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Athlete quotes by Jessica Ennis
#1. I'm proud of the way I've dealt with setbacks. It's hard when you feel down and you think, 'Why is the world doing this to me?' But you have to pick yourself up again. That's what makes you a better athlete. #Quote by Jessica Ennis
Athlete quotes by Karen Armstrong
#2. Religions have found that if you behave in a certain way, if you sort of perform certain rituals that expand your mind and make you realize that will make you realize and help you to seguey into transcendence and perform certain acts, adopt a certain lifestyle, you develop new capacities of mind and heart, just like the dancer, or the athlete that make you into a whole human being and principle after one of these disciplines right across the board in all of the faiths is compassion, the ability to feel with the other person. #Quote by Karen Armstrong
Athlete quotes by Dick Fosbury
#3. When you reach that elite level, 90 percent is mental and 10 percent is physical. You are competing against yourself. Not against the other athlete. #Quote by Dick Fosbury
Athlete quotes by Frank Bruno
#4. We're not cameras, we're artists. #Quote by Frank Bruno
Athlete quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#5. But there seems to have been an actual decline in rational thinking. The United States had become a place where entertainers and professional athletes were mistaken for people of importance. They were idolized and treated as leaders; their opinions were sought on everything and they took themselves just as seriously - after all, if an athlete is paid a million or more a year, he knows he is important … so his opinions of foreign affairs and domestic policies must be important, too, even though he proves himself to be both ignorant and subliterate every time he opens his mouth. (Most of his fans were just as ignorant and unlettered; the disease was spreading.) #Quote by Robert A. Heinlein
Athlete quotes by Gordie Gillespie
#6. Great coaches are great humanitarians. They really care for the athlete as people first and athletes second. This is paramount in gaining respect. #Quote by Gordie Gillespie
Athlete quotes by Albert Pujols
#7. I think the two most important parts of any athlete's workouts are his leg workouts and his core training. #Quote by Albert Pujols
Athlete quotes by Lolo Jones
#8. There's definitely a whole double standard. I don't understand it. A guy can be sexy and good-looking, and it totally just enhances his credibility as an athlete. #Quote by Lolo Jones
Athlete quotes by Cathy Freeman
#9. The Athens Olympics will be meaningful even though I cannot participate as an athlete, since I can participate in the flame relay all over the world. #Quote by Cathy Freeman
Athlete quotes by Bob Costas
#10. If every university president said, 'The revenue producing sports: basketball, football - potentially revenue producing at most universities - maybe in a few cases women's basketball, if every one of them had a monitor that reported directly to the university president and no 'student-athlete' ever gets into this college or university who could not plausibly be admitted if we did not have a football or basketball team, end of problem. It won't happen because it's like unilaterally disarming. You know your opponent won't do it and then you'll get crushed in every game, but it's a simple thing. #Quote by Bob Costas
Athlete quotes by Bud Wilkinson
#11. You can motivate players better with kind words than you can with a whip. #Quote by Bud Wilkinson
Athlete quotes by H. G. Bissinger
#12. He saw the irresistible allure of high school sports, but he also saw an inevitable danger in adults' living vicariously through their young. And he knew of no candle that burned out more quickly than that of the high school athlete. #Quote by H. G. Bissinger
Athlete quotes by Dick Fosbury
#13. I didn't train to make the Olympic team until 1968. I simply trained for the moment. I never even imagined I would be an Olympic athlete. It always seemed to evolve. #Quote by Dick Fosbury
Athlete quotes by Zola Budd
#14. There were always a couple of loonies who caused all the trouble. #Quote by Zola Budd
Athlete quotes by Maria Sharapova
#15. In the last year I have gained a lot of experience because I have been playing against top players and realized what things to work on to get better. Top players basically tell you what your weaknesses are on the court. #Quote by Maria Sharapova
Athlete quotes by Lynsey Dyer
#16. I have struggled to be taken seriously as a female athlete. I have struggled to find my worth outside of winning. I have struggled to accept parts of myself. Now I'm recognizing the beauty in those parts as well as beauty in the times when things didn't go my way. #Quote by Lynsey Dyer
Athlete quotes by Andre Agassi
#17. Nothing can substitute for just plain hard work. I had to put in the time to get back. And it was a grind. It meant training and sweating every day. But I was completely committed to working out to prove to myself that I still could do it. #Quote by Andre Agassi
Athlete quotes by David Beckham
#18. I don't know whether it's the athlete in me or the passion I have for the game: I always think that I can step back on the field and play. #Quote by David Beckham
Athlete quotes by Kerri Walsh
#19. Ideally we're going to stay at an American hotel. We just want to take every precaution. Because if you get sick out there, and you're playing in that hot sun and you get depleted, it's going to be a problem. So that would be the only other thing I think that athletes on a whole are going to be worried about. But again, we have to do our part and take every precaution and be smart. #Quote by Kerri Walsh
Athlete quotes by Harold Brodkey
#20. Athletes have studied how to leap and how to survive the leap some of the time and return to the ground. They don't always do it well. But they are our philosophers of actual moments and the body and soul in them, and of our maneuvers in our emergencies and longings. #Quote by Harold Brodkey
Athlete quotes by Olga Korbut
#21. This ability to conquer oneself is no doubt the most precious of all things sports bestows. #Quote by Olga Korbut
Athlete quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#22. David Epstein, the author of the best book on athletics in recent memory - "The Sports Gene" - wrote to me to say that he thinks I'm being overly generous. He points out that, for years, there used to be an "all-star challenge" on television, in which the best professional athletes from a variety of sports competed in a kind of makeshift decathlon. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Athlete quotes by Carl Lewis
#23. It's all about the journey, not the outcome. #Quote by Carl Lewis
Athlete quotes by Phillip Lopate
#24. A young person still thinks it is possible–there is time enough–to become all things: athlete and aesthete, soldier and pacifist, anchorite and debauchee. #Quote by Phillip Lopate
Athlete quotes by Geoffrey Boycott
#25. When I was playing the game we never had the benefit of TV or video to analyse our techniques or look at faults, we depended on other cricketers to watch us and then tell us what they thought we were doing wrong. #Quote by Geoffrey Boycott
Athlete quotes by Gloria Averbuch
#26. I believe that by living as athletes we live more fully. #Quote by Gloria Averbuch
Athlete quotes by Dean Karnazes
#27. To an extreme athlete, there's a certain appeal to doing extreme things - seeking the most extreme physical challenges in some of the most extreme climates in the world. Testing and expanding the limits of human endurance is kind of my thing. #Quote by Dean Karnazes
Athlete quotes by Damon Hill
