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Ascii Character quotes by Seneca
#1. And this, too, affords no small occasion for anxieties - if you are bent on assuming a pose and never reveal yourself to anyone frankly, in the fashion of many who live a false life that is all made up for show; for it is torturous to be constantly watching oneself and be fearful of being caught out of our usual role. And we are never free from concern if we think that every time anyone looks at us he is always taking-our measure; for many things happen that strip off our pretence against our will, and, though all this attention to self is successful, yet the life of those who live under a mask cannot be happy and without anxiety. But how much pleasure there is in simplicity that is pure, in itself unadorned, and veils no part of its character!{PlainDealer+} Yet even such a life as this does run some risk of scorn, if everything lies open to everybody; for there are those who disdain whatever has become too familiar. But neither does virtue run any risk of being despised when she is brought close to the eyes, and it is better to be scorned by reason of simplicity than tortured by perpetual pretence. #Quote by Seneca
Ascii Character quotes by Bette Midler
#2. I mean, can I really create a full, three-dimensional character? I don't know anymore. I'm certainly going to try. #Quote by Bette Midler
Ascii Character quotes by Geena Davis
#3. I immediately noticed there were far more male characters than female characters in the programs, even now, in the 21st century. #Quote by Geena Davis
Ascii Character quotes by Kevin Spacey
#4. It takes stamina to get up like an athlete every single night, seven to eight performances a week, 20 weeks in a row. And there are many young performers who only learn their craft in the two minute bits it takes to film a scene. You never learn the arc of storytelling, the arc of a character that way. #Quote by Kevin Spacey
Ascii Character quotes by Italo Calvino
#5. If I love order, it's not the mark of a character subjected to an inner discipline, a repression of the instincts. In me the idea of an absolutely regular world, symmetrical and methodical, is associated with that first impulse and burgeoning of nature.
The rest of your images that associate passion with disorder, love with intemperate overflow - river fire whirlpool volcano - are for me memories of nothingness and listlessness and boredom. #Quote by Italo Calvino
Ascii Character quotes by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
#6. I leave my character behind me. #Quote by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Ascii Character quotes by Bruce Crown
#7. I'd be damned if I listened to the same money-grubbing whores who'd sell their ideals and principles for their fifteen minutes of fame; the ignorant buffoons that live in a one-dimensional 140-character world. Tweet tweet, roar roar, caw caw, more like baa baa. #Quote by Bruce Crown
Ascii Character quotes by Dominique McElligott
#8. The most fun part for an actor is the writing and the story and the character. That's very fulfilling. #Quote by Dominique McElligott
Ascii Character quotes by Richard S. Strand
#9. In point of fact, although he did not recognise it at the time, his own character and prestige had reached an apogee with Elizabeth such that nothing he might or would say could possibly affect her profound affection for him. He #Quote by Richard S. Strand
Ascii Character quotes by Colin Trevorrow
#10. I love the challenge of having one character who is traveling back in time to find someone. Nowadays, the only way we think to find someone is on Facebook. #Quote by Colin Trevorrow
Ascii Character quotes by Mary Barnett Gilson
#11. There are persons who seem to have overcome obstacles and by character and perseverance to have risen to the top. But we have no record of the numbers of able persons who fall by the wayside, persons who, with enough encouragement and opportunity, might make great contributions. #Quote by Mary Barnett Gilson
Ascii Character quotes by Baruch Spinoza
#12. These are the prejudices which I undertook to notice here. If any others of a similar character remain, they can easily be rectified with a little thought by anyone. #Quote by Baruch Spinoza
Ascii Character quotes by Constantin Stanislavski
#13. The character has to have some kind of arch. The character has to go through an event, and be changed by the human event. #Quote by Constantin Stanislavski
Ascii Character quotes by Emily Post
#14. Manners are made up of trivialities of deportment which can be easily learned if one does not happen to know them; manner is personality - the outward manifestation of one's innate character and attitude toward life ... Etiquette must, if it is to be of more than trifling use, include ethics as well as manners. Certainly what one is, is of far greater importance than what one appears to be. #Quote by Emily Post
