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Athenagoras quotes by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
#1. The causes which ruined the Republic of Athens illustrate the connection of ethics with politics rather than the vices inherent to democracy. A State which has only 30,000 full citizens in a population of 500,000, and is governed, practically, by about 3000 people at a public meeting, is scarcely democratic. The short triumph of Athenian liberty, and its quick decline, belong to an age which possessed no fixed standard of right and wrong. An unparalleled activity of intellect was shaking the credit of the gods, and the gods were the givers of the law. It was a very short step from the suspicion of Protagoras, that there were no gods, to the assertion of Critias that there is no sanction for laws. If nothing was certain in theology, there was no certainty in ethics and no moral obligation. The will of man, not the will of God, was the rule of life, and every man and body of men had the right to do what they had the means of doing. Tyranny was no wrong, and it was hypocrisy to deny oneself the enjoyment it affords. The doctrine of the Sophists gave no limits to power and no security to freedom; it inspired that cry of the Athenians, that they must not be hindered from doing what they pleased, and the speeches of men like Athenagoras and Euphemus, that the democracy may punish men who have done no wrong, and that nothing that is profitable is amiss. And Socrates perished by the reaction which they provoked. #Quote by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton
Athenagoras quotes by Shane Claiborne
#2. Second-century Christian thinker Athenagoras wrote, Our life does not consist in making up beautiful phrases but in performing beautiful deeds. #Quote by Shane Claiborne
Athenagoras quotes by Athenagoras Of Athens
#3. But though such is our character (Oh. why should I speak of things unfit to be uttered?), the things said of us are an example of the proverb, 'The harlot reproves the chaste.' For those who have set up a market for fornication and established infamous resorts for the young for every kind of vile pleasure - who do not abstain even from males, males with males committing shocking abominations, outraging all the noblest and comeliest bodies in all sorts of ways, so dishonoring the fair workmanship of God. #Quote by Athenagoras Of Athens
Athenagoras quotes by Athenagoras Of Athens
#4. With reason did the Athenians adjudge Diagoras guilty of atheism, in that he not only divulged the Orphic doctrine, and published the mysteries of Eleusis and of the Cabiri, and chopped up the wooden statue of Hercules to boil his turnips, but openly declared that there were no gods at all. #Quote by Athenagoras Of Athens
Athenagoras quotes by Athenagoras Of Constantinople
#5. I have waged this war against myself for many years.
It was terrible,
But now I am disarmed.
[ opening lines, quoted in Jean Vanier's Finding Peace ] #Quote by Athenagoras Of Constantinople
Athenagoras quotes by Athenagoras Of Athens
#6. We have rejected such spectacles as the Coliseum. How then, when we do not even look on killing lest we should contract guilt and pollution, can we put people to death? #Quote by Athenagoras Of Athens

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