#28. Winter testing is essential but there comes a point where you have had enough of all the rehearsals and the pretend racing. You just want to get down to the real action. #Quote by Damon Hill
Athlete quotes by Jesse Owens
#29. In the end, it's extra effort that separates a winner from second place. But winning takes a lot more that that, too. It starts with complete command of the fundamentals. Then it takes desire, determination, discipline, and self-sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness and respect for your fellow man. Put all these together, and even if you don't win, how can you lose? #Quote by Jesse Owens
Athlete quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
#30. Being the world's greatest athlete just does not get it done on the golf course. #Quote by Caitlyn Jenner
Athlete quotes by Cathy Rigby
#31. It's that athlete's obsessiveness - the need to prove yourself and work harder than anybody else. I think it's what helped me do well in the theater. #Quote by Cathy Rigby
Athlete quotes by Julianne Moore
#32. In grade school, I was a complete geek. You know, there's always the kid who's too short, the kid who wears glasses, the kid who's not athletic. Well, I was all three. #Quote by Julianne Moore
Athlete quotes by Babe Ruth
#33. The most important thing that a young athlete must do it pick the right sport. Not one that they like just a little bit, but one that they love. Because,if they don't really love their sport, they won't work as hard as they should. Me? I loved to hit. #Quote by Babe Ruth
Athlete quotes by Alberto Juantorena
#34. If we carry on filling up the calendar, we keep on pushing the athlete, we shorten the athletes longevity. The risk is to shorten a career that could have lasted 10 years because the athlete is burnt out. #Quote by Alberto Juantorena
Athlete quotes by Jon Krakauer
#35. The accused rapist, Calvin Smith, had graduated from a small-town high school the previous June, where he'd distinguished himself as an athlete. Individuals who knew Smith have described him as "kind," "easygoing," and "goofy." But he had never had sex before meeting Kaitlynn Kelly, and a look at what he has posted on a social media site suggests that he was a frustrated, involuntary celibate. On January 11, 2011, Smith posted a line from the animated sitcom Family Guy on his Facebook page: "women are not people god just put them here for mans entertainment. #Quote by Jon Krakauer
Athlete quotes by Amy Hastings
#36. There is a unique energy surrounding the Boston Marathon that you can't help but feel. It includes every runner and every person along the course. It brings every person there together as one. #Quote by Amy Hastings
Athlete quotes by William C. Rhoden
#37. The reports of racial episodes are disturbing. But the players' protest is exhilarating because it is the most high-profile example to date in a continuing revolution in which the athletes who drive the multibillion-dollar college sports machine have begun to use their visibility to demand change. #Quote by William C. Rhoden
Athlete quotes by Carl Lewis
#38. I tell you, it was kind of two-fold. I fortunately had a lot of support. My coach was amazing - he told me to focus on being prepared and that is what I did. Every athlete is nervous - any athlete who tells you they're not nervous isn't telling you the truth. I was as prepared as I could be. #Quote by Carl Lewis
Athlete quotes by Kenyon Martin
#39. I do good when people doubt me. When someone says I can't do something, I want to do more. I won't back down from anybody. #Quote by Kenyon Martin
Athlete quotes by Gary Gulman
#40. With basketball, if a guy is having an off night you still can say he's a good athlete. But with a comedian, you see them in front of the wrong audience - and they can look like complete amateurs. It's remarkable. #Quote by Gary Gulman
Athlete quotes by Toni Nadal
#41. Endure, put up with whatever comes your way, learn to overcome weakness and pain, push yourself to breaking point but never cave in. If you don't learn that lesson, you'll never succeed as an elite athlete. #Quote by Toni Nadal
Athlete quotes by Roger Bannister
#42. I wanted to be a neurologist. That seemed to be the most difficult, most intriguing, and the most important aspect of medicine, which had links with psychology, aggression, behavior, and human affairs. #Quote by Roger Bannister
Athlete quotes by James Roday
#43. Actors geek out over athletes. Everyone knows that. #Quote by James Roday
Athlete quotes by Vincent Matthews
#44. Twenty years from now, I can look at this medal and say, 'I was the best quarter-miler in the world on that day.' If you don't think that's important, you don't know what's inside an athlete's soul. #Quote by Vincent Matthews
Athlete quotes by Misty Copeland
#45. I do think Under Armour is setting a new example for what a ballerina is, and that you can be feminine and an athlete and represent what a woman is at the same time. #Quote by Misty Copeland
Athlete quotes by Arnold Palmer
#46. I think today's athletes generally are spoiled by what's happened to salaries, but I also think that golfers have maintained the best demeanor of any sport. #Quote by Arnold Palmer
Athlete quotes by Alida Nugent
#47. You are too smart and too bright to get stuck. Do better. Become a mental athlete. Push yourself so much it's sickening, Stagnant water is full of mosquitos, remember that. #Quote by Alida Nugent
Athlete quotes by Ashley Wagner
#48. A lot of people who watch figure skaters want us to look like pretty princesses. I want people to see the athlete, and I want to look like a woman among girls. #Quote by Ashley Wagner
Athlete quotes by Earl Blaik
#49. Golf has humbled, humiliated, and just about licked all the great athletes who tried it. #Quote by Earl Blaik
Athlete quotes by Ed Asner
#50. It's like an athlete. He has a string of hot years, and then he fades into nothingness. The actor doesn't necessarily fade into nothingness. After his hot years, he fades into a different category. #Quote by Ed Asner
Athlete quotes by Maria Sharapova
#51. Women's tennis is getting faster and the girls are getting more athletic, so I need to push myself to become a better athlete. I think 2013 showed me, like a few other years how important being healthy is and how I must listen to my body. During this off season I have been a little smarter on how I train and how I treat my body. #Quote by Maria Sharapova
Athlete quotes by Chevy Chase
#52. Let's not call physical comedy falling down and pratfalls. All humor is physical, no matter how you dish it out. It's timing, like a dancer or an athlete would have. #Quote by Chevy Chase
Athlete quotes by Dwyane Wade
#53. An athlete needs to read situations before they happen. #Quote by Dwyane Wade
Athlete quotes by Linford Christie
#54. But I sometimes think we have too much of a fixation about 2012. #Quote by Linford Christie
Athlete quotes by Chris Evert
#55. Tennis helped give me an identity and made me feel like somebody. #Quote by Chris Evert
Athlete quotes by Andre Agassi
#56. No athletes talk to themselves like tennis players. Pitchers, golfers, goalkeepers, they mutter to themselves, but tennis players talk to themselves-and answer. Tennis players look like lunatics in a public square. #Quote by Andre Agassi
Athlete quotes by Piper Perabo
#57. But at school, I wasn't athletic, and if you're not athlete in high school, it's kind of hard to find your place, so play practice seemed perfect, especially if you were as uncoordinated as I was. #Quote by Piper Perabo
Athlete quotes by Jamie Foxx
#58. I've been a sports fan all my life, and like most other actors, I'm convinced I could have been a pro athlete if Hollywood hadn't come calling. #Quote by Jamie Foxx
Athlete quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
#59. One athlete does not make a team.
