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Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Virginia Woolf
#1. I remember I would not stand still; I would not stop being perplexed by everything that spontaneously attracted me or caught my attention. I would never cease to look around me and observe myself in relation to nature: either crystal clear skies and sun-melting afternoons, or foggy winter days and weirdly tinted nights. I would never cease to dream and stand by the window, ready to let the diversity of life pass freely through my skin; courageous enough to believe I stood a chance in devouring each shade of sensation. Or perhaps, immensely foolish to plainly - believe at all. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Abhijit Naskar
#2. Human is the one who's kind - human is the one who's gentle - human is the one who's courageous - human is the one with conscience ample. #Quote by Abhijit Naskar
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Claire Aumonier
#3. Education comes from living life, following passions, accessing information, observing, reflecting, and being inspired by wise and courageous elders in the community. #Quote by Claire Aumonier
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Chris Weitz
#4. To be emotionally resilient and to overcome your circumstances, not through fighting, but through being courageous and having endurance was something I thought was of primary importance. #Quote by Chris Weitz
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
#5. Don't ever apologize for having a soft heart, nor allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart, all you are doing is being courageous, remember that. #Quote by Efrat Cybulkiewicz
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Neel Burton
#6. You see, people in the depressive position are often stigmatised as 'failures' or 'losers'. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. If these people are in the depressive position, it is most probably because they have tried too hard or taken on too much, so hard and so much that they have made themselves 'ill with depression'. In other words, if these people are in the depressive position, it is because their world was simply not good enough for them. They wanted more, they wanted better, and they wanted different, not just for themselves, but for all those around them. So if they are failures or losers, this is only because they set the bar far too high. They could have swept everything under the carpet and pretended, as many people do, that all is for the best in the best of possible worlds. But unlike many people, they had the honesty and the strength to admit that something was amiss, that something was not quite right. So rather than being failures or losers, they are just the opposite: they are ambitious, they are truthful, and they are courageous. And that is precisely why they got 'ill'. To make them believe that they are suffering from some chemical imbalance in the brain and that their recovery depends solely or even mostly on popping pills is to do them a great disfavour: it is to deny them the precious opportunity not only to identify and address important life problems, but also to develop a deeper and more refined appreciation of themselves and of th #Quote by Neel Burton
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by C. JoyBell C.
#7. Everybody should know exactly what it is that they are. Really now. If you are beautiful, please know that you are beautiful; if you are strong please know that you are strong; if you are courageous please know that you are courageous; if you are a cunt, please don't fool yourself thinking you're a good person. You are in fact a cunt. If you are a giver, then know you are a giver and learn how to receive. If you are a receiver, identify this, then learn how to give. If you are incredibly stupid; please try to fix that and if you are profoundly intelligent, then please don't hide that. If you are gay, then love being gay and if you're straight then love being straight. Please be who it is that you are, please look into the mirror, please see yourself. Always. Every day. Be whatever it is that you are. Fix what needs to be fixed, throw out what needs to be thrown out; but please, not even for a second, do not ever stop looking at your reflection in the mirror! #Quote by C. JoyBell C.
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Christina Engela
#8. Who is the more courageous? The big, tough gay-basher, or the LGBTI person who faces their threats on a daily basis and carries on being honest about who they are regardless? #Quote by Christina Engela
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Frederick Lenz
#9. You have to be courageous in life to allow a lightness to engage your being. It is easy to be a jerk. To be unhappy with all this weird stuff around us just seems to me to be such a waste. That's a jerk. #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#10. The word 'heresy' not only means no longer being wrong; it practically means being clear-headed and courageous. The word 'orthodoxy' not only no longer means being right; it practically means being wrong. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by John O'Donohue
#11. Wisdom is the art of being courageous and generous with the unknown. #Quote by John O'Donohue
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Judith-Victoria Douglas
#12. The most important thing a person could learn from being around horses is how to control the expression of their emotions, even the non-verbal ones, and lose all unnatural fears. Fear only binds what should be free. That applies in all areas of thought, belief and actions. If you can't overcome it, then resist it. Be courageous. #Quote by Judith-Victoria Douglas
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Harper Lee
#13. Bad language is a stage all children go through, and it dies with time when they learn they're not attracting attention with it. #Quote by Harper Lee
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Harper Lee
#14. Some negroes lie, some are immoral, some negro men are not be trusted around women - black and white. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men. #Quote by Harper Lee
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Herbie Hancock
#15. I have to care and I have to be honest and have the courage to be vulnerable. If that happens, then that's the best I can do. To just be a puppet for the audience is not very courageous. Just to do whatever they say they want - because a lot of times people will hear something new that they hadn't heard before and get turned on by a new experience and will want to hear more of that. #Quote by Herbie Hancock
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Atticus Shaffer
#16. In voiceover, all you have to worry about is your voice and practicing with your voice and then being able to understand what the situation and whatnot is happening. And you have endless amounts of film to perfect the character. #Quote by Atticus Shaffer
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Ranulph Fiennes
#17. It is a truism to say that the dog is largely what his master makes of him: he can be savage and dangerous, untrustworthy, cringing and fearful; or he can be faithful and loyal, courageous and the best of companions and allies. #Quote by Ranulph Fiennes
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Ziauddin Yousafzai
#18. People ask me, what special is in my mentorship which has made Malala so bold and so courageous and so vocal and poised? I tell them, don't ask me what I did. Ask me what I did not do. I did not clip her wings, and that's all. #Quote by Ziauddin Yousafzai
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Nafis Sadik
#19. We must be courageous in speaking out on the issues that concern us:
We must not bend under the weight of spurious arguments
invoking culture or traditional values.
