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Australian Sports Stars quotes by Laila Ali
#1. The wrestling, even though I would only wrestle for 15 or 20 or 30 minutes at a time, and it would look like that was the only time I was in it, was really a 24-hour job. Keeping yourself alive, reinventing yourself, staying physically in shape, the traveling, all the other commitments with being a wrestler, it was a crossover situation where it became sports entertainment and you actually became a media star, so it was very demanding. #Quote by Laila Ali
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Romeo Miller
#2. 'Dancing with The Stars' is like learning a new sport with lots of bumps and bruises. #Quote by Romeo Miller
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Joan Bauer
#3. There they were, the movers and shakers of Benjamin Franklin Hight - the sports stars, the cheerleaders, the good, the great, the gorgeous - bent over their pizzas.
Trish sensed my angst and said, "My mother says girls like Lisa Shooty get the ultimate curse known to man."
"What's that?"
"Too much too soon."
I looked at poor, cursed Lisa who had been sprayed with sex appeal at birth. She had gleaming teeth and long, raven-black curls. She threw back her head and laughed with diamond-studded joy.
"When do you think the curse takes effect?" I asked.
"Not in our lifetime," Trish answered. #Quote by Joan Bauer
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#4. Positioning yourself and effective branding should not be left to sports and movie stars. Your need a personal coach, manager or mentor otherwise your expertise, skills or talent will not go far. You might have what it takes but sometimes you lack strategy and some finer elements. #Quote by Archibald Marwizi
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Phil Simms
#5. Sometimes, it's good to have a tremendous star, because everyone understands he has to get the ball. #Quote by Phil Simms
Australian Sports Stars quotes by John Howard
#6. There is a very special place in the Australian psyche for sport. It is one of the pillars of the Australian way of life. You don't really understand what makes the Australian nation tick unless you understand the great affection Australians have for sport. #Quote by John Howard
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Anthony Albanese
#7. The sporting fields where Australia's greats began their careers are built and rebuilt with Commonwealth help, as are the halls and community centres where our most of our well-known stars first felt the magic of the stage. #Quote by Anthony Albanese
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Lindsay Davenport
#8. If you go to Australia, the Australian Open is on all day long on network TV. There's no way CBS, NBC and ABC would do that. They only show the finals. That's always been the case. They don't want to give the time to the biggest tournament we have in the United States. Any other country, it's everywhere
front page of the main paper, front page of the sports section. We haven't had that here. #Quote by Lindsay Davenport
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Fredrik Backman
#9. It's only a game. It only resolves tiny, insignificant things. Such as who gets validation. Who gets listened to. It allocates power and draws boundaries and turns some people into stars and others into spectators. That's all. #Quote by Fredrik Backman
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Jerry Della Femina
#10. Let's face it: in advertising, you are paid more, but you die younger. It's not very forgiving. Like sports stars, you're in it during your better years, and then you're out looking for work. #Quote by Jerry Della Femina
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Nick Earls
#11. Sometimes it feels like I live in such a shit town. It meets all reasonable definitions of a shit town. There are still men who put on hats to drive on these roads, our only celebrities are sports stars and newsreaders, and everyone you meet already knows your mother. p.34 #Quote by Nick Earls
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Michael Milken
#12. Earlier in this century, philanthropy often flowed from the wills of dead industrialists. In recent decades, it's as likely to have come from a very alive business leader, entertainer, artist or sports star. The most effective of these patrons begin the process of giving by asking what they care about passionately. #Quote by Michael Milken
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Evonne Goolagong Cawley
#13. It's something I've always wanted - to be known as an Australian. When I was younger I was always referred to as an Aboriginal tennis player. Now I think the award means that I have been recognised as an entertainer and that makes me happy ... It's given me probably as big a kick as winning Wimbledon. #Quote by Evonne Goolagong Cawley
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Aaron Peirsol
#14. We don't swim for the attention. We don't swim to be rock stars. There is something beautiful about being in an anonymous sport and being fairly anonymous. It enables you do something you love without any of the other effects. #Quote by Aaron Peirsol
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#15. Children, teenagers, and young adults frequently attempt to duplicate their cult hero's mannerisms. Sometimes when we observe youngsters attempting to emulate the gestures and behaviors of a celebrity whom they admire, we state that they are putting on airs or engaging in pretensions. Adults tend to fob off such pretentious behavior as a frivolous act engaged in by children. In actuality, pretentious behavior is an important learning rubric for behavior and character formation. Imitation is more than a form of flattery. When young people mimic admired celebrities they are displaying telling behavior regarding what subjects spikes their interest and this in turn might provide clues to their future vocational and recreational activities. By engaging in mimicry, we are able to audition our future self. Just as many athletes begin in their youth attempting to impersonate the style of their sports idols, young people universally attempt to copy the mannerisms and behaviorisms of people whom they respect. Mimicry is one way that people feel safe exploring what persona they wish to adopt. How many rock stars and other successful people endorsed the mantra, 'Fake it 'till you make it. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Roger Clemens
#16. When I look back at the tapes, your first everything, your first All-Star Game, your first playoff experience, it just seems like it went by really fast. #Quote by Roger Clemens
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Jerry B. Jenkins
#17. While writing my first 90 books, I was magazine editor, publisher, book publisher, executive, etc., so I was established in publishing. three of my seven or so books were biographies of sports stars and really opened doors for me in that area. #Quote by Jerry B. Jenkins
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Andy Warhol
#18. Sports figures are to the '70s what movie stars were to the '60s. #Quote by Andy Warhol
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Jerry West
#19. The marketing of players has created untold wealth for many sports stars. You can't blame them or the company that covets the relationship with them, but that doesn't mean the player is good. #Quote by Jerry West
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Taufik Hidayat
#20. The Indonesian brands aren't interested in sports people, only movie stars, because they can get more exposure in the media. #Quote by Taufik Hidayat
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Chrissie Wellington
#21. Some sessions are stars and some sessions are stones, but in the end they are all rocks and we build upon them. #Quote by Chrissie Wellington
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Peter Porter
#22. It is Australian innocence to love The naturally excessive and be proud Of a thoroughbred gelding who ran fast. #Quote by Peter Porter
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Gabrielle Zevin
#23. I do not like postmodernism, postapocalyptic settings, postmortem narrators, or magic realism. I rarely respond to supposedly clever formal devices, multiple fonts, pictures where they shouldn't be - basically, gimmicks of any kind. I find literary fiction about the Holocaust or any other major world tragedy to be distasteful - nonfiction only, please. I do not like genre mash-ups à la the literary detective novel or the literary fantasy. Literary should be literary, and genre should be genre, and crossbreeding rarely results in anything satisfying. I do not like children's books, especially ones with orphans, and I prefer not to clutter my shelves with young adult. I do not like anything over four hundred pages or under one hundred fifty pages. I am repulsed by ghostwritten novels by reality television stars, celebrity picture books, sports memoirs, movie tie-in editions, novelty items, and - I imagine this goes without saying - vampires. #Quote by Gabrielle Zevin
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Donald Horne
#24. Only in sport? The qualification would seem meaningless to many Australians. What also is there that matters as much as sport? It is only in sport that many Australians express those approaches to life that are un-Australian if expressed in any other connection. #Quote by Donald Horne
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Samantha Stosur
#25. Receiving the Newcombe Medal for a third year in a row is an amazing honour. The Newcombe Medal is a great occasion for the Australian tennis community to come together and celebrate our sport, recognise people's achievements and contributions to Australian tennis. #Quote by Samantha Stosur
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Bobby Bonilla
#26. Not everybody will become a baseball star and not everybody will make the money I'm making. #Quote by Bobby Bonilla
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Ted Williams
#27. They invented the All-Star game for Willie Mays. #Quote by Ted Williams
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Dave Grohl
#28. Rock stars are like sports stars: If you snap your ankle, you're done. #Quote by Dave Grohl
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Lee Trevino
#29. Living in Dallas, I root for the Mavericks and the Stars and the Cowboys, but I've always pulled for the Chicago Cubs. I enjoy watching them play. #Quote by Lee Trevino
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Rupert Murdoch
#30. In a world as competitive as ours, the child who does not get a decent education is condemned to the fringes of society. I think all Australians agree that this is intolerable. So we must demand as much of our schools as we do of our sports teams - and ensure that they keep the Australian dream alive for every child. #Quote by Rupert Murdoch
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Danny Meyer
#31. Restaurants and chefs have become followed by such a broad swath of the public, in a way that used to be reserved for sports stars, movie stars, and theater actors. Restaurants are in the firmament of today's common culture. #Quote by Danny Meyer
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
#32. It was another example of a phenomenon I call "the talking dog syndrome." Some people are still amazed that any woman (this includes Governors' wives, corporate CEOs, sports stars and rock singers) can hold her own under pressure and be articulate and knowledgeable. The dog can talk! #Quote by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Foz Meadows
#33. everything in our culture tells men and boys to avoid any interest, activity or community dominated by women - and when article after article insists that boys are reading less than girls; when the pop cultural discourse shies away from portraying boys as readers, or closely associates male reading with male unpopularity and outcastness; when the humanities is widely touted as being the feminine alternative to the masculine sciences; when finally, after centuries of exclusion, girls are actually getting a break at something, the consequence is that boys are keeping away in droves.