One singer does not make a band.
One actor does not make an ensemble.
One participant does not make a contest.
One employee does not make a company.

One stroke does not make a portrait.
One word does not make an essay.
One paragraph does not make a thesis.
One note does not make a symphony.
One instrument does not make an orchestra.

One finger does not make a hand.
One toe does not make a foot.
One lip does not make a voice.
One member does not make a body.
One cell does not make a being.

One memory does not make an experience.
One habit does not make a character.
One act does not make a destiny.
One day does not make a year.
One moment does not make a lifetime.

One man does not make a family.
One home does not make a neighborhood.
One clan does not make nation.
One tribe does not make a continent.
One people does not make a world. #Quote by Matshona Dhliwayo
Athlete quotes by Frank Bruno
#60. For example, I like using strong Greek and Roman Renaissance characters as part of my series. #Quote by Frank Bruno
Athlete quotes by Nigel Mansell
#61. Racing a thoroughbred grand prix car in front of a home crowd will be a surreal and mighty experience. #Quote by Nigel Mansell
Athlete quotes by Frank Shorter
#62. It is not the time spent with the child at their activity that is going to produce the highest level athlete. It is in supporting the child in an organized activity - and Bill alluded to this - so the child can find what they truly like to do and let them go. #Quote by Frank Shorter
Athlete quotes by Dhani Jones
#63. When I was younger, I used to wrestle, and I feel that it contributed to my athletic ability because as a wrestler you have to be an all-encompassed athlete. You need stamina, strength, endurance and mental capacity. You also have to learn how to adapt in any situation. #Quote by Dhani Jones
Athlete quotes by John Kruk
#64. I'm not an athlete, I'm a baseball player. #Quote by John Kruk
Athlete quotes by John Lancaster Spalding
#65. Thy money, thy office, thy reputation are nothing; put away these phantom clothings, and stand like an athlete stripped for the battle. #Quote by John Lancaster Spalding
Athlete quotes by Benjamin Boukpeti
#66. Pre-season was very challenging with the African Championships on my continent. Unfortunately, I failed to qualify for the Games there. It was an emotional moment for me due to the context, but I quickly accepted the result as evidence of what my preparation has been the past 3 years. #Quote by Benjamin Boukpeti
Athlete quotes by Ta-Nehisi Coates
#67. One Saturday morning last May, I joined the presidential motorcade as it slipped out of the southern gate of the White House. A mostly white crowd had assembled. As the motorcade drove by, people cheered, held up their smartphones to record the procession, and waved American flags. To be within feet of the president seemed like the thrill of their lives. I was astounded. An old euphoria, which I could not immediately place, gathered up in me. And then I remembered, it was what I felt through much of 2008, as I watched Barack Obama's star shoot across the political sky. I had never seen so many white people cheer on a black man who was neither an athlete nor an entertainer. And it seemed that they loved him for this, and I thought in those days, which now feel so long ago, that they might then love me, too, and love my wife, and love my child, and love us all in the manner that the God they so fervently cited had commanded. #Quote by Ta-Nehisi Coates
Athlete quotes by Caitlyn Jenner
#68. I learned that the only way you are going to get anywhere in life is to work hard at it. Whether you're a musician, a writer, an athlete or a businessman, there is no getting around it. If you do, you'll win - if you don't, you won't. #Quote by Caitlyn Jenner
Athlete quotes by Mia Hamm
#69. Sports can do so much. They've given me a framework: meeting new people, confidence, self-esteem, discipline, motivation. All these things I learned, whether I knew I was learning them or not, through sports. #Quote by Mia Hamm
Athlete quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#70. What I tell student athletes is first of all, you've made good choices this far in order to be able to be in college and to be an athlete. Keep making good choices. #Quote by Condoleezza Rice
Athlete quotes by Frank Shorter
#71. Being in school is the best place to be if you are an athlete because you can structure your own time. #Quote by Frank Shorter
Athlete quotes by Charles Duhigg
#72. Phelps, even at a young age, had a capacity for obsessiveness that made him an ideal athlete. Then again, all elite performers are obsessives. #Quote by Charles Duhigg
Athlete quotes by Howard Zinn
#73. Furthermore, some of the best people in the country were connected with the Communist movement in some way, heroes and heroines one could admire. There was Paul Robeson, the fabulous singer-actor-athlete whose magnificent voice could fill Madison Square Garden, crying out against racial injustice, against fascism. And literary figures (weren't Theodore Dreiser and W. E. B. DuBois Communists?), #Quote by Howard Zinn
Athlete quotes by Kirk Acevedo
#74. I am much more wired to be an athlete than anything else. I understand the 'hard work = payoff' equation in sports. I run marathons and I box. And that's my Puerto Rican flag hanging in Freddie Roach's Wild Card Boxing gym. I gave it to him. My last N.Y.C. marathon time I ran in three hours flat. #Quote by Kirk Acevedo
Athlete quotes by Gabe Jennings
#75. It's an incredible feeling, 110,000 people energy at that level. What I realized from watching the first day of competition was that athletes that got excited and happy and got the fans into it and clapping, they did better. The athletes that took it too seriously, they didn't do as well as they'd hoped. #Quote by Gabe Jennings
Athlete quotes by Shane Koyczan
#76. If you can't see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror. #Quote by Shane Koyczan
Athlete quotes by Frank Deford
#77. I don't think there are many kids who sit around and want to be actors. I don't think there are many kids who want to sit around and want to be senators. But so many of us want to be athletes, so we're envious of them and we put them up on that pedestal. #Quote by Frank Deford
Athlete quotes by Carol Mann
#78. A serious athlete to me is one who is committed to excellence at any level, at any age, in any endeavor and in either sex. This commitment begins with a dream and a sense of talent and skill and determination to make that dream come true. #Quote by Carol Mann
Athlete quotes by Bill Toomey
#79. Too many athletes do not admit their weaknesses. #Quote by Bill Toomey
Athlete quotes by Dawn Fraser
