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Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Joseph Conrad
#1. This is glorious!' I cried, and then i looked at the sinner by my side. He sat with his head sunk on his breast and said 'Yes', without raising his eyes, as if afraid to see writ large on the clear sky of the offing the reproach of his romantic conscience. #Quote by Joseph Conrad
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Anonymous
#2. We laugh, we sing, we dance, we love, we hate, we triumph and strive for joys that turn to ashes in the mouth, and all the time the divine phenomenon of life is working out its completion beneath those shadowy appearances of things real. #Quote by Anonymous
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Cinda Williams Chima
#3. Ellen drank long and deep from her water bottle and wiped her mouth with her gauntleted arm. "Are you feeling all right, Jack? Your play's flat, all in all. I was hoping to give Seph more of a show."
Jack tested the edge of his blade with his thumb. "Actually, Ellen, I wondered if you were coming down with something. You were downright lethargic. I nearly dozed off once or twice."
"Well, that explains it. You looked like you were asleep."
With that, they threw down their weapons and it dissolved into a wrestling match. In the end they were kissing each other.
It was certainly a different kind of courtship, but there was a chemistry, an understanding, a kinship between Jack and Ellen that Seph envied. #Quote by Cinda Williams Chima
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Bob Shacochis
#4. And how could she ever open her mouth to tell him, in the guise of reminiscing, I haven't been on a ferry in twelve years. Once upon a time I was a girl and my name was Dottie and I was seventeen and in love and I was real. I had a life that I loved and it was beautiful and the boy was beautiful and here I am again but once was enough, once is all you get to ask for, once is about all I can survive. #Quote by Bob Shacochis
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Laurie Alice Eakes
#5. Rafe hadn't sworn in front of a lady since he was fifteen and said something unacceptable in his mother's hearing. Though he'd been twice her size already, she grabbed him by his hair queue and dragged him to her boudoir, where she proceeded to wash his mouth out with lavendar soap. He had been vilely sick, to this day couldn't bear the scent of lavendar, anhd watched his tongue around females of all ages and social rank. #Quote by Laurie Alice Eakes
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by V. Theia
#6. I love when he's in these moods, this affectionate. Though it can be said of Gray that he's this way all the time with me. He never has an off day. I've known every single day of our life together so far just what he's thinking and feeling because he tells me, he shows me in so many different, lovely, sometimes depraved ways.

Usually with my clothes off.

Most often with his head between my legs.

And that's where I think this hot kiss is going - forget dinner, forget needing to shower off the busy workday. I'm wholly in this when I grip the back of his head and fall deeper into his mouth, moaning my protest when we part too soon.

His forehead rests to mine.

I spur him on. "Your sugar wife needs attention. You've neglected my needs all day, Grayson."

