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Authentic Expression quotes by Erwin Raphael McManus
#1. All art is an expression and extension of ourselves.. Art finds its deepest value when it is the authentic expression of a deep human experience. #Quote by Erwin Raphael McManus
Authentic Expression quotes by Agapi Stassinopoulos
#2. We start to feel not good enough and we withdraw our hearts energy and sensor our authentic expression, and that hurts! #Quote by Agapi Stassinopoulos
Authentic Expression quotes by John Dewey
#3. Art is not the possession of the few who are recognized writers, painters, musicians; it is the authentic expression of any and all individuality. #Quote by John Dewey
Authentic Expression quotes by Panache Desai
#4. There are moments in each of our lives when something greater - something Incontrovertible - steps in to help us realign with our truest lives and most authentic selves. This perceived crisis or trauma either shakes our world to its core or tears everything apart so that we are launched once again in the direction of our best lives, the most authentic expression of who we are each here to be. #Quote by Panache Desai
Authentic Expression quotes by Alice Miller
#5. Ultimately the body will rebel. Even if it can be temporarily pacified with the help of drugs, cigarettes or medicine, it usually has the last word because it is quicker to see through self-deception than the mind. We may ignore or deride the messages of the body, but its rebellion demands to be heeded because its language is the authentic expression of our true selves and of the strength of our vitality. #Quote by Alice Miller
Authentic Expression quotes by Linda Cull
#6. What may appear to be the wrong way by other people's standards may indeed be the perfectly inspired path by which you will arrive at clarity of mind and a more authentic expression of yourself. #Quote by Linda Cull
Authentic Expression quotes by Grace Gealey
#7. Love is accepting your truest, most authentic expression of self, and allowing yourself to do the same with others. #Quote by Grace Gealey
Authentic Expression quotes by Miguel Serrano
#8. t is discovered an extraordinary similarity between Nietzsche and the Hindu-Aryan Rishi, visionary poets of the Vedas.

They also thought the ideas from outside to inside: they 'appeared' to them. Rishi means 'he who sees'. See an Idea, express it, or try to express it. The job of the Rishis has been fulfilled for millennia and the vision of the Vedas was revised, elaborated, in subsequent visions, in scholastics, in doctrinal buildings and sophisticated verifications, through centuries.

In any case, he, who preached not to subtract anything that life offers as Will of Power, as possession, increasing its power, lived chaste, like a yogi, always looking for the highest tensions of the soul, climbing always, more and more lonely, to be able to open up to that style of thinking, where the ideas could possess him as the most authentic expression of life, as his 'pulse', hitting him in the center of the personal being, or of the existence there accumulated, and that he called, long before Jung and any other psychologist, the Self, to differentiate it from the conscious and limited self, from the rational self.

Let's clarify, then. What Nietzsche called thinking is something else, Nietzsche did not think with his head (because 'synchronistically' it hurt) but with the Self, with all of life and, especially, 'with the feet'. 'I think with my feet,' he said, 'because I think walking, climbing.'

That is, when the effort and exhaustion cause #Quote by Miguel Serrano
Authentic Expression quotes by Gabrielle Roth
#9. To become a great teacher, one must become a teaching. #Quote by Gabrielle Roth
Authentic Expression quotes by Susan Abulhawa
#10. Thank you,' I answered, unsure of the proper American response to her gracious enthusiasm. In the Arab world, gratitude is a language unto itself. "May Allah bless the hands that give me this gift"; "Beauty is in the eyes that find me pretty"; "May Allah never deny your prayer"; and so on, an infinite string of prayerful appreciation. Coming from such a culture, I have always found a mere "thank you" an insufficient expression that makes my voice sound miserly and ungrateful." (169). #Quote by Susan Abulhawa
Authentic Expression quotes by Albert Camus
#11. In short, whoever does violence to truth or its expression eventually mutilates justice, even though he thinks he is serving it. From this point of view, we shall deny to the very end that a press is true because it is revolutionary; it will be revolutionary only if it is true, and never otherwise. #Quote by Albert Camus
Authentic Expression quotes by Marshall B. Rosenberg
#12. Interpretations, criticisms, diagnoses, and judgments of others are actually alienated expressions of our unmet needs. #Quote by Marshall B. Rosenberg
Authentic Expression quotes by Edna Ferber
#13. She faced him, sitting up very straight in bed, the little wool shawl hunched about her shoulders. "Dirk, are you ever going back to architecture? The war is history, it's now or never with you. Pretty soon it will be too late. Are you ever going back to architecture? To your profession?