#80. Make yourself an example, achieve it, but don't hurt anyone on the way up. I don't think I did that. #Quote by Dawn Fraser
Athlete quotes by Jade Jones
#81. Because I am Olympic champion, everyone assumes I am this perfect athlete who should never lose. Every time I step in the ring, I am expected to win. #Quote by Jade Jones
Athlete quotes by Dean Karnazes
#82. Unlike the traditional athlete, I've got to do more than just engage in my sport to put food on the table. When I'm done running, it's straight to the office. #Quote by Dean Karnazes
Athlete quotes by Bobby Knight
#83. I'm not sure that an athlete is prepared to be a role model. He has a lot of attention paid to him that he shouldn't have, and then the athletes tend to think of themselves as better than they are. #Quote by Bobby Knight
Athlete quotes by Chris Bosh
#84. You can't worry about what people say, but ... People always harp on athletes being selfish individualists. #Quote by Chris Bosh
Athlete quotes by Arjun Rampal
#85. I used to be an athlete and even ran the 400 metre stretch for Tamil Nadu. I have always been active. #Quote by Arjun Rampal
Athlete quotes by Elizabeth Lesser
#86. Meditation practice is like piano scales, basketball drills, ballroom dance class. Practice requires discipline; it can be tedious; it is necessary. After you have practiced enough, you become more skilled at the art form itself. You do not practice to become a great scale player or drill champion. You practice to become a musician or athlete. Likewise, one does not practice meditation to become a great meditator. We meditate to wake up and live, to become skilled at the art of living. #Quote by Elizabeth Lesser
Athlete quotes by Apolo Ohno
#87. Every Olympic athlete prepares differently. For me, I am 100 percent into the sport. And if I decide to really make a crucial career decision to say, 'This is something I want to do,' I want to leave no stone unturned in my preparation. #Quote by Apolo Ohno
Athlete quotes by Bob Hayes
#88. It's blood, sweat, sometimes tears. #Quote by Bob Hayes
Athlete quotes by Dan Jenkins
#89. The golfer has more enemies than any other athlete. He has fourteen clubs in his bag, all of them different; 18 holoes to play, all of them different, every week; and all around him is sand, trees, grass, water, wind and 143 other players. In addition, the game is 50 percent mental, so his biggest enemy is himself. #Quote by Dan Jenkins
Athlete quotes by Holt McCallany
#90. I would say that one of the really special gifts about playing an athlete is that it's the best motivation you'll ever have to get in top shape and stay in top shape because you know that you're going to be expected to deliver. #Quote by Holt McCallany
Athlete quotes by Tom Brady
#91. Athletes are always talking about money at a time when everyone else is struggling so badly to make it. We all make way more than our fair share. And I just think it reflects poorly on myself and my teammates. I really do just want to win, and that has and will continue to be the reason that motivates me and is the biggest factor in my decision-making process. #Quote by Tom Brady
Athlete quotes by Steven Pressfield
#92. The Bhagavad-Gita tells us we have a right only to our labor, not to the fruits of our labor. All the warrior can give is his life; all the athlete can do is leave everything on the field. #Quote by Steven Pressfield
Athlete quotes by Hope Solo
#93. Every athlete acquires routines as a way to help control nerves. #Quote by Hope Solo
Athlete quotes by Harold Town
#94. Made up of corallitic accretions and painful increments, lit on rare occasions by bolts of revelation, and then stuffed behind the wainscotting to grope in the mouse-turd dust, art is the equivalent of athlete's foot, at best an exquisite itch, at worst an excuse to stop walking. On the emotional side, it is either masturbation with a hockey glove or a night beneath the sliding moon that shames Eros. #Quote by Harold Town
Athlete quotes by John Caudwell
#95. The power of fear of failure, with will to win, is an incredible force. I don't think we should be worried about having a fear of failure; I think it's quite natural. If you surveyed any top businessman or any top athlete, I bet if they were truthful, they would all say they've got a fear of losing and a fear of failure. #Quote by John Caudwell
Athlete quotes by Sharon Gannon
#96. It's a common myth that athletes and other highly active people need the protein from meat and dairy to fuel their activities and build and repair muscles and other bodily tissues. In fact, there is growing evidence that consumption of too much protein can lead to very serious health issues, including kidney disease, osteoporosis, and cancer. The active body can get all the protein it needs from a diverse, 100% plant-based diet. #Quote by Sharon Gannon
Athlete quotes by Jeff Fenech
#97. An Olympic medal is the greatest achievement and honor that can be received by an athlete. I would swap any World Title to have won gold at the Olympics. #Quote by Jeff Fenech
Athlete quotes by Aries Spears
#98. I always said if I ever get married, I would tell my woman - I love Michael Jordan, I am a Michael Jordan fanatic - I said, 'Michael Jordan is the only athlete you can sleep with and I wouldn't get mad, as long as you got something signed. You gotta bring back a ball, a hat or something. You can't just give away that sh*t for free.' #Quote by Aries Spears
Athlete quotes by Leonel Manzano
#99. (On winning the 800 meters in front of the home fans) I was really excited to come back here. Of course you are always a little nervous because you never know how the race is going to unfold, plus it is the first one of the season as well. I was really excited to come out and perform today. I give special thanks to Mario Sategna and The University of Texas for all of their support. #Quote by Leonel Manzano
Athlete quotes by Bob Kersee
#100. It's a great feeling as a coach to see your athlete run well, hearing the oohs and aahs as she picks people off. #Quote by Bob Kersee
Athlete quotes by Ben Bergeron
#101. As an elite athlete, there are only five things that you can truly control -- your training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, and mindset. If it doesn't fall into one of those categories, I tell my athletes, forget about it. Control the things you can control, and ignore everything else. #Quote by Ben Bergeron
Athlete quotes by Plato
#102. He who is only an athlete is too crude, too vulgar, too much a savage. He who is a scholar only is too soft, to effeminate. The ideal citizen is the scholar athlete, the man of thought and the man of action. #Quote by Plato
Athlete quotes by Melanie Roach
