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Assesses Defined quotes by Terry Pratchett
#1. The shortest unit of time in the multiverse is the New York Second, defined as the period of time between the traffic lights turning green and the cab behind you honking. #Quote by Terry Pratchett
Assesses Defined quotes by Charlotte M. Bridwell
#2. Artistic creation - in summary - is the desire not to forget. #Quote by Charlotte M. Bridwell
Assesses Defined quotes by Alain Ducasse
#3. If my cuisine were to be defined by just one taste, it would be that of subtle, aromatic, extra-virgin olive oil. #Quote by Alain Ducasse
Assesses Defined quotes by Simon Critchley
#4. The current situation with regard to theory is odd and maybe defined by a paradox. #Quote by Simon Critchley
Assesses Defined quotes by Oliver North
#5. Heros aren't defined by the way they die but how they live. #Quote by Oliver North
Assesses Defined quotes by Samantha Power
#6. Another longstanding foreign policy flaw is the degree to which special interests dictate the way in which the "national interest" as a whole is defined and pursued ... America's important historic relationship with Israel has often led foreign policy decision-makers to defer reflexively to Israeli security assessments, and to replicate Israeli tactics, which, as the war in Lebanon last summer demonstrated, can turn out to be counter-productive. #Quote by Samantha Power
Assesses Defined quotes by Simone De Beauvoir
#7. But an action which wants to serve man ought to be careful not to forget him on the way, if it chooses to fulfill itself blindly, it will lose its meaning or will take on an unforeseen meaning; for the goal is not fixed once & for all; it is defined all along the road which leads up to it. #Quote by Simone De Beauvoir
Assesses Defined quotes by Robin S. Sharma
#8. Each day, life will send you little windows of opportunity. Your destiny will ultimately be defined by how you respond to these windows of opportunity. #Quote by Robin S. Sharma
Assesses Defined quotes by Roger Penrose
#9. It is a common misconception, in the spirit of the sentiments expressed in Q16, that Godel's theorem shows that there are many different kinds of arithmetic, each of which is equally valid. The particular arithmetic that we may happen to choose to work with would, accordingly, be defined merely by some arbitrarily chosen formal system. Godel's theorem shows that none of these formal systems, if consistent, can be complete; so-it is argued-we can keep adjoining new axioms, according to our whim, and obtain all kinds of alternative consistent systems within which we may choose to work. The comparison is sometimes made with the situation that occurred with Euclidean geometry. For some 21 centuries it was believed that Euclidean geometry was the only geometry possible. But when, in the eighteenth century, mathematicians such as Gauss, Lobachevsky, and Bolyai showed that indeed there are alternatives that are equally possible, the matter of geometry was seemingly removed from the absolute to the arbitrary. Likewise, it is often argued, Godel showed that arithmetic, also, is a matter of arbitrary choice, any one set of consistent axioms being as good as any other. #Quote by Roger Penrose
Assesses Defined quotes by Eric Greitens
#10. You don't have a choice about being an alcoholic. But you do get to choose what kind of alcoholic you're going to be: the kind who lets his addiction define his life, or the kind whose life is too rich and purposeful to be defined by addiction. #Quote by Eric Greitens
Assesses Defined quotes by Wolfgang Beltracchi
#11. For the cynic, art is defined through money. That, of course, is a very sad statement. But an artist is someone who does creative things. #Quote by Wolfgang Beltracchi
Assesses Defined quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
#12. He licked his lips before he continued treating her neck. "Where I come from, family's defined as those who don't screw you over a paycheck. Blood makes no difference. If you can trust them with your life and know that they'll be there come whatever hell rains down, then they're your family." In her world, family meant they had the good grace to stab you while looking you in the eyes. She couldn't imagine her sisters standing by her side for any reason. Unwilling #Quote by Sherrilyn Kenyon
Assesses Defined quotes by Betty Friedan
#13. Feminism or the family? Carried to excess maybe. I have insisted that women cannot be defined solely in those terms. But for a great many women - not all, because we are only beginning to realize and affirm the diversity of women themselves - choosing motherhood makes motherhood itself a liberating choice. #Quote by Betty Friedan
Assesses Defined quotes by David Levithan
#14. There was something about our silence that made me comfortable. He wasn't talking to me, but I didn't feel ignored. I felt we were part of the same moment, and it didn't need to be defined. #Quote by David Levithan
Assesses Defined quotes by Laurence Sterne
#15. The very essence of gravity was design, and, consequently, deceit; it was a taught trick to gain credit of the world for more sense end knowledge than a man was worth; and that with all its pretensions it was no better, but often worse, than what a French wit had long ago defined it
a mysterious carriage of the body to cover the defects of the mind. #Quote by Laurence Sterne
Assesses Defined quotes by Kathleen Tessaro
#16. That's what fashion is, really. A way of renegotiating the terms that life deals you. When a woman changes her hair what she's really saying to fate is, no. I refuse to be defined by those terms. #Quote by Kathleen Tessaro
Assesses Defined quotes by Charles Dickens
#17. Thus engaged, with her right elbow supported by her left hand, Madame Defarge said nothing when her lord came in, but coughed just one grain of cough. This, in combination with the lifting of her darkly defined eyebrows over her toothpick by the breadth of a line, suggested to her husband that he would do well to look round the shop among the customers, for any new customer who had dropped in while he stepped over the way.