No value worth the name supports the oppression
and enslavement of women.
The function of culture and tradition is to provide
a framework for human well-being.
If they are used against us, we will reject them, and move on. We will not allow ourselves to be silenced. #Quote by Nafis Sadik
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Atticus Poetry
#20. Boys learn too late that being the man, is not the same thing as being a man. #Quote by Atticus Poetry
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Osho
#21. Those who are courageous, go headlong. They search all opportunities of danger. Their life philosophy is not that of insurance companies. Their life philosophy is that of a mountain climber, a glider, a surfer. And not only in the outside seas they surf; they surf in their innermost seas. And not only on the outside they climb Alps and Himalayas; they seek inner peaks. But remember one thing: never forget the art of risking - never, never. Always remain capable of risking. Wherever you can find an opportunity to risk, never miss it, and you will never be a loser. Risk is the only guarantee for being truly alive. #Quote by Osho
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Winna Efendi
#22. Being afraid is part of living, Rory, just as much as being scared is part of being courageous. You can only be happy when you're brutally honest with yourself. #Quote by Winna Efendi
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Yong Kang Chan
#23. Life isn't about being strong or pretending we are strong to impress others. It takes courage to be authentic with our feelings and acknowledge that real strength comes from recognizing our moments of weakness. #Quote by Yong Kang Chan
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Elizabeth Lesser
#24. I'm interested in helping women become courageous in being exactly who they are. Because the only way to change anything is to do it from your genuine self. #Quote by Elizabeth Lesser
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Beth Moore
#25. Trust God for your current life circumstances and believe that He has called you this day to be courageous. #Quote by Beth Moore
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Dean Koontz
#26. Fact: No matter how smart and courageous and well-intentioned you are, there's always a chance that you would not become the person you envisioned yourself being, because your own mind or body could fail you. #Quote by Dean Koontz
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Nikki Rowe
#27. You are here, alive and awake and for whatever reasons you have fought your battles, it's time to start focusing on what strengths pulled you up when the entire world had knocked you down.
That's where the virtue in self grows. #Quote by Nikki Rowe
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Chrisette Michele
#28. Being scared is normal. My technique for erasing it is facing it. Be afraid and brave. Be nervous and courageous. The first few minutes of being scared is your test to see if you're really serious about reaching a goal. Push through anxiety and come out victorious. Fear is just a test. Honor the feeling. Know it's there. Know it's temporary. Face it to erase it. #Quote by Chrisette Michele
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Rob Lowe
#29. I learned to focus on what's real rather than imagined; on not letting feelings drive the bus; on being courageous and honest; on putting my total effort into something and not worrying about the result. #Quote by Rob Lowe
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Bill Jensen
#30. Future strong is being focused enough and mindful enough and courageous enough to search for patterns and order when all others see chaos and noise. #Quote by Bill Jensen
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Kilroy J. Oldster
#31. Time passes regardless of how we use it; we grow old whether we act or procrastinate. A person who is unwilling to work to accomplishing worthy goals and who does not dream of performing great feats will always be mediocre. A courageous soul works conscientiously to accomplish personal goals that benefit other people. I aspire to find the audacity to create a self that I am not ashamed of being and live a humble and worthy life. The seer never wants for anything but an opportunity to learn and rejoice in life. Every day is a proper day to begin or continue a vision quest to attain insight. #Quote by Kilroy J. Oldster
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Atticus Shaffer
#32. My mom has raised me saying, "Always be yourself." So to be able to play a character that verifies just that, is such a thrill and adventure for me. #Quote by Atticus Shaffer
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Harper Lee
#33. There are some men in this world who are born to do our unpleasant jobs for us. Your father's one of them. #Quote by Harper Lee
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Audre Lorde
#34. I became more courageous by doing the very things I needed to be courageous for-first, a little, and badly. Then, bit by bit, more and better. Being avidly-sometimes annoy-ingly-curious and persistent about discovering how others were doing what I wanted to do. #Quote by Audre Lorde
Atticus Being Courageous quotes by Kate Bornstein
#35. Let's stop "tolerating" or "accepting" difference, as if we're so much better for not being different. Instead, let's celebrate difference, because in this world it takes a lot of guts to be different and to act differently. #Quote by Kate Bornstein

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