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Asking For A Chance quotes by J. Sterling
#1. It's not that I can't live without you; it's that I don't want to. There's a difference. We all make choices in life and I choose you.
My heart belongs to you. And I'm not asking for it back, even if you won't want it anymore. I'm just asking for a chance to have your again. I promise I'll be more careful with it this time. #Quote by J. Sterling
Asking For A Chance quotes by Melissa Marr
#2. You already gave me forever, Aislinn. I'm asking for a chance at right now. #Quote by Melissa Marr
Asking For A Chance quotes by Santana Moss
#3. This is my moment, this is my chance to make a difference, and you know, I just went for the ball, I attacked it, and I went and got it, ... I was gonna catch that ball, regardless of what happens ... #Quote by Santana Moss
Asking For A Chance quotes by Corinne Michaels
#4. When you came back, I knew. I knew that I could never look at another woman like I do you. Every time I close my eyes, I see you. I've always seen you, Presley."

"Even if you tell me you don't feel the same. Even if I walk away tonight knowing there's not a chance in hell of us ever being something . . . I'll wait for you. #Quote by Corinne Michaels
Asking For A Chance quotes by Angela B. Wade
#5. How do you think I got to this point? Each day another step on an unending staircase? Months of searching, dredging through the filthiest places you could ever imagine, all in an attempt to find knowledge in the words of degenerates? To weed truths from the mouths of liars? You have no cause to judge my actions, and more than that you have no right. You do not know the things I have been through or the evil of the man I am searching for. He stole everything I had. Tortured me to the point of madness and left me with nothing. I am destroyed. All I could have had is gone, and there will never be an opportunity to regain it. Do you truly think a man like that deserves to be left alive? After all he has done? Or that, given the chance, he would not do the same thing to others? #Quote by Angela B. Wade
Asking For A Chance quotes by Craig Silvey
#6. There's no such thing as God, Charlie, at least not how they say. Just like there's no such thing as Zeus or Apollo or bloody unicorns. You're on your own. And that can make you feel either lonely or powerful. When you're born, you wither luck out or you don't. It's a lottery. Tough shit or good on yer. But from there, it's all up to you… soon as you can walk and talk, you start makin your own luck. And I don't need some spirit in the sky to help me do that. I can do it on me own. But see, that's what I reckon God really is, Charlie. It's that part inside me that's stronger and harder than anything else. And I reckon prayer is just trusting in it, having faith in it, just asking meself to be tough. And that's all you can do. I don't need a bunch of bullshit stories about towers and boats and floods or rules about sin. It's all just a complicated way to get to that place in you, and it's not honest either. I don't need to trick meself into thinking anyone else is listenin', or even cares. Because it doesn't matter. I matter. And I know I'll be alright. Because I got a good heart, and fuck this town for making me try and believe otherwise. It's what you come with and what you leave with. And that's all I got. #Quote by Craig Silvey
Asking For A Chance quotes by Matthew Quick
#7. He [Alex] was more of an idea than a true friend or a lover. We never got the chance to really know each other or test our compatibility over a significant period of time. I see now that he was sick - that maybe he pushed his needle too far away from the middle of the herd. But being with him for a short time helped push my needle just enough to free me from the life I hated, what everyone expected of me. And even though I have no idea what comes next, I'm grateful that I'm not signed up for a life that would make me miserable. #Quote by Matthew Quick
Asking For A Chance quotes by Clementine Von Radics
#8. Someday I will stop being young and wanting stupid tattoos.

There are 7 people in my house. We each have different genders. I cut my hair over the bathroom sink and everything I own has a hole in it. There is a banner in our living room that says "Love Cats Hate Capitalism." We sit around the kitchen table and argue about the compost pile and Karl Marx and the necessity of violence when The Rev comes. Whatever the fuck The Rev means.

Every time my best friend laughs I want to grab him by the shoulders and shout "Grow old with me and never kiss me on the mouth!" I want us to spend the next 80 years together eating Doritos and riding bikes. I want to be Oscar the Grouch. I want him and his girlfriend to be Bert and Ernie. I want us to live on Sesame Street and I will park my trash can on their front stoop and we will be friends every day. If I ever seem grouchy it's just because I am a little afraid of all that fun.