A growl comes out of his mouth and it delights me. Turns me on. Makes me wetter than a summer rain. "You know how hard that smart mouth of yours makes me. I'm about to put you on your knees. #Quote by V. Theia
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Sophie Jordan
#7. I never knew it happened like that."
I snap my gaze to her. "What?"
"You know. Romeo and Juliet stuff. Love at first sight and all that."
"It's not like that," I say quickly.
"You could have fooled me." We're up again. Catherine takes her shot. It swishes cleanly through the hoop.
When I shoot, the ball bounces hard off the backboard and flies wildly through the air, knocking the coach in the head. I slap a hand over my mouth. The coach barely catches herself from falling. Several students laugh. She glares at me and readjusts her cap.
With a small wave of apology, I head back to the end of the line.
Will's there, fighting laughter. "Nice," he says. "Glad I'm downcourt of you."
I cross my arms and resist smiling, resist letting myself feel good around him. But he makes it hard. I want to smile. I want to like him, to be around him, to know him. "Happy to amuse you."
His smile slips then, and he's looking at me with that strange intensity again. Only I understand. I know why. He must remember...must recognize me on some level even though he can't understand it.
"You want to go out?" he asks suddenly.
I blink. "As in a date?"
"Yes. That's what a guy usually means when he asks that question."
Whistles blow. The guys and girls head in opposite directions.
"Half-court scrimmage," Will mutters, looking unhappy as he watches the coaches toss out jerseys. "We'll talk later in study hall. Okay?"
I nod, my chest #Quote by Sophie Jordan
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Joanna Cannon
#8. I still hadn't learned the power of words. How, once they have left your mouth, they have a breath and a life of their own. I had yet to realize that you no longer own them. I hadn't learned that, once you have let them go, the words can then, in fact, become the owner of you. #Quote by Joanna Cannon
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by John Singer Sargent
#9. A portrait is a picture in which there is just a tiny little something not quite right about the mouth. #Quote by John Singer Sargent
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Lidia Yuknavitch
#10. However, narrating what you remember, telling it to someone, does something else. The more a person recalls a memory, the more they change it. Each time they put it into language, it shifts. The more you describe a memory, the more likely it is that you are making a story that fits your life, resolves the past, creates a fiction you can live with. It's what writers do. Once you open your mouth, you are moving away from the truth of things. According to neuroscience. The safest memories are locked in the brains of people who can't remember. Their memories remain the closest replica of actual events. Underwater. Forever. #Quote by Lidia Yuknavitch
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Robert A. Caro
#11. Then Lyndon Johnson came to Jim Rowe's office again, to plead with him, crying real tears as he sat doubled over, his face in his hands. "He wept. 'I'm going to die. You're an old friend. I thought you were my friend and you don't care that I'm going to die. It's just selfish of you, typically selfish.' " Finally Rowe said, " 'Oh, goddamn it, all right' " - and then "as soon as Lyndon got what he wanted," Rowe was forcibly reminded why he had been determined not to join his staff. The moment the words were out of Rowe's mouth, Johnson straightened up, and his tone changed instantly from one of pleading to one of cold command. "Just remember," he said. "I make the decisions. You don't. #Quote by Robert A. Caro
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Margaret Atwood
#12. A great fear came over me, and my body went entirely cold, and I stood as if paralyzed with fear; for I knew that the horse was no earthly horse, but the pale horse that will be sent at the Day of Reckoning, and the rider of it is Death; and it was Death himself who stood behind me, with his arms wrapped around me as tight as iron bands, and his lipless mouth kissing my neck as if in love. But as well as the horror, I also felt a strange longing. #Quote by Margaret Atwood
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Ali Smith
#13. Who's that?


Who's there?



Not exactly.

Well, who?

