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Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
#1. According to Montagne legend, the mountain has forever been the abode of giants. Long ago a traveling pair of sorcerers, husband and wife, scaled the cliff into the valley, and the woman cured the giants' chilblains with ointments and the gift of fire. In gratitude, the giants built Chateau de Montagne out of the living rock of Ancienne, and from that castle the couple founded the kingdom of Montagne, using their magic to shield the country and its people from harm. #Quote by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#2. Once upon a time, during a time after all the happily-ever-afters, and perhaps even after the ever-afters after that, all the evil villains of the world were banished from the United Kingdom of Auradon and imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost. There, underneath a protective dome that kept all manner of enchantment out of their clutches, the terrible, the treacherous, the truly awful, and the severely sinister were cursed to live without the power of magic. King Beast declared the villains exiled forever. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Terry Brooks
#3. Nothing is lost that we do not first see as lost. Visions born of fear give birth to our failing.
Visions born of hope give birth to our success.
What is possible lives within us, and it only remains for us to discover it. #Quote by Terry Brooks
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Robert Musil
#4. Of course there is no denying that all these primordial dreams appear, in the opinion of nonmathematicians, to have been suddenly realized in a form quite different from the original fantasy. Baron Munchhausen's post horn was more beautiful than our canned music, the Seven-League boots more beautiful than a car, Oberon's kingdom lovelier than a railway tunnel, the magic root of the mandrake better than a telegraphed image, eating of one's mother's heart and then understanding birds more beautiful than an ethologic study of a bird's vocalizing. We have gained reality and lost dream. No more lounging under a tree and peering at the sky between one's big and second toes; there's work to be done. To be efficient, one cannot be hungry and dreamy but must eat steak and keep moving. It is exactly as though the old, inefficient breed of humanity had fallen asleep on an anthill and found, when the new breed awoke, that the ants had crept into its bloodstream, making it move frantically ever since, unable to shake off that rotten feeling of antlike industry. #Quote by Robert Musil
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Robin McKinley
#5. The magic in that country was so thick and tenacious that it settled over the land like chalk-dust and over floors and shelves like sticky plaster-dust. (House-cleaners in that country earned unusually good wages.) If you lived in that country, you had to de-scale your kettle of its encrustation of magic at least once a week, because if you didn't, you might find yourself pouring hissing snakes or pond slime into your teapot instead of water. (It didn't have to be anything scary or unpleasant, especially in a cheerful household - magic tended to reflect the atmosphere of the place in which it found itself
but if you want a cup of tea, a cup of lavender-and-gold pansies or ivory thimbles is unsatisfactory.) #Quote by Robin McKinley
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Cassandra Clare
#6. Thank you for asking. Of course one wishes to break down on a heart-shaped sofa and week into one's lace handkerchief, but I am somehow managing to hold it together. After all, I still have a warlock contact."
Magnus inclined his head with a slight smile.
"Tessa Gray," said Raphael. "Very dignified lady. Very well-read. I think you know her?"
Magnus made a face at him. "It's not being a sass-monkey that I object to. That I like. It's the joyless attitude. One of the chief pleasures of life is mocking others, so occasionally show some glee about doing it. Have some joie de vivre."
"I'm undead," said Raphael.
"What about joie de unvivre?"
Raphael eyed him coldly. Magnus gestured his own question aside, his rings and trails of leftover magic leaving a sweep of leftover magic leaving a sweep of sparks in the night air, and sighed.
"Tessa," Magnus said with a long exhale. "She is a harbinger of ill news and I will be annoyed with her for dumping this problem in my lap for weeks. At least."
"What problem? Are you in trouble?" asked Raphael.
"Nothing I can't handle," said Magnus.
"Pity," said Raphael. "I was planning to point and laugh. Well, time to go. I'd say good luck with your dead-body bad-news thing, but ... I don't care."
"Take care of yourself, Raphael," said Magnus.
Raphael waved a dismissive hand over his shoulder. "I always do. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Michele Gorman
#7. I had a friend in college who loved to say: 'If you can dream it, you can do it.' It became my mantra. I assumed it was a pearl of wisdom from some great thinker, a philosopher perhaps, like Descartes. It turned out to be Walt Disney, which in no way diminishes the wisdom of the advice. Anyone who can build a Magic Kingdom deserves to be listened to. #Quote by Michele Gorman
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#8. Do you think Archer is right about everyone here being de-magicked? Or maybe the fog, like, made his and Evan's magic…de-magic."
