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Audacia Foundation quotes by ISV Foundation Committee On Translation
#1. Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will work for kings, not unimportant people. #Quote by ISV Foundation Committee On Translation
Audacia Foundation quotes by Heidi Cullinan
#2. People are good medicine, but they can't be your foundation of functionality. You must build that yourself. #Quote by Heidi Cullinan
Audacia Foundation quotes by Melissa Foster
#3. Love is the foundation of strength in a family. #Quote by Melissa Foster
Audacia Foundation quotes by Charles Murray
#4. [The humanities] invite - they compel - us to confront the truth about ourselves and help us to inhabit with greater understanding the disjointed condition of longing and defeat that defines the human condition. Achilles' reflections on honor and memory and the fleeting beauty of youth; Shakespeare's defense of love against the powers of "sluttish time" Kant's struggle to put our knowledge of certain things on an unchallengeable foundation so as to place the knowledge of others forever beyond reach; Caravaggio's painting of the sacrifice of Isaac, which depicts a confusion of loves that defeats all understanding; and so on endlessly through the armory of humanistic works: the subject is always the same. The subject is always man, whose nature it is to yearn to be more than he is. #Quote by Charles Murray
Audacia Foundation quotes by Robin Sloan
#5. And even if I fail-this is always the archivist's consolation-perhaps I will have laid a foundation for someone wiser. #Quote by Robin Sloan
Audacia Foundation quotes by P.G. Wodehouse
#6. In these disturbed days in which we live, it has probably occurred to all thinking men that something drastic ought to be done about aunts. Speaking for myself, I have long felt that stones should be turned and avenues explored with a view to putting a stopper on the relatives in question. If someone were to come to me and say, 'Wooster, would you be interested in joining a society I am starting whose aim will be the suppression of aunts or at least will see to it that they are kept on a short chain and are not permitted to roam hither and thither at will, scattering desolation on all side?', I would reply, 'Wilbraham', if his name was Wilbraham, 'I am with you heart and soul. Put me down as a foundation member. #Quote by P.G. Wodehouse
Audacia Foundation quotes by Anthony Robbins
#7. I've come to believe that all my past failure and frustration were actually laying
the foundation for the understandings that have created the new level of living I
now enjoy. #Quote by Anthony Robbins
Audacia Foundation quotes by Carleton Young
#8. Our society is so caught up in winning, we forget that most of the great men and women in history have, at one time or another, failed at something. Often repeatedly, and discouragingly. But each failure is nothing more than a brick in the wall that forms the foundation of our success. We can't forget that. #Quote by Carleton Young
Audacia Foundation quotes by Jim Bunning
#9. A loving family provides the foundation children need to succeed, and strong families with a man and a woman - bonded together for life - always have been, and always will be, the key to such families. #Quote by Jim Bunning
Audacia Foundation quotes by Friedrich August Von Hayek
#10. The discussions of every age are filled with the issues on which its leading schools of thought differ. But the general intellectual atmosphere of the time is always determined by the views on which the opposing schools agree. They become the unspoken presuppositions of all thought, and common and unquestioningly accepted foundations on which all discussion proceeds. #Quote by Friedrich August Von Hayek
Audacia Foundation quotes by Shih Cheng Yen
#11. Cultivating True Beauty

Physical beauty
that comes from keeping up appearances
can only be maintained temporarily,
but beauty that takes
authenticity and sincerity as its foundation
is timeless and eternal.

Whether we are young or old,
if people give rise to joy upon seeing us,
then this is true beauty.