Where do I start? I'm the butterfly antenna. I'm the chemicals that paint's made of. I'm the person dead at the water's edge. I'm the water. I'm the edge. I'm the skin cells. I'm the smell of disinfectant. I'm that thing they rub against your mouth to moisten it, can you feel it? I'm soft. I'm hard. I'm glass. I'm sand. I'm a yellow plastic bottle. I'm all the plastics in the seas and in the guts of all the fishes. I'm the fishes. I'm the seas. I'm molluscs in the seas. I'm the flattened-out old beer can. I'm the shopping trolley in the canal. I'm the note on the stave, the bird on the line. I'm the stave. I'm the line. I'm spiders. I'm seeds. I'm water. I'm heart. I'm the cotton of the sheet. ..... I'm pollution. I'm a fall of horseshit on a country road a hundred years ago. ... I'm the fly .....I haven't even started telling you what I am. I'm everything that makes everything. I'm everything that unmakes everything. .... I'm the voice that tells no story. #Quote by Ali Smith
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Ralph Chaplin
#14. In our hands is a placed power greater with their hoarded gold, greater than the might of armies magnified a thousand-fold. We can bring the birth the new world from the ashes of the old, for the union makes us strong. #Quote by Ralph Chaplin
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by C.J. Redwine
#15. A muscle in the Commander's jaw jumps, and he levels his fierce glare on Willow. "You have a big mouth."
"I need a big mouth to keep up with my big brain. #Quote by C.J. Redwine
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by A.E. Via
#16. Yes, show me, Judge. Take it all." Judge had almost all of him in his mouth and Michaels thrust up, feeding Judge the last couple inches. He reached down and ran his fingertips around the base of his dick, feeling Judge's mouth stretched so wide around him. "Holy shit." Judge pulled off again and took in a gulp of breath. "Fuck, you're big." "Keep #Quote by A.E. Via
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Natasha Walker
#17. You fucked my wife,' said David, the words coming from his mouth before he realised how pathetic they sounded.
'I've fucked a lot of men's wives, David.' Pause. 'But none was in more need than yours. #Quote by Natasha Walker
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Neil Schiller
#18. A sweeping vista of Northern sky opens up between the warehouses and hangs motionless above the cobbled streets. It's a world of unrequited love beneath the smoke stacks and awkward moments in the underpass. A great crashing wave of romantic despair that washes over my dramatic heart, dousing it with a thin grey rinse. I'm James Dean, I'm Albert Camus, I posture in doorways with a lit cigarette dangling from the corner of my mouth. My great iron bedstead, my kitchen sink drama, the grainy black and white days of this life... #Quote by Neil Schiller
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Pat Robbins
#19. The year the Europeans seized Jomo Kenyatta (1952), Chepusepa and I were sharing our homestead with Arimo, a Teso, who was a headman of the local road crew. One day, Arimo's son found an ostrich's nest between Amudat and Katabok, while he was watching cattle. There were six eggs, and both of our cowherds took one. The brought the two eggs to our home and put them in the ashes near the fire. After two weeks, they hatched.
I remember the baby ostriches walking about, eating millet and stones. Arimo took care of them, and they grew quite large. One night a leopard got the female, but the male continued to thrive, and Arimo harvested its feathers twice. Then, one day, when it was fully grown, our ostrich wandered into the town of Amudat. A European saw it and asked the people, "Where did this come from?"
"Oh, it is the 'ox' of a man named Arimo, they told him.
The European immediately summoned Arimo to Amudat. "Do you have license to keep an ostrich?" he demanded.
"Of course not!" Arimo replied. "This ostrich doesn't belong to anyone else--it's mine. So why do I need a license?"
But the European decreed,"From this day on, you must not keep this ostrich without a license. If you do, you will go to jail for stealing from the government!"
That was only the beginning. The Europeans have been seizing our pet ostriches ever since. When other people heard about Arimo's trouble, they killed their ostriches so they could at least have the feathers. Another ma #Quote by Pat Robbins
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Humphry Davy
#20. The moment after, I began to respire 20 quarts of unmingled nitrous oxide. A thrilling, extending from the chest to the extremities, was almost immediately produced. I felt a sense of tangible extension highly pleasurable in every limb; my visible impressions were dazzling, and apparently magnified, I heard distinctly every sound in the room and was perfectly aware of my situation. By degrees, as the pleasurable sensations increased, I last all connection with external things; trains of vivid visible images rapidly passed through my mind, and were connected with words in such a manner, as to produce perceptions perfectly novel. I existed in a world of newly connected and newly modified ideas. I theorised - I imagined that I made discoveries. When I was awakened from this semi-delirious trance by Dr. Kinglake, who took the bag from my mouth, indignation and pride were the first feelings produced by the sight of the persons about me. My emotions were enthusiastic and sublime; and for a minute I walked round the room, perfectly regardless of what was said to me. As I recovered my former state of mind, I felt an inclination to communicate the discoveries I had made during the experiment. I endeavoured to recall the ideas, they were feeble and indistinct; one collection of terms, however, presented itself: and with the most intense belief and prophetic manner, I exclaimed to Dr Kinglake, 'Nothing exists but thoughts! - the universe is composed of impressions, ideas, pleasures and #Quote by Humphry Davy
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Northrop Frye
#21. Literature keeps presenting the most vicious things to us an entertainment, but what it appeals to is not any pleasure of these things, but the exhilaration of standing apart from them and being able to see them for what they are because they aren't really happening. The more exposed we are to this, the less likely we are to find an unthinking pleasure in cruel or evil things. As the eighteenth century said in a fine mouth-filling phrase, literature refines our sensibilities. #Quote by Northrop Frye
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Debra Anastasia
#22. And they had no idea what lives inside me, what I can do."
"I know what you do to me," Kyle said, finding his eyes. "It's everything right, honest, and good." She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his lips.
"Kyle, I'm intense and devoted, and I need a lot of direction just to get through my day."
"Cole, I'm impulsive and devoted and hopeless. I have a filthy mouth, and I don't see it cleaning up anytime soon."
"I would like to make love to you. Here. Right now," Cole said, continuing his confession. "But I'm afraid I'll lose you, that you'll leave your body and go somewhere else. Will you stay with me?"
"I'm your shadow now, Cole. I'll be where you are." Kyle set her jaw, determined.