A clean amputation. "No, Mother."

She gave an actual gasp, as though icy water had been thrown full in her face. She looked suddenly old, tired. Her shoulders sagged. He stood in the doorway, braced for her reproaches. But when she spoke it was to reproach herself. "Then I'm a failure."

"Oh, what nonsense, Mother. I'm happy. You can't live somebody else's life. You used to tell me, when I was a kid I remember, that life wasn't just an adventure, to be taken as it came, with the hope that something glorious was hidden just around the corner. You said you had lived that way and it hadn't worked. You said - - "

She interrupted him with a little cry. "I know I did. I know I did." Suddenly she raised a warning finger. Her eyes were luminous, prophetic. "Dirk, you can't desert her like that!"

"Desert who?" He was startled.

"Beauty! Self-expression. Whatever you want to call it. You wait! She'll turn on you some day. Some day you'll want her, and she won't be there. #Quote by Edna Ferber
Authentic Expression quotes by Toni Morrison
#14. The men began to trade tales of atrocities, first stories they had heard, then those they'd witnessed, and finally the things that had happened to themselves. A litany of personal humiliation, outrage, and anger turned sicklelike back to themselves as humor. They laughed then, uproariously, about the speed with which they had run, the pose they had assumed, the ruse they had invented to escape or decrease some threat to their manliness, their humanness. All but Empire State, who stood, broom in hand and drop-lipped, with the expression of a very intelligent ten-year-old. #Quote by Toni Morrison
Authentic Expression quotes by Talib Kweli
#15. Artists make art for themselves. Art is an honest expression. Artists who pander to their fans by trying to make music "for" their fans make empty, transparent art. The true fan does not want you to make music for them, they want you to make music for you, because that's the whole reason they fell in love with you in the first place ... #Quote by Talib Kweli
Authentic Expression quotes by Simon Cowell
#16. There's an expression in life: "You can only make one first impression." And that first impression has to be spectacular. So, I wait, and let people see it when it's ready to go. It's not a set rule, but I think it's the better way of working. People will agree with you because of your track record, but you want people to like it because it's good, not because you found it. #Quote by Simon Cowell
Authentic Expression quotes by L.L.Holt
#17. Music is not an ornament or accessory to life. Music is life itself. It is soul's chamber where all the dreams and yearnings of the human heart find expression. Music is the meaning of everything. #Quote by L.L.Holt
Authentic Expression quotes by Shannon Drury
#18. The outrageous madonna/whore duality that we mock in Women's Studies 101 has its subtle, and very insidious, expression in the good/bad mother paradigm that we grapple with every day of our lives. #Quote by Shannon Drury
Authentic Expression quotes by Alexandra Adornetto
#19. You know, you can always pick the lit students," he continued, grinning. "Is that so? How?" "They're the ones who walk around wearing berets and that I-know-something-you-don't expression. #Quote by Alexandra Adornetto
Authentic Expression quotes by Beth Grant
#20. The ultimate expression of Christ's life-changing compassion can only be realized, multiplied, and sustained toward God's ultimate purposes through individuals working together in the local community of faith. Anything less than this is weakened in its holistic capacity to bring salvation, healing, discipleship, restoration, and the fulfillment of God's purposes in the lives of the poor, the exploited, the captive, and the oppressed! #Quote by Beth Grant
Authentic Expression quotes by Nahum M. Sarna