There is a river running through this city I know as well as my own name. It's the first place I've ever called home. I don't think its poetry to say I'm in love with the water. I don't think it's poetry to say I'm in love with the train tracks. I don't think it's blasphemy to say I see God in the skyline.

There is always cold beer asking to be slurped on back porches.
There are always crushed packs of Marlboro's in my back pockets. I have been wearing the same patched-up shorts for 10 days.

Someday I will #Quote by Clementine Von Radics
Asking For A Chance quotes by Genevieve Davis
#9. 1) We need to take our minds off what we don't want and onto what we do want, so that the way to manifest your desires is to think about them as often as possible. Thoughts become things; we create our world with our thoughts, and so on.

2) We are told again and again that if we expect things to turn out badly, they will. I have lost count of how many times I have been told not to talk of worst-case scenarios because in doing so I will 'make them happen' and so court disaster. 'Speak of the Devil and he will appear', so the saying goes.

3) Want is another word for lack. Thoughts of wanting only attracts more wanting and more lack. By continually thinking about your goal, you are continually wanting, continually asking. This will act to 'freeze' things, keeping you in a state of constant state of waiting, wanting, anticipation and lack. Wanting = Asking = Lack.

4) Complaining and focusing on the negative at the expense of the positive is prevalent in every society. There is a very clear correlation between those who are very happy and an almost non-existent level of complaining. Those who complain a lot, generally have lives that are poorer in all ways than those who do not complain. Those who do not complain, generally have fuller, richer and happier lives. It is complaining that keeps you in a state of wanting. Complaining just invites more into your life to complain about because complaining means wanting things to be different.
#Quote by Genevieve Davis
Asking For A Chance quotes by Leo Buscaglia
#10. A wife says to her husband (or vice versa), "Do you love me?""Of course," he replies. "I've been married to you for twenty years, haven't I?"How satisfied would we be if we presented someone with a vintage wine and, upon asking his opinion of it, he replied, "I'm drinking it, aren't I?"Love still needs expression between those who share it. #Quote by Leo Buscaglia
Asking For A Chance quotes by Brittany Burgunder
#11. Take a chance. Don't fear change. Life won't hand you your dreams. Every time a door closes or you let go of something, you will find that there is room for new possibilities to enter. You aren't saying goodbye. You are saying hello. #Quote by Brittany Burgunder
Asking For A Chance quotes by Ann H. Gabhart
#12. She remembered asking Grandma Howard once the best time to pray. Her grandmother had said, "There's no right or wrong time. Anytime can be the best time. Or all the time. Me, I'm partial to walking prayers."
"Walking prayers?" That had been a puzzle to Fran.
"Those a people can say while she's busy doing what has to be done. Like when I'm walking to the barn or the garden. Grabbing minutes with the Lord. His children don't have to set up appointments for him to pay attention. He's always ready to bend down his ear to us. #Quote by Ann H. Gabhart
Asking For A Chance quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
#13. The record, said Finnerty, and he seemed satisfied with the toast. He had got what he wanted from the revolution, Paul supposed
a chance to give a savage blow to a close little society that made no comfortable place for him. #Quote by Kurt Vonnegut
Asking For A Chance quotes by Mary Douglas
#14. Behind a leader there must be followers, but they should always be on the lookout for the main chance and ready to change sides if the current leader doesn't deliver. #Quote by Mary Douglas
Asking For A Chance quotes by John Scheck
#15. As an atheist, when you ask me to pray for something it's like asking me to blow on the dice so you can roll a lucky seven. #Quote by John Scheck
Asking For A Chance quotes by Yitzhak Rabin
#16. I was a military man for 27 years. I fought so long as there was no chance for peace. I believe that there is now a chance for peace, a great chance. We must take advantage of it for the sake of those standing here, and for those who are not here - and they are many. #Quote by Yitzhak Rabin
Asking For A Chance quotes by Nina Conti
#17. I do laugh when I hear myself saying, 'I am a ventriloquist.' I am definitely suited to it, though. I took it and ran with it quite hungrily. It is not for everyone, but it is just the chance to write for a character. #Quote by Nina Conti
Asking For A Chance quotes by David Gill
#18. A lot of them want to come and play for Manchester United. They want to play because Alex has a record of giving youth a chance and we have the history and heritage of Manchester United. #Quote by David Gill
Asking For A Chance quotes by Susan Trott
#19. We are born, we suffer, we die. However, love is a possibility for us all and, for some few, there is also a big house."
Daniel could not resist asking, because he really wanted to know. "Need they be mutually exclusive? Can't we have both love and house?"
Joe smiled. "Certainly. But one must consider carefully how one goes about getting the house. #Quote by Susan Trott
Asking For A Chance quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
#20. The wooden devil got a good laugh out of the ones who passed by, though. They were so funny she couldn't even feel sorry for them. They tried so hard to keep track of time. Whenever they were together they couldn't let sixty of their minutes pass without asking each other what time it was; as if time was a volatile currency that they either possessed or did not possess, when in fact time was more of a fog that rose inexorably over all their words and deeds so that they were either forgotten or misremembered. #Quote by Helen Oyeyemi
Asking For A Chance quotes by Mamie Till-Mobley
#21. With each day, I give thanks for the blessings of life - the blessings of another day and the chance to do something with it. Something good. Something significant. Something helpful. No matter how small it might seem. I want to keep making a difference. #Quote by Mamie Till-Mobley
Asking For A Chance quotes by Tania De Rozario
#22. You remember the dialogue you had with yourself, you can quote the emotion word for word, as if you're still there, as if it matters that you can map in detail the geographies of regret.