"Okay," he said. "This is how it'll go. I'm going to give you pleasure. And you're going to take it. No reciprocating." He instantly saw doubt in her face. "Please, this time - which will be the first of so many - let me make you happy. Let my touch cleanse you. When I'm done, I want your body to belong just to us." He could feel himself smiling, just thinking about it. #Quote by Debra Anastasia
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Julia Quinn
#23. An eternity later, they reached what he thought might be the end, and King Henry waved his turkey leg in the air, loudly proclaiming, "This land shall be mine, henceforth and forevermore!"
And indeed, it seemed that all was lost for the poor, sweet shepherdess and her strangely changeable flock. But just then, there was a mighty roar -
"Is there a lion?" Richard wondered.
- and the unicorn burst onto the scene!
"Die!" the unicorn shrieked. "Die! Die! Die!"
Richard looked to Iris in confusion. The unicorn had not thus demonstrated an ability to speak.
Henry's scream of terror was so chilling, the woman behind Richard murmured, "This is surprisingly well acted."
Richard stole another look at Iris; her mouth was hanging open as Henry leapt over a cow and ran behind the piano, only to trip over the littlest sheep, who was still licking the piano leg.
Henry scrambled for purchase, but the (possibly rabid) unicorn was too fast, and it ran headfirst (and head down) toward the frightened king, plunging its horn into his large, pillowed belly.
Someone screamed, and Henry went down, feathers flying.
"I don't think this was in the script," Iris said in a horrified whisper. #Quote by Julia Quinn
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Lili St. Crow
#24. No," he agreed. "You're not. She never caused me this agony."
What could I say to that? The way he was looking at me was making my head feel funny. Was making me feel funny and not just in that oh God I just almost died way.
Christophe leaned in. His mouth was a mere centimetres from me. "She never made me think I would die of heart failure. She never, never made me fear for her this way. #Quote by Lili St. Crow
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Susan Dennard
#25. Why do you ask?"
"Because I can."
"You can what?"
"I can go in the private collection!" I scurried toward him. "My father had a lifetime subscriptioin, Mr. Sheridan, and not just that, but he had special privileges. I'm certain I could use his name to get you into the private collection."
Daniel's jaw fell. "Why didn't you say so before?"
"What?" I recoiled. "How was I supposed to know you needed it?"
"We could've gone ages ago!"
My enthusiasm transformed into outrage. "In that case, why didn't you say you needed it?"
"Because I didn't know you had a subscription!"
"Aha!" I cried, thrusting a finger at him. "Your argument's a circle!"
Daniel sprang up. "We wasted all this time-"
"Silence!" Joseph roared. "You are like squawking parrots, and I have had quite enough. Miss Fitt, I would ask that you take Mr. Sheridan to the library immediately. Daniel, I would ask that you keep that big mouth of yours silent. #Quote by Susan Dennard
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Jennifer Probst
#26. Once again, he backed off from a challenge by hiding behind a twisted sense of honor. "Let's change the subject, shall we?"
"Sure. I got a Brazilian wax today."
He choked on the piece of bread in his mouth. #Quote by Jennifer Probst
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Brenna Aubrey
#27. He's eating like a Neanderthal," Emilia whispered to her mother. "Do men usually regress while in the wild?" Amusement danced in her golden-brown eyes. Just to mess with her, I groaned even louder and shoved the last third of the burger in my mouth all at once. Kim grinned. "Don't worry. I don't think it's permanent. Once he's back in his man-lair, he'll be guzzling beer and watching Darth Vader on Star Trek in no time." Emilia and I both turned to her, aghast at her blatant error - every nerd's nightmare. Kim held up her hands in surrender. "Kidding! #Quote by Brenna Aubrey
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Knut Hamsun
#28. She came quickly over to me and held out her hand. I looked at her full of distrust. Was she doing this freely, with a light heart? Or was she doing it just to get rid of me? She put her arm around my neck, tears in her eyes. I just stood and looked at her. She offered me her mouth but I couldn't believe her, it was bound to be a sacrifice on her part, a means of getting it over with.
She said something, it sounded to me like "I love you anyway!" She said it very softly and indistinctly, I may not have heard it correctly, perhaps she didn't say exactly those words. But she threw herself passionately on my neck, held both arms around my neck a little while, even raised herself on tiptoe to reach well up, and stood thus.
Afraid that she was forcing herself to show me this tenderness, I merely said "How beautiful you are now!"
That was all I said. I stepped back, bumped against the door and walked out backward. She was left standing inside. #Quote by Knut Hamsun
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Louis Armstrong
#29. Musicians in my day had nicknames. My name was "Satchel Mouth," like a doctor's satchel. When I went to England this fellow was strictly English, and he was editor of the newspaper there. He shook my hand after I got off the train and said, "Hello, Satchmo." So right away my trombone player said, "Mmm, the man thinks you have mo' mouth than Satchel Mouth." So I was stuck with it, and it turned out all right. #Quote by Louis Armstrong
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Jorge Luis Borges
#30. He had no document but his memory; the training he had acquired with each added hexameter gave him a discipline unsuspected by those who set down and forget temporary, incomplete paragraphs. He was not working for posterity or even for God, whose literary tastes were unknown to him. Meticulously, motionlessly, secretly, he wrought in time his lofty, invisible labyrinth. He worked the third act over twice. He eliminated certain symbols as over-obvious, such as the repeated striking of the clock, the music. Nothing hurried him. He omitted, he condensed, he amplified. In certain instances he came back to the original version. He came to feel affection for the courtyard, the barracks; one of the faces before him modified his conception of Roemerstadt's character. He discovered that the wearying cacophonies that bothered Flaubert so much are mere visual superstitions, weakness and limitation of the written word, not the spoken...He concluded his drama. He had only the problem of a single phrase. He found it. The drop of water slid down his cheek. He opened his mouth in a maddened cry, moved his face, dropped under the quadruple blast. #Quote by Jorge Luis Borges
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Robert Darnton
#31. The American revolutionaries believed in the power of the word. But they had only word of mouth and the printing press. We have the Internet. #Quote by Robert Darnton
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Ozzy Osbourne
#32. 'And what about a [band] name?' said Tony [Iommi]. The three of us looked at each other.
'We should all take a couple of days to think about it,' I said. 'I dunno about you two, but I've got a special place where I go to get ideas for important stuff like this. It's never failed me yet.'