Ascii Character quotes by Karen Allen
#15. I don't know if I've ever played a character who's close to me. There have been some elements of myself in different roles. Sometimes, I show one side of myself and then completely conceal the other. #Quote by Karen Allen
Ascii Character quotes by Vin Diesel
#16. Every actor has their own process. For me, I really need to stay in the pocket. So, if I'm on set and I'm in character, I'm not thinking like a producer. If I'm on set and I'm not in character, wardrobe and make-up, and I'm just coming on set for the moments that I'm not shooting, then I'm able to be the producer. #Quote by Vin Diesel
Ascii Character quotes by Yael Stone
#17. Prison makes an interesting context for so many different characters to come together. You get to see what lines get drawn between people. #Quote by Yael Stone
Ascii Character quotes by Virginia Woolf
#18. Human beings have neither kindness, nor faith, nor charity beyond what serves to increase the pleasure of the moment. #Quote by Virginia Woolf
Ascii Character quotes by Matthew McConaughey
#19. Give thanks. Appreciate what you DO have ... the more we give thanks, the more we receive to be thankful for. Gratitude is the gift that always gives back. #Quote by Matthew McConaughey
Ascii Character quotes by Zadie Smith
#20. When a human being becomes a set of data on a website like Facebook, he or she is reduced. Everything shrinks. Individual character. Friendships. Language. Sensibility. In a way it's a transcendent experience: we lose our bodies, our messy feelings, our desires, our fears. #Quote by Zadie Smith
Ascii Character quotes by Mary McCarthy
#21. Sex annihilates identity, and the space given to sex in contemporary novels is an avowal of the absence of character. #Quote by Mary McCarthy
Ascii Character quotes by Larry The Cable Guy
#22. I've never judged anybody by how they look or how they dress. I basically judge them on their character. And that's how I lead my own life. #Quote by Larry The Cable Guy
Ascii Character quotes by Richard C. Armitage
#23. Often you find the character through the things they say. How they talk about other people, how they describe themselves - which is very rare. #Quote by Richard C. Armitage
Ascii Character quotes by Cesar Chavez
#24. Our language is the reflection of ourselves. A language is an exact reflection of the character and growth of its speakers. #Quote by Cesar Chavez
Ascii Character quotes by Michael Connelly
#25. The character can never be static from book to book. People might think you just come up with a new plot and stick this guy in. Well, he has to be as new as the plot every time. #Quote by Michael Connelly
Ascii Character quotes by George R R Martin
#26. Whenever I switch from one character to another, there's always a few days where I really struggle because I'm changing voices and I'm changing ways of looking at the world. I'm not just flicking a switch; it's harder process than that. #Quote by George R R Martin
Ascii Character quotes by Louis Leterrier
#27. 'Iron Man' was this fun, poppy thing bound to make a zillion dollars. And we were the other side of a superhero movie. More complex with The Hulk being this complex character - that's what it was. #Quote by Louis Leterrier
Ascii Character quotes by Jonathan Tropper
#28. It's a point of pride whenever you can point to the ways in which you're avoiding your progenitor's defective character. I'm not like him becomes your mantra, #Quote by Jonathan Tropper
Ascii Character quotes by John H. Groberg
#29. All of us, single or married, are eternally part of some family-someway, somewhere, somehow-and much of our joy in life comes as we correctly recognize and properly develop those family relationships. We come to this earth charged with a mission: to learn to love and serve one another. To best help us accomplish this, God has placed us in families, for he knows that is where we can best learn to overcome selfishness and pride and to sacrifice for others and to make happiness and helpfulness and humility and love the very essence of our character. #Quote by John H. Groberg
Ascii Character quotes by Charles Dickens
#30. Now, to be sure, Mrs Varden thought, here is a perfect character. Here is a meek, righteous, thoroughgoing Christian, who, having mastered all these qualities, so difficult of attainment; who, having dropped a pinch of salt on the tails of all the cardinal virtues, and caught them everyone; makes light of their possession, and pants for more morality. For the good woman never doubted (as many good men and women never do), that this slighting kind of profession, this setting so little store by great matters, this seeming to say, 'I am not proud, I am what you hear, but I consider myself no better than other people; let us change the subject, pray' - was perfectly genuine and true. He so contrived it, and said it in that way that it appeared to have been forced from him, and its effect was marvellous.