It starts with a hope and ends with a turn of the stomach: a cringe at the excuses you make for your heart, a momentary forever you remember on alternate days over coffee and novels that hit too close to home.

You cry because you know the point at which you could have turned back but didn't, could have taken time by the throat and resisted, could have ignored the phone, answered that message, said no, said yes, said nothing, smiled - whatever it is that you didn't do. But by the time that moment ends, it is over and you are in too deep, wondering why there exists no rewind button for the soul, no second chance for the petty player, no backup plan for those who risk everything on nothing, all at once. #Quote by Tania De Rozario
Asking For A Chance quotes by Stephanie Laurens
#23. Very well-why don't you make your case?" And perhaps if she listened and closely observed, she might get some hint of what, beneath the words, behind his so often impassive mask, was really going on inside him. "Your case beyond the obvious social imperatives, that is."
"Difficult given my case is based on the obvious social imperatives."
"Nevertheless, you might at least try to find a broader foundation."
From the corner of her eye, she saw him look up as if imploring divine aid-or perhaps more prosaically asking why me?-and had to hide a smile.
Eventually he lowered his head and leveled his hazel gaze at her. "All right-let's try for a broader perspective. You're a Cynster, well bred, well connected, well dowered, and more than passably attractive."
She inclined her head. "Thank you, kind sir."
"Don't thank me yet. You're also opinionated, willful to a fault, argumentative, and at times irrationally stubborn. Be that as it may, for some reason I don't comprehend, we managed to run along reasonably well through the last week or so, when we had a common goal. I take that as an indication that, were we to marry and jointly take on the common goal of managing my father's estate, the estate that will in time be ours, we would again find ourselves on common ground, enough at least to make a marriage work."
He'd surprised her.
Leaning back, she looked at him. He'd angled his shoulders into the curve of the wall, stretching one arm along the #Quote by Stephanie Laurens
Asking For A Chance quotes by Karen Marie Moning
#24. If, when he disappeared through his portal, he went to Faery, time moves differently there."
"That's what V'lane said." I emptied the cash drawer, counted the bills into stacks, then began punching in numbers on an adding machine. The store wasn't computerized, which made bookkeeping a real pain in the neck.
He gave me a look. "The two of you are getting downright chatty, aren't you, Miss Lane? When did you last see him? What else did he tell you?"
"I'm asking the questions tonight." One day I was going to write a book: How to Dictate to a Dictator and Evade an Evader, subtitled How to Handle Jericho Barrons.
He snorted. "If an illusion of control comforts you, Ms. Lane, by all means, cling to it."
"Jackass." I gave him a look modeled on his own.
He laughed, and I stared, then blinked and looked away. I finished rubber-banding the cash, put it in a leather pouch, and punched the final numbers in, running the day's total. For a moment there he hadn't looked dark, forbidding, and cold, but dark, forbidding, and . . . warm. In fact, when he'd laughed he'd looked . . . well . . . kind of hot.
I grimaced. Obviously I'd eaten something bad for lunch. #Quote by Karen Marie Moning
Asking For A Chance quotes by William L. Shirer
#25. In retrospect, it is easy to see that Hitler's successful gamble in the Rhineland brought him a victory more staggering and more fatal in its immense consequences than could be comprehended at the time. At home it fortified his popularity and his power, raising them to heights which no German ruler of the past had ever enjoyed. It assured his ascendancy over his generals, who had hesitated and weakened at a moment of crisis when he had held firm. It taught them that in foreign politics and even in military affairs his judgment was superior to theirs. They had feared that the French would fight; he knew better. And finally, and above all, the Rhineland occupation, small as it was as a military operation, opened the way, as only Hitler (and Churchill, alone, in England) seemed to realize, to vast new opportunities in a Europe which was not only shaken but whose strategic situation was irrevocably changed by the parading of three German battalions across the Rhine bridges.