Forty-eight hours later I blurted out: 'I've got it!'
'Must have been that dodgy bird you poked the other night,' said Geezer. 'Has your whelk turned green yet?'
Tony and Bill snickered into their plates of egg and chips. We were sitting in a greasy spoon caff in Aston. So far, everyone was getting along famously.
'Very funny, Geezer,' I said, waving an eggy fork at him. 'I mean the name for our band.'
The snickering died down.
'Go on then,' said Tony [Iommi].
'Well, I was on the shitter last night, and...'
'That's your special place?' spluttered Bill, blobs of mushed-up egg and HP sauce flying out of his mouth.
'Where the f**k did you think it was, Bill?' I said. 'The hanging gardens of f**king Babylon? #Quote by Ozzy Osbourne
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Clive James
#33. When you cut it up, put the pieces in your mouth and swallowed them, the British hamburger shaped itself to the bottom on your stomach like ballast, while interacting with your gastric juices to form an incipient belch of enormous potential, an airship which had been inflated in a garage. This belch, when silently released, would cause people standing twenty yards away to start examining the soles of their shoes. The vocalized version sounded like a bag of tools thrown into a bog. #Quote by Clive James
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Mike Royko
#34. The thing that got Daley mad," one of the delegates said later, "was that Ribicoff had been ass-kissing him just a day or two before. He came over and pushed for McGovern to our delegation and made a big speech about what a great guy Daley was. Then he got up there and played the hero for the TV cameras."
Daley was on his feet, his arms waiving, his mouth working. The words were lost in the uproar, but it was later asserted by Mayday, an almost-underground Washington paper, that a lip-reader had determined that he said: "Fuck you, you Jew son of a bitch, you lousy motherfucker, go home. #Quote by Mike Royko
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Victor Hugo
#35. Humanity is identity. All men are the same clay. No difference, here below at least, in predestination. The same darkness before, the same flesh during, the same ashes after life. But ignorance, mixed with the human composition, blackens it. This incurable ignorance possesses the heart of man, and there becomes evil. #Quote by Victor Hugo
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Francine Rivers
#36. It wasn't what she put in her mouth that would defile her, but what proceeded from her mouth, be the words unkind, slanderous, gossipful, boastful or blasphemous. #Quote by Francine Rivers
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Donna Grant
#37. She drank in the sight of him, the power, the virility, the sheer sexiness. She knew just how well those lips of his kissed, how gentle and coaxing his hands could be, and how mouth-watering his body was. #Quote by Donna Grant
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Enid Shomer
#38. Attraction