Crossing over to the closet, I sighed and said, "I'm betting the kids here are de-magicked, but it doesn't really matter." I flung open the closet. Just as I'd thought, the only things hung up inside where Hex Hall uniforms. "I'm pretty much de-magicked myself these days," I said to Jenna over my shoulder. "Also, maybe we should stop saying de-magicked. It's starting to sound weird."
She sat up straighter. "What?"
"You know, when you say things too much, and-"
"Sophie," Jenna said, tilting her head and frowning at me.
Sighing, I sat down on my own bed, facing her. "Thanks to some mojo from the Council, I'm currently powerless."
Her expression softening, Jenna breathed, "Oh, Soph. I'm so sorry."
"It's not as bad as it sounds," I told her. "My powers aren't gone gone. They're still bumping around in here, but I can't use them unless I touch this particular-whoa."
I crossed the room to grip the footboard of Jenna's bed. "There's this spell in the Throne family grimoire. If I touch it, my powers will be restored. And Dad was sure the Casnoffs had the grimoire. It might be here, Jenna." I let go of her bed to pace as my magic pounded inside me. "If we find it, I could be demoning up the place by dinnertime. #Quote by Rachel Hawkins
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#9. When you're touched by magic, nothing's ever quite the same again. What really makes me sad is all those people who never have the chance to know that touch. They're too busy, or they just don't hold with make-believe, so they shut the door without really knowing it was there to be opened in the first place. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Louis De Montfort
#10. Even if you are on the brink of damnation, even if you have one foot in hell, even if you have sold your soul to the devil as sorcerers do who practice black magic, and even if you are a heretic as obstinate as a devil, sooner or later you will be converted and will amend your life and will save your soul, if-and mark well what I say-if you say the Holy Rosary devoutly every day until death for the purpose of knowing the truth and obtaining contrition and pardon for your sins. #Quote by Louis De Montfort
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Ilona Andrews
#11. Estene aleera hesaad de viren aneda. And now, you are forever mine. #Quote by Ilona Andrews
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by John Hench
#12. The show is being changed right now, by the way. Jeff Burke is doing it for the Magic Kingdom. And I think it will be better, with new birds, master of ceremonies, etc. #Quote by John Hench
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#13. I do believe in an everyday sort of magic
the inexplicable connectedness we sometimes experience with places, people, works of art and the like; the eerie appropriateness of moments of synchronicity; the whispered voice, the hidden presence, when we think we're alone. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by D.H. Lawrence
#14. I love the word Quetzalcoatl.'
'The word!' he repeated.
His eyes laughed at her teasingly all the time.
'What do you think, Mrs Leslie,' cried the pale-faced young Mirabal, in curiously resonant English, with a French accent. 'Don't you think it would be wonderful if the gods came back to Mexico? our own gods?' He sat in intense expectation, his blue eyes fixed on Kate's face, his soup-spoon suspended.
Kate's face was baffled with incomprehension.
'Not those Aztec horrors!' she said.
'The Aztec horrors! The Aztec horrors! Well, perhaps they were not so horrible after all. But if they were, it was because the Aztecs were all tied up. They were in a cul de sac, so they saw nothing but death. Don't you think so?'
'I don't know enough!' said Kate.