Conversely, it is equally easy to see, in retrospect, that France's failure to repel the Wehrmacht battalions and Britain's failure to back her in what would have been nothing more than a police action was a disaster for the West from which sprang all the later ones of even greater magnitude. In March 1936 the two Western democracies were given their last chance to halt, without the risk of a serious war, the rise of a militarized, aggressive, totalitarian Germany and, in fact - as we have seen Hitl #Quote by William L. Shirer
Asking For A Chance quotes by Seneca The Younger
#26. No man is nobler born than another, unless he is born with better abilities and a more amiable disposition. They who make such a parade with their family pictures and pedigrees, are, properly speaking, rather to be called noted or notorious than noble persons. I thought it right to say this much, in order to repel the insolence of men who depend entirely upon chance and accidental circumstances for distinction, and not at all on public services and personal merit. #Quote by Seneca The Younger
Asking For A Chance quotes by Jon Morrison
#27. Think about goodness like you think about gravity. Whether or not you believe in gravity, it is still there. Every day you are affected by gravity regardless of how well you understand the physics of it. In this chapter I am asking whether objective morality is something like gravity operating in accordance with the laws of the universe. Are there some things that are always right and some things that are always wrong? Put another way, has there ever been a time in history where it would have been acceptable for Hitler to kill over five million Jews? Or is mass murder always wrong no matter when or where you are? If mass murder is always wrong, then it turns out that objective moral values and duties do exist. #Quote by Jon Morrison
Asking For A Chance quotes by Walter Isaacson
#28. He kept asking Kay and others for an assessment of "trends" that foretold what the future might hold for the company. During one maddening session, Kay, whose thoughts often seemed tailored to go directly from his tongue to wikiquotes, shot back a line that was to become PARC's creed: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it."60 #Quote by Walter Isaacson
Asking For A Chance quotes by David Foster Wallace
#29. If, by the virtue of charity or the circumstance of desperation, you ever chance to spend a little time around a Substance-recovery halfway facility like Enfield MA's state-funded Ennet House, you will acquire many exotic new facts…

That certain persons simply will not like you no matter what you do.

That sleeping can be a form of emotional escape and can with sustained effort be abused. That purposeful sleep-deprivation can also be an abusable escape.

That you do not have to like a person in order to learn from him/her/it. That loneliness is not a function of solitude. That logical validity is not a guarantee of truth. That it takes effort to pay attention to any one stimulus for more than a few seconds. That boring activities become, perversely, much less boring if you concentrate intently on them. That if enough people in a silent room are drinking coffee it is possible to make out the sound of steam coming off the coffee. That sometimes human beings have to just sit in one place and, like, hurt. That you will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do. That there is such a thing as raw, unalloyed, agendaless kindness.

That it is possible to fall asleep during an anxiety attack.

That concentrating intently on anything is very hard work.

That 99% of compulsive thinkers' thinking is about themselves; that 99% of this self-directed thinking consists of imag #Quote by David Foster Wallace
Asking For A Chance quotes by Sherry Thomas
#30. You are asking me to give up everything for a cause that isn't mine. I don't want to be part of any revolution. I just want to live. #Quote by Sherry Thomas
Asking For A Chance quotes by J.R. Ward
#31. This was real life cocoa. The kind you gave someone you loved because you couldn't think of anything else to do and both of you were a mess. It was the kind you stirred while your gut was knotted and your mouth was dry and you were thinking seriously of crying, but you were too much of a male for that kind of display.
It was the kind you made with all the love you hadn't expressed and might well not have the voice or the chance to speak of. #Quote by J.R. Ward
Asking For A Chance quotes by Cecelia Ahern
#32. Rosie,