Aware of the impression he had made - few men were quicker than he at such discoveries - Mr Chester followed up the blow by propounding certain virtuous maxims, somewhat vague and general in their nature, doubtless, and occasionally partaking of the character of truisms, worn a little out at elbow, but delivered in so charming a voice and with such uncommon serenity and peace of mind, that they answered as well as the best. Nor is this to be wondered at; for as hollow vessels produce a far more musical sound in falling than those which are substantial, so it will oftentimes be found that sentiments which have nothing in them make the loudest ringing in the world, and ar #Quote by Charles Dickens
Ascii Character quotes by Annabelle Selldorf
#31. I always tend to think, even in residential projects, about what a space is being asked to do - where is it located, what are the circumstances, where can I attack the problem, so to speak. How can you create a narrative for people moving through it? How can you convey its character? #Quote by Annabelle Selldorf
Ascii Character quotes by Lauren Groff
#32. Struggle forms character. No struggle, no character. #Quote by Lauren Groff
Ascii Character quotes by Mardy Grothe
#33. We tend to see our character flaws as simple defects, and the simple defects of others as character flaws. #Quote by Mardy Grothe
Ascii Character quotes by Jamie Bell
#34. TV is a big business. In some ways, it's surpassed films, in terms of the way people invest in these shows and invest in these characters, and give up so much of their time to follow these people's stories. #Quote by Jamie Bell
Ascii Character quotes by Samuel George Morton
#35. The moral and intellectual character of the Africans is widely different in different nations. #Quote by Samuel George Morton
Ascii Character quotes by Cassandra Clare
#36. I don't think I ever intended specifically to write for the young adult market. It's just that when the idea for City of Bones came to me, I knew the main characters were teenagers. In my mind they were just very clearly the ages they were, which turned out to mean it was a YA novel. #Quote by Cassandra Clare
Ascii Character quotes by Randeep Hooda
#37. There is no need to change my image. I like my image, and the audience likes it, too. I am very comfortable with the kind of roles I do, and as I am not doing the same character or playing myself. I explore my characters; I don't brood over my broody image. #Quote by Randeep Hooda
Ascii Character quotes by Elizabeth George
#38. Our actions, habits, character, and future are most definitely affected by our thoughts. #Quote by Elizabeth George
Ascii Character quotes by Adil Salahi
#39. ...What remains to be said is that no portrait of the Prophet's character will do him justice. He was superior to anything we can imagine. Perhaps the description that comes closest to the truth is that he was "the teacher of perfect goodness." May God reward him well for having taught that perfect goodness to humanity. #Quote by Adil Salahi
Ascii Character quotes by Thomas Hughes
#40. After a sharp inward struggle, he concluded to stay and see it out. He should despise himself, more than he cared to face, if he gave in now. #Quote by Thomas Hughes
Ascii Character quotes by Salman Rushdie
#41. In this century history stopped paying attention to the old psychological orientation of reality. I mean, these days, character isn't destiny any more. Economy is destiny. Ideology is destiny. Bombs are destiny. What does a famine, a gas chamber, a grenade care how you lived your life? Crisis comes, death comes, and your pathetic individual self doesn't have a thing to do with it, only to suffer the effects. #Quote by Salman Rushdie
Ascii Character quotes by Craig Groeschel
#42. Reputation shows who people think you are. Character shows who you really are. #Quote by Craig Groeschel
Ascii Character quotes by Charlie Chaplin
#43. I had no idea of the character. But the moment I was dressed, the clothes and the make-up made me feel the person he was. I began to know him, and by the time I walked onto the stage he was fully born. #Quote by Charlie Chaplin
Ascii Character quotes by Charlize Theron
#44. I mean I tried to transform myself through characters throughout my career. #Quote by Charlize Theron
Ascii Character quotes by Amy Poehler
#45. Sometimes in my class I have people come in and do monologues inspired by people they know and I always find that to be useful to do specifics about somebody and then you're actually doing a character and not doing some random old lady or something. #Quote by Amy Poehler
Ascii Character quotes by Daniel Woodrell
#46. I'm always writing about character first. Plot, such as it is, comes from the characters. #Quote by Daniel Woodrell
Ascii Character quotes by Carrot Top
#47. I think the more you do this and the more comfortable you become on stage, you start speaking more and becoming more of a character in yourself. #Quote by Carrot Top

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