#21. Literalism involves a fundamental misconception of the mental processes of biblical man and ignorance of his modes of self-expression. It thus misrepresents the purport of the narrative, obscures the meaningful and enduring in it and destroys its relevancy. #Quote by Nahum M. Sarna
Authentic Expression quotes by Naomi Wolf
#22. We need to insist on making culture out of our desire: making paintings, novels, plays and films potent and seductive and authentic enough to undermine and overwhelm the Iron Maiden. #Quote by Naomi Wolf
Authentic Expression quotes by Leon Krier
#23. Authentic architecture is not the incarnation of the spirit of the age but of the spirit, full stop. #Quote by Leon Krier
Authentic Expression quotes by Orson Scott Card
#24. Those eyes had seen people weep, and had cared, and had hurt them again anyway. It's a look that no human eyes should ever have. #Quote by Orson Scott Card
Authentic Expression quotes by Thomas Piketty
#25. The reality was so striking that it even found expression in an animated cartoon, The Aristocats, set in Paris in 1910. The size of the old lady's fortune is not mentioned, but to judge by the splendor of her residence and by the zeal of her butler Edgar to get rid of Duchesse and her three kittens, it must have been considerable. #Quote by Thomas Piketty
Authentic Expression quotes by Jennifer Echols
#26. I'm glad this happened," he said softly.
I hoped it was for real,and I didn't want to talk about it too much and ruin the lovely illusion that we were a couple.
So I said noncommittally, "Me too."
"Because I've been trying to get you back since the seventh grade."
I must have given him a very skeptical look.
He laughed at my expression. "Yeah, I have a funny way of showing it. I know. But you're always on my mind. You're in the front of my mind,on the tip of my tongue. So if someone breaks a beaker in chemistry class, I raise my hand and tell Ms. Abernathy you did it. If somebody brings a copy of Playboy to class, I stuff it in your locker."
"Oh!" I thought back to the January issue. "I wondered where that came from."
"And if Everett Walsh tells the lunch table what a wicked kisser you are and how far he would have gotten with you if his mother hadn't come in-"
I stamped my foot on the floorboard of the SUV."That is so not true! He'd already gotten as far as he was going. He's not that cute, and I had to go home and study for algebra.
"-It drives me insane to the point that I tell him to shut up or I'll make him shut up right there in front of everybody. Because I am supposed to be your boyfriend, and my mother is supposed to hate you,and you're supposed to be making out with me."
Twisted as this declaration was,it was the sweetest thing a boy had ever said to me.I dwelled on the soft lips that had formed the statement,and o #Quote by Jennifer Echols
Authentic Expression quotes by Rick Riordan
#27. But her expression remained stormy, like her mother's whenever she heard someone praise Scarlett Johansson's good looks. (Tip: never mention Scarlett Johansson around Aprodite.) #Quote by Rick Riordan
Authentic Expression quotes by Walton Goggins
#28. Quentin [Taranino] will say, "We've got it, but we're gonna do it one more time. Why?" And then, the entire cast and crew chimes in and says, "Because we love making movies!" He is a person who celebrates this form of expression, and it is evident in his movies, his conversations, his extensive knowledge about the history of what we do, and the actors and crew that he assembles. #Quote by Walton Goggins
Authentic Expression quotes by Junot Diaz
#29. You were at the age where you could fall in love with a girl over an expression, over a gesture #Quote by Junot Diaz
Authentic Expression quotes by Gary Zukav
#30. Humbleness, forgiveness, clarity and love are the dynamics of freedom. They are the foundations of authentic power. #Quote by Gary Zukav
Authentic Expression quotes by Nora Roberts
#31. Now where's this artist?" His eyes darted around the room, landed on Gennie and clung. She thought she saw surprise, quickly veiled, then amusement as quickly suppressed, tug at the corners of his mouth.