[...]Having been raised to exclude girls from manly pursuits, boys are also reluctant to pursue female ones. If that means reading – and in some cases, sadly, it does, reading and other sedentary or indoor hobbies being viewed as the antithesis of sports, and therefore by extension the enemy of all things masculine – then writing more boy-centric books won't help. (Unless, of course, your ultimate long-term plan is to take reading away from girls and return it to boys, in which case, you fail everything.) If, on the other hand, you want boys and girls to be reading with equal passion and in equal numbers, then a very clear alternative presents itself: teach your boys that there's nothing wrong with girls, or girl things, period. Take away the stigma, and let everyone read without judgement. Stories are genderless, no matter who writes or stars in them. And if we can't bear to teach our te #Quote by Foz Meadows
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Dan Pfeiffer
#34. Covering politics like sports has created a self-reinforcing incentive structure that is not dissimilar to the one the ESPN'S SportsCenter has on the fundamentals of basketball. There is a long-running concern from basketball purists that the fundamentals of the game – passing, defense, and footwork – are eroding. The theory goes that players want to be like the stars they see on SportsCenter. You don't get on SportsCenter by doing the nitty-gritty work of winning basketball games. The more extreme the play, the more dramatic the showboating and celebrating, the more likely to be a feature in a coveted highlight segment. The reward system benefits the opposite behavior most basketball coaches would like to see in their players. This is the SportsCenter effect. #Quote by Dan Pfeiffer
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Julie James
#35. Melinda was still stuck on the 24 thing. "And I don't see you grabbing the remote away from me when that countdown clock starts chiming," she said to Pete. "Unless it's to get a quick check of the scores on Monday nights."