The wine-shop keeper accordingly rolled his eyes about, until they rested upon an elderly gentleman and a young lady, who were seated in a corner. Other company were there: two playing cards, two playing dominoes, three standing by the counter lengthening out a short supply of wine. As he passed behind the counter, he took notice that the elderly gentleman said in a look to the young lady, "This is our man."

"What the devil do you do in that galley there?" said Monsieur Defarge to himself; "I don't know you."

But, he feigned not to notice the two strangers, and fell into discourse with the triumvirate of customers who were drinking at the counter.

"How goes it, Jacques?" said one of these three to Monsieur Defarge. "Is all the spilt wine swallowed?"

"Every drop, Jacques," answered Monsieur Defarge.

When this interchange of Christian name was effected, Madame Defarge, picking her teeth with her toothpick, coughed another grain of cough, and raised her eyebrows by the breadth of another line.#Quote by Charles Dickens
Assesses Defined quotes by Albert Hadley
#18. Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important. #Quote by Albert Hadley
Assesses Defined quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
#19. There are relative truths, and there are also absolute truths which are the same yesterday, today, and forever - never changing. These absolute truths are not altered by the opinions of men….The Lord has defined truth as being a 'knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come.' (D&C 93:24.) God's existence is a reality. Immortality is a reality. These realities will not go away simply because we have different opinions about them. These realities will not be dissolved just because some have doubts about them. #Quote by Spencer W. Kimball
Assesses Defined quotes by John Paul Warren
#20. Spiritual maturity is not defined by how well one applies Biblical principles to "suppress sin". #Quote by John Paul Warren
Assesses Defined quotes by Otto Weininger
#21. I regret that I must so continually use the word genius, as if that should apply only to a caste as well defined from those below as income-tax payers are from the untaxed. The word genius was very probably invented by a man who had small claims on it himself; greater men would have understood better what to be a genius really was, and probably they would have come to see that the word could be applied to most people. Goethe said that perhaps only a genius is able to understand a genius. #Quote by Otto Weininger
Assesses Defined quotes by Elliot W. Eisner
#22. The limits of our cognition are not defined by the limits of our language. #Quote by Elliot W. Eisner
Assesses Defined quotes by Ginny Babcock Kinflicks
#23. Once again I was shamelessly allowing myself to be defined by another person. #Quote by Ginny Babcock Kinflicks
Assesses Defined quotes by Robert Macfarlane
#24. As the Pleistocene was defined by the action of ice, so the Anthropocene is seen to be defined by the action of anthropos: human beings, shaping the Earth at a global scale. #Quote by Robert Macfarlane
Assesses Defined quotes by Ferdie Pacheco
#25. Aggression, it's the next thing to war, except you don't get killed. Aggression is what you have every day with your wife. Aggression is what you have every day at the office. Box is a legalized form of aggression, where the ending is well-defined, the combat is well-delivered, and you got 10 rounds of two equally-sized fighters fighting aggressively to hurt each other. #Quote by Ferdie Pacheco
Assesses Defined quotes by Steve Allen