I'm returning to Boston tomorrow but before I go I wanted to write this letter to you. All the thoughts and feelings that have been bubbling up inside me are finally overflowing from this pen and I'm leaving this letter for you so that you don't feel that I'm putting you under any great pressure. I understand that you will need to take your time trying to decide on what I am about to say.
I no what's going on, Rosie. You're my best friend and I can see the sadness in your eyes. I no that Greg isn't away working for the weekend. You never could lie to me; you were always terrible at it. Your eyes betray you time and time again. Don't pretend that everything is perfect because I see it isn't. I see that Greg is a selfish man who has absolutely no idea just how lucky he is and it makes me sick.
He is the luckiest man in the world to have you, Rosie, but he doesn't deserve you and you deserve far better. You deserve someone who loves you with every single beat of his heart, someone who thinks about you constantly, someone who spends every minute of every day just wondering what you're doing, where you are, who you're with and if you're OK. You need someone who can help you reach your dreams and who can protect you from your fears. You need someone who will treat you with respect, love every part of you, especially your flaws. You should be with someone who can make you happy, really happy, dancing-on-air happy. Someone who should have taken the chance #Quote by Cecelia Ahern
Asking For A Chance quotes by Paul Halpern
#33. After the meeting, Guay met with Verville for a debriefing. Guay reports that Verville said that all investors would have to roll to avoid a market collapse. Guay told Verville that on Monday, at the first chance to roll its maturing paper, the Caisse should not be the only investor rolling in a particular trust. If that happened, it would end up in a worse position than not rolling at all. #Quote by Paul Halpern
Asking For A Chance quotes by Luis Bunuel
#34. One of the greatest tragedies in my life is my deafness, for it's been over twenty years now since I've been able to hear notes. When I listen to music it's as if the letters in a text were changing places with one another, rendering the words unintelligible and muddying the lines. I'd consider my old age redeemed if my hearing were to come back, for music would be the gentlest opiate, calming my fears as I move toward death. In any case, I suppose the only chance I have for that kind of miracle involves nothing short of a visit to Lourdes. #Quote by Luis Bunuel
Asking For A Chance quotes by Bobby Bridger
#35. Josephy visited several leading Manhattan bookstores and sadly discovered the explanation [from his agent] to be generally correct; books about Indians were shelved in the back of the stores alongside books about natural history, dinosaurs, plants, birds, and animals rather than being placed alongside biographies and histories of Americans, Europeans, Asians, Africans, and other great world cultures. Puzzled, Josephy began asking bookstore managers for a justification of this marketing tactic and was informed that Indian books had "just always been placed there." The longer he pondered booksellers' indifference toward Indians, the more annoyed Josephy became with the realization that bookstore marketing tactics were simply a reflection of the pervasive thinking throughout the United States in 1961: Americans believed Indians to be a vanished people. "Thinking about it made me angry," Josephy wrote in his autobiography, "and I vowed that someday, some way, I would do something about this ignorant insult. #Quote by Bobby Bridger
Asking For A Chance quotes by Mike Tyson
#36. Me? I see an old, broke-ass black guy taking care of a bunch of kids, living life, taking them to school, and all that stuff, who's asking himself: What the hell is this? But I wouldn't give it up for the world because I love my wife. I never expected to have a life like this. No chaos ... no confusion ... no lawsuits ... no violence ... no going to jail ... #Quote by Mike Tyson
Asking For A Chance quotes by Ally Condie
#37. Ky still looks at me and I wonder for a moment if he is going to ask me what I am thinking about. But of course, he doesn't. He doesn't learn things by asking questions ... He learns by watching. #Quote by Ally Condie
Asking For A Chance quotes by Barbara Holland
#38. Recreational talking is, along with private singing, one of our saddest recent losses. Like singing, talking has become a job for trained professionals, who are paid considerable sums of money to do it on television and radio while we sit silently listening or, if we're truly lonely and determined, call the station and sit holding the phone waiting for a chance to contribute our two cents' worth. #Quote by Barbara Holland
Asking For A Chance quotes by Henry James
#39. I was on the point of saying that a happy chance had favoured him, but it occurs to me that one is under no obligation to call chances by flattering epithets when they have been waited for so long. #Quote by Henry James
Asking For A Chance quotes by Jay Stevens
#40. On the morning of November 22nd, a Friday, it became clear the gap between living and dying was closing. Realizing that Aldous [Huxley] might not survive the day, Laura [Huxley's wife] sent a telegram to his son, Matthew, urging him to come at once. At ten in the morning, an almost inaudible Aldous asked for paper and scribbled "If I go" and then some directions about his will. It was his first admission that he might die ...