"Daniel MacGregor," Grant said with wry formality. "Genvieve Grandeau."
A flicker of recognition ran across Daniel's face before he rose to his rather amazing height and held out his hand. "Welcome."
Gennie's hand was clasped, then enveloped. She had simultaneous impressions of strength, compassion, and stubbornness.
"You have a magnificent home, Mr. MacGregor," she said, studying him candidly. "It suits you."
He gave a great bellow of a laugh that might have shook the windows. "Aye.And three if your paintings hang in the west wing." His eyes slid briefly to Grant's before they came back to hers. "You carry your age well, lass."
She gave him a puzzled look as Grant choked over his Scotch. "Thank you."
"Get the artist a drink," he ordered, then gestured for her to sit in the chair next to his. "Now, tell me why you're wasting your time with a Campbell."
"Gennie happens to be a cousin of mine," Justin said mildly as he sat on the sofa beside his son. "On the aristocratic French side."
"A cousin." Daniel's eys sharpened, then an expression that could only be described as cunning pleasure spread over his face. "Aye,we like to keep things in the family. Grandeau-a good strong name.You've the look of a queen, with a bit of sorceress thro #Quote by Nora Roberts
Authentic Expression quotes by Raymond B. Fosdick
#32. The search for truth is, as it always has been, the noblest expression of the human spirit. Man's insatiable desire for knowledge about himself, about his environment and the forces by which he is surrounded, gives life its meaning and purpose, and clothes it with final dignity ... And yet we know, deep in our hearts, that knowledge is not enough ... Unless we can anchor our knowledge to moral purposes, the ultimate result will be dust and ashes- dust and ashes that will bury the hopes and monuments of men beyond recovery. #Quote by Raymond B. Fosdick
Authentic Expression quotes by Amy Chan
#33. Strive to be authentic, not perfect. #Quote by Amy Chan
Authentic Expression quotes by Tia Mowry
#34. I'm very authentic, I think, and what I mean by that is whatever roles that I do take on, I'm really passionate about it. #Quote by Tia Mowry
Authentic Expression quotes by Paul Goodman
#35. To learn theory by experimenting and doing.
To learn belonging by participating and self-rule.
Permissiveness in all animal behavior and interpersonal expression.
Emphasis on individual differences.
Unblocking and training feeling by plastic arts, eurythmics and dramatics.
Tolerance of races, classes, and cultures.
Group therapy as a means of solidarity, in the staff meeting and community meeting.
Taking youth seriously as an age in itself.
Community of youth and adults, minimizing 'authority.'
Educational use of the actual physical plant (buildings and farms) and the culture of the school community.
Emphasis in the curriculum on real problems and wider society, its geography and history, with actual participation in the neighboring community (village or city).
Trying for functional interrelation of activities. #Quote by Paul Goodman
Authentic Expression quotes by Larry Winget
#36. Abandoning who people think you are and becoming who you really are is a simple concept, but sometimes it is very hard to do. It isn't easy to give up others' ideas of who you are. Yet the key to success is to discover your uniqueness and to exploit it. Your authentic persona, either personal or corporate, is the key to your prosperity. #Quote by Larry Winget
Authentic Expression quotes by Kate Christensen
#37. I had to detach myself from myself, if that makes any sense, to conjure an authentic first-person voice. In that sense, it was similar to writing a first-person novel. But I was writing about real people, not fictional ones - myself, my family, my friends and boyfriends and ex-husband, and that was extremely tricky. #Quote by Kate Christensen
Authentic Expression quotes by James Dashner