#103. I really feel like that concept of enjoying the now and not worrying about the future is what my coach has been trying to teach me for 14 years - and that is what has made me such a different athlete 10 years later, and that is what has made me strong enough mentally to make this Olympic team. #Quote by Melanie Roach
Athlete quotes by Perdita Felicien
#104. I find it is a challenge being a student athlete, but I am the kind of individual that loves challenges. I see this as my job rather than a chore so it makes it easier to get through the day. Regular students don't spend 4 hours at the track, 2 in the training room and they especially don't have to watch everything they eat. I enjoy what I do immensely and take the good with the bad. #Quote by Perdita Felicien
Athlete quotes by Steven Kotler
#105. Every good athlete can find the flow," continues Pastrana, "but it's what you do with it that makes you great. If you consistently use that state to do the impossible, you get confident in your ability to do the impossible. You begin to expect it. That's why we're seeing so much progression in action sports today. It's the natural result of a whole lot of people starting to expect the impossible. #Quote by Steven Kotler
Athlete quotes by Jesse Ventura
#106. Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat. #Quote by Jesse Ventura
Athlete quotes by Clay Guida
#107. A true champion and athlete is never satisfied with their performance. You can always do more and always improve. #Quote by Clay Guida
Athlete quotes by Lynn Jennings
#108. Every athlete has doubts. Elite runners in particular are insecure people. You need someone to affirm that what you are doing is right. #Quote by Lynn Jennings
Athlete quotes by Viggo Mortensen
#109. I hate divers, like Cristiano Ronaldo, who might be the greatest athlete in the sport, but he's a big baby. If things are going well he's great, but when things are going badly it's the ref's fault, it's his teammates' fault. #Quote by Viggo Mortensen
Athlete quotes by Johnny Weir
#110. I feel like at the Olympics I gave the best performance of my life and I wasn't rewarded for that as an athlete. Yes, my fans and my mom were happy about it, but I didn't win that gold medal. #Quote by Johnny Weir
Athlete quotes by Johnny Weir
#111. I definitely feel like I'm more of an artist than an athlete. But I'm good at both. #Quote by Johnny Weir
Athlete quotes by Blake Griffin
#112. My goal is to let people see who I am as a person, not just a basketball player. Many people see athletes in a certain way - flat and one dimensional. I want to change that view. #Quote by Blake Griffin
Athlete quotes by Carl Lewis
#113. There is no correlation between a childhood success and a professional athlete. #Quote by Carl Lewis
Athlete quotes by Gabrielle
#114. I hope I just show women that its OK to inhabit your own body. Im not a rah-rah feminist. But its important to me that people see you can be an athlete and be strong-and also be a girl. #Quote by Gabrielle
Athlete quotes by Leonel Manzano
#115. (On returning to Austin to run at his collegiate stadium) It is almost like coming home with the crowd, the people, and it just brings it home for me. For me, it is a very special place, it is great energy, and again I always seem to run very well here. So I love coming back. #Quote by Leonel Manzano
Athlete quotes by Ronald Reagan
#116. You will be competing against athletes from many nations. But, most important, you are competing against yourself. All we expect is for you to do your very best, to push yourself just one second faster, one notch higher, one inch further. #Quote by Ronald Reagan
Athlete quotes by Terry Crews
#117. I was a sports nut. I stayed after school probably three hours every day - from fall, to winter, to spring. I went from football to basketball to track, and it started all over again. I loved all of it. I just loved being an athlete and all that it entailed. It really accounts for who I am today and even how I think today. #Quote by Terry Crews
Athlete quotes by Charles Barkley
#118. Curling is not a sport. I called my grandmother and told her she could win a gold medal because they have dusting in the Olympics now. #Quote by Charles Barkley
Athlete quotes by Joyce Meyer
#119. Willpower is that thing CEOs and professional athletes tell us they used to make it to the top. #Quote by Joyce Meyer
Athlete quotes by Sharon Lawrence
#120. You are an athlete if you are a dancer. #Quote by Sharon Lawrence
Athlete quotes by Pat Williams
#121. Our children, our grandchildren, our students, our young athletes. We need to be pouring leadership principles into them constantly, and teaching, and instructing them how to become good leaders in the future. #Quote by Pat Williams
Athlete quotes by Shani Davis
#122. I don't want to be a celebrity athlete. When you are, there's this pressure on you. It's like you have this halo over your head and have to walk on eggshells. That's not for me. All that glamour builds up a false sense of ego. It's not needed. I'm already happy with who I am. My job is just to get on the podium. #Quote by Shani Davis
Athlete quotes by Peter Kauzer
#123. Behind me are a hard 2 weeks of training, so I feel a little bit tired right now, but my goal for the race in Cardiff and Pau remains the same as in all races. I want to do well and have good runs and enjoy racing. The results come by itself when I do that. #Quote by Peter Kauzer
Athlete quotes by Deion Sanders
#124. Athletes know kids look up to them, and it's important for athletes to be responsible. #Quote by Deion Sanders
Athlete quotes by Barry Bonds
#125. As an athlete, you only have so much time. The window only has so much time and then it closes. You have to take care of yourself the best you can. #Quote by Barry Bonds
Athlete quotes by Frank Bruno
#126. When I came into boxing, I brought it to the next level with adverts and doing pantomime and people just got jealous of me doing that. #Quote by Frank Bruno
Athlete quotes by Peyton Manning
#127. I never left the field saying I could have done more to get ready and that gives me piece of mind. #Quote by Peyton Manning
Athlete quotes by Bryce Courtenay
#128. The power of one is above all things the power to believe in yourself, ofen well beyond any latent ability you may have previously demonstrated. The mind is the athlete, the body is simply the means it uses to run faster or longer, jump higher, shoot straighter, kick better, swim harder, hit further, or box better. #Quote by Bryce Courtenay
Athlete quotes by Katarina Witt
#129. As an athlete, you choose your sport and are drawn into it but your passion should never be driven by fame and fortune but a desire to create something special that people will always remember. #Quote by Katarina Witt