'Nobody knows any more. But if you like the word Quetzalcoatl, don't you think it would be wonderful if he came back again? Ah, the names of the gods! Don't you think the names are like seeds, so full of magic, of the unexplored magic? Huitzilopochtli!--how wonderful! And Tlaloc! Ah! I love them! I say them over and over, like they say Mani padma Om! in Tibet. I believe in the fertility of sound. Itzpapalotl--the Obsidian Butterfly! Itzpapalotl! But say it, and you will see it does good to your soul. Itzpapalotl! Tezcatlipocá! They were old when the Spaniards came, they needed the bath of life again. But now, re-bathed in youth, how wonderful they must be! #Quote by D.H. Lawrence
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Noortje De Bijl
#15. Magic always comes with a prise. #Quote by Noortje De Bijl
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Eugene O'Neill
#16. Obsessed by a fairy tale, we spend our lives searching for a magic door and a lost kingdom of peace. #Quote by Eugene O'Neill
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Sebastien De Castell
#17. We are such a small people. For all our magic, we're scared, paranoid little children trying to protect ourselves from the bullies of the world by becoming bigger bullies ourselves. #Quote by Sebastien De Castell
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Frank Kermode
#18. Novels, says Sartre, are not life, but they owe our power upon us, as upon himself as an infant, to the fact that they are somehow like life. In life, he once remarked, 'all ways are barred and nevertheless we must act. So we try to change the world; that is, to live as if the relations between things and their potentialities were governed not by deterministic processes but by magic.' The as if of the novel consists in a similar negation of determinism, the establishment of an accepted freedom by magic. We make up aventures, invent and ascribe the significance of temporal concords to those 'privileged moments' to which we alone award their prestige, make our own human clocks tick in a clockless world. And we take a man who is by definition de trop, and create a context in which he isn't.

The novel is a lie only as our quotidian inventions are lies. The power which goes to its making--the imagination --is a function of man's inescapable freedom. This freedom, in Mary Warnock's words, 'expresses itself in his ability to see things which are not.' It is by his fiction that we know he is free. It is not surprising that Sartre as ontologist, having to describe many kinds of fictive behaviour, invents stories to do so, thus moving into a middle ground between life and novel. .... #Quote by Frank Kermode
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Giovannie De Sadeleer
#19. I will never forget the magic I felt the moment I kissed your lips. #Quote by Giovannie De Sadeleer
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Julie Andrews
#20. Once upon a time, there was a Magic Kingdom made of hopes and childhood fantasies. A timeless place where every land was filled with wonder. A place where everyone who entered its gates would be given the gift of the young at heart. #Quote by Julie Andrews
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Stephen Leacock
#21. The only time when you and I really entered into literature, entered the kingdom of letters, was when each of us sat as a child absorbed in the magic pages of a book: in some snug corner of a quiet room or sheltered in some lost recess of the seashore with the muffled sound of the wind and sea to concentrate our thought - that is reading, that is literature. #Quote by Stephen Leacock
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#22. Not only do we all have magic, it's all around us as well. We just don't pay attention to it. Every time we make something out of nothing, that's an act of magic. It doesn't matter if it's a painting or a garden, or an abuelo telling his grandchildren some tall tale. Every time we fix something that's broken, whether it's a car engine or a broken heart, that's an act of magic.

And what makes it magic is that we *choose* to create or help, just as we can choose to harm. But it's so easy to destroy and so much harder to make things better. That's why doing the right thing makes you stronger.

If we can only remember what we are and what we can do, nobody can bind us or control us. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Julie Kagawa
#23. When he was kidnapped by the Iron King and taken into the Nevernever, she didn't hesitate to go after him. And she didn't stop there. When her magic was sealed by Mab, leaving her defenseless in the Winter Court, she somehow managed to survive, even when she thought you had turned on her. When the Scepter of the Seasons was stolen by the Iron fey, she went after it, despite having no magic and no weapon with which to defend herself. And when the courts asked her to destroy the false king, she accepted, even though the Summer and Iron glamours within her were making her sick, and she couldn't use either of them effectively. She still went into the Iron Kingdom to
face a tyrant she didn't know if she could overcome.