#38. Thomas rolled over, glad it was dark so no one could see the look that had settled across his face.
It wasn't a smile, exactly. Not quite a happy expression. But almost.
And for now, almost was good enough. #Quote by James Dashner
Authentic Expression quotes by Charles Eames
#39. It is almost impossible to reconcile self expression with the creative act. #Quote by Charles Eames
Authentic Expression quotes by T.J. Klune
#40. You can't tell a little kid that you swear to God over something and then not do it. You may effectively ruin my childhood." He looks off into nothing, a wistful expression on his face. "Gosh, think of the therapy bills. Not to mention how I'll probably never be able to have a normal relationship when I'm an adult. I'll live with you forever and become a cat lady."
I cock an eyebrow at him. "You hate cats." He rolls his eyes. "Well, yeah, now I do. But I won't have a choice. It'll be inevitable. And I'll probably have to throw birthday parties for my feline companions where I bake them cakes out of
Fancy Feast. All because you went back on your God swear. #Quote by T.J. Klune
Authentic Expression quotes by Karl Marx
#41. If you love without evoking love in return - if through the vital expression of yourself as a loving person you fail to become a loved person, then your love is impotent, it is a misfortune. #Quote by Karl Marx
Authentic Expression quotes by Tammara Webber
#42. This girl wasn't tapping her fingers restlessly, though. Her movements were methodical. Synchronized. Sitting far enough to the left of her to study her profile, I watched her chin bob, so subtly it was almost undetectable – and at some point, I realized that when her expression was remote and her fingers were moving, she was hearing music. She was playing music.
It was the most magical thing I'd ever seen anyone do. #Quote by Tammara Webber
Authentic Expression quotes by Miguel Serrano
#43. There is no destiny for all of mankind, only for some. To recover their divinity, but not as the "unconscious Gods," but with full consciousness, as a Total-Man, in the sense of the Jungian "individuation," a God conscious of Himself which is only possible to achieve on this earth. To achieve this is the meaning of Esoteric Hitlerism. When one arrives at such a state, one becomes the UFO, or the Vimana itself, without need of an external new science or a new technology, because one has achieved a parallel world, or a new place-situation, where we shall meet the Fuhrer and the warriors of the Last Battalion. This will be the real space colonization as the ultimate expression of the Faustian soul. #Quote by Miguel Serrano
Authentic Expression quotes by Jean De La Bruyere
#44. A good author, and one who writes carefully, often discovers that the expression of which he has been in search without being able to discover it, and which he has at last found, is that which was the most simple, the most natural, and which seems as if it ought to have presented itself at once, without effort, to the mind. #Quote by Jean De La Bruyere
Authentic Expression quotes by Isaiah Washington
#45. Not just art for art's sake, but I want to have films out there that will provoke authentic, holistic conversations about the human condition. And not provide the easy answers, but put it out there. #Quote by Isaiah Washington
Authentic Expression quotes by Miya Yamanouchi
#46. Erotic role-play is a powerful sexual outlet which can orgasmically release us from the shackles of convention and normality to express a side of ourselves we otherwise would not have opportunity to convey. #Quote by Miya Yamanouchi
Authentic Expression quotes by Soraya Chemaly
#47. If there is a word that should be retired from use in the service of women's expression, health, well-being, and equality, it is appropriate - a sloppy, mushy word that purports to convey some important moral essence but in reality is just a policing term used to regulate our language, appearance and demands. It's a control word.