Athlete quotes by Dick Butkus
#130. The bottom line is that these athletes tend to be safer investments because they really value their marketing opportunities. They don't make as much money as during their active careers. #Quote by Dick Butkus
Athlete quotes by Ron Atkinson
#131. I think that was a moment of cool panic there. #Quote by Ron Atkinson
Athlete quotes by Brendan Brazier
#132. Being vegan doesn't make you a stronger, better athlete. But it allows you to make yourself a stronger, better athlete. #Quote by Brendan Brazier
Athlete quotes by Hank Aaron
#133. There wasn't much white people would allow us to do in those days. You could be a schoolteacher or an athlete to get away from the manual labor and servant-type jobs, but there wasn't much else they were going to allow you [to] do. #Quote by Hank Aaron
Athlete quotes by Dot Richardson
#134. Individual glory is insignificant when compared to achieving victory as a team. #Quote by Dot Richardson
Athlete quotes by Alanis Morissette
#135. I'm really clear about what my life mission is now. There's no more depression or lethargy, and I feel like I've returned to the athlete I once was. I'm integrating all the parts of me - jock, musician, writer, poet, philosopher - and becoming stronger as a result. #Quote by Alanis Morissette
Athlete quotes by Geoffrey Boycott
#136. To have some idea what it's like, stand in the outside lane of a motorway, get your mate to drive his car at you at 95 mph and wait until he's 12 yards away, before you decide which way to jump. #Quote by Geoffrey Boycott
Athlete quotes by Michael Strahan
#137. When you're a 20-something-year-old athlete and you're getting a six-figure check every week, you're not thinking about next week. You're not thinking, 'I'm going to be broke,' or 'I'm going to need another job.' But I'll tell you, there are a lot of broke athletes out there - I know plenty - and I didn't want to end up as one. #Quote by Michael Strahan
Athlete quotes by Lynsey Dyer
#138. I'm excited to work with SCARPA because it's opened up a whole new playground to me as an athlete. #Quote by Lynsey Dyer
Athlete quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
#139. The guiding hand at one's pony; the voice at one's porridge bowl; the splendid athlete one watched from one's books in the cold tower window, while outside in the sunshine he rode at the ring, threw his spears, matched his sword with the master-at-arms. The brother who had cared for him, a grown man in illness, and defended him against calumny, and who at length, heartbroken at his defection, had turned his back on him a year ago in Scotland. #Quote by Dorothy Dunnett
Athlete quotes by Alfred Shrubb
#140. The less serious running of any description which an athlete indulges in before eighteen, the better for his future prospects. #Quote by Alfred Shrubb
Athlete quotes by Dick Devenzio
#141. Championships are not won on the night of a big event, but years before by athletes who commit themselves daily to championship principles #Quote by Dick Devenzio
Athlete quotes by Dick Van Arsdale
#142. I'm a firm believer in quiet confidence. By that I mean knowing inwardly that you are good, and not exhibiting a boastful attitude outwardly. If an athlete doesn't believe in himself, no one else will. #Quote by Dick Van Arsdale
Athlete quotes by Scott  Hamilton
#143. Some bad things are going to happen, but more great things are going to happen. If you tend to see more bad than good, then you have to build that positive muscle in your brain much like an athlete does certain muscles to execute a certain move. #Quote by Scott Hamilton
Athlete quotes by Nora Sakavic
#144. He's high," Kevin told Neil. "He tells me when he's sober, so I always know. How did you figure it out?" "They're twins, but they're not the same." Neil lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "One of them hates your obsession with Exy while the other couldn't care less." Kevin looked to Andrew, but Andrew only had eyes for Neil. Andrew took a second to process those words before he started laughing. "He's a comedian, too? An athlete and a comic and a student. How multitalented. What a grand addition to the Fox line. I can't wait to find out what else he can do. Perhaps we should throw a talent show and find out? #Quote by Nora Sakavic
Athlete quotes by Al Jarreau
#145. I think a singer is an athlete. I've always tried to stay fit. Until my knee said, "Uh-uh," I was jogging. Then I started walking. They don't like walking a lot, but I'll push them. #Quote by Al Jarreau
Athlete quotes by Malcolm Gladwell
#146. In a country that never wins anything: in Canada, if one of our athletes so much as makes the final in a World Championship, we declare a national holiday. #Quote by Malcolm Gladwell
Athlete quotes by Karla Souza
#147. I would love to be a professional athlete. When I was living in Mexico as a teenager, I did seven years of gymnastics and went to the Junior Olympics. I was getting to the level of going to the international competitions, but I was only 14, and my parents were really worried because they did not want that to be my life. #Quote by Karla Souza
Athlete quotes by Lawrence Jackson
#148. I'm signing on to be an athlete, and it's almost like Karl Marx's theory on capitalism. I am both the worker and the product. I'm choosing to be a part of this system, thus I'm choosing to be part of the conditions that are set in this system. #Quote by Lawrence Jackson
Athlete quotes by Serena Williams
#149. I'm an athlete and I'm black, and a lot of black athletes go broke. I do not want to become a statistic, so maybe I overcompensate. But I'm paranoid. Oprah told me a long time ago, 'You sign every check. Never let anyone sign any checks.' #Quote by Serena Williams
Athlete quotes by Major Taylor
#150. An athlete must have ability to reach the top, but many who have ability and who do not live clean lives never have and never will be champions for obvious reasons. #Quote by Major Taylor
Athlete quotes by Benjamin Boukpeti
#151. I'm also conscious of what this confidence that has been placed in me means. I'm going to the Games through the back door but I'm working everyday to exit through the main door! #Quote by Benjamin Boukpeti
Athlete quotes by Gene Stallings
#152. I'm seldom right, but I'm never in doubt. #Quote by Gene Stallings
Athlete quotes by Shannon Miller
#153. We typically don't choose our athletes until about a month prior to the Games because anything can happen. #Quote by Shannon Miller
Athlete quotes by Chris Cleave
#154. I like to push characters to extremes so they have to make really tough decisions and there is no life more extreme than that of an athlete. #Quote by Chris Cleave