The whites of his eyes
pull me like moons.
He smiles. I believe
his face. Already
my body slips down in the chair:

I recline on my side,
offering peeled grapes.
I can taste his tongue
in my mouth
whenever he speaks.

I suspect he lies.
But my body oils itself loose.
When he gets up to fix a drink
my legs like derricks
hoist me off the seat.
I am thirsty, it seams.

Already I see the seduction
far off in the distance
like a large tree
dwarfed by a rise
in the road.

I put away objections
as quietly as quilts.
Already I explain to myself
how marriages are broken--
accidentally, like arms or legs. #Quote by Enid Shomer
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Lauren Layne
#39. You've got it wrong." His voice was harsh.

"Jackson - "

He cut her off. "No, it's my turn to talk. You've given your speech. And I get it, Mollie, I do. Madison is your sister, and she made you PB&J as a kid when your parents checked out, and that's fine. But open your eyes. You don't owe her anything anymore. You are your own woman, and you are a woman, Mollie. You're not a kid. You're not a girl. And if I've been a complete asshole lately, it's because I'm having a hell of a time coming to grips with the fact that I want you. And fuck, Mollie, I want you. I want you so bad, I'm dying."

Mollie had never made the first move on a man in her life. She was old-fashioned like that. But she made the first move now.

She took a step forward, placed a hand at the back of his head, and pulled his mouth to hers. #Quote by Lauren Layne
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Lisa Kleypas
#40. Suddenly the theater was plunged into utter blinding darkness, while an ominous rumbling rose from beneath the platform. There were several little screams of alarm, a scattering of laughter, and loud gasps of anticipation. Annabelle's spine went rigid as she felt the brush of a hand on her back. His hand, sliding with slow deliberateness up her spine…his scent, fresh and beguiling in her nostrils …and before she could make a sound, his mouth, possessing hers in a warm, softly ravishing kiss.

She was too stunned to move, her hands in the air like butterflies suspended in midflight, her swaying body anchored by his light clasp on her waist, while his other hand cradled the back of her neck. Annabelle had been kissed before, by brash young men who had stolen a quick embrace during a walk in the garden, or in a corner of the parlor when they would not be observed. But none of those brief, flirtatious encounters had been like this …a kiss so slow and dizzying that it filled her with delirium.