"Now," Ariella finished, turning toward me, "do you still believe humans are weak? #Quote by Julie Kagawa
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#24. Magic is an honor, until it's a shackle. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
#25. And just like magic, the Isle of the Lost began to form before their eyes, including the hidden and forbidden zones. The Forbidden Fortress appeared, a menacing-looking castle of spiky walls and twisty towers, located on the edge of the island. Right in the middle of Nowhere. #Quote by Melissa De La Cruz
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#26. Like legend and myth, magic fades when it is unused
hence all the old tales of elfin kingdoms moving further and further away from our world, or that magical beings require our faith, our belief in their existence, to survive. That is a lie. All they require is our recognition. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Umberto Eco
#27. There are magic moments, involving great physical fatigue and intense motor excitement, that produce visions of people known in the past ("en me retraçant ces détails, j'en suis à me demander s'ils sont réels, ou bien si je les ai rêvés"). As I learned later from the delightful little book of the Abbé de Bucquoy, there are also visions of books as yet unwritten. #Quote by Umberto Eco
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Brent Dodge
#28. Not only is Cinderella Castle the symbol of the Magic Kingdom, it is also the most photographed item by amateur photographers in the entire world. #Quote by Brent Dodge
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#29. The beginning of a friendship, the fact that two people out of the thousands around them can meet and connect and become friends, seems like a kind of magic to me. But maintaining a friendship requires work. I don't mean that as a bad thing. Good art requires work as well. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#30. Every time we fix something that broken, whether it's a car engine or a broken heart, that an act of magic. And what makes it magic is that we choose to create or help, just as we can choose to harm. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Walt Disney
#31. I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I have ever known. #Quote by Walt Disney
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Charles De Lint
#32. A name can't begin to encompass the sum of all her parts. But that's the magic of names, isn't it? That the complex, contradictory individuals we are can be called up complete and whole in another mind through the simple sorcery of a name. #Quote by Charles De Lint
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Ridley Pearson
#33. You forgot something: evil never wins in the Magic Kingdom. #Quote by Ridley Pearson
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Tom Robbins
#34. Beauty! Wasn't that what mattered? Beauty was hardly a popular ideal at that jumpy moment in history. The masses had been desensitized to it, the intelligentsia regarded it with suspicion. To most of her peers, 'beauty' smacked of the rarefied, the indulgent, the superfluous, the effete. How could persons of good conscience pursue the beautiful when there was so much suffering and injustice in the world? Ellen Cherry's answer was that if one didn't cultivate beauty, soon he or she wouldn't be able to recognize ugliness. The prevalence of social ugliness made commitment to physical beauty all the more essential. And the very presence in life of double-wide mobile homes, Magic Marker graffiti, and orange shag carpeting had the effect of making ills such as poverty, crime, repression, pollution, and child abuse seem tolerable. In a sense, beauty was the ultimate protest, and, in that it generally lasted longer than an orgasm, the ultimate refuge. The Venus de Milo screamed 'No!' at evil, whereas the Spandex stretch pant, the macrame plant holder were compliant with it. Ugly bedrooms bred ugly habits. Of course, it wasn't required of beauty that it perform a social function. That was what was valuable about it. #Quote by Tom Robbins
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Garth Nix
#35. You can't work in the library without going into the Old Levels," said Mirelle somberly. "At least some of the time. I wouldn't be keen on going to some parts of the Library, myself."
Lirael listened, wondering what they were talking about. The Great Library of the Clayr was enormous, but she had never heard of the Old Levels.
She knew the general layout well. The Library was shaped like a nautilus shell, a continuous tunnel that wound down into the mountain in an ever-tightening spiral. This main spiral was an enormously long, twisting ramp that took you from the high reaches of the mountain down past the level of the valley floor, several thousand feet below.
Off the main spiral, there were countless other corridors, rooms, halls, and strange chambers. Many were full of the Clayr's written records, mainly documenting the prophesies and visions of many generations of seers. But they also contained books and papers from all over the Kingdom. Books of magic and mystery, knowledge both ancient and new. Scrolls, maps, spells, recipes, inventories, stories, true tales, and Charter knew what else.
In addition to all these written works, the Great Library also housed other things. There were old armories within it, containing weapons and armor that had not been used for centuries but still stayed bright and new. There were rooms full of odd paraphernalia that no one now knew how to use. There were chambers where dressmakers' dummies stood fully clothed, displ #Quote by Garth Nix
Atracciones De Magic Kingdom quotes by Scott Cunningham
#36. Trees have from time immemorial been closely associated with magic. These stout members of the vegetable kingdom may stand for as long as a thousand years, and tower far above our mortal heads. As such they are symbols and keepers of unlimited power, longevity, and timelessness. An untouched forest, studded with trees of all ages, sizes and types, is more than a mysterious, magical place - it is one of the energy reservoirs of nature. Within its boundaries stand ancient and new sentinels, guardians of the universal force which has manifested on the the Earth ... #Quote by Scott Cunningham

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