Athlete quotes by Diana Nyad
#155. I want to see all the countries in the world and learn all the languages. I want to have thousands of friends and I want all my friends to be different. I want to play six instruments. I want to be the best in the world at two things. I want to be a great athlete and I want to be a great surgeon. I need to practice very hard every day. I need to sleep as little as possible. I need to read at least one major book every week. And I need to remember that my seventy years are going to go by too quickly. #Quote by Diana Nyad
Athlete quotes by Thomas Sowell
#156. The left's obsession with the high incomes of corporate executives never seems to extend to equally high - or higher - incomes of professional athletes, entertainers, or best-selling authors like Danielle Steel. #Quote by Thomas Sowell
Athlete quotes by Amit Kalantri
#157. Train like yours is the worst team, play like yours is the best team. #Quote by Amit Kalantri
Athlete quotes by Frank Bruno
#158. From my sketch files I'll find a pose that shows the emotion behind a particular character's story. #Quote by Frank Bruno
Athlete quotes by Steve Carlton
#159. I was probably in the best shape of any athlete at the time, but you don't get to pass judgment on yourself. #Quote by Steve Carlton
Athlete quotes by Ian Warner
#160. Most people do not know themselves. The real you is not that person you are when times are great, the real you shows when everything goes wrong. Can you hold on, can you keep pushing or do you quit? #Quote by Ian Warner
Athlete quotes by Cal Ripken, Jr.
#161. When you're an athlete and you play every day and are conditioning yourself every year, the aging is gradual. #Quote by Cal Ripken, Jr.
Athlete quotes by Mario Balotelli
#162. I don't celebrate because I'm only doing my job. When a postman delivers letters, does he celebrate? #Quote by Mario Balotelli
Athlete quotes by Christopher Walken
#163. Acting is a bit like being an athlete. You spend all your time getting ready to do something for two minutes. All the things that made my career in the movies happen took two or three minutes, which is the time that it takes for a 'take'. In that time, something happens. That's what people know you for, just like someone running the hundred metres. #Quote by Christopher Walken
Athlete quotes by Albert Azaryan
#164. An athlete must have a sound and trained body, and only after, indulge in sport he prefers. #Quote by Albert Azaryan
Athlete quotes by Peter Kauzer
#165. This year I spent two months in Australia, and I did all the training camps in London. It was a really hard winter because I want to give the best performance of my career at the Olympic Games! That is the only title I'm missing and I will do my best to take it! #Quote by Peter Kauzer
Athlete quotes by Kobe Bryant
#166. I wear the number 10 Jersey for the US National Team in honour of the Greatest athlete I have ever seen: Messi. #Quote by Kobe Bryant
Athlete quotes by Libby Trickett
#167. I went through so many things personally, emotionally and mentally during that time off that I know that I'm better for it now and I think I'm a better athlete because of that. #Quote by Libby Trickett
Athlete quotes by Bob Wickman
#168. I never gave up, even when people told me I'd never make it. #Quote by Bob Wickman
Athlete quotes by Paula Radcliffe
#169. You can wish as hard as you like but all that really matters is the shape you're in on the day of the race. I've always felt these really big races aren't necessarily won by whoever is the fastest. They're won by the athlete who is the smartest and in the best shape on the day. #Quote by Paula Radcliffe
Athlete quotes by Ted Simmons
#170. There are things about some professional athletes that I cannot stand-the pretense, the egos, the pomposity, the greed. #Quote by Ted Simmons
Athlete quotes by Picabo Street
#171. To uncover your true potential you must first find your own limits and then you have to have the courage to blow past them. #Quote by Picabo Street
Athlete quotes by Will McDonough
#172. Overall, I think Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete in any particular sport. He dominated the game for the Chicago Bulls and brought the NBA to its greatest peak of popularity. #Quote by Will McDonough
Athlete quotes by Jessica Brody
#173. The truth is, we are never just one thing. We all have many titles and many labels, but far too often, we get trapped inside a single definition. The Teacher's Pet, the Rule Follower, the Cheerleader, the Athlete, the Princess, the Basket Case, the Criminal... the Rock Star's Girlfriend. Whether we wrote that definition or it was given to us, it somehow becomes our only identity. We get so lost in it that we forget about all the other pieces that make up who we are. #Quote by Jessica Brody
Athlete quotes by Arthur Lydiard
#174. My most frequent admonition to athletes and coaches is: train, do not strain. #Quote by Arthur Lydiard
Athlete quotes by Elizabeth Berg
#175. She is her odd self. The kiln has been fired. She is a person persnickity about keeping her house clean, but not above spitting on her desk to rub out a coffee stain. She will never be an athlete, or a mathematician, or a skinny person, or someone whose heart isn't snagged by the sight of fireflies on a summer night and the lilting cadence of a few good lines of poetry. #Quote by Elizabeth Berg
Athlete quotes by Monique Roffey
#176. Born on an island, I could swim before I could walk, thrown many times into swimming pools and warm transparent Caribbean waters: sink or swim, that was my first lesson. While I'm not a natural athlete, I'm still a strong swimmer and feel a great affinity with the sea. #Quote by Monique Roffey
Athlete quotes by Patrick Roy
#177. Peter Forsberg's skills and determination made him one of the most powerful forwards in the NHL during the best years of his career. Hearing of his retirement is sad news but one day every athlete has to come to this decision. He should be very proud of all he accomplished throughout his career. #Quote by Patrick Roy
Athlete quotes by Michael Kennedy
#178. Israel is one of the easiest places to play ball. When I say easy I am referring to the easy lifestyle an athlete has while in Israel. It's very easy to get around the country, because it's so small. #Quote by Michael Kennedy
Athlete quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