Sensations rushed through her, far too strong to manage, and she quivered helplessly in his hold. Compelled by instinct, she lifted blindly into the tenderly restless caress of his lips. The pressure of his lips increased as he demanded more, rewarding her helpless response with a voluptuous exploration that set her senses on fire. Just as she began to lose all sanity, his mouth released hers with startling suddenness, leaving her dazed. Keeping his supportive hand on #Quote by Lisa Kleypas
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Denise Hildreth Jones
#41. That's part of Jesus' point, that we all have sin in us. But he was also saying that sin begins and ends with the heart. Actually, that idea runs throughout the entire Bible. As a man 'thinks in his heart, so is he.' 'Out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.' In other words, what is in us is going to come out of us. And 'above all else, guard your heart.' Do you hear that, Zach? Out of everything we do, protecting our hearts is the most important thing.
We've got to guard them especially from anything that could come in and set up a lie about our God. Anything. I mean, even doing my work - and I'm a pastor - could convince me that God needs me in some way. That would be the perfect way for the enemy to set me up to wear myself out and shut myself down. And it would all start with a lie. The devil will try to convince us of anything - he's the father of lies, remember. And that is why we have to guard our hearts so carefully. #Quote by Denise Hildreth Jones
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Yuto Tsukuda
#42. The moment I put it in my mouth and bit down...
... an exquisite and entirely unexpected flavor exploded in my mouth!
It burst across my tongue, rushed up through my nose...
... and rose all the way up to my brain!"
"No! It can't be!"
"How is that possible?! Anyone with eyes can see there's nothing special to that dish! Its fragrance was entirely inferior to Asahi's dish from the get-go!"
"That there. That's what it is. I knew something wasn't right."
"Something felt off the instant the cloche was removed.
His dish is fried rice. It uses tons of butter, soy sauce and spices.
Yet it hardly had any aroma!"
"Good catch. The secret is in one of the five grand cuisine dishes I melded together...
A slightly atypical take on the French Oeuf Mayonnaise.."
"Ouef Mayonnaise, or eggs and mayonnaise, is an appetizer you can find in any French bistro. Hard-boiled eggs are sliced, coated with a house-blend mayo and garnished with vegetables.
Though, in your dish, I can tell you chose very soft-boiled eggs instead.
Hm. Very interesting, Soma Yukihira.
He took those soft-boiled eggs and some homemade mayo and blended them into a sauce...... which he then poured over his steamed rice and tossed until each and every grain was coated, its flavor sealed inside!
To cook them so that each individual grain is completely covered...
... takes incredibly fast and precise wok handling over extremely high #Quote by Yuto Tsukuda
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Anne Stuart
#43. He touched her, and she came again at his touch, her mouth pulling at him.
He was beyond gentleness. He shoved her back against the blanket of clothes and moved between her legs.
He went in hard, fast, deep, only barely able to control himself. She wrapped her legs around his, and he reached down and pulled them higher, up around his hips, so that he was deeper still, and she was tight, clasping, milking him with the power of her climax, which was almost sweetly painful. #Quote by Anne Stuart
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Gena Showalter
#44. Did you dream of me?" he asked.
"Yes," she admitted grudgingly. She had. She'd dreamed of his hands caressing her, of his mouth devouring her.
His lush lips inched into a surprised but pleased smile.
"You were naked," she told him.
His grin spread; his eyes gleamed with satisfaction.
"And tied up ... "
He arched his eye brows in smug expectation. "I did not know the idea of bondage would please you."
"Oh, I love the idea of typing you up." She paused dramatically. "Just like in my dream, you'll be secured to an ant-hill and the little things will eat you alive. #Quote by Gena Showalter
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Jardine Libaire
#45. She buys a coffee with a couple quarters and sits in the park. She fools everyone, and always has, letting her mouth fall open (untended, obviously dumb), and never blinking her eyes, which are mean, simple marbles, one-dimensional and lightless. Her shoulders hunch, the long masculine hands uncertain where to rest or hang. But she's tracking, computing, and either discarding or accepting factors other people barely notice. Her costume - the gray jeans, the fake-gold E on a chain doesn't blend in and doesn't stand out. Her awkwardness is strategic, turning people away in boredom or discomfort before they register the vague, haughty, delicious joy she takes in being alive. #Quote by Jardine Libaire
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by James M. Cain
#46. When Mildred went to bed her stomach hurt from laughter, her heart ached from happiness. Then she remembered that while Veda had kissed her, that first moment when she had entered the house, she still hadn't kissed Veda. She tiptoed into the room she had hoped Veda would occupy, knelt beside the bed as she had knelt so many times in Glendale, took the lovely creature in her arms and kissed her, hard, on the mouth. #Quote by James M. Cain
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Christine Feehan
#47. You have no reason to be sorry for anything, ma petite."
Her clenched fist lay over his heart, the three diamonds in her palm. "You think I can't read your body? Feel the heaviness in your mind as you try to shield me? I can't change who I am, not even for you. I know I'm failing you, causing you discomfort."
A slow smile curved his mouth. Discomfort. Now,there was a word for it. His hand crushed her hair, ran it through his fingers. "I have never asked you to change, nor would I want you to. You seem to forget that I know you better than anyone. I can handle you."
She turned her head so that he could see the silver stars flashing in her blue eyes, a smoldering warning. "You are so arrogant,Gregori, it makes me want to throw things.Do you hear yourself? Handle me? Ha! I try to say I'm sorry for failing you, and you act the lord of the manor. Being born centuries ago when women were chattel does not give you an excuse. #Quote by Christine Feehan
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Margaret Stohl
#48. Doc! I'd kiss you if you had a mouth, you sexy thing." Ro shouts up to the sky, as if Doc were everywhere in the universe. Which, sometimes, it feels like he is. "And I would exchange data with you if you had a dataport, you exemplary specimen. Analogically speaking. Is that correct? #Quote by Margaret Stohl
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by J.D. Robb
#49. Eyes on hers, he flicked her shoulder. Her mouth fell open.
She started stomping the floor.
"What in God's name are you doing?" he demanded.
"Trying to kill the giant tarantula, because the only reason I can figure you just fucking flicked me is because there was a big, fat spider on my shoulder. #Quote by J.D. Robb
Ashes In The Mouth quotes by Sonu Nigam
#50. I was born in Faridabad but brought up in Delhi and Mumbai. My father had been living hand-to-mouth and literally slept on railway platforms when he came to Mumbai for the first time to become a film singer. My parents were both singers; they sang together and fell in love due to their singing. #Quote by Sonu Nigam

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