#26. Impartial observers from other planets would consider ours an utterly bizarre enclave if it were populated by birds, defined as flying animals, that nevertheless rarely or never actually flew. They would also be perplexed if they encountered in our seas, lakes, rivers, and ponds, creatures defined as swimmers that never did any swimming. But they would be even more surprised to encounter a species defined as a thinking animal if, in fact, the creature very rarely indulged in actual thinking. #Quote by Steve Allen
Assesses Defined quotes by Laurence G. Weinzimmer
#27. The term "escalation of commitment" was first coined by Barry Staw, a business professor at the University of California, Berkeley.4 It's defined as a decision-making pattern in which a person - for our purposes, a business leader - continues to support or believe in a strategy even after it has continually failed. Escalation of commitment is often described as the inability to let go, or as an obsessive need to try to succeed even when failure is inevitable. #Quote by Laurence G. Weinzimmer
Assesses Defined quotes by Frederick Lenz
#28. There is no point in being a responsible member of society, nor is there any point in being an irresponsible member of society. Both are very defined descriptions of selfhood #Quote by Frederick Lenz
Assesses Defined quotes by Bobby Cole
#29. Life changes. It's usually in the blink of an eye. One minute everything's fine, if not stagnant; then, it's not. But your character's not defined by what happens to you but by how you respond to those emotionally significant events. Who will you become when your life turns on a dime? #Quote by Bobby Cole
Assesses Defined quotes by Mario Puzo
#30. Actions defined a man; words were a fart in the wind. #Quote by Mario Puzo
Assesses Defined quotes by Alexis De Tocqueville
#31. The revolution of the United States was the result of a mature and dignified taste for freedom, and not of a vague or ill-defined craving for independence. #Quote by Alexis De Tocqueville
Assesses Defined quotes by G.K. Chesterton
#32. Tradition may be defined as an extension of the franchise. #Quote by G.K. Chesterton
Assesses Defined quotes by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston
#33. From that day on, pay of me yearned to be invisible. In a way, nothing would have been nicer than for no one to see me. Although I could not have defined it at the Tom me, I felt if attention were drawn to me, people would see what this girl had first responded to. They wouldn't see me, the would see the slanted - eye face, the Oriental. #Quote by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston
Assesses Defined quotes by Kenneth E. Boulding
#34. Conflict may be defined as a situation of competition in which the parties are aware of the incompatibility of potential future positions, and in which each party wishes to occupy a position that is incompatible with the wishes of the other. #Quote by Kenneth E. Boulding
Assesses Defined quotes by Adam Gopnik
#35. If we are willing to act violently in pursuit of a peripheral interest, everyone can be certain that, when a vital interest is at stake, we will be still more violent. 'Credibility' is defined as the willingness to kill a lot of people now for a not very good cause to assure the world that we'll kill a lot more people if we can find a better one. #Quote by Adam Gopnik
Assesses Defined quotes by Robert Wright
#36. Edward Tylor noted in 1874 that the religions of "savage" societies were "almost devoid of that ethical element which to the educated modern mind is the very mainstream of practical religion." Tylor wasn't saying that savages lack morality. He stressed that the moral standards of savages are generally "well-defined and praiseworthy." It's just that "these ethical laws stand on their own ground of tradition and public opinion," rather than on a religious foundation. #Quote by Robert Wright