We are done with control. #Quote by Soraya Chemaly
Authentic Expression quotes by Anna Banks
#48. You mean you to tell me you don't eat fish?" Rayna barks. "I told you, Galen! How many times did I tell you?"
"Rayna, be quiet," he says without looking at her.
"We're wasting our time here!" She slams her fork down.
"Rayna, I said-"
"Oh, I heard what you said. And it's about time you listened to someone else for a change."
Now would be a good time to blackout. Or ten minutes ago, before they unveiled the seafood surprise. But I don't even feel remotely dizzy. Or tired. In fact, Rayna's ranting seems to be igniting a weird charge in the room, sparking some sort of hidden energy all around us. So when Galen stands so fast his chair falls over, I'm not surprised. I stand, too.
"Leave, Rayna. Right now," he grinds out.
When Rayna stands, Toraf does, too. He keeps his expression neutral. I get the feeling he's used to outbursts like these. "You're just using her as a distraction from your real responsibilities, Galen," she spits. "And now you've risked us all. For her."
"You were aware of the risks before you came, Rayna. If you feel exposed, leave," Galen says coolly.
Responsibilities? Exposed? I'm waiting for someone to admit they're part of some violet-eye cult, and I didn't make initiation. "I guess I don't understand," I say.
"Oh, well, that's a real shocker, isn't it?" Rayna says. #Quote by Anna Banks
Authentic Expression quotes by Michelle DeRusha
#49. Busyness allows us to avoid the deepest questions of our souls. It keeps us at arm's length from our truest, most authentic selves. And when we don't know our deepest, most authentic selves, we can't know what work and what role God has for us in this world. In fact, when we don't know our deepest, most authentic selves, we don't really God, because it is God who creates our innermost selves, and it's God who invites this authentic self into deep relationship with him. #Quote by Michelle DeRusha
Authentic Expression quotes by Ann Frederick
#50. Every trauma provides an opportunity for authentic transformation. Trauma amplifies and evokes the expansion and contraction of psyche, body, and soul. It is how we respond to a traumatic event that determines whether trauma will be a cruel and punishing Medusa turning us into stone, or whether it will be a spiritual teacher taking us along vast and uncharted pathways. In the Greek myth, blood from Medusa's slain body was taken in two vials; one vial had the power to kill, while the other had the power to resurrect. If we let it, trauma has the power to rob our lives of vitality and destroy it. However, we can also use it for powerful self-renewal and transformation. Trauma, resolved, is a blessing from a greater power. #Quote by Ann Frederick
Authentic Expression quotes by Marie Rutkoski
#51. In the silence, Kestrel heard a falling leaf scratch the glass of the window, opened out toward the dimming sky. It was warm, but summer was almost over.
"Play your tiles," Arin said roughly.
Kestrel turned them over, taking no joy in the fact that she had surely won. She had four scorpions.
Arin flipped his. The sound of ivory clacking against the wooden table was unnaturally loud.
Four vipers.
"I win," he said, and swept the matches into his hand.
Kestrel stared at the tiles, feeling a numbness creep along her limbs. "Well," she said. She cleared her throat. "Well played."
He gave her a humorless smile. "I did warn you."
"Yes. You did."
He stood. "I think I'll take my leave while I have the advantage."
"Until next time." Kestrel realized she had offered him her hand. He looked at it, then took it in his own. She felt the numbness ebb, only to be replaced by a different kind of surprise.
He dropped her hand. "I have things to do."
"Like what?" She tried for a lighthearted tone.
He answered in kind. "Like contemplate what I am going to do with my sudden windfall of matches." He widened his eyes in pretend glee, and Kestrel smiled.
"I'll walk you out," she said.
"Do you think I will lose my way? Or steal something as I go?"
She felt her expression turn haughty. "I am leaving the villa anyway," she said, though she had had no such plans until the words left her mouth.
They walked in silence thr #Quote by Marie Rutkoski
Authentic Expression quotes by Maria Montessori
#52. The little fellow had been about to feel himself a conqueror, and he found himself held within two imprisoning arms, impotent. The expression of joy, anxiety, and hope, which had interested me so much faded from his face and left on it the stupid expression of the child who knows that others will act for him. #Quote by Maria Montessori
Authentic Expression quotes by Michelle Phan
#53. The Internet is where you can find people who are authentic. #Quote by Michelle Phan
Authentic Expression quotes by Wilkie Collins
#54. The mystery which underlies the beauty of women is never raised above the reach of all expression until it has claimed kindred with the deeper mystery in our own souls. #Quote by Wilkie Collins
Authentic Expression quotes by Neal Stephenson
#55. Sorry," she said, "I got out as fast as I could, but I had to stay and socialize. Protocol, you know."
"Explain protocol," Nell said. This was how she always talked to the Primer.
"At the place we're going, you need to watch your manners. Don't say 'explain this' or 'explain that.'"
"Would it impose on your time unduly to provide me with a concise explanation of the term protocol?" Nell said.
Again Rita made that nervous laugh and looked at Nell with an expression that looked like poorly concealed alarm. #Quote by Neal Stephenson

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