#179. Experiencing this pain in my muscles and aching and going on and on is my challenge. The last three or four reps is what makes the muscles grow. This area of pain divides a champion from someone who is not a champion. That's what most people lack, having the guts to go on and just say they'll go through the pain no matter what happens. I have no fear of fainting. I do squats until I fall over and pass out. So what? It's not going to kill me. I wake up five minutes later and I'm OK. A lot of other athletes are afraid of this. So they don't pass out. They don't go on. #Quote by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Athlete quotes by Jack LaLanne
#180. When I first started out, I was considered a crackpot. The doctors used to say, Don't go to that Jack LaLanne, you'll get hemorrhoids, you won't get an erection, you women will look like men, you athletes will get muscle-bound
this is what I had to go through. #Quote by Jack LaLanne
Athlete quotes by Arthur Lydiard
#181. Well, no athlete respects a big, fat coach who's going to stand there and rest the watch on his stomach. #Quote by Arthur Lydiard
Athlete quotes by Dave Beard
#182. The Olympic games should be a matter between individual athletes and the gods. Noisy flag-waving dishonors gods and men alike. #Quote by Dave Beard
Athlete quotes by E. M. Forster
#183. There stood a young man who had the figure of a Greek athlete and the face of an English one...Just where he began to be beautiful the clothes started. #Quote by E. M. Forster
Athlete quotes by SonReal
#184. Goodlife was originally a ski management/athlete management company. I have a couple friends who are sponsored for skiing and my manager linked up with their manager. We worked out a deal, because they wanted to branch out into music and culture. #Quote by SonReal
Athlete quotes by Trey Hardee
#185. (About importance of focusing on one sport at a time) I've never tried to do that, we have more of a holistic approach. We want to become better decathletes and better competitors. I think for us that means just toeing the line at whatever it is we're doing that day and being confident in preparing as best as we can. Later in the year, late in the season when we have all of the thousands of reps under our belt, we can try to maybe focus on one or two things and leave some stuff off one week. Really, we like to keep everything inside the routine and part of the process. #Quote by Trey Hardee
Athlete quotes by Marcus Allen
#186. I just felt like reflecting on my junior year, when I didn't know what I was doing, I left a lot of stuff out there. Actually, I gained close to 700 yards more and I took myself out of a lot of games. #Quote by Marcus Allen
Athlete quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
#187. Some scholars compare human biochemistry to an air-conditioning system that keeps the temperature constant, come heatwave or snowstorm. Events might momentarily change the temperature, but the air-conditioning system always returns the temperature to the same set point. Some air-conditioning systems are set at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Others are set at twenty degrees. Human happiness conditioning systems also differ from person to person. On a scale from one to ten, some people are born with a cheerful biochemical system that allows their mood to swing between levels six and ten, stabilising with time at eight. Such a person is quite happy even if she lives in an alienating big city, loses all her money in a stock-exchange crash and is diagnosed with diabetes. Other people are cursed with a gloomy biochemistry that swings between three and seven and stabilises at five. Such an unhappy person remains depressed even if she enjoys the support of a tight-knit community, wins millions in the lottery and is as healthy as an Olympic athlete. Indeed, even if our gloomy friend wins $50,000,000 in the morning, discovers the cure for both AIDS and cancer by noon, makes peace between Israelis and Palestinians that afternoon, and then in the evening reunites with her long-lost child who disappeared years ago - she would still be incapable of experiencing anything beyond level seven happiness. Her brain is simply not built for exhilaration, come what may. #Quote by Yuval Noah Harari
Athlete quotes by Jason Mraz
#188. I really want to be able to keep going and I realize that in some aspects I've got to treat myself like an athlete. #Quote by Jason Mraz
Athlete quotes by Joe Frazier
#189. When I go out there, I have no pity on my brother. I'm out there to win. #Quote by Joe Frazier
Athlete quotes by Usain Bolt
#190. I wouldn't say I'm a phenomenon, just a great athlete. #Quote by Usain Bolt
Athlete quotes by Charlie Rose
#191. I was an only child of a father who loved me deeply, but we didn't play catch, even though I was an athlete. We didn't go fishing or hunting or any of the things I wanted to do. Why not? He just didn't do that. #Quote by Charlie Rose
Athlete quotes by Oscar Robertson
#192. But I like to think an athlete is an athlete. #Quote by Oscar Robertson
Athlete quotes by Michael Strahan
#193. As an athlete, you're brought up with that mentality that you finish everything you start. If you're going to start a meal, you're going to finish it until the plate is clean. I had to change that mentality to one of where, 'I eat until I'm full and leave the rest.' #Quote by Michael Strahan
Athlete quotes by Sebastian Coe
#194. In 1981, I spoke at the Olympic Congress. I was scandalised that I was the first athlete to be given that chance. But I made the most of it. #Quote by Sebastian Coe
Athlete quotes by Greg Rusedski
#195. The only way to get back the confidence is to play and win matches. You can practise as much as you like, but you need confidence that comes from playing and winning matches. #Quote by Greg Rusedski
Athlete quotes by Plato
#196. The mere athlete becomes too much of a savage. #Quote by Plato
Athlete quotes by Mike Epps
#197. The whole Miami Heat team is my least my favorite athlete. Why? Because they keep beating my Pacers. #Quote by Mike Epps
Athlete quotes by Howard Warren Buffett
#198. The American worker is more productive than he's ever been. We've got more people to do it. We've got all the ingredients for a sensational future. It's just that right now the athlete's on the floor. This is a super athlete. #Quote by Howard Warren Buffett
Athlete quotes by Aimee Mullins
#199. An athlete experiences the emotions of pain and elation through triumph and defeat, through teamwork and individuality, as nothing more than a human being ... that is the true glory of sport. #Quote by Aimee Mullins
Athlete quotes by Vanessa Carlton
#200. But now - look, I have to take care of myself. I work out every day. I'm a dancer. I've always been an athlete, and I'm one of those people who start to go crazy if they don't run or do something. #Quote by Vanessa Carlton

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