So, if we want to embody true beauty,
we must first cultivate purity and wisdom
in our hearts.
Only the beauty that emanates
from the truth and goodness of our hearts
can be called true beauty. #Quote by Shih Cheng Yen
Audacia Foundation quotes by Tao Lin
#12. The Gorilla Foundation, like a tree or cloud or other thing from nature, seems to mostly present itself only to an ideal, abstract, fully internalized audience - one that does not question sincerity or intent, that does not require justification or meaning, that would rather The Gorilla Foundation not pause (to defend itself, to allow others time to comprehend it) but to continue always with what it's already doing. In this manner The Gorilla Foundation exists more in actualization of itself than in opposition to something else, which implies, to some degree, that it doesn't earnestly believe it - or anything - "needs" to exist or is "right" or "wrong," rather that its "mission" is a temporary concept, created by itself to directionalize itself, that without which [The Gorilla Foundation] wouldn't exist. #Quote by Tao Lin
Audacia Foundation quotes by Jodi Picoult
#13. If the past few months have taught me anything, it's that friendship is a smoke screen. The people you think are solid turn out to be mirrors and light; and then you look down and realize there are others you took for granted, those who are your foundation. #Quote by Jodi Picoult
Audacia Foundation quotes by Anonymous
#14. even as he i chose us in him j before the foundation of the world, that we should be k holy and blameless before him. In love 5 l he predestined us [2] for m adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, n according to the purpose of his will, #Quote by Anonymous
Audacia Foundation quotes by Robert P. McCulloch
#15. The physical evidence does not change because of public pressure or personal agenda. Physical evidence does not look away as events unfold nor does it blackout or add to memory. It remains constant and is a solid foundation upon which cases are built. #Quote by Robert P. McCulloch
Audacia Foundation quotes by Sam Harris
#16. Nothing guarantees that reasonable people will agree about everything, of course, but the unreasonable are certain to be divided by their dogmas. It is time we recognized that this spirit of mutual inquiry, which is the foundation of all real science, is the very antithesis of religious faith. #Quote by Sam Harris
Audacia Foundation quotes by Rene Descartes
#17. On the other hand, I compared the disquisitions of the ancient moralists to very towering and magnificent palaces with no better foundation than sand and mud: #Quote by Rene Descartes
Audacia Foundation quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#18. Education lays the foundation of a large portion of the causes of mental disorder #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Audacia Foundation quotes by Mario Monti
#19. If the euro becomes a factor promoting Europe's drifting apart, then the foundation of the European project is destroyed. #Quote by Mario Monti
Audacia Foundation quotes by Thomas Jefferson
#20. The mass of our citizens may be divided into two classes
the laboring and the learned. The laboring will need the first grade of education to qualify them for their pursuits and duties; the learned will need it as a foundation for further acquirements. #Quote by Thomas Jefferson
Audacia Foundation quotes by Hasimir Fenrig
#21. Family… that was my older sister Tiffany as well. My emotional spectrum for her covered everything from "my dearest sister, foundation of my heart and soul" up to "you fucking bitch, go and get run over by a train, please". We had quite a normal sibling relationship, I assume. #Quote by Hasimir Fenrig
Audacia Foundation quotes by Richard Lamm
#22. Universal coverage, not medical technology, is the foundation of any caring health care system. #Quote by Richard Lamm
Audacia Foundation quotes by John C. Maxwell
#23. When leaders learn and live good values, they make themselves more valuable and lift the value of other people. That is the foundation of positive leadership. #Quote by John C. Maxwell
Audacia Foundation quotes by Vincent De Paul
#24. I thank God that you know the art of tearing yourself apart - I mean the way to humble yourself truly by recognizing and realizing your faults. You are right in believing yourself to be as you describe and to be most unsuitable for any kind of duty; it is on this foundation that Our Lord will base the execution of His plans for you. #Quote by Vincent De Paul
Audacia Foundation quotes by Isaac Bashevis Singer
#25. The genuine writer cannot ignore the fact that the family is losing its spiritual foundation. #Quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Audacia Foundation quotes by Rachel Naomi Remen
#26. Befriending the life in others is sometimes a complex matter. There are times when we offer our strength and protection, but these are usually only temporary measures. The greatest blessing we offer others may be the belief we have in their struggle for freedom, the courage to support and accompany them as they determine for themselves the strength that will become their refuge and the foundation for their lives. I think it is especially important to believe in someone at a time when they cannot yet believe in themselves. Then your belief will become their lifeline. #Quote by Rachel Naomi Remen
Audacia Foundation quotes by J. Edwin Orr
#27. The Revival of 1859 helped to lay the foundations of the modern international and interdenominational missionary structureEvery revival of religion in the homelands is felt within a decade in the foreign mission-fields, and the records of missionary enterprises and the pages of missionary biography following I860 are full of clearest evidence of the stimulating effect of the Revival throughout the world. #Quote by J. Edwin Orr
Audacia Foundation quotes by Edmund Burke
#28. True religion is the foundation of society. When that is once shaken by contempt, the whole fabric cannot be stable nor lasting. #Quote by Edmund Burke
Audacia Foundation quotes by Anasazi Foundation
#29. The success of my journey depended on whether my heart walked forward - toward my people - instead of backward, away from them. #Quote by Anasazi Foundation
Audacia Foundation quotes by Robert Stuart MacArthur
#30. Christ is the foundation of all our hopes for time and for eternity. Oh, build on this divine foundation! All other foundations are sinking sand. #Quote by Robert Stuart MacArthur
Audacia Foundation quotes by Swami Vivekananda
#31. Here in this blessed land, the foundation, the backbone, the life-centre is religion and religion alone. #Quote by Swami Vivekananda
Audacia Foundation quotes by Nhat Hanh
#32. Our mind is the foundation of all our actions, whether they are actions of body, speech, or mind, i.e., thinking. Whatever we think, say, or do arises from our mind. What our consciousness consumes becomes the substance of our life, so we have to be very careful which nutriments we ingest. #Quote by Nhat Hanh
Audacia Foundation quotes by Francine Rivers
#33. Love one another, Jesus said. Sometimes it took a lifetime to learn how. Sometimes it took someone to hit rock bottom to make someone reach up and grasp hold and be lifted from the mire to stand on a firm foundation. #Quote by Francine Rivers
Audacia Foundation quotes by Wendell Berry
#34. The river and the garden have been the foundations of my economy here. Of the two I have liked the river best. It is wonderful to have the duty of being on the river the first and last thing every day. I have loved it even in the rain. Sometimes I have loved it most in the rain. #Quote by Wendell Berry
Audacia Foundation quotes by Jeremy Aldana
#35. Honesty is a fine foundation from which to build upon; for if one was to really know what another thinks and how they feel ... they would surely treat each other differently #Quote by Jeremy Aldana
Audacia Foundation quotes by E. M. Forster
#36. Surely the only sound foundation for a civilization is a sound state of mind. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Audacia Foundation quotes by Bocafloja
#37. We have to remember that the experience of gangsta rap as such in its foundation is an anti-systemic experience primarily. And it is an anti-systemic experience that is not in some cases politicized, but in general results in a much more transgressive, much more uncomfortable music for the structures of power, than conscious rap or political rap. #Quote by Bocafloja
Audacia Foundation quotes by Frank Dobson
#38. My own view is that if you filled every member of the parliamentary Labour party with a truth drug and lashed them to a polygraph lie detector, very, very few of them would support foundation hospitals. #Quote by Frank Dobson

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