Nick's ears perked up at the mention of scores. Sports. Now there was a topic upon which he could wax poetic. "Too bad Monday night football is over," he lamented to Pete. "But there's always basketball. Who are you eying for the Final Four?"

Pete looked mildly embarrassed as he gestured to Melinda. "She's, um, referring to the scores on Dancing with the Stars."

"He likes it when they do the paso doblé," Melinda threw in.

"The dance symbolizes the drama, artistry, and passion of a bullfight. It's quite masculine," Pete said.

"Except for the sequins and spray tans," Melinda added.

Pete clapped his hands together, ignoring this. "How about you, Nick? Are you a fan of the reality television performing arts? #Quote by Julie James
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Walt Frazier
#36. The star player must slay his ego and learn teamwork and communication skills before he can achieve the ultimate in sport #Quote by Walt Frazier
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Mark Wahlberg
#37. Tiger Woods is the only sports star who's worth every penny he makes. #Quote by Mark Wahlberg
Australian Sports Stars quotes by John Howard
#38. Remarks such as 'great Australian', 'larger than life' are sometimes used where they are not appropriate. But in the case of Kerry Packer both of those descriptions are entirely appropriate. He was a great Australian, he was a larger than life character and in so many ways he left his mark on the Australian community over a very long career in business, particularly in the media and also that other great passion of his, Australian sport #Quote by John Howard
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Joe Morgan
#39. To be a star and stay a star, I think you've got to have a certain air of arrogance about you, a cockiness, a swagger on the field that says, "I can do this and you can't stop me." I know that I play baseball with this air of arrogance, but I think it's lacking in a lot of guys who could have the potential to be stars. #Quote by Joe Morgan
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Rafe Bartholomew
#40. Philippine culture was clearly different. It wasn't the fan's duty to remain aloof in the presence of stars; it was the player's responsibility to show gratitude to the average Filipino. #Quote by Rafe Bartholomew
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Rod Carew
#41. Do you believe you're a starter or a benchwarmer? Do you believe you're an all-star or an also- ran? If the answers to these questions are the latter, your play on the field will reflect it. But when you've learned to shut off outside influences and believe in yourself, there's no telling how good a player you can be. #Quote by Rod Carew
Australian Sports Stars quotes by Nkahloleng Eric Mohlala
#42. Gone are those days when media platforms were available to few individuals like politicians, movie stars, artists,sports sensations, civil right activists, and religious scholars.

=Today social media gives people an easy way to almost everything

=It is very easy to learn from others who are experts and professionals,Regardless of your location and education background you can educate yourself, without paying for it.

=It even reveals good and Mabošaedi of the most respected people who are role models to others

= You can share your issues with the community and get help within an hour .

= The main advantage of the social media is that you update yourself from the latest happenings around in the world.

= you can promote your business to the largest audience and even employ people

But it can also damage your life for good

= Since anyone can create a fake account and do anything without being traced, it has become quite easy for people to frustrate others and do a damage to their names or life.

= Personal data and privacy can easily be hacked and shared on the Internet. Which can make financial losses and loss to personal life. Similarly, identity theft is another issue that can give financial losses to anyone by hacking their personal accounts. This is one of the dangerous disadvantages of the social media and it even made people kill them selfs.

= Addiction destroyed #Quote by Nkahloleng Eric Mohlala

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