Around noon he asked for a pad of paper and scribbled

LSD-try it

In a letter circulated to Aldous's friends, Laura Huxley described what followed: 'You know very well the uneasiness in the medical mind about this drug. But no 'authority', not even an army of authorities, could have stopped me then. I went into Aldous's room with the vial of LSD and prepared a syringe. The doctor asked me if I wanted him to give the shot- maybe because he saw that my hands were trembling. His asking me that made me conscious of my hands, and I said, 'No, I must do this.'

An hour later she gave Huxley a second 100mm. Then she began to talk, bending close to his ear, whispering, 'light and free you let go, darling; forward and up. You are going forward and up; you are going toward the light. Willingly and consciously you are going, willingly and consciously, and you are doing this beautifully - you are going toward the light - you are going toward a greater love … You are going toward Maria's [Hux #Quote by Jay Stevens
Asking For A Chance quotes by Eileen Caddy
#41. Never waste time and energy wishing you were somewhere else, doing something else. Accept your situation and realize you are where you are, doing what you are doing, for a very specific reason. Realize that nothing is by chance, that you have certain lessons to learn and that the situation you are in has been given to you to enable you to learn those lessons as quickly as possible, so that you can move onward and upward along this spiritual path. #Quote by Eileen Caddy
Asking For A Chance quotes by Michael Ian Black
#42. Best strategy for a first date is to ask her questions. Just keeping asking her questions about herself. Her life, her job, her friends, her taste in movies and music and everything. People mostly just want to talk about themselves, so let her do that. #Quote by Michael Ian Black
Asking For A Chance quotes by Josie Litton
#43. Eat, my lady.I will come back shortly and you will be released to see to your needs."
Startled, Rycca said the first thing that came into her mind. "I think you, but you must not do this, Magda. I would not see trouble brought down upon you."
The older woman straightened slowly, a look of worry on her gentle face. She hesitated but finally said, "Do not be concerned about that,my lady." Then she was gone,back into the fog.
Rycca sighed deeply. She had one friend at least,so it seemed,and for that she was grateful. But gratitude did not unto the huge knot in her stomach and make it possible for her to eat. Not even the delectable aroma of Magda's stew could tempt her. She set the bowl aside and burrowed deeper into the blankets. They,at least,offered warmth.
She wasn't eating. Dammit, she needed to do that to stay warm. There was no telling how long this could go on. On the verge of sending Magda back to try again, Dragon reconsidered. The serving woman had followed his instructions precisely. If this was to have any chance of working,he could not appear overly concerned. As it was, he was taking a chance staying so near. From his position near a corner of the stable,he could see the post through the fog but,he hoped,could not be seen himself.The sight of Rycca tied there tore at him. Not even a stern reminder that she might truly be guilty helped. He simply could not bring himself to believe it. #Quote by Josie Litton
Asking For A Chance quotes by Voltaire
#44. Everything I see about me is sowing the seeds of a revolution that is inevitable, though I shall not have the pleasure of seeing it. The lightning is so close at hand that it will strike at the first chance, and then there will be a pretty uproar. The young are fortunate, for they will see fine things. #Quote by Voltaire
Asking For A Chance quotes by Dan Brown
#45. Langdon, I did not ask if you believe what man says about God. I asked if you believed in God. There is a difference. Holy scripture is stories . . . legends and history of man's quest to understand his own need for meaning. I am not asking you to pass judgment on literature. I am asking if you believe in God. #Quote by Dan Brown
Asking For A Chance quotes by Si Robertson
#46. I was largely drinking to forget where I was. When you're in a place like Vietnam, you get to a point where you don't care any more. You're in a place that's foreign to you, and you know for a fact that many people there hate you and will kill you if they get the chance. It really does something to your mind to know that many of the people living around you don't like you and want you to die. #Quote by Si Robertson

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