their odyssey to Hell as a form of penance, in order to make up for some past failing of womankind.
Interpretations varied, but the overall moral was always the same, whether spread by word of mouth or by U.S. Mail. From hamlet to village to farmstead, mothers and daughter and wives read the letters and listened to the words--and passed them on. #Quote by David Brin
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Paulo Coelho
#15. - There are four obstacles. The first: he has heard, right from childhood, that everything he wishes to live is impossible. He grows up with this idea, and as he acquires age, he also accumulates layers of prejudices, fears, guilt. There comes a time when his Personal Legend is so deeply buried within his soul, he can no longer see it. But it is still there. #Quote by Paulo Coelho
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Marya Hornbacher
#16. At first it's bliss. It's drunken, heady, intoxicating. It swallows the people we were - not particuarly wonderful people, but people who did our best, more or less - and spits out the monsters we are becoming.
Our friends despise us. We are an epic. Everything is grand, crashing, brilliant, blinding. It's the Golden Age of Hollywood, and we are a legend in our own minds, and no one outside can fail to see that we are headed for hell, and we won't listen, we say they don't understand, we pour more wine, go to the parties, we sparkle, fly all over the country, we're on an adventure, unstoppable, we've found each other and we race through our days like Mr. Toad in his yellow motorcar, with no idea where the brakes are and to hell with it anyway, we are on fire, drunk with something we call love. #Quote by Marya Hornbacher
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Rainer Maria Rilke
#17. It is difficult to persuade me that the story of the Prodigal Son is not the legend of one who didn't want to be loved. When he was a child everyone in the house loved him. He grew up knowing nothing different and, being a child, he grew accustomed to their tenderness of heart. But once he became a youth he wanted to cast all that aside. He wouldn't have been able to say it, but even when he spent the whole day wandering around outdoors he didn't want the dogs with him ever again because they loved him as well; because looking in their eyes he could read watchfulness, sympathy, expectation, and concern; because when they were with him there was nothing he could do that didn't either delight them or hurt their feelings. But what he was aiming for at the time was that indifference of heart which early in the morning out in the fields sometimes seized him inwardly and with such purity that he would start to run in order to leave himself no time or breath to be more than a weightless moment in the morning's returning consciousness. #Quote by Rainer Maria Rilke
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#18. Stop Being Afraid Of What Can Go Wrong In Your Life & Start Putting Your Positive Energy Towards All That Can Go Right! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#19. To all you dreamers out there ... reach for the stars. Do what others say is impossible ... live your dream! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Wafaa Bilal
#20. In any culture the dispossessed and powerless willl turn to religion and legend, because what else do they have to believe in? They need these stories of heroism and superhuman saviors to give them hope. #Quote by Wafaa Bilal
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Alice Cooper
#21. When I moved to L. A. with this little wimpy garage band, the first people we met were the Doors. Then we met Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin. All of the people who died of excess were our big brothers and sisters. So I said to myself: How do you become a legend and enjoy it? The answer is to create a character as legendary as those guys and leave that character on the stage. #Quote by Alice Cooper
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by B.E. Crittenden
#22. Like all philosophers, I am an observer of the human condition. I have found through my observations that an intelligent man and a humble man are rarely the same person.
Jao-long from my book Aztec Legend Lord of the Jaguars. #Quote by B.E. Crittenden
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by C.S. Lewis
#23. What does seem to me poisonous, what breeds a type of patriotism that is pernicious if it lasts but not likely to last long in an educated adult, is the perfectly serious indoctrination of the young in knowably false or biased history - the heroic legend drably disguised as text-book fact. With this creeps in the tacit assumption that other nations have not equally their heroes; perhaps even the belief - surely it is very bad biology - that we can literally 'inherit' tradition. #Quote by C.S. Lewis
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#24. If you had enough despair engulfed with anger, hated and violence in your lifetime ... then take a pledge for PEACE today! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Clara Winter
#25. In our day, we thought that the bards would sing of us for generations to come, but we did not believe it. But in fact Arthur now occupies a higher throne than he ever did when he was alive. The fragments of all our lives have been put together to form legend. Camelot has become the nursery of Britain: the glorious past that never was and always will be. #Quote by Clara Winter
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Billy Connolly
#26. Film and TV V.I.P, seeker of the peace, part time chandelier cleaner, a legend in his own time, oppressor of champions, soldier of fortune, world traveller, bonvivant, all round good guy, international lover, casual hero, philosopher, wars fought, bears wrestled, equations solved, virgins enlightened, revolutions quelled, tigers castrated, orgies organised, bars quaffed dry, governments run, test rockets flown, life president of the Liquidarian Society of Great Britain and Ireland. #Quote by Billy Connolly
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Joanne Harris
#27. The Blessed Damozel essence of every dream and fairy story and legend and fear ... #Quote by Joanne Harris
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#28. Keep hope alive in your heart & say no to fear. Look forward to tomorrow's sunrise as the winds of change come near! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#29. Create the vision of the life you want to live first and then go out and live it #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#30. Youll never find your happiness in other people, places, money, possessions. It can only be found within a spiritual awaking deep in your soul! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by ATLA Series
#31. When you reach your lowest point, you are open to the greatest of change", Avatar Aang. #Quote by ATLA Series
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by T.H. White
#32. The plain of Bedegraine was a forest of pavilions. They looked like old-fashioned bathing tents, and were every colour of the rainbow ... There were heraldic devices worked or stamped on the sides ... Then there were pennons floating from the tops of the tents, and sheaves of spears leaning against them. The more sporting barons had shields or huge copper basins outside their front doors, and all you had to do was to give a thump on one of these with the butt-end of your spear, for the baron to come out like an angry bee and have a fight with you, almost before the resounding boom had died away. Sir Dinadain, who was a cheerful man, had hung a chamber-pot outside his. #Quote by T.H. White
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Lacey Legend
#33. Stick thin women who were all up and down held little interest for Freddie. Girls were never the objects of his desire. Women, however, held a great deal of appeal for #Quote by Lacey Legend
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Natasha Trethewey
#34. I returned
to a field of cotton, hallowed ground -

as slave legend goes - each boll
holding the ghosts of generations:

those who measured their days
by the heft of sacks and lengths

of rows, whose sweat flecked the cotton plants
still sewn into our clothes. #Quote by Natasha Trethewey
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by James Randi
#35. Escapology has one thing going for it that probably made Harry Houdini such a superstar in his day and a legend in the present. Everyone wants to escape from something. Taxes, contracts, illness, work, the multitude of burdens that we chafe under are shadows from which we want to escape. #Quote by James Randi
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Ginuwine
#36. The reason why I play around with the word legend is because this is my 7th CD and a lot of artists don't even make it that far. Many artists don't even pass three or four. #Quote by Ginuwine
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Kate Lord Brown
#37. If you ride the bucking peaks and troughs of celebrity long enough you become a national treasure. If you have the sense to die in mysterious circumstances you become a legend #Quote by Kate Lord Brown
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Candace Knoebel
#38. You are the first of your kind. Books will be written about you. Be the legend you are meant to be. - Astral #Quote by Candace Knoebel
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by John Harlin
#39. Dad used to say, "Death is a part of it all." I say it's the ugly part. But it's why I'm here, why Eiger climbers come. We come because they died, and by dying they created this legend, and we want to be a part of the legend, without dying. #Quote by John Harlin
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Marcus Aurelius
#40. Run down the list of those who felt intense anger at something: the most famous, the most unfortunate, the most hated, the most whatever: Where is all that now? Smoke, dust, legend ... or not even a legend. Think of all the examples. And how trivial the things we want so passionately are. #Quote by Marcus Aurelius
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#41. LOVE Is The Key Element To The Existence Of Humanity!
With It ... Mankind Will Exist For Eternity.
Without It ... Mankind Will Cease To Exist! #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#42. Speak up for peace, speak up for justice, speak up for freedom, Speak up your mind for truth and help make our world a better place. #Quote by Timothy Pina
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Rainbow Rowell
#43. So . . . ," she says, following him to the chalkboard. "You got a Visiting. An actual Visiting - Natasha Grimm-Pitch was here."
Baz glances back over his shoulder. "You sound impressed, Bunce."
"I am," Penelope says. "Your mother was a hero. She developed a spell for gnomeatic fever. And she was the youngest headmaster in Watford history."
Baz is looking at Penny like they've never met.
"And," Penny goes on, "she defended your father in three duels before he accepted her proposal."
"That sounds barbaric," I say.
"It was traditional," Baz says.
"It was brilliant," Penny says. "I've read the minutes."
"Where?" Baz asks her.
"We have them in our library at home," she says. "My dad loves marriage rites. Any sort of family magic, actually. He and my mother are bound together in five dimensions."
"That's lovely," Baz says, and I'm terrified because I think he means it.
"I'm going to make time stop when I propose to Micah," she says.
"The little American? With the thick glasses?"
"Not so little anymore."
"Interesting." Baz rubs his chin. "My mother hung the moon."
"She was a legend," Penelope beams.
"I thought your parents hated the Pitches," I say.
They both look at me like I've just stuck my hand in the soup bowl.
"That's politics," Penelope says. "We're talking about magic."
"Obviously," I say. "What was I thinking."
"Obviously," Baz says. "You weren't."
"Wh #Quote by Rainbow Rowell
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Jordan Henderson
#44. Sad to hear of Paul Scholes retirement! One of the best midfielders to grace the Premiership! Idolised him for years! Legend. #Quote by Jordan Henderson
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Tina Brown
#45. In the end, Dan Rather's legend skewered him, CBS and the craft of journalism. #Quote by Tina Brown
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Rick Riordan
#46. Legend says the
world will end when Ra gets too tired to continue living in his weakened state. Apophis will swallow the
sun. Darkness will reign. Chaos will overcome Ma'at, and the Serpent will reign forever.
Part of me thought this was absurd. The planets would not simply stop spinning. The sun would not
cease to rise.
On the other hand, here I was riding a boat through the Land of the Dead with a demon and a god. If
Apophis was real too, I didn't fancy meeting him. #Quote by Rick Riordan
Avatar Legend Of Aang Funny quotes by Timothy Pina
#47. Nothing great ever happens overnight. Greatness takes time #justsayin #Quote by